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To dream of a towel represents feelings of readiness to conclude or clean up an issue, situation, or relationship in your life. It may symbolize the ability to wipe away or resolve problems, remove discomfort, or restore order after a chaotic or emotional experience. A towel can also represent a personal tool or resource that aids you in maintaining your dignity, self-respect, or a sense of privacy. A situation or experience in your life that you want to "wipe away" or erase as if it never happened. Your wish to move past a stressful or challenging situation and move on with your life. Moving on from the embarrassment of an uncertain situation or crisis that you got involved in.

Positively, dreaming about a towel may represent moving on from a distressing situation. Readiness to handle a problem, taking responsibility for a messy situation, or an attitude of preparedness to bring closure to an issue. The ability to let go of the past and embrace new beginnings. The willingness to release negativity and start afresh. A desire for closure or resolution, allowing you to move forward in life with a sense of renewal and optimism.

Negatively, a towel may reflect your attempt to "wipe away" embarrassment as though it didn't happen. A tendency to avoid the consequences of your actions or deny accountability for your behavior.

Example: A man dreamed of being wrapped in a towel after swimming. In waking life, his wife had finally given birth to a baby. In this case, the towel may have reflected his wish to get past the stress of the birth and move on with his family life.

Example 2: A woman felt uncomfortable wearing only a towel at a party. In waking life, she was uncomfortable discussing her divorce from her husband with her friends. In this case, wearing nothing except a towel may have reflected her feelings of vulnerability and exposure as she faced the embarrassing or painful details of her divorce. The towel itself may have reflected her struggle to balance feelings about moving on from the uncertainty of breaking up with her husband and her desire to protect herself from judgment or insensitivity.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing a man in a towel and watched the towel fall off. In waking life, he suspected that his wife had cheated on him with the man in the dream. In this case, the towel may have reflected the fear or realization that the truth was coming out about the infidelity and that there would be no way to "cover it up" or "wipe it away."

Example 4: A man dreamed of getting out of a swimming pool and going to a room filled with towels. In waking life, his wife had finished giving birth and he was trying to relax after all the stress of making sure nothing bad happened while she was in the hospital. In this case, the towels may have reflected his desire for comfort, relief, and readiness to put the stressful event behind him.


To dream of a tower represents a high standard of achievement. Not wanting anything less for yourself. Feelings of superiority. Alternatively, a tower may reflect an achievement of someone else that is being admired or looked up to. Thinking highly of someone else.

Negatively, a tower may reflect jealousy or insecurity about someone else's achievements. It may also be a sign that you think too highly of yourself.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing monks at the top of a tower. In waking life she was very focused on her weight and maintaining the physique she had worked very hard to achieve by keeping away from junk food.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of her 28 year-old daughter standing in a tower with fluttering doves inside it with her. In waking life her daughter had suffered from a disorder that out her in a coma. The tower in this case may have reflected her feelings about how important she felt her daughter's life was during the medical crisis.

*Please See Skyscraper

Tower Crane

To dream of a tower crane represents a major shift or change in your life. Something you are doing all the time to make this a change. A perspective on a situation that involves a significant transition.

*Please See Mobile Crane (Crane Crawler).


To dream of toxemia represents feelings about your sense of vitality, energy, or strength being slowly contaminated beyond your control. A slow worsening of your confidence that is beyond your control. Feeling like a loser and that it will get inevitably worse.

Example: A woman dreamed of being diagnosed with toxemia. In waking life she felt that she was slowly losing power or relevance in her marriage because her husband would arrogantly make decisions behind her back and kept doing it.


*Please See Poison

Toy Box

To dream of opening a toy box represents an abundance of choice with free time, leisure, or self-gratification. Having a lot of different ways to enjoy yourself.

Negatively, a toy box may reflect jealousy or embarrassment that someone else never has to be serious. It may also be a sign that you are too preoccupied with leisure or demanding to feel good.

To dream of putting toys away in a toy box represents the delaying of self-gratification, leisure, or free time. Putting off what you like. Alternatively, it may be a sign that you are maturing or putting childish ways behind you. You may be feel it's time to be serious.

*Please See Toys

Toy Cars

To dream of a toy car represents feelings about pretending to be capable of taking control of a situation. A playful attitude towards decision-making, handling responsibilities that are perceived as minor or not serious, or the ability to "test drive" different approaches to problems without significant consequences. Believing in taking control of a situation as best you can when you may it might be too serious for you to do anything effective. Experimenting with different ways to handle a situation that doesn’t feel threatening or that you are practicing skills or roles in a safe, controlled environment.

Negatively, dreaming about a toy car may represent thoughts about not seeing effective control of a situation happening for real. Frustration with not having enough control or power in important areas of your life, feeling that your actions have little impact on your real-world circumstances. Liking to believe you are taking control of a situation when you actually don't know how.

Example: A person dreamed of their backyard being flooded, seeing their dog drown, and then watching the soul of their dog possess a toy car. In waking life, their dog was throwing up and vomiting. They were becoming worried. In this case, the toy car may have reflected his feelings about pretending to be capable of taking control of his dog's health problem when he wasn't completely certain about how to for real as a means to feel better about what was happening.


To dream of the car brand Toyota represents feelings about a style of control over decision-making that's efficiently handling various problems without causing any fuss or drama. It reflects a practical approach to decision-making and a sense of responsibility to take care of every task and detail, with an emphasis on functionality and reliability. A desire for a sense of reliability and dependability in your life during a time of uncertainty and instability. Handling every last problem without a problem while never saying anything about it being a problem. Nobody laughs at you doing everything you're supposed to. Not talking about yourself a lot about how you do a lot of things.

Negatively, dreaming about Toyota represents efficient handling of various problems without fuss or drama that doesn't get appreciated or acknowledged as much as you'd like. Jealousy that you can't achieve reliability and dependability in your life during a time of uncertainty and instability. Feeling that people don't appreciate all that you don't complain about because they treat you like you should just keep it up. Feeling bitter and left aside about almost every aspect of your life requiring you to efficiently and reliably handle without complaining. Questioning your own ability to quietly handle issues.

Toyota dreams are common to people with employment issues where handling a lot of life problems is something they want to quietly stay on top of.

Example: A man dreamed of trying to buy a new Toyota Fortuner vehicle from a large new car lot. In waking life he was having unemployment issues, had a 9 month-old baby, and was experiencing fighting between his wife and her mother all living in the same house. In this case the Toyota brand may reflect the man's desire for a sense of reliability and dependability in his life during a time of uncertainty and instability so that the family would speak less to each other about issues sensitive to arguments.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of driving in her white Toyota Camry and losing control while driving. In waking life the dreamer had a lot of responsibilities to handle like college, family life, work, and her boyfriend. She felt all these things stressed her out sometimes and that nothing she ever did was good enough for her family. In this case the Toyota symbolism may reflect her feelings about herself having a very reliable and efficient style of handling problems in all areas of her life while she never talks about herself or complains very much about doing that.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of driving a Toyota Hilux down a difficult road and thinking that her vehicle might not be strong enough. In waking life she was frustrated with work, church, and friends, and family members. She felt her job superiors didn't like her and made negative comments. In this case Toyota may reflect the dreamer's desire for a practical and reliable approach to handling the challenges she's currently facing, but also her doubts about whether she is strong enough to handle them. The dream may reflect the dreamer's feelings of frustration and lack of support in her work and personal life, as she seeks a dependable and efficient means of navigating through the difficulties she's experiencing.


To dream of a toy represents ideas or situations that you feel good thinking about enjoying all the time. Ideas or situations you are "playing with." Spontaneous activities. It may also reflect some kind of leisurely activity that you partake in whenever you want.

