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To dream of something being filthy represents feeling about yourself or a situation being excessively disgusting, unclean, ashamed, perverted, or undesirable. Feeling that you have a lot of things wrong with you. Thoughts or anxiety about experiencing poverty.

Example: A man dreamed of wearing filthy clothes. In waking life he had just had a child and was having insecure thoughts his child growing up in the same poverty that he had.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of swimming in excessively filthy water. In waking life she was in the first year of a coarse for therapists and self-diagnosing herself too much while learning about all the possible psychological problems people can have.

Final Credits

To dream of seeing the final credits of a movie represents awareness that a situation or a type of experience you are having is over for good. Change is upon you and you may feel that you can't do anything about it.


To dream of handling your finances represents setting your priorities in order. You may feel limited in some way.

To dream of financing a project, plan, or situation represents enabling you are doing. You are allowing something to happen or making sure someone else is being taken care of. You may be responsible for something happening for someone else that wouldn't happen without you.

*Please See Expense


To dream of finding something new represents feelings about new ideas or new insights you have discovered. Solutions to problems. Feeling lucky to discover something. Discovering a secret.

To dream of finding something lost represents feelings of something in your life not working anymore. Jealousy that you will be embarrassed if something in your life doesn't work easily. Your inability to come up with an idea to solve a problem.

Example: A man dreamed of being unable to find something. In waking life he was unable to find a solution to a problem and it bothered him.

*Please See Searching

*Please See Money

*Please See Coins


To dream of getting a fine represents consequences for not listening or breaking the rules. Feeling embarrassed into listening to someone who thinks you're wrong. A setback for not listening. Consequences for not liking the truth. Not liking having to do everything the right away when you don't want to.

To dream of feeling "fine" represents feelings about a situation being problemless, settled, or normal. It may also reflects feeling of something being acceptable or that there is "no harm done." Nothing bad, serious, or dangerous is happening.

Negatively, feeling "fine" in a dream may reflect feelings of saying there is nothing wrong when there is something wrong. Confidently accepting something difficult trying to maintain appearances. You or someone else that doesn't like accepting something less and does anyway for professional appearances.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed that a situation was fine until a friend suddenly decided to leave. In waking life she was having anxiety about how people around her view her. In this case the feeling of being before before her friend left may reflect her initial confidence that nobody had any issues with how they viewed her before she lost her confidence.

Example 2: A man dreamed of rejecting someone and walking away from them while the person he rejected said "fine" not liking it. In waking life the man rejected a business offer someone gave him and the people were not happy about it. The people being rejected accepted the rejection reluctantly arrogantly believing they knew better when they didn't. In this case feeling fine may have reflected the dreamers perception of others accepting his rejection pleasantly for appearances.

*Please See Parking Ticket


To dream of fingering a vagina represents feelings of trying to make someone feel good doing what you tell them to do. Manipulating someone into submission using pleasure.

Negatively, fingering in a dream may reflect enjoyment with small harmless risks that could end up being more dangerous than you think. Feeling that you don't have to be 100% involved in something dangerous in order to enjoy it. Awareness of yourself exploiting someone using pleasure. Feeling manipulated by someone else who is using pleasure or excitement to lure you. Risk of being "played" or used by someone powerful or attractive.

*Please See Masturbation

*Please See Handjobs


To dream of fingernails represents thoughts and feelings about your self-worth, confidence, accomplishments, and self-image. The condition of nails reflects how positive or negative you feel about yourself.

To dream of a fingernail breaking may reflect a temporary loss of confidence in your abilities, self-worth, or self-image. Experiencing an unpleasant wait to reestablish a confident self image. Not feeling good thinking people a re noticing you can't do things for yourself.

To dream of having fingernails totally removed represents having no self-worth. Your confidence has been totally decimated. Anything that would allow you to feel good or build confidence is beyond your grasp.

Painting your fingernails represents a heightened sense of self-worth or importance about your capabilities. Negatively, it may reflect vanity or conceit.

To dream of having long fingernails for fashion represents sensitivity about only doing what you like at all times. Alternatively, it may reflect vanity or an unwillingness to "get your hands dirty."

To dream of long fingernails because they've overgrown may represent personal issues that you need to attend to or that you've neglected. You may feel the need to clean up a personal matter before you feel comfortable around others.

To dream of dirty fingernails a low sense of self-worth. You may feel that you are not good enough or not as good as someone else.

To dream of cutting your fingernails represents personal attention to how you appear to others. Softening or polishing your appearance so you look respectable. It may also reflect personal attention to appearances after a period of being too focused on work or taking time off. Feeling that it's important to look like you matter.

To dream of cutting your nails in public represents a lack of concern for privacy or discretion as you deal with personal issues. Cleaning up your act or polishing your appearance in ways that may be unflattering to others. Not being embarrassed by being noticed that you aren't perfect.

To dream of sharp fingernails may represent you or someone else that scares others with not having to be behave respectful. An aggressive or assertive stance about not changing something about yourself that others don't like you doing.

Example: A woman dreamed of all her fingernails breaking. In waking life she lived with her brother who was currently out of town. She felt safe when he was around because she could depend on him whenever she needed him. He was protective and able to fix things. Now that he was out of town she had temporarily lost that feeling as small problems came up.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of her fingernails being eaten by a kitten. In waking life she dropped out of University and although she tried her best to be optimistic about her future she was concerned that without a degree she would like less like an important worthy individual.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of using a knife to slice her own fingernails. In waking life she was having issues with self-worth and not liking herself the way she was.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of removing something that was growing under her fingernail that didn't belong there. Once she removed the object she felt empty inside. In waking life her ex-husband wanted her to move back in with him and she decided not to, effectively ending all possibility of the couple ever getting back together. The unwanted object she removed from her fingernail may have reflected her ex-husbands lingering feelings for her giving her confidence and her choice to put an end to it once and for all. She secretly felt confidence from knowing her ex had lingering feelings for her, but felt it was unhealthy to keep thinking that way.


To dream of fingerprints represents evidence of your actions, guilt, or feelings that you can't escape your past actions. Anxiety about being discovered for your true feelings. Covering up bad behavior. Anxiety about something discovering your secret.

To be fingerprinted represents feelings of being guilty or that you can never do something ever again. Concerns about people being suspicious of you or never trusting you again. Feeling forced to be honest to a degree that may feel excessive compared to what you are used to.

Example: A man dreamed of trying to conceal his fingerprints on a pair of underwear. In waking life he was trying to cover-up evidence that revealed his true feelings for a women he liked.


To dream of fingers represents your feelings or your ability to feel something out or sense something.

Individual fingers can have specific meanings. The index finger is authority, the ringer finger is commitment, the middle finger is rejection, and the pinky finger is trust.

Finnish People

To dream of Finnish People represents aspects of your personality that never want to have fun until all the work is over. Work, chores, or serious situations that need to be dealt with before enjoying yourself. Business before pleasure.

Positively, a Finnish person in a dream may represent intelligently getting responsibilities out of the way before signing off. Feeling good knowing you didn't allow something to slip by you. Taking your job or responsibilities seriously when others might not be.

Negatively, a Finnish person in a dream may represent aspects of your personality that are unbearably responsible. Feeling forced to do enormous amounts of work before ever getting free time. Feeling that fun or enjoyment will never come. It may also reflect being the uncomfortable serious person while around people who want to have fun.


