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To dream of ginger represents enthusiasm or a positive feelings about being moderate. Feeling good having a little bit of something. A sign that you just want to try something, help only a little, or are not interested in doing something as much as someone else is. Knowing that doing something a little bit is best because it may annoy or scare someone else.

Example: A man dreamed of man holding a bottle of ginger spice. In waking life he was renewing his faith in God, but felt that he had to be careful taking about it too much to others because it may turn them off.


To dream of gingerbread represents feeling good with something the way it is. People or situations that you feel good liking and don't want to change for anything. Positive feelings about stable friendships or home life. Negatively, gingerbread may be a sign that you are willfully blind to a problem or a person that you don't want to hate.

To dream of a gingerbread man represents a person or situation that convinces you to enjoy liking it.

Example: A young man dreamed of being attacked by a gingerbread man. In waking life he was in denial about someone he liked that wasn't really his friend. He slowly began to see the truth and found it difficult to hate this person.


To dream of a giraffe represents behavior that can perceive things from a higher vantage point or a broader perspective that doesn't have to talk about it. Quietly seeing yourself as more prominent, older, wiser, or better at seeing the future. The ability to 'look ahead' and foresee potential outcomes.

Negatively, dreaming about a giraffe represents ignorance or arrogance in believing oneself to having superior foresight or understanding of what the future holds. Snobbishness or presumption that others lack foresight.

Example: A young woman dreamed of a giraffe peering into a house that she and man she had a crush were inside. In waking life, she believed that she was the only one that was good enough to be with her crush. In this case, the giraffe may have reflected her feelings about another woman with interest in her crush, whom she felt was ignorant, watching her with her crush and making snobby comments about predicting the future with why the relationship wouldn't last.

Girl Scouts

To dream of a girl scout represents a constant sense of responsibility. Sensitivity, sympathy, harmlessness, or subordination while being concerned about a need for responsible conduct.

*Please See Boy Scouts


To dream of a girlfriend represents personality traits or qualities we feel as consistently supportive of your success or well-being. Something you think that supports you emotionally, or regularly helps you cope with life situations. It may also reflect something in your life that makes you feel safe, or lucky. A consistently helpful situation, behavior, or coping mechanism.

Alternatively, girlfriends may symbolize our current projections of your partner or their beliefs or goals. Your feelings about them and the current state of you relationship.

To dream of a girlfriend leaving you represents the departure of helpful situations, feelings, or beliefs from your life. Habits or situations that are no longer supportive of you. Feeling something helpful turning on you or no longer working.

To dream of a girlfriend who you've never seen in real life leaving you represents new situations, habits, or beliefs that were supportive of you and no longer are.

To dream of cheating on your partner represents impulsive choices, or doing something that you can't resist. Cheating on a partner can also represent a change of current beliefs.

To dream of a partner cheating on you represents
bad choices that have consequences or dire repercussions. Turning your back on principles, integrity, or sacrifices you are making. A partner cheating on you may also symbolize your feelings about your partner having different beliefs or goals from your own.

To see a girlfriend die or murdered in a dream represents the end of a thinking pattern, habit, or life situation that made you feel good or helped you cope with life situations. It may also reflect certain beliefs, feelings, or situations associated with your girlfriend ending.

To dream of intimacy or feelings of love with a girlfriend that you don't recognize represents a new personality style, habit, or situation that is emotionally helpful for you.

To dream of having sex with your girlfriend represents positive waking life experiences where you are enjoying feeling that you can't lose. Enjoyable experiences feeling helped, successfully using your skills, or liking noticing yourself having an advantage that never stops working for you. Liking an experience where certain skills, behavior, or other people are consistently supportive of your success. Alternatively, having sex with your girlfriend may reflect enjoyable waking life situations you are experiencing with him. It could also (less likely) reflect your sex life.

Example: A man dreamed of walking down a street with his girlfriend (He was actually single). In waking life he cleverly came up with an excuse that prevented him from having to confront a difficult situation. He felt good knowing he could use the excuse anytime he wanted and it would always work for him.

Example 2: A man dreamed of his girlfriend cheating on him. In waking life he was fearing his girlfriend catching him cheating on his girlfriend. The girlfriend in the dream in this case may have reflected his feelings about his cheating behavior turning against him.


To dream of a girl often represents aspects of the self that are passive, receptive, sympathetic, co-operative, nurturing, or that are compliant. Aspects of yourself that are giving.

Negatively, a little girl may reflect an aspect of yourself that is easy to control or push aside. A sign that you are not being assertive enough or feel that someone else is making your decisions for you. Your tendency to easily submit or be compliant. Getting told what to do.

Fear of sensitive issues being easily humiliated or overpowered. Fear of someone stronger than you overpowering you. Something in your life is not powerful enough to defend itself. Fear of not being able to protect yourself or something important to you. Feeling that power is easy to steal from you. Feelings about yourself being a wimp.

Alternatively, girls may reflect feminine qualities of your personality.

*Please See Woman


To dream of giving something to someone represents your waking life appreciation for a person or situation. Showing someone else that they are special, showing affection. It may also reflect the transfer of ideas, influence, hope, access, or forgiveness. Permission being given out.

Alternatively, giving something to someone in a dream may reflect your wish to make a situation easier for someone else. It could reflect your attempt to accept yourself or forgive yourself. Giving yourself permission to behave in a certain way.

Negatively, giving something away in a dream may reflect power or leverage you are "throwing away" or giving away too easily. Giving up. Not bothering to stand up for yourself or being aware of yourself choosing to cave in to others. Not trying hard enough to win or protect yourself. Easily surrendering power or being subordinate. Alternatively, from a negative perspective giving something away in a dream may reflect the handing off of problems. An "I'm finished, you deal with it" type situation.

To dream of being given something represents feelings of being appreciated or special. It may also reflect feelings about a situation being made easier for you or good luck. Accepting an idea or responsibility.

Negatively, being given something in a dream may reflect feelings of having never earned something.


To dream of a gizzard represents making a difficult situation easier for someone else. Doing all the hard work so someone else doesn't have to.

Example: A man dreamed of being offered a chicken gizzard to eat. In waking life he was sick of doing a task his boss wanted that made his boss's life easier, but was afraid to speak up. He was considering finally speaking up for himself.


To dream of a glacier represents negativity or terrible conditions that you feel are totally beyond your ability to remove from your life directly. A sense of impossibility with danger or problems. A glacier may be a sign that you need to rethink your strategy or find ways to get around a problem instead of fighting it.

*Please See Iceberg


To dream of a gladiator represents showing off or being watched with superior power failing or embarrassing others. Conquering, defeating, or humiliating others that is intentionally being made a spectacle. A "no mercy" type argument where your or someone else wishes to feel good seeing the competition humiliated. A wish for glory in an conflict that is remembered forever. A wish to make history defeating someone while others watch.

Negatively, a gladiator may reflect you or someone else that can't stop showing off proving how superior their strength is. Terrifying others by starting fights you know you can't lose for the sole purpose of showing off. Too much concern for keeping your pride and achieving total humiliating defeat of opposition in an argument. Wanting to enjoy humiliating failure for your enemy or competition.

Alternatively, a gladiator may reflect a big risk being taken to show others you are fearless and powerful. Taking big risks to prove you're the strongest while others watch.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in a life threatening game with gladiators. In waking life she was in an argument with her fiance's mother in which no mercy was shown. They both tried to humiliate the other in front of the family with harsh criticism and mean honesty.


To dream of gladiolas represents awareness of how wonderful a situation feels having to be wonderful. Enjoying embracing commitment. Loving the hard work of a relationship or feeling good knowing that commitment is mandatory. Liking knowing that something in your life is always being liked.