Example: A young man dreamed of playing with a toy caterpillar. In waking life he was feeling good thinking about finally being able to enjoy himself by always avoiding someone he hated because he was changing schools. The caterpillar represented avoidance and the toy symbolized his wish to feel good being able to avoid the person whenever he wanted.

Track And Field

To dream of track and field events represents feelings about waking life situations where attempting to be the best, strongest, or fastest is a priority. Training to be the best, strongest, or fastest. Feelings about needing to be absolutely perfect as possible. You have a competitive nature. Obstacles in life that require perfect performance to succeed. A desire to be a perfect winner in some area of your life. A competitive situation in your life where performance ratings are being observed. A challenging situation that puts skills to the test for "bragging rights."

Negatively, track and fiend events may reflect an overly competitive attitude. Desperation to be better than someone else. Desperation to be the best at something that ever was. Desperation to perform perfectly because you feel that your future or reputation is on the line. Desperation to prove yourself as the best. Risking everything to defeat someone else in an challenge so that they can never earn the right to talk down to you. Concerns or anxiety about being embarrassed in front of people that you aren't the best.

Track Pants

*Please See Sweat Pants

Tractor Trailer Truck (Semi)

To dream of a tractor trailer truck represents decisions or self-control that are unstoppable. Choices or a direction in life that is "to be reckoned with." Choices with the potential to cancel out all opposing forces or obstacles.

A tractor trailer truck may reflect a moment of big change where you can easy eliminate problems without resistance. It may also reflect a problem with the potential to totally wipe you out.

Example: A man dreamed of getting into a tractor trailer. In real life he was very sick and about to begin a treatment that totally cured him.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a tractor trailer truck. In waking life she was considering getting pregnant as being an unstoppable method to secure her relationship with her boyfriend for life.


To dream of a farming tractor represents decision-making that revolves around maximum productivity. A strong focus on a lot of serious work involved. A productive mindset. No sense of humor about a large amount of work you have. A large amount of maintenance or preparations. Feeling that it 's a lot of work to keep a very big project running on schedule.

Negatively, a farming tractor may reflect a tendency to be a workaholic. Avoiding normal living due to work. Feeling that your family is so important that you do nothing except work to support them. Preferring to work hard instead of using a more sophisticated or delegating role.


To dream of making a trade represents the exchange of ideas. Alternatively, a trade may reflect a compromise or changing of choices.

Negatively, trading in a dream may be a sign that you are consciously wasting your time exploring ideas or possibilities that you have no interest in. Compromising too much or not sticking to what you really want in a situation.

Example: A man dreamed of sitting in a living room and trading wives with another man. In waking life he was exchanging spiritual ideas with another person. Both were recommending books to each other with ideas the other had heard before.

Trading Card Plastic Sleeve

To dream of a trading card plastic sleeve represents preservation of something you think is valuable. Beliefs, feelings, or situations that you want to keep or think are special. You don't want to give something up, or find another alternative. Protective feelings about accomplishments or memories.

Negatively, a trading card plastic sleeve may reflect your wish to protect or preserve dishonest accomplishments. Feeling that it's important to carefully preserve an dishonest accomplishment.

Example: A man dreamed of being arrested for having cocaine saved inside a trading card plastic sleeve. In waking life he realized that he had to stop fantasizing about an old girlfriend he had an amazing sexual experience with if he was to pass a strict spiritual testing. The trading card plastic sleeve in this case may have reflected his tendency to preserve the bad habit of fantasizing about his ex-girlfriend when he knew it wasn't a moral.


To dream of tradition represents feelings about honoring established norms, values, or modes of behavior. It could symbolize the respect for long-standing beliefs, practices, or ways of life that have been passed down through generations. This dream could reflect your thoughts about the importance of cultural or familial roots, heritage, and continuity. A deep-seated need to adhere to certain patterns of behavior. You or someone else places great importance and value on never giving up certain habits or approaches.

Positively, dreaming about tradition might symbolize comfort, stability, or a sense of identity provided by following established customs or rules. It may reflect a conscious choice to adhere to certain principles or habits because they have proven successful or enriching over time. It could also be indicative of unity, shared history, and collective wisdom.

Negatively, dreaming about tradition could represent feelings of being restrained or limited by old-fashioned beliefs or practices. Resistance to change, stagnation, or fear of breaking the mold. Perhaps you feel forced to conform to expectations that don't align with your personal values or goals, or you might be struggling with societal or familial pressure to uphold certain traditions that you find outdated or irrelevant. A strong desire to maintain the status quo and resist change. Pressure from his family to maintain certain practices.

Example: A young woman dreamed of a parody of an existing family tradition that renamed the tradition "Crazy Stacey." In waking life, she wanted to change her name to Stacey and was having difficulty with her family accepting her with the new name. In this case, the existing family tradition may have reflected her perception of the family's strong adherence to their established norms of accepting her given name instead of her new name.


To dream that you are stuck idling in traffic represents frustrations with delays that you are experiencing. Decisions you've made are not progressing as fast as you'd like. You feel stuck where you are in life. You may feel that other people are getting in your way or slowing your down.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of being stuck idling in traffic with cars honking and zooming past her. In waking life she was in the middle of school exams with her school social life on hold as exam time completed

Traffic Cones

To dream of a traffic cone represents a problem or situation that has to be noticed first as you work towards goals. A priority, distraction, or setback that must be heeded as you pursue your goals. Feeling that goals are being rerouted, paused, or that someone else's needs have to be respected first. Alternatively, a traffic cone may be a sign that you need to try a different approach.

Traffic cones may be a sign that you are experiencing delays or setbacks. They may also indicate that paying attention to others needs or warnings is important right now.

Negatively, a traffic cone may reflect annoyance or irritation with a person or situation that is holding you back.

Traffic Lights

To dream of traffic lights represents a controlling factor to your progress in a situation. Negatively, it may be a sign that someone else is controlling your ability to make progress.

A red light indicates that a person or situation needs you to wait or hold back for the moment. You may feel held back or impatient.

A green light indicates readiness or that you've been given the "go-ahead." Conditions are right to proceed with your goals or decisions.

*Please See Stop Sign


*Please See Path


To dream of train represents situations in your life that you feel will take a long time to complete. It may also reflect long term projects or plans you are working on or planning. Train dreams often reflect the long term nature of life or our expectations for things that may take years to complete.

To dream of riding on a railroad train represents a long term goal or outcome you are working towards. A long term "journey" with some area of your life.

To dream of missing a train may reflect feelings about having missed out on a long term opportunity or plan you had. Missing out on a new phase in your life.

To dream of being hit by a train may reflect neglecting to consider someone else's long term plans which are more important than your current plans.

To dream of being on a train that is going in the opposite direction to another train may reflect feelings about different long term directions in life than other people. Feeling that you are drifting apart from other people or that you have nothing in common with others.

To dream of running on top of a moving train may reflect feelings about impatience with a situation that you know will take a long term to finish.

Many people in mourning dream of their loved ones leaving on trains.

Example: A woman dreamed of getting on an uncomfortable crowded train with no room to sit. In waking life her boyfriend had just died and she didn't know what to do with the rest of her life.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being on a train and speaking to people that would never believe him. In real life he experienced a spiritual awakening after taking an Amazonian hallucinogenic tea called ayahuasca. The train dream reflected the new spiritual journey he was on and how he felt that nobody would believe anything he said about his hallucinogenic experience for the rest of his life because it was too weird.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being on a train going in one direction and seeing a passing train going in another direction with her mother on it. In waking life she felt that that death of her mother was causing her to move in completely different directions in life from her family after her mother died.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of being on a train in the dining car when Native Americans stopped the train to board it and take it over. In waking life she was in late term pregnancy and fearing something wrong happening. The train in this case may have reflected her feelings about the long-term nature of the pregnancy.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of being on a train that unexpectedly stopped. In waking life she was experiencing serious relationship problems. The train that stopped in the dream may have reflected her feelings about her long term expectations for the relationship being in jeopardy.

