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To dream of a burglar represents feelings about an aspect of your personality that is both dishonest and sneaky while you are not paying attention. Feelings about being taken advantage of, robbed, or deceived because you weren't paying attention to something all the time. Feelings of alarm or shock that an oversight would cause power or stability to be taken from you. Fear of how easily something secure in your life can be taken away if you aren't careful. Feelings of vulnerability to loss or unwanted changes due to not being proactive enough.

Positively, dreaming about a burglar may represent a heightened awareness of potential risks or dangers in your life, prompting you to take proactive measures to protect yourself. Your awareness of threats or negative influences that you are ready to confront and eliminate from your life.

Negatively, a burglar could represent feelings about dishonest or sneaky behavior that may reoccur if you aren't proactive. Awareness of deserving to be robbed of power, status, and resources because you were irresponsible about oversights or failing to pay attention. Guilt or remorse over past actions or decisions that have compromised your integrity or security. Your own dishonest attempt to sneak power or resources away from someone else when they aren't paying attention.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a burglar walk into his home at night to rob him. In waking life, he had ignored some serious school work and got a serious "wake-up call" when he got a failing grade that had serious consequences for his final grade. In this case, the burglar may have reflected his feelings about consciously robbing himself of stable academic success by choosing to ignore or not pay enough attention to his schoolwork.

*Please See Burglary

*Please See Robbed

*Please See Intruder

Bus Driver

To dream of a bus driver represents an aspect of your personality that is "driving you" on an undesirable or unpleasant experience. Choices that you've made or some area of your life that forces the least desirable option on you. A bus driver may reflect mistakes, failures, or consequences that are the main focus of your life. You may also feel that you are going around in circles and showing little progress. You can't stand to think about how long something is taking.

To dream that you are a bus driver represents unpopular decisions you've made effecting others. It may also reflect responsible decisions that override more enjoyable options. You are guiding or controlling a situation that doesn't feel good or isn't a priority for you. You may be leading a situation that focused on fixing a failure or dealing with the consequences of a mistake. You may feel responsible for making others impatiently wait for something.

*Please See Bus

Business Person

To dream of a business person represents an aspect of yourself that is well organized, adept, or an expert in thinking a certain way. An area of your life where you are well read, serious, or capable of being very sophisticated.


To dream of a butcher represents an aspect of yourself that is indifferent to pain, suffering, or feelings. You or someone else that doesn't care about how someone else feels at all. Intentionally ruining something or totally destroying something despite others feelings.


To dream of a butler represents an aspect of yourself that is subservient. You or someone else that is completely supportive of other people's needs or goals. Assisting others without question. A butler may be a sign that you are too demanding or dependent on others. You need to be more independent and tend to your own needs.

Alternatively, a butler may reflect feelings that you are under-appreciated, being used, or too submissive.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a butler trapped in a room. In real life the man felt his boss was too demanding and didn't believe he could do anything about it.


To dream of being the captain of a sailing ship represents feelings about taking charge of a negative or uncertain situation. Taking charge of an emotionally charged situation. You or someone else with the ability to control how best to manage uncertain or negative situations. Experience that allows you to make expert decisions in emotional or turbulent situations.

To dream of being the captain of a sports team represents feelings about taking charge of a competitive conflict. An assertive attitude about confronting issues competitively. Experience that allows you to make expert decisions in competitive situations.


To dream of a caretaker represents an aspect of yourself that is focused on keeping up appearances or maintaining certain emotional states.

A caretaker may appear in your dream when you achieve some success or power and want to maintain appearances or keep a good impression.

Example: A man dreamed of being at the top of a tall building with a caretaker. In waking life he had just had a date with woman he liked and felt he had to try his hardest to keep her liking him with nice clothing and fancy restaurants.


To dream of a carpenter represents an aspect of your personality that is capable of doing everything on their own. An area of expertise where you or someone else is totally adept and knowledgeable. The skill and knowledge needed to be develop or create something independently.

Example: A business owner once dreamed of having sex with a carpenter. In their waking lives they were trying to expand their business and gain new customers. The sex with the carpenter reflected their ability to manage all the different aspects of their business independently and the satisfaction they got from their success.


To dream of a cashier represents awareness of consequences of your choice. Noticing the personal cost of your decision. What you have to face in life to get what you want.

