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Garbage Cans

To dream of a garbage can represents ideas, memories, habits, or situations that you don't want to notice ever again. You want to see something over or simply don't care about something anymore.

To dream of having to search through a garbage can for something may reflect feelings about having been careless with a person or situation in your life and wishing to reverse it. Regretting yourself neglecting being careful or not respecting something as much as you should have.

Example: A woman dreamed of searching through a garbage can for a hand written note she placed in the garbage and not being able to find it. In waking life a man she had been dating had carefully told her to stop certain behavior that annoyed him and then broke up with her when she didn't. She felt desperate to try hard to get a second chance to prove herself with him, but it was pointless as he had no interest in her anymore. The garbage can in this case may have reflected her feelings about having disregarded the advice of the man she was dating.


To dream of Canada represents a state of mind that is sensitive about itself having to do more than others. It reflects awareness of one's self having to be more honest, helpful, nicer, or hard working than someone else in some way. Feeling that you are always doing more than others without getting credit for it. Being in Canada may also represent your awareness of yourself always being right in a argument with no recognition.

Positively, Canada may reflect your feelings about getting a last chance or getting help when nobody else will care about you. Feeling that everyone around you is beautifully "awesome" or totally concerned with your feelings.

Negatively, Canada may reflect your awareness of being right or "positiver" than someone who has more power than you. Jealousy of having done more than others or having acted perfect and getting no respect for it. Anger that other people are getting away with cheating or being arrogant when you aren't. Alternatively, Canada in a negative context may reflect too much giving without anything to show for it. Screwing yourself being too generous.

Dreaming being in Canada may also reflect feelings that everyone around you is jealous of something you have because they think they deserve it more than you.

Canadian People

To dream of a Canadian person represents an aspect of your personality that balances respect and a lightheartedness. A personality with a relaxed and easygoing mindset. This aspect values honesty, helpfulness, niceness, politeness and being laid back. Avoiding anything excessive or over-the-top. Avoiding humor at the expense of safety. Content with being just good enough. Not laughing at anything not being safe. Not being snob about letting something be. Behavior that intelligently avoids anything excessive. Behavior that accepts others never needing to be perfect. Behavior that accepts you avoiding something excessive. An aspect of your personality that is nicer than someone else. Behavior that feels it needs to do more than other people so other people can avoid something excessive.

Negatively, Canadian people may reflect a "nice guy" mentality that may hold you back. Being too content with being just good enough and avoiding anything excessive or over-the-top, leading to a lack of assertiveness or a tendency to conform to expectations, rather than pursuing one's own goals and desires. Feeling obligated to follow the same path and not take risks or make bold moves. This mentality may ultimately limit the dreamer's growth and personal fulfillment. Not being critical of other people because it scares you that you'll be seen rude or starting a fight. Believing problems aren't important to address until they become excessive. Arrogance or recklessness that expects to get off easy because punishment is "felt" to be excessive. Behavior that dislikes excellence, superiority, or something exceptional because it feels it's excessive.

Example: A man dreamed of being on all fours naked with his girlfriend who stuck an umbrella with the Canadian flag on it up his butt. In waking life the man was practicing celibacy as he believed it would enhance the vividness of his dreams. The Canadian flag on the umbrella in the dream could symbolize his girlfriend's attitude towards his celibacy - respectful and lighthearted. The man may have felt that his girlfriend might think that if he were to abandon his celibacy, she would be expected to have sex with him immediately.


To dream of a canal represents feelings about difficult or uncertain situations being possible to get through as long as you are perfectly safe and responsible. Showing restraint. Feeling that a situation doesn't have to be dangerous if you are careful.

Alternatively, dreaming of a canal may reflect solutions that have been specifically created for problems that were expected. Following a contingency plan perfectly to get yourself through a problematic event.

Example: A man dreamed walking beside a canal. In waking life he was being very careful financially because he felt that some people were trying very hard to take all his money as he made a transition in his life. The canal may have reflected his use of certain financial tools as a means to responsibly protect his money during the transition.