Example 6: A man dreamed of running on the top of a train. In waking life he was very impatient about getting a new job after having lost his old job. He knew getting a new job would take a long time, but he was making extra effort to look like he was trying hard to get a job to his wife because he didn't want to look like he was not appreciating her support.

Example 7: A woman dreamed of getting off a train. In waking life she had raised her teenage granddaughter and was starting to get annoyed by her granddaughter's relationship problems.

*Please See Derailment

Train Driver

To dream of a train driver or train engineer represents an aspect of yourself with control, direction, and responsibility to keep long-term plans and goals on track. Being in complete control of a situation that is long-term goal oriented. A role you or someone else has in guiding a long-term project, responsibility, or situation that requires steady progress and attention to detail. Determination, discipline, and skill to stay focused and committed to your long-term plans or projects. Thoughts about the importance of staying on track, maintaining schedules, and ensuring the smooth flow of events or processes. Feelings about the role of a leader, guiding others along a predetermined longer-term path, that won't give up on anyone to make sure those goals stay on track. Needing to take control and make critical decisions to avoid failure in managing long-term projects.

Positively, dreaming of being a train driver could represent feelings of confidence in your ability to manage a complex and ongoing process for long-term plans or goals. It may reflect your capability to navigate the path ahead, even if it's a long and arduous journey. It could also symbolize feelings of having the necessary skills, experience, and authority to carry out your longer-term responsibilities successfully.

Negatively, dreaming about being a train driver might represent feelings of stress or burden associated with managing others or keeping long-term goals on track. It might symbolize fear of derailing from your path, making mistakes, or failing to meet expectations. Overdoing managing long-term plans that might not being important.

Example: A man dreamed of two trains running on same rail in opposite directions, one of the train drivers shouted to other train driver to stop to avoid the head on collision. He applied breaks and reversed his train to give way to other train. In waking life, the man was dealing with two incomplete projects due to financial constraints. In this case, the train drivers may have reflected his feelings about needing to take control and make critical decisions to avoid failure in managing his two long-term projects.

Train Station

To dream of a train station represents feelings about transitional moments in your life, where you are waiting for something significant to happen or preparing to embark on a new journey. A time in your life that feels like a hub of activity, connectivity, and change with a goal that takes time to "arrive" at. Thoughts about looking forward to embarking on a new journey, whether it's a job, relationship, or personal endeavor while being aware that it may take a long time to achieve.

To dream of a train station platform represents feelings about confidently waiting for a new opportunity or journey in life to start. Trusting that a new opportunity or different possibility will come if you wait. Feeling ready to seize the right opportunity as soon as it "arrives" in your life.

Negatively, a train station in a dream could indicate feelings of uncertainty, being stuck, or not knowing how long a long-term goal will take to achieve. Annoyance with starting a long-term goal with no idea when it will conclude, how much work it will take to finish, or how many people you will need to talk to to complete it.

Example: A woman dreamed of standing on a train station platform. In waking life, she was searching for a job. In this case, the train station platform may have reflected her sense of anticipation and readiness for new employment as she expected a months-long journey to find the right employment. She was in a transitional phase, much like the platform serves as a transitional space between different journeys. The dream captured her state of preparedness and confidence that a suitable job opportunity would eventually come her way if she continued to search and wait. In essence, the platform represented her own state of readiness to board the 'train' to a new professional destination as soon as it arrived.

Train Tracks

To dream of a train track symbolizes a journey in life or long term goal that requires commitment. Something that requires you to "stay on track" for a long period of time.

Negatively, train tracks may reflect obligations you are having anxiety or second thoughts about. Unpleasant feelings about having to stay on course with a long term goal. Fearing making a change to your plans. Too much focus on keeping a routine. Unavoidable confrontation or a situation that can't be stopped. A "one track" mind.

Example: A woman dreamed of having her foot stuck in a railway track crossing as a train started to come towards her. She desperately tried to get her foot out of the track and couldn't. In waking life was having doubts about her upcoming wedding. She ended up cancelling her wedding after this dream. The train tracks and oncoming train symbolism may have reflected her feelings about feeling "stuck" with the marriage because of her acceptance of the marriage proposal and fearing the wedding date getting closer when she wasn't really ready to be married.

Example 2: A man dreamed of two dogs fighting on a train track. In waking life he was having an argument with a co-worker about the direction a long-term project was headed.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing a train track. In waking life he felt that a problem in his life was leading to an unavoidable confrontation.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of needing to stay on a train track. In waking life she felt that she needed to stick with a diet in order to lose weight.


To dream of training represents feelings about improvement or preparation in some area of your life. Learning or sharpening new skills. Coursework or school work. Feeling that you need to improve your abilities. New skills are needed. Trying your hardest to improve or get stronger for a coming challenge or confrontation. Sharpening skills. A wish to prove your skills or qualifications.

Negatively, dreaming about training may represent feelings of inadequacy or self-doubt about your abilities. You might be experiencing anxiety or stress about not being prepared enough for a coming challenge or task. It may also suggest feelings of frustration or dissatisfaction with your current level of skill or competence. The dream could represent a fear of failure or underperformance, causing you to continually train or prepare even when it might not be necessary. Furthermore, it could denote a perceived inability to keep up with others, feeling left behind in terms of skills or knowledge. A sign that you are obsessive, insecure, or exhausting yourself with jealousy to reclaim some part of your life. Fear of not being good enough.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing the army at the bottom of a bridge doing military training. In waking life, he had learned a lot skills to prepare starting his own business and at the final moment he delayed it because he feared failure. In this case, the military training may have reflected his feelings about his extensive preparation and readiness to start his own business.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing soldiers being trained. In waking life he was trying to improve his skills to prepare to start his own business. In this case, the soldiers being trained may have reflected his ongoing efforts to improve and prepare himself for the entrepreneurial work.


To dream of being a traitor or being accused of being a traitor reflects feeling of guilt or a failure to meet obligations. You may have regrets about your actions or your failure to stand your ground. You may also feel disloyal to friends or a cause. You may not be proud of something you've done.

Tramp Stamp

To dream of a tramp stamp tattoo represents feelings about a dangerous level of showing off being easily controlled. Feelings about a situation or person terrifying you that it was want to be enjoy being used by you. Feelings about person showing off being a slut. Showing off enjoying being bossed around. Enjoying showing off being used.


To dream of a "trampoline" represents feelings about situations in waking life that encourage rebounding, responsiveness, or striving for improvement. Opportunities, support systems, or circumstances that allow you to bounce back quickly from problems or take chances on new possibilities. Thoughts about seizing an opportunity after a setback or using available resources to launch yourself towards a goal or desire. Resilience or your ability to bounce back from difficult or emotional situations repeatedly. You may be doing everything you can to stay positive, avoid problems, or remain upbeat. Your ability to keep going.

Positively, dreaming about a trampoline may indicate striving to maintain optimism, adaptability, and resilience. A supportive environment or internal mindset that allows you to recover from setbacks with confidence or even use challenges as a springboard to greater heights. Enjoyment in risk-taking or a sense of excitement about potential opportunities.

Negatively, a trampoline in a dream might represent unpredictability, instability, or a lack of groundedness in your plans or emotions. Taking unnecessary risks without considering potential consequences or that you're relying too much on external factors for your sense of security or success. A sense of danger in "jumping too high" without a safety net or a plan. Wasting time striving for improvement in a situation.