To dream of something being on fire represents issues that you are consumed by. A strong passion or prolonged obsession. Often a symbol for anger, intense bitterness or waking life situation that goes way to far. A temper that is out of control. Something being on fire could also reflect the total loss of something. Destruction. Alternatively, a fire may represent a problem in waking life that has gotten out of control. Alternatively, dreaming about a fire may reflect your fear of experiencing a loss that you can't control. Destructive jealousy or over-emotional reactions.

To see a house on fire represents a stable mindset being lost. Security being lost to mistakes or careless oversights. A problems that consumes everything in it's path until all is lost. It may also reflect powerful emotions that totally overrun you. If the dream house gets rebuilt after the fire it may reflect your recovery from a serious problem or crisis.

To dream of setting things on fire represents your wish for total destruction or total failure of something in your waking life. You may be purposely trying to start a problem. It may also reflect your passion to start something.

To dream of a city on fire may reflect relationships that are being destroyed by powerful emotions or conditions that are beyond your control. Social interaction of some sort feels ruined forever.

To dream of an evil fire that feels like it's alive may reflect feelings about how horrible a situations feels that seems to be purposely out to destroy you. Fire dreams can sometimes reflect our anxieties about fire safety. Small children may have nightmares of having to rescue people from burning buildings if they are experiencing anxiety about fire safety drills. Fire dreams are also common to people who have experienced trauma from a fire, or small children who have experienced or witnessed a serious fire.

Spiritually, dreams of fire could reflect fears of eternal damnation. Powerful guilt or a tendency to be too hard on yourself with moral issues.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a field set on fire. In waking life her friend criticized her and she was so angry about it should couldn't stop being angry at her all day long.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of an evil fire that was alive and kept coming back to her neighborhood to burn other houses. In waking life she keep discovering more of her losses each day after having experienced her home burning down.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing her house on fire and burn to the ground. In waking life she was caught having an affair and watched her marriage "go up in flames."

Example 4: A woman dreamed of a fire she was problems trying to control. In waking life she felt that her strong attraction to another man was destroying her marriage.

*Please See Fireplace

Fire Alarms

To dream of hearing a fire alarm may reflect feelings about a situation being too dangerous to continue with it. Anxiety about remaining in a situation that could result in total failure if you don't remove yourself from it. Warning signs about impending failure requiring immediate action.

To dream of ignoring a fire alarm may reflect feelings about ignoring warning signs that a problem is getting out of control. Ignoring warnings about impending failure. Not believing that someone else's warnings about failure are credible or serious enough.

To dream of pulling a fire alarm represents feelings about needing to warn others about a problem that is getting out of control. Warnings others about impending failure that requires immediate action.

*Please See Fire Drill

Fire Drill

To dream of a fire drill represents preparation or readiness for an urgent situation. Going through the motions or having a plan ready in case a situation gets out of control. An escape plan for a worst case scenario you have anxiety about.

Fire Engine (Firetruck)

To dream of a fire engine or firetruck represents your decision making ability focused on solving a problem that has gotten out of control. It may also reflect another person or situation that helps you to solve a problem that is getting out of hand.

Fire Escape

To dream of a fire escape represents your need to distance yourself from a harmful situation or problem people. You may feel like you need space. A fire escape may also reflect your wish to be independent or be self-sufficient if you had to. A plan that is your "way out" if a problem arises.

Fire Extinguisher

To dream of a fire extinguisher represents you or someone else that totally focused on getting a problem under control. Using all your power or resources to deal with a something that is getting out of hand.

Fire Hose

*Please See Hose

Fire Hydrant

To dream of a fire hydrant represents an emergency option that you are aware of, but never use. A fail-safe or backup plan to deal with a problem if it gets out of hand.

Negatively, a fire hydrant may be a sign that you are always prepared to overreact or "throw the baby out with the bath water" if things get bad.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a yellow fire hydrant. In waking life he was always prepared to kill himself if his health problems got any worse, but they never did.


To dream of getting fired from work represents feelings of rejection, being cut off, or not being liked. The end of a situation, or relationship in waking life. Feeling stripped of an obligation, responsibility, or prestige. Feeling unwelcome.

To dream of being fired from a job may also represent feelings of not being good enough to do something anymore. Feeling that you are no longer important to a situation or relationship. Feeling that you'll never be able to do something that's important to you ever again.

Being fired in a dream may also reflect anger or retribution you are feeling from someone else for a mistake or lack of loyalty.

Negatively, being fired in a dream may be a sign that you feel bad for not being perfect in some way. Alternatively, it may also be a sign that you having difficulty acknowledging your mistakes or taking responsibility.


To dream of firemen represents you or someone else that is doing everything possible to deal with a problem that has gotten out of control. A need to restore stability to a situation where negligence, carelessness, or oversights allowed a problem to exacerbate into a serious problem. Preventing a problem from spreading uncontrolled.

Feelings about other people in your life needing to fix your life for you. Jealousy of having been proven incompetent to the point of needing others to restore order for you. Feelings about a hero in your life saving you from a problem. Feelings about God reversing a problem.

Negatively, a firefighter in a dream may reflect feelings of embarrassment that you didn't listen to a warning or advice from an authority figure. Feeling stupid that your enemies or competition is able to contain a problem you created for them.

Example: A young woman dreamed of seeing her brother wearing a firefighter uniform and then later realized that the uniform had been taking off and left on the ground. In waking life she felt that a mentor at work was very helpful to her to solve problems in the workplace, but slowly began to feel that this mentor at work was a fake person who didn't really like her. The firefighter uniform may have reflected her feelings about the personality of the mentor at work feeling obligated to help her fix problems at work while she was training for her job.


To dream of fireflies represents feelings of ingenuity, creativity, or originality that inspires you, but never lets you know it personally. Something incredible to watch that leaves you feeling that there is not much else to do with it. Amazement at how wonderful it feels to notice that nothing can stop a situation out of control. Ingenuity, creativity, or originality caused by the annoyance of someone else to your benefit. Something wonderful to watch that never wants to criticize you when something is wrong, but never notices you personally either. Feelings about observing behavior that cares about nothing except being the center of attention. Behavior that shows off never fired, stopped, or interfered while never knowing you personally.

Annoyance about someone or something that wonderfully won't do anything except feel hopeful during danger, hopelessness, or emptiness. Impersonal or distant behavior that will do nothing except keep feeling good that nothing is wrong during an empty moment. Annoyance that something is "only there" that never wants you to be nervous. Annoyance of liking being around something that you can't really know personally. Something you don't want to bother because it makes the emptiness feel more special. Disbelief or awe that someone would help you, but never talk to you. Feeling good being helped during a dangerous or hopeless time, but you don't get to talk to the people that helped you. Feeling good getting away with something because someone helped you, but you don't get to talk to them. Feels good that you are not nervous around it, but doesn't want to talk to you.

Negatively, dreaming of fireflies may represents annoyance of other people enjoying silence or quiet. Annoyance of others enjoying noticing waiting during an empty moment. Annoyance with other people feeling good never getting anyone back during an empty moment. Not enjoying asking for something while other people are enjoying taking their time. Associating with something inspiring, hopeful, or amazing that never really cares about you. Associating yourself with other people's ideas, originality, creativity, or ingenuity to make yourself believe in yourself more.