Negatively, gladiolas may reflect feeling pressured in liking something.

*Please See Flowers


To dream of glass objects represents transparency with a sensitive issue. Perfect understanding with an issue that is sensitive about total embarrassment. Something in your life that is beautiful to notice, but easily destroyed by carelessness.

Negatively, dreaming about glass may reflect the sensitive ability to "shatter" hopes or expectations. Feelings about dangerous handling a sensitive issue.

To dream of glass that is dirty, cloudy or discolored suggests a need for more clarity in a situation.

*Please See Broken Glass

*Please See Windows

*Please See Drinking Glass

Glass House

To dream of a glass house may represent a perspective or opinion that is extremely fragile to criticism. It may also reflect a heightened sense of anxiety about being attacked, singled out, or embarrassed.


*Please See Eyeglasses

*Please See Drinking Glass


To dream of glitter on a face represents the personality being preoccupied with life or a certain situation being completely wonderful. You or someone else that can't think of anything feeling wrong. Enjoying not noticing anything negative at all.

To dream of glitter placed on an object represents feelings that some area of your life is perfect in every way. It may also reflect enjoyment having having some area of your life feeling wonderful all the time.

*Please See Sparkles


To dream of gloves represents your thoughts or perspective regarding the manner in which you are handling a situation. Gloves symbolize your level of caution and carefulness. Protecting yourself as you handle a difficult or dangerous situation. Avoiding "getting your hands dirty." Negatively, it may reflect a wish to be careful about leaving evidence of your negative behaviour. A wish to avoid regretting handling a situation unprofessionally, carelessly, or in a manner that may give you lingering unpleasant feelings.

Negatively, gloves in a dream may reflect your fears or concerns about other people getting away with their dishonesty because they are very careful about not getting caught. Feelings about other people being sneaky or being good at not leaving evidence. The color and style of gloves hints at your mindset.

Black gloves suggest bad intentions while handling a situation, evil methods of carefulness to avoid being caught doing something dishonest, criminal-minded self-protection. Handling a situation in an excessive dangerous manner or handling a situation in a manner that scares others. Positively, black gloves may reflect a very serious attitude about protecting yourself at all costs.

To dream of white gloves may reflect feelings about protecting yourself with perfect honesty while handling a situation. Handling a situation with an attitude that requires perfect cleanliness.

To dream of medical rubber gloves represents feelings about wanting to perfectly protect yourself while handling a situation. Awareness of yourself trying to be carefully handle a situation that involves a recovery or inspection of a sensitive area of your life.

To dream of winter gloves represents feelings about needing to carefully handle a situation during a terrible or unbearable situation.

To dream of work gloves represents feelings about how you handle yourself in a situation that requires a lot of work with little complaining. A rugged or assertive attitude used to help you handle and endure a difficult situation. A realistic attitude about handling a difficult or insensitive situation by accepting it for what it is. Forgoing vanity to handle a difficult or dangerous situation. Intentionally not showing off or caring about beauty as you fix a problem or deal with a difficult situation.

Example: A young man dreamed of wearing black gloves. In waking life he was living with his parents and felt he had to very serious about handling himself improving his life in order to move out. The black gloves may have reflected his feelings about handling himself in manner where he always put his own priorities first to help his own life. Feeling he needed an excessively driven attitude to handle recovering his livelihood to move out of his parents home again.

Glow Stick

To dream of a glow stick represents feeling good distracting yourself during a negative situation or boring moment. Enjoying yourself doing something you've never done before when there is nothing left to do.

Example: A man dreamed of playing with a glow stick. In waking life he had spent the night enjoying himself helping a woman get out of her flooded basement during a blackout.


To dream of something that is glowing represents an aspect of yourself that is standing out. Feeling that you, someone else, or something you are doing has to be paid attention to the most. An inability to avoid being noticed the most or thought of as the most important.

To dream of glowing eyes may represent a certain view or observation of a situation being more important than others. Thinking that "your take" on a situation is more important than someone else's.


To dream of glue represents a wish or intention to have a situation or relationship stay the way it is.

Negatively, glue may represent feelings of being trapped or stuck. Feeling unable to get out of a situation or get away from someone. Feeling unable to get a problem or trauma off your mind. Feeling stuck with feelings of being dirty or never being innocent again.

Example: A young girl dreamed of drowning in white glue. In waking life she was raped and forced to perform oral sex on a band of drunken soldiers the day before. The dream may have reflected her overwhelming feelings about being unable to feel innocent ever again as the memory was "stuck" on her."

Go Karts

To dream of a go kart represents decision making that is focused on getting results as fast as you can get them. You ambition to finish something as fast as you can. Feeling good seeing progress or finishing something off quickly. A mindset focused on expediency. A reflection of your drive or ambition to reach a conclusion or get a situation over with.

Example: A man dreamed of driving a go kart. In waking life he had some credit card debt that he was eager to pay off as quickly as he could once new money opportunities came to him.


To score a goal in your dream represents an achievement or success. It may also reflect your feeling having reached a goal or overcome an obstacle. Feeling that you are getting ahead of someone you are competing against or with a long-standing problem.

Negatively, seeing a goal being scored may reflect your feelings of loss or being unable to prevent an undesirable situation from happening. You may feel "beaten" or that you've failed at something. You may feel that you didn't try hard enough.


To dream of a goat represents feelings about behavior that's persistent or relentless about not having to listen to anything except thinking of every little thing to get it's way. Independence, determination, or stubbornness. A willingness to persevere despite challenges, or a strong desire to achieve personal goals. Adapting and adjusting.

Negatively, dreaming about a goat represents ignorance persistence that doesn't listen to anything except getting it's way. Annoying persistence, relentlessness, or an unwillingness to give up. An ignorant relentless person. The ignorance of a male pressuring a female for sex after being denied. A goat in a dream may reflect behavior that is dangerously or ignorantly obsessed with pursuing something and unwilling to give up getting it's way. Goats may also reflect people or situations that seem adjust or adapt to everything you do to avoid listening, honesty, or respecting you. An unwillingness to change one's mind, even in the face of evidence or logical arguments. Someone in your life who is difficult to deal with or who stubbornly refuses to give up trying to get their way.

Goats are often depicted in satanic images to reflect the ignorant unlistening relentless nature of evil.

Example: A woman dreamed of a dead goat that was barely noticeable under open floorboards. In waking life, her husband didn't want to be with her anymore. In this case, the dead goat may have reflected her feelings about never having to put up with her husband's ignorant relentless behavior anymore because his choice to end the relationship removed his stubbornness and determination from her life. She might have felt a sense of relief or even sadness as she realized that she no longer had to deal with his unwillingness to listen, change his mind, or respect her perspective in their relationship.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of giving birth to a deformed goat baby human. In waking life, she was moving out of state with her family. In this case, the deformed goat baby may have reflected her feelings about moving not working out the way she had expected forcing her to adapt and adjust to the unexpected challenges and difficulties that came with the move that felt ignorant.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of a goat calling her to come lie down with it. She walked up to the goat and grabbed its hind legs, twisting them until she snapped the goat's spine. In waking life, she experienced a painful relationship breakup. In this case, snapping the goat's spine may have reflected her feelings about choosing to stop being persistent or relentless in trying to get back together with a man who hurt her.


To dream of a goblin may represent feelings about experiencing an arrogant person that's jealous of you.

Feeling that someone is powerless to stop you from being stronger or superior, but arrogantly finds every single other way to embarrass you if they don't get their way. Feelings about a arrogant, selfish, or jealous person with less power than you that is aggressively trying to use you. Someone in your life that you feel doesn't want you to ever like yourself.

