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*Please See Beautiful

ATV (All Terrain Vehicle)

To dream of an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) represents your choices and decision making ability when you are willing to do anything to solve a problem. A no holds barred attitude to problem solving.

If you see another person driving an ATV it represents some aspect of your personality that is guiding your decisions when you are highly motivated to solve a problem.


To dream of an auction represents an attempt to get the most out of a situation. Seeing how far you or others will go to get achieve a goal.

Negatively, dreaming about an auction may reflect you or someone else that is manipulating others to compete for your favor or opportunities you offer. Feelings about other people competing to take advantage of your losses. Concerns about giving resources or power away too easily.

To dream of being outbid at an auction represents feelings of not having cared for or valued an opportunity enough. It may also be a sign that you aren't willing to do as much as someone else to achieve your goals. A lack of motivation to be competitive or feeling too impotent to be competitive.

To dream that no one is bidding at an auction represents a lack of interest in competing for an opportunity. It may also reflect disappointment that nobody is willing to fight or compete for what you have to offer.

To dream of having your property auctioned off without giving permission may reflect feelings of being powerless or diminished to stop someone from allowing others to compete for your loss. Feeling that other people are desperate to fight over something you feel forced to give up.


To dream of an Audi brand vehicle represents a style of decision-making or control over a situation that is professionally believable with nobody getting you back. Not lying to anyone unless you have a serious or very personal reason to. Decision-making based professionally pinpointing problems because you are a better listener than other people. Professionalism that doesn't need to care about being too specific. Feeling that you can never be robbed of your professional status. Easily avoiding anything that isn't professional all the time.

Negatively, dreaming about an Audio vehicle may reflect naive reckless overconfidence that believes that nothing can ever get you back because you were too professional or a better listener than other people. Never getting caught doing anything that isn't professional. Getting away with looking good being professional all the time.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a black Audi car. In waking life he was preparing his tax filing.

Example 2: A person dreamed of a crashing a brand new Audi sports car into a lot of other cars. In waking life they experienced a very serious situation which taught them quickly to think differently than they currently do while having a "self-preservation" attitude about nothing getting them back.


To dream of seeing an audience represents feelings about yourself getting attention from other people. Feelings about other people paying attention to your actions. Considering accepting or being happy to see someone else succeed. Confidence in yourself being approved of others. Enjoying being noticed and approved of for an achievement. Feelings about people liking you being he center of attention in some manner.

Negatively, dreaming of an audience may reflect issues with showing off or making people pay attention to you. Showing off with lies or unprovable claims. Problems with accepting something that will make you jealous if you chose to stand by and allow it to happen. Jealousy of someone else getting more attention than you.

To dream of having no audience being present represents feelings about having nobody to pay attention to your actions. Issues with needing attention.

To dream of being a part of an audience represents feelings about watching or paying close attention to someone else's actions. Negatively, it may reflect feelings of jealousy that you are powerless to control a situation and must watch only. Feeling forced to watch other people win while you lose. Jealously watching other people achieve things that you can't achieve. A dangerous situation that you are choosing to watch instead of attempting to stop it by getting involved.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing people sitting in an audience applauding. In waking life he had predicted he was going to win the lottery during a spiritual retreat and some of the people he was attending the retreat with were enthusiastic about his claims even when they seemed impossible.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of being part of an audience. In waking life she had decided to be happy for friends that didn't want to know her anymore instead of taken action to get revenge.


To dream of an audition indicates that you may feel the need to prove your better than anyone else. You might feel that you are under pressure or that you're skills or talents are being put to the test. You may also be opening up to new experiences and roles.

An audition may be a sign that you feel insecure about what other people think about your abilities. You may feel vulnerable to criticism or judgment.

The attitude and behavior of the audience reflects how you think others perceive you.


To dream of an auditorium represents an issue in your life that is making itself perfectly clear. A person, or situation is allowing you to notice the truth, or understand the facts with more clarity. A sign that there is something you need to learn or you need to pay more attention.

Alternatively, the auditorium may reflect your own desire to make yourself perfectly clear about an issue.

To dream of being unable to find an auditorium represents an inability gain clarity on an issue, or make yourself clear to others. You may feel lost or uninformed.

To see an auditorium totally filled with people symbolizes complete attentiveness or interest. You or other people that are paying close attention to something.


