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Jennifer Lawrence

To dream of Jennifer Lawrence represents an aspect of your personality that's more incredible than other people (or gets more attention) for deserving to believe in yourself not seeing yourself being too attractive while not thinking about yourself being too serious about saying you're older than someone else. Not minding being a regular person who isn't too serious while believing in yourself mattering. Approachability, comfort in your own skin, deserving to matter, and unpretentiously successful. Feeling good that you'll survive a situation by having to have a sense of humor.

Jessica Alba

To dream of Jessica Alba represents feelings about getting attention, ease, and feeling superior all at once in some area of your life. This could reflect a situation in which you feel like you're getting attention or recognition for doing something that isn't very challenging, or that makes you feel attractive. A desire for financial success that comes easily and without much effort, but where there is a sense of needing to constantly talk about it or prove one's superiority.

Lots of attention for why something isn't difficult to interact with for why doing anything at all with it that makes you like feeling better than someone. Possibly a symbol for making money feeling easy with little work that never has to stop talking about it like you're better than other people.

Negatively, dreaming about Jessica Alba represents a desire for fame, ease, and feeling superior in some aspect of life. This could reflect a situation in which you feel like you're getting attention or recognition for doing something that isn't very challenging that makes you feel better than someone else. The dream may also symbolize a desire for financial success that comes easily and without much effort, but where there is a sense of needing to constantly talk about it or prove one's superiority. Unrealistic expectations or a feeling of inadequacy in regards to achieving fame, ease, or financial success. It may also indicate a tendency to focus too much on external validation or attention from others, instead of finding true satisfaction within oneself.

Example: A young man dreamed of Jessica Alba's face being orange giving him oral sex and then pulling away making the dreamer scream to her face "No, no, come back!!!" In waking life the man was a webmaster that had made an adjustment to his website that made $300 in a day making him feel that making money was easy, and then the sales stopped dead the day after. In this case Jessica Alba may have reflect his desire for making money feeling easy that didn't require much more than a link on a website which made him feel stop liking talking about himself better than other people as an example of success.

*Please See Celebrities


To dream of a court jester represents you or someone that is always available to make someone laugh whenever they need it. You may be a "joker" with your friends. A Jester may also reflect self-embarrassment to make others feel good.

Alternatively, a jester may reflect you or someone else that is always called on to make them feel better.

Negatively, a jester may symbolize being used by others to cheer them up or have a good time.

*Please See Clowns

Jesus Christ

To dream of Jesus Christ represents an aspect of your personality that embodies selflessness, compassion, and sacrifice for a higher purpose or belief. Pain, suffering, unbearable challenges to overcome problems. Giving up what you like for the better good. Making history doing every single last thing you can to do what you believe God wants or to be completely moral. Making history making the strongest sacrifices to overcome negativity completely. Shedding things in your life that are unwanted or unneeded to become completely moral. Making history sacrificing something or feeling bad to achieve a goal because you believe it's for a greater good. Feeling that life is testing your strength.

Jesus often points to giving up bad habits or trying your hardest to to rid yourself of negativity because you want to become 100% moral, inline with God, or feel that you are good enough.

Positively, dreaming of Jesus Christ may reflect a strong desire for personal growth, moral support, or overcoming personal struggles. You may be striving for self-improvement, maintaining your faith, and facing challenges with grace and humility.

Negatively, Jesus Christ may reflect your feelings about overdoing making history sacrificing to do what you believe God wants or to be completely moral. Wasting yout time making history trying too hard to make difficult sacrifices to become moral. Enormous stress or suffering to make a serious change in your life. Fear of being a loser for rest of your life if you aren't perfect or don't suffer horribly for a good cause. Feelings of guilt, unworthiness, or failure in meeting your own moral or spiritual standards. A struggle with self-doubt, shame, or feelings of inadequacy. A critical inner voice that highlights your perceived shortcomings or reminds you of the importance of spiritual growth. Wasting your time never liking achieving redemption.

Alternatively, Jesus Christ in a dream may reflect your feelings about the strength of your faith and your commitment to moral or spiritual ideals. Your feelings about organized religion and how faithful you are to it. Negatively, Jesus may be a sign that you are too serious about organized religion.

To dream of the blood of Jesus Christ represents feelings of ultimate sacrifice, selflessness, and profound commitment to a higher purpose or belief. Feelings about the pain and suffering required to achieve spiritual growth or overcome personal challenges. Feelings about how awful, painful, or humiliating making history sacrificing was in order to do what God wants, experience salvation, or to be become completely moral.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing Jesus. In waking life, she was trying to quit smoking. In this case, Jesus may have reflected her strong desire to overcome her addiction to cigarettes and align her life with a higher purpose or healthier lifestyle because she believed it's what God wanted from her.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of Jesus being stabbed. In waking life, she was having conflicting feelings about her catholic faith and organized religion. In this case, Jesus may have reflected her inner struggle with her faith, feeling that her commitment to organized religion was causing her pain and suffering. The stabbing of Jesus in the dream could symbolize her feelings of being hurt or betrayed by her religious beliefs, or that her spiritual ideals were being challenged in a negative way.

