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To dream of an aerosol can represents a convenient ability to change something.


*Please See Cheating


To dream of showing your affection for someone represents satisfaction and happiness with a current situation. It may also reflect happiness with a relationship or how content you are admiring someone you have a crush on.

*Please See Kissing

*Please See Sex


To dream that you have an affliction represents a problem or difficulty that you may perceive to be unbearable. You may have a problem that is too difficult to get rid of.


*Please See Scared


To dream of being in Africa represents a mindset that is preoccupied with nothing except trying to prove itself. Noticing nothing working and trying your hardest to make it work. You may be focused on issues that you believe are impossible to overcome or goals that are impossible to realize.

Positively, Africa represents practice and training all the time. Asserting yourself regularly. Staying hopeful no matter what.

Negatively, Africa represents feeling that you have to prove yourself all the time just to get by. Feeling that other people proving themselves in life comes before you. Jealousy than nothing is ever working the way you want it to. Too concerned with desiring or dreaming about what you want without seriously going after it. Feeling scared that you can never get ahead. Feeling overwhelmed with the threat of loss.

Example: An elderly single father dreamed of being in Africa. In real life the father's youngest son wanted to move out and the father didn't want him to because he feared being alone. Africa in this dream reflected the father believing that nothing in his life at that moment was working out for him as he tried delaying everything he could to stop his son from moving away towards a life completely without him.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of walking around Africa. In real life she was battling cancer. Africa reflected her feelings about having to fight to stay alive with cancer when none of her treatments were curing her.

*Please See Black People

African Americans

*Please See Black People


To dream of an old style Afro hairstyle represents a thinking style that overly enthusiastic about embracing something completely like it's fantastic, while not caring what anyone else thinks about it. Embracing liking whatever you're thinking with enthusiasm that might seem overzealous about thinking it's fantastic to someone else.

Negatively, dreaming about an old style Afro may represent a thinking style that feels good embracing something in a way that is overly enthusiastic, outdated, and out of touch with current realities. A thinking style that feels exceptionally good embracing things in ways that are completely out of touch with what other people think. Enjoying yourself thinking nobody else thinks a topic is outdated to talk about before reality sets in that it was. Embarrassment that you or someone else is over-enthusiastic about old ideas that look stupid wanting to to begin with. Feeling silly that you liked talking to people about the past in a enthusiastic way when they think it's outdated. A sense of being disconnected from current realities or trends. Being perceived as overly enthusiastic about ideas or attitudes that others may consider obsolete or out of touch. There might be a feeling of embarrassment or awkwardness associated with this disconnection, suggesting a possible need for adjustment or adaptation.

Alternatively, an old style Afro haircut may reflect feelings about enthusiastically repeating the past in ways that may look overzealous and outdated to other people. Feelings about being too late with an enthusiastic attitude in a situation. Feeling good about outdated topics that other people have grown bored of discussing a long time ago. Feeling good thinking or talking about dead people in enthusiastic ways of whom other people might think is too concerned with inappropriately reliving the past. Feeling outdated and excessive that you believed you could enjoy reliving the past or repeat youthful behavior that is best suited for younger people.

To dream of fearing someone with an old style Afro may be a sign that you are apprehensive or uncomfortable with a person with an enthusiastic or "happening" attitude that is perceived as outdated or out of touch with current realities. Fear of speaking up to parents or older people about ideas they have that are embarrassingly outdated.

To dream of smaller modern afro represents a thinking style that is acceptable about embracing liking whatever it's doing like it's fantastic. A thinking style that's not outrageous or overzealous about embracing liking something more than someone else.

Example: A woman had a nightmare about seeing a faceless man with an Afro standing over her bed. In waking life, she was pregnant with a baby by a man she hardly knew when she already had 2 children. In this case, the Afro may have reflected her feelings about having a third child by a man she hardly knew being looked at by all her friends and family as embracing an idea of family life that was outdated, excessive, and out of touch with current realities.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing an old friend and he had an Afro. In waking life, this friend has died years ago and she felt stupid trying to feel good talking about him to friends because everyone had gotten over his death years ago and moved on. In this case, the afro may have reflected his feelings about his feelings about being overly enthusiastic about embracing discussions about a deceased person that nobody else wanted to talk about.

The symbolism for this hairstyle is based on the common perception of large Afros being an outrageously humorous outdated hairstyle from the disco era.


To dream of the afternoon represents the middle point of a project or task, indicating that the dreamer is halfway through and still has work to do. Feeling that there is still much to be done, and that the dreamer should not become complacent or lose sight of their goals. A reminder to stay focused, remain motivated, and continue working towards one's aspirations. A phase of life that is comfortable and settled.

Negatively, dreaming about the afternoon may indicate a sense of boredom, monotony, or feeling trapped in a routine. This could stem from a desire for a certain aspect of your life to be comfortable and settled, but realizing that this is not possible. It may also reflect feelings of crisis or major problems that have arisen in your waking life, after you initially felt comfortable and settled with how things were going. This dream can serve as a reminder that life is constantly changing and that it is important to be adaptable and flexible in order to navigate through challenges and obstacles.

Example: A woman dreamed of being at home doing her job counselling a young woman as a minister in the afternoon when her ex-boyfriend knocked on the door and came inside asking where to put his clothes. In waking life she was preparing for a women's conference and ministering to others. She hadn't thought of her ex in a very long time. In this case the symbolism for the afternoon may have reflected her feelings about being in the middle of her job or preparation for the women's conference while experiencing a distraction.

Example 2: A woman dreamed that it was afternoon in the garden with her family under a big tree that was bearing different types of fruits that the whole family ate. After a while of eating she began to feel strange and spit the fruits out. In waking life she was thinking about her growth at her work and how frustrating it was because she wanted to buy a house for family to all live under one roof. In this case the afternoon may have reflected her desire for a comfortable and settled financial life.


To dream of age often reflects the level of maturity or experience a person has in a certain situation. A young age points to lack of experience or new situations. An old age points to experienced aspects of our selves.

Your age in a dream may also be a reflection of how enthusiastic or bored you are with an area of your life.

The number of your age may also be symbolic. Refer to the themes section for dream numerology for a more in depth look at number symbolism.


To dream of an agent represents an aspect yourself that does everything on another's behalf. You or someone else that does all the work for someone else so that they don't have to. Acting or speaking for someone else.

Negatively, an agent may reflect avoidance. It may also be a sign that you are too willing to let others do your bidding or make your decisions for you.

To dream of being an agent represents your attempt to speak for others or manage someone else's affairs. Negatively, it may be a sign that you are too controlling over someone else's life.

*Please See Secret Agent

*Please See Realtor


To dream of exhibiting aggression represents confrontation with problems. You may also have deep rooted hostility towards a person or situation.


To dream of aging in a dream represents feelings about witnessing yourself or someone else slowly becoming wiser about a situation.

Negatively, aging in a dream may reflect the awareness of yourself slowly becoming annoyed or bored with something. Becoming bored with other people's behavior because you have witnessed so much of it from so many different types of situations. The slow growing awareness of experiencing people prove their childishness or selfishness to you. Slow growing annoyance with relationships. Slowly learning about personality problems in people you have only heard of and not experienced first hand before.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing the face of a woman who was giving him oral sex slowly age into a old woman. In waking life he was slowly growing annoyed with his girlfriend using him for his money. The aging in this case may have reflected his slow growing awareness of his girlfriend using him for money and not really loving him at all.


To dream of being in agony represents a nagging problem or lingering unhappiness with certain areas of your life.


