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Ten Commandments

To dream of the ten commandments represents your feelings about having fundamental rules. An area of your life where there are important ground rules.

Negatively, the ten commandments may reflect an excessive belief that certain conduct or standard of behavior is all that matters.


To dream of tennis represents feelings about a back-and-forth issue you are competitive about. Thoughts about the importance of strategic engagement, back-and-forth dynamics, and sustained focus in your personal, professional, or emotional life. A back-and-forth conflict over who has a better advantage. Conflict over issues that you are arguing over whose problem it is. A back-and-forth conflict or argument. Fighting back and forth over the superiority of different agendas. Fighting over "whose ideas are better." A respectable conflict between two people trying to avoid jealousy. "Serving" someone the jealousy of a problem or cost that they fight back and forth over. Competitiveness back and forth that leaves the issue "in their court" to respond to you. Legal arguments over divorce or litigation.

Negatively, dreaming about tennis could represent feelings of being caught in a relentless back-and-forth situation or conflict. An exhausting competition, relentless argument, or a situation in your waking life where you constantly have to be on your toes. Perhaps you feel trapped in a cycle of reciprocity that seems endless or draining. Snobbily noticing you are better than someone in a back-and-forth faceoff.

To win a tennis match indicates overcoming a back-and-forth challenge. Successfully navigating a complex situation or conflict, demonstrating your competence and resilience. This could signify a boost in self-confidence, the attainment of a goal, or the successful resolution of a dispute.

To lose a tennis match represents feelings about "losing ground" in an ongoing back ad forth conflict or discussion. Feeling outmaneuvered or outstrategized in a back-and-forth dynamic, potentially leading to feelings of inadequacy, frustration, or being ill-equipped to handle the situation. It may also reflect a loss of competitive advantage or momentum in some area of your waking life. Not being able to compete or put up a fight with a back-and-forth issue. A back-and-forth argument you weren't strong enough to win. Accepting jealousy that someone else had a better idea or advantage than you did.

Example: A teenage boy dreamed of walking toward tennis courts that were illuminated. In waking life, he was trying to get serious about weightlifting and kept forgetting. Whenever he missed his weight training session, people at the weightlifting training room would mention it. In this case, the tennis symbolism may have reflected a back-and-forth dynamic of proving he's serious about striving for better performance at the weightlifting room and dealing with comments from others when he missed his training sessions.

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Tennis Balls

To dream of a tennis ball represents a back-and-forth issue that you are competitive about. Back and forth fighting an issue. A conflict, problem, or challenge that is in dispute and requires strategic engagement or a response to resolve. It may symbolize a problem, task, or situation that is continuously being passed back and forth, often requiring your attention or response. This dream may reflect the competitive dynamics of your personal, professional, or emotional life, and the need for strategic engagement and sustained focus in these areas. The tennis ball could also signify the onus of responsibility or a task that keeps shifting between individuals or parties in your waking life. A back-and-forth conflict that may require a superior advantage or skillset to win.

Example: A woman dreamed of picking up a tennis ball. In waking life she was in an abusive relationship and felt that she had given in to her husband. Picking up the tennis ball may have reflected her feelings about thinking of beginnging to be more competitive with her abusive husband on issues that she thought were his problem and not hers. The ball may also have reflected her competitive thinking about "serving" a divorce.

*Please See Tennis

Tennis Courts

To dream of a tennis court represents feelings about a setting, situation, or relationship where there is a back-and-forth dynamic or competition. It could reflect your perception of the rules, boundaries, or structure of this ongoing interaction. An empty tennis court may represent a potential dispute or challenge that awaits you, or an opportunity to prove your merit in a back-and-forth situation. A crowded or active tennis court might symbolize active disputes, conversations, or competitions in your waking life with a back-and-forth dynamic.

Example: A teenage boy dreamed of walking toward tennis courts that were illuminated. In waking life, he was trying to get serious about weightlifting and kept forgetting. Whenever he missed his weight training session, people at the weightlifting training room would mention it. In this case, the tennis court may have reflected his feelings about the setting of the weight training room having a back-and-forth dynamic of proving he's serious about training versus dealing with comments from others when he missed his training sessions that made him feel that he wasn't serious.

Tennis Racket

To dream of a tennis racket represents the tools or abilities you have to keep the back-and-forth competitive issue going. It signifies your capacity to respond, strategize, and engage in the dynamic that's ongoing. It might reflect your skills, resources, or strategies you're using in a situation where there's a competitive back-and-forth dynamic. A broken racket could signify feeling ill-equipped or unable to respond adequately in such situations, possibly causing feelings of frustration or inadequacy. Professional skills about getting back at someone who is competing with you with a back-and-forth issue.


To dream of a camping tent represents a mindset of temporary necessity, transitory situations, or making do with less in order to adapt to changing circumstances. Enduring temporary discomforts and make necessary sacrifices in order to maintain a sense of safety and security. Self-reliance and adaptability in the face of challenges or uncertain situations. Your ability to confidently navigate through difficulties using limited resources and relying on your own skills to persevere and find stability. Your determination to comfortably handle difficult circumstances and find solutions even when there are no easy answers. An adjustment period, or a situation that is not settled or firmly established. It could also reflect feelings of adaptability, simplicity, and being content with little. Feelings of self-sufficiency, demonstrating that you can take care of yourself even in less secure or unpredictable situations.

Positively, dreaming about a camping tent may represent your resilience, adaptability, and flexibility in the face of life's challenges. It signifies your ability to find comfort, stability, and a sense of self-reliance even during difficult times. This dream can reflect your resourcefulness and ability to make the best of limited circumstances by embracing a more simplistic and minimalistic lifestyle. It could symbolize a sense of adventure, freedom, and resilience, as well as the capability to live independently and self-sufficiently.

Negatively, dreaming about a camping tent may suggest feelings of instability, insecurity, or being unprepared for the challenges you are facing. It could symbolize a need to find a more permanent and stable solution to your problems rather than relying on temporary fixes. This dream might also signify a fear of being isolated or disconnected from the comforts and conveniences of modern life. Feelings of being exposed or unprotected against external factors.

To dream of something dangerous outside your camping tent, such as a wild animal, may represent fears or concerns about external threats during a vulnerable time in your life. Your anxiety over an uncertain or unstable situation, feeling that you are at risk or that your safety and security are threatened.

To dream of a special event tent represents your attempt to temporarily maintain composure or relationship stability during a significant transition or period in your life. A perspective on a situation that is focused on temporary protectiveness to make sure nothing embarrassing happens while you enjoy a situation. It might symbolize your efforts to create an atmosphere of normalcy and enjoyment amidst significant change or upheaval, or your desire to honor and celebrate key milestones while managing the complexities and pressures they bring. A wish to protect an unstable relationship so that marriage plans remains possible.

Example: A woman dream of going inside a camping tent to see a little girl inside a bloody bathtub. In waking life, the woman was in the process of moving home and her business while unhappily living with her ex-husband for the sake of her daughter. In this case, the camping tent may have reflected her feelings of temporary necessity and adaptation during a significant life change. The tent may symbolize the temporary, transitory nature of her living situation as she prepares to move her home and business.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being in a special event tent to attend someone's wedding. A guy she was dating came up to her to ask her to marry him. In waking life, her boyfriend was fighting with her and she feared she would be alone for the rest of her life. In this case, the special event tent may have reflected her attempt to maintain composure and relationship stability amidst the upheaval caused by her boyfriend's fight because she wanted to protect her prospects of getting married one day.


To dream of tentacles represents clinginess or possessiveness that feels lethal or overbearing about not choosing to let go. Behavior that notices the easiness of sticking to whatever it wants and wanting to let go. Feelings of being overpowered by possessiveness or clinginess. Behavior that is ignorant about maintaining a hold on something with an unwillingness to let go. An inability or refusal to let go. An overbearing presence, showcasing a desire to micromanage or be involved in every little detail. A feeling of having one's hand in every little thing or being overly involved in the affairs or actions of others. Tentacles suggest a need to establish healthy boundaries, both for oneself and towards others. Behavior that holds onto whatever it desires, with a notable reluctance or ignorance about the necessity to release its hold. Unhealthy imbalance in relationships or situations, where the control or involvement has reached an overwhelming extent. Frustration with his clingy, irresponsible behaviors, which she found increasingly difficult to change or escape from.

Example: A young woman dreamt of her boyfriend having tentacles on his back. In waking life, she had recently moved into an apartment with her boyfriend, both of them leaving home to start a life together. She found that once they started living together, her boyfriend demonstrated a lack of discipline, had poor time management, and wouldn't clean up after himself. He would often stay up all night playing video games, failing to get adequate rest for work the following day. She felt more like his mother than his girlfriend. In this case, the boyfriend's tentacles in the dream may have reflected her growing frustration with the 'clingy' nature of her boyfriend's irresponsible behaviors, which she found difficult to change or escape from.