To dream of the month of August represents the overall feeling about a situation in your life being so dangerous or exhausting that you have to care about it all the time. A prolonged sense that a situation is as exhausting or dangerous as it's going to get before moving on. An overall feeling that an exhausting or dangerous situation might require some time off. Feeling good never being angry about why you have to put up with an exhausting or dangerous situation.


To dream of an aunt represents a substitute form of intuition. Your gut instincts about the future or to make long term choices that is influenced in some manner.

Negatively, an aunt is a sign that you feel unlucky or that your gut instincts feel off. Unwanted outcomes or coincidences.

Positively, an aunt may reflect a heightened sense of luck or that your gut instincts are unusually accurate.

Alternatively, an aunt represents a quality in yourself based on your most honest feelings about them. Ask yourself what memories or feelings stand out the most about them and see how that quality may apply to your own life.

To dream of a dead aunt may reflect feelings about alternative outcomes in your life reversing. Alternative methods of approaching problems no longer being necessary. Feeling that your lucky streak has gotten better after first being oddly unlucky. Ridiculous periods of time of no progress or stagnation ending. Consider the qualities about the aunt that stand out the most and try to see how those qualities may have disappeared from a situation in your life.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing his aunt. In waking life he felt like nothing he did worked or he could never be lucky at all. His most powerful memory of his aunt was of her telling him he couldn't have candy. In his dream she reflected a intuitive choices that never let him feel good.

Example 2: A woman felt that her Aunt was possessed and shot her in the chest. In waking life she was having difficult avoiding an ex-boyfriend whom she tried to be friends with before finding out he had a new pregnant girlfriend. The possessed Aunt in this case may have reflected her feelings about starting to talk to her ex-boyfriend not resulting in what she wanted because she found out he got another girl pregnant and she couldn't avoid him.

Aurora Borealis

*Please See Northern Lights


To dream about Australia represents feelings a state of mind that's focused on purposely noticing its not better than anyone one else. Behavior that is co-operative, friendlier than other people, or respectfully ignoring other people's problems. Doing your best to help someone else even when it's hard to do. Noticing everyone around you respectfully ignoring your problems or mistakes.

Negatively, willful blindness or politely ignoring other people's problems or bad habits. Being insensitively honest with someone, but then saying something encouraging. Feeling that people assert themselves too much if you don't let them feel something nice at all. Behavior that will overlook something dishonest or negative a little bit, but too much. Feeling surrounded by people who are facetious to you if you tell them they are little. Feeling annoyed by having to have a positive attitude when you don't want to or think it' stupid.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a map of Australia. In real life he was having trouble helping a friend, but felt the need to keep trying his best anyway despite his constant failure at it.

Example 2: A young girl dreamed of travelling to Australia. In real life she was putting up with arrogant friends and trying her best to get along with them while ignoring their meanness.

*Please See Australian People

Australian People

To dream about Australian people represents aspects of your personality with a mindset that believes in itself certain without being a snob. Believing in yourself certain with nothing scaring you that you aren't safe. Assertiveness about being friendly. Certainty that's friendly about not getting ripped off. A thinking style that is certain about everything it does while purposely not thinking it's better than other people. Certainty that believes family life has to get along. Feeling good not being a snob while being certain that what you are doing is good enough. Trusting yourself to be confident. Confidence that you always see friendliness. Never fearing believing that you can try something. Never fears discussing something being a little bit dishonest or dangerous. Assert independence and make your own choices, even if goes against social expectations. Assertiveness that's friendly.

Positively, Australian people represents the combined qualities of self-assuredness and individualism. Behavior that feels friendlier about not thinking it's better than someone. Politely ignoring others problems or rudeness. Certainty that doesn't believe anything needs to be perfect. A positive attitude about why something might be lethal. Friendliness or family life attitude about bending rules. Arguments that you don't feel have permanent hard feelings about. Not liking losing a friend so you chose quiet about the issue instead. Family life that does whatever it takes to not get ripped off and doesn't see cheating as the real problem. Respecting yourself not deserving to be ripped off.

Negatively, Australian person may reflect feelings of being facetious about never being told you're little. Doesn't fear being a little bit dangerous or dishonest. Arrogance about being self-assured that handles itself. Friendliness that doesn't mind anything dangerous. Peer pressure to do something unethical. Self-assured confidence that doesn't need other people. Not getting back at people, but willing to say what happened wasn't intelligent. Needing to be friendly or nice to people all the time or nobody will talk to you. Nothing snobby about a situation, but you have to accept something difficult.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing an Australian looking child. In waking life, he was showing great progress with staying sober and battling daily urges. In this case, the Australian child may have reflected his feelings about himself being certain about achieving sobriety while also not being a snob to friends that weren't interested in staying sober.