To dream of falling off a trampoline represents feelings of failure or embarrassment that your resilience, positive outlook, or support system was not enough to keep you stable or secure. A loss of control, confidence, or motivation in your ability to "bounce back" from a challenge or setback. A situation may be encouraging you to give up striving to be better or succumb to negative thinking patterns.

Example: A woman dreamed of jumping on a trampoline where the springs broke. In waking life, she felt that her marriage was over. In this case, the broken trampoline reflected her feeling that her marriage couldn't bounce back from any fights, problems, or tension that kept coming up because all support or motivation to salvage the relationship was lost.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of jumping on a trampoline. In waking life, she kept getting embarrassed that God wouldn't punish her husband for cheating on her. She felt that if she kept praying harder that God would finally give her a miracle of punishing her husband. In this case, the trampoline may have reflected her use of religion as a support system to rebound from her hurt through prayer, constantly striving for a spiritual or moral reckoning by invoking divine intervention. The act of jumping on the trampoline symbolizes her repeated efforts and resilience in seeking validation or justice, continually trying to elevate her situation through prayer and expectation.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of getting married to her cousin and then jumping on a trampoline with children after the wedding ended. In waking life, she recently got engaged and was trying to abstain from sex with her fiance before marriage, but found it difficult. In this case, the trampoline may have reflected her sense of morality that repeatedly encouraged her to strive as hard as she could to remain sexually abstinent before marriage after each instance of giving in to temptation.


To dream of tranquility represents feelings about a state of calmness or complacency that is safely held without anything disturbing it. A period of peace, calm, and contentment in your life. A state of mind where worries, stress, and external conflicts are minimized or absent, allowing for reflection, healing, or simply enjoying the moment.

Positively, dreaming about tranquility may represent a sense of harmony with oneself and the world, emotional balance, or the benefits of stepping away from stressful situations. Feeling content in a situation.

Negatively, dreaming about tranquility may represent feelings about dishonest attempts to dupe, "put to sleep", or lull other people into a state of calm or complacency. A desire to escape from stress, conflict, or overwhelming emotions. Choosing temporary relief from problems instead of addressing them head-on, indicating a need for more sustainable coping mechanisms.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a turkey hit with tranquilizer darts. In waking life, she had fears about the American public being duped by the CIA. In this case, the tranquilizer aspect of the darts may have reflected the dreamer's fear that the American public is being "duped", "put to sleep" or lulled into a state of calm or complacency by forces beyond their control, such as government agencies like the CIA.

*Please See Calm

Tranquilizer Darts

To dream of tranquilizer darts represents feeling about precision power to pacify, "put to sleep" or lull behavior into complacency. Precise focused targeted orders given to someone to pacify them. A sense of powerlessness and concern about the manipulation of information or events. A feeling about yourself or someone else being duped. Focused targeting actions to override someone despite their behavior or resistance. Bypassing people you think need to settle down by pacifying them.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a turkey hit with tranquilizer darts. In waking life, she had fears about the American public being duped by the CIA. In this case, the tranquilizer darts may have reflected the dreamer's fear that the American public is being "duped", "put to sleep" or lulled into complacency by forces beyond their control, such as government agencies like the CIA.

*Please See Darts


To dream of a transformation may reflect feelings about personality changes or lifestyles changes. Personal change. Feelings about yourself or others changing. Something in your life that is causing you to feel different. A slow recovery from illness or depression.

Negatively, a transformation may reflect feelings about witnessing good people become corrupted by arrogance or conceit, or selfishness. Feelings about people change in bad ways or that they used to be nicer or more honest. Witnessing problems that have become worse. Experiencing relationships deteriorating.

Example: A young man dreamed of experiencing himself transform from a male into a female. In waking life he was slowly becoming frustrated and annoyed by male arrogance around him.


To dream of a blood transfusion represents feelings about the need for rejuvenation, revitalization, or renewal of energy or vitality in some area of your life. You may be experiencing new energy, inspiration, or motivation due to someone else's support, love, encouragement, or sacrifice. The process of receiving or giving essential life force, energy, knowledge, or resources from one source to another. The importance of sharing, support, and healing in challenging times. A need to reinvigorate a situation, relationship, or your own efforts in order to renew vitality. Accepting someone else help in order to navigate through a challenging phase.

Positively, dreaming about a transfusion might symbolize regeneration, renewal, or rebirth. A conscious acceptance of help, advice, or resources from others, recognizing it as vital for your survival, growth, or recovery. Your ability to help or heal others by sharing your resources or wisdom, emphasizing compassion, empathy, and mutual support. A desire to find a fresh start or to renew your sense of passion and motivation. A generous contribution of vital energy and resources given to help others.

Negatively, dreaming about a transfusion could represent feelings of dependency, vulnerability, or being drained. Loss of individuality. Fear of loss, depletion, or exhaustion. Perhaps you feel overly reliant on others for your well-being, or you might be worried about giving more than you can afford, leading to your own depletion. A fear of changes or transformations, especially those that feel imposed or intrusive. A need for a miracle or external assistance to resolve difficulties.

Example: A woman dreamed of getting a blood transfusion from doctor with his own blood to revitalize her energy and then started dating the doctor. In waking life, she was a married mother who had returned to university in her 30's to get a degree. She felt her husband demanding too much of her free time and was unable to study. In this case, the blood transfusion from the doctor she started dating may have reflected her intuition about needing to think of her husband as less important than her degree in order to reinvigorate her academic focus and motivation required to get good grades with her university studies.


To dream of transgender people, or people with both make and female sexual organs represents aspects of your personality that share both masculine and feminine traits. Something powerful and impotent or beautiful and insensitive.

For example, if a man dreams of a woman he sexually desires having a penis it may symbolize his desire for that woman being very powerful over this decisions. Something that may allow that person in real life to control him.

Transsexuals may also represent your anxieties, uncertainties, or discomfort about masculine/feminine roles or passive/aggressive behavior.


To dream of something being transparent represents issues or motives that you can "see right through." Noticing the true intentions of a person or issue. It may also reflect heightened sense of objectivity or insight. Full understanding or clarity.

Negatively, dreaming about something transparent may reflect misconceptions or misunderstandings that make you feel you understand a problem when you don't at all. Feeling that behavior is obvious in it's dishonesty and unpleasant to be around. Falsely pretending to like something that is obviously not liked.

Women commonly dream of seeing their bellies transparent with the baby inside. This may reflect their growing anxiety about the baby's health as they get closer to giving birth.

Example: A man dreamed of being injected with a transparent fluid. In waking life he was beginning to become aware of a lie he was told and the ramifications it held for his future.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing her belly transparent with the baby deformed. In waking life she was fearing that something was wrong with the baby and had a false sense of certainty about being able to feel that something was wrong with the baby without having confirmation from a doctor.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing transparent people. In waking life she felt very uncomfortable living in her new neighborhood for the 3 years she lived there, but didn't want to upset her family by forcing them to move. Deep down she honestly felt that her family's concerns were unimportant, even though she was willing to keep the family in the home so they could enjoy it. The transparent people in the dream may have reflected her honest feelings about her family's feelings being unimportant or without substance worthy of respecting.


To dream of an organ transplant represents an aspect of yourself that is being renewed or given a second chance. Old ways of thinking or feeling have worn out. A new lease on life or a situation. You may have been given a fresh start or new beginning. You may be adjusting to a new situation,

Consider the specific organ for additional meaning.

It's common for people in new relationships to dream of getting new feet, legs, hearts, or heads.