*Please See Octopus


To dream of tequila represents the feeling of letting loose and living on the edge while enjoying handling the strength of it. It may symbolize taking risks, excitement, or being in the moment, but with the potential for negative consequences for how strongly you do it. A willingness to try new experiences or let loose and have fun. It suggests letting go of inhibitions and embracing a more carefree and impulsive side of yourself. Enjoying yourself letting loose hard once and a while that notices you are not wimp about it.

Negative associations with tequila may represent contrast between the dreamer's current circumstances of discipline and restraint and their desire for liberation and freedom. A need to exercise caution with controlling yourself or to avoid potentially harmful situations. Feeling strong enough to handle yourself living on the edge or letting loose, but not considering the need to face the consequences later on. A willingness to embrace this new experience or to embrace a new sense of freedom that's only temporarily. Overall, the dream suggests a need to balance excitement with responsibility and to consider the potential consequences of one's actions. Feelings about nobody expecting you to ruin your life living in the edge while you are aware of yourself risking it.

Example: A young girl dreamed of a black girl signalling her to not tell an elderly man about how she drank tequila. In waking life the young girl had told her mother about smoking marijuana after first being hesitant about admitting it. In this case, the tequila may have reflected a desire or temptation to indulge in the marijuana for the first time in her life which probably felt risky or living on the edge due to being underage age and how strong the marijuana was.


To dream of a Terminator represents feelings about behavior that is relentlessly determined in the pursuit of an objective, where failure is not an option. Thoughts about someone or something in your life that is unyielding, unforgiving, and absolutely determined to achieve its goal or mission. Behavior that seems mechanical, devoid of emotions, and can't be reasoned with. Evil, immorality, or criminality that feels impossible to subdue or defeat.

Positively, dreaming about a Terminator may represent unwavering determination, strength, and resilience. Your own relentless efforts to overcome challenges or admiration for someone else's determination in your waking life. The dream might suggest that nothing can deter you from your goals or that you are feeling powerful and unstoppable. The indomitable will, focus, and determination that either you possess or recognize in someone else. The power of unwavering resolve in overcoming obstacles or completing a difficult task. An aspect of yourself that's striving for self-improvement or for the achievement of an important life goal.

Negatively, dreaming about a Terminator could represent fears or anxieties about something in your life that feels relentless, determined, and can't be stopped. Feelings of helplessness against a powerful enemy or situation. A situation or person in your life that seems relentless in causing you harm or distress. The dream might indicate that you're feeling overwhelmed or pursued by some relentless force. You might be struggling with internal or external forces that you perceive as unstoppable and damaging, or you may be the one displaying a harmful, relentless attitude toward others. Feelings of being pursued or targeted by something relentless and inescapable, like a fear, an addiction, or a powerful individual. Feelings about needing to intelligently avoid or confront a determined enemy or problem with all your strength because if you don't then nothing important will ever matter.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing the Terminator movie character standing on a beach looking at him. In waking life, he was beginning to feel the onset of what became the most powerful hallucinations of his life requiring him to stay inside his house for 30 days to confront the scariest evil he has ever confronted. The hallucinations felt relentless in increasing difficulty that forced him to confront all his life's negativity at once with the constant fear of eternal spiritual death. Only through faith, patience, total sexual abstinence, and admitting everything wrong he ever did in his life was he able to overcome the hallucinations safely.

Example 2: A man dreamed of running away from the Terminator. In waking life, he was avoiding arguing with his wife over car repairs. In this case, the running away from the Terminator may have reflected his feelings about avoiding his wife in an argument because he felt that she was too serious, too determined to argue back, and possibly considering a divorce.


To dream of termites represents feeling assailed by an unwelcome situation. Annoyance or disappointment that something totally fails to meet expectations. You may not like the idea of having to make a change, replace something, or move on. It may also reflect a surprise that some area of your life isn't as perfect as you thought it was.

Example: A man dreamed that the foundation of his house was infested by termites. In real life he was being forced to except an early retirement. The termites in the foundation reflected how unwelcome early retirement was to the foundation of his life.


To dream of a terrace represents confidence that nothing can change a positive situation you are experiencing. Knowing that you are secure with your success or with something that is making you happy.

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*Please See Fear


To dream of being in terror represents a feeling of havoc with unresolved fears or insecurities. You are having a lot trouble confronting or standing up to a problem. You may feel a loss of control with something that scares you.

Alternatively, terror may reflect feelings that you fears or insecurities are being toyed with.

*Please See Terrorist

*Please See Fear


To dream of seeing a terrorist represents behavior that is resentful, frustrated, or attempting to interfere. You or someone else that doesn't like what someone else is doing. It may also reflect a hostile act towards someone else, getting in someone else's way, or scaring someone that they have to stop what they are doing. Powerful and motivated jealousy.

To dream of terrorism may reflect feeling of very real vulnerabilities or hostile threats in walking life. Anger directed towards you that is generating fear or anxiety.

Example: A man dreamed of being chased by armed terrorists. In waking life he was feeling intense pressure from his boss with the threat of being fired.

*Please See September 11th

Tesla Brand Vehicles

To dream of the Tesla brand of vehicles represents a style of decision-making or control over a situation that prioritizes forward-thinking sustainability that's professional about having to see it working without thinking it's too serious. A progressive approach to challenges and an embrace of the future with optimism and ingenuity. The ability to anticipate and adapt to future trends. Your thoughts about the importance of pushing boundaries, challenging the status quo, and exploring new frontiers.

Positively, dreaming of Tesla vehicles may represent your adaptability, willingness to embrace new ideas, and your drive to improve and evolve that has to see it working. Confidence, competence, and a proactive mindset in navigating challenges or pursuing goals. Your readiness to embrace change, explore new opportunities, and stay ahead of the curve in your endeavors. A decision-making style that values progress, sustainability, and the embrace of new ideas over the conventional. A desire for change, an appreciation for modern solutions to old problems, and a commitment to principles of sustainability and innovation.

Negatively, dreaming about Tesla brand vehicles could indicate feelings of pressure, overwhelm, or insecurity about keeping up with rapidly evolving circumstances or expectations. Concerns that you are not doing enough to see yourself being forward-thinking. A need to balance innovation with practicality and ensure that futuristic ideals align with your values and objectives as part of your decision-making style. Feelings of superiority or a sense of smugness about being more progressive or enlightened than others.

Example: A young woman dreamed of seeing a teal-colored Tesla vehicle and then being chased. In waking life, she had abruptly stopped talking to a guy she met online and he did everything possible to try to keep talking to her, including using a second account to test whether or not his messages were getting through. In this case, the Tesla brand vehicle may have reflected her feelings about the advanced, independent nature of the guy's efforts to maintain contact with her as being impressively persistent yet unwelcome. The Tesla's forward-thinking technology symbolized the guy's sophisticated methods to bypass her attempts at distancing herself, indicating a situation she felt was beyond her control yet admired for its innovation.

Example 2: A 17-year-old teenage girl dreamed of being in a fully autonomous vehicle like Tesla. In waking life, she had only a few months left of high school and was witnessing all her friends beginning to distance themselves or have less in common with her. She felt like being on the cusp of adulthood was something she couldn't control and wanted to live last few months of high school to the fullest. In this case, the autonomous Tesla vehicle may have reflected her feelings about the autonomous transition into adulthood and the new phase of life.

Test Tubes

To dream of a test tube represents experimentation with new ideas or your attempt to see what kind of reactions you get from others. Seeing what happens when you trying something new or do something you've never tried before.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing test tubes. In waking life he had an illness and was experimenting with vitamins to cure it.


To dream of testicles represent nerve, confidence, bravery, or courage. You're ability to be comfortable about being assertive, masculine, or confident standing up for yourself whenever you need to. Your willingness to take risks and face challenges fearlessly.

Positively, dreaming about testicles might symbolize bravery, resilience, or a courageous attitude in confronting difficult situations. It reflects your ability to take risks and face challenges head-on. It may also indicate a sense of confidence and assertiveness in asserting yourself or pursuing your goals. This dream could represent your ability to withstand pressure or endure stressful circumstances with strength and determination.

Negatively, dreaming about testicles could suggest feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, or a lack of bravery. It could indicate fears or hesitations in facing challenges or taking risks. This dream may reflect a fear of failure or a reluctance to step outside of your comfort zone. It might also symbolize a need to assert your own power or assertiveness in certain areas of your life. Issues of control or a fear of losing your manliness.

Alternatively, seeing testicles on someone else in the dream may represent a person or situation that is braver or more willing to take chances than you are.

To dream of having your testicles squeezed represents feelings of vulnerability, powerlessness, or threat to your masculinity. It might be an indication of feeling a critical part of your self-esteem, confidence, or virility under attack, perhaps from external pressures or expectations. It could reflect feeling powerless to stop a situation from hurting you or undermining your confidence. Issues with not feeling freedom or respect while being assertive or masculine.