Example 2: A man dreamed of starting work in the Army while standing beside an Australian man. In waking life, he was aware that most people were expected to enlist in the army, even though it wasn't mandatory because you could choose the option of civilian service instead. In this case, the Australian man may have reflected his self-assured confidence about making his own choices, while maintaining a friendly attitude and not being a snob about his decision to pursue an alternative path in the civil service option.

Example 3: A teenageer dreamed of being in an Australian forest. In waking life, they were experiencing some friendship difficulties. In this case, the Australian forest may have reflected their feelings about navigating through the complexities of friendships while maintaining their self-assured confidence and a friendly attitude while some taking time off from friends. The Australian forest symbolizes the dreamer's desire to maintain their individualism and assertiveness while not becoming a snob about anything being too serious to end the friendships.

Example 4: A teenage girl dreamed of watching an Australian soap opera. In waking life, she had a heated argument with her friend who accused her of contradicting him all the time. In this case, the Australian soap opera may have symbolized her perception of the argument as overblown and melodramatic, while also reflecting her underlying belief that she and her friend had a strong bond that could withstand their differences. They were both certain of themselves while never thinking anything that happened was too serious about deserving to end the friendship.

Example 5: A teenager dreamed of being in the Australian bush. In waking life, they were having a lot friendship difficulties while trying to intelligently keep upbeat about it anyway. In this case, the Australian bush may have reflected their feelings about navigating the complexities of friendships while maintaining their self-assured confidence and a friendly attitude even in the face of difficulties. The Australian bush symbolizes the dreamer's desire to maintain their individualism and assertiveness while not becoming a snob about the issues they were facing with their friends.

*Please See Australia


To dream of authority represents feelings about some form of assumed controlling leadership needing to be respected. It may also reflect your feelings about someone or something that unquestionably always knows what's best. Feelings about someone or something be an expert that can't be argued with. Feelings about permission and power. Feelings about God's plan for your life whether good or bad. Feelings about you or someone else that is deserving to be assertive. Fearlessness about being assertive or telling someone what to do. Feelings about deserving or being required to respect something because if you don't you'll be in trouble. Feeling that someone or something is more important than you are. Not wasting any time ignoring advice or leadership. Feelings about needing to make a serious decision or change. The power to insist or allow. Respecting someone as smarter or more powerful than you. Feelings about parents, teachers, employers, or police.

Negatively, dreaming about an authority may reflect feelings that someone is stupid about leadership or expertise. Wasting time believing in someone or something that projects itself as important or intelligent. An excessive need to unthinkingly let God to control your fate or destiny. Not liking being told you are not a grown up. Not liking being controlled or bossed around. Feelings about someone having the power or permission to tell you what to do. Not liking respecting someone. Listening to bad influences. Respecting power without question.

Example: A woman dreamed of her deceased brother sitting on her bed and being told by him that he wasn't really present, but was "sent by some authority." In waking life she was having trouble getting over a relationship that was 4 years old. In this case the symbolism for some "unknown authority" may have reflected her feelings about the unquestionable wisdom of God being difficult to understand in regards to the reasons for sending someone into her life to fall in love with and then leave her. She may have felt God was strange about deciding what was best for her life.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of someone of authority who she couldn't identify telling her that her best option was to put a baby dolphin out it's misery by killing it because it had no chance of survival. In waking life asked her distant aunt for advice, but was turned down. She felt that she aunt didn't care about her and should give up on the relationship.

Example 3: A man dreamed of authority figures repeatedly telling him to sit down and enter into contractual agreements. In waking life he was a medical student concerned with passing medical board tests at medical school. In this case the authority figures may have reflected his feelings about the controlling leadership and expertise of his medical school teachers.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of being afraid of punishment from a female authority. In waking life she had started a new job. In this case the authority may have reflected the woman's new employer being strict or potentially getting angry at the dreamer.