Jealous greed that is interfering or blocking you. A greedy or jealous twerp in your life. A weaker arrogant jealous person that doesn't want you to keep your power. Fear that someone jealous will try to take something special from you at a sensitive moment or if you aren't careful. An ignorant control freak. Your dislike or unpleasant feelings about someone that is desperately obsessive. A jealous little sibling or "tag along" who prevents you from enjoying yourself.


To dream of God represents an aspect of your personality that's unquestionably or unsympathetically positive. Resisting or failing anything negative no matter the consequences. Dangerous positivity. God might also qualities that are absolutely perfect such integrity, honesty, power, or compassion for others. The good in you that can never fail and embarrasses other people who may acting negative. Something is being set straight and there may no sympathy whatsoever. Feeling on your own with problems with God supporting you. Feeling that God is responsible for changes or progress in your life.

God may also represent you or someone else that has the power to do whatever they want. A situation in your life where you can't be repressed or answer to no one. You or someone else that has the final say and can exact consequences if needed. Power that can never lose.

Alternatively, dreaming about God represents your feelings about controlling your life, your faith, or what God thinks of you. Issues that revolve around good and bad. Questions of faith.

Negatively, God could reflect a crisis or disaster situation that calls for positive change that might scare you. Overcoming difficulties. Having to do something all on your own and hoping that God is there for you. Relying too much in faith then in your own human abilities or relationships to solve problems.

To be God in a dream may represent your feelings of total power or knowing you can do whatever you want. You may have special talents or superiority over others. Total freedom or feeling more powerful than others.

To dream of saying "Oh My God" represents feelings that leave you shocked, scared, or repulsed by something you are witnessing in waking life. Total disbelief that something in waking life is happening or shocked that someone would ever want to do something unusual. Experiencing something you are offended by.

Example: A woman dreamed of being encouraged by God to jump off a cliff. In waking life she was planning to break free from an abusive relationship and move. God reflected her scary choice to embarrass her boyfriend by leaving him for a newer happier life that was uncertain.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of an evil anti-christ person calling himself God. In waking life her boyfriend got a good job and this was going to force both of them to move away and change her life a lot. In this case the evil person calling themself God when they weren't may have reflected her feelings about the boyfriend's good new job forcing a powerful life changing decision to move.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of wearing a ring dedicated to God. In waking life she was a nurse who was falsely accused of abuse by a patient. The ring dedicated to God may have reflected her commitment to God allowing her to endure falsehoods at work until proven innocent. The dream may have been a sign that she was more concerned with faith in God proving her to be an honest person then in being confident about her genuine honesty.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of saying "Oh My God." In waking life she had witnessed someone at work being fired. In this case saying "Oh My God" may have reflected her shock of seeing someone being fired.

Example 5: A man dreamed of saying "God Help Me." In waking life he found out that his wife was pregnant. In this case saying "God Help Me" may have reflected her feelings about being impossibly unprepared for the birth of a child depending on faith to carry him emotionally.

Example 6: A woman dreamed of being on the "Highway Of The Lord." In waking life she was dealing with a lot of problems and eventually starting to experience a lot of fast paced progress. The highway named after The Lord may have reflected her feelings about God being responsible for all the progress in her life.

*Please See Heaven


To dream of a goddess represents an aspect of yourself that satisfies your needs, makes your wishes come true, or gives you everything you want. Something beautiful or amazing that you have deep appreciation for.

To dream that you are a goddess may represent your feelings of totally pleasing someone else, or doing everything you can you help them. It may also reflect a powerful sense of appreciation or respect you feel from others.


To dream of Godzilla represents feelings about overwhelming, unstoppable forces or situations that create a sense of inevitable destruction or massive change that threatens your way of life along with your ability to socialize with people. A person or situation that terrifies you that it's destroying everything happening in your life for the rest of your life along with your ability to connect with friends, family, and coworkers. Feelings of being totally out of control and losing everything you've worked for may permanently ruin social connections. A problem situation that feels too big to control, as well as fears or anxieties that are looming large in your life.

Positively, dreaming about Godzilla may represent that you are confronting your fears or daunting challenges head-on. It might represent a recognition of the significant changes you're capable of enacting, or the enormous emotional or situational hurdles you've overcome. Standing up to an overwhelming problem that endangers or risks all your socializing ability.

Negatively, dreaming about Godzilla may represent overwhelming fears, anxieties, or circumstances that you feel are destructive and beyond your control. An overwhelming problem that endangers or risks destroying all your socializing ability. Situations that are wreaking havoc on your emotional landscape or causing upheaval in your waking life. These could range from unmanageable stress or conflicts to actual disasters or crises that you're struggling to cope with.

Example: A 21-year-old trans person dreamed of being swallowed by Godzilla in a crumbling city. In waking life, they were experiencing falling behind at work due to being hacked, being behind with financial aid, being trapped at home with a consistently aggressive mother who reminded them that their life wasn't going well, and avoiding people while depressed. In this case, Godzilla may have reflected the overwhelming sense of impending doom and loss of control the individual was experiencing across multiple areas of their life with work, finances, family, and social life. The crumbling city could symbolize the disintegration of their social and emotional 'infrastructure,' while being swallowed by Godzilla may represent their feelings of being consumed by an unstoppable force that jeopardized not only their current life circumstances but also their ability to socialize and connect with people.


To dream of underwater goggles represents protecting yourself by carefully paying attention to what is happening in a uncertain or emotionally overwhelming situation. Assertively not wanting to miss a single detail during an uncertain situation. An expert attitude about paying attention during an uncertain situation or emotionally overwhelming situation.

Negatively, dreaming of underwater goggles may represent dishonesty, jealousy, or fear that motivates you to pay attention to every detail during an uncertain situation to protect yourself from it.

To dream of airplane goggles represents protecting yourself by carefully watching what is happening in plan or project that has "taken off the ground." Not wanting to be embarrassed missing or not watching what's happening in a new situation carefully. Carefully paying attention to details during an event, new situation, or group project.

Example: A woman dreamed of wearing airplane goggles while on a plane she was about to jump out of. In waking life she just finished a 21 day fast with her church. The goggles combined with the need to jump out of an airplane in this case may have her feelings about quitting or "jumping out" of the fast while her church members continued on. The goggles may have reflected her feelings about needing to protect herself from other people learning she wanted to stop the fast by watching everyone else's behavior carefully to help her fake being involved until the fast was over.


To dream of going somewhere represents feeling about direction or purpose. Feelings about what you are doing in some area of your inevitably life leading to something. An end result or goal you are moving towards. Progress. Expectations of where a situation in your life is leading.

Negatively, dreaming of going somewhere represents feelings about direction towards a negative outcome. Feeling a situation is inevitably going to get worse or "going nowhere." Naive expectations of where a situation is leading to.

To dream of someone going away from you represents feelings about feelings or a situation reducing, fleeting, or abandoning you. Negatively, it may reflect feelings about losing something after believing it was permanent or accepting some area of your life as fleeting in jealousy.

Example: A teenager dreamed of seeing the face of Jessica Alba in all orange slowly going away from him. In waking life he discovered how to makes lots of money for the first time in his life, but it started reducing because it required changes and more work.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being in love with a woman and then seeing the woman walk away from him. In waking he had experienced a lucky situation which ended and the luck began to fleet.

Example 3: A man dreamed of going to his Grandmother's house. In waking life he was fixing an area of his life that he knew would inevitably lead to an expected outcome.

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To dream of gold represents feelings about something in your life having the perception of being valuable that is easily seen. A sense of something in your life being precious that other people believe is precious as well. Feelings of wealth or enjoying having something you value all to yourself. Someone or something precious to you. Valuable opportunities or possibilities that are available to you all the time. Feeling secure in your level of power or freedom to do as you please. A guaranteed experience or reward. A sense of security with something you value. Immense value and importance of the love and commitment you have from another person. Emotional wealth and sense of security. Consider the saying "Good as gold." The potential to make a difference in one's life or the lives of others.