To dream of large testicles represents feelings of great confidence, courage, or assertiveness. It may indicate a positive self-image, high self-esteem, or strong belief in your abilities. You feel prepared and capable of facing challenges, taking risks, or standing up for yourself. It may also symbolize your assertiveness or dominance in certain areas of your life. Masculinity, assertiveness, or manhood that is overdone.

To dream of small testicles represents feelings of insecurity, self-doubt, or inadequacy. You may feel insufficiently confident, brave, or assertive in certain situations. It could indicate low self-esteem, fears of failure, or a reluctance to take risks. This dream might reflect a perceived lack of courage or inability to stand up for yourself when it matters.

Example: A man dreamed of having his testicles squeezed and felt he couldn't do a single thing about it while the pain only intensified. In waking life, he was experiencing heavy stress at work as a foreman for a construction company. In this case, having his testicles squeezed may have reflected his perception of having his masculinity or manhood being undermined or threatened while at work.


To dream of a test represents a challenging situation in your life. You may be having an experience that you've never had before, facing competition, or finding yourself in a situation with no guarantees. A situation may require you to demonstrate your abilities. A test could also reflect a fight, an ordeal, or a sense of pressure. A situation that you feel is testing you or placing your self-respect on the line.

To dream of failing a test represents a challenge, fight, or ordeal that you were unprepared for, gave in to, or choose to walk away from. You may not have done everything you could have to solve a problem or confront a challenge. The dream may also reflect your fear of failure.

To dream of doing well on a test represents your confidence, feelings of being ready, or that you ready to prove yourself. Feeling competent or proud of your outstanding performance in some area of your life. Negatively, performing well on a test may reflect arrogance or insensitivity towards others while you perform exceptionally at something. Preoccupation with nothing except proving yourself to be a winner at the expense of others feelings. Issues with bragging too much. No sense of humor about losing.

To dream of being late for a test represents challenges you were unprepared for or were too distracted to deal with. It may be a sign that priorities are not straight, or a lack of responsibility.

To dream of cheating on a test represents a lack of concern for ethics, honesty, or earning something on your own. It may also reflect a lack of respect for a situation that requires integrity. it may also reflect waking life situations where you are not afraid of breaking the rules if you need to. Low standards. Cutting corners.

To dream of being caught cheating on a test represents feelings of being forced to stop dishonest behavior. It may also reflect embarrassment, shame, or having done something with low standards. Being caught acting unprofessional.

To dream of having trouble finding a room the take your test in may reflect feelings about wanting to prove yourself, but not knowing how to go about it.

To dream of running out of time while taking a test may reflect a heightened sense of pressure or having an inadequate amount of time to prove yourself in a waking life situation.

To dream of having to take a test that you haven't studied for represents feelings about being unprepared to meet a waking life challenge. Confronting an unfamiliar challenge.

Example: A young man dreamed of cheating on a test. In waking life he felt he was taking a lot of shortcuts with an important challenging work project to save time that he felt was reducing quality of the work.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being nervous about taking a test. In waking life he was a lawyer about to have his first criminal trial in court.

*Please See Exams


*Please See Video Games


To dream of playing Tetris represents life situations where you are challenging yourself trying to sort out or organize your life perfectly. Feeling good proving yourself trying to get something perfect while other people don't want you to.

Tetris may also reflect lighthearted feelings about a fast paced learning situation or environment that requires you to be perfect.

Negatively, Tetris may be a sign that you feel frustrated trying to prove to yourself that you can do something perfect. It may also reflect too much "playing" with getting something perfect. Overwhelming yourself trying to make everything fit.

Example: A young man dreamed of playing Tetris and winning. In waking life he moved out of his overbearing father's house with a large amount of money and tried to start his own business. Starting the business from nothing was very challenging with many failures, but he loved it, and was experiencing a lot of success getting the many facets of his business to run perfect synchronized.


To dream of the Tetris video game represents a challenging experience where you must figure out how to make difficult tasks, responsibilities, or various elements fit into a complex situation. The feeling that life is like a puzzle, and you need to constantly organize and manage things to prevent them from "piling up" and becoming overwhelming. Your willingness to tackle problems and challenges head-on, continuously striving to make a situation work without seeking assistance or acknowledging the difficulties to others. A challenging experience where you are testing limits to see how far you can go to make a difficult situation fit. Challenging experience of having to keep proving yourself with never letting difficult problems pile up too much.

Positively, dreaming about Tetris may indicate your ability to handle complex and demanding situations, demonstrating your skill in managing and organizing tasks effectively. Determination to keep things in order and avoid letting problems accumulate.

Negatively, this dream could suggest that you may be overly focused on managing and organizing the challenges in your life to the point where it becomes overwhelming. You may feel pressured to prove yourself by constantly taking on more than you can handle, neglecting your own well-being in the process. Feeling overwhelmed by a management task or by a situation that keeps giving you a problem that you need to make fit. Feeling that life will become an "organizing death" if you don't make a situation work. Thinking that you don't need to do anything except keep making a situation work in order to be better than someone else.

Example: A young man dreamed blocks falling down like crazy 3D Tetris. In waking life, he was a camp counselor for young people. In this case, the Tetris symbolism may have reflected his feelings about the challenges of camp counselor life as he had to see how far he could make the difficulties of camp life fit with his job managing people. The fun and chaos of camp life as he makes each project work for everyone participating while new problems are always arising requiring him to challenge himself to keep up with it.

Example 2: A teenage girl dreamed of seeing a more advanced version of Tetris and not liking it. In waking life, she had considered going to school in another country. In this case, the Tetris-like game may have reflected her feelings about being challenged to think of how changing her life to go to school in another country would fit with other parts of her life.


To dream of Texas represents a free state of mind that is free and expansive, unencumbered by small or limiting ideas. A mindset that thinks big to the fullest without restrictions that's unencumbered because it's supposed to. A thinking style that likes nothing being seen as little because it's intelligent about deserving to be unencumbered. Insensitivity about not deserving to be treated like a little person encumbered by pointless restrictions. A mindset that is not willing to accept small ideas or restrictions. Wanting to use your freedom to do big things. Enjoying using your liberties to the fullest. Insensitivity about being passive or accepting a small role. Individual liberty and self-determination, and that is not willing to settle for a small or passive role in life. A desire to use your freedoms to their fullest potential, to think big and pursue your goals without fear or hesitation. You may feel a sense of pride and excitement about your ability to exercise your rights and freedoms unencumbered and to chart your own course in life. This dream may also suggest that you are not easily intimidated by others, and that you have a strong sense of self-confidence and self-worth. Nothing scaring you that there isn't room for big thinking.

Negatively, Texas in a dream may reflect freedom of unencumbered thinking that is excessive or feels scary. Free thinking that scares other people that there are no limits or compromises. Biggest freedom that is dangerous to others. Arrogantly showing off using your freedom to the limit. A possible sign that you are going overboard with your need to exercise your freedom. A stubborn ignorant attitude about complete freedom or using biggest power. Biggestness that scares you that decisions are permanent.

Example: A man dreamed of looking up at the sky that seemed to stretch all the way down to Texas. In his waking life, he was contemplating how to protest an issue that deeply offended him, and if it didn't work, he was considering taking drastic action to get his point across to those in power. The sky reaching down to Texas in his dream may have reflected his desire to utilize his freedom of expression and protest to its fullest extent unencumbered, even if it means resorting to extreme measures to make a point.

Example 2: A man dreamed of playing UNO with the Governor of Texas and Barney Stinson from the TV show "How I Met Your Mother." In his waking life, he was struggling to choose between two career options, one with a church his family owned, and the other with the government. In this case, the Governor of Texas may have reflected the man's desire for unencumbered authority and power in his career, which he felt he could achieve through the government job rather than the smaller, family-oriented church job. The dream may have symbolized his inner conflict between loyalty to his family and the desire for professional success and growth that was unencumbered.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of her husband going across the border to Texas to pick up her mother. In waking life, she had to make a serious decision about euthanizing her pet dog who was in very serious man. In this case, Texas may have reflected her emotional struggle with making a decision that felt unencumbered with being too big or permanent to handle. The expansive and unencumbered mindset of Texas could represent the weight and irreversible nature of the decision she was grappling with because euthanasia felt too serious with being permissible.

Text Messages

To dream of text messages represents unspoken communication of ideas or intentions. Telling someone what you're thinking without actually telling them. Text messages may reflect body language, tone of voice, or an unspoken gesture.

To dream about sexting or sexual text messages represents unspoken communication of ideas or intentions about pleasure. It may also reflect your unspoken wish to have sex with someone through gestures or body language.