To dream of being a cashier represents awareness of yourself setting conditions or ultimatums for someone else to get what they want. Making someone else do something or lose something in order to get what they want.


To dream of a caveman represents you or someone else that is totally preoccupied with surviving or living in the moment.

Negatively, a caveman may reflect a constant state of fear of serious troubles returning. To much focus on short term living and not focusing on long term living. Dangerously living in the moment.

Example: A man dreamed of being a caveman with an invincible club and invincible penis. In waking life she was experiencing uncontrollable sexual desires after having woken up from a catatonic "sleeping disease" and being put on strong medication. The caveman symbolism may have reflected his fear of not enjoying every last minute of his life that he could having sex or being risky before his disease returned.


To dream of a celebrity represents an aspect of your personality based on the most apparent qualities or traits that stand out the most about the celebrity. Ask yourself what feelings, behavior, or traits stands out the most about a celebrity when you think about them. A celebrity in a dream may also reflect an aspect of yourself that deserves recognition, success, or validation from others. A wish to be more influential or well-known, as well as the need to feel validated or acknowledged by others for your accomplishments. An incredible experience you are having that feels good deserving to talk about yourself to other people in a more prominent manner.

Celebrities in dreams can also represent your projection, thoughts and feelings about a celebrity. Perhaps, you are spending a lot of time thinking about a celebrity.

To dream of having having sex with a celebrity represents an enjoyable, exciting, or thrilling experience that embodies qualities mirroring your feelings about the celebrity. Fulfillment of your fantasies, ambitions, or desires that you may feel are normally unattainable. You may relish an experience that garners recognition or discussion about your accomplishments. Enjoyment in doing something uncommon or extraordinary, in a way that reflects a celebrity's most prominent qualities, while being acknowledged or praised by others. Enjoying getting away with something that other people recognize or talk about you for.

To dream about a celebrity that you have a crush on or are very attracted to may represent your desire for a certain life situation to occur. Consider how you feel when you think of them, and how those feelings or qualities may apply to a current life situation. Alternatively, it may be a sign that you need more realistic about your love life.

If you dream of a celebrity that you know little or nothing about, it's suggested you research that person's life to help form an opinion of them. Try to identify or feel the quality most apparent about them.

To dream of wearing a celebrity's clothes represents your personality matching up with the qualities you see in that celebrity the most. Your desire to adopt or emulate the qualities, traits, or characteristics of that celebrity. This could be an indication of your feelings of deserving recognition, success, or validation from others in your life, or simply to express yourself in a manner similar to that of the celebrity.

Example: A man dreamed of talking to Matt Damon. The quality of Matt Damon that stood out the most to him was being more concerned than someone else to see something unintelligent wasn't happening. In waking life, the man found himself surrounded by less experienced people than himself at work and had to use his intelligence to solve problems they couldn't. In this case, Matt Damon may have reflected the man's desire to be recognized for his intelligence and problem-solving skills while dealing with less experienced colleagues at work. The man may have felt that he deserved acknowledgment for being more competent and proactive in making sure unintelligent decisions or actions were avoided.

Example 2: A man dreamed of Jessica Alba. In waking life, he discovered an opportunity that he couldn't believe made money by trying it out once. In this case, Jessica Alba may have reflected his feelings about the surprising and attractive nature of the opportunity that presented itself to him. Just as Jessica Alba is perceived to be beautiful and successful, the opportunity he discovered seemed highly appealing, potentially rewarding, and almost too good to be true.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing a beautiful famous model that he was obsessed with when he was younger. In waking life, when he was younger he used to paste every single picture he could of this model on his wall. In his current life he was obsessed with a goal that never happened.

Example 4: A man dreamed of having sex with Oprah. In waking life, this man was a successful public speaker. Oprah to him represented excellent communication skills. In his case, Oprah reflected how he felt about himself being good at public speaking.

*Please See Famous

*Please See Paparazzi

*Please See Actors


To dream of a CEO represents power, success, and control over every single thing that is happening making sure nothing goes wrong. Combined qualities of power, control, and authority that's more important than other people with a focus on winning. Feelings about making decisions that matter or come with risk. Feeling about everyone talking to you or someone else about whatever is happening in a situation. Ambition and leadership. Concerns about their own leadership abilities, and their desire to be seen as powerful and respected in their personal and professional life.