To dream of agoraphobia represents anxiety about limited choices or final decisions. You may feel trapped or "locked" into something. You may not want to give up your current way of living or don't like feeling that you "have" to do something.


To dream of an agreement represents a resolution to a conflict or problem. An agreement may also reflect your feelings about a partnership.


To dream of having AIDS or sexually transmitted diseases represents thoughts and feelings associated with choices or mistakes that fill you with powerful regret. You may feel permanently contaminated, ruined, or compromised.

AIDS or STDs can also be symbols associated regrets or concerns over sexual partners you've had. You may feel dirty, or violated.

Example: A young man had recurring dreams of having AIDS. In waking life he regretted losing virginity with someone he didn't care about at all.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing someone with AIDS. In waking life he experiencing total financial loss after not having listened to advice he was given.


To dream of aiming for something represents a goal you are trying to achieve. Aiming a gun or weapon may reflect self-control issues or your attempt to assert yourself.

Aiming a weapon may also represent your attempt to use power or resources to achieve a goal. It may also be a sign that you want to take control over a situation. You are aiming for something you want in life.


To dream about air represents a crucial element in your ability to believe in yourself, feel normal, succeed, or prosper that you take for granted without giving it much thought.
This often related to communication, intellect, freedom, or spiritual matters. Air in dreams may also signify life, energy, and vitality. Freedom, creativity, intelligence, or inspiration that is crucial to your life or a situation functioning properly.

Positively, dreaming about air may represent a sense of freedom, tranquility, or spiritual insight. It can signify being clear-headed, intellectually at peace, or having clarity about your life's goals or purpose. Breathing fresh air in a dream might reflect a new beginning, spiritual awakening, or the release of negative thoughts or emotions.

To dream of fresh air represents the need for a fresh start or a new perspective. A new beginning, spiritual awakening, or the release of negative thoughts or emotions. Expressing thoughts openly. Feeling that nothing stops you from thinking it's easy that new things can happen without anything stopping you.

To dream of clean air may reflect feelings about life situations where you are free to think clearly and make decisions without feeling hindered or pressured. It can indicate a sense of liberation, clarity, and optimism in your waking life.

To dream of polluted or suffocating air might represent feeling restricted, suffocated, or intellectually stifled. Feeling overwhelmed by negative thoughts, situations, or influences. A lack of air might signify feelings of suffocation in a relationship, a job, personal situation, or clarity of thought. It may also reflect feelings of stress, anxiety, or hopelessness. Feelings of dread, stress, or fear that are overwhelming your ability to believe in yourself without thinking about it too much. A crucial element to believing in yourself, your happiness, or success is hindered. Feeling that something is wrong with the ease of which freedom, creativity, intelligence, or inspiration that you need to feel normal.

To dream of air running out represents feelings of stress, suffocation, and being overwhelmed. You may feel a lack of freedom or that your ability to think clearly and make decisions is being impeded. Feelings about running out of options or opportunities. Feelings of being trapped in a situation or relationship, or it could reflect increasing pressure in your waking life. Feeling stressed out, or the fear of being unable to cope with a situation. A sign that you need to take a step back and breathe, or to remove yourself from a stifling situation or relationship.

To dream that air is still breathable while underwater may represent feelings about being overwhelmed by uncertainty or serious problems having no affect of your ability to believe in yourself or function normally while not giving it much thought. Problems don't feel impossible to deal with as long as you don't make it worse, anger someone, or choose being ruined. Crucial skills, finances, or support systems that you take for granted make a serious situation manageable or livable. Friends or family are supporting you during the worst problem of your life making life feel normal even if it isn't normal.

Example: A woman dreamed that air was breathable while she was underwater. In waking life, she was experiencing financial problems due to being unemployed. In this case, the air being breathable under the water may have reflected her feelings of unexpected relief or the ease with which she was navigating her financial problems, despite the difficult circumstances.

*Please See Breathing

Air Conditioner

To dream of an air conditioner represents your attempt to keep calm, cool, or collected. Trying your best to not worry, keep relaxed, or prevent anger from erupting. Keeping a negative situation progressing as smoothly as you can. Trying hard to maintain composure.

To dream of an air conditioner not working represents your ability to keep calm or relaxed while under pressure than has been compromised. You've lost a helpful resource or tool to keep stress or negative feelings at bay.

Example: A man dreamed of feeling that it was important to run an air conditioner. In waking life he was considering killing himself and was trying his hardest to wait for something good to happen to make him change his mind. The air conditioner reflected his attempt to keep his mind off killing himself and maintain composure in his life.

Air Force

To dream of the air force represents a defensive attitude about your ability to be free or independent. A conflict with a person or situation that wants to hijack your freedom or independence for good. A collaborative defense against someone or something that is interfering with your free will, creativity, success, or ability to do things on your own terms.

*Please See Fighter Jet

Air Freshener

To dream of an air freshener represents you or someone else that is forcing a situation to feel better or "positiver." Making sure that a situation has to feel improved no matter what.

An air freshener may reflect forced concession or compromises that allow you or someone else to feel more confident, respected, or cared about.

If the air freshener is too overpowering it may be a sign that you or someone else is going too far to cater to other people's feelings. It may also be a sign that you are annoyed by a compromise you've made to smooth out a bumpy relationship.

Air Raid Siren

To dream of an air raid siren represents feelings of being overwhelmed by things you can't control. Anxiety, fear, or terror that you must focus on self-preservation before all else. Fear of doing anything except being cautious. A warning or intuitive feeling that you need to drop what you are doing to avoid a threat. A top priority to avoid danger that is "out of the blue." Feeling a lack of control in your life. Closing yourself off because you feel a situation is too dangerous.

Negatively, an air raid siren may be a sign that you are terrified of having to confront certain people or situations. Avoiding people or situations that you don't like at all costs. An emotional threat that you would so anything to avoid.


To dream of Airbnb represents feelings about being easily being yourself like it's normal in a completely different way if you want to. Feeling good not being a loser than can notice normal somewhere else or a different way if you want to. Easily feeling like you belong or aren't doing anything unusual somewhere else if you want to. Someone else's sense of normal feels better for you. Feeling belonging all the time without a reason needed to belong.

Example: A young man dreamed of going to an AirBNB residence. In waking he was overly excited about his local gym opening a second location. The AirBNB symbolism in this case may have reflected his feelings about easily enjoying his gym as he normally does in a completely different location if he wanted to take a break from his current gym instead paying to go to an alternative gym. He felt he belonged in the new gym without a reason.

Aircraft Carrier

To dream of an aircraft carrier represents feelings about the capacity for power projection, readiness for action, or preparedness for a significant undertaking while putting up with powerful uncertainty. An ambitious endeavor, a large-scale project, or a situation that requires substantial resources or preparation. Your thoughts about the importance of strategy, organization, and readiness for potential challenges or opportunities. Feeling that confronting a problem isn't for the rest of your life because you are supported.

Positively, dreaming about an aircraft carrier might symbolize capability, strength, or a sense of confidence in your ability to manage large tasks or complex situations. A conscious choice to prepare for a big venture, indicating a proactive approach or strategic thinking. It could also be indicative of your ability to mobilize resources effectively or deal with multiple tasks simultaneously.