To dream of catching a firefly may reflect feelings of never wanting to let go of other people's ingenuity, creativity, or originality to feel better about yourself.


*Please See Firefighters

Fireman Pole

To dream of a fireman pole represents a readiness to act. Something you have or a plan that allows a quick response in case a problem gets out of hand. Knowing you have everything you need just in case.

Using a fireman pole may reflect a quick response to a problem you've encountered. Your split second readiness. You are on top of things.


To dream of a fireplace represents feelings of contentment, comfort, warmth, safety, and nurturing.

Look to any people or objects around you while you are near a fireplace for additional symbolism.


To dream of firewood represents your awareness of yourself not having to stop feeling good. Being able to keep safe or use a backup plan to maintain comfort. Resources that keep you going. Feeling that good times won't run out.

Negatively, firewood may reflect your awareness of your depleting resources. Knowing that good times won't last forever. Liking all you have for the moment.


To dream of a fireworks represents a spectacle of success, talent, or creativity. Noticing how wonderful or incredible an achievement is. All your work has come together perfectly. Showing off how well something is working. Chemistry in relationships matching perfectly. Sexual climax. A spectacular moment.

Example: A young girl dreamed of fireworks. In waking life she was desiring to lose her virginity with her boyfriend. The fireworks may have reflected her feelings about her first time having sex being incredible.

Firing Squad

To dream of a firing squad represents feelings of inevitability of total failure through a number of very personal embarrassments. Feeling scorned, condemned, or judged by peers. Waiting for a reprieved that only punishment can give you. Feelings of deserving punishment you can't escape.

Negatively, a firing squad may be a sign that you are too resigned to your guilt or too excepting of an inevitable punishment.

To dream of being one of the people aiming a gun at the guilty party in a dream may reflect feelings of inevitability of your revenge or punishment towards someone else. Harbouring scorn, condemnation, or judgement of others.

First Lady

To dream of the First Lady represents intuition or intuitive choices that are supportive of total power or control. You or someone else that is doing whatever is needed of you to support a leading role. Doing whatever it takes to support a more powerful situation or person because you will look stupid if you don't.

Alternatively, the First Lady may reflect an aspect of your personality based on your strongest or most honest feelings about the First Lady.

Example: A man dreamed of Michelle Obama, someone he felt risked everything to be supportive of others powerful achievements because she gave up a lucrative professional life to support Barack Obama's presidency since it was once in a life time opportunity. In waking life, he was broke and his father gave him the needed financial support to have time to write a best selling book because he was an incredible expert in his field and his father knew he would be stupid not to support him writing it.

*Please See President


To dream of fish represents unconscious thoughts or unconscious truths. Things you may notice about yourself or your life, but don't fully understand. Being aware of something you can't fully grasp. A subtle awareness.

Positively, fish may reflect valuable insights. Learning new things about yourself or that were previously difficult to grasp.

Negatively, fish reflects emotional problems or negative emotions that you notice yourself having, but are refusing to take serious. You may be aware that you have a problem, but don't understand the underlying issues that created it. Insights that elude you. It may also reflect problems that are out in the open, but nobody wants to talk about.

People undergoing therapy or powerful personal growth often dream of fish swimming below the surface of the water to symbolize new insights about themselves that they are trying to discover.

The size of a dream fish reflects how significant or important an issue is. A big fish represents something you know is important, but don't understand. A small fish may reflect a small problem that you have difficulty understanding.

Blue fish are positive thoughts, red fish are dangerous, ill-intentioned, or arrogant thoughts. Dark green fish are selfish thoughts. Orange fish are issues that hold a heavy influence over your current choices.

Yellow fish reflect subtle awareness with issues that you notice keep manifesting in your waking life. Something you can't help but notice.

To dream of catching a fish symbolizes gaining insight or new understanding. Learning something about yourself or how a difficult problem works.

To dream dead fish represents things you were subtly noticing that are no longer being paid attention to. Problems you were subtly noticing that are no longer important or stopped.

To dream of eating fish represents total confidence that an issue has been put to rest. You know that something will never be a problem again. It may also reflect a problem you recently discovered being solved permanently.

To dream of a flying fish represents issues you don't understand completely, but want to be involved with. Positively, it may reflect inexperience combined with eagerness. Negatively, it may be a sign that you moving too fast with something or need to spend more time learning before making a serious commitment.

To dream of a school of fish represents complicated or multi-faceted issues that you are aware off , but don't want to openly discuss. It may also reflect a higher than normal degree of awareness of your problems that you lack clarity about. A multi-faceted problem that you are having issues getting insight into. Alternatively, a school of fish may reflect conformist behavior or group thinking that you are trying to learn about.

To dream of fish attacking you represents feelings of being harmed or threatened by something you don't fully understand. Feeling threatened by a "known unknown." Feeling seriously threatened by something unproven, uncertain, or mysterious. Feeling that something is dangerous when you have never witnessed it yourself personally.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a big dark green fish swimming though the air and bumping into him. In waking life he was noticing himself repeatedly considering suicide even though he had no idea about how to do it successfully.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of having a fish thrown at her. In waking life a man she was dating accidentally told her that he loved her while he was drunk, but then was too embarrassed to openly discuss the situation. The fish being thrown at her reflected the uncomfortable manner in which the man's true feelings were revealed left undiscussed, but fully noticed.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing a fish die and then seeing it alive again. In waking life she couldn't be 100% sure if she was pregnant or not. She didn't bother with a test, but kept believing that certain bodily changes that she couldn't be sure about might be signaling that she was pregnant. The fish in this case may have reflected her feelings about seeing subtle signs that she was pregnant that she couldn't be sure about.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing a fish in a boiling pot of water. In waking life she was having subtle feelings that a fight she had with her boyfriend was going to make him stop talking to her.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of a fish inside her belly that ate her developing baby. In waking life she was having worries about a second miscarriage.

*Please See Goldfish

Fish And Chips

To dream of fish and chips represents a wish to feel good noticing an issue being over and unimportant. Enjoying closure in a situation and not wanting to dwell on it. Trying to have enthusiasm as you move forward.

A dream symbol that may appear if you have recently broken up or are concerned about being single.

Fish Bones

To dream of fish bones represents insight that has been thoroughly examined or thought about. Facts or knowledge that can't be disputed anymore. You have fully processed or explored a new idea. Full acceptance and acknowledgement of problems you've discovered you have. Full confidence that you never need care about a problem ever again.

Fish Hooks

To dream of fish hooks represents an idea or concept that is being used to lure someone else. Seeing what happens if you try something. Attempting to drum up interest. Alternatively, it may reflect someone else that is trying to get you hooked in an idea.

Negatively, a fishhook may reflect manipulative testing or experimenting. Seeing how far you can take something. Seeing how lucky you can get with some bad intention you have. Selfishly exploiting something to discover what people really think of you.

To dream of a fish caught on a fishhook may reflect feelings about being having discovered new ideas or new insights. Feelings about a test or experiment going well. Learning new things about yourself.

