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To dream of something being heavy represents your feelings about how serious or important a situation is. Feeling how difficult or challenging a situation or problem is. Having your work cut out for you. A burden.

Positively, a heavy object may reflect your sense of security. Knowing it will be difficult to challenge you or force unwanted changes on you.

To dream of something being too heavy to lift represents feelings of lacking power, resources, or support from others. Feeling that a problem or burden is too big. A sign that you may need help. Questioning whether or not you are strong enough to deal with an issue.

To dream of carrying something heavy represents your burdens, work load, or responsibilities. You may be carrying too much on your shoulders and need to prioritize. A sign that you need to take a break, lighten up, or learn to delegate.


To dream of a hedgehog represents feelings about honest intentions having been disrespected. Sensitivity about having been lied to first. Behavior that is both shy and defensive. Honest intentions about discussing how dangerous some area of your life is.

Negatively, hedgehogs may reflect a competitive attitude that is uncalled for or rude. Feelings about yourself being a wonderful person who someone else has rudely embarrassed. Feelings about someone else rudely making you feel like you don't matter first. Being honest about your problems and then feeling insulted that someone else is brags about themselves. Being talked to or treated like a "piece of garbage" when you are good person.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a hedgehog. In waking life he felt that a female friend was rather insensitive to him about bringing up her daughter's job promotion at work after casually mentioning to her that he was out of work. He felt that his friend was rudely making her daughter sound like she was better than he was when he was only trying have a friendly conversation.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a hedgehog walking around on spikes. In waking life she ran out of birth-control drugs and her boyfriend was blaming her for having to bother using condoms. The hedgehog may have reflected her feelings about being treated rudely for the lack of birth-control after being wonderful to her boyfriend by having sex with him.


To dream of a hedge represents an aspect of your personality that is secretive or hiding something. A person or situation that is keeping information from you or doesn't want you noticing something. A bush may also reflect some sort of platform or "smoke screen" being used for deception.

Alternatively, a hedge may represent your own attempt to conceal information or a problem you have. A distraction or barrier you use to keep others from noticing things you don't want them to.

*Please See Bush


To dream of the heel on a foot represents feelings about your ability to stop yourself from doing something immoral or doing something that you know is wrong. Knowing when to draw the line in a questionable situation.

To dream of an injury to your heel may reflect problems with will-power or resisting something immoral. Having trouble stopping yourself from indulging in temptation, bad behavior, or inappropriate sexual behavior.

Example: A man dreamed of having a heel injury that required surgery. In waking life he was having an extra-marital affair that he knew was going to require a lot of effort and willpower to end. He felt that a direct hard-line approach to breaking up with the second woman was the only way to stop himself from continuing to cheat on his wife.


To dream of being at tall height represents a heightened sense of achievement. You may feel superior to others in some manner. You may also feel that you have overcome an enormous challenge or worked very hard to get where you are. Reaching the pinnacle of success or a challenge. Heights may also reflect insider knowledge or feeling smarter than others.

Negatively, heights may reflect feelings of danger or risk as you are working towards a goal or achievement. Fearing losing what you have achieved so far as you continue to make progress.

Dreaming of a fear of heights may reflect a fear of success or that you are not believing in yourself enough. Feeling that you are not as good as others think you are. Fearing that you are unable to maintain your success or that you are unqualified.

Heimlich Maneuver

To dream of the Heimlich maneuver represents reversing a bad or embarrassing choice. Helping yourself or someone else speak up for themselves or reverse a bad decision. Changing a choice that would have resulted in a unstoppable failure.


To dream of Heineken beer represents relaxed attitude about an issue because you are excellent at what you do, but don't need to do it right now. Being excellent at doing something that someone else asks you to do, but you don't need to right now. Professionally deserving to take time off like it doesn't matter at all. Feeling impressive at what you do and don't have to do anything with it because nobody asked you to. Feeling good being professional at your job and deserving to take some time off to not worry about it in the current moment. Feeling required that you are not required to start something yet. A relaxed mindset because you are perfectly finished your responsibilities or work, but you also know you'll have to go back to it later. Professionally deserving time off because work isn't pressing concern right now. Deserving to relax because you are not needed in the office or to work right now. Relaxed that an issue isn't your problem because you've already done what was required of you. Relaxed that nothing is your problem because you already did what was required or asked of you. Professionally not needing to do anything else with something right now. Taking time off from something that you are capable of being very serious with if asked to. Feeling that it's fantastic that you don't have to be in the office ever second of the day. Confidence that you are better at something than someone else, but don't need to care about it right now. Relaxed that nothing is a problem because you can get serious about it if you need to.

A relaxed attitude about not having to listen to anyone else if you don't want to because your responsibilities are finished. A relaxed attitude that is confident about affording itself. A relaxed attitude about people being able to depend on you if they need you to. A relaxed attitude about always being only as successful as you need to be.

Negatively, dreaming about Heineken beer represents thoughts of taking time off while being excellent at what you do like it doesn't matter when you don't want to.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a Heineken t-shirt. In waking life he was recently hired for a new job that he hadn't started yet. In this case the Heineken beer t-shirt may have reflected his personality feeling relaxed having been hired for a new job that didn't require him to start yet.


To dream of a helicopter represents plans or projects that are getting off the ground and allow you full discretion. Total freedom that allows you to adapt. Plans or projects that are "getting of the ground" and can adapt as needed. The ability to start, stop, or change as needed with full freedom. Living free at your own pace. No fear of adapting while undertaking new plans.

Negatively, a helicopter may reflect your fear of people that have the ability to adapt as needed to control you. Opposition that can start, stop, or change as needed with full freedom. Feelings about having the freedom to be a total jerk while dealing with an off-on problem.

To dream of a helicopter crashing represents feelings about failed plans or projects being carried out with full discretion. Versatile progressive situations that have failed. New experiences which you can start and stop at your leisure which have resulted in failure.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing someone in a helicopter shooting a machine gun. In waking life was experiencing stress relief and increased confidence after moving homes and was able to get off her medication. The helicopter reflected her moving homes and new found independence to live freer and at her own pace.

Example 2: A man dreamed of a helicopter coming towards him. In waking life he got a lot of time off work and was able to start a computer project with his free time. The helicopter reflected how he was able to stop and start his computer project at his leisure.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of black helicopters coming for her. In waking life she had been declared legally insane by her jealous husband while attempting to divorce him. She could't stop the police and doctors from coming after her and committing her to an institution.