To dream of a canary represents feelings of optimism, positivity, joy, and the ability to simply move on from problems that don't support that type of thinking. Feelings of freedom to never care about anything except saying life is working out great because you can always move on. Feelings about never having to see yourself having a problem or being ruined because you can simply move on. An attitude of optimism or positive thinking as though it was the point of life that leaves all its problems behind if it isn't happy. A professional attitude about talking about your problems going away and moving on if you don't like what's happening. Getting attention for why you are always paying attention to never choosing problems because you can always leave problems behind. Positivity is what is always sought, and the freedom to move on if you don't like what is happening. Liking your life all the time and never being desperate to move on. Never being desperate for anything that isn't positivity that can be easily seen. Feelings about yourself not being a little kid about liking your life all the time and moving on if someone else doesn't want you to. Awareness of preferring to choose optimism and not wanting to be someone's friend if they don't like that about you. Awareness of yourself or someone else that isn't stupid about liking other people's feelings to make life likable.

Negatively, a canary may reflect feelings of never having anything to say except that everything in life is working out great to the point of looking stupid staying the way you are. Jealousy or annoyance about someone else never having a problem because they can simply move on if they want to. Happiness that doesn't like to talk about problems because it can move on.

To dream of a dead canary represents feelings of losing optimism, freedom, or the ability to move on from problems. A lost sense of joy, positivity, or the ability to escape from a difficult situation. Feelings of disappointment, hopelessness, or being trapped without the ability to seek a more positive situation.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing canaries chirping and wearing a canary pendant necklace. In waking life, she was very happy discussing moving from her home and having lots of money to do new things with the family, while not having any serious drive to sell her home in the way she discussed. In this case, the canary may have reflected her optimistic attitude and cheerful discussions about moving on to a new phase in life, while not being seriously committed to making the changes she talked about.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of a growing canary in a birdcage. In waking life, she was planning to move out of his mother's house because her mother was emotionally abusive and had a "negative hold" on her. In this case, the canary in the birdcage may have reflected her feelings about optimism and positivity being confined or restricted. She may have felt that her ability to move on from problems and maintain a happy outlook was being stifled by her mother's emotional control.


To see a burning candle in your dream represents hope or possibility. A positive outlook or belief during an uncertain time. Beliefs that give you confidence in difficult situations.

Alternatively, you may be experiencing some good luck during a hard time.

Negatively, a candle may reflect blind hope or naive hope. Hoping that a problem will go away on it's own without trying to learn about the problem. It may also reflect your hope for something bad to happen to someone else.

To dream of a candle light dinner represents a concern for others feelings during the ending of a waking life situation. Being supportive during a time of closure. Giving others hope, sympathy, or respect when something important has finished. Feeling good getting a difficult situation over with.

To dream of a red candle may reflect your hope for something bad or dangerous to happen. Possibly a sign that you are hoping or wishing for something bad to happen to someone that you don't like.

Example: The day before an old woman died she dreamed of a lit candle on the windowsill of her bedroom. The candle blew out and she was filled with fear. The candle then reappeared lit outside the window. The candle may have reflected her hope that she would live while confronting the prospect of death. It blew out to symbolize her fear about the process of dying. The candle appears relit outside the window to represent her feelings about knowing she'll be OK after she's died and experiences herself living in heaven. The dream gave the woman peace before she died.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a candle being held close her leg by a nurse who kept slowly bringing the candle closer to her leg until she felt burned by the candle. In waking life she had leg pain that she hoped would go away and then woke up one day to discover that she had developed an infection in her bone marrow.\

Example 3: A woman dreamed of looking at herself in the mirror holding a red candle. In waking life she was very unhappy in a relationship that she feared leaving. She hope that something bad would happen to man she was in the relationship with so it would give her an honest excuse to leave him.


To dream of candy represents something that feels good to think about. Enjoyment or self-indulgence. You may be feeling joy or experiencing a special treat. A pleasurable experience you are having.

Candy may also reflect you enjoying yourself thinking of plans you have for the future.