Example: A woman had recurring dreams of a fish caught on a fishhook. In waking life she had been discussing her nightmares about her dead husband to a psychologist and didn't like the insights she was getting about her dreams. The fish caught on a fishhook in this case may have reflected her use of her previous dreams to get other people interested in discovering what her problems might be and not liking the final results of it.

Fish Market

To dream of a fish market represents abundant opportunities for positive change or progress. Always having the ability to do something different or deal with a new problem. Feeling surrounded by numerous possible solutions. Feeling overwhelmed with solved problems or new information. Feeling overwhelmed with solved problems, solved mysteries, or expert advice.

A fish market may also reflect an abundance of new ideas, insight, or new discoveries. Speaking to an expert that has unlimited ideas or different solutions to problems if you wish to invest your time considering them.

Negatively, a fish market may reflect too many new ideas, too much progress, or too much expert advice at one time. Too many new discoveries to handle on your own.

Fish Tank

*Please See Aquarium

*Please See Fish


To dream of a fisherman represents an aspect of your personality that is looking for something. Usually, this "something" is a solution to a problem or insight into yourself.

Fish in dream represent unconscious thoughts or things we notice without fully understanding. So fishing is symbolic of looking for a solution or an insight that brings the answer to the surface.

Fishing for things other than fish in a dream represents your search for an answer based on whatever the objects you are fishing for represent. For example fishing for a goose would represent you trying to find a way to make yourself prosperous. Fishing for a pair of shoes would symbolize your search for a new approach to life or new way of doing things.


To dream of fishing represents a wish to find new ideas or gain insights into problems. It may also reflect your search for a solution to an uncertain situation. Feeling that something is wrong in your life. An open-mind about solving a problem.

Negatively, dreaming about fishing may reflect a wish to discover ideas or insights to help you be dishonest. Awareness of yourself choosing to not offer help to others while they look for answers to their problems. Desperately hoping that someone you are jealous of will not find a much needed insight or idea that helps them. Being too serious about finding alternative solutions. Wasting an excessive amount of time hoping for a new idea. Pretending to faking solving problems. Looking for alternative answers to problems that have no solutions instead of asking for help.

To dream of ice fishing symbolizes a search for insight into hardened problems, or "frozen" situations. Things from your past that are difficult to understand, or that the ego prevents you from seeing. It may also reflect an attempt to find solutions during uncertain situations that are on hold.

To catch a fish symbolizes gaining insight as you pull it from the unconscious into your conscious mind. Discovering ideas.

To dream of fishing with objects that are not fishing rods may reflect unusual methods you are using to discover a solution to a problem. Consider the non-fishing rod object for additional meanings.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing his son fishing. In waking life he was intentionally faking helping his son move to another country while experiencing his son trying to find any alternative options available to help make his aspiration to move possible. He was aware of his son's desperation to move and intentionally ignoring offering real help that was easy for him to do.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing people fishing for mermaids and noticing that the mermaids were afraid of being caught. In waking life she was suspicious that her boyfriend was deceiving her and trying to prove it by tricking him. She was terrified of the possibility of losing the relationship if she discovered that her suspicions were true.

Example 3: A man dreamed of fishing, catching something, and then letting it go. In waking life he was brainstorming about an idea he had, but then gave up on it.

Fishing Rod

To dream of a fishing rod represents your wish to gain insight into yourself or explore the unknown. Seeing what happens. It may also reflect your wish to find a solution to a problem that you are inexperienced with.

Fishing often appears in dreams of people undergoing therapy or who are trying to self-improve. Feeling ready to confront issues or difficult emotions.


To dream of a fishpond represents feelings about easy attempts to find insight. Easy solutions available to you if you look deep enough. Easy insights into problems if you try hard enough to look. Having no fear that you can't easy find a solution to a problem, find insight, or find a resource if needed. Feelings about easy it is to find a romantic date if want one. Business owners may dream of a fishpond to reflect feelings about easily available labor or talent that can be hired.

Example: A young woman dreamed of a fishpond with no fish in it. In waking life she was thinking about numerous potential love interests which ended up not being realistic.

Example 2: A young girl dreamed of standing next to a fishpond. In waking life she was thinking about ways to find her soulmate.


To dream of a fist represents feelings about readiness to act on anger. Readiness to defend yourself. Proving that you are not a loser to people you are in conflict with. Resistance, anger, or an attempt to defend yourself. Showing others that you are not willing to be pushed around.

Negatively, a fist may reflect anxiety or discomfort with someone you feel is embarrassing you for "stepping over the line."

To dream of clinching your fists in an emergency or while bracing for a bad situation to occur may reflect feelings of desperation to feel control over your life. Feeling out of control in a dangerous or crisis situation. Possibly a sign that you would prefer to endure a difficult or dangerous situation instead of asking for help.

Fitting Room

*Please See Dressing Room


*Please See 5


To dream of fixing something represents the need for reevaluation of a situation or relationship. A change of beliefs or attitude.

Alternatively, fixing something in a dream may represent a person or situation that forces you to make progress even when you don't want to.

*Please See Mechanic


To dream of a county flag represents the importance your feel in having or projecting a certain attitude. Feeling confident that a certain way of thinking is the best way to think. A belief in something greater than you. Consider the country's stereotypical national attitude for additional meaning. For example, a US flag may reflect the importance you feel in having or projecting a stubbornly independent mindset to others. Alternatively it may patriotism, loyalty, or duty.

To dream of a Chinese flag may reflect your staunch loyalty to conservative views or objective behavior. Feeling confident about being conservative, patient, careful, or never taking risks or feeling that it;s important that other people see you behaving in this way.

Non-country flags may reflect issues or situations that you feel are all-important to stand by. A matter that takes precedence or your staunch loyalty to a cause. Consider the colors or objects on the flag for additional meaning.

To dream of an all white flag may reflect surrender or a non-confrontational attitude to others. Intentionally making an effort to show others that you are totally compliant. Alternatively, a white flag may reflect your staunch loyalty to a cause that is perfectly honest or moral.

To dream of a red flag represents loyal or stubborn support for beliefs that are negative, dangerous, or arrogant. A confident attitude towards being merciless. A loud or stubborn attitude about never being told what to do no matter how dangerous it gets. Loyalty to a cause that may be too excessive, dangerous, or makes you unwilling to listen at all costs. A sign that you may benefit from stopping something you are doing.

To dream of a checkered flag may represents a competitive spirit. Feeling that racing, fighting, battling, or competition is very important. Enjoying discussing or experiencing a challenge.

Example: A woman dreamed of trying to rip the swastika off the Nazi flag each night only to discover that it had been sewn back on in the morning. In waking life she was becoming exhausted trying to resist the Nazi government's invasion of her personal life. In this case the Nazi flag may have reflected her distaste for noticing herself respecting the Nazi regime.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing an American flag. In waking life he was having financial difficulties, but felt it was important to buy things that felt good anyway because he didn't want to feel that his money problem were controlling his life. He was stubborn about believing in himself being free to do whatever he wanted even it wasted money.


To dream of a flame represents contained or controlled passion. The "fire in your heart" or your motivation. How well you are able to keep your strength or a situation alive.

Alternatively, a flame may also reflect the level of passion in a romantic relationship. How strongly people feel about each other.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing two flames. A blue one and a green one. In waking life he was feeling that his marriage was on the verge of being over because his wife was an alcoholic. He was hoping there way a way to fix his marriage.