Example: A girl dreamed of her sister text messaging a boy she liked. In real life she was insecure about the boy she liked liking her sister more after she introduced them. The sister text messaging the boy she liked reflected her anxieties about the unspoken body language or rapport she feared between them.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of checking text messages on her cellphone. In waking life she was flirting with men at work and making gestures to signal interest.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of sending her boyfriend a text message. In waking life she had decided to breakup with him and signal this to him by no longer calling him.


To dream of textbooks represents all known knowledge or experience about a subject or issue. Everything you already know about an issue or problem that can be applied to a current life situation. Learned methods, ideas, or approaches to dealing with problems.

It may also symbolizes access to good advice, past experience that can be applied, or all the answers or resources available to solve a problem.

Alternatively, a textbook may symbolize insight or something that motivates you to solve a problem or improve yourself.

To dream of returning or no longer needing a textbook symbolizes information and experience that no longer applies, or has no value to your current life situation.

To dream of a math textbook symbolizes all known knowledge or experience about an unforgiving subject or issue. Everything you already know about an issue or problem that requires total dedication or perfect behavior to solve. A math textbook may also symbolize insight or something that motivates you to solve your problems or improve yourself.


To dream of Thailand represents feelings of being immersed in a mindset that believes in itself without pressure that's conservative about anything being left behind or overlooked. Experiencing a situation that fosters pressure-free independence while being intolerant of anything left behind that's not accepting the need to keep up. A social atmosphere with an attitude that is conservative about not teaching anyone a lesson unless it's forced to because something is overlooked or left behind. Feelings about being surrounded by people in a situation that is easier without pressure as long as you are conservative about not leaving someone behind or failing to keep up. Flexibility that is conservative about not overlooking being lazy.

Negatively, dreaming about Thailand represents feelings about a mindset that overdoes believing in itself without pressure that's conservative about anything being left behind or overlooked. A repeat situation of no pressure that turns into a disaster because people attack you for not keeping up on your own. Being surrounded by people who frustrate you with expecting no pressure about anything happening who might get back at you if you don't want to keep up on your own. Struggling to find a harmonious balance where independence is celebrated without neglecting the responsibilities or the need to keep up with personal and communal obligations.

Example: A woman dreamed of staying in China, but having a bag of rice from Thailand spilled on her bed. In waking life, she had a boyfriend who was a recovering sex addict. In this case, the rice being from Thailand instead of China may have reflected her conflicting feelings about managing her boyfriend's sex addiction. The Chinese rice may have reflected a more conservative approach about not overlooking a mistake with risking worsening the sex addiction by having sex at all. The Thai rice may have reflected an approach to her boyfriend's sex addiction that had less pressure to be perfect, but insensitive about her boyfriend listening to the importance of controlling himself on his own.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of a man she had a crush on becoming her boyfriend. He then took a flight to Thailand and texted her when he arrived. In waking life, she was in love with a man but had no official commitment with him. He was simply on her mind a lot. In this case, Thailand may have reflected her feelings about the mindset she was experiencing with her crush, where both of them felt no pressure to be serious about being in a relationship while being serious about keeping up their flirtatious communication just in case a potential relationship was overlooked. The dream may have been hinting at the need for someone in the friendship to take it to the next level by asking the other person on a date.


To dream of Thanksgiving represents feelings about a situation where you are experiencing gratitude, harmony, and familial bonds that overlook problems or conflict in order to make it work. Thoughts about the importance of maintaining unity, smoothing over disagreements, and valuing shared happiness above personal differences. Compromise, acceptance, and choosing peace over conflict. Togetherness that intentionally avoids arguing or discussing differences in order to make a familial situation work out. A situation where you are intentionally not bringing up a negative past or personal problems in order to experience civility between people.

Negatively, dreaming about Thanksgiving may reflect feelings of forced politeness or the suppression of true feelings to maintain an artificial harmony. It might symbolize discomfort, pretense, or the pressure to maintain a facade of happiness despite underlying tension, disagreements, or resentment. You might feel obligated to put on a show of togetherness for the sake of family unity while glossing over unresolved issues or personal problems. You may feel a sense of unfairness in having to withhold genuine emotions or hold back the truth for the sake of others' comfort or happiness. Putting on a show about liking someone when you should probably just move on.

Alternatively, dreaming about Thanksgiving may reflect your feelings about actual family gatherings or social occasions, particularly if they are characterized by mixed emotions, tension, or unwanted obligations. Your dislike of family gatherings or social occasions.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her husband at a Thanksgiving/Christmas type dinner in a green suit and they hugged. In waking life, she was considering leaving her husband even though she still loved him. In this case, the Thanksgiving feeling may have reflected her feelings about respecting her husband enough to keep quiet to avoid a fight during a family moment.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed that it was Thanksgiving and her ex-boyfriend knocked on her door. She didn't want to talk to him but thought of him as her guest. In waking life, she bought her ex-boyfriend gifts and mailed them to him while believing it was a stupid idea afterward because it made her look like a clingy ex-girlfriend. Even though they are not together, she wanted to cheer him up. In this case, Thanksgiving may have reflected her feelings about the experience of buying her ex-boyfriend a gift after they broke up being inappropriate with gratitude, harmony, and familial bonds since they are not together anymore. She may have been overly concerned with feeling good about not thinking of her past, sharing a gift, and taking care of her ex.

The Legend Of Zelda

*Please See Video Games

The White House

To dream of The White House represents a perspective on a situation that has total authority, power, and control over decision-making of a free state of mind. A state of mind that feels free from constraints and able to lead, dictate terms, and think freely with free will. A desire for personal freedom, autonomy, or the pursuit of your own goals without limitations. The freedom to implement ideas and the authority to influence broader strategies. The ability to exercise control over your life or make decisions with clarity and confidence. Confidence in not having to think about a single thing that you don't want to. Feelings about being in control of yourself while being in control of what you think as well.

Negatively, dreaming about The White House may represent feelings of not being a total authority over your own thoughts or decisions. Scenarios where you doubt your free will over personal, professional, or social circumstances, reflecting an internalized struggle with self-esteem or assertiveness. Frustration or insecurity stemming from the realization that you are not the ultimate authority on your mental narrative or that external factors, doubts, or other influences are imposing upon your decision-making power. Anxiety about losing the 'commanding lead' over your own life direction or principles.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing The White House off in the distance. In waking life, he was close to getting a big promotion at work. In this case, The White House may have reflected the man's anticipation of the increased authority, autonomy, and decision-making power he would obtain in his job.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing the front of The White House blocked off by a big black iron fence with a red stripe across it. In waking life, he was experiencing the most powerful hallucinations of his life which prevented him from leaving the house or living his life normally in any way at all. In this case, The White House may have reflected the man's recognition of a significant barrier to his personal freedom, control, and autonomy due to his debilitating hallucinations. The White House, a symbol of control and authority, being blocked off by a big black iron fence with a red stripe, might represent the perceived insurmountable obstacles in his mental state, hindering his ability to exercise control over his life or make decisions with clarity and confidence.

Example 3: A man dreamed of standing outside The White House and then experiencing UFO spaceships landing to pick up all his family, except his father. In waking life, he was experiencing strange visions along with witnessing repeating number patterns everywhere he went. In this case, The White House may have reflected his feelings about himself initially having total control over his mind as a rational free thinker, while the UFOs symbolize a challenge to this perspective due to all his strange visions.


*Please See Movie Theatre

*Please See Broadway Show

*Please See Opera


*Please See Stealing

Theme Park

*Please See Amusement Park


To dream of a therapist represents an aspect of your personality that notices a problem with how you are thinking. You or someone else that is seeing that there is something wrong with your thinking style or habits. The realization that you are not thinking clearly.

Example: A woman dreamed of speaking to a therapist. In waking life she was having trouble deciding whether or not to leave her boyfriend. The therapist reflected her view of herself not being rational for staying with her boyfriend when she is not happy with him at all.


To dream of therapy represents thoughts of understanding why you might need to think different. Thinking that nothing is resolved until you've absolutely figured out why it's safe or normal to think they way you do. Thinking something is wrong with the way you think and trying to improve it. Self-reflection about the manner in which you think of something not being good for you anymore. Feeling good that nothing ruins you to think an issue over or talk an issue over with someone. Feeling that it's not safe to believe in yourself the way you do.

Alternatively, dreaming about therapy may reflect your thoughts about therapy you are attending in waking life.

Example: A man dreamed of sitting in a therapists office and the therapist embarrassing him with why his acceptance of people was a disorder when he thought it was normal. In waking life he was repeatedly experiencing himself reconsidering how rational it was to respect people automatically who had so far been selfish and never proven they respect him first.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being in a group therapy session inside an insane asylum and becoming agitated wanting to keep leaving for the waiting room. In waking life his youngest boy was attending therapy for PTSD while he was also suffering from depression and PTSD. In this case the group therapy session he wanted to leave may have reflected his feelings about therapy for his son not being interesting or not working to fix the family.