*Please See DNA


To dream of being in hell represents agony suffering, or an unpleasant situation that feels like it never ends. You may be experiencing a situation that feels inescapable, that totally lacks respect, or feels like nobody cares about you. You may feel tortured or frustrated by a problem.

A job you hate, a serious illness, nightmare situation, unending punishment, or feeling that you are surrounded by terrible evil or mean people. An abusive situation.


To dream of someone saying hello or hi to you may represent feelings about something new about to happen. Beginning or adjusting to a new situation. Surprise that something new has to start or stop. A new situation that you feel is "introducing" itself. A new situation that makes you feel like your feelings are important. Liking something for the first time. Experiencing something deserving to be acknowledged. A mutual wish to adjust comfortably to a new situation. A reminder of some sort. Having to "greet" some kind of situation whether you want to or not.

Negatively, dreaming of someone saying hello may reflect new dangerous, unpleasant, or negative situations that presenting themselves. Surprise that a bad situation, argument, or problem is calmly presenting itself in your life. Something new starting to happen that you don't want to happen. Feeling greeted by a problem in your life. Alternatively, it may reflect unpleasant reminder.

To dream of yourself saying hello or saying hi to someone represents your willingness to give a situation a chance. Your willingness to respect someone else adjusting to you in a new way.

To dream of saying hello to someone and they don't say hello back to you may represent your feelings about yourself politely giving a situation a chance or respecting someone first when the politeness or respect is not felt in return. Feelings about being embarrassed being too nice or open to someone else. Feelings of willingness or openness not returned.

Dreams of saying hello to people you have romantic interest in who don't say hello back to you may reflect waking life situations where you feel embarrassed that feelings aren't shared or that you were too nice to someone you like. Jealousy that someone or something doesn't like you as much as you like them.

Example: A young woman dreamed of saying hello to her brother who said hi to her and then seeing her dog and being happy. In waking life her brother had moved out from the family home. In this case dreaming about saying hello to her brother who said hi to her may have reflected her feelings about the beginning of needing to adjust to her brother moving out. She was metaphorically "saying hello" to a new relationship with her brother and new living arrangements at home with less people.

Example 2: A young man had recurring dreams of his ex-girlfriend saying hello to him as he walked past her. In waking life he was having confused feelings about his breakup with her. In this case the saying of hello as he walks past her ex-girlfriend may reflect his feelings about the potential shared wish to initiate reconciliation that never actually realizes in waking life. Walking past his ex and saying hello may have also reflected a mutual feeling of discomfort adjusting to being broken up.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of his ex-girlfriend's mother saying hello to him. In waking life he was having difficulty getting over his ex-girlfriend. In this case the ex-girlfriend's mother saying hello may have reflected his feelings about having to "greet" his feelings for ex when he didn't want to.

*Please See Telephone


To dream of a helmet represents psychological protection. You or someone else may be resisting influence or changing beliefs. Protected opinions and attitudes.

Positively, it may reflect resisting negative influences, maintaining principles, or never giving in to problems. Negatively, it may reflect stubbornness, being overprotective, being over cautious, or an unwillingness to change.


To dream of giving someone help represents awareness of yourself encouraging or supporting a cause. It may also reflect a decision to respect yourself, take action, or believe in yourself. Negatively, it may be a sign that you are encouraging behavior or situations that may not be in your best interest. Encouraging something that you know is wrong.

To dream of helping an enemy or evil person may represent giving in to negative intentions or bad behavior. It may also reflect feelings about yourself succumbing to "evil." Alternatively, it may reflect problems you are giving up on. Throwing away power on purpose or choosing to be a loser. Helping enemies or evil people may also symbolize your wish for bad things to happen to yourself or others.

To dream of needing or asking for help represents feelings of being lost, overwhelmed, or inadequate in some way.

Negatively, needing help in a dream may be a sign that you are not being vocal enough or trying hard enough to get people's attention focused on your problems. Silently suffering with your problems. Being too introverted about your problems. Feelings about observing dishonesty that helps to avoid unpleasant consequences. Awareness of lies or cheating assisting you life. Excuses used for avoidance.

To dream of seeing someone asking for help may reflect an awareness of yourself not taking enough action on problems when you are lost, overwhelmed, or feelings inadequate. Negatively, it may reflect your willful blindness of other people's problems.

Example: A young boy dreamed of drowning and yelling for help. In waking life he was being sexually abused by his teenage brother and felt powerless to stop it. The dream may have reflected his introverted feelings about desperately wanting to stop the abuse.

*Please See Helpless


To dream of being helpless represents feelings about yourself or others having no chance to succeed on their own. Feelings about yourself being desperate. Not believing in yourself enough. Giving up too easily. Alternatively, it may be a sign that you are feeling sorry for yourself and giving up. Thinking of yourself as a victim.

Negatively, seeing helplessness in a dream may reflect people in your waking life that make you feel sorry for them. Feeling that you need to do things for people. A sign that you may benefit from letting others people figure out their problems on their own. Being too involved in other people's problems. A warning dream about bad judgement.


*Please See Bleeding


To dream of hemp represents a person, situation, or behavior that has to be recognized as respectable. Difficult honesty, moderation, or a compromise that nobody can question. A very brave moment of total honesty.

Negatively, hemp may reflect a dangerous moment of total honesty. Telling the truth or being responsible when it feels risky or may end up disastrous for you. Moderation or taking the middle ground when it's very uncomfortable. Feeling stupid for having told the truth.

*Please See Marijuana


*Please See Chickens


To dream of a herb represents making a situation more interesting, special, or with zest than normal. Looking at a situation from a different perspective. Your wish to make a situation different than usual. Doing something different to make a situation work. Changes that are both different and good for you. Trying something new to get an advantage.

Negatively, dreams of herbs may be reflect feeling that that you don't need to do anything
substance because you can simply do something different than other people do to trick people into making a situation work. Dishonest or evil intentions to do something different to make getting back at someone work when normal methods don't work. Terrible jealousy that care about special care about doing something different to get back at someone. Dishonest attempts to get an advantage.

Dreams of herbs commonly accompany symbolism of magic, black magic, or witches.

Consider the type of the herb for additional meaning.

Example: A woman dreamed of a lovely herb garden. In waking life she was a teacher unhappy with her income and poor treatment at the current school she was at. She was looking for a new job. In this case the herb garden may have reflected her growing thoughts about trying to get a different job or career to make her life more interesting.


To dream of Hercules represents a display of unlimited strength. You or someone else that's focused on proving they're stronger than anyone else. Embarrassing other people with superiority that can't be outdone. Showing off with superior strength.