*Please See Fire


To dream of a flamingo represents flamboyancy, an audacious display, or colorful showiness. You or someone may be making a spectacle of themselves or are very interested in being noticed.


To dream of a flasher represents the shock or trauma of total disclosure. Exposing the complete truth to someone else in order to scare them. A flasher may also reflect a need to feel good scaring other people with the truth.

A flasher may be a sign that you or someone else feels good making other people think reality is too scary or difficult to put up with.


To dream of a flashlight represents examination or questioning of certain issues. You may be trying to understand or "shed light" on the cause of a problem.

It may also symbolize sudden awareness, insight, and the ability to find your way in a difficult or uncertain situation. You are now able to see what the problem is.

Example: A man dreamed of using a flashlight. In waking life he visited a stress councilor at work who helped him shed light on exactly what he was so stressed.


*Please See Thermos


To dream of giving flattery represents behavior that is controlling others with lies that feel good. Falsely appealing to the ego or vanity to keep someone on the same line of thinking as you. It may also reflect someone you are pretending to nice to get to through something. You may be trying to use someone.

To notice someone giving you flattery may reflect your feeling about someone trying to use you. It may also reflect your own vanity.

*Please See Compliment


To dream of flax flowers represents feelings that something is so perfect or wonderful that you don't ever want to notice anything wrong. You may feel put off or irritated if you have to stop something you like.

*Please See Flaxseed


To dream of flaxseed represents your feeling that something "must" be good for you or has to be beneficial. Negatively, flaxseed may be a sign that you are assuming too much about the benefits of something.

Flea Market

To dream of a flea market represents your wish to get the best opportunity possible. You may be down on your luck and are looking for a break or a chance to "get your foot in the door." Feeling good not having to take advantage of a good opportunity right away.

Positively, a flea market represents savviness or your motivation to get a better opportunity or deal than you usually get. A mindset that enjoys not being desperate while you consider all your options.

Negatively, a flea market may reflect too much of a casual attitude about taking advantage of a good opportunity. Risking losing a good opportunity because you are wasting time waiting for something better to come along. Risking losing an opportunity because you are wasting too much some waiting for conditions of your liking to improve. A non-desperate attitude that is not appreciating how lucky it is. Waiting for the "perfect bargain deal" when it might never come. Missing out on good opportunities because you were not taking them seriously enough. A naive belief that other people are losers who will not give your good opportunity away to someone else.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in a flea market in a churchyard and then walking into the church to see someone desperately dragging a bag of rice outside the church. In waking life she had been offered a job opportunity, but then complications kept arising that delayed her ability to take the job making her believe she was never going to get the job unless she tried harder. The flea market in this case may have reflected her naive belief about the job opportunity being easy and always open to her while she got distracted with other things in her life. She may have taken too much liberty in believing she could enjoy herself considering whether the job was what she really wanted.


To dream of fleas represents irritating problems that are difficult to ignore. They often symbolize a hard dose of reality that you can't stand, or something that constantly provokes you.

Fleas on a dog represents an irritant or annoying problem that effects your ability to be confident. A distraction that makes it harder to believe in yourself or feel in control.


To dream of human flesh that has been cut or torn from a body represents feelings about how dangerous a situation became. Damage, failure, or embarrassment. Feelings about a troubling or dangerous situation resulting in worse consequences than you first believed it would cause. Powerful jealousy. Feeling about serious damage being caused to family, relationships, or finances. A situation that ended up being tougher than you originally thought it would be. Feelings about a situation being dangerous to endure.

Example: A young woman dreamed of having an open flesh wound. In waking life she had just broken up with her boyfriend.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing alligators eating flesh meat. In waking life he was experiencing serious financial problems.

*Please See Skin


To dream of flies represents a recurring distraction or annoyance. A problematic person or situation that keeps coming back despite your best attempt to get rid of it. A problem that is so annoying that you can't think of anything else.

Negatively, flies may be a sign that you are putting up with an annoyance for a prolonged period of time when you don't need to. Feeling too lazy to take action, make a change, or speak up. Not being willing to move away from an annoyance. Unexpressed feelings about someone that is inconsiderate. Petty annoyances that are recurring. Feeling extremely irritated by someone or something. Repeat nagging.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing flies. In waking life she was very annoyed by her father who repeatedly kept nagging her to clean her house.


To dream of being on a flight represents your awareness of yourself being involved in a new project or plan of some kind. Something new has started or is about to get underway.

*Please See Airplanes

Flight Attendant

To dream of a flight attendant represents an aspect of yourself that is supportive as you undertake a new plan or project. Telling yourself that everything will be ok, sympathy, or enthusiasm for the future.

Negatively, a flight attendant may reflect your attempt calm or sooth your nerves. A sign that you have a lot of anxiety about something new that is happening.

Flip Flops

To dream of flip flops represents a relaxed or easygoing attitude while facing a negative situation. Enjoying yourself or being carefree as you confront uncertainty in your life.


To dream of flirting represents invitation. Signaling another person or situation that you agree with them or that you are receptive.

Alternatively, flirting may reflect you telling yourself that something is a good idea. Your receptiveness to experimentation or exploration of new ideas or new ways of thinking.


To dream of floating in water represents a negative or uncertain situation that you are dealing with. Staying strong, holding on, or keeping up. Feeling carried through an uncertain situation with little you can do about it. Keeping your composure with. Doing the best you can to survive a problem situation. Managing or having a handle on your emotions. Managing or navigating a difficult or turbulent emotional situation. Progress in a difficult situation by the most simple means. Concerns with being "carried away" by a dangerous or emotional situation. Anxiety or concerns about "drifting along" in a situation. Consider the term "staying afloat" and how it might apply to your current life situation. Feeling that nobody is supporting you. Problems that persistently won't go away until you confront or address them personally.

To dream of seeing a boat floating on water represents navigation of uncertainty or negative situations. Your potential to or active attempt to confront issues. A serious effort to "stay afloat" in a difficult situation. Responsibly moving beyond uncertain boundaries in your life. Feelings about needing to stay buoyant. Feeling that you have limited support or are capable of supporting yourself through a difficult situation.

To dream of seeing an object or animal floating in water represents an aspect of your personality that is holding on or surviving a problem. Uncertain possibilities, ideas, or modes of action that are still available to you. An area of your life that isn't succumbing to uncertainty, problems, or being impossibly overwhelmed.

Negatively, an object or animal floating in water may reflect an aspect of your personality that is persistently not being dealt with completely. It may also reflect opportunities that have shown up due to a negative or uncertain situation. Something in your life that is barely getting by or nobody else cares about anymore. Good idea or opportunities lost to negative situations or uncertainty indefinitely.

To dream of yourself floating in the air represents the feelings about yourself being incredible or doing noticeably incredible things. Feeling safe that people can't oust you or outsmart you. Living in stasis with a higher level of achievement.

To dream of floating in the air and looking down at yourself represents feelings about yourself observing yourself jealous that you can't reach a higher level of achievement. Feeling high in spirit, but low in physical ability.

To dream of an object floating in the air may represents ideas or possibilities that feel incredible. Feeling that something incredible is waiting for you to do something about it. Feeling safe to try something incredible or unusual.