Negatively, dreaming about gold may represent an obsession with material possessions or a fear of losing something valuable. A lack of appreciation for the intangible aspects of life, such as love and relationships. Using people for their perceived value. Greed or a desire for power and control. It may also represent a false sense of security or an inflated ego, where the dreamer believes they are more important or valuable than others. In extreme cases, dreaming of gold may indicate a corrupt or immoral nature, where the dreamer is willing to do anything to obtain wealth and status. Feelings of corruption, excess, or someone being "spoiled" with too much security. Enemies that have secure power. A sense of something in your life being precious possession due to the risk of being stolen. Wasting your time giving people security or strong friendship when they don't deserve any.

To dream of finding gold represents feelings about discovering or attaining something that is highly valuable or precious to you. The realization of genuine power or authenticity in your life. A sense of success or the realization that someone cares about you a lot. A newfound sense of confidence or self-worth.

To dream of burying or hiding gold represents feelings of wanting to hide something valuable or precious about yourself. Not wanting other people to get access or control of something that you feel has perceived value. Not wanting to share something of value. A reluctance to let go of something of personal valuable or important. Needing to protect something valuable or important like a treasure. Being possessive of your own financial wealth.

To dream of gold bars represents redeemable resources or a promise for the future that can be redeemed later on. Something valuable that one wants to preserve and keep safe until they need it. Something that has value that you can be use at a later time. Knowing that if times get tough you could always count on something to help you. Wealth or financial security. Gold bars could be secrets you have, promises made to you, information and expertise you hold, or anything in your life that has value, power, or gives you leverage if needed.

Example: A young boy dreamed of seeing a golden bicycle with golden light coming from behind it. In waking life, he was 5 years-old and finally got his first bicycle. In this case, the golden bicycle may have reflected the young boy's perception of the bicycle as a precious possession due to the risk of being stolen for sense of freedom, independence, and adventure that the bicycle gives him while riding it.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of having gold coins and keys in her hand. In waking life, she was considering giving a lot of money away to a charity that would have a significant impact of the lives of poor people. In this case, the gold coins and keys may have reflected her feelings of the value and potential power she held in her hands through her financial resources.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing someone hand him a plate of gold bars. In waking life he was in prison and the woman he loved promised to be waiting for him when he got out. In this case, the gold bars may have reflected his feelings about the immense value and importance of the love and commitment the woman was showing him. The gold bars symbolized the emotional wealth and sense of security he felt in knowing that someone was waiting for him despite his circumstances.

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Gold Bars

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Gold Coins

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Gold Nuggets

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Gold Ring

*Please See Ring

Golden Gate Bridge

To dream of the Golden Gate Bridge represents feeling good being able to afford whatever you need to safely make a transition to or from a mindset of fearless family life acceptance. Never being uncomfortable that something bad will happen as you transition to or from a situation. Never needing to fight, retrain anyone, explain yourself, or worry about debt as you transition to or from a situation that accepts you. Feeling good that you can never be cancelled making a transition to and from a safely accepted situation.

Negatively, dreaming of the Golden Gate Bridge may represent expectations of easily or safely returning to being safely accepted when you know you are doing something that bothers someone. Abusing enjoying being safely accepted back and forth while doing something that bothers someone else. Abusing people who are carrying you, paying your bills, or giving you unlimited favors while transitioning safely. Wasting your time thinking people will keep putting up with you while you enjoy perfectly safe acceptance.


To dream of goldfish represents pleasant feelings about some area of your life that is intentionally on hold. Enjoying noticing your potential without action. Inaction with a goal that you admire. Issues that you can't presently do anything about or that you are unwilling to change. Something you think about a lot, but have no interest in pursuing further or confronting.

Negatively, a goldfish may reflect enjoying talking about the future for goals you don't have serious intentions of keeping. Enjoying a moment happy stasis that is socially empty. Sexually, goldfish in a dream may reflect talking about consummating a sexual relationship, when you don't honesty feel comfortable going through with it. Enjoying talking about losing your virginity with a partner when you don't really want to. Ideas you enjoy thinking about, but never pursue.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a goldfish in a fishbowl. In real life he was spending a lot of time thinking about purchasing a special treatment for a health problem he had, but wasn't bothering to do anything to pursue the treatment.

Example 2: A young girl dreamed of being chased by a goldfish that wanted to eat her. In waking life she was avoiding losing her virginity to her boyfriend with whom she had made promises to. The goldfish in this case may have reflected her preference to enjoy talking and thinking about losing her virginity while she honesty preferred to avoid it at all costs. Her enjoyment of noticing losing her virginity was on hold.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing goldfish and being happy, then seeing the goldfish dead. In waking life she was a person who got easily depressed. She was enjoying being aware of herself not being depressed while alone and then suddenly got depressed again. The goldfish in this case may have reflected her short lived moment of being free of depression while alone.


To dream of golf represents leisurely attitude towards competition, work, problems. A comfortable or no pressure attitude about dealing with conflict. Feelings about long-term challenges or conflict that you slowly getting closer and closer to. A competitive mindset about long-term challenges that don't require you to worry or be stressed about. Feeling that you could overcome a challenge or conflict if you were absolutely perfect, but that it's more likely you will require an intelligent patient multi-stage strategy. Feelings about winning, learning the truth, or sexual conquest requiring a patient laid back attitude. Long-term investments. Investing time trying to compete for good grades at school.

Negatively golf may reflect idling or wasting time. Not trying very hard to confront issues. A no stress or no pressure attitude about competing dishonestly.

Example: A young girl dreamed of seeing a man wearing a golf cap circling around her and then seeing the man tossed into a pit. In waking life she was a very young Christian girl who believe she sold her soul to the Devil to be a singer while she tried hard to restore her Christian beliefs, but gave up. The man in the golf cap circling her may have reflected her attitude about preferring to calmly confront evil for her entire life instead of submitting to permanent beliefs about her soul be sold.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing someone holding golf clubs and then throwing them away. In waking life he was comfortably confronting a problem without too much pressure and then made a mistake that scared him that he wouldn't be able to remain as comfortable as before.

Example 3: A man dreamed of hiding himself being bushes on a golf course at a country club. In waking life he was gay and using the internet to talk to other gay men without any pressure of a real encounter while also being insecure about anyone else in the chatroom discovering him.

Example 4: A man dreamed of being on a golf course and being surrounded by spies. In waking life she had just broken up with his girlfriend as was trying to meet someone else. He felt his ex-girlfriend was jealously keeping close tabs on him.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of seeing someone buried upto their head on a golf course. In waking life she was a student fighting to get a grade changed. The golf course symbolism in this case may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about long-term strategies to study hard to get a good grade.

Example 6: A woman dreamed of seeing someone killed with a golf club. In waking life she felt she angered someone too much by telling them that she preferred to take her time confronting a problem instead of listening to advice.

*Please See Golf Cart

Golf Ball

To dream of a golf ball represents a goal or problem that you are comfortable taking your time trying to solve. A leisurely mindset towards resolving an issue.

Golf Cart

To dream of a golf cart represent a leisurely approach to decision making.

Negatively, it suggests that not enough is being done to solve problems, or correct negative thinking patterns.

*Please See Golf


To dream of saying 'goodbye' represents feelings about conclusions, endings, or transitions. Your emotions and thoughts about parting, separation, or moving on. An old relationship, situation, or phase of your life that you are letting go of. Letting go of past or outdated beliefs and feelings. It may also reflect bad habits you are moving on from. Letting go of worries in your life. Approaching a new stage of your life.