Positively, Hercules may reflect displays of protectiveness or looking out of weaker people. Showing off being supportive and protective of smaller or weaker people.

Negatively, Hercules in a dream may be a sign that you are too concerned with proving your superiority or that you're stronger than other people. Arrogance or showing off may need to be toned down. Male bravado.


To dream of a hermaphrodite represents an aspect of yourself that combines both feminine and masculine traits.

Alternatively, a hermaphrodite may reflect unpleasant feelings about yourself never being accepted or able to fit in. Feeling that there is no normal place for you.

*Please See Androgynous


To dream of a hero represents recognition for an outstanding achievement or facing difficult obstacle. Feeling that you've "saved the day." Having done something that nobody was could have done or that nobody else was prepared for. Being a hero may also reflect feelings of bravery or courage. It may also mean you've done something really well.

Admiration for superior skills, abilities, or principles. Standing up to fear when nobody else will. Setting a good example.


To dream of the drug heroin represents obsession or euphoria with believing how wonderfully perfect something is. Believing that something perfect is so good it will never go away.

Negatively, heroin represents ignorance or stupidity about thinking that there can never be anything wrong or dangerous with something perfect you are interested in. An inability to be objective or critical about negative aspects of a perfect situation. Thinking "the bill" won't come or that there is no "fine print." Naively believing that good times are forever. Pleasure or optimism overrides your good judgement. Annoying people you know with your personal stories about how perfect your life is.

Emotional addiction to a perfect experience. Risking serious losses because you can't separate your need for experiencing perfection from objective reality. Obsessive or compulsive behavior with something you like a lot. Obsessive behavior that makes other people want to stop talking to you or know you anymore.

Heroin addiction in a dream may reflect how you are continually screwing yourself over being too optimistic or to obsessed with something you feel is perfect. It may also reflect hurting yourself desiring someone exceptionally beautiful who keeps embarrassing you. Perfection that you can't resist or once experienced is dangerously difficult to cut off.

Example: A woman dreamed of being a heroin addict. In waking life she was accused by her boyfriend of being obsessed with talking about her new job aboard.

*Please See Opium


To dream of a heron represents careful forethought. Herons may show up in dreams when you are carefully planning something. Thinking about everything you need before you do it.

Example: A woman once dreamed of seeing herons on her front lawn. In real life she was making New Year's resolutions to give up some of her bad habits.


To dream of herpes represents a pleasant situation that has turned bad and permanently requires constant care. Having to keep managing the consequences of a disappointment. Alternatively, herpes may reflect a tragedy that never goes away.

Herpes in a dream may be a sign that you need to let go of something or move in a new direction. You may be managing a failure because you can't except that it's over.

Example: A man dreamed that his best friend caught herpes. In waking life his attempt to improve his business with a new opportunity turned into a giant failure. He felt trapped into having to manage the increasing costs in order to stay in business.

*Please See Cold Sores


To dream of a hexagon represents your life being totally dedicated to confronting negativity. You might also be experiencing so much negativity that you don't know what to do about it.

To dream of a hexagon hallway represents a path in life or transitional period where you are confronting negativity or feel overwhelmed by negativity.


*Please See Star Of David


To dream of a hickey represents feelings of embarrassment that you or someone else is liking themselves too much. Frustration or annoyance at having too much attention drawn to your private life. Not liking to have to keep discussing something that you feel is "getting old."

A hickey may also reflect the embarrassment of having enjoyed revealing too much about yourself to others. A spur of the moment idea or instance of spontaneity that embarrasses you that you went too far with it.

Negatively, a hickey may reflect feelings of embarrassment about a misconception that others believe you enjoyed more than you honestly did. Not liking others thinking you had too much of a good time.

Positively, a hickey may reflect feelings of pride that you have proof that you are too important or too well liked.

To dream of giving someone else a hickey may represent feelings of embarrassment for having liked doing something too much. Obsession or going overboard enjoying yourself to point that it causes yourself or others embarrassment.

Hidden Cameras

To dream of discovering hidden cameras represents unpleasant feelings about others not trusting you. Feeling that you privacy or personal space has been violated. Feeling scrutinized or monitored with your knowledge. Embarrassment or surprise at how jealous of you someone else is. Feeling shocked at how nosy or controlling someone in your life is. Feeling that someone is too interested in your life for your comfort level.

To dream of setting up hidden cameras may represent your jealousy of someone else. Keep tabs on others without their knowledge. A lack of trust you have in someone.

*Please See Security Cameras

*Please See Video Camera


To dream of hiding represents your fear of confronting an issue. You may have a secret or are withholding the truth. You may have anxiety about facing a problem or revealing weakness. It may also reflect guilt or a fear of repercussions.


To dream of Egyptian hieroglyphics represents feelings about a situation being interesting, but foreign. Meaning or purpose that is beyond your grasp. Feelings about an interesting situation sending you signals that there is purpose or fate that you don't fully understand. An interest in finding meaning or purpose that never materializes in your life.

Negatively, Egyptian hieroglyphics may represent too much desire for someone that is impossible to have a real relationship with. An nonobjective wish to get to know someone foreign that may be unrealistic. Too much interest in something you can never do anything about. Too much interest in finding meaning or purpose that never materializes. Hopeless fascination. Reading in to the something that isn't happening.

Example: A young man dreamed of reading hieroglyphics. In waking life he had met a girl online living in another country. He really liked her and kept hoping their chance online meaning had purpose or fate. The hieroglyphics represented his hopeless fascination with believing that the relationship was going somewhere when it was impossible.


*Please See Drugs

*Please See Heights

High Heels

To dream of high heel shoes represents an approach to a situation that is focused on never being rejected or losing. Ambition or drive to guarantee winning. You feel confident and self-assured. A dominating attitude. Wanting to "seal the deal" or being a "closer."

Alternatively, high heel shoes may reflect someone or something that is difficult to say no to. Feminine dominance.

High School

To dream of being in high school represents anxiety or concerns you have in regards to gaining power, resources, or status. How well you are being perceived by others or how well you are performing in life. You want more responsibility, status, or to feel more capable. You are trying to improve yourself in some manner. Negatively, high school may reflect too much concern with developing power or status.

High school points to insecurities, or anxieties about how powerful or capable you feel as a person.

To dream of not completing or dropping out of high school may reflect feelings about not having done enough to achieve power or status. Feeling that you didn't try hard enough to achieve your goals. Feeling that you surrendered or gave on an accomplishment you cared a lot about. Feeling like a loser for not having tried hard enough at something important to you.