Negatively, dreaming about an CEO may represent fear of failure or inadequacy, as well as a fear of being dominated by someone in a position of power. Feelings about having to accept or live with the worst mistakes you ever made. It could also suggest a need to be more assertive and take charge of one's life. Additionally, it may represent the dreamer's belief that success and power are the only important things in life, potentially leading to neglect of personal relationships and other important aspects of life. Jealousy that someone else is a "rockstar" of everyone talking to them about whatever is happening in a situation. The dreamer's belief in the importance of hierarchy and structure in achieving success, as well as the pressure to conform to societal expectations of success and power. Feelings about abuse of power, control, and authority that thinks it's more important than other people about winning. Ignorance about being more important than other people to ensure nothing goes wrong.

Example: A man dreamed of the woman he was in love with getting ready to go on a date with the CEO from her work instead of him. In waking life he was unemployed and talking to the woman everyday. In this case, the CEO may have reflected the man's feelings of inferiority and insecurity in regards to the woman he was interested in. The CEO may have represented the man's perceived idea of the ideal man or the type of man he felt the woman would prefer over him. Feeling that someone is better than you at what you are doing.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of arguing with the CEO of record label company during a job interview and fighting to not get pushed off the roof of the building. In waking life, she had recently graduated and was experiencing anxiety about leaving her part time job so she could get a real full time job. In this case, the CEO of the record label she argues with may have reflected her feelings about arguing with the part of herself that is professional about everything happening in her life having to operate without a problem so that everyone she knows respects her and feels good about it. The argument with the CEO may also reflect her inner conflict about leaving her job being a mistake and the fear not being good enough in a new job. The CEO may also represent the pressure to prove herself and succeed in her career. The fighting to not get pushed off the roof may symbolize her fighting against the fear of failure and the pressure to perform.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of a big CEO man with a serious anger problem that was yelling at her for not doing her job. In waking life she felt needed to stop giving her ex-boyfriend any more chances because he would never change his temper problem. In this case, the CEO may have reflected the dreamer's perception of her ex-boyfriend as someone in a position of power and authority, who may have acted in a controlling or emotionally abusive manner towards her.


To dream of a chauffeur represents you or someone else that is catering to someone else's goals. Helping others achieve their goals without them having to concern or frustrate themselves with anything except the outcome. An aspect of yourself that does all the legwork.

To dream of being driven around by a chauffeur represents your predominant focus on outcomes. Feeling that the leg work is being taking care of for you. Being more focused on the end result of a situation.

Negatively, a chauffeur may represent a sense of entitlement or dependency. Not feeling that you should have to do anything except win or get what you want. Feeling that others should do all the hard work or menial tasks.


To dream of a cheerleader represents an aspect of your personality that is encouraging or motivational. You or someone else that is supportive of others goals. It may also reflect being happy for someone else success.

Alternatively, a cheerleader may represent self-encouragement or self-motivation. A sign that you are optimistic and confident. You are telling yourself that success is possible.

Example: A girl dreamed of a cheerleader at a sleepover. In real life her friend abandoned her when she got a boyfriend. The cheerleader at the sleep over reflected her attempt to be happy for her friend while being forced to notice her own single life.


To dream of a chef represents an aspect of yourself or someone else that is skilled, confident, talented, and experienced in their abilities to create, and control satisfying outcomes. Expertise in preparing or planning satisfying experiences. Mastery, skill, or self-assurance in handling complex preparations that must satisfy other people.

Positively, dreaming about a chef may represent confidence in taking risks, experimenting, or managing different aspects of your life to achieve a desired outcome. A desire to impress or please others through your competence and expertise.

Negatively, dreaming about a chef may represent feelings of pressure to plan, create, and control satisfying experiences for others. Feeling pressured to create something perfect without knowing how. An overreliance on external sources to provide an enjoyable or satisfying experience.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in a hotel with a chef and butler that set up her room for dinner service. She found the chef rude. In waking life, she was having an affair with a married man. In this case, the chef may have reflected her feelings about the married man she was having an affair with making private plans for their secret relationship that she found distasteful or poorly executed. She may have felt that the affair was being conducted in a manner that was not to her liking or that lacked finesse, reflecting her desire for more control, discretion, or respect within the relationship.

*Please See Chef's Hat



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