To dream of a thermometer represents your feelings about how positive or negative a situation is. An emotional gauge as to how good or bad something is. Attempting to feel how good or bad a choice you are considering is. Gauging or determining people's emotional state. Determining whether or not conditions are right for your ideas or goals.

Heat reflects negativity or the degree of emotional danger a situation holds. Cold reflects positivity or the degree of emotional safety a situation holds. Cold temperatures may also reflect how insensitive people, situations, or choices feel.

Alternatively, a thermometer may also symbolize a barometer of your mood.

Example: A woman dreamed of a baby thermometer. In waking life she was trying to determine whether or not it was a good idea to keep her baby once she learned of her conception.


To dream of a thermos represents feelings about preserving warmth, energy, or a particular state of affairs. The intention to preserve and maintain certain emotions, hope, or a situation. Getting through a difficult situation without having to lose how it feels. The effort to ensure that something emotionally warm or satisfying remains unchanged. The desire to maintain the status quo, keeping emotions in check, or the need to conserve resources for future use.

Positively, dreaming about a thermos might symbolize resourcefulness, preparedness, or a sense of assurance that you have something secured for future needs. It may reflect a conscious choice to save up or to keep certain emotions, ideas, or resources stored and ready when needed. This could also be indicative of your ability to maintain a calm or stable state of mind amidst turbulence.

Negatively, dreaming about a thermos could represent feelings of holding back, being unable to express oneself fully, or the fear of depletion. It might symbolize apprehensions about change, a reluctance to let go of control, or anxieties about potential scarcity. Being overly cautious about using your resources due to fear of running out.


To dream of a thermostat represents emotional consistency. Control over a situation so that it always feels the way you want it. Setting requirements or limits that are to your liking with other people. You may be very concerned that a something is always "just right." Negatively, a thermostat may symbolize a wish to keep someone else feeling bad all the time.

Turning a thermostat off may be a sign that you are concerned about going overboard or pushing someone too far.

Alternatively, a thermostat may reflect control over emotions or emotional boundaries. You may be setting limits on how much of something you are willing to put up with. How comfortable you are willing to be with a situation.

Example: A young girl dreamed of overhearing someone threatening to put the thermostat on full and lock her in a room. In waking life she left the church and feared that fellow attendees would choose to give her a cold shoulder for her decision. The thermostat being kept on high reflected the feeling that other people would choose to keep her feeling bad all the time about her choice.


To dream of a thief represents feelings about people or a situation that is obvious about how dishonest it is. Feeling that someone can't be trusted to respect rules. Intentional deception. Intelligent or sophisticated deception. Feelings about others never being trusted to be honest again. Conceited attempts to go behind your back in a dishonest way. Feelings about someone being hopelessly dishonest and impossible to change. Suspicions that someone can't be trusted to repay you. Feeling that you have been dishonestly taken advantage of. Flagrant and consistent disrespect.

A thief may reflect feelings about yourself having been dishonest in a way that is obvious and undeniable. An aspect of your own personality that clearly and intentionally had no respect for rules. Feelings about yourself being unable to deny your dishonesty or change your dishonest behavior. Your ego that will allow dishonest behavior in order to avoid consequences that you don't deserve to avoid. Repeatedly putting your own needs before others with no considerations for the harm it may cause.

Alternatively, you may feel other people have used you or stole your ideas. Feeling that you can't enjoy what you've earned.

Example: A woman dreamed of trying to convinces thieves to give something back that that they had stolen from someone. In waking life she was trying to convince her boyfriend of his wrong doing. The thieves may have reflected her feelings that her boyfriend's dishonest behavior was intentionally and very likely impossible to reverse.

Example 2: A man dreamed of feeling that thieves might be close to him. In waking life he was starting to become suspicious that a friend was never going to repay money that had been borrowed.

*Please See Criminal

*Please See Mugging


To dream of a thigh represents stamina, motivation, and the ability to endure. Your ability to perform and get things done.

To dream of admiring your thigh represents satisfaction with your performance or stamina.

To dream of muscular thighs reflects you or some aspect of yourself that has staying power.

To dream of small feminine thighs represents acceptance of limitations. It may also reflect you or an area of your life that is advertising itself to be less powerful than someone else.

Example: A woman dreamed of having saggy skin on her thighs and feeling embarrassed when she tried to pull the skin tighter. In waking life she felt humiliated at work by her boss who kept removing benefits from her pay and making her feel like a loser who was too old and pathetic to compete hard in the workplace anymore.


To dream of a thimble represents something in your life that you want to always stay the same. Things you are doing that you never want to change or stop doing. Habits, desires, goals that you don't want to change.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing thimbles on a shelf. In real life he was preparing to leave prison and was planning to continue working on a book that he started while in prison. The thimbles represent his wish to never change his work on the book.


To dream of a person or thing that is too thin represents a lack of strength and integrity. You or some aspect of your personality is ineffective or unable to stand up for yourself.

In a positive context dreaming of being thin may symbolize better choices you are making, more success you are experiencing, or more confidence you are feeling. Feeling powerful or deserving in some area of your waking life.

Third Eye

To dream of the third eye represents intuitive actualization. Your beliefs, fears, desires, or something you are thinking about is becoming reality. The third eye can be both good or bad as it can reflect the realization of both positive or negative thinking patterns.

Seeing the third eye of another person may represent choices or thinking patterns that are coming to life based on your most honest feelings or memories of that person.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing President George W. Bush with a third eye. His most honest view of George W. Bush was that he was the worst decision maker ever. In waking life the man was noticing his boss intuitively making horrible decisions all the time to the point of bankrupting the company. It was as though his boss couldn't make a good decision even if he wanted to.

*Please See Eyes


To dream of being thirsty represents an unmet need. There is an emotional void in your life. It may also be a sign that you feel neglected or can't catch to get a break. You may be seeking for some inspiration, motivation or just an extra push. Being thirsty may also be a sign that you desire rejuvenation in some way.

Negatively, thirst in a dream may reflect desperation, impatience, and overeagerness. Desperation for attention. Desperation for instant results or change. Neediness. Needing money to pay bills.

Positively, thirst in a dream may reflect am eagerness to learn or have new experiences. Receptiveness to new ideas, change, or healing.


To dream of a seeing a thong on someone else represents something in your life that is revealing itself to you. Opportunities, new situations, or insights are presenting themselves.

To dream of wearing a thong represents your own interest in revealing yourself, opening up, or taking part in something.

Alternatively, it may also reflect sexual interest.

*Please See G-String

*Please See Speedo


To dream of thorns represents pain or suffering for something you care about. Sacrificing for love or "positivity." Hurting yourself for a good cause or something more important than yourself.

Thorns may also reflect defenses that are being put up to defend righteousness, love, or something beautiful.

A symbol for martyring yourself. Painful burdens. A painful sacrifice of happiness. Repeated distress. Feeling that something is dangerous to get involved with or access. Suffering endured to maintain a dangerous opinion or position in life.

*Please See Roses


To dream of a thread of string represents feelings about a single connecting issue. Feelings about one sensitive thing in your life being able to help you. Optimism about a single opportunity available to you. Feelings about having a small amount of hope or luck that barely carries you through problems.

Negatively, a thread of string may reflect anxiety or frustrations about a one single remaining problem. A single flaw that embarrasses you. Anxiety about not being perfect enough. Desperation with a last weak opportunity. Feelings about something being pathetic.

To dream of a silver thread may reflect feelings about being unusually lucky to keep getting small chances or help that spares you. Repeating luck that allows you to hold on. Negatively, it may reflect feelings about how unlucky you feel that one flaw or small petty issue could be so devastating to your life.

To dream of a loose thread on your clothing represents annoyance or frustrations with yourself not being able to be as perfect as you like to be. Flaws with the potential to become worse. Heightened sensitivity about perfect appearances.

To dream of cutting a loose thread off clothing represents a mindset that doesn't want to waste time focusing on flaws or losing. Being unconcerned with flaws.

Example: A young girl dreamed of being strangled by a thread. In waking life she felt desperate to have friends and believed that due to difficult life circumstances she was close to losing all her friends if she wasn't careful.


To dream of feeling threatened represents feelings of danger with being involved in a situation. Fear or anxiety with situations you feel are dangerous. Fear or anxiety that a problem will get out of control. Expecting the worst in a situation. Fearing a backlash. Anxiety about provoking a problem or person. Fear of not being able to maintain control over a dangerous problem or troubling person. Concerns about confronting a problem that is unsympathetic to your feels or goals. Confrontational situations. Fears of escalated conflict. Fear of consequences, the fear of negative outcomes, or the fear of potential for an unwanted outcome to occur. Fearing loss or humiliation. Fearing situations that are unpredictable. Fearing making a mistake. Fearing a backlash or retaliation. Feeling the potential that your worst fears could become a reality.