Attending specific classes in a school may represent the manner in which you are thinking. For example, history classes may reflect the reexamining of your past and math classes your attempts to solve a difficult problem.

If you attended a number of different high schools then each school may reflect a different level of difficulty or stress in your life.

Examples life situations that may encourage school dreams may be nervousness about dating someone, anxiety about work, or caring deeply about how others will react to a project you are working on or plans you have.

Dreaming of certain memorable locations at a school you attended may reflect current emotional states based on those memories. For example if someone hurt your feelings or made you concerned about what they thought in a certain location (hallway, doorway, or back of a room) in a dream it may reflect your concerns about what other people think.

*Please See Tests

*Please See Exams

*Please See School

*Please See Elementary School

*Please See College

*Please See University

*Please See Private School

*Please See Preschool

High School Credits

*Please See School Credits

High School Reunion

To dream of a high school reunion represents remembering of old conflicts, challenges, or power struggles. Revisiting old issues or how things used to be in relationships. Open discussion about who is luckier.

Positively, a high school reunion may reflect feelings of being luckier than other people you know.

Negatively, a high school reunion represents feelings of rivalry, jealousy, or rubbing achievements in others faces. You or others that are openly discussing being better than other people. Difficulty letting go of the past. Resurfacing tensions. Bitterness. Open discussions you may be having with others about who is more deserving or respectable.

Alternatively, a high school union may reflect competitiveness or old quarrels between friends or family that are resurfacing. Noticing that others are petty or can't get over something that happened in the past. Comparisons of social status or achievements.

Example: A woman dreamed of being at a high school reunion. In waking life she was witnessing family members arguing about conflicts that started years earlier. The reunion reflected the experience of watching her family struggle to let go of old rivalries.


To dream of a highway represents situations in your life where you are experiencing momentum or progress. A situation is moving along quickly.

If you're pulled off to the side of the road, have an accident, or find yourself driving a vehicle in poor condition it may symbolize problems or emotional issues you are experiencing during fast paced situations. Difficulties or delays you are having while "moving ahead" with something.

To dream of getting into an accident with another car on the highway represents conflicting ideas or agendas during a fast paced or progressive situation. A fight with another person while experiencing a life situation that is moving quickly ahead.

To dream of getting lost on the highway represents feelings that a face paced situation has left you feeling way in over your head. Feeling that a life situation has moved much too quickly for you. A sign that you need to slow down or ask for help. Insecurity about losing your sense of direction or purpose during a high momentum situation. You may have "gotten ahead of yourself" by moving too quickly.

Example: A young man dreamed of having a head on collision while getting off the highway. In waking life his friend found out that he slept with his ex-girlfriend whom he had just broke up with. The highway reflected the fast pace of the adulterous relationship.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of driving on the highway as fast as she could while having no idea where she was going. In waking life she was searching for the right university program to enter, but had no idea which school was best to attend.


To dream of something being hijacked represents beliefs, opinions, or situations that are taking over. Hijacking may also reflect panic that is taking over your better judgment.

Alternatively, hijacking may represent a loss of control. You may feel someone has taken over an area of your life or seized your moment.

To dream of an airplane being hijacked represents plans or projects that you feel are being taking over. An unwelcome person may be asserting themselves in your life. Fear, panic, or negative emotions may be overwhelming your decisions.


To dream of hiking represents slow tough progress and achievement. Perseverance and a strong will as you deal with a problem or uncertain conditions. A long project that will take time to finish. A 'long haul" situation. A difficult protracted situation. A long challenge that doesn't scare you. Negatively, hiking in a dream reflect feelings about choosing to endure a longer more difficult option than you need to.

Alternatively, hiking in a dream may reflect your enjoyment or preference for a situation to be longer more difficult situation. Feeling good that a situation is never challenging enough. Confidence that something difficult and time consuming doesn't matter.

People who are spending a lot of time looking for a new home often dream of hiking. This may reflect their confidence getting a new place to life after long time of enduring a painstaking process of visiting homes and filing rental applications.

Example: A woman dreamed of hiking up a mountain. In waking life he was was trying her hardest to endure a long protracted lawsuit.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of hiking under very difficult conditions. In waking life both his parents had committed suicide and he was trying his hardest to get through the funerals and move on with his life.


To dream of a hill represents an obstacle in your life. A struggle to achieve a goal. The steepness of hill reflects how big the challenge is that you're facing.

To dream of moving uphill represents your attempt to work against an obstacle. Feeling the difficulty of a situation or that something is getting harder. Feeling that a problem is too much for you. You may also be experiencing an enormous challenge or lots of pressure to meet a deadline. Fighting against the odds. A sign that you need to "tough it out." Patience and dedication will benefit you.

To dream of moving downhill represents a sense of ease with an obstacle or feeling that you are moving away from a problem. Life may feel like it's getting easier. Moving downhill too fast may reflect an improvement that is happening too quick to respond to. Something is good is happening too fast.

To dream of standing on top of a hill represents success or overcoming a challenge. You are noticing that you struggle is over with.

To dream of a steep hill represents feelings about an obstacle in your life being particularly difficult. A challenge which requires you to try your hardest or be stubborn to overcome it. Feelings about needing to push yourself hard to achieve your goals. Negatively, a steep hill may reflect feelings about how an obstacle is demanding too much from you. Feeling it's too much work to overcome a challenge that other people may not think is difficult.

Example: A woman dreamed of struggling to get to the top of a hill. In waking life she was heavily pregnant and felt that she was struggling to get to the end of her pregnancy.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of racing down a hill and feeling totally out of control. In waking life she was pregnant and feared losing control while going into labor.

Example 3: A women dreamed of driving a car up a hill and fearing that she would never make it to the top. In waking life she was trying to complete an enormous amount of paper work to complete university and was having anxiety about being unable to complete the project.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of driving up a very steep hill in a car and almost flipping over when she got to the top. In waking life she was having a difficult time arranging leaving her husband with all the financial and legal obligation required to leave with her daughter.

*Please See Mountain


To dream of a hippopotamus represents unfriendliness, or standoffishness. Feeling that someone doesn't like you. You may be experiencing people or situations that are cold, distant, temperamental, or difficult to approach. A hippo may also reflect trouble co-operating or an inability to get help. Crankiness. Feeling that people are being rude to you.

A hippopotamus may also represent your own unfriendliness or disinterest in co-operating with others. A hippo could reflect behavior that is noticeably uninterested in the success or well-being of others.