To dream of floating above the earth and looking down at it represents your feeling about how wonderful or incredible your life feels. Feeling that your entire life revolves around being bigger or better than others in some way. Negatively, it may reflect feelings of being too big or rich to believe that anyone could do something better than you do.

Example: A man dreamed of walking across a river that had raccoons and possums floating on it. He used the floating raccoons and possums as a walkway to cross the river. In waking life he was dealing with a 6-year divorce with his wife while needing to deal with a temporary problem with his daughter connected to his wife. The floating raccoons and possums in the river used as a walkway may have reflected his feelings about all the problems with his wife that weren't going away being something he had to temporarily and carefully "walk over" to discuss issues related to his daughter.

Example 2: A man dreamed seeing a rowboat floating in water and then suddenly start sinking. In waking life he was attempting to manage a problem and suddenly become too overwhelmed with problems to continue managing the problem.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of unborn babies floating in a toilet. In waking life she was starting to feel unsure about the new man she started dating. The floating unborn babies in the toilet may have reflected her feelings about problems related to her new relationship persistently not going away until she made the decision to end the relationship.

Example 4: A teenage girl dreamed of herself floating in water. In waking life she was unsure about whether or not to initiate a real relationship with a guy friend. The floating in this case may have reflected her feelings about maintaining herself in a state of uncertainty about whether dating her guy friend was a good idea while knowing it was a possibility.

*Please See Boat

*Please See Sailing

*Please See Levitating

*Please See Hovering


To dream of a flock of birds or animals represents uniformity of thinking. Working closely with others or making a number of different areas of your life revolve around one issue.

Negatively, a flock represents a lack of objectivity or independence in your decision-making.


*Please See Beating


To dream of a flood represents negativity or uncertainty that you feel overwhelmed by. Feeling inundated by problems. Emotional overload. Stress and tension. Difficult circumstances or issues you are struggling with. Something unexpected that is delaying you or holding you back. Feeling that a problem is too much to deal with by yourself.

To dream of a room or space being flooded represents negativity or uncertainty that has become a powerful distraction. A distraction or problem is predominantly on your mind. An interference or distraction that you have to wait to subside before you can return to normal. Dealing with a problem that takes precedence over your real goals or wishes. Issues with keeping serious problems to yourself to avoid embarrassment or making someone else angry.

Example: A young girl dreamed of experiencing a flood. In waking life she was in the middle of school exams when her boyfriend broke up with her. She felt overwhelmed by stress.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a flooding occurring in a room. In waking life she felt overwhelmed by her friend's problems because her friend became too needy with discussing personal problems. She felt she couldn't get a break from her friend.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of flood. In waking life she had recently experienced a very stressful weekend.

Example 4: A man dreamed of experiencing an enormous flood. In waking life he was paying a lot of attention to the news prior to world war 1.


To dream of a floor represents the theme or tone to your involvement in a situation. The condition, color, or type of floor reflects the overall feeling of everything you are doing in your life. For example, a black and white checkered floor would reflect the overall feeling of your life being imbalanced, unpredictable, or chaotic.

To dream of hardwood floors represents the theme or tone of a situation revolving around being powerful without having to be comfortable. Feeling a sense of winning or attractiveness that isn't always sensitive to your feelings. The thrill of success or achievement with the overriding requirement to keep working.

To dream of objects on a floor represents ideas, goals, behaviors, or situations that are on hold or waiting to be restarted. Something in your life that may not be necessary for the moment.

To dream of walking along a floor represents reflect progression or a transition in your life. Consider any colors or designs on the floor to reflect how you may feel as this is happening.

To dream of going to the wrong floor in a building represents situations where you feel stupid for thinking clearly about your efforts to do something differently. Not doing enough or doing too much. A situation in your life where your efforts to do something differently are out of line with your goals (e.g. realizing that you were too honest or realizing you weren't honest enough).

The levels of the floors of the building may use dream numerology to reflect your mental state or intentions. For example, a 5th floor may reflect change and the 9th floor may reflect an ending of some kind. Higher floors may represent higher levels of understanding and lower floors may reflect lower levels of understanding, stress, or fear.

Example: A young woman dreamed of feeling that she would be safer if she kept her feet off the floor. In waking life she was having concerns about a heavy flow menstrual period causing her major embarrassment if she didn't take as much time off from social gatherings as possible.

*Please See Checkered Floors

*Please See Stairs

*Please See Elevators


To dream of the US State Florida represents a free state of mind with consequences for not feeling good all the time. Feeling that it's mandatory to stay upbeat or optimistic. Feeling that it's important to let people like their life free and fearless without condition. Feeling that it's mandatory to let children be free and happy.

Negatively, dreaming about Florida may reflect too much freedom to enjoy life being given to people who don't deserve it. Feeling forced to act happy all the time. Feeling forced to be supportive of others happiness all the time. Feeling held down by people you are protecting from unpleasant realities. Feeling that it's mandatory to let lazy people enjoy themselves when they don't help themselves. Too much expectations from others to require deserving happiness with full freedom. Feeling exhausted staying upbeat and optimistic. Anxiety about removing the "sunshine" from someone else when it's exhausting you or your finances.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in Florida. In waking life she was having problems affording her rent due to her Godson's unemployment. She felt that if she ever gave up being optimistic about her Godson getting a job while supporting him he might give up looking for one which would cost her more money. Florida in this case may have reflected her feelings about being needing to be supportive of her Godson financially so that he would feel good about himself while unemployed.


*Please See Dental Floss


To dream of flour represents feelings about actions taken to make a situation work. How much or how little of something you need to do in order to make a situation or solution feel good functioning. Only enough effort to solve a problem and nothing more.

Negatively, flour in a dream may reflect your feelings about how far you need to take a lie to make people feel good believing you and accepting it. How far you need to use dishonesty to make people feel good complying with you. Only doing what you feel you have to do in order to get what you want with no genuine wish to help others. Doing only what is required of you to keep people happy and nothing more.

To dream of using flour on a fire may reflect an attempt to handle a crisis with just enough effort to fix it and keep people happy. Not wishing to be 100% helpful or honest in order to stop a problem from getting out of control and doing only what helps you stay comfortable avoiding blame or extra work. Contributing only enough to keep people from bothering you.

Flower Buds

To dream of flower buds represents your feeling that a positive or wonderful situation is beginning. Something that feels good or makes you happy is close to happening.

Flower Pots

To dream of a flower pot represents satisfaction with how nice something is. A situation that is "beautiful enough" so you don't care about anything except noticing it now.


To dream of flowers represents feelings about noticing how positive, nice, or beautiful something is. Appreciating how wonderful or good something in your life is. Feeling love. Appreciating other people. Paying attention to a good thing that is happening. It could also reflect your enjoyment of success that finally unfolding in your life. Enjoyment gained through witnessing something.

Negatively, flowers in a dream may represent vanity, narcissism, or obsession with physical beauty. It may also reflect appreciation of something lost in your life. Dwelling too much on how good your life used to be before something bad happened. Non-objective or naive feelings about love.

Consider the color and the type of flower for additional meaning.