To dream of transportation represents feelings about the direction of a life situation changing. Feelings about progress towards and outcome. Feelings about being transferred in waking life from one situation to another. Feelings about moving towards new challenges or outcomes. Progress or changes that are out of your control requiring you to wait. The belief that something you are doing in your life is carrying you to an outcome (like marriage, job, status). Feelings about your ability to use a person or an opportunity to get yourself to a more desirable experience in life. Waiting for something different in your life to happen.

Negatively, dreaming about transportation may reflect feelings of impatience or not being in control of how your life situation is changing. Changes or progress that feels out of your control. Feeling forced to change. Feeling silly changing or having someone decide how your life changes. Feeling like a little person during a situation involving changes or progress. Alternatively, from a negative perspective transportation may represent arrogance, showing off, excess, dishonesty, or abuse while changing a situation. Wanting to get away with something by moving on. Feeling that someone else is determining your destiny. Feeling that a relationship or job is taking you in the wrong direction. A dislike for waiting for something different in your life to happen.

Alternatively, dreams about transportation may reflect waking life issues with needing to travel long distances to see someone in person. Jealousy of not being able to see partners in a long-distance relationship.

To dream of having problems with transportation may reflect feelings about problems, conflict, delays, costs, or personal issues that interfere with changes or progress. Feelings about a relationship not leading to marriage or a job position not leading to a promotion. Feeling stuck discussing a problem before progress is allowed. Jealous that progress is not happening as you expected.

To dream of incomplete transportation may reflect feelings about your life "not going anywhere" or being cut off from progress.People suffering a serious health crisis often dream of being transported through walls, steel beams, or heavy concrete by something beyond their control. Feeling that you are going to die without any way to control it.

Example: A woman dreamed of feeling small inside a bag that was being transported. In waking life she didn't like a being transferred to a new location at her workplace.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of having problems with train transportation. In waking life she was experiencing problems at work with accusations being made against her and delays due to meetings required for those accusations.

Example 3: A man dreamed of being transported through steel beams and heavy concrete into a black abyss. In waking life he experienced a serious health crisis beyond his control that ended his ability to have a normal life.

Example 4: A man dreamed of having transportation issues. In waking life he felt stuck having to discuss a problem with his sister that he felt was leading to a relationship problem with her. he couldn't get away from discussing the issue at length with her before she would relax about it.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of needing transportation. In waking life she was cheating on two different men who both lives in different countries than her. The transportation symbolism in this case may have reflected her feelings about needing to fly to another country to see both men.

Example 6: A man dreamed of waiting for transportation when he saw a lion approaching. In waking life he was worried about serious financial concerns. Waiting for transportation in this case may have reflected his feelings about waiting for an opportunity to escape his financial problems.

*Please See Journey


*Please See Transgender


*Please See Cross-Dressing


To dream of setting a trap represents your decision to do something about a problem. You are tired of losing and want to do something about it. Alternatively, setting a trap may reflect your wish to set someone up for embarrassment or put a stop to unwanted behavior.

To dream of being caught in a trap represents feelings of embarrassment. It may also reflect feeling of being naive or "in over your head."

To dream of being aware of a trap that someone else has set may reflect your awareness of potential danger, perils, or testing that is occurring. Noticing other people being tested for who they really are.

*Please See Trapped

*Please See Bear Trap

*Please See Mouse Trap


To dream of being trapped represents waking life situations where you feel restricted or confined. You may feel stuck in your job, health, or personal relationship. A problem in waking life that you feel there is no escaping. You may also feel that you're in a rut or are bored of the same daily monotony. Feeling that life has "cast a net over you."

Negatively, dreams of being trapped may reflect waking life situations where you've been caught being dishonest with no excuses left. Feeling forced to face the truth.

To dream of being trapped in a room may reflect feelings of completely unable to escape a waking life situation. Feeling that you are total loser or total failure and can't do anything about it. Having to way to extricate yourself from a problem.

To dream of being trapped in a windowless room may reflect a fear of being stuck as you are with no way to ever know what is going to happen to you next. Feeling stuck in a situation that feels so dangerous that you can't do anything at all about it.

To dream of being trapped in an unhappy relationship or marriage represents feelings of about some area of your life that you feel unhappy thinking is permanent. Possibly a sign that you are unhappy with your job, relationship, home, neighborhood, car, clothes, physical appearance, or something else that is ingrained into yourself. Feeling stupid that you can't move on with your life. It may also reflect feelings about the partner in your current relationship having too much control or leverage for you to easily leave them.

Example: A woman dreamed of being trapped in her childhood home. In real life she felt impotent to confront a number of family issues because she was afraid to anger her family.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being trapped. In waking life she felt stuck in an unhappy marriage.

Example 3: A man felt trapped in a wall. In waking life he felt trapped in poor economic conditions.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of being trapped in a car underwater. In waking life she was having money problems. Feeling trapped in this case may have reflected her feelings about her money problems preventing her from addressing important problems.


*Please See Garbage

Trash Can

*Please See Garbage Can

Trash Compactor

To dream of a trash compactor represents feelings about trying to make your problems or negativity more acceptable or presentable. Positively, you may be looking at problems from a new perspective.

Negatively, a trash compactor may reflect an insensitive attitude towards minimizing your problems or acting inconsiderately towards people that are useless to you.

Dreaming of being stuck in a trash compactor may reflect a fear of being minimized to the point of not mattering at all. Total embarrassment that you're being made useless and unneeded by someone else. Terrifying feelings of not being important at all.


To dream of traveling represents steady progress towards goals. Knowing what you want or where you are headed as you work towards it. Traveling may reflect your daily routine as you are making progress or wait for a desired outcome. Believing that there is a lot work ahead of you. Working towards a long-term goal. Your destiny. The direction and function of your personal growth. Feelings about observing time pass as you make progress towards an accomplishment.

Traveling may also reflect how easy or difficult you feel your life is as you work towards a goal. Consider the terrain or any obstacles you may be encountering.

Negatively, traveling may reflect how difficult or dangerous you feel achieving a goal is. It may also symbolize the mundane state of your life as you wait for something different.

Consider the mode of transportation, your pace, the weather, obstacles, or what luggage you may be carrying for additional meaning.

To dream of choosing to travel to distant countries may reflect your wish to understand different mindsets or absorb different opinions. Your decision to work towards a goal. It may also reflect distractions or feeling sidetracked.

If your travels come to an end it represents the successful completion of a goal.

*Please See Cars

*Please See Vacation

*Please See Luggage


To dream of a tray represents feelings about making easy adjustments in a situation that might be difficult. Feeling confident that you can simply "pick up" what you are doing and do it somewhere else. Feeling good that you don't need to be an expert or prove yourself too hard with a difficult situation. Easily served a manageable situation. Feeling that changes are easy as you deal with a number of issues at once. Something in your life that cares about you having what you want easily. Feelings about how easy a situation feels being served by someone being nice to you.

To dream of a serving tray represents feelings about wisely caring about other people's feelings exactly the way they expect.

To dream of an ice tray represents feelings about readiness to reduce stress or increase your comfort level if you want to.

To dream of a breakfast tray represents feelings about easy adjustments in a situation that allows you to comfortably experience yourself accepting yourself staying the same if you want to.

*Please See Platter


To dream of a treadmill represents feelings of being stuck or "going nowhere." Your attempts to progress are fruitless. Your hard work or efforts are in vain. A sign that you need to try new ideas or give up bad habits.

Alternatively, a treadmill may reflect thoughts or discussions that you can't stop having. A fruitless attempt to convince others.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a man with billy clubs running on a treadmill. In waking life he was obsessed with discussing how straight he was in an argument with someone. The treadmill represented how he couldn't stop himself from discussing his anti-gay opinion.