Negatively, dreaming about an aircraft carrier could represent feelings of being overwhelmed or burdened by big responsibilities. Anxiety about an impending challenge, a fear of failure, or stress from juggling too many tasks or expectations. Perhaps you feel inadequately prepared for a significant project or situation, or you might be dealing with difficulties in coordinating resources or efforts. Feelings about a significant power or a large-scale operation that poses a threat or challenge. A situation in your waking life where you feel you are up against a large-scale problem or institution that seems daunting or overpowering. Feelings about enemies or competition not being a wimp about confronting you without worrying about the uncertainty of how long it will take.

To dream of an aircraft carrier that is being sinking in water represents feelings about the diminishing capacity or failure of a significant project or venture due to overwhelming uncertainty. The collapse of a major endeavor, facing setbacks, or struggling with a situation that has proven to be more challenging than initially expected. A lack of resources, poor planning, or failure to manage complex situations effectively. Confidence that you could confront a problem or enemy for the rest of your life with support is eroding.

To dream of an aircraft carrier being attacked represents feelings about a significant project, undertaking, or your capacity to handle large tasks coming under threat or scrutiny. Challenges, opposition, or obstacles that are compromising your strategic efforts or resources. An unexpected problem or enemy that has targeted your capability, readiness, or confidence. A crisis, a significant setback, or a fear of failure. A threat to your security, status, or power, particularly in a situation where you felt fully prepared and equipped. Such a dream may be prompting you to reevaluate your strategy, defenses, or ability to manage significant challenges or threats.

Airplane Crash

To dream of an airplane crashing represents plans, projects, or something you have just started that has now failed. Major setbacks, oversights, or disappointments. Something in your life that you were "getting off the ground" has become a disaster emotionally.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing planes crash. In waking life she had survived Hurricane Katrina and was watching many of the plans she had for her life being completely destroyed.

Example 2: A woman had a recurring nightmare about being on an airplane that crashed. In waking life she was concerned about exciting business opportunities at work that she was involved with failing because she felt that they were too good to go on forever.

*Please See Airplanes

*Please See Crash

Airplane Tickets

To dream of airplane tickets represents ideas, solutions, or answers to problems that gives momentum to plans you have. An event or piece of information that gives you the power or needed resources to make something happen. The ability to initiate an experience or get something "off the ground."

Example: A man dreamed of being handed airplane tickets. In real life he experienced new medical symptoms that finally forced doctors to take his illness seriously.


To dream of an airplane represents the trajectory or momentum of plans, ideas, or projects that you wish to "get off the ground." Positively, airplanes are a reflection of successful experiences that are progressing. Everything coming together to ensure a desired controlled outcome.

Negatively, airplanes may reflect the realization plans, ideas, or projects that aren't working out as expected. Everything seems to be coming together to ensure an outcome that can't be stopped. Alternatively, an airplane may reflect frustration or jealousy at seeing someone else succeeding or gaining momentum with their plans. Not liking experiencing someone doing something you can't do or are unable to stop.

To dream of missing a flight represents lost opportunities or feeling that everything that could go wrong is going wrong. Plans are not working out as you had hoped. You may be juggling too many responsibilities. Something you are striving for is elusive. Pushing harder may not be a good solution to your problems. It may be a good idea to slow down. Better planning or preparation may be helpful.

To dream of an airplane taking off symbolizes plans, ideas, or projects taking off. There is momentum or progress. It may also reflect a situation that can't be stopped.

To dream of an airplane crashing represents a loss of momentum, progress, or confidence. Plans or projects that you thought would work suddenly fail.

To dream of an airplane that aborts a flight represents delays or disappointments with plans or projects you have.

To dream of flying on a plane to another country represents the realization of plans or choices leading a different mental state. A current situation is moving you towards completely different emotions or focus.

To dream of an invisible airplane may reflect feelings of uncertainty about your progress in situation. Feeling success or progress without being able to effectively see it happening.

Dreams of airplanes can sometimes reflect our feelings about people dying or the journey of death. For example, a elderly man dreamed of his deceased wife having caught an earlier plane then him. The dream most likely symbolized his feelings about his journey to the afterlife being close at hand after experiencing his wife's death. People may also experience a dream of someone who has recently died telling them it's time to get off the plane at the current stop while the deceased person is supposed to continue with the flight.

Example: A woman dreamed of being on an airplane that always got aborted. In real life she was having problems turning a hobby of hers into a business venture. Problems kept arising that delayed her goals.

Example 2: A man dreamed of an airplane taking off in the dark. In real life they had a co-worker that was about to release an ambitious business plan during very uncertain times.

Example 3: A man dreamed seeing an airplane in a hanger. In real life he was unemployed and very bored waiting for another job.

Example 4: A woman dreamed about missing an airplane to New York. In waking life she was very anxious about a business trip to New York being successful because she would miss out on an entire season to showcase her products if anything went wrong at all.

Example 5: A person dreamed of an evacuation airplane landing. In waking life she was about to undergo emergency surgery.

Example 6: A man had recurring dreams of flights to China that never happen. In waking life he felt that his wish to become a doctor were repeatedly being put off or delayed.

*Please See Airport

*Please See Airplane Tickets

*Please See Flight Attendant

*Please See Landing


To dream of an airport represents the beginning or the end of plans or ideas. Waiting to depart on a plane reflects a new idea or plan that is ready to take off. You are approaching a new departure in your life. You may be preparing to experience a new relationship, new career path or new adventure.

Waiting for a plane to land reflects a current plan or idea that is finishing up. You may be expecting a relationship, career, or adventure to come to an end.

Positively, dreaming about an airport may reflect high ambitions or high expectations as you prepare to embark on a new plan, project, or new situation.

Negatively, an airport may reflect a naive, unprepared, or hasty mindset as you embark on new situations. Getting involved in new situations you are completely unqualified for. Getting ready to do something for a long period of time or the rest of your life without really thinking it through properly.

Alternatively, an airport may reflect your feelings about preparing to travel. An elderly woman dreamed of being in an airport filling out forms. In waking life she was busy planning for a trip Israel that should couldn't afford at all with no serious plan to actually travel.

Example: A woman dreamed of feeling helpless to get to the airport. In waking life she was frustrated by her husband not contributing to the family bills enough to help the family move on to a better life.


To dream of waking down an aisle represents a transitional phase. Alternatively, it may represent conflicting choices or viewpoints.

To dream of walking down a wedding aisle represents progression towards a psychological or situational unification. Problems or situations that are close to becoming more significant or obvious.

To dream of a store isle represents a selective attitude. You or someone else that is totally focused on picking or choosing the things you want or wish to experience. A state of mind where you are casually or confidently acquiring whatever you want. Consider the type of store for additional symbolism.


To dream of an AK47 rifle represents decision-making cancelling power that isn't afraid to waste "ammo" or get too personal if required to never accept a problem again. Decision-making control with cancelling power that can both deal with something individual if it wants to or everything at once. Picking a problem off individually if it needed or picking off all your problems at once. Having the power to cancel problems as quickly as you can to while not being the absolute

Negatively, dreaming of an AK47 may represent fear of decision-making with cancelling power that terrifies you that it doesn't have to respect anything about you left if it doesn't want to. Feeling frustrated by problems you want to get rid of that allow you to take your time if you want to. Feeling fearless with problems that may require you to exhaust resources if you focus too hard cancelling them out at once when you don't need to.

Example: A man dreamed of a woman in army clothing forcefully handing him an AK47, but he refused. In waking life he was frustrated about finances while also having relationship frustrations. The AK47 in this case may have reflected his feeling about the seriousness of his relationship frustrations motivating him to fearlessly deal with debt or bills as intelligently and quickly as possible while not being afraid to waste his money doing so.