Positively, dreaming about saying goodbye might symbolize a sense of liberation, growth, or transformation. It may reflect a conscious choice to leave behind what no longer serves your best interest, to seek closure, or to move forward towards something new or better. It could be indicative of personal growth, acceptance, healing, and the ability to let go.

Negatively, dreaming about saying goodbye could represent feelings of loss, sadness, or regret. Fear of change, reluctance to let go, or feelings of abandonment or isolation. Perhaps you are grappling with the pain of parting or the fear of the unknown that comes with moving on. Fear someone will die. t may also represent a feelings of carelessness with something special. Having had an opportunity within reach or then losing it.

Example: A young woman dreamed about reading a letter from her mother that said "This may be Goodbye." In waking life, her mother was taking a business trip and she was worried something bad might happen to her. In this case, the letter saying "Goodbye" may have reflected her apprehension about her mother's safety and the potential for unexpected tragic circumstances.


To dream of the Disney cartoon character Goofy represents obvious goofy behavior that embarrasses itself never losing by simply thinking it's not goofy. Unintelligent nice behavior that repeatedly embarrasses themselves trying to act like a grown up. Ridiculous behavior that feels good thinking everything dangerous isn't serious when it is. Ridiculous behavior that surprises you that enjoying "acting your age" is the only reason it never loses. Feelings behavior that has embarrasses itself doing everything honestly over and over acting their age until they get something right. A goofy good person that doesn't even believe it can do anything stupid.

Negatively, dreaming about Goofy may represents annoyance or frustration with an unintelligent nice person that repeatedly embarrasses themselves trying to act like a grown up. Nice people who look silly or wacky when they get angry. Behavior of a simple person who recklessly or haplessly acts their age. Behavior that is so in love with being a grown up that it looks stupid doing that. Behavior that scares you that acting it's age is the only reason it never loses. Repeatedly embarrassing yourself and never learning from it or never thinking anything is wrong with it. Obliviousness to anything that has made a fool of you. A personality that is wonderful about not liking noticing how stupid it looks all the time. Feelings about a reckless nice person you don't want helping you with anything serious.


To dream of represents distracting yourself with something you are thinking. Obsession or total interest in something in you are thinking. It may also point to distractions, delays, or embarrassment as you are so focused on what you want that you are kept away from more important things. Negatively, Google represents too much time spent on an interest.

Google could also represent your desire to find answers or solutions to problems.

*Please See Websites


To dream of a goose represents feelings about yourself or someone who never thinks they are wrong no matter what. Persistently noticing one's self as being too important. You or someone else that feels that they always have to come first because they are too important. An assumption of automatic importance or needing to be a priority. Total disregard for anything that isn't respecting you first. Ignoring anything that doesn't think you're not the most important. Believing that all decisions are unimportant if they don't benefit you first.

Negatively, a goose may reflect complete disregard for someone else's feelings or wishes because you have to be more important. Always having to appear being right even if it hurts or costs others. Lying to others to maintain appearances of being more important. It may also reflect you or someone else that is embarrassing themselves forcing their "importantness" on others when it's undeserved. Self-regard that is overbearing or dangerous. Keeping people forced to listening to you no matter how ridiculous it becomes.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing his son trying to catch a goose. In waking life he didn't want his son moving out because he felt he'd lose control of him. He was lying to his son about all the chores that needed be done first to fix the property up in order to sell it and allow his son to move when in truth he had no intentions of ever selling or moving. The goose reflected the perpetual state of cleaning and chores the father was using to always appear too important to have to sell the homes and let the son go.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a goose chasing a cat. In waking life she was using sex to control her husband. The goose reflected how she was making herself always too important because sex was a possibility if he was doing what he was told.


To dream of a gopher represents anxiety of being caught doing something. You or someone else that notices they're guilty and doesn't care about it. Attempting to avoid consequences once you're caught red handed.


To dream of gore represents intense, visceral emotions related to aggression, fear, horror, shock, or rawness. Feelings of violence, chaos, or traumatic experiences in waking life. Gore could also be a manifestation of deep-seated anxieties or fears, symbolizing overwhelming distress or upheaval. The aftermath of harsh words exchanged. Fear of death. Feelings about yourself being terrible to people.

Seeing gore in a dream might indicate facing the harsh reality or truth of a situation that you may have been avoiding. It could symbolize the gruesome aftermath of an emotional battle or conflict. A messy end to an argument or relationship. Feelings about past rejections.

If you are the one causing the gore in your dream, it may point to feelings of guilt, anger, or violent tendencies that you need to address. It could also symbolize a need to exert power or control, possibly in a destructive manner.

Positively, dreaming about gore may represent standing up for yourself in a conflict that doesn't mind how awful, aggressive, or mean you have to be in order to respect yourself. Feelings about the aftermath of dealing with negative people with no concern for their feelings. Feelings about positive change that had to be achieve it through an ugly means.

*Please See Blood


To dream of above a gorge represents feelings of questioning yourself about whether or not you have the ability, strength, or courage to "make it across" a challenging problem completely. Questioning whether or not you are fast enough to bypass a short challenge that you may perceive to carry significant risk. Feelings of doubt about whether you have the ability to succeed or "make it." Feeling stupid that you can't overcome a small challenge because it barely too big to safely deal with. Feeling that a hurdle in your life might be lethal. Hesitance or unease with the difficulty of a challenge.

To dream of travelling through a gorge represents feeling of having no choice about accepting the direction of a situation. Feelings about a situation where nobody is listening to any complaints, but allows you to get through it anyway. Feeling that a situation is stupid about not listening, but isn't stopping you.

Example: A man dreamed of standing in front a steep gorge. In waking life he was questioning whether or not it was financially safe to carry out a business plan after having made significant preparations. The gorge in this case may have reflected his hesitant feelings about proceeding with financial obligations because he felt they might be dangerous.


To dream of a gorilla represents an aspect of your personality that is outrageously big or "over the top." Very powerful irrational thoughts or ideas that are well beyond anyone's ability to believe them logically. A sign that you need to be a lot more objective or realistic. Aggressively demanding that people take you seriously when they are resisting you.

Negatively, a gorilla may reflect a ridiculous need to be bigger or more powerful than someone else. Asserting yourself in ways that are noticeably overboard. A ridiculous need to be dominant to the point of embarrassing yourself. A need for control that may look stupid to others. Humiliating yourself demanding compliance or to be listened to. Childish attempts to overtly control others.

Example: A man once dreamed of gorilla in a business suit. In real life he was a conspiracy theorist who was writing a book about his theories. The gorilla in the business suit reflects how organized he is about the outrageous claims he was making.

Example 2: A man once dreamed of seeing a gorilla looking up at the sky with awe and wonder. In real life he had been looking up at the sky at night believing aliens were coming.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of a Gorilla speaking to her. In waking life she was aware of herself looking foolish to all her friends because of a very big public fight with her boyfriend that involved the police that made her feel that she embarrassed herself taking the fight too far.


To dream of hearing gossip in a dream may reflect feelings about people speaking negatively about others, spreading rumors, or participating in conversations that could hurt someone's feelings or reputation. Feelings of vulnerability, fear of judgment, or worries about what others think of you. You may be overly concerned with your social image or reputation, or you may be experiencing a situation in your waking life where you feel misunderstood or misrepresented. Concerns about people talking about you behind your back.

Positively, gossip in a dream may reflect feelings about being socially included. Awareness of what all your friends or family are doing.