Example: A girl dreamed of eating candy. In waking life she was enjoying herself getting closer to a boy she liked. The candy reflected how good she felt talking to the boy.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of people with emotionless faces carrying sweets. In waking life she was waiting to get a divorce to leave a forced marriage. The carried candy may have reflected her feelings about enjoyable plans she was preparing to feel good with when the divorce was finished.

*Please See Lollipop

Candy Bar

*Please See Chocolate Bars

Candy Canes

To dream of a candy cane represents thoughts about a situation being more interesting than you think to notice that sharing doesn't cost much if you want to share as well. A sense of communal giving or sharing that doesn't cost much to keep it going. Keep the spirit of giving going that doesn't require significant personal sacrifices. Feeling that it didn't cost someone else much to share with you in order to encourage you to keep the spirit of giving going. Feelings of encouragement for others to enjoy a new idea to keep the spirit of sharing going with little personal cost. Feeling that it never hurts to try to interest someone else is keeping up the spirit of sharing and togetherness.

Negatively, dreaming about a candy cane may represent feelings about behavior that you feel is a stupid, lame, or cheap gesture about encouraging you to keep the spirit of giving or sharing going like it's a better idea than doing nothing. Not liking the idea of saving money by keeping a collective or communal effort of sharing going because someone else thought it was a good idea. Feelings of skepticism or cynicism towards acts of generosity or communal spirit. You might be hesitant to participate in group activities or share resources because you believe that it might be a waste of time. Familial or societal expectations about sharing being a good idea to keep going that hinders your independence.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of large plastic candy canes scattered on the floor that belong to a boy that disappeared. In waking life, she was just beginning to learn how to drive. In this case, the large plastic candy canes may have reflected her feelings about the initial shared spirit about the low cost of communal usage of the parents' vehicles that would help everyone learn to drive and get a driver's license mpre quickly. The group of friends may have may felt that learning to drive would be easy and cheap if they just kept up the spirit of sharing vehicle time with each other.

Example 2: A teenage girl dreamed of a candy cane-colored spider. In waking life, she was preparing to start University within a month. In this case, the candy cane-colored spider may have reflected parents or other people encouraging a sense of sharing with other people all the time that made her feel trapped or hindered from preparing for her new independent life away from home as a university student.


To dream of using a cane represents a nagging problem or weakness. Some area of your life where you have to notice yourself being limited or weaker than you'd like to be. Doing the best you can with what you have during a difficulty. Deal with difficulty on your own if you have to. The ability to support yourself if needed.

Negatively, a can may reflect feelings about having to manage problems all by yourself. Enduring hardship by supporting yourself.

To dream of a cane used for blind people or "white cane" may reflect feelings about resources or people that assist you when it feels impossible to understand what is happening in your life on your own. Dependence on others to guide you or keep you informed during situations you have great difficulty understanding. Dependence of superstitious advice or psychics to live your life.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing someone walking with a cane. In waking life he was waiting for agreement from a business partner in order to carry out a sale from a customer. The cane reflected him noticing himself being limited in making money because he choose to politely wait for his business partner to agree. He was doing the best he could on his own to keep customers happy without being able to finalize sales.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of no longer needing a blind person's cane. In waking she she was listening to a professional give her advice on her dreams and slowly began to feel that she didn't need the advice.


To dream of a cannibal represents destructive or forbidden obsessions with achieving goals. Turning on people you care about, breaking promises to suit yourself, or a "no holds barred" type mentality. No sanctity, morality, or social barriers to getting your way. Screwing over people you like to help yourself. Winning even if it means attacking friends, family, or co-workers.

Situations in waking life where you may be experiencing the ultimate act of selfishness, taboo, or greed. Desperation to survive a problem that drives one to hurt others who care about you or do something socially unacceptable.


To dream of cannoli represents feelings about an experience of indulgence, satisfaction, enjoying oneself, and the fulfillment of a desire where nobody considers it a problem. It may symbolize a moment or situation where treating oneself or celebrating doesn't bring about guilt or criticism. It could reflect a conscious choice to enjoy something special or pleasure without feeling guilty. Feelings about nobody being angry about why you personally felt good about something.