To dream of an alarm represents a sense of urgency in a relationship or situation. A conflict you or someone else is experiencing that requires attention. Anxiety or stress may have reached an upper limit.

Alternatively, an alarm may represent a breaching of boundaries or limits. You or someone else may have gone too far with something.

Alarm Clock

To dream of an alarm clock represents a nagging reminder for urgent action. You may have responsibilities or people that require your attention. Alternatively, you may fear not having enough time to meet deadlines or accomplish a goal.


To dream of Alaska represents a free state of mind that prefers to put up with something difficult to enjoy doing something different than what everyone else is doing. A free state of mind that feels good being on it's own with something different or difficult. Enjoying doing whatever you want while never needing to think anyone else matters because your enduring something difficult or different all the time. Enjoying a difficult or different job that doesn't need anyone else around. A free state of mind that doesn't fear being on it's own. A free state of mind where nobody bothers you if you don't want them to.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing an Alaskan landscape. In waking life she was a Canadian preparing for business meetings in Europe with potential investors. The Alaskan symbolism in this case may have reflected her feelings about how easy it would be to get investors for her business if she was willing to endure travelling to Europe when Europe may have been an unusual difficult experience to get investors while on her own.


To dream of an albatross represents an aspect of yourself that navigate through difficult or uncertain situations with ease and grace by never hesitating or explaining itself. Behavior that is noticeably not being a wimp about doing whatever it needs to do by never hesitating or explaining it to other people because it's faster that way. This dream may also reflect your willingness to take risks or explore new opportunities, even if they seem daunting or uncertain. Feeling that if you confidently not see a problem as a problem, then it probably won't be. Never excepting that you will not save yourself from whatever you have to save yourself from. A professional attitude about never hesitating or explaining yourself no matter what happens during uncertain situations.

Negatively, dreaming about an albatross may represents feelings that it's faster to get away with with something by never hesitating or explaining it. You or someone else that "steals the show" without hesitation or explanation. Pushing through any obstacle or challenge without hesitation or explanation that is admirable and effective, but may also lead to a disregard for consequences or accountability. Taking whatever you want to fix your problem.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a large albatross standing in front of him faced away from him. In waking life, the man was experiencing cops criminally claiming to be protective of a dangerous situation as the reason they temporarily obstructed him from having them arrested. The lie claimed it was important to fix the dangerous situation without hesitation or explanation because the danger seemed obvious, when it was actually an excuse to commit more crime. In this case, the albatross may have reflected the cops corrupt behavior pushing through legal obstacles without accountability.

Albert Einstein

To dream of Albert Einstein represents an aspect of your personality that is more incredible than other people (or getting the most attention for) for being assumed the most intelligent person there is about a subject like it's always easy. Behavior that feels like it's always successful about having the right answers. Feelings about intelligent concepts explained to you like it's interesting and easy.

Negatively, dreaming about Albert Einstein may represent too much focus on yourself needing to get attention or being seen as the most incredibly intelligent person there is about a subject like it's always easy by people around you. Unrealistic expectations to be the most intelligent person you know that distracts you from focusing. The narcissism of always expecting to look good assumed or talked about as most intelligent that distracts you from focusing. Feeling that it's awesome or entertaining to like science for the most popular, fun, or interesting parts that doesn't really like thinking intelligent beyond that part. Feeling disillusioned about a serious or difficult matter that was initially explained to you in the most intelligent, interesting, or fun way because you don't like how serious the subject matter becomes once you're personally involved with it. A decreasing interest in difficult subjects as the initial excitement and fascination wane over time. Dependency on someone more intelligent than yourself to make difficult subjects seem easy and interesting.

Example: A woman dreams of attending a lecture by Albert Einstein. He explains the theory of relativity in a way that is easy to understand. She is amazed by his brilliance and inspired to enroll in physics class. In waking life, she was struggling in her physics class. She was having trouble understanding the material and feeling discouraged. In this case, Albert Einstein may have reflected her feelings about being disillusioned by the difficulty of physics after initially being sold on the idea of taking the class by a teacher or other students involved who talked about the most interesting novel concepts of physics like they were easy.

Example 2: A man dreamed of working in a laboratory with Albert Einstein collaborating on a groundbreaking experiment. He had a lot of excitement and anticipation about changing the world with their discovery. In waking life, he was feeling stuck in his scientific research. He was not making any progress and starting to doubt his abilities. In this case, Einstein may have reflected his initial interest in the most interesting novel parts of his scientific research while being unable to do anything except aspire to intellectual greatness while slowly realizing that progress wasn't possible. Einstein may have also reflected his feelings about getting attention or talking to people intelligently about his theory and not wanting to give up out of fear of looking stupid that nothing he was working on was as intelligent as he thought.

Example 3: A child dreamed of flying through space with Albert Einstein exploring different galaxies and planets. They were filled with wonder to learn about the vastness and mystery of the universe. In waking life, he was fascinated by science and astronomy and always asking his teacher questions. In this case, Einstein may have reflected his feelings about how interesting and easy science and astronomy were to learn with the aid of a teacher explaining the most interesting parts. The dream may also hint at the child's dependency on their interesting teacher to enjoy science and astronomy while not liking learning about it alone.


To dream of an albino represents an aspect of your personality that has a mindset that doesn't need to think about itself as having anything wrong with it while everyone else does. Behavior that can't see itself having to told it has a problem when it might have to be told all the time.

Negatively, dreaming of an Albino person represents ignorant resistance or defensiveness in the face of criticism or pressure because respecting someone safely is important. Feeling uncomfortable talking to someone about a very obvious problem or unusual situation they are involved with. Difficulty singling someone out or telling them that they are weird because they are family life to you. Anxiety about standing out or being singled out for perceived shortcomings or failures. Putting up with someone else's problem all the time because it's not nice to speak about it.

Example: A man dreamed of an albino man yelling at him. In real life he was behind on a work project with a deadline and felt his boss begin to pressure him to complete it. The yelling albino man in this case may have reflected the dreamer's own resistance or defensiveness in the face of criticism or pressure to complete his work project on time. He may have grown accustomed to be treated with respect for a prolonged delay meeting his deadline while his boss wasn't liking waiting.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of seeing a female albino angel inside an abandoned building. In waking life the dreamer's friend had died and shortly before the death had married his girlfriend. In this case the female albino angel may have reflected the perception of her deceased friend's girlfriend as a rare and special individual who has transcended the imperfections and limitations of life while some people may find it unusual to get married right before one partner passes away.

Example 3: A gay older man dreamed of an albino moth In waking life he was having issues with body image that he couldn't quite seem to get over. In this case the albino moth may have reflected the dreamer's feeling of being different compared to others when it came to his body image issues. He may have liked feeling nobody telling him he had anything wrong with is body, but was annoyed the issue had to be brought up to make him stand out.


To dream of alchemy represents feelings of expertise at transforming things in life that nobody like or respects into something beautiful or valuable. A special "knack" for "turning shit into gold."

Negatively, alchemy in a dream may reflect a tendency to talk about incredible transformations that can't be proven or repeated. Lying about change that is generally accepted as impossible. Desiring or living in want of an impossible transformation. Embarrassing yourself not accepting your losses or proven impotence. A naive belief that you can simply transform a loss with an incredible feat.


To dream of drinking alcohol may represent the potential to go too far with your ideas or interests. Positively, it may reflect how you are enjoying yourself with something you really like.

*Please See Rubbing Alcohol

*Please See Beer

*Please See Wine


To dream of an alcoholic represents you or someone else that can't stop themselves from going overboard with something they enjoy. Having a problem controlling yourself. "Burning yourself out" with your interests or something that gives you pleasure.