Example 3: A man dreamed that Jesus came to him and said that "No one could get to the father, but through him." In waking life, he was too preoccupied with believing he needed religion to be complete as a person. In this case, Jesus may have reflected the man's strong belief in the importance of organized religion and his need for spiritual guidance in order to find personal fulfillment. The dream could be a reflection of his feelings that the only way to achieve a deep connection with God or higher power was through Jesus, which could be a sign of his overdependence on organized religion.

Example 4: A man dreamed of Jesus being beside him and that God had severely judged Jesus. This left the dreamer feeling uncomfortable while he felt that the judgement given to Jesus was actually directed towards him. In waking life, the man had tried everything he could to give up a drug problem, but relapsed. He felt he failed in God's eyes. In this case, Jesus may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about himself having the ability to make enormous spiritual or personal sacrifice to overcome drugs and feeling enormous guilt and regret when he couldn't succeed.

Jim Carrey

To dream of Jim Carrey represents an aspect of your personality that's more incredible than other people (or gets more attention) for being laughable about never believing it embarrasses itself seeing anything is wrong with why everyone saw it being completely insane without a problem.

Negatively, dreaming about Jim Carrey may represent feeling about being stuck with other people's perception of you needing to be laughable about never believing you embarrass yourself seeing anything is wrong with why everyone saw you being completely insane without a problem.

Example: A person dreamed of seeing Naomi Watts with Jim Carrey's face. In waking life, they had a mental illness which, according to their therapist, caused them to have a wild and abstract imagination. In this case, Jim Carry's face on Naomi Watts' body may have reflected the person's feelings about their sense of humor about talking about themself needing to go to therapy with their wild and abstract thoughts being incredibly noticeable and memorable to the others in a way that might not be taken seriously. This could signify their struggle with how their mental illness makes their perceptions or behaviors appear unusually exaggerated or humorous to others, similar to how Jim Carrey's characters often behave in a wildly expressive manner.

Joan Of Arc

To dream of Joan Of Arc represents feelings about carrying or leading others to success when it seems incredibly impossible. Leadership that feels totally selfless.

Negatively, Joan of Arc may reflect feelings of being obligated to help people when it may be more appropriate to help them help themselves.

Example: A woman dreamed of Joan Of Arc pointing down at her feet. In waking life the woman felt a strong moral obligation to pay her daughters tuition bills even though she was going broke herself. She felt that her daughters education was too important and would risk everything to help her finish it.

Joaquin Phoenix

To dream of Joaquin Phoenix represents an aspect of your personality that is more incredible than someone else (or gets more attention) about wanting to be safer than someone else, but struggles with it. A person or situation that behaves safe mostly, but might snap. Behavior that feels like it might not be there for you when you need it the most while it feels good seeing itself safe. Behavior that might snap once it's thought of something it didn't like. Behavior that is unpredictable or difficult to believe in being 100% safe. Behavior that is intriguing yet unpredictable, charismatic but potentially volatile. Your thoughts about dealing with a situation or a person who has a strong presence but whose reactions or intentions are hard to gauge.

Positively, dreaming about Joaquin Phoenix may represent behavior that benefits you with other people who you make feel that you might snap. Being unafraid to stand out or be different

Negatively, dreaming about Joaquin Phoenix may represent the feeling of being overwhelmed or intimidated by someone or something that is unpredictable or hard to understand. Fears of instability, erratic behavior, or feeling out of control. Dealing with a situation where you are unsure of someone's intentions, or you might be struggling with internal conflicts that are difficult to resolve. Anxieties about embracing your own unconventional traits or dealing with someone whose behavior is intense and hard to predict. Unpredictability, intense emotions, and the potential for sudden, dramatic changes. A sense of inner turmoil, emotional instability, or a fear of the unknown. Uncertainty about the outcome and the unpredictable nature of the situation. A feeling that you are risking everything by saying anything else to someone.

Joaquin Phoenix being an actor may give the symbolism additional meaning of being fake, meddling, or having a teenage quality about getting serious attention. Managing oneself getting attention or being fake about being more important than other people.

Symbolism that might appear in a dream with Joaquin Phoenix may be the apocalypse, fire trucks, mental institution, or feelings of Joaquin Phoenix being dangerously close to you.

Example: A man dreamed of Joaquin Phoenix walking towards him and asking him if he was okay. He felt that Joaquin Phoenix might be violent without being totally sure. In waking life, he had filed DMCA complaints with Google against a copyright infringer who was trying to clone his business and wasn't easy to deal with. Google responded to parts of his complaint but left the rest of the complaint unprocessed without any communication. In this case, Joaquin Phoenix may have reflected his fears about the situation escalating or becoming more problematic due to the partial response from Google.