To dream of being threatened by a snake may reflect a fear of making a mistake that could cause you complete failure, loss, or embarrassment.

To dream of feeling threatened by police may reflect a fear of consequences for not maintaining disciplined behavior. Fearing getting into trouble or that an authority figure will take action against you.

Feelings of being threatened in a dream may also reflect issues with trauma or unconfronted fear. A history of abuse you have not confronted. Anxiety or fear about something unpredictable.

Example: A man dreamed of being threatened with having to move. In waking life he was very ill and was afraid of having to change hospitals.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of feeling threatened in a very dangerous fight. In waking life she felt threatened by her fiance's mother when in an argument with her. The threatening feelings may have reflected her feelings of fear of making a mistake saying something stupid around her mother-in--law.

Example 3: A man dreamed of having threatening arguments with his neighbor. In waking life has concerned about a disagreement with his neighbor escalating.

Example 4: A man dreamed of a threatening wolf. In waking life he was falsely accused on something and feared consequences.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of feeling threatened by aliens. In waking life she was scared of of meeting half-siblings that she had never met. She feared a negative reaction from the family if she tried to visit their home. The threatening alien may have reflected her feelings about how scary and unusual meeting her half-siblings for the very first time would feel.


*Please See 3

Threesome / Three Way Sex

To dream of having a threesome represents multiple aspects of your life that you are coming together for a really enjoyable experience.

Example: A young man dreamed of having three-way sex with a fellow student and his girlfriend. In waking life he was enjoying showing off his musical talents to his girlfriend that he got while practicing with his fellow female student.

Thrift Store

To dream of a thrift store represents feelings about decision-making or options that consider the value of being frugal, resourceful, or appreciating what others may discard. Thoughts about the importance of conservation, frugality, or making the most of what you have. Your ability to find value in the old or overlooked, and your creativity in reusing or repurposing what is available to you. Taking advantage of people or options that are unwanted by other people. Using a discarded or unloved area of your life to benefit yourself. Exploiting something that nobody else wants to help yourself. Needing or wanting to make do with what's available. Recognizing the value in something that others may overlook or discard.

Negatively, dreaming about a thrift store represents feelings of being limited by your current resources or circumstances. Perhaps you feel constrained by your financial situation. Resourcefulness or frugality that uses people who are unimportant or overlooked by society (e.g. elderly).

Example: A man dreamed of stealing from a thrift store. In waking life, he asked his very elderly and lonely grandfather for money when his family told him not to. In this case, stealing from the thrift store may have reflected feelings about exploiting" his grandfather's loneliness and vulnerability for his own financial gain, akin to taking advantage of something unwanted or discarded by others.


To dream of your throat in your dream represents expression or the ability to communicate your thoughts and ideas openly.

Being choked would symbolize a person or situation that is preventing you from expressing yourself freely and openly. You can't speak freely or define yourself in the presence of others.

Example: A woman dreamed of being choked on a bed. In real life she had a husband that didn't allow her to make any choices.

*Please See Choking


To dream of a throne represents you or some aspect of your personality that is comfortable, or at ease with power, or the ability to control decisions.

To dream of Satan in a throne represents very powerful negative thoughts such as strong fears, desires, or guilt that are totally controlling your life.


To dream of throwing something away from yourself represents your desire to rid yourself of certain emotions, situations, or responsibilities. A sense of frustration, abandonment, or rejection of an idea. Deliberate avoidance.

Negatively, dreaming about throwing something away from yourself could represent rash decisions, a lack of control, or a failure to take into account the consequences of your actions. A feeling of desperation, as you try to 'throw' away problems, emotions, or responsibilities without properly dealing with them. Recklessness or a tendency to act without thinking.

To dream of throwing something on the ground represents feelings of disdain, rejection, or dismissal towards a particular idea, emotion, or situation. You may be symbolically "casting away" something that you find bothersome, irrelevant, or no longer valuable to your life.

Negatively, dreaming about throwing something on the ground represents disrespect, wastefulness, or a lack of appreciation for what you have. It might also indicate a hasty decision to discard something without fully understanding its value or significance, potentially leading to regret later on.

To dream of something being thrown at you represents feelings of being targeted, attacked, or singled out in some way. This could symbolize emotional confrontations, criticisms, disrespect from others, or the projection of other people's issues onto you. You might feel under pressure to react or respond to situations.

Positively, having something thrown at you could signify a challenge or opportunity that is directed toward you, inviting your attention and action. It may also indicate a wake-up call, forcing you to address an issue you've been avoiding.

Negatively, this dream could indicate feelings of vulnerability, unpreparedness, or being unfairly blamed or criticized. It may symbolize unexpected obstacles or difficulties thrown your way, which you feel forced to confront.

To dream of throwing something at a person represents your emotional or intellectual attempt to make an impact, get your point across, or influence someone's opinion or actions. A proactive approach to confront issues head-on, with the expectation that the targeted person will respond positively.

Negatively, dreaming of throwing something at a person could symbolize feelings of aggression, resentment, or a desire to harm, either physically or emotionally. It can suggest a lack of control over your emotions and a failure to approach conflicts or disagreements in a mature manner. This may also indicate that you are forcibly pushing your views or feelings onto others, which could lead to misunderstandings or conflicts.

To dream of catching something thrown at you represents your ability to successfully receive, process, or respond to messages, ideas, emotions, opportunities, or challenges directed toward you. A readiness to deal with issues head-on or a preparedness for whatever life throws your way. Feelings of being in control. Your ability to effectively handle emotional or social situations.

Example: A man dreamed of a microphone being thrown on the ground. In waking life, he felt a strong need to discuss God's will with his family because he felt nobody else was. In this case, the microphone being thrown on the ground may have reflected his feelings about the deliberate avoidance of a meaningful conversation about faith within his family.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of trying to stop a man from throwing a baby over the side of an ocean liner. In waking life, she was taking her time contemplating a career change while being in the middle of a lawsuit. In this case, trying to stop a man from throwing a baby over the side of an oceanliner may have reflected her concerns about rash decisions or actions taken by the person she is in a lawsuit with. It could signify her fear that the other party might do something drastic or damaging to get rid of something important that would affect her future.

*Please See Stones


To dream of a thugs represents feelings about people or situations in your life that feel intentionally confrontational. Feelings about people or situations being intentionally difficult or mean. Feeling intimidated into needing to change your ways when you are being honest. People or situations that feel arrogantly opposed to you without good reason. An ignorant bossy person. An ignorant threatening person or situation. Confrontation with an ignorant problem.

Negatively, thugs in a dream may reflect your own arrogant attempt to be confrontational, mean, or difficult towards someone honest. Using intimidation to push someone honest or weaker than you around. Intimidating someone honest into changing their ways because you don't like it. Feeling good being difficult or mean to someone.

Example: A woman dreamed of thugs blocking her as she tried to get inside a taxi, but she was able to get away from them and drive away in the taxi. In waking life she felt life was intentionally giving her complications before a plane trip. She feared that the complications would make her miss her flight and that her attempts to avoid the flight complication kept bringing up new complications.

Thumb Wrestling

To dream of thumb wrestling represents an attempt to assert power in a non-threatening manner. Alternatively, you may struggling to maintain total control over a situation or trying to prove to someone else that your way is better.


To dream of a thumb represents your ability to get a grip on things or keep a situation staying the way you want it. Your ability to keep stability and control in a situation or relationship. A thumb reflects a wish to keep something the same. Management ability or your ability to keep a situation stable.

To dream that you have no thumb represents feelings that you lack the ability to keep something exactly the way you want it. You may be experiencing changes that are beyond your ability to control.

To dream of having an abnormally large thumb represents a heightened sense of control or success. You may feel better capable of controlling a situation than others.

To dream of giving a thumbs up represents approval and that you are "okay" to proceed. Giving a thumbs down reflects disapproval.

Example: A woman dreamed that she was going to have her thumb amputated. In real life she was proposed to and because of a past failed marriage she felt her relationship was going to change in ways she didn't like. Having to amputate the thumb in the dream reflects her feeling that she may forever lose her "grip" on the current state of her relationship because of the changes proposal would have on the relationship making it more serious.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of her being all thumbs as she held a rotting vegetable in her garden. In waking life she was feeling that she was in inadequate mother who was only capable of managing her child and not helping her child.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of worms coming out of her thumbs. In waking life he was experiencing a lot of anxiety about being able to provide for her children and feared losing them and her husband. The worms coming out of her thumb may have reflected her uncomfortable feelings about being unable to effectively keep her family life stable of and under control.


To dream of thumbtacks represents feelings about ideas, thoughts, or memories that you want to keep in mind for the time being. Feelings about overlooked aspects or responsibilities in a situation that need attention. Feelings of importance that a situation stay the way it is for the time being. Effort to keep a situation the way it is, to make something stand out, to fix a reminder, or to hold something in place because it's difficult to explain any other way. Your need to remember something crucial or your determination not to lose sight of a particular aspect of a situation. Organization, clarity, or focus. You are taking it upon yourself to handle overlooked aspects of a situation. Creative ways of keeping everything in place and within sight.