An alcoholic may also reflect a dependency on something you like doing that is destroying you. Something or someone may be too beautiful to stop liking.

*Please See Drunk


To dream of algae represents feelings of being unable to stop something in your life from growing or developing. Growth or progress being made that you find unpleasant. Something flourishing that you don't like. Something that you find annoying or too time consuming to clean up after.

Negatively, algae may reflect problems in your life that are developing that you find easier to do nothing about. Allowing a problem to fester or overgrow.

Example: A woman dreamed of algae growing on a glass above a sink. In waking life she had allowed her husband to ejaculate in her during sex in the heat of the moment and was starting to have second thoughts about her potential pregnancy. The dream may have reflected her feelings of being unable to do anything about the insemination that was cultivating inside her body and her consideration of getting rid of the baby.

Alicia Keys

To dream of Alicia Keys represents an aspect of personality that is more incredible than other people (or gets the most attention) for behavior that's feeling good believing in itself in control of itself while deserving to make people see who you are as a person that's never afraid. Never being angry while deserving to be certain you are never afraid while believing in yourself for who you are as a person. A sense of empowerment and self-worth, where you feel deserving of recognition and respect for who you are as a person, without succumbing to fear or anger. Showcasing your true self without fear.

Positively, dreaming about Alicia Keys might symbolize a strong sense of self, emotional intelligence, and the ability to maintain composure in challenging situations. Your ability to stay true to yourself and your values, even in the face of adversity or societal pressures. This dream could also indicate a period of self-acceptance and confidence, where you feel comfortable in your skin and confident in your decisions. Feeling good responsible about not being afraid to be who you are to other people. A desire to showcase your true self to others without fear or hesitation. Feel at ease with who you are and secure in your choices while being aware of yourself getting attention.

Negatively, dreaming about Alicia Keys may represent situations overdoing feeling good respecting yourself for the rest of your life living without fear for the sake of appearances that other people might not be as interested in as you are. Situations where you might overdo being in control of yourself being unafraid for appearances. Situations where you don't like being fear being forced on you to accept yourself for who you are as a person. A disconnect between your outward confidence and inner insecurities, or you might be putting too much emphasis on appearing strong and unshakeable.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing Alicia Keys on a train nagging him to not take LSD which made him put the LSD away. In waking life, he wanted to purchase psychedelic mushrooms from a local store when the store was questionable legally and still controversial. The store required you to register yourself on a computer in order to make a purchase and had been raided by police once already. He was experienced taking hallucinogenics to the point that he spoke to a group of people about believing that it was never a good idea to take hallucinogenics while afraid. He didn't want to fear the police after making his purchase so he refused to make one. In this case, Alicia Keys may have reflected feelings about himself being experienced and in control of himself with hallucinogenics (Keys experience with piano) talking to a group of people about deserving to never be afraid for who you are (Alicia Keys) while ingesting them to enjoy the experience better.

Alien Invasion

To dream of an alien invasion represents feelings of being overwhelmed, threatened, or overtaken by unfamiliar or unknown forces in your waking life. Feelings of being overwhelmed by situations or changes that feel beyond your control or radically different from anything you've experienced before. Thoughts on the importance of adapting to change, facing the unknown, or dealing with feelings of invasion or violation in some area of your life. Feelings of being invaded, intruded upon, manipulated, or controlled by external influences or outside pressures that you perceive as foreign or alien to your usual experience. Fears of the unknown, feelings of losing control, or experiencing changes that are completely outside of your understanding or comfort zone. Feeling overwhelmed or overtaken by unusual events or behavior that usually never happens.

Negatively, dreaming about an alien invasion could represent feelings of fear, anxiety, or insecurity about changes or challenges that you do not understand or feel unprepared to handle. Confronting unexpected challenges or changes that are beyond your control. A confrontation with something utterly different that challenges your perceptions or beliefs. Anxiety about losing your identity, your sense of security, or the familiar aspects of your life to influences that feel invasive and threatening. Fears of the unknown, feelings of losing control, or experiencing changes that are completely outside of your understanding or comfort zone. Feelings about being overwhelmed or outnumbered by a group of unusual people. Feelings of being threatened by the unknown, losing control, or having your personal space or boundaries violated. A situation where external pressures or unfamiliar situations are causing stress and uncertainty. Feelings about a group of "weirdos" that are trying to take over your life in some manner. Confrontation with unusual criminal situations that defy the law beyond expectation and haven't been caught yet.

Example: A man dreamed of experiencing an alien invasion. In waking life, he was an honest dream dictionary author who had to experience a group of ignorant people whom he didn't know being caught by police using his dream dictionary for criminal communication purposes instead of psychology. In this case, the alien invasion may have reflected the foreign and unwelcome intrusion into his life by individuals with intentions radically different from his own. He may have felt invaded by a group of "weirdos" (criminals) who were misusing his work in a manner that was unusual and never bothered to think of him as a person.


To dream of aliens represents aspects of your personality that are unfamiliar, unknown, or unusual. An alien may also represent a situation in your life that you can't do anything about. You may also be observing, or experiencing things that are not normal for you. Things that may be hard to explain or understand.

To dream of being an alien represents your feelings of being an outsider, being unaccepted, or misunderstood. You may feel like you don't belong, or can't fit in.

Interesting: People who take ayahuasca often see visions of aliens. This may reflect their feelings about how alien it is to have a supernatural spiritual experience while taking ayahuasca as the shamanic tea is known to make people hear voices or reach into your body to heal you.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing an evil alien inside his bathtub drain staring at him as the water went down the drain. In waking life, he was experiencing a dangerous and unusual detoxification that had no explanation. He felt God was behind it controlling it and questioned why God would want to do this to him to heal him. In this case, the evil alien may have reflected his feelings of fear, confusion, and powerlessness regarding the mysterious and unexplained nature of his detoxification process.

*Please See UFO


To dream of paying alimony represents "paying" for past actions and mistakes. A bad reputation may still effect you, you may be living with the consequences of bad choices, or you have obligations linked to your past.

All-Seeing Eye

To dream of the all-seeing eye represents a higher level of awareness, or becoming more conscious of yourself and of the world around you. You may be experiencing a time in your life where you are mentally, or spiritually evolving.

The all-seeing eye is common to users of ayahuasca or other hallucinogenic substances as it symbolizes the higher level of consciousness, awareness, or insight that is being gained while using the substances. It also reflects the feelings the user has of connecting to something greater than themselves.


To dream of allergies represents sensitively to certain people or situations. You may feel that you are physically or emotionally limited from doing something.


*Please See Back Lane


To dream of an alligator represents a situation in your life that you feel is a dangerous lurking threat. A sense of lurking danger, latent power, and hidden threats. Feelings of fear, trepidation, or threat from a lurking threat to your safety. Your inner fears or suspicions regarding a dangerous situation or person in your life. Feeling that a problem has rocked your sense of balance or safety. Feeling shaken by something or struggling to contain a problem. An alligator may also reflect a powerful fear you have. An alligator may be a sign that you need to put more effort into confronting your fears or start speaking to someone about your problems. Fears about a formidable force that, although currently at rest, can spring into action with little warning.

Negatively, dreaming about an alligator may represent a warning of an impending threat that is hidden or an unresolved issue. It might symbolize feelings of anxiety about being backstabbed or encountering unexpected problems. The alligator could also represent a powerful fear or an emotional struggle that you're trying to repress. There might be a situation or person you don't fully trust or a feeling of inevitable danger. Your own threats to other people with a serious warning or serious loss. Underlying fears, unresolved issues, or threats that one is aware of but chooses to ignore. Looming problems.