To dream of treason may represent feelings of conflict with loyalty in relationships. You may have gone against what is acceptable or agreed upon. It may also reflect others belief that you have betrayed someone. Alternatively, it may reflect a self-defeating action you've taken.

You may not share certain values of the culture or society you live in. Rebelling or going against what is acceptable to others.


To dream of treasure represents value you see in something or someone who you hold dear. A resource, situation, or relationship you value highly and would never want to lose. A feeling of pricelessness you give to something or someone.

Alternatively, treasure may represent a heightened sense of resourcefulness or confidence. Never believing that you can ever lose.

Negatively, treasure may reflect a lack of appreciation for what you have or preoccupation with accumulating things.

*Please See Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest

To dream of a treasure chest represents feeling that a situation or relationship is all that you'd ever want. Being content or totally satisfied with what you have or what you've achieved. Believing nothing else is more important or valuable to you. Noticing how valuable or beautiful something is to you all the time.

Dreaming of a treasure chest may reflect feelings of security, safety, or belonging.

Tree Fort

*Please See Treehouse

Tree of Life

To dream of the tree of life represents a situation that is unrelenting and that requires total moral adherence. Difficult life situations that allow you make choices, but always offering the possibility of temptation or failure.

The Tree of Life perfectly symbolizes life in that like the tree, life is always difficult with the option of good or bad.

Tree Stump

*Please See Trees

Tree Trunk

*Please See Trees


To dream of a treehouse represents feelings about a waking life situation or relationship that safely allows you to have feelings of nostalgia, freedom, escape, or independence that ignores your normal life perspective. Playing with an idea or perspective in life that will never be adult or realistic.

Positively, dreaming about a treehouse may represent a refuge from the complexities of daily life, providing comfort, solace, or a special place for personal thoughts, creativity, or memories. A period of self-discovery, learning, personal development, or a conscious choice to isolate one's thoughts or emotions from outside influences. Cherished childhood memories or aspirations, an inventive spirit, or a unique perspective on life.

Negatively, dreaming of a treehouse may represent avoidance or escapism, where you're avoiding reality, responsibilities, problems, or conflicts in your waking life. A reluctance to face reality or a tendency to isolate yourself from others when you should be addressing important issues. Consider whether you are using the treehouse as a means to avoid necessary confrontations or responsibilities. Never being allowed to think of a situation or relationship in a realistic way while enjoying a moment of playing with it in your mind. Enjoying a moment of unrealistic emotional respite while thinking of a secure relationship with an ex-partner during a moment of trouble in a new relationship.

Dreams of treehouses are common to people thinking or communicating with former love interests. This may reveal feelings of playing with forbidden emotions in a "safe" space, separate from your real-life obligations.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of sitting on the front porch of her ex-boyfriend's treehouse while they sat together in silence enjoying each other's company. In waking life, she missed her ex, but was currently experiencing frustrations while being involved in a current relationship. In this case, the ex-boyfriend's treehouse may have reflected her state of mind allowing her to feel comforted by her past relationship while ignoring the complexities or frustrations of her current one. Thinking about her ex-boyfriend became a mental and emotional retreat where she could reconnect with the positive feelings she used to have, providing a temporary escape from her present relationship challenges. The treehouse symbolized a nostalgic space where the past relationship was idealized, offering emotional solace and a sense of freedom from her current dissatisfaction.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of looking out a window across a lake to see a tree with a big treehouse on it. In waking life, she was thinking about summertime life at the lake being left behind as school started. The lake was a place where she and her friends hung out every summer. In this case, the treehouse may have reflected her desire to escape from the responsibilities of school and her day-to-day life, longing for the carefree and fun-filled days she enjoyed at the lake with her friends. It represented a form of escapism and nostalgia for a simpler and more enjoyable time in her life.

Example 3: A man dreamed of being in a treehouse and seeing a former love interest in a black bikini. She chased her. In waking life, the former love interest had sent him a text on his cellphone. They were both now happily married to other people. In this case, the treehouse may have reflected his subconscious desire to escape from the realities of his current life and indulge in romantic fantasies about his former love interest. It symbolized a mental and emotional retreat into the past, away from the commitments and responsibilities of his current relationships.


To dream of a tree represents an area of your life that is well-established or deeply rooted. A situation or problem that is immovable or unchangeable. Something that requires significant effort to alter or remove. Feelings of about an establish area of your life or roots with people that can always be relied on. Your confidence, faith, or reliance on something. Feelings about protection from parents or family life. A tree can also symbolize a well-established are of your life that you have become very comfortable with, or that you think will never change.

Negatively, dreaming about a tree may reflect an established persistent problem. An entrenched issue or problem. An enduring problem that is deeply rooted.

To dream of a tree being chopped down represents a loss of some established or secure area of your life. Often a symbol for losing parents, family homes, or jobs.

To dream of a tree being uprooted or ripped from the ground represents a dramatic change to a well-established are of your life that you thought would never happen or that you became too comfortable with. Feelings about parents selling a family home after you graduate school, people you rely on dying, or losing a sense security of deep-rooted connections or protection.

To dream of a tree trunk up close may reflect your emotional or situational proximity to an area of your life that is well-established. Experiencing an entrenched issue up close.

A dead tree represents a change to a stable or well-established situation. Either your confidence has been lost, or a difficult problem was solved. Feelings about total loss or that some well-established aspect of your life is lost. Feelings about a loss of confidence or that your life is ruined. Feelings about a thriving part of your life being lost.

To dream of a tree stump represents feelings about a significant change or a loss in your life regarding something established that you are learning to live without. The end of a phase, a loss of stability, or the remnants of past experiences that are still rooted in your life. This dream could reflect your thoughts about the importance of adapting, resilience, and moving forward. Taking a moment to reflect on your past. Grappling with feelings of regret or missing what once was. Alternatively, dreaming about a tree stump may represents an established persistent problem that you have overcome or made the effort to confront.

To dream of climbing a tree represents waking life situations where you are taking extensive steps to prove you can overcome, manage, or overtake a well-established aspect of your life if you have to. Alternatively, if you dream of climbing a tree out of fear or a need for safety it may represent a need to seek refuge in a secure, established area of your life to avoid failure or harm. It may reflect clinging or running to your family in order to avoid difficult problems.

To dream of walking on the tops of trees represents feelings of mastery, control, or transcendence over well-established areas of your life. You may be navigating over complex or long-standing problems with ease and confidence. This could reflect your ability to confront and overcome challenges, showing that you have grown past them and are now viewing them from a higher perspective. Bypassing necessary confrontations or evading responsibilities. Believing that your parents aren't important in order to feel that you are on top of something.

To dream of a tree top represents feelings about something established in your life that provides stability and protection. Parents, role models, or mentors who possess abilities beyond your own and demonstrate power or leadership, offering guidance and a higher vantage point from which to view life or problems. Power or leadership that either protects you or overshadows you. The tree top symbolizes a sense of security and the reassurance that you will never be considered inferior or insignificant in comparison to others.

Example: A woman dreamed of standing beside a tree and looking up at the stars. In waking life, she was struggling to renew her religious faith and was surprised when a friend wanting to practice faith with her. In this case, the tree may have reflected her feelings about her deep-rooted faith being a well-established aspect of her life that she could always rely on, providing a sense of comfort and security.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of seeing a tree being ripped from the ground. In waking life, he was shocked to find out that his parents home was going to be sold. In this case, the tree may have reflected his sense of home being permanent and established. The tree being ripped from the ground symbolized the sense of stability and establish homelife that was being quickly taken from him.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of climbing a coconut tree and dropping the coconuts to the ground while someone watched him. In waking life he was being accused of financial failure and had to take a number of long drawn out steps to prove that he was in fact financially secure. In this case, climbing the tree may have reflected his efforts to navigate and manage a complex and deeply rooted financial situation.