Example: A young man dreamed of hippos in a river. In real life he was experiencing hostile people in the work place and feared losing his job.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a hippo being her friend. In waking life she was being very standoffish with doctors as she tried to find a solution to her cancer. The friendly hippo reflected her disagreeableness that was helping her since she knew she was right and refused to take no for an answer.

Example 3: A man dreamed of fearing a hippo coming out of the water to eat him. In waking life he was a webmaster experiencing traffic losses from google to his website and was afraid that if he made any changes to his website that google would penalize his site with even more traffic losses.


To dream of hips represents potential or possibility. The size or desirability of the hips reflects how certain or ensured certain types of experiences are. How confident you are that you can do something if you want to.

To dream of a beautiful woman with big sexy hips may symbolize the potential to have a desirable experience or the possibility of achieving a desirable goal. Something pleasant or enjoyable that you know is possible.

To dream of having your hips rubbed or touched represents a person or situation that makes you feel confident that something is possible. Something in your life is giving you a signal that there is potential in a certain outcome.

Example: A man once dreamed of seeing a very beautiful woman with big hips walking towards him. In real life he had an opportunity to quit his job for something more comfortable if he chose to. The sexy woman with big hips represented how possible and desirable taking a break from his job was.


*Please See Mexican People

*Please See Spanish People

*Please See Brazilian People

*Please See Argentinian People


To dream of studying history represents reexamining your past. You may be trying to gain insight into past events. Spending time remembering your past. Processing negative events from the past to learn and grow. Thinking about how people will remember you for your past achievements.

Example: A young man dreamed of being in an ancient history class in high school. In waking life he was doing a lot of therapy to process negative events from his past.


To dream of hitchhiking represents using others to reach goals. There may be a person or situation that allows you to feel a certain way or to reach an objective without any serious commitment of your own.

Hitchhiking may be a sign that you may not want to focus all your energy or resources towards your goals. You may prefer to taste or sample something before committing yourself fully. You may wish to play with opportunities or use other people's resources before really jumping into something.

Example: A woman who was interested in public service dreamed of a hitchhiker at the same time that she got involved in volunteer work. The hitchhiker reflected her interest in using the community center to perform public service without having to make serious commitments to politics.


To dream of Adolf Hitler represents you or someone else that is terrifying other people that nothing can stop them. Fear that someone will never stop. Obsession with total power. Oppression, manipulation, and absolute control. Dehumanizing behavior. People in your life that you feel are arrogant about being perfect.

Example: A woman had recurring dreams of seeing Hitler
In waking life these recurring dreams coincided with visits from her sister whom she felt was very critical, controlling, and self-centered.

*Please See Hitler

*Please See Holocaust

*Please See Nazis

*Please See Concentrations Camps

*Please See Swastika


*Please See Punch

*Please See Punching Bag

*Please See Slap


To dream of a hive represents a person or situation that is dangerous to disturb. Alternatively, a hive may represent group isolation or brainstorming.

*Please see Beehive


To dream of hoarding represents selfishness. You may have a problem putting someone else's needs first. Alternatively, hoarding may reflect a fear of losing or a fear of change.


*Please See Homeless Person


To dream of playing hockey represents a struggle to offload responsibility, obligation, or blame. Conflict with another person over an issue that never goes away. Wanting to avoid being involved with a problem at all costs. A hockey match is a sign that you are trying to tell someone else that "it's your problem, not mine."

Hockey Stick

To dream of a hockey stick represents an ability to deflect responsibility or a burden. You may be involved in a competitive situation where avoiding taking responsibility for a problem is an issue. You or someone else that is saying "No, you deal with it because it's not my problem."

Positively, a hockey stick may represent your decision to stick up for yourself or respect yourself more than someone else. An unwillingness to take responsibility for something that is wrongly being placed on you.

Negatively, a hockey stick represents an arrogant attitude towards taking responsibility. Bullying that enjoys playing without any work or difficulties. It may also reflect your fear of someone else having the leverage or power to brush you off like you don't matter when times get tough.


To dream of a garden hoe represents a wish to make a difficult situation less severe. Spreading a large responsibility or difficulty out. Dealing with larger problems piece of piece or trying make a difficult situation more manageable.


*Please See Pigs

*Please See Boars


To dream of holding an object in your hands represents feelings about having an answer to a problem. It may also reflect feelings about actions or behaviors you are considering. An idea you are acknowledging or studying. Negatively, holding something may reflect blame or guilt you accept responsibility for. Dangerous choices you are considering.

To dream of holding a snake represents feeling about the ability to cause permanent failure to others. Feeling that you have the ability to cause permanent failure to yourself if you are not careful. Feeling that a very dangerous choice that can cause total failure is within your abilities.

To dream of holding a weapon represents awareness of yourself having the ability to protect yourself. The ability to make a powerful choice that may create conflict or cause failure. The power to make a dramatic change. Feelings about defending yourself or attempting to maintain integrity against adversity. Negatively, holding a weapon may reflect the potential to make a dangerous choice, hurt someone, or dramatic change. Over-sensitivity about needing to defend yourself.

To dream of holding a coin represents feelings about having an insight that you feel will solve a problem. Feeling impressed with a new idea or new solution to a problem you've discovered. Wasting time with new ideas that won't solve your real problems.

*Please See Ledge

*Please See Hands

*Please See Hugging

*Please See Breath


To dream of seeing a hole represents feelings about problems you may not like having to think about. It may also reflect the potential to fall prey to a serious problem. A problem that you can't get out of easily. Feelings of having created a problem for yourself that is not easy to get yourself out of.

Positively, a hole may reflect hope that a breakthrough has been made. Feeling that you have a chance to solve a very difficult problem. Flaws in your enemies defense or discovering your enemies weakness.

Negatively, a hole may reflect feelings about yourself having created a big problem for yourself or your impatience with being stuck with a problem. Feelings about experiencing a slump or unexpected slowdown in your life.

To dream of falling into a hole represents feeling about succumbing to problems you have difficulty getting yourself out of. Getting too involved in a problem that traps you. The worsening of troubles. Feeling that a problem has been made worse than ever. "Pitfall." Feeling stuck. Mistakes or poor judgment. Falling prey to addiction.

To dream of a hole in your clothing represents flaws or problems you feel you have. Personality flaws. Embarrassment that something is wrong with you or that you aren't good enough. Jealousy that you don't feel as good as other people do.