An alligator may reflect the potential danger you feel from a job layoff, argument, or interpersonal problem. It may also reflect feelings about the threat of loss or feeling that a crisis may be at hand.

To dream of eating alligator represents overcoming a dangerous situation or lurking threat. Overcoming fears or challenges that you once considered extremely daunting or dangerous. Strong confidence that a lurking threat can never intimidate you, scare you, or bother you again. Gaining strength, courage, and power from facing your fears directly. A victorious conquest over threatening circumstances. The assimilation of a tough experience and learning from adversities.

Example: A man dreamed of alligators following him. In waking life, he was trying to avoid financial bankruptcy. In this case, the alligators may have reflected his sense of danger about his failing finances and inability to cover bills having to potential to cause financial ruin.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being chased by a flying alligator. In waking life, he was severely traumatized by a hurricane disaster. In this case, being chased by a flying alligator may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about the lingering and dangerous possibility of another hurricane occurring.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing an alligator chasing his daughter. In waking life, he got very angry with his daughter because he feared for her safety. He felt that he may have overreacted. In this case, the alligator chasing his daughter may have reflected the perceived danger or threat he believed his daughter was facing, causing him to feel shaken and overprotective.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of holding a baby alligator. In waking life, she was threatening her husband with God's wrath because he had cheated on her with another woman. In this case, the alligator may have reflected her feelings about her threats intending to convey a sense of imminent danger and consequences for her husband's infidelity. She felt that God's wrath was a lurking spiritual threat that her husband needed to fear if he was to continue living immorally.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of walking over a tightrope with alligators below her. In waking life, she was carefully trying to maintain perfectly acceptable behavior at work to avoid being fired. In this case, the alligators may have reflected her feelings about the potential or lurking threat of being fired if she made a mistake at work. She felt that lots of people at her workplace were gossiping about her making the problem worse.

Example 6: A man dreamed of seeing an alligator-headed man raping another man anally. In waking life, he was he felt that leaving for vacation wasn't possible because a dangerous lurking legal threat appeared right before he left for vacation. In this case, the alligator man raping the other man may have reflected the dreamer's overwhelming sense of violation and helplessness in the face of a sudden and unexpected potentially dangerous legal threat that disrupted his plans for a vacation.

Example 7: A woman dreamed of seeing a dangerous alligator with its teeth falling out. In waking life, her father-in-law was safely recovering in the hospital after a serious fall. In this case, the alligator with teeth falling out may have reflected her feelings about the lurking threat to her father-in-law's health which was beginning to lose vitality as hospital staff helped him to recover.


To dream of getting an allowance represents a sense of freedom with boundaries or limitations. A person or situation that helps you as long as certain rules or obligations are met. You may feel that you have to conform to others wishes or behave accordingly in order to receive assistance or permission.


To dream of an almanac represents following advice, looking ahead, or solving problems based on assumptions. Following a course of action based on what is expected or assumed. Consideration of probabilities.

Negatively, an almanac may be a sign that you need to think more for yourself or take more precautions to ensure stability. It may be a bad idea to allow assumptions to guide your decisions or make risky choices without considering the unexpected. Overestimation or underestimation that a situation will turn out perfect.


To dream of almonds represents quality, substance, or richness. An area of your life that needs to be full of meaning or purpose.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing someone having an almond surgically placed in their brains. In real life she was doing a thesis for University. The almond being placed in the brain reflected the pressure for quality work that this thesis placed on her.


*Please See Lonely


See our themes section for the alphabet for my information on letter symbolism.


*Please See German Shepherd


To dream of an altar represents feelings about great personal sacrifice or loyalty to a cause. A willingness to prove your faith or loyalty with a big gesture. A willingness to prove your loyalty to a large group of people with a serious sacrifice. Surrendering total respect and loyalty by whatever means necessary. Surrendering your ego to prove your faith or loyalty. The choice to consecrate a partnership or relationship.

Alternatively, dreaming about an alter may reflect your willing to make big sacrifices for God or your faith that are public or noticed by everyone you know. A willingness to prove you would put God before all else in your life.

Negatively, an alter may reflect an excessive need to prove your faith or loyalty to a cause. An excessive need to prove your faith to God. Showing off trying to prove your faith or loyalty. Alternatively, it may reflect total humiliation that you are intentionally sacrificing all your power away to someone more powerful than you. Choosing to "sell your soul" away.


To dream of an altar represents feelings about making a serious commitment, a significant offering, dedication, or sacrifice in your waking life in order to help yourself never give up. Feelings of dedication and sacrifice about an important choice or change being the right thing to do for the rest of your life. A sense of seriousness about your intentions, beliefs, or about making a significant change. A pivotal moment where you are considering or declaring a deep personal commitment to a relationship, principle, cause, or spiritual path. Your thoughts about the importance of adapting to new circumstances or evolving perspectives.

Positively, dreaming about an alter may represent your openness to exploring different paths, ideas, or approaches in order to achieve personal fulfillment or progress. A sense of empowerment or agency in shaping your own destiny. A strong commitment to personal growth, healing, or a significant life decision.

Negatively, dreaming about tradition could represent feelings of overdoing a serious commitment, a significant offering, dedication to immorality, or sacrifice of good things about yourself in order to help yourself never give up. Feelings of dedication and sacrifice about an immoral choice or change being the only thing you can do to save yourself. Fear of commitment, loss of independence, or feeling trapped by obligations imposed by others or by circumstances. Feelings about "giving up your soul" to a serious commitment or change. Feelings of being pressured into making a commitment or sacrifice that you are not fully prepared for or that conflicts with your personal desires or values. Feelings of resistance or reluctance to change. Feeling forced to conform to expectations that don't align with your personal values or goals. Inner conflict or hesitation about departing from familiar or comfortable patterns.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her best friend standing up at the altar getting married. In waking life, they had undergone chemotherapy and surgeries to treat breast cancer. In this case, the altar may have reflected her feelings about the serious commitment and dedication to her cancer treatments that were required to fight cancer. This dream may have highlighted her determination to endure the treatment and the sacrifices that come with it, viewing the process as a commitment to life itself, akin to the solemn vows made in marriage.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing an altar that was on fire, but never burned. In waking life, she was struggling with deciding whether or not to move away. She felt the need to move on with her life but didn't want to move because she'd lose her 2 jobs and the familiarity of her current life circumstances. In this case, the altar that was on fire but never burned may have reflected her conflicted feelings of dedicating herself to making a significant life change of moving that may be helpful with feelings of potentially being "burned" or ruined by such a change.

*Please See Alternate

Altar Boys

To dream of an altar boy represents behavior that is done for the benefit or approval of others. Good behavior or following the rules in order to gain recognition or acceptance from someone else. The altar boys may also represent a desire to be seen as pure or innocent in the eyes of others. Trying to meet the expectations of your religious beliefs and seeking approval from family or your religious community. Assisting others with good behavior to ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Negatively, dreaming about an altar boy may represents trying hard to showoff being more honest and helpful than other people to get people's approval. Overdoing being a good person that doesn't think of yourself helping other people.