Example 4: A young man dreamed of seeing dead tress. In waking life he was very good-looking and developed a disease with caused humiliating baldness. He felt that his life was over. In this case, the dead trees may have reflected his feelings of a drastic change to a well-established aspect of his life - his appearances. His confidence and self-perception were deeply rooted in his appearance, and the sudden onset of baldness felt like the 'death' of this significant part of his identity, hence the symbolism of the dead trees.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of seeing trees getting chopped down. In waking life, her father died. In this case, the trees being chopped down may have reflected her feelings about losing her father's sheltering presence. His presence was a well-established part of her life that provided emotional security and stability, much like a towering, robust tree.

Example 6: A man dreamed of seeing a tree with honey dripping off of it. In waking life, his ex-wife was being nice to him and he believed it meant she wanted to be intimate with him. In this case, the tree dripping with honey may have reflected his feelings about the well-established history of his relationship with his ex-wife. The honey dripping from the tree symbolized the sweetness or desire that he perceived in his ex-wife's actions, hinting at a potential revival of their once intimate connection.

Example 7: A woman dreamed of seeing a tree with black birds sitting on it. In waking life, she was annoyed with how long it was taking her granddaughter to breakup with her boyfriend. In this case, the tree may have reflected her feelings about how established or "well rooted" her granddaughter's relationship was with the boyfriend. The blackbirds in the tree may have reflected her feelings about the annoying friends the boyfriend had that hung around with her granddaughter as a bad influence.

*Please See Forests

*Please See Jungle

Trench Coat

To dream of a trench coat represents feelings of avoiding embarrassing yourself by using a professional attitude or intentionally acting "grown up" in order to protect yourself emotionally. Intentionally distancing yourself emotionally so you don't look desperate. Protecting yourself emotionally by projecting yourself as already being successful or unneedy. A projection of professionalism or sophistication to others. Projecting a persona to others of "having a life." A wish to avoid embarrassing yourself with anything stupid or childish.

Negatively, dreaming of trench coat may reflect a comfortable attitude about easily getting away with dishonest behavior. Making dishonest behavior look easy. Projecting an appearance of ease and sophistication with dishonest behavior. Noticing that other people are stupid about giving you things if you pretend you aren't desperate or try your best to look professional. Alternatively, from a negative perspective a trench coat may reflect fear or frustration of never getting away from a serious situation or job. Professionalism or adult mature behavior that feels imposed on you. Feeling pressured to responsibly prepare for the future or avoid mistakes that could risk the future.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a girl he wasn't attracted to wearing a trench coat and walking towards him. In waking life he became very wealthy from a family inheritance and then a friend from his past contacted him about dating one of his two sisters. The younger less intelligent sister was offered to him first and he suspected the second old sister was using the offer of the first sister to avoid looking desperate herself. The trench coat in this case may have reflected the dreamers perception of the second older sister cleverly using the younger sister to test the dreamer without looking desperate.

Example 2: A teenage boy dreamed of an evil person wearing a trench coat. In waking life their parents forced a very strict home-life on them with school and preparing for their future as a top priority. The trench coat in this case may have reflected the teens feelings about their parents forcing him to prepare for a perfectly professional life in the future.


To dream of trenches represents a hard line approach to conflict or problems. Being defensive. "Drawing a line" that you won't allow others to cross. Total preoccupation with your problem. Putting up a rigid defense. Sticking with something until the end. Never compromising until something is perfect.

Negatively, trenches may reflect feelings of being stuck fighting a problem until it's completely over. It may also be a sign that you are too obsessed a problem or have zero tolerance for a needed compromise.


To dream that you are trespassing represents awareness that you are doing something that you know you are not supposed to. You may be forcing your beliefs on others, violating someone else's space, or breaking an agreement. Asserting yourself when it's inappropriate. Being overly attentive or possessive. Trespassing may be a sign that you need to try harder to show someone else respect. Issues with overstepping boundaries. Not wanting to do what you were told. Unwillingness to accept others rules or preferences. Risking everything to defy someone.

Negatively, you may be forcing your beliefs or ideas on others without their knowledge. Being overly attentive, possessive, or certain that you're right. It may be best to step back or learn to let someone else have their way,

Positively, trespassing may reflect defiance or risking everything for a good cause. Screwing your enemies behind their backs knowing it could potentially embarrass you.

To dream that someone is trespassing on your property represents you view of a person or situation encroaching on your personal space, privacy, or dignity. You may also feel that someone is inappropriately asserting themselves.


To dream of being on trial represents feelings of guilt or responsibility. You may be being too hard on yourself. Alternatively, you may feel the need to prove yourself. Feeling judged.

To dream of putting someone else on trial may reflect your own judgmental attitude towards a person or situation. A sign that you might be too judgmental.


To dream of a triangle symbolizes creation, creativity, or chaos. Triangle may appear in dreams during very unpredictable challenging competitive situations or times of exceptional creativity. A situation that is noticeably original or has never happened before.

Negatively, a triangle may reflect anxiety about the future as you use all your resources and skills to overcome a challenge you have never confronted before. Anxiety about the outcomes of an unpredictable situation. A "war" to achieve a goal in a social situation or business situation. Creating challenges that are unnecessary.

A upwards facing triangle can represent the negative aspect of creation. This may reflect situations where the final result is unknown. Anger, jealousy, or bitter competition for something that has never happened before.

The downward facing triangle represents the positive aspect of creation. Kindness, generosity, or good intentions in an unpredictable competitive situation.

The symbolism for a triangle is derived from the direction of the two lines at the sides confronting each other as they lead to the top. Opposing sides racing against each other with no rules towards a desired goal.

A Star of David is a symbol that uses both the upwards and downwards facing triangles to represent the battle between positive and negative creation of our lives.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a orange triangle. In waking life he was putting a lot of work in a creative hobby after losing his job hoping it would it lead to better opportunities later on.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of standing inside a yellow triangle to stay safe from demons who couldn't touch her. In waking life he claimed that she had recently become a Christian and was "walking with God" now. The triangle in the dream may have reflected her feelings about her new Christian life being an ongoing unpredictable challenge as she constantly confronted new situations with her new mindset of morality. The dream may have also been a sign that her new Christian mindset was causing problems with excessive fear of being immoral.


To dream of a tribe represents pride in always surviving hardest challenges or proving yourself the hardest way. Facing your problems head on. Liking a challenge.

Alternatively, a tribe may represent feelings of being challenged all the time.


To dream of trick-or-treating on Halloween represents feelings about using a scary moment to fake appearances in order to make someone or a large group of people gift you something. Feelings about an unconventional or playful approach to gain benefits during a scary moment by manipulating people with fake appearances. Feeling good about how easy it is to scare someone into helping you with your problems by asking. A tendency to be easily swayed by others or to engage in manipulative behaviors in order to attain personal gain during a scary moment. Manipulation of others during a scary crisis or scary moment with the feeling that people like to help you without hesitation because it's expected of them. Feelings about scaring a large number of people into feeling good for you if you put a lot of effort into faking the seriousness of a situation through fear. Feeling that you will get mandatory respect, love, or a pleasant experience if you can scare people into loving to help you. Attempting personal gain during a scary situation that you feel is childish to be afraid of yourself.

Feeling good telling a lot of people you are having problems, can't pay bills, or aren't safe so they will want to feel good helping you with gifted support due to social expectations. Putting a lot of effort into making people scared for you so they will feel good helping you with free handouts.