John F. Kennedy

To dream of President John F. Kennedy (JFK) may reflect dangerous idealistic beliefs. Possibly a naive view of achieving power or control never causing others to plot against you. Power or control that is too perfect for others to accept. Experiencing arrogant jealousy or control that erases your achievement as soon as you fulfill your obligations because it cares about nothing except lying to you for good.

John F. Kennedy may reflect a fantastic opportunity to make real change ending up in total disappointment. Total disbelief at how close you got without realizing how enormous the opposition really was that stopped you. Feelings of shock that it never matters how big you get, your enemies or opposition will stop at nothing to prevent you from making a positive change.


To dream of the Joker playing card represents feelings about lucky options in a strategic attempt to outsmart someone. Strategic options to laugh at you opponent or competition. Strategic options that can't be controlled or laugh at appearances. A strategic option that is accepted as never being serious. Strategic options that can cheat if they want to.

To dream of the Joker from the movie Batman represents feelings about a dangerous person or problem that laughs at you without end. Feeling great difficult overcoming someone who will never stop laughing at you no matter what. Feeling that you are being laughed at by an enemy or dangerous winner.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing the character of the Joker. In waking life she felt someone with a dangerous past was trying to embarrass her in public with a logo that she believed was mocking her when it wasn't true. The joker in this case may have reflected her unverified fear of the person being dangerous and intentionally laughing at her forever. She felt that the person so terrible that nothing could make them take the logo down.

*Please See Playing Cards

Jon Stewart

To dream of Jon Stewart represents an aspect of your personality that is more incredible than someone else about being exceptionally perceptive and lighthearted when it comes to recognizing the irony of politically embarrassing or absurd behavior while accepting it. A perspective that combines intelligence, humor, and a keen awareness of the absurdities or contradictions in life, especially in political or social contexts while not being serious about doing anything about it. Feeling good not being crazy about having a sense of humor about politically embarrassing behavior with an attitude that isn't serious when it is serious. Your capacity to strike a balance between humor and seriousness in your approach to a politically embarrassing situation. You have the ability to see through political or social fa´┐Żades that isn't too serious while not losing sight of their significance. Intelligently witnessing what politically embarrassing behavior is while pretending it isn't serious when it is. A humorous yet perceptive viewpoint on politically embarrassing behavior. Your desire for a balanced and well-informed perspective that also appreciates the irony or absurdity in situations. A talent for observing and commenting on life's inconsistencies.

Negatively, Jon Stewart may represent focusing too much on the absurdity or irony in politically embarrassing situations at the expense of taking constructive action. Struggling with balancing humor and seriousness in addressing important issues.

Dreams of Jon Stewart appear to be common to people who become aware of their need to reduce marijuana usage.

Example: A man dreamed of Jon Stewart sitting in the passenger side of his vehicle holding a paper shopping bag while making a lighthearted comment about "not being your mother." Slowly Jon Stewart becomes more careful about being mean with humor. In waking life, he was taking low THC CBD oil for inflammation and slowly increased it over days. At first, it was safe, but slowly it began to make him scarily paranoid forcing him to cut the dosage in half. In this case, Jon Stewart may have reflected his perceptiveness of the absurdity of choosing to keep ingesting CBD oil in increasing amounts if the THC level sensitivity was slowly causing increasing paranoia.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of Jon Stewart while trying to pop a zit on her knee. In waking life, she was perceptive of daily marijuana smoking causing her to stop remembering any of her dreams. As soon as she reduced her marijuana smoking her dreams came back. In this case, Jon Stewart may have reflected her humorous and insightful perspective on her own behavior, which involved her using marijuana and experiencing a lack of dreams. She was laughing at herself for attempting to "pop" the problem by reducing her marijuana intake, which allowed her dreams to return.

Joseph Stalin

To dream of Joseph Stalin represents you or someone else that freely oppresses others as though it doesn't matter at all. Wanting other people being completely subordinate at all times like it's normal. Controlling behavior that scares others that they can never do anything they want ever again.

Stalin may also reflect a cold and heartless mindset about big decisions that effect others for the rest of their lives.

Alternatively, Joseph Stalin may represent your dislike about feeling someone else having total control as though it didn't matter. Feeling the unbearableness of being repressed.


To dream of a journalist represents an aspect of your personality that is "digging up dirt" or gathering facts. You may be learning as much as you can about something before telling others about it.

*Please See Reporter


To see a judge in a dream represents a part of your personality that makes decisions, choose what's right and wrong, or whether to support or condemn an issue.

A judge in a dream may be symbolizing self-reproach, guilt, or time in your life where you must look at yourself critically. Deciding all that is or isn't good about you.