Example: A young woman dreamed of seeing an altar boy carrying a cross down the isle to the front of the church. In waking life, her 2 brothers wanted to go to priest school and she had her doubts about the importance of the church. In this case, the altar boys may have reflected her feelings about her brothers' actions being focused on gaining approval and recognition from the religious community, while she questioned the overall significance of the church in their lives. The altar boys with the cross could symbolize her perception of her brothers trying to project an image of purity and innocence to others, as they pursued their religious education.


To dream of alteration or something being altered represents feelings about deciding changes, adjustments, or modifications being made in your waking life. Feelings about doing something different than you first thought would happen.

Positively, dreaming about alteration or something being altered may represent adaptability, openness to change, or the willingness to improve oneself that is beneficial or helpful. A small change of plans that's intelligent or helpful about avoiding something negative or undesirable.

Negatively, dreaming about alteration may represent feelings about change, adjustments, or modifications that are unhelpful or against your wishes. Feelings about change not being what you decided. Feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, discomfort, or resistance toward changes happening in your life. Reluctance to let go of familiar patterns or routines. Struggling with societal expectations and the pressure to conform to a certain mold.

Example: An older man being caught and tortured in North Korea for 20 years where he had his personality severely altered by being turned into a quiet introvert, with stilted speech, and lacking social skills. In waking life, he was a gay retired US Army Sergeant who recently got divorced and came out as gay. In this case, his personality being altered by North Korea into a quiet introvert with stilted speech may have reflected his feelings about the structure of the military and the commitment to his former straight marriage altering his personality and gay identity in a way that felt restrictive and oppressive.

*Please See Altar


To dream of something being alternate represents feelings of exploring different options, paths, or perspectives in your waking life. The consideration of alternatives or the pursuit of unconventional approaches to situations or problems. Your willingness to deviate from the usual course of action or to step outside of established norms or expectations.

Positively, dreaming about an alternate may represent adaptability, creativity, and innovation. Being open to new ideas and possibilities, and you are willing to experiment with different methods to achieve your goals. A desire for freedom from rigid structures or constraints, that would allow you to embrace change and growth. A conscious choice to explore different avenues or approaches because they offer potential for improvement or fulfillment. Personal growth, the willingness to challenge oneself, and the ability to see opportunities where others might see obstacles.

Negatively, dreaming about an alternate may represent feelings of deviating from the norm or fear of the unknown, hindering your ability to explore new opportunities or take risks. Feeling torn between competing desires or obligations, or you might be struggling with the uncertainty that comes with change. Jealousy of competition that offers options that you don't. Annoyance with choices that aren't your favorite. Feelings of indecision, confusion, or being overwhelmed by choices. The fear of making the wrong decision, the difficulty in committing to a path, or the anxiety about stepping out of one's comfort zone. Feelings of dissatisfaction with your current situation and the desire to escape to a more appealing alternative.

To dream of looking for an alternative option represents a desire for change or improvement in your current circumstances. You may be seeking alternatives to a problem or situation that you feel dissatisfied with. This dream suggests that you are exploring different avenues or possibilities in order to find a solution or a better path forward. Your readiness to explore new ideas or paths that diverge from your current direction. Your refusal to settle for the status quo and your determination to find the best course of action.

To dream of alternating between options represents indecision or uncertainty in your waking life. Your fluctuation with making a decision. You may be torn between different choices or unsure about which direction to take. This dream reflects a need to weigh your options carefully and make a decision that aligns with your goals and values. Weighing of pros and cons, or your struggle to choose between two or more paths that seem equally appealing or challenging.

To dream of alternating between locations represents your journey through different phases, roles, mindsets, or experiences, highlighting the dynamic nature of your situation. Your adaptability and resilience in the face of change. Experiencing or feeling conflicted between different ways of being.

To dream of an alternative reality represents feelings about experiencing circumstances under different conditions. A desire to escape from your current circumstances or to explore what life could be like under different conditions. You may be fantasizing about a different outcome or imagining what could have been. A longing for change, novelty, or a break from routine.

To dream of alternate personas represents grappling with different aspects of yourself. A sense of identity crisis or inner conflict about adjusting to a new role. Feelings of confusion about who you are or who you want to be. Exploring different facets of your personality or trying on different roles in order to better understand yourself. Your ability to adapt and play different roles in your life depending on the context or the needs of the moment. Feelings of being fragmented or lost amidst new roles, longing for a sense of continuity and self-acceptance in a new phase of your life.

Example: A young woman dreamed of having alternate personas. The personas were sometimes of a different woman and sometimes of a man. In waking life, she recently had a baby and was experiencing post-partum depression. In this case, the alternate personas may have reflected her feelings of losing her identity as a new parent or struggling to adjust to her new role as a mother.

*Please See Universe

*Please See Dimensions


To dream of aluminum represents feelings of confidence that something doesn't have to matter too much while being safe and useful for whatever you need it for. Confidence in something making sense. Practicality. It can also represent a sense of lightweight detachment about a relationships or situation.

To dream of aluminum foil represents a sense of practicality about preserving ideas or future possibilities that you can't or don't want to do anything about right now. It may indicate the need to protect or save something valuable, even if it is not currently being used or addressed. Alternatively, aluminum foil may symbolize a temporary fix or solution that you believe will suffice for the time being, while you delay confronting a more challenging issue or problem.

Negatively, aluminum foil represents overdoing a sense of practicality about preserving ideas or future possibilities for something that isn't practical. Aluminum foil may be a sign that you are preferring to keep a problem alive while also not wanting to look at it objectively. Wasting time and energy preserving the possibility for an experience that may no longer be relevant or viable. Feeling good thinking something negative or impossible will work out later. Maintaining unhealthy beliefs or habits because you think something good will fix the situation later on. Clinging to ideas despite the unlikelihood of them ever happening.

To dream of an aluminum food tray represents feeling of temporary or fleeting connection with people, as opposed to a more permanent or lasting bond.

To dream of an aluminum can may represents feelings about an experience being practical, safe, and useful to have a single time.

Example: A man dreamed of aluminum foil. In waking life he was told by a really bad psychic that he was going to marry a woman he knew in the future. At the time he believed the advice and felt good waiting for her when in relaity marrying her was an impossible outrageous idea. He had a practical mindset about protecting an impractical impossible future outcome.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing his girlfriend's extended family using an a huge disposable aluminum tray to serve sliced meats. In waking life the man was aware of his girlfriend trying to avoid her extended family due to a wedding happening while family reunion was planned later in the month. In this case the huge disposable aluminum tray may have reflected a feeling of temporary or fleeting connection with the extended family, as opposed to a more permanent or lasting bond.

Example 3: A teenage girl dreamed of walking through a black aluminum door and starting to fall. In waking life she was frustrated with being fated to be alone for the rest of her life. In this case falling after walking through the black aluminum door may represent her fear of failure or rejection in her pursuit of finding a romantic partner after believing a potential partner was practical.

Example 4: A person dreamed of aluminum cans. In waking they read books. In this case the aluminum cans may have reflected their feelings about books being practical, safe, and useful reading a single time.

Alzheimer's Disease

To dream of Alzheimer's disease represent feelings about embarrassing yourself not remembering things. Anxiety or feeling stupid about yourself not having a sharp memory when it's important. Embarrassing yourself with deteriorating skills or memory. Concerns with other people noticing your memory or skills are not as good as they used to be.

Alternatively, Alzheimer's disease may reflect your surprise at how forgetful someone you know is.

Example: A woman dreamed of her son having Alzheimer's disease. In waking life she was about to enroll in a doctoral program and was concerned that she had forgotten too many things that other people in the same program probably remembered easily. She had anxiety that the program was beyond her capabilities.