Negatively, gossip a dream may reflect situations with strong jealousy. Fearing the loss of your reputation. Destructive lies. Intentionally starting rumors about people. Anxiety about people losing trust for you. Concerns that someone is negatively talking about you behind your back. Fears or paranoia about work colleagues discussing a personal situation and the potential negative impact on your professional life. Trust issues. Caring too much about what other people think. Feeling that people are overlooking your good qualities or accepting lies about you without questioning them. Feelings about unreliable or false information being spread about you. Feelings about people laughing at you behind your back. Frustrations with other people being involved or interested in your private life. Invasion on your privacy. Frustrations with people assuming things about you without speaking to you personally.

To dream of yourself gossiping represents your awareness of yourself speaking negatively about others, spreading rumors, or participating in conversations that could hurt someone's feelings or reputation. Enjoyment of acknowledging why other people aren't perfect. Enjoying discussing other people's embarrassments or personal lives behind their backs. Feeling good thinking someone else is stupid behind their back. Spreading lies about someone. Irresponsibly discussing unreliable or unverified information.

Gossiping in dreams may also appear if you are concerned or having anxiety about people becoming aware of your sexual activity. Fearing appearing sexually promiscuous or "slutty" to other people.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a neighbor he didn't trust that was gossiping to other people. In waking life, he was trying the get back together with his ex-girlfriend and had anxiety that his ex-girlfriend would find out information about him that wasn't true and reject him. In this case, the gossiping may have reflected his feelings about damaging rumors or misinformation being spread about him, preventing a relationship reconciliation.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a murder at her workplace and that lots of people were gossiping about it. In waking life, she broke up with her boyfriend with whom she worked at the same company with. She was concerned that he was saying bad things behind her back that may effect her job or reputation at work.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of people gossiping and staring at her. In waking life, she had sex with a man she had just met and was concerned that people would talk about her behind her back for being a desperate slut. In this case, the gossiping people may have reflected her concerns about her reputation.

Gothic People

To dream of gothic people represents aspects of your personality with a mindset that is dark, depressing, and unconventional. Fascination or enjoyment of with the dark side of life.

Negatively, dreaming about Gothic people may suggest feelings of death, darkness, and mourning. Depressing suicidal thoughts or self-abuse. Self-cutting. Negative thinking patterns or habits that you find enjoyable. It's reflects a supportive attitude towards negative choices and beliefs despite knowing their harmful effects.

Example: A man dreamed of getting married, but couldn't attend the wedding. All the guests were dressed like Gothic people. In waking life, it was his dead wives birthday. In this case, the gothic people at the wedding he couldn't attend may have reflected his feelings about other people wanting to enjoy celebrating his dead wife's birthday which he found to be too dark and depressing.


To dream of gout represents feelings of embarrassment that a problem is hindering or slowing your progress. Feeling uncomfortable about having to look at yourself being forced to stop doing something. Putting up with state of forced passivity or time off. The realization that a problem isn't going to be easy to solve. Feeling the need to carefully reduce the severity of a strained relationship.

Negatively, gout may reflect embarrassment that you have to stop being a powerful jerk because you went overboard. Feeling that you have embarrassed yourself being too much of a jerk to someone. Feeling that you can't easily cover-up, brush off, or ignore a problem. Having to show people you care about them with real actions to prove it when you don't like that at all. Not liking having to slowly and genuinely repair a broken relationship.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a terrible dictator of a country who had gout. In waking life his father had gone way overboard with controlling and deceptive behavior forcing the dreamer to disown his father for a period of time. After a while the father began to feel embarrassed in front of the family by the neglect and began to realize he needed to be more careful with how he treated his son. However, the son believed the change in the father's behavior wasn't genuine and was just to reduce the embarrassment the father was feeling.


To dream of the government represents feeling about established authority as a controlling or regulating factor in your life for rules, norms, and expectations (self-governance). Issues of authority, control, and other people's perception as they relate to your current actions and decisions. People with authority in your life such as family, teachers, or authority figures that are noticeably in charge and that you respect for the purpose of civility.

Negatively, dreaming about the government represents putting up with excessive control in your life and needing to stand up for yourself in a manner that is more assertive and daring than ever before. This is especially true if you are experiencing people asserting power over you that have lost any required purpose to maintain that power other than to enjoy themselves or avoiding diminished status. Control that you can't do anything about. A person or situation in your life that you feels is always taking control or power whenever it wants to. Someone you feel imposes itself whenever you slip out of it's control. Feeling that someone else's authority or power is impossible to overcome. Feeling that others power is always based on policies that make it impossible for you to assert yourself. Feeling that people who have promised power to you always delegate your power away to another person instead of rightfully allowing you to have power. Frustration that people with power over you will never listen to you or respect you. Feeling that people with power over you are so arrogant they will abuse it to your face. Feeling that people with power over you will never let you have it because they are jealous of the possibility of looking stupid facing consequences or having roles reversed.

To dream of being the government represents your feelings about your own authority, control, and other people's perception of you. Understanding that your decisions and actions have consequences and impact others. You may be embracing your power and leadership abilities, or you may be dealing with the responsibility and accountability that comes with being in a position of control. Feelings of being in charge. Negatively, dreaming of being the government could suggest you're exerting too much control, or being overly authoritative, in some aspect of your waking life. A fear of becoming powerless after experiencing total power. A sense of burden or stress associated with the responsibilities you hold.

To dream of government officials being murdered represents your grappling with issues of authority, control, and public perception, particularly as they relate to your current actions and decisions. A desire to break free from the controlling influence of societal expectations and authorities and make your own decisions, even if it means going against what is expected of you. Underlying guilt or fear about your actions being revealed or causing harm due to disregarding rules, norms, or expectations.

To dream of protesting the government represents frustration with the perceived overbearing control or rules in your life, and a desire for change or a break from these restrictions. It may suggest feelings of discontentment with authority figures or with the societal norms that you feel are limiting your freedom or personal expression. Negatively, it might reflect a rebellious attitude, a refusal to accept necessary rules, or a propensity to create conflict. It can also point to feeling powerless or oppressed by those in authority, or feeling that your voice is not being heard or valued.

Alternatively, dreams about the government are common to people who fear governmental collapse or governments becoming more corrupt. Fear of the Illuminati or New World Order subverting governments.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing people protesting against the Greek government. In waking life, he was becoming frustrated by his father allowing his aunt to boss him around instead of handing over authority to him during a family crisis. He felt that his father was intentionally keeping him in a childish supportive role during the family crisis because he was too arrogant to tell other adults in the family to respect him. In this case, protesting the Greek government may have reflected his frustration with the lack of authority handed over to him during a family crisis as well other people's perception of him putting up with his control never letting go of control.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of government officials being killed. In waking life, he was cheating on his girlfriend and debating what the right thing to do was. In this case, the government officials may have reflected his internal conflict about following the established rules and norms of a committed relationship as well as concerns about other people's perception of him not following societal expectations and norms when cheating on his girlfriend.

*Please See Illuminati


To dream of a Governor represents aspects of your personality that embody authority, leadership, and power, and that acknowledge the importance of these traits. It represents a recognition of the value of having a voice and taking a leadership role, even if it is not necessarily the top position. This dream may also suggest that you have an inner drive to be heard and respected, and that you are not willing to be dismissed or overlooked. You may feel a sense of importance and responsibility in your waking life. It may also suggest that you have a strong desire to be in a position of power and influence, and you may be seeking opportunities to exercise your leadership skills. It may also symbolize your own ability to govern your life and make decisions, or it may reflect your perception of someone in a position of authority. A desire for control or a need to assert yourself in a particular situation. Never worried about anything telling you that you're not important.

Negatively, dreaming about a governor may represent jealousy that you are not holding a position of power, authority, or leadership that acknowledges these traits yourself yet. Overdoing abusing holding power, authority, or leadership in order to make people acknowledge it.