Negatively, dreaming about thumbtacks could represent feelings of being forced to focus on something you'd rather forget or ignore. You may feel burdened by reminders of past failures, regrets, or unpleasant memories. A fear of forgetting something important, signifying anxiety, stress, or an overwhelming sense of responsibility.

Example: A woman dreamed of books with bookmarks in them that had thumbtacks used on the bookmark strings to hang the books off a balcony. In waking life, she was trying to organize a local dream group for discussing dreams. In this case, the thumbtacks may have reflected her need to keep track of multiple responsibilities while setting up the group, making sure that no detail was overlooked. Her use of thumbtacks on the bookmark strings could symbolize her effort to maintain and organize her resources and knowledge about dreams, ensuring they were easily accessible and prominent. Additionally, it could represent her determination to hold onto the essence of the dream group concept despite any logistical challenges or obstacles she encountered. The thumbtacks, in this case, signify her commitment to her project and her creative ways of keeping everything in place and within sight.

*Please See Office Pins


To dream of thunder represents feelings associated with power, sudden awareness, or realization. Thunder may symbolize an emotional outburst, unexpected change, or the release of tension or strong feelings. This dream could reflect your internal response to external forces, situations, or emotions that feel overpoweringly significant or unavoidable. An eruption of anger, danger, or violence. Sensing a powerful burst of aggression. You may be experiencing someone in your waking life discovering something that angers them. Angry parents or bosses yelling. The awareness of the moment a situation dangerously became worse as though God or an authority figure got angry.

Alternatively, thunder may reflect your own temper as you stand up for yourself or discover something that angers you. Losing your temper because someone has crossed a line.

Example: A woman had recurring dreams of hearing thunder. In waking life, she was having issues grieving over her deceased grandmother who had a very unpleasant death with lots of agony, screaming, and pain. In this case, the thunder may have reflected her feeling about the power, sudden awareness, and realization about how final and serious her grandmother's death was at the moment of her death.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a feeling that a thunderstorm was coming. In waking life, she was unhappy with her boyfriend and was planning to break up with him. In this case, the thunderstorm may have reflected her anticipation of an emotional outburst or confrontation that would result from breaking up with her boyfriend.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of experiencing a terrible thunderstorm. In waking life, she was very worried about her finances and feared not getting out of debt. In this case, the thunderstorm may have reflected her fears that the situation could suddenly worsen, potentially leading to a financial disaster or personal ruin.


To dream of a thunderstorm represents feelings of turmoil, upheaval, or emotional intensity in your waking life about a situation that is noticeably turbulent and has the potential for conflict. Feelings about a situation getting worse due to intense feelings of anger, frustration, fear, or anxiety that are difficult to control or predict. Your inner state of turmoil over a situation or relationship that feels volatile or unstable. A situation where people are so angry that they fight about it all the time. Repressed emotions or unresolved conflicts being addressed. Feelings about other people being angry that won't stop until everything is out in the open or exhausted. Hearing news about angry people getting back at other people. The announcement of news that might indicate serious conflict is coming. Warnings or premonitions of upcoming challenges or changes. A warning sign to prepare for significant life changes or challenges ahead. A release of pent-up or suppressed emotions. Feelings of powerlessness in the face of life's uncontrollable events or circumstances, highlighting the dreamer's struggles with accepting things they cannot change.

Positively, dreaming about a thunderstorm may represent a period of emotional or psychological cleansing that will ultimately lead to a fresh start or clearer perspective.

Negatively, dreaming of a thunderstorm could represent feelings of conflict, tension, or disagreement in your waking life that feels threatening or insurmountable. Fear, anxiety, or vulnerability in the face of change or adversity. A chaotic or tumultuous situation in your life where you feel overwhelmed or out of control. Potential conflicts or disruptions in your waking life, signaling the need to prepare or brace yourself for challenges ahead.

Example: A young woman dreamed of a terrible thunderstorm with rain and dark skies. She was fishing near a lake when the fishing line almost pulled her into the water. In waking life, she was very worried about financial debts and feared never getting out of the debt. In this case, the thunderstorm may have reflected the chaos and instability she felt due to her financial troubles.

*Please See Storm


To dream of Thursday represents feelings about a moment in time being focused mostly of getting work or problems over-with. Frustration that you can' do anything except hope that problem will be dealt with properly. Hoping for the best during a hopeless situation. Preoccupation with just getting a difficult or stressful situation over-with without being concerned with quality. A professional attitude about being patient.


To dream of a tiara represents a mindset or attitude that feels more perfect, beautiful, or special than other people. You or someone that feels they have impressive passive power.

Negatively, may reflect an attitude that is spoiled, vain, or arrogantly thinking it's too impressive to "get it's hands dirty."

*Please See Princess

Tick Tock

To dream of hearing a tick tock sound represents feelings about a situation where every moment counts.

Negatively, dreaming about hearing a tick tock sound may reflect feelings about problem, crisis, or conflict being close at hand. Feeling that something bad could happen at any moment. Fearing that someone could get angry or violent at any moment.

Example: A young boy dreamed of hearing a tick tock sound knowing it was related to a bomb that was about to go off. In waking life he was experiencing his father being very abusive towards his mother and felt that his father could lose his temper at any moment.


To see a ticket in your dream represents a means of admission to a new experience or goal. An opportunity to experience something or the start of a new endeavor. A ticket may also reflect the price you need to pay to attain your goals. Choices you have to make or resources you need to have in order to do something.

Consider the type of ticket. A bus ticket may represent choices that lead you towards unpleasant experiences or transitions. A train ticket may represent choices or resources that help you begin moving towards a long term goal. A movie ticket may represent choices or resources that enable you to experience something you think is important or interesting.


To dream of being tickled represents an aspect of yourself that is encouraging you to stop caring, worrying, or being serious. Being persuaded that an issue isn't a big deal or to lighten up. A sign that you might be too serious about something. Tickling may also reflect a person or situation that is trying to cheer you up or make you more confident.

To dream that you are tickling someone else represents your attempt to make someone else lighten up or be more confident. Showing someone that a problem isn't a big deal.


To dream of ticks represents an annoyance in your life that forces you to be extra careful. An exhausting need to stay perfect or appear perfect to others. Never getting to enjoy yourself because you are too concerned with being cautious of a mistake. Always feeling on the edge. Annoyances that you are experiencing after first believing you were completely finished something. Frustrations that nothing you is good enough.

Negatively, ticks in a dream may reflect frustrations with never being as perfect as you want to be. Recurring annoyance with afterthoughts that you weren't perfectly compliant with a procedure as you wanted to be. Excessive religious devotion that makes you feels bad that you weren't perfect.

Ticks coming out of a mouth may be symbolic of constant nagging or criticism that prevents you from relaxing.

Example: A girl dreamed of ticks that she couldn't get off her no matter how hard she tried. In real life she was having a difficult time being accepted by her boyfriend's mother who made her feel as though nothing she did was ever right.

Example 2: A man dreamed of ticks coming into his house and the more he killed them the faster they came in. In waking life he was having serious marital problems. The ticks reflected his inability to please his wife and his constant feeling of being on guard from angering her again.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of having ticks on her shirt collar. In waking life she was a professional who helped people recover from alcohol and drug addiction while also having to feel annoyed by her son who was getting involved with alcohol. She felt embarrassed as a professional who had a son risking becoming an alcoholic. She felt annoyed that even with all her experience she still had to be extra cautious about her own son risking being an alcoholic.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of holding an alligator with ticks on it. In waking life she was threatening her husband with fearing God's rath because he had cheated on her. She felt annoyed with herself for not praying with perfect religious procedure to ensure God's power would work. The ticks in the dream may have been a sign that she was aware of herself frustrating herself with not perfectly following religious policies while threatening her husband with God's rath.

Tidal Waves

To dream of a tidal wave represents problematic life situations or uncertainty that threatens to overwhelm you emotionally. You may be experiencing a high degree of stress or emotional drama. You may also feel swamped by unfamiliar situations, obstacles, or unwanted changes. You may be struggling with a rough situation such as a divorce, illness, financial loss, or unexpected change. Huge forces of change or unstoppable events. Feeling unable to cope or that you are going to be "swept away" by a big change.

Negatively, a tidal wave may reflect a tendency to jump to conclusions about a potential change being too big to handle. Jumping to conclusions about situations that feel serious because you are not informed enough.

A tidal wave may reflect the threat of emotional devastation due to unexpected or unwanted events. A sign that you need to stick it out. You have little to gain by denying the problem.

To dream of surfing a tidal wave represents your attempts to do everything possible to stay on top of a problem or use a very negative situation to your advantage.