Negatively, dreaming about cannoli could represent feelings of letting yourself be overly indulgent, excessive, or failing to exercise self-restraint because nobody said anything about it being a problem.

Example: A woman dreamed of her favorite hockey team, the Philadelphia Flyers, winning a game and wanting to order cannolis from a bakery, but when they were pulled out, they looked frozen and very hard. In waking life, she was rooting for the Philadelphia Flyers in the Stanley Cup finals, with one game left to win the championship. In this case, the frozen cannolis may have reflected her feelings about anticipating the joy of celebrating a potential victory, yet facing the reality of potential disappointment or challenges of not being able to justify post Stanley Cup winning partying or celebration expenses because they hadn't won the last game yet.


To dream of a cannon represents drastic measures or choices. Finally deciding to take action in a big way. Feeling that enough is enough. Being unwilling to put up with a problem ever again.


To dream of a canoe represents your feelings of ease and adaptability as you navigate uncertainty or negative situations. Self-determination as you confront change and life challenges. You are emotionally balanced, feeling powerful, and in control. Confronting problems the way you want to. Choosing how best confront a terrible situation on your own terms. Confidently navigating uncertain or negative events with a relaxed adult attitude.

To dream of a canoe that is upside down represents abandonment or neglect of your self-determination during a uncertain or negative situation. You may feel unable to easily navigate uncertainty in your life or deal with problems on your own terms.

Negatively, a canoe may reflect a selfish attitude about not having to listen to anyone else during a crisis or negative situation. Ignoring others feelings during a crisis or moment of powerful uncertainty. Alternatively, it may reflect feelings about having to do things on your own during a difficult situation when you may not want to.

Positively, a canoe may reflect a need to ignore arrogant or less intelligent people during a negative situation so you handle problems however you feel is best. Enjoying doing things for yourself during a difficult or uncertain situation.

To dream of a canoe filling up with water or flipping over while you are using it may reflect feelings about yourself being inexperienced at handling difficult situations without oversight. Feelings that you weren't as prepared or practiced enough to do deal with problems in your own.

Example: A man dreamed of being in a canoe with his wife and then falling out and seeing the canoe go off without him. In waking life his wife was heavily pregnant and he after he made one mistake trying to support her he felt that his wife preferred to handle the rest of the pregnancy on her own.


To dream of a cantaloupe represents feelings of familiarity that feels good safe being accustomed to it. Familiarity of feeling safe that doesn't have to speak about it. Feeling accepted by what you are familiar of. Familiarity of feeling grownup that doesn't have to speak about it. Familiarity that's good for you to be accepting of it. Familiarity that feels good not being at war with anything because you're grown up. Enjoying a situation where nothing feels wrong because someone or something "knows you." Familiarity that feels good that it's always safe, always there, and already thinks of you as family. The dream may also be about feeling good respecting yourself and avoiding anything fake. It could indicate the comfort and security of a stable marriage or relationship. Feeling good respecting yourself never needing to do anything fake. Feeling good that your marriage or relationship has no surprises for why it's always there for you. Feeling good being adult about not having to say anything about an issue. Feeling that listening to you is something that a person you're close to will always do. Familiar feelings of happiness and safety 2 people feel in each other's company. Comfort and security felt in a relationship after resolving a problem without conflict.

Negatively, dreaming of a cantaloupe may reflect overdoing the avoidance of discussing anything wrong with a situation or someone's behavior because you are close to that person. Feelings of disliking a situation that is too comfortable or familiar with the way things are. Overindulging in the familiar which could lead to complacency or a lack of growth within the relationship or situation. Fear of confronting difficult issues or the unwillingness to change, despite knowing that it may be necessary for personal growth or the improvement of a relationship. Feelings of familiarity and comfort without needing explaining you have with an ex-partner that bothers you can't get over them because nobody feels the same.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a cantaloupe place in the center of a table by a kidnapper of a child. In waking life, the man was experiencing ransom demands being made for someone else's child. In this case, the cantaloupe may have reflected the hostage taker's attempt to offer a sense of familiarity and family-like comfort that would feel good and be accepted once the demands were met, ultimately leading to the return of the child.



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