To dream of seeing a hole in your skin represents feelings of emptiness or not liking yourself. Feeling a complete lack of beauty or sympathy in a situation. Feelings about yourself having a permanent flaw that can't be fixed.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing someone drowning in a hole in the floor. In waking life she was reexamining a past event in her life where a relative tragically died after betraying her.

Example 2: A very young boy dreamed of falling into a hole and having to say there. In waking life he had injured his ankle while playing. Falling into the hole may have reflected his feelings about being forced to take time off playing with his injury and his impatience with the waiting for the healing process to finish.

Example 3: A man dreamed of driving car until it reaches an enormous hole in the ground requiring him to stop the car and get out and wait. In waking life the man had been trying to enjoy his life on his own thinking other people didn't matter until he was finally confronted with a serious legal problem he had to take time off to deal with. In this case the enormous hole in the ground may have reflected his feelings about the size and emptiness of the serious legal problem he had to confront, something he couldn't get away from easily and might ruin his life if he wasn't careful because it had already ruined a lot of other people already.

*Please See Digging


To dream of being on holiday represents feelings about having time off a problem or time away from a relationship. Feeling good getting a break from something. Time off work projects.

Negatively, dreaming about a holiday may reflect laziness or taking too much time off a serious problem. Issues with wanting to avoid troubles. Too much leisure. Excessive relaxation. Preferring to avoid a relationship problem instead of discussing it. Fear about getting fired at work for being lazy or avoiding work. Desire to take a break that you keep avoiding.

Example: A woman dreamed of being afraid while she was on vacation. In waking life she was afraid to be at home at night without her husband while he was at work. She enjoyed time away from her husband while also fearing being alone in her home with her young children.

Refer to the themes section for holidays for a more in depth look at holiday symbolism.


*Please See Netherlands


To dream of something being hollow represents situations or personality traits that lack substance. Something in your life that is empty, worthless, or insignificant.

Example: A man dreamed of standing on a hollow moon. In waking life he took a risk to face a fear and realized there was nothing to worry about. He fears were totally overblown.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a hollow tree. In waking life she was beginning to feel that her job was empty and meaningless.


To dream of being in Hollywood represents social interaction with others where you or someone else is being noticed making up stories. It may be a sign that you are lying too much or that people just believe that you are. Exaggerated stories being told to other people.

Negatively, Hollywood may reflect your dislike about other people never believing a story you told them. Feeling that other people think you are a liar or totally "full of crap" with outrageous stories.

Example: A man dreamed of being in Hollywood. In waking life he had experienced the most powerful hallucination of his entire life during a 4 day period with no food or water and nobody believed him at all. He felt people started to disassociate themselves from him after he told the story.


To dream of the WWII holocaust represents your feelings about a situation that you feel is totally insensitive to the total loss that you are experiencing. You may be experiencing a person or situation that has completely cut you off and is totally indifferent to your feelings. Feelings about ruthless evil. Extreme measures being taken to eradicate opposition.

To dream of a holocaust of dead bodies or massive amounts of death may reflect your feelings about all you have worked for being lost. Your success, achievements, or hard work have been totally wiped out. Total failure in a number of different areas of your life. Feeling that all hope is gone.

*Please See Hitler

*Please See Nazis

*Please See Concentrations Camps

*Please See Swastika

Holy Bible

*Please See Bible

Holy Grail

To dream of the Holy Grail represents wish fulfillment or a perfect solution. To search for the Holy Grail reflects your desire to find the perfect solution to something elusive.

Negatively, the holy grail in a dream may reflect dangerous behavior or risk taking to achieve an elusive goal. Obsession to the point of hurting yourself.

The Holy Grail in a dream is a sign that you want to find or discover something that has been lost or suppressed. Either a part of your personality or an answer that eludes you.

Holy Spirit

To dream of the Holy Spirit represents feelings about how incredible a situation feels when you are helped with exactly what you needed. Feeling that life gave you a miracle when it was needed most. Feeling blessed or lucky. Alternatively, dreaming of the Holy Spirit may reflect powerful feelings of confidence that you can never be wrong or can't lose. Feeling that God is on your side.

Negatively, the Holy Spirit may reflect your dependency on things outside of yourself. Not believing in yourself enough as the real conduit for positive change. Not seeing your own strength to fix your own problems.

Holy Water

To dream of holy water represents thoughts, habits, or life situations that are totally redeeming, perfectly positive, or completely rid you of problems and negative situations. A redeeming action or quality that is unquestionable.

Negatively, holy water may reflect too much faith that something will instantly fix your problems.

To dream of holy water you don't trust represents your suspicions about promises or claims about something being a perfect solution, or that is totally redeeming.

Example: A deeply religious woman dreamed that she wasn't allowed to use holy water to heal herself. In waking life she was dealing with serious family issues with the possibility of her children being taken away from her. She felt that God was ignoring her praying for her problems to go away.


To dream of being at home represents familiarity, security, or normalcy. Being comfortable with the way things are or being used to the way things are. A chaotic situation may have come to an end.

You may be feeling at "home" or settled at a new job or situation.

*Please See Houses

Home Depot

To dream of the Home Depot store represents feelings of support that it's more attractive to think of fixing a problem all the time than not. Feelings about support that never wants you to stop fixing something else up. Strong low pressure encouragement to keep thinking about fixing your life or improving your outlook on life. Feeling about nothing scaring you that you can fix your life up if you want to. Feelings about other people telling you that it's a good idea to fix a problem or ugly situation. Feelings of ease or that nothing sucks about choosing to fix a situation. Making the decision to fix a situation that feels good wanting to help you easily. Feelings about other people being supportive that a problem or ugly situation doesn't matter. Talking to people who never stop encouraging you or offering support to fix a problem.

Negatively, dreaming about the Home Depot store may represent wasting time thinking it's more attractive to try to fix a problem without ever taking action or making a serious decision. Exploiting no pressure support that wants you keep trying to fix your problems. Excessively believing your life situation needs to be fixed more attractively while wasting others time supporting you. Wasting time asking for help from someone would never stop trying to encourage you to choose a more attractive outlook on life.

To dream of working at a Home Depot store represents feelings about being supportive of others thinking it's more attractive to think of fixing their problem than not.

People who work at Home Depot may have dreams of Home Depot if they are experiencing issues with work or coworkers. Also consider how certain locations inside the building at work feel and how they may mirror waking life situations not related to work.

Example: A man dreamed of going to Home Depot with a friend. In waking life he lost his job, but felt good that all his relationships were in tact. In this case Home Depot may have reflected his feelings about all his still intact relationships making him feel easily supported with fixing up his life.