Example: A woman had recurring nightmares about being inundated by tidal waves. In waking life she was fearing that her marriage was in danger after becoming aware of her husband cheating on her. The tidal waves may have reflected her fear of being overwhelmed by uncertainty or problems if she discussed the cheating with her husband.

Example 2: A very young girl dreamed of a tidal wave. In waking life she was shocked to find out that her father had filed for divorce from her mother. The tidal wave may have reflected her feelings about the overwhelming changes that were effecting her family.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of a Tidal wave sweeping through Africa. In waking life her Uncle who was a convicted criminal had died. He had lots of criminal friends at the funeral. The tidal wave sweeping through Africa may have reflected her feelings about her criminal uncle's death having an overpowering emotional effect on his dysfunctional friends.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of a tidal wave. In waking life she was very happy with her boyfriend until an unexpected argument came up putting the relationship in jeopardy.

Example 5: A man dreamed of experiencing a tidal wave coming towards him. In waking life he was experiencing his arthritis getting seriously out of control.

Example 6: A man dreamed that he saw a tidal wave. In waking life he was experiencing supervisors at work in a serious work related argument that he felt may result in dramatic changes or massive employee firings.

Example 7: A woman dreamed of being on the beach and hopping over repeating tidal waves. In waking life she was having problems with her husband believing the relationship to be over. In this case the repeating tidal waves may have reflected her feelings about repeating uncertainty of fights with her husband that she needed to avoid.


To dream of a rising tide represents feelings about a dangerous, risky, or uncertain situation becoming noticeably more serious. A growing problem. The potential for a serious emotional situation to get worse. Feelings about yourself trying to determine how to handle a growing problem. Feeling that a problem is starting to matter.

To dream of high tide represents feelings about a higher level of risk, uncertainty, or danger than you are comfortable with. A problem has grown. A high energy problem. Feeling that someone might get angry soon. A highly emotional situation getting worse. Feeling that someone might be too angry to speak to. A problem that is too dangerous to deal with. High risk of embarrassment to confront a serious problem in the current moment. Evidence of a situation becoming more serious is starting to be revealed in your life.

To dream of low tide represents feelings about low level of risk, uncertainty, or danger. An uncertain situation that you may feel is not exceedingly dangerous yet. A problem that is not as serious as it could be. A low energy problem. Feeling that a problem may be safe enough to deal with. Low risk og embarrassment to confront a serious problem in the current moment.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing the hig tide coming into shore. In waking life he was beginning to get worried about his church as it was recently discovered that because of a lower year of donations that his church was now having money problems. The tide in this case my have reflected his feelings of emotional danger as the church'es finances got worse.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of experiencing a rising ride around an ocean while she was carrying vacuum cleaner. In waking life her tension was growing worse as her nieces wedding day got closer which she was very involved in. The rising tide in this case may have reflected her feelings about worsen tension about potential problems developing with the wedding planning as her niece's wedding day got closer.


To dream of being tidy represents feelings about choosing to be orderly, organized, clarify issues, or simplify aspects of your life. Choosing to be safe, efficient, and responsible with how you live your life. Seeking clarity and focus amidst chaos or confusion. Your efforts to improve your life by removing distractions, resolving unfinished business, or setting things in order to create a more functional and harmonious situation.

Positively, dreaming about tidying may represent a sense of control, accomplishment, or productivity as you take steps to improve a situation or life. A proactive approach to dealing with your problems or a period of self-improvement. A conscious choice to focus on what's important, streamline your life, or enhance your well-being through organization and cleanliness. A desire for a fresh start, the removal of outdated beliefs or habits, and the establishment of new, healthier routines.

Negatively, dreaming of being tidy may reflect feelings of being uptight about a situation needing to be organized, safe, and orderly. Feelings of being overwhelmed by chaos or disorganization in your waking life. Feelings of being overwhelmed by other people's disorganized or reckless behavior. The stress of trying to maintain control over too many aspects of your life or the frustration of constantly having to clean up messes. Perfectionism, where you may be placing excessive pressure on yourself to meet unrealistic standards or expectations. Avoidance or procrastination, as you attempt to avoid confronting deeper issues or emotions by focusing on superficial tasks. Perhaps you feel that no matter how much you try to organize, you can't seem to get your life in order.

Example: A young woman dreamed of returning to her suburban home that seemed perfect. When she goes inside the home all the walls are destroyed and there is no furniture. The house seems very tidy otherwise. She feels depressed. In waking life, she was experiencing anger and depression due to her husband's alcoholism and her sister living a party lifestyle. She felt that they were both not doing what they needed in life. In this case, the house being tidy even though all the walls were destroyed may have reflected her feelings about herself choosing to live a safe, organized, and normal orderly life while other people in her life ruined it by recklessly overstepping boundaries to enjoy themselves.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being locked out of her house while watching her husband dig a swimming pool in the living room. The installation of the pool was very neat and tidy with no dirt. Her husband told her to go away. In waking life, she was unemployed and her husband was drinking and smoking excessively. She felt that he was a very work-oriented unemotional person. In this case, the tidy installation of the swimming pool in her living room may have reflected her feelings about her husband being orderly and professional about smoking and drinking excessively to enjoy himself while he had a job that didn't include her because she became an unemployed financial dependant.

*Please See Cleaning


To dream of a tie represents a sense of obligation and responsibility towards something in your life. How tight or loose the tie is indicates how obligated or responsible you feel.

To dream of a bow tie represents feelings of obligation or responsibility to behave. Feeling obligated to be a wonderful, helpful, or considerate person. Obligation to be loyal or faithful. Negatively, it may be a sign that you are being too nice or too considerate to people that aren't respecting you.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing his father in art class wearing a red tie. In waking life his father had died and he felt obligated as his son to explore a number of art books his had in order to understand his father more.

Example 2: A man dreamed of bow tie that was broken. He took the bow tie to numerous stores, but no person could fix the bow tie. Finally, a woman in a shop told the man that he should just give up and accept the tie as broken. In waking life the man felt that his alcoholic wife didn't appreciate him no matter how well he treated her. He eventually had to accept that the marriage was over and left her. The bow tie in this case may have reflected the dreamers feelings about himself deserving to enjoy himself inside his marriage being a wonderful faithful husband and be aware that he would never be respected that way by his wife ever again.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing a tie sitting on a couch beside an evil person. In waking life he was experiencing threats of violence if he decided to get serious about filing police reports against someone. He felt obligated to file the police reports, but also felt it was dangerous.


To see a tiger in your dream, represents an aspect of your personality that has unquestioned power. Issues or people that have total power over you. Tigers often symbolize a problem or powerful fear that you'll do absolutely everything to avoid confronting. A tiger may also reflect a powerful misconception you have. A lie or misunderstanding that heavily influences you.

Alternatively, a tiger may reflect your own unquestioned authority. Feeling other people fear confronting you.

Negatively, a tiger may reflect an unquestioned fear. Running away from problems based on assumptions. Rumors that scare you. Assuming that your enemies have more power than you without question. A lack of critical thinking about something serious you've heard. Feeling that problem is too dangerous to even consider thinking about confronting and choosing to run away from it as a first option. A naive fear you have. Alternatively, it may reflect your own abuse of rumors, other people's inexperience, or others misconceptions about you.

To dream of a friendly tiger may represent a belief or situation that erases all your fears or problems. It may also reflect power you hold over others.

To see a blue tiger in a dream represents a positive belief that overpowers other priorities. A genuine belief that something is so positive that it's more important than anything else. Negatively, a blue tiger may reflect misunderstanding something that you have good intentions about and are placing too much priority on.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a tiger that turned out to be fake. In real life he was facing the prospect of going bankrupt before realizing it wasn't as serious as he thought it was. The tiger reflected the fear of financial ruin that took precedence over everything else in his life.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of seeing a white tiger biting his hand. In waking life he did whatever his girlfriend told him because he feared her breaking up with him for something he said.

Example 3: A teenage boy dreamed of a tiger chasing him in his car. In waking life he had just gotten his license and was terrified of having a car accident or getting a speeding ticket because he parents might take the car away.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing someone trying to scare away tigers by yelling at them and feeling herself being very afraid. In waking life she had serious financial difficulties and feared being truthful to her debtors would make her life a lot worse. The tigers in this case may have reflected her powerful and scary assumptions about her debtors ability to seize her property or cut off credit instantly.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of her boyfriend feeding crackers to tigers. In waking life her boyfriend had been offered a a very exclusive job that would dramatically alter their lives if he choose to take it. The tigers in the dream may have reflected her fear of her boyfriend's job being too important to him to avoid taking which might alter their relationship in ways she didn't want.

Example 6: A woman dreamed of seeing a tiger pursue her and then saw the tiger change into a hyena. In waking life she was bothered by a man pursuing her for sex and didn't like confronting the man to his face with his male chauvinistic attitude.

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