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To dream of mutilation represents feelings of intentionally ruining something so nobody else will like it or think of it ever again. Dishonesty that wants someone else to permanently stop thinking of a different idea. Intentional permanent embarrassment. Ruining the appearances of some area of your life so it's never liked or used again. Ruining people's apperances or ruining the appearance of ideas. Making sure nothing fantastic is ever thought about in some area of your life again. Ruining something for life. Embarrassing someone for the rest of their life. Permanent jealousy that some area of your life can never look good again. Feeling good taking your time to make someone else unhappy. Disgusting jealousy that gets too personal or wants to permanent rob someone of happiness. Defiling another person's reputation. Feeling good making others friendless. Feelings about incompetence that ruins something incredible beautiful, or professional in your life.

To dream of self-mutilation may represent feelings about not liking yourself or punishing yourself. Backwards thoughts about choosing losing, weakening yourself, limiting yourself, or not wanting to be happy. Feeling good being friendless. Ruining your own appearances. Ruining your own appearances because someone dangerous or bigger than you might get jealous. Concerns with looking too good for your own good.

To dream of mutilation with a razor blade may reflect feelings of turning on someone with something dangerous that didn't need to be. Professional containment that is dangerously let loose for revenge. Using professionalism to make sure someone else never likes an idea or themselves ever again.


To dream of a muzzle represents feelings of being unable to fully express yourself. Alternatively, a muzzle may reflect your self-restraint or pressure you are applying to others to not express themselves.


*Please See Yourself


To dream of a mystery represents feelings about inexplicable situations in your waking life that you are unable to explain or account for. Feeling that there is no logical reason for something happening in your life. Feeling that there is no logical reason for a lack of something in your life. Situations or problems that are very strange and difficult to understand. Problems, dishonesty, or crimes you are observing in waking life where you don't know who was responsible for them. A vagueness to a situation that leaves you desiring an explanation.

Mysteries in a dream may also reflect a lot of focus on finding a logical solution to a difficult problem. Negatively, it may reflect wasting time trying to find a logical explanation on a problem that doesn't deserve it.

To dream of a mystery man or woman represents feeling of vagueness about something you question needing to respect you. Questionable feelings about whether or not something is ever going to work in your life when you feel it doesn't need to. Questioning love, your financial future, success, or happiness. Asking yourself "Is this ever going to happen or help me in my life?"

Example: A woman dreamed of a mystery man that handed her a bible with foreign money and then as he walked away told her to look after his children sounding as though he were dying. In waking life the dreamer was questioning her life and future. The dream may have indicating her desire for an explanation as to why her faith in God was leaving her with managing her life getting older instead of improving her life.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of needing to solve a mystery. In waking life his parents wanted him to move out while he needed to manage school, work, teaching, and a big writing project he had to get done. The mystery needing to be solved in the dream may have reflected his strong focus on needing to find a logical financial solution to supporting himself on his own while dealing with school.

*Please See Faceless

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