Flowers in dreams are more common to women. This is most likely a reflection of women's tendency to enjoy passivity, peace, or to show others sympathy. It may also reflect women's tendency to be more sensitive about their own physical beauty.

To dream of planting a flower garden may reflect your wish to encourage or carefully create something beautiful. Something nice in your life that feels good to notice all the time. Feeling pride for something beautiful in your life. Wanting to be appreciated or loved. Enjoying the beauty of family or friendships. Negatively, it may reflect an increase in ego or vanity. Enjoying your own physical beauty.

To dream of dead flowers may reflect feelings about attention being given to how disappointing a loss is. Extra attention to tragedy or failure that could have been avoided. Noticing or witnessing something beautiful being wasted. Feelings about something amazing or beautiful to witness being neglected. Beauty ruined.

To dream of a snake near flowers may reflect a fear of failure if you acknowledge something beautiful or amazing. Fear of someone else's jealousy causing you total failure if you enjoy yourself. Fearing making a gesture of respect or appreciation because it may anger someone else. Fear of admitting you like something.

To dream of white flowers represents feelings about nice it is to notice or witness perfect honesty. Enjoying admiring the removal of negativity in your life. Admiring purification of some kind. Feelings about other people who enjoy admiring honesty or purification that you don't like at all.

To dream of red flowers (not roses) represents feelings about how nice it is to notice something bad or dangerous happening. Possibly a reflection of your enjoyment of witnessing bad things happening to bad people. Admiring bad things happening to people you don't like. Admiring destruction of enemies. Feeling that other people are enjoying bad things happening to you. Feeling admired for a lie you told.

To dream dark blue flowers represents feelings of how nice it is to notice insensitivity, meanness, or experiencing losers being pushed aside. Feeling good being about the reason something is insensitive. Admiring professional behavior that overpowers novice behavior. Admiring winning humiliating losers. Admiring intelligence humiliating stupidity. Feelings about other people enjoying witnessing you face difficulty, maturing, or being pushed aside because you are not good enough at something. Feeling that someone enjoys admiring you lose.

To dream of purple flowers represents feelings about enjoying noticing or witnessing something in a neutral state. Enjoying witnessing something carefree. Feeling that it's beautiful to not have to do anything at all. Enjoying or liking not having to get involved in something you don't like. Enjoying stability, calm, or boredom. Negatively, purple flowers may reflect an enjoyment of witnessing other people being totally powerless. Enjoying observing enemies weak and impotent.

To dream of yellow flowers may reflect feelings of importance to appreciate something special. An extra amount of attention being given to need to appreciate someone or something. Extra effort to notice the amazing things something did for you. Extra attention given to something beautiful you have anxiety about losing. Feeling forced to pay attention to something special when you don't want to.

Example: A young man dreamed of planting flowers that he didn't really care about. In waking life he was talking to a girl that liked him, but that he didn't really want to be with. He simply enjoyed being admired. The planted flowers may have reflected how nice he felt to notice the girl liking him while also hinting at his tendency to enjoy leading the girl on for his own enjoyment.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing girls picking flowers from a garden. In waking life he was finally beginning to notice himself healing from a serious injury. The flowers may have reflected how wonderful it felt to notice his healing occurring with the worst of his crisis over.

Example 3: A man dreamed of feeling uneasy about flowers he was looking at in a field. He felt silly about being uneasy about the flowers, but still felt that the flowers were not what they appeared to be. In waking life he was being told how good a product that his company was selling was without any receiving any information to guarantee it. When he requested further information people at work got angry at him. The flowers in the field that he was uneasy about may have reflected his uneasy feelings about accepting the company line that the product was unquestionably noticed as perfect by all who tested it and had nothing wrong with it.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing white flowers and then witnessing someone having difficulty breathing because of the white flowers. In waking life she was trying to make her church more honest and get people people to attend more. She felt that the whole church would enjoy noticing the church being more honest and attending more, but someone in the church felt it was too strict.

*Please See Roses

*Please See Bouquet


*Please See Toilets


To dream of a flute represents you or someone else that is making others feel that nothing wrong is ever happening. Feeling that everything is perfect all the time. Telling others to never worry or care.

Negatively, a flute may reflect perfectionist tendencies or trying too hard to keep others happy.


To dream of handing out flyers represents you or someone else that is trying to make others notice something that isn't usually noticed. It may also reflect telling everyone you know about an idea or plan you have.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing someone with boxes of flyers about to be handed out. In waking life he was about to pay for an email advertising campaign for his very low traffic website.

Example 2: A man dreamed of photocopying flyers about selling his house. In waking life he was telling everyone he knew about his plans to sell his home and move to another country.


To dream of flying represents feelings of a heightened sense of freedom or "reaching new heights." Freedom from restrictions. Often pointing to situations where you are transcending your problems or personal limits. All things seem possible. You may feel you have a lot of choice available to you. Accomplishing your hearts desire in some way. Feeling that nothing can hold you back. A higher level of achievement. Something that made you feel wonderful, capable, and free. Often a reflection creative free expression in waking life. Flying dreams may also occur after a sexual encounter. Enjoying escaping a burden.

Negatively, flying may reflect enjoyment of escaping responsibilities. Having a good time being wasteful.

Difficulties flying symbolizes something in your life that limits you, impairs your ability to realize goals, express yourself fully, or do your best. Freedom or creativity is limited.

Flying dreams are very common around sexual experiences, powerful spiritual experiences, participation in personal passions such as hobbies or the arts. Intelligent people who have creative outlets commonly have dreams of flying to reflect time spent practicing their hobbies.

People tend to have flying dreams more often in their youth. This is most likely because youth offers more opportunities to play, be liberated, or explore new interests. Young people tend to me more focused on achieving new goals. People in performance professions and those who indulge in hobbies or special interests dream of flying the most.

To dream of flying that you can't stop represents feelings of having too much freedom or too much of a good thing. If you are sexually active and feel your partner wants too much sex from you this may be a sign that you need to speak up.

To dream of fearful flying may represent feelings about dangerous levels of freedom that you fear not being able to control. A fear of wasting too much money too quickly.

Example: A man dreamed of being unable to fly more than a few feet off the ground. In real life he felt that living at home with his parents limited his independence.

Example 2: A man dreamed of flying at night time. In waking life he was kicked out of his home and given a huge check to live off of by his abusive controlling father. He moved out, bought all kinds of things, and enjoyed doing things he could never do before knowing the money would run out one day.

Example 3: A man dreamed of flying too high and getting scared. In waking life he got paid a lot of money and feared that was spending it too fast.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of flying. In waking she walked out on her husband and daughter and all the responsibilities of the relationship that she felt were bothering her.

*Please See Pilot

*Please See Traveling

*Please See Airplanes

Flying Saucer

*Please See UFO


To dream of bubbling liquid foam represents feelings about behavior or an area of your life that innocently excessive. A wonderful fantastic situation that has gone overboard. Innocent problems that surprise you that they won't stop.

To dream of textured foam material represents feelings about some area area of your life that easily conforms or adapts to you needs. Conformity that returns to a normal state after helping you. Changing for others, but then returning to normal once finished. Feeling that some in your life is never permanently effected. Feeling respected when you want to be.

To dream of foaming in the mouth represents feelings about behavior or a situation being too irrational to listen to. Irrational behavior, thoughts, or ideas you can't respect. An outrageous embarrassment of anger or irrationality.