Alternatively, dreaming about a Governor may represent your relationship with government or authority figures in your waking life.

Example: A man dreamed of playing UNO with the Governor of Texas and Barney Stinson from the TV show "How I Met Your Mother." In his waking life, he was struggling to choose between two career options, one with a church his family owned, and the other with the government. In this case, the Governor of Texas may have reflected the man's desire for authority and power in his career, which he felt he could achieve through the government job rather than the smaller, family-oriented church job. The dream may have symbolized his inner conflict between loyalty to his family and the desire for professional success and growth.


*Please See Dress

GPS Unit

To dream of GPS represents feelings about a clear sense of direction, purpose, or status based on someone else's intuition, knowledge, or previous experience. Blindly following an expert's advice. Feeling advantaged to follow an expert's advice to easily achieve your goals or understand your current status. Feeling that someone in your life is "paving the way" for you. A clear sense of direction, purpose, or status.

Negatively, a GPS unit may reflect too much reliance on someone else's unproven knowledge or experience. Embarrassment that you followed or trusted someone else's advice as though they were an expert when they aren't.

To dream of using GPS to track someone may reflect abuse or exploitation of secret advantages to dishonestly keep yourself informed about the status of a person or situation. Having people spy on other people for you to keep tabs on them.


To dream of grabbing represents feelings of needing to "seize the moment" or seize an opportunity. Grabbing an opportunity while you have it. Feelings about being insistent and determined. Grabbing something may also reflect a quick choice or quickly taking action in some manner. Feelings about not wanting to waste time or lose an opportunity to deal with a problem. A strong need to keep yourself safe with power, stability, or an advantage. Not wasting any time to protect something once it gets serious. A quick response to stop behavior. A need to quickly take control of a situation. A quick need to establish security.

Negatively, grabbing in a dream may reflect feelings of seizure of your emotional state. Feelings about power, strength, advantages, or stability being quickly taken from you. Dishonestly seizing power or control from others. Unexpectedly social encounters where someone suddenly makes you feel uncomfortable, powerless, or afraid. Feelings of shock that someone would suddenly or unexpectedly take power from you. Fear of sudden changes. Desperation to stay safe by dishonestly and quickly seizing an opportunity. A desperate or urgent wish to avoid getting caught. Feeling forced into a situation very quickly against your wishes.

Alternatively, from a negative perspective grabbing can represent irresponsible, reckless, or immature behavior. Impatience that seizes opportunities too quickly or overreacts. Jealousy to avoid losing. Feelings about addiction seizing your sober confidence. Feelings about quick consequences taking away power, safety, or stability.

To dream of grabbing a knife may reflect quick feelings of needing to be prepared for conflict. Quickly becoming uptight for expected conflict. Quick anger or temper preparing for conflict. Not wasting any time being ready for conflict. A quick response to be ready for a fight, argument, or need to protect yourself.

To dream of grabbing a child may represent feelings about urgent seizing an opportunity to ensure safety in some area of your life. Negatively, it may reflect feelings of having something important to you quickly taken from you.

Example: A woman dreamed of being grabbed suddenly by rapists. In waking life she was experiencing a situation where she was quickly and unexpectedly forced into a fearful powerless situation.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of someone grabbing a gun and then pointing it at her. In waking life she was talking to her ex-boyfriend and he suddenly and unexpectedly started to aggressively suggest getting back to together with her which annoyed her and made her feel it was making their breakup worse.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of grabbing her son. In waking life she was remembering her past when she had to make a sudden change in her life to stay away from drug addicted family members.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of grabbing a trash can to pee in. In waking life she woke up with urgency to go to the toilet.

Example 5: A man dreamed of quickly grabbing hold of a guard rail. In waking life his parents were splitting up and she was trying to prevent it to maintain security in her life.

Example 6: A woman dreamed of her parents grabbing her legs. In waking life she felt her parents were holding her back in life.

Example 7: A man dreamed of grabbing a hold of a banister. In waking life he was watching a TV special about a tornado and felt the need to take action to secure his safety.


To dream of saying grace at a dinner table represents your self-consciousness about not doing anything wrong before finishing a situation. Being careful that everything you're doing is positive or in order before something ends.

Negatively, saying grace may reflect your attempt to hide guilt or hide evidence before you go through with something wrong.


To dream of grades represents feelings about self-evaluation, judgment, and performance. It could symbolize your thoughts on the importance of meeting certain standards, criteria, or expectations in your waking life. This dream could reflect your fears or anxieties about your perceived level of achievement or success.

Positively, dreaming about grades might symbolize validation, recognition, or accomplishment. It may reflect your satisfaction with your efforts or achievements, or it could represent a confirmation of your skills, talents, or abilities. It might also indicate a strong sense of discipline, ambition, and determination to excel.

Negatively, dreaming about grades could represent feelings of insecurity, inadequacy, or failure. It might symbolize fear of judgment, criticism, or disappointing others. You may be struggling with a fear of failure or feelings of not being good enough. This dream could also reflect an overly critical attitude towards yourself or a fear of not living up to your own or others' expectations. Feelings about being pushed too hard.

Alternatively, dreaming about grades may mirror waking life feelings about school performance.

To dream of good grades represents feelings of confidence, accomplishment, and satisfaction. It suggests that you are proud of your efforts and achievements, and you feel recognized and validated for your hard work. The dream might be a reflection of your high self-esteem, positive self-image, and the belief that you are competent and capable in whatever task or role you undertake. Negatively, good grades may reflect feelings about being pushed too hard to excel.

To dream of bad grades represents feelings of inadequacy, disappointment, and failure. You may feel as if you are falling short of your own or others' expectations, and this may cause anxiety or self-doubt. You may be struggling with feelings of low self-worth or self-esteem, or feeling judged or criticized. This dream might also be a sign that you are setting your standards too high and being overly critical of yourself.

To dream of average grades represents feelings of contentment, acceptance, and realism. It could reflect your perception of yourself as being average, doing just enough to meet expectations but not necessarily excelling. Feelings of complacency, stagnation, or a lack of ambition. It might indicate a fear of taking risks, a reluctance to step out of your comfort zone, or a belief that you are not capable of achieving more. This dream could also reflect a fear of failure that prevents you from aiming higher.

To dream of final grades represents an assessment of your overall performance or your feelings about the conclusion of a particular phase in your life. It could reflect your anxiety or anticipation about the final evaluation of your efforts in a project, relationship, or any significant endeavor in your waking life. This dream could also symbolize your thoughts about a definite judgment, a final result, or a decisive moment that could potentially alter your self-perception or life circumstances. Negatively, dreaming about final grades may represent apprehension, fear, or uncertainty about final evaluations or outcomes. It might symbolize worries about your overall performance, or doubts about whether you have met the standards or expectations set by yourself or others. This dream could also reflect a fear of closure or the end of a significant phase in your life.

To dream of disputing your grades represents feelings of frustration about perceived injustice or unfair treatment. You may feel that you are not receiving the recognition or reward you deserve, or you may be questioning the judgments or decisions of authority figures in your life. A lack of control about your efforts or accomplishments not being recognized properly or valued. Perhaps, you've been feeling underestimated, judged, or unfairly treated in your waking life. Believing that an authority figure is acting unjustly.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of getting a few bad grades on her report card and feeling insecure about it. In waking life, she was insecure about being forgetful and what her parent's thoughts about it. In this case, the grades may have reflected her feelings of not meeting her parents' expectations. They might symbolize her fears of being judged negatively or her anxieties about potential criticism or disappointment due to her forgetfulness.