Positively, dreaming about trick-or-treating might symbolize a creative, adaptable, or opportunistic attitude about using a scary situation because you are not afraid when everyone else is. It may reflect a conscious choice to manipulate a situation or relationship in order to bring about a beneficial outcome. A desire for reward, acknowledgment, or material gains through adopting a different persona or changing your behavior to cater to others' expectations. Your thoughts about the need to push boundaries, to dare, or to create unique opportunities for growth during a scary moment.

Negatively, dreaming about trick-or-treating could represent feelings of deception, manipulation, or insincerity. The use of pretense or falsehood to gain advantages from others because you are not afraid when everyone else is. You might be exploiting others' fear or uncertainty to serve your personal interests. Alternatively, it could suggest a lack of self-esteem or confidence, leading you to hide behind a 'mask' or false identity. Manipulativeness that doesn't think it's a problem.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing someone trick-or-treating wearing a Halloween mask. In waking life, his wife got arrested for a DUI and he had to scare a number of people he knew to help him pay bills to get through it. In this case, the trick-or-treating may have reflected his feelings about having to resort to manipulation or exaggeration of the severity of his situation (the "scary moment") to elicit financial help from friends or acquaintances. He may have felt as though he was donning a metaphorical "mask" to influence people into aiding him during this challenging period.

*Please See Halloween


To dream of a tricycle represents situational balancing that is carefree or taken care of you. Fixing a problem or regaining composure without any effort of your own. Getting yourself back to normal without any pain, stress, or work. It may also reflect feeling that you are being given all the answers or walked through your problems.


To dream of triplets represents unpredictable situations in your life that require responsibility. Having to be careful or concerned all the time about a new situation, challenging event, or creative process.

Negatively, triplets may reflect a chaotic or unpredictable situation that you are worried will get out of hand.

Alternatively, triplets may reflect 3 competing life situations that are weighing heavily on your mind.

*Please See Children

*Please See Son

*Please See Daughter


To dream of tripping over something represents problems or issues that weren't expected. Poor foresight or not listening enough that caused an embarrassment.

Negatively, tripping over something in a dream may be a sign that you aren't being careful or prepared enough. Casually ignoring advice or a warning.

*Please See Field Trip

*Please See Business Trip

*Please See Drugs


To dream of a troll often represents feelings of negativity, conflict, or disturbance. Trolls in folklore are typically disruptive, malicious creatures, and to see one in a dream could symbolize confrontations with difficult individuals or circumstances in your life. Struggles with internal or external factors that are causing stress, discomfort, or tension. Jealous behavior that wants to undermine you by being snobby, obnoxious, annoying, or saying mean things about you in front of other people.

Positively, dreaming about a troll could symbolize your ability to face adversity or stand up to individuals or situations that are causing disruption or harm. It could suggest a level of resilience or strength in dealing with obstacles, demonstrating your capacity to navigate challenging situations with grace and resolve.

Negatively, dreaming about a troll could represent feelings of being overwhelmed by negativity, experiencing confrontations, or dealing with difficult individuals who cause discord. It might symbolize feelings of annoyance, hostility, or threat. You might feel targeted, harassed, or undermined, or you might be grappling with your own negative behaviors or attitudes. Feelings about obnoxious jealous people that are littler than you in life that want to ruin something you are doing. Annoying behavior that never lets others enjoy success or like believing in themselves.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a troll. In waking life, she felt that her sister dishonestly sided with her mom too much. In this case, a troll may have reflected her feelings of annoyance, negativity, and conflict towards her sister's behavior. The troll might symbolize the perceived maliciousness and disruption caused by her sister's actions, which she felt were unfair and biased. This dream could indicate her struggle to navigate this challenging family dynamic and her feelings of being undermined within her familial relationships.


To dream of a trombone represents expressing feelings about never being in love with yourself while being supportive of other people mattering or feeling important as well. Feeling good not talking about yourself while supporting other people feeling important as well. Feeling good being supportive of people mattering with you. Feeling good not being the most important person so other people like doing things with you. Feelings related to social dynamics and the importance of cooperation and teamwork in your life.

Negatively, dreaming about a trombone may represent the expressing of feelings of supportiveness for other people with whatever they are doing while never wanting anyone to think anything is wrong with you (pain, sadness, depression). Neglecting or denying your own emotional needs while feeling good with supportiveness for other people. A reluctance to acknowledge or address personal pain, sadness, or depression, preferring to focus on uplifting others instead of dealing with your own struggles. Feelings about the dreamer's identity being overshadowed by their role in supporting others.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her husband playing the trombone. In wake life, she was happy to see how supportive her husband was of their son while they bonded. In this case, the trombone may have reflected her husband's ability to uplift and encourage their son, allowing him to feel important and valued, while also feeling secure and content in his own role as a supportive father.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of being at a high school basketball game and seeing a pep band in the distance with a younger version of himself looking sad while playing the trombone. In waking life, he had just broken up with his girlfriend, felt suicidal, and didn't want to tell anyone how bad his life felt. In this case, the trombone may have reflected his feelings of trying to support and uplift others or maintain a sense of normalcy in his social life despite his own deep sadness and desire for help by not talking about his ex-girlfriend or suicide.


To dream of a trophy represents recognition for being the best at something. A reminder of your superiority or status. It may also reflect feeling that something you achieved makes you better than others. Recognition for your hard work.


To dream of a tropical setting represents feelings about a current life situation that is not experiencing any problems. A sense of ease, relaxation, and freedom from stress. A period in your life where things feel smooth, effortless, and devoid of major challenges. A situation that feels problemless as though that's what it's supposed to do. A situation with daily routines of never experiencing problems.

Negatively, dreaming about a tropical setting may represent naivety about believing that a problemless situation can last. Unrealistic expectations regarding the sustainability of a trouble-free period. It may suggest a lack of preparedness or awareness for potential challenges ahead. A false sense of security or an underestimation of lurking issues that could disrupt the current state of tranquility. Feelings about experiencing the last moment of freedom from stress before a major stressful event occurs. Life is inherently dynamic and filled with ups and downs, and dreaming of a perfect, trouble-free environment might be a reminder that challenges and difficulties are a natural part of life. A call to maintain a balanced perspective and be prepared for potential obstacles, even during peaceful times.

To dream of a tropical setting with the sun setting like it's the end of the day represents your awareness of a transition from a period of peace to one of upheaval, problems, or stress. An inevitable conclusion of a harmonious situation. Feelings about a sudden change from tranquility to pain and turmoil which highlight the unpredictability and fragility of life's peaceful moments, emphasizing the need for emotional resilience in the face of inevitable changes and losses.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in a tropical location with a beautiful sunset view. She then feels a sharp sting and sees a black spiral appear on the side of her body. In waking life, her mother had died. In this case, the tropical location may have reflected her feelings of peace and tranquility in her life before her mother's death.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a paradise setting with the sun beginning to set like it was the end of the day. In waking life, he had experienced a long period of mental stability free from hallucinations before slowly beginning to experience the hallucinations suddenly creeping up on him.

*Please See Island


To dream of trouble may mirror waking life feelings about problems, a need for caution, or insecurity. Feelings about losing stability or security. Feeling that nothing stable is long lasting. Feelings of emotional danger to your plans or expectations. Feeling that some area of your life has the potential to be problematic. Feeling about people or situations you want to avoid. Possible indication of avoidant behavior. Concerns about being dragged into other people's problems.

Example: A woman dreamed of having a sense of trouble. In waking life she was feeling that problems might be arising with her eldest child.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a lowlife person who always got into trouble. In waking life she was trying her best to avoid a person.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing another woman experiencing all kinds of trouble. In waking life the dreamer was aware of a woman in her life being on the verge of being homeless and didn't want to help the woman out of concerns of being dragged into her problems.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of a guard helping her to avoid getting into trouble. In waking life she was concerned with needing to do the right thing at work.

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