Home Improvements

To dream of home improvements or renovating a house represents changes to the way you normally think, or overhauling outdated ideas or behaviors. Self-improvement or improving the way you normally go about solving problems. Making changes to your usual methods of dealing with people. Making a big change so that you never concern yourself with a problem ever again. Expanding your way of thinking. It may also reflect your attempt to make big changes to yourself to feel better about yourself.

Consider the type of improvement or location of the room for additional meaning. Renovating a bathroom may represent new ways of fixing problems you are considering. Renovating a kitchen may represent new ways of preparing for future situations. Fixing up your living room may represent new or better ways of relaxing you are considering.

Home Invasion

*Please See Intruder

*Please See Burglary

Homeless Person

To dream of a homeless person represents an aspect of your personality that has experienced total failure. An area of your life that you have totally lost control of or that's completely powerless.

Alternatively, being homeless in a dream may reflect anxiety about financial hardship or low confidence in your future.

Example: A man dreamed of being surrounded by homeless people. In waking life he had just lost a competition at his work place and lost out on a opportunity to be promoted.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed seeing a homeless man with his hands out begging. In waking life she was dumped by her boyfriend and would have done anything to have him back.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being homeless. In waking life she was pregnant and having anxiety about going broke supporting the baby.


To dream of your hometown represents feelings of familiarity or returning to your beginnings. Enjoying experiencing yourself being remembered by someone from your past. Remembering what your life was like before you moved on to bigger things. Remembering or acknowledging your roots. Situations where you feel you are always welcomed or belonging.

Negatively, a hometown may reflect feelings about having to remember unpleasantness or bitter relationships you've moved on. Feelings of familiarity that you don't like. Having to be remembered by people you don't want to be remembered by. Feelings of fear or embarrassment that you proved yourself to be a failure to people that remember you.

Example: A elderly woman near death had recurring dreams of getting ready to visit her hometown. In waking life she died a few months after these dreams. The hometown scenery may have reflected her thoughts about returning to heaven where she felt she would meet all kinds of familiar people from her past that already died.


To dream of having homework represents feelings about having to responsible on your own. Having to care about problems all by yourself. Negatively, homework in a dream may be a sign that you are creating too much work for yourself. Pressuring yourself to be perfect and never letting anything go. Feeling guilty if you don't do every single thing yourself.

Alternatively, having homework in dreams may be a sign that you are allowing yourself to be subjected to too much pressure to perform well in school. A fear of making any mistakes academically. A sign that you need to relax a bit. A fear of being a loser if you aren't perfect in school.

Example: A young girl dreamed of having so much homework that it would take her years to finish it. In waking life she was a superior student experiencing a lot of pressure to study a lot and do well on her own. The dream of homework may have reflected her tendency to create work for herself with all the extra effort she felt she needed to show.


To dream of homicide may represent a big change that was intentional or premeditated. You or someone else that has purposely ruined something or gotten rid of a problem.

*Please See Murder

Homosexuality (Gay Sex)

To dream of gay sex represents enjoyment of a situation that is noticed by others as abnormal or unacceptable all the time. Enjoying that doing something that is always noticed as difficult to explain by others. Enjoyment of a situation that is difficult to make accepted by others. Enjoying yourself that makes other people feel something is permanently difficult to accept or explain with you. Enjoying something regularly that makes other people think is too odd to want to enjoy themselves. Enjoying your life the way it is without concern for appearances when other people might care about appearances.

Negatively, dreaming of gay sex may reflect feelings about enjoyment of a situation that is vain or vague about why it's noticed not behaving normal. Enjoyment of a situation that is difficult to have accepted by others. A lack of concern about enjoying something you know is wrong to do or makes others feel uncomfortable. Enjoying an abnormal situation that you know may bring backlash or have consequences. Feelings about appearances enjoying something other people may not approve of.

To have gay sex that you don't enjoy may reflect feelings of being involved in abnormal situations that others like, but you don't like. Feeling used for another person's enjoyment of something questionable. Unpleasant homosexual sex may reflect feelings of enduring a very unpleasant situation that is noticed by others as abnormal.

To dream of being raped by a member of the same sex may represent a sense of powerlessness to control a situation that is abnormal, questionable, or difficult to have accepted by others. Men raped by men may reflect powerlessness to control an insensitive situation that intentionally cares about nothing your feeling. Men dreaming of being raped may also reflect feelings about being ripped off during a questionable situation.

Alternatively, a homosexual can be symbolic of your sexual desires if you are gay, or have homosexual curiosity. Men with pregnant wives often dream of having homosexual sex. This may reflect their feelings about how immoral or wrong it feels to have sex while knowing that a child is alive inside their wives during sex.

Example: A woman dreamed of having gay sex. In waking life she felt forced to enjoy herself being single without her boyfriend while uncomfortable about appearances in public for doing so.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being raped by a demon. In waking life he was having concerns about being ripped off in a drug deal.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of having homosexual sex when she thought homosexuality was immoral. In waking life she was a widow in a new relationship. The homosexual sex in the dream may have reflected her feelings about enjoying herself in an unacceptable or immoral fashion to others.

*Please See Sex


*Please See Gay People


To dream of the Honda brand of vehicles represents a style of decision-making or control over a situation that notices everything works just enough all the time without thinking it's a problem. An attitude about decision-making or control that where nothing is too impressive about everything in your life needing to work all the time. Preserving all you have without thinking it's a problem.

Negatively, dreaming of Honda vehicle may reflect a tendency to comfortably preserve yourself the way you are in a situation where you are not improving or permanently fixing problems.

Example: A older woman dreamed of driving a Honda CRV. In waking life she was living alone without friends near her trying to grieve the death of her dog while her son wanted her to move to another state, presumably to be closer to family and friends. In this case the Honda vehicle may have reflected her feelings about comfortably preserving her life the way it was after the without any close friends or family nearby after dog died.

Example 2: A high-school girl dreamed of sleeping in her Honda Accord. In waking life she was getting frustrated trying to date a new guy that wasn't opening up or going out places with her enough because he was timid. The Honda vehicle symbolism is this case may have reflected her feelings about trying to make the new relationship work all the time with the new guy with his tendency to be timid without problems to preserve the relationship.