*Please See Police

*Please See Boss

*Please See Judge


To dream of seeing someone with autism represents issues with being too accepting of a weird or eccentric situation. Oddness that is obvious and stands out. Making excuses for unusual behavior. Frustration that someone is fully aware of you and chooses to ignore you. Frustration that you are not being listened to you no matter how obvious or direct you are with someone. Difficulty communicating or "getting through to someone. Your awareness of other people purposely not listening to reason or warnings.

To dream of yourself being autistic or that other people think you are autistic may reflect waking life situations where you feel your behavior is considered eccentric by others. Uncomfortable feelings about real mental health problems or disabilities you have being witnessed by other people. Feeling that other people think you are weird and stupid.

Alternatively, being autistic may reflect insecurity you have about not being like other people.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a very autistic man. In waking life he he was having trouble being supportive of a friend who was in the hospital for chemotherapy. The friend in the hospital was acting very disruptive while he was supposed to be sitting still.


To dream of getting someone's autograph represents "betterness" that can't be denied. It may also represent a memory you have of a positive situation that proves your better than others in some way once and for all.

Alternatively, an autograph may reflect approval from an original or authoritative source. A person or situation that lends extra credibility to your claims or achievements.

To dream giving someone your autograph represents giving your consent or approval to someone. It may also reflect using your expertise, experience, or status to improve someone else's reputation.


*Please See Cars

Also refer to the themes section for cars for a more in depth look at vehicle symbolism.


To dream of an autopsy represents a careful evaluation of the consequences of your actions. You or someone else may be trying to understand failures or find the root cause of a problem.


To dream of autumn represents your feelings that a good time is over. The best part of a situation or relationship is finished. Life doesn't feel as good as it did before. The sunniness or pleasure of life is gone.

Negatively, autumn may reflect your feelings that rough times are ahead. Feeling that a situation can only go downhill or get worse.

Example: A man dreamed that it was autumn outside. In waking life he had an amazing time at a spiritual retreat and felt his life was going to be boring now that it was over.


To dream of an avalanche represents life situations that you feel could overwhelm you. Work, responsibilities, or problems that threaten to override your sense of stability. Inescapable stresses and overwhelming pressures. You may be feeling the weight of life's daily demands piled onto you. You may fear disaster or failure. You may be aware of a flaw in your plans that needs immediate attention.


*Please See Street


To dream of an aviary represents your awareness or search for all the possibilities available to escape your problems. Noticing all the different ways you can transcend your problems or get away from trouble. It may be a sign that you are looking for inspiration or ideas to your troubles. A sanctuary of possibilities in your life.

Alternatively, an aviary may represent hope that you or others are keeping alive to deal with big problems. Keeping important information available to troubled people.


To dream of an avocado represents feeling indulgence without consequences. Feeling no risk of going overboard. The ability to do a lot of something without it ever becoming a problem. Feeling that it's impossible to be embarrassed by something. Feelings about the "gravy train" never endings. Behavior that is noticeably not jealous.

Positively, an avocado may represent feelings about an excessive use of something that never runs out. Feeling secure that you can never go broke. Endless favors or supportive people that always have your back no matter what. Feeling that it's impossible to be jealous because you can always do something else. Feeling good getting back at your enemy while feeling there is no risk of retribution. Feeling good with safety that nothing you do is risky.

Negatively, an avocado may reflect abuse of supportive friendships or relationships. Empty or pointless spending because you are too rich to care. Enemies, angry family members, or angry friends who choose to temporarily put jealousy aside for something special. Naively believing that your enemies will be understanding. Too much cooperative behavior when you are in the middle of a fight. Conceding defeat because it feels better than fighting. Jealousy that your enemies feel good never being jealous at all. Getting back at someone in a way that feels good being impossible to get back at you with.

Example: A man dreamed of an avocado that was also a dinosaur egg. In waking life he was getting ready to scare his jealous friend that his new business was doing so well that he could spend all the money he wanted without any financial problems whatsoever.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing rotting avocados being spilled on to the floor. In waking life she was enjoying herself not having to take psychiatric medications until her psychiatrist requested a blood test to measure the medication levels in her blood to test how effective her drugs were. The rotting avocados may have reflected her ruined feelings about enjoying having no consequences for not taking her psychiatric medication.


To dream of avoiding something represents a person or situation that you don't want to confront in waking life. You may have a fear or responsibility that you don't want to deal with. It may also reflect emotions you are repressing or are in denial about.

Alternatively, avoidance in a dream may represent procrastination. Continually putting something off that you've been planning to do.