To dream of insulation foam represents feeling about how easy it is to permanently insulate yourself from problems or differences.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a black angry dog foaming in the mouth. In waking life he experienced a family member get very angry and yelling irrational obscenities.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing foam on her lap create from her tears. In waking life she was still mourning over the death of her brother 6 months after his death. The foam created from her tears may have reflected her feelings about being innocently excessively upset about her brother in front of other people.


To dream of fog represents confusion, uncertainty, or trouble figuring something out. Mystery, secrecy, or mixed signals. The full truth of a situation or relationship is protected from you. A difficult challenge in your life where it's hard to know what is right or difficult to know where you are in relation to your goals. Fog in a dream may be a sign that you need to slow down and proceed with caution.

Negatively, fog may be a sign that you are not thinking clearly or not seeing something for what it is really is. A lost sense of direction. Feeling that you aren't as sure of yourself as you normally are.

Example: A woman dreamed of being driven in a van through fog. In waking life she was having difficulty figuring out whether or not a guy she liked was interested in her. The fog reflected the difficulty she had with the mixed signals she was getting from him.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being surrounded by fog. In waking life he had experienced side effects of a powerful hallucinogenic drug that let him confused and scared for his mental health for an entire day.

Example 3: A man dreamed of walking through a foggy or misty scene in Venice with 3 mysterious people. In waking life the man was Alex Gotfryd, an art department director, who shortly after hired 3 models to capture this dream experience in a photography book called "Appointment in Venice" which received wide acclaim. The dream may have actually been intuitive about the Goyfryd's dream inspiration and uncertainty about how the project would turn out.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing a foggy city from a very high view. In waking life she had been getting spiritual advice from someone about the future of the world and was feeling uncertain and anxious about what it would mean for her future.

*Please See Lost


To dream of a folder represents feelings that it's important or serious to permanently remember as much as you can about something. Never forgetting something or sophistication about not forgetting. Accumulating intelligence, ideas, or information for later. Organizing ideas or information for later. Feeling serious about education. Feeling that it's easy to recall information or memories about someone.

Alternatively, dreaming of folders may reflect feelings about working in an office or professional setting like a law firm.

Example: A woman dreamed of buying folders and binders. In waking life she felt it was important to return to school because she had to serve the military with 3 months left to graduate from nursing school.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of talking to her ex-boyfriend and then seeing a folder with papers in it fall under her feet. In waking life she was questioning whether or not it was a good idea to get back with her ex-boyfriend. The folder with papers in this case may have reflected her accumulation of memories about her ex-boyfriend helping to make her question his character and suitability.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing a folder with files in it while sitting on a white leather chair. In waking life she was employed as an office manager in a law firm.


To dream of folding something represents feelings about a situation or area of your life being made respectfully smaller than it actually is. The totality of a situation is reduced in an organized manner. Problems intelligently or respectfully reduced to make them easier to deal with. Responsibly minimizing a situation or problem to deal with in full at a later time. Feeling that there is no need to notice an issue "that big right now."

To dream of folding chairs and tables represents feelings about the temporary changeable nature of a static situation. A stable situation or choices that could "up and go" at any moment. A willing to listen or comply temporarily. Accepting a situation as not being forever.

Negatively, it may reflect feelings about the temporary nature of a situation or choices that you don't like. Situations or choices that are being used just for now. A problem situation you have accepted as easy to get over in a short time.

To dream of folding clothing represents feelings about responsibly minimizing the need to behave a certain way. Responsibly deciding that you don't need to act as professional or serious as you are capable of. Folded clothing may reflect feelings about yourself being able to responsibly change your personality if needed with skills or training you can use.

To dream of something unfolding represents a responsibly minimized issue becoming obvious in it's totality. The unraveling of a situation or person's true intentions. Temporary smallness becoming big. Partiality becoming full. An expected dangerous experience "unraveling before your eyes."

Example: A woman dreamed of sitting on a metal folding chair. In waking life her best friend had died and she was grieving. The metal folding chair in this case may have reflected her feelings about the temporary nature of her grieving being aware of herself emotionally getting over the death in a short time.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of folding laundry. In waking life she had just finished settling a serious problem with her marriage after her husband had been caught cheating. The folding laundry in this case may have reflected her feelings about be able to minimize her concerns about addressing the cheating with her husband after dealing with it.


To dream of following something represents your pursuit of something, your attraction to something, or something in waking life you are seeking.

Negatively, following something in a dream may be a sign that you are not thinking for yourself or blindly pursuing a goal.

To dream of following the opposite sex may be a sign that you are being led by your desire or hope for something good or satisfying to happen. It may also represent being led by sexual attraction.

To dream being followed while you walk around represents feeling of having everything you do watched. A lingering sense that someone wants something from you. A memory or situation that you can't escape.

To dream of being followed and being scared may represent anxiety about a problem never going away no matter what you do. Feeling pursued by guilt, pain, or a bad memory.

To dream of being followed by a creepy stranger may reflect feelings of anxiety or suspicion about negativity from your past resurfacing. It may also reflect feelings of anxiety about a mysterious situation or problem not going away.

*Please See Chased


To dream of fondue represents communal sharing or group benefits. You and others are all enjoying the same thing.

Example: A man dreamed of cheese fondue and feeling uncomfortable. In waking life he was back with an ex-girlfriend and felt weird about sleeping with her after other guys had during their break.


Food in dreams represents the type and qualities of experience or energy you take in your life. How certain situations are effecting you. Each food has a unique experience or energy associated with it based of your opinions, feelings, or memories of the specific food.

Certain food symbols tend to be more universal (e.g. apples or oatmeal), while others (e.g. processed food or junk food) take on a much more personal meaning based on your personal feelings about those foods. You need to ask yourself what stands out the most about a certain type of food and see how those qualities apply to your current life situation.

Generally, fruit is symbolic of thoughts that make you feel good, vegetables more nourishing qualities, and meat symbolic about qualities that are more sustaining.

Frozen foods may imply procrastination or putting something off. You've chosen to ignore certain issues or deal with something later.

Thawing frozen food could symbolize issues or situations that are being reconsidered. It may also reflect finally having to confront problems that you put off dealing with. Perhaps, you have been saving something special or important for this moment.

To dream of burned food represents experiences that you are having that went overboard or that you were too eager to have. Burned food may also reflect a lack of carefulness in preparing for a certain type of experience to happen. Distractions, a lack of focus, irresponsibility. Alternatively, burned food may reflect disappointment or feeling that a certain kind of experience won't be good enough.

Refer to the themes section for food for a more in-depth look at dream food symbolism.

Food Fight

To dream that you are in a food fight, represents a conflict over different ideas or perspectives.

*Please See Food

Food Stamps

To dream of food stamps represents feelings about being helped to have just enough as long as you are following the rules and need it. Feelings about deserving assistance that isn't too serious about why you need it.


To dream of someone calling you a fool may reflect an embarrassment you've experienced. You may feel that something you did was the stupidest thing you've ever done.

To dream of calling someone else a fool may reflect your belief that a situation is beyond ridiculous. You may also feel that a stupid mistake has been made.

*Please See Jester

*Please see Minstrel

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