To dream of honey represents feelings of kindness that never wants you to feel stupid. Easiness that is nice to you all the time. Feelings about everything being wonderfully caring about your feelings with nothing wrong at all. Specialness where every single thing cares about your feelings. Behavior or an experience that feels good being generously nice about every single thing you are feeling. Feeling good that everything you are feeling counts and can't believe it doesn't have to stop. A situation that feels good all the time without thinking twice about stopping it. Situations where you or someone else is perfectly wonderful or giving. You or someone else that is trying their hardest to make someone else feel good or do everything for them. A general feeling of well-being or satisfaction. Feeling that people never stop being nice to you or your own attempt to be extra nice to other people all the time. Unquestioned loving support of a romantic partner. The "sweetness" of the personality. Feeling good that nothing is ever wrong.

Alternatively, dreaming about honey may reflect feelings about pleasure, sexual experiences, or luxury.

Negatively, dreaming about honey may reflect feelings about a selfish need for pleasure or generous non-stop support. Feeling that everyone is nice to you all the time on the condition that you do something or try something. Feeling good that nothing is ever wrong when it annoys someone else.

To dream of honey in a hive represents a risky reward. Taking a chance to feel good or gain something. An goal or objective that is dangerous to have.

Example: A girl dreamed of being offered free honey that disgusted her. In waking life she needed a job badly and was only offered an unpaid internship. The honey that disgusted her reflected her feelings a generous job experience opportunity that she felt was selfish about using her for free labor.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of putting honey on her air. In waking life she was trying extra hard to be nice to people.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of the moon beaming the taste of honey in her mouth and then losing it being left only remembering it. In waking life she was a reborn Christian. In this case the honey she tasted may have reflected her feelings about people in her church being extra nice to her after she became a reborn Christian after she was initiated and then not having to be extra nice to her afterwards because she wasn't a new church member anymore.


To dream of a honeymoon represents a positive experience you are having with something new. You may feel that something permanent is wonderful to have in your life. Enjoying yourself with something you've just discovered and really like. It may also reflect time off with a new hobby or relationship.

*Please See Marriage


To dream of a hoodie represents the personality being completely casual and hidden if you want to. The personality being perfectly comfortable with nobody needing to look at what you're doing if you don't want them to. The personality being perfectly comfortable being competitive. The personality being perfectly comfortable never having to do anything for anyone else if it doesn't want to. The personality that is very comfortable busy doing things on it's own and doesn't want to talk about it.

Negatively, dreaming about a hoodie represents an casual attitude about secretive, dangerous, or criminal behavior. Behavior that is comfortable with being private about dishonest activity if it wants to be. The personality being perfectly comfortable being dangerously secretive or hiding something dangerous. The personality having no concern for why it's scaring people that it might rob them. The personality being perfectly comfortable with how dangerously competitive it is. Awareness of yourself casually keeping secrets that others might find offensive. Casually aware of yourself or someone else planning violence. A personality that is casual about hiding important details. Casual faith that may secretly not being faithful.

Dreams of hoodies are common to students studying for exams, possibly to reflect to reflect their awareness of themselves comfortably isolating themselves while studying or secretly preparing to cheat.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a girl wearing a hoodie. In waking life she was trying to be perfectly casual about hiding her attempts to find a new job.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of trying to clean dirty hoodies. In waking life she was trying to convince a bitter friend that she didn't care about a problem and felt they should both just move on from it. The need to clean dirty hoodies in this case may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about her friend's casual secretive behavior being revealed which caused issues in the friendship and was difficult to reconcile.

Example 3: A teenage girl dreamed of seeing a murderer in a black hoodie coming after her. In waking life she was concerned about moving ruining her life. The black hoodie wearing murderer in this case may have reflected her feelings about how casual she felt her mother was about deciding where they were going to live next when they moved.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of wearing a purple hoodie. In waking life she was very busy and living at home taking care of her mother. The purple hoodie in this case may have reflected her feelings about being comfortable living at home taking care of her mother, but choosing to hide some of her money for herself.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of seeing a man in a hoodie repeatedly show up. In waking life she was concerned about her husband's casual faith in God that she felt may secretly not believe in God.


*Please See Prostitutes


To dream of playing hookie from school or work represents a wish to avoid a problem or obligation. It may also reflect your wish to distract yourself from anxiety, fear, or a serious issue. Negatively, it may be a sign that you are not paying enough attention to a problem or responsibility. You may not be owning up to your duties.


To dream of playing hopscotch represents a competitive attitude focused on making something look easy. Who can make a challenge look the least embarrassing? Trying to prove to that nobody else is as good or experienced as you at something.

Negatively, hopscotch may reflect showing off thinking something is too easy.


To dream of a horizon represents a new beginning or an unpleasant conclusion. Noticing something in your life that is just beginning or about to happen. A morning horizon may reflect new opportunities or new hope. An evening horizon may reflect a loss of power or an unwanted ending to a situation.


To dream of a car horn represents situations where you or someone else feels the need to draw attention to interference with a decision-making. Signalling to others that you don't like them being in your way as you try to navigate a situation. Signalling annoyance that someone is in your way of controlling a situation. Expressing anger or assertively signalling the need to be respected while being in control of a situation.

To dream of a bicycle horn represents situations where you or someone else feels to the need to draw attention to interference with independently balancing a situation. Attempting to fix a situation all on your own and signalling to others that you are feel annoyed that they are in your way. Expressing anger or assertively signalling the need to be respected while trying to establish balance in a situation. Annoyance that other people are in your way while trying to restore a situation.

To dream of a musical french horn represents drawing attention to the need to respect people's feelings at all times. It also reflect an expressing feelings about the need to respect chivalry or "ladies" present.

*Please See Trumpet

*Please See Horns


To dream of a hornet represents a person or situation that is a lingering threat, or problem that is lying beneath the surface. You may have a fear of reprisal from standing up for yourself, or concerns about a situation getting out of control.

To be stung by a hornet symbolizes anger, vengeance, and revenge.

A hornet's nest would symbolize a very sensitive issue you want to steer clear of. You may be concerned about a possible confrontation.


To dream of a person or creature with horns represents your awareness of others negative or evil intentions. It may also reflect some aspect of yourself that is behaving this way. Unwanted sexual aggression.

To dream of yourself having horns on your head represents your awareness of yourself being totally consumed by yourself. Doing whatever it takes to get what your way. It may also reflect awareness of your total absence of morals to achieve your goals. You are "pure evil" in winning. Preferring or enjoying total negativity. Awareness of your own negative intentions. Enjoying getting away with being arrogantly powerful over others. Evilly outsmarting others.

Alternatively, dreaming of yourself having horns may reflect awareness of your own sexual aggression.

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