Amaryllis Plant

To dream of a amaryllis plant represents appreciating that nothing feels exceptionally fantastic, but you can enjoy doing what you want. Feelings about appreciating getting to enjoy not needing to do anything for anyone if they're childish. Appreciating why you deserve to be serious about nobody being allowed to bother you. Feeling good noticing being more of an adult then others all the time. Feeling good not being snobby to anyone unless there is a problem. Appreciating feeling good that someone matters without having to do anything else for them.

Example: A woman dreamed of receiving a amaryllis plant as a gift that eventually multiplied into too many amaryllis plants to fit in her apartment. In waking life she had just retired. The amaryllis plant in this case may have reflected her feelings about retirement being wonderful, but starting to annoy her in new ways.

To dream of represents feelings about experiences with other people where you easily ordering something to happen all on it's own. Confidence in feeling that there isn't anything wrong with ordering something to happen on its own. Experiences with other people where you have the feeling of not having to think about something again after having decided it. Experiences with other people where you feel confidently respected that your request is certain to happen eventually without having to ask twice. An easy delegation experience in life you feel is amazing without thinking it matters. Experiences with other people involving asking for something to happen and easy having it perfectly respected all on it's own. Feelings about help or assistance that never thinks of itself as important while thinking you are. Feeling the power to simply say you want someone to respect something happening and noticing that they will. Simply asking someone else to just take care of something for you because you don't have time.

Negatively, dreaming about may reflect too much reliance or expectation to easily delegate something you want to happen without thinking it about too hard. Embarrassing yourself not having to think about something again after you've decided it. Dishonestly or dangerously not thinking there is anything wrong with ordering something to happen on its own.

Some people may dream of when they are experiencing issues with using the website and not contacting technical support to address it.

Example: A woman dreamed of having issues using gift certificates on the website. In waking life she was having trouble redeeming her certificates while repeatedly trying to use the same malfunctioning option to redeem the certificates over and over.


To dream of an ambassador represents an aspect of yourself that is diplomatic or conciliatory. You or someone else that is trying to deal with people in a sensitive and effective way. It may also reflect an attempt to bridge tensions or conflict.


To dream of amber represents power that can't be avoided or left unnoticed. Feelings about every single little detail having to be paid attention to.

Positively, the color amber may reflect feelings that everything you do being noticed powerful. Comfortable noticing yourself never being powerless at all.

Negatively, amber may reflect power that is unpleasant or that doesn't feel good. Feeling that every problem you have is being amplified. Feeling stuck with too much power or that you are experiencing a powerful situation that never changes. Not liking to have to notice only other people having power. You may feel your power being constantly tested. Feelings about getting too much attention in ways you don't like.

To dream of amber stone represents pleasant feelings about being secure with power. Feeling that power is permanently noticeable.

To dream of amber stone with a bug in it represents pleasant feelings about never being bothered again. Feeling good knowing that an unpleasant person or situation in your life can never annoy you again.

*Please See Orange


To dream of an ambulance often represents feelings about urgent attention or intervention being needed. Urgent decisions about doing whatever it takes to deal with a problem. Feeling that there is a need for quick or urgent action. A crisis, an emergency, or a serious situation requiring immediate attention or response. Your thoughts about the need for assistance, support, or rescue in the face of a difficult or threatening situation. A need to act quickly.

Positively, dreaming about an ambulance might symbolize reassurance, help, or healing in situations of distress. It could indicate the presence of resources, support, or relief in challenging times. It may also reflect your trust in external help or your confidence in overcoming adversity, suggesting that help is available when needed. Readiness to take swift action and make necessary changes to resolve a difficult situation. It implies your ability to recognize the importance of responding promptly to challenges or emotional needs.

Negatively, dreaming about an ambulance could represent feelings of fear, anxiety, or panic about a situation that feels urgent or critical. It might symbolize a sense of helplessness, vulnerability, or a fear of catastrophe. This could also reflect a fear of not receiving the necessary help or support in time, or it might indicate a situation in your waking life that you feel is spiraling out of control. Feelings of
being overwhelmed by a pressing problem that requires immediate resolution. It may also suggest a fear of uncontrollable events or an impending crisis that you are trying to avoid.

To dream of being unable to get an ambulance may reflect your feelings of urgency that are not being listened to or addressed. Feelings of desperation, helplessness, or fear in a situation where you believe immediate help or intervention is critical. Feeling unable to secure necessary help. You may feel ignored, dismissed, or unable to communicate the gravity of a situation to others. This might also signify a lack of resources, support, or means to handle an emergency or critical issue in your waking life.

Example: A woman dreamed of her mother calling an ambulance. In waking life, she was seriously depressed and thought it was important to start seeing a therapist. In this case, her mother calling an ambulance may have reflected her conscious acknowledgment of the severity of her depression and the urgent need for professional help.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being unable to get an ambulance for her injuries. In waking life, she lost her job and couldn't get a new job while feeling it was urgent because she had been unemployed for too long to afford it. In this case, being unable to get an ambulance may have reflected feelings of desperation and helplessness in her current financial situation.


To dream of being ambushed represents feelings about unanticipated setbacks or problems. Rejection, delays, or new developments that may have been unexpected. You have been prevented from reaching a goal or destination.

To dream of fearing an ambush may reflect your fear of a surprise attack on you physically or emotionally. Fearing being cut off guard.

To dream of conducting an ambush represents your attempts to stop something using an element of surprise. You may have secret information or plans that you are withholding. It may also point to desperation to ward of potential humiliation.

Example: A woman dreamed of fearing an ambush while she stood in a parking lot. In waking life she feared physical abuse from her husband while she having trouble deciding whether or not to seriously leave him.


*Please See United States Of America

American People

To dream of American people may symbolize aspects of your personality that are characterized by a strong sense of independence and a respect for freedom of choice. You may value your personal autonomy and be willing to take risks in order to achieve your goals or fulfill your desires. You may also have a protective attitude towards your independence, viewing it as essential to your identity and sense of self. Feeling that it's important to never be told to stop doing whatever you want. Doing whatever you want or never allowing problems to stop you from doing whatever you want. Being oblivious to limitations. Feeling protective of why you stay free or independent. Fearlessness about being awesome. Never looking back at a situation that chooses your emptiness for you.

Negatively, American people may reflect behavior that embraces an independent mindset while also being mindful of the potential drawbacks. Controlling yourself while doing whatever you want. Dangerously believing in yourself doing whatever you want. Taking careless risks to keep doing whatever you want. Alternatively, it may reflect your feelings about people in your life that are abusing their privileges or advantages. Deception that uses freedom or independence to exploit situations. Sensitivity about being free to do whatever you want that may be dangerous or financially unintelligent. The freedom to take chances that ignores the freedom to fail. Feeling that a dangerous situation or dangerous people are not controlled enough. Fears about other people having too much freedom to scare you, threaten you, harm you, or get away with behavior you feel is criminal or dishonest. Feelings about yourself or others that are believing in themself too much thinking that nothing can stop them. A fear of others abusing their privileges, advantages, or resources to harm you.

Example: A young man dreamed of being an American when in real life he wasn't. In waking life, he decided to buy expensive clothing on his credit card even though he had very little money. In this case, being American in the dream may have reflected his feelings about believing in himself being free to do whatever he wanted using his credit card despite having little money.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of man in an American flag van driving up and down her street issuing death threats. In waking life she was very concerned about people following her for passed 2 years. In this case the American flag van may have reflected her feelings about the people following her for the last 2 years having too much freedom to threaten her.

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