Consider how the situations you are avoiding in the dream may be symbolically mirroring your waking life.


To dream that you awaken from sleep represents new insights into a problem. Alternatively, it may reflect your motivation to finally take action with an issue.


To dream of an awakening represents new ideas or insights that are being realized. You may be experiencing a new awareness that's unfolding in your life. You may have finally realized what the solution to a problem is.

Alternatively, an awakening may point to new spiritual energy or inspiration.


To dream of receiving an award represents feelings of recognition or acknowledgment. Feeling that you did something better than anyone else. It may also reflect your desire to be recognized or acknowledged.

If you fail to win an award in a dream it may reflect feelings of being overlooked or inadequate.


To dream of yourself being away represents feelings about yourself not feeling as close to something as you normally do. Feeling that you aren't present in some way. Feeling that you are separated from some part of your life temporarily. Feeling incapable of being involved with something. Temporarily letting problems or difficulties alone in the interim with intentions to address them later. Negative feelings about how difficult it is to separate from something important to you. Guilt or anxiety about temporarily leaving a situation. Feelings about a person or object being away may reflect your tendency to waste time hoping something is temporary when it could be permanent.

To dream of something being away represents feelings of your life being different than before because something is not the same. Negatively, it may reflect a naive trust in something returning to you.

To dream of needing to get away from something may reflect feelings about serious problems you need to avoid. A wish to avoid involvement in a problem, blame, or serious consequences for your actions. Feelings about needing to avoid danger. Feelings of urgency to seek safety. Fear of an issue you are avoiding. Negatively, dreaming about needing to get away from something may reflect urgent feelings about needing to avoid responsibility, authority, being caught, going to jail, or telling the truth.

To dream of feeling it's important to get away from something, but you feel like you can't may represents feelings about accepting dangerous conditions that you feel are impossible to avoid.

To dream of someone walking away from you represents feelings about some area of your life distancing itself from you or choosing to distance itself from you. Opportunities or support systems that choose to distance themselves while you observe them distancing themselves.

To dream of yourself walking away from someone represents feelings choosing to distance yourself from a situation or person. Problems you casually want to distance yourself from.

Example: A young woman dreamed of being away at a party with her boyfriend. In waking life she had been hanging out with her boyfriend shortly before going on a month's long vacation without him. The feeling of being away in this case may have reflected her feelings about not being present or the current situation being overpowered by a sense of needing to travel away from home.

Example 2: A bartender from of being calm while being told to he had an hour to get away from something. In waking life the DEA showed up at his work and he felt it was a good idea to quit smoking marijuana.


To dream of an axe symbolizes conflict in your life that is blunt, messy, uncaring, and cold. You may be experiencing a situation or person in your life that makes you feel like they don't care about anything you're feeling, and doesn't mind telling you about all your flaws or weaknesses.

An axe is something you may dream when a friendship goes sour and both sides treat to each other with a total lack of respect. An axe can reflect unwelcome brutal honesty, backstabbing, or passive aggressiveness that two people are well aware of.

People experiencing prolonged headaches often dream of being attacked in the head with an axe.

Example: A young man dreamed of a killer with an axe coming after him and his friend. In waking life the relationship between him and his friend was slowly becoming mean and cruel.

*Please See Battle Axe


To dream of ayahuasca represents feelings about a supernatural experience that confronts negativity that's impossible to confront. Feelings of risking your life to confront a problem before your life is put back to normal. Feeling of confronting the fear of death and surviving. Feelings about impossible supernatural powers to fix a situation or heal a person.

Negatively, dreaming about ayahuasca may reflect superstitiousness or delusions that something you did caused a miraculous resolution to a problem.

Alternatively, dreaming about ayahuasca may reflect issues surrounding ingesting it.

Example: A man dreamed of singing a spiritual hymn that caused a power outage to stop and then hearing singing that's similar to singing he's heard during an ayahuasca ceremony. In waking life, a well known drug trafficker entered a public school during a power outage causing fear that trafficker had caused the power outage and possibly killed someone. The drug trafficker was talked to and promised not to return, while the power was restored. In this case, the feeling about the singing being similar to that used in a ayahuasca ceremony may have reflected his superstitious belief about a safe conclusion with the drug trafficker and power outage being due to supernatural powers of his signing. Like ayahuasca, he may have felt he faced the fear of death with supernatural singing powers.

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