To stand before a judge represents your feelings of guilt, self-condemnation, or even acceptance for your actions. Negatively, it may be a sign that you are accepting of condemnation being inevitable.

Example: A man dreamed of Sigmund Freud being a judge who banged a judge's gavel on his head that registered in his left arm. When he awoke from the dream he suffered a motor seizure that caused violent constrictions in his arm. The symbolism of Sigmund Freud banging him over the head with a gavel may have been an intuitive message reflecting his awareness of his dreams having important meanings that were telling him that something was wrong with him.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of being surrounded by judges. In waking life he was trying to decide whether or not taking a certain job was a good idea because he was concerned about having free time for his art work. He ultimately decided to try to look for a job that afforded him the free time he desired.

*Please See Court

*Please See Gavel

*Please See Jury

Justin Bieber

To dream of Justin Bieber represents an aspect of your personality that is more incredible than someone else about never needing to be a snob to anyone, but has to matter while noticing it isn't a little kid without a problem. Never explaining yourself believing you deserve to be treated like a little kid while not wanting anyone to hate you. Behavior that is always growing up in front of others as the reason that nobody can stop it from never embarrassing itself completely. Feeling good that everyone has heard about you as the reason nobody can embarrass you with not mattering.

Negatively, dreaming about Justin Bieber may reflect behavior that feels more important than other people about being allowed to think it isn't a little kid while you don't like that. Behavior that is a troublemaker that feels good nobody is angry at it. Wanting to stop someone or get rid of someone who is a troublemaker while feeling that you are not allowed to because other people like it enough to make sure it won't lose. A troublemaker that notices who they are and doesn't have to explain it. Behavior that keeps improving itself or is too serious about not being a snob as the reason it gets away with never being in trouble. The frustration of dealing with someone who continually gets away with troublemaking behavior because of their likeability, money, or influence makes them untouchable. Behavior that might get back at itself or lose friends by overdoing thinking of itself as safe not being treated like a little kid.

Example: A man dreamed of being in a room when Justin Bieber walks into the room and begins to act erratically moving his head around dangerously while wearing a hat trying to test the dreamer nearly hitting the dreamer with his hat on noticing he's famous to allow him to get away with it. Justin was testing him to see the limits of what he could get away with. In waking life, the dreamer was being controlled by hackers with the oversight of police corruption forcing him to pay attention to them at his computer when he thought the behavior was childish and arrogant about being respected and never allowed to be talked back to.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of Justin Bieber. In waking life, she felt there was someone at her workplace with a bad rep who she wanted to protect. In this case, Justin Beiber may have reflected her feelings about the person she wanted to protect being a little bit of a troublemaker while also being misunderstood or judged harshly.

Example 3: A man dreamed of Justin Bieber talking to him like he was too famous to stop and scaring him that he doesn't need the dreamer to deserve to enjoy his life famous. In waking life, the man felt that his father's behavior was childish about having more money than him while he couldn't do anything about it because he had to respect his father taking care of other serious family legal matters. In this case, Justin Bieber may have reflected his feelings about his father being a troublemaker while also having to respect him due to family dynamics.

*Please See Celebrities

Justin Timberlake

To dream of Justin Timberlake represents an aspect of your personality that is more incredible than other people about feeling good confidently staying true to yourself while being sensitive about never embarrassing itself wanting anyone getting back at it for being guilty. Behavior that exudes confidence, talent, recognition, and a knack for staying true to oneself without embarrassing anyone else with hearing anything about it being guilty. Behavior that remains true to itself as the reason why it never has to worry about itself being ruined or deserving to embarrass itself being guilty.

Negatively, dreaming about Justin Timberlake may represent feelings of overconfidence in being true to yourself without anyone getting back at you for anything guilty that won't last for long. Feelings of inadequacy, jealousy, or being overshadowed by someone confident who stays true to themselves while never doing anything guilty so getting back them is impossible. Behavior that is more confident than someone else that annoys you that it doesn't have to stop, be ruined, or ever get caught guilty. Your fears or frustrations of making mistakes or appearing foolish, especially when you perceive someone else as being more adept at 'staying true to themselves' without embarrassing themselves. You might feel pressured to match up to a certain standard or feel resentment towards someone who consistently appears to outshine others effortlessly. It can also reflect feelings of bitterness for not being as recognized or appreciated as someone who always seems to have people liking them too much.

Example: A woman dreamed of worrying about her eyes after removing her eye contacts and asking Justin Timberlake if her eyes would be okay. He said they would be. In waking life, she was experiencing her eyes being sore from allergies. In this case, Justin Timberlake may have reflected her feelings about getting attention while confidently staying true to herself for her natural eye color after removing her artificially colored contacts. She may have wanted to avoid embarrassing herself looking guilty or fake with her natural eye color.



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