Example 2: A man dreamed of his wife grading papers while sitting on his bed. In waking life he was intentionally avoiding intimate relations with his wife and was experiencing anxiety about all his excuses or stories being good enough. He felt that his wife was carefully evaluating how good all his individual excuses were as he slowly ran out of excuses.

*Please See Report Card


To dream of graduation represents achievement. You are transitioning to a higher level. You be experiencing the completion of a difficult phase, or the end of a time of anxiety or uncertainty. You may have proved yourself in some way.

Example: A man dreamed of being at a graduation ceremony. In waking life he had just completed a very difficult spiritual test.

Graduation Cap And Gown

To dream of a graduation cap and gown represents feelings of the successful completion of a phase or stage in your life with confidence, intelligence, and experience from everything you have had to learn or worry about. Personal growth, learning, and development, as well as the culmination of your hard work and dedication towards reaching a goal. A sense of pride in your accomplishments and the confidence to move forward with new opportunities and challenges. A sense of transition, closure, or completion as you move on from one phase of your life to the next.

Negatively, a graduation cap and gown in a dream might indicate feelings of anxiety or fear about an upcoming change, uncertainty about the future, or feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt about whether you are truly prepared for the next phase of your life. Not knowing what to do with the rest of your life after ending a phase of learning or experience.

Alternatively, dreaming about a graduation cap and gown may represent your feelings or anxieties about a real graduation. Post graduation insecurities or anxieties.

Example: A woman dreamed of being at her college graduation in green graduation gowns. Everyone has a different style of white collar more fashionable their hers. In waking life, she was unpaid leave from her employer of 20 years. She was considering starting a side business for about 2 years, but due to hectic job/work schedule she never had time to. In this case, the green graduating gowns may have reflected her feelings of finally having the opportunity to pursue her side business, marking the end of one phase and the beginning of a new chapter in her life. The different styles of white collars could represent her feelings of comparison or insecurity about her own abilities and preparation compared to others who may seem more destined for success in their pursuits.


To dream of graffiti may represent feelings about other people's arrogant choices embarrassing you or disrespecting you. Feeling that someone else is being purposely obnoxious and not letting you enjoy yourself. It may also reflect a sense of powerlessness to stop someone from souring your social atmosphere.

Alternatively, graffiti may reflect your longing for peace and clarity.

If you are the one is creating graffiti it may be a sign that you really want to get under someone else's skin. Embarrassing other people that you never have to care about other people's feeling ever.


To dream of grain represents feelings of thinking about something being good for you all the time. Feelings of consistently doing nothing wrong all the time that's good for you. Feeling good not stopping thinking healthy or helpful thoughts.

Negatively, dreaming of grains may reflect feelings wasting of time in situation being a good person to point of not liking it. Feeling that needing to take care of a person or situation all the time is a good thing, but a lot of work.

To dream of a grain of sand represents feelings that something has to matter ever, but nobody cares about it. Emptiness that has a point to it. Awareness that you need a lot more of something to ever believe it matters.

Example: A woman dreamed of scooping grains up to put in a sick lions mouth to eat as the lion left. In waking life she worked in a hospice company for sick people. In this case feeding grains to a sick lion may have reflected her feelings of encouraging someone dying to never think anything was wrong at all about themselves as they died to keep them thinking positive.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of grains being sold at a marketplace. In waking life she was feeling trapped into taking care of her sick mother. In this case the grains may have reflected her feelings about an acceptable helpful option available to help her care for her sick mother all the time.

*Please See Wheat

*Please See Rice


To dream of grandchild may reflect feelings of being happy for someone else that you don't want or need to get too personal with. Wanting the best for someone after finishing your responsibilities.

Negatively, dreaming of a grandchild may reflect feelings of being annoyed at needing to get involved with something that you have already been involved with for too long. Feeling that other people are lazy or selfish to keep demanding things from you after you've already helped them.

To dream of a grandchild represents feelings about having to make decisions for someone that overrules their own. Feelings that someone is so naive that you need to make choices in their best interest despite their own choices. Saving someone from their own stupidity. Making a difficult choice for someone else that is in their best interest.

Dreams of grandchildren are also common to people who are worrying about their grandchildren too much or frustrated by issues dealing with their grandchildren. Sensitivity about not seeing them as much as you would like to. Feeling cut off from them. Feeling annoyed having to do everything for someone you helped.

Example: A woman dreamed of feeling that her grandchildren were in danger. In waking life she was worrying about the safety of her grandchildren too much.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a lion eating her grandchild. In waking life she was scared that her son's ex-girlfriend was going to break up her family and never allow her to see her grandchild again.


To dream of your grandfather may represent your conscience in situations that you have previous experience in. Your ability to make a decision or choose between right and wrong when you already have previous experience.

Alternatively, a grandfather may symbolize wiser choices or experience that overrides your own decisions. Grandfathers may also represents decisions made for you by someone smarter or more experienced than you. A decision to stop what you are currently doing because you feel it's in your best interest. Being objective about your own bad work or poor decisions.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her Grandfather showing her some beautifully crafted bookcases that were empty. In waking life she was beginning to think about making the decision to stop putting off her ambition to write. The Grandfather reflected the overriding decision to change her life towards writing from her current life.

Example 2: A man dreamed of walking with his grandfather and having a conversation. In waking life he was trying to decide what educational path he should take for his future. He was considering what was really best for him and what strengths would be best to develop.

Example 3: A man dreamed of his Grandfather screaming at him to wake up. This caused him to actually wake up from the dream. In waking life he had a serious medical condition that could kill him if he fell asleep for too long. The dream may have actually been a metaphor for experiencing God making the decision to wake him up from sleep to save his life. In this case the Grandfather would metaphorically represent God making the decision to wake him up, overriding his stupid decision to allow himself to fall asleep.

*Please See Grandparents

Grandfather Clock

To dream of a grandfather clock represents feelings of momentousness or feeling the importance of living in the moment while you can. Using your time wisely. Areas of your life where you are aware of how important it is to not waste time or be frivolous with opportunities to live well. Noticing how important it is to do something all the time in your life.

A grandfather clock may also reflect the importance of enjoying strong family, learning new things, or carefully using opportunities while they last.

Feeling that something is always important to have or notice in your life all the time. A feeling that you don't ever want to get rid of.

Negatively, a grandfather clock may reflect a fear of wasting your life or living a poor quality life.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a Grandfather clock. In waking life she felt that it was important to start living as an artist because one day she might wake up to realize she wasted her life putting off her artistic ambitions.

Example 2: A man dreamed of putting his hand underneath a heavy grandfather clock. In waking life he felt he was under a lot of "weight" or pressure to finish an important piece of writing.


To dream of your grandmother may represent your intuition or gut instincts in situations that you are already experienced in. Your ability to make a positive decision for the future when you already have previous experience. A situation where experience or already being informed helps you make choices that keep you out of trouble. Feelings that life is unfair because your intuition or luck overpowers your own wishes. Feeling that God or life makes you live in a way you didn't choose.

Alternatively, a grandmother may symbolize intuitive or wiser choices that overrides your decisions. Feeling that life or luck does something for you whether you like it or not. It may also reflect someone more experienced than you having better foresight than you. Possibly a symbol for your marriage, jobs, or family life dictating how your life will be lived. Some area of your life where you are passively decided for. Feelings about family always having to come before your wants. Intuitive choices that is out of necessity or feeling that life only gives you what you need without giving you what you want.

Negatively, a grandmother may also reflect powerful peer pressure that feels impossible to override because you could lose all your friends or an important opportunity. Feeling that you have no choice about where your life is headed as other people seem to be making the big decisions. Guilt or embarrassment for a situation you can't control at all.

Example: A man dreamed of talking to his grandmother about his new child that was almost born. His grandmother looked like she was close to death. In waking life the man was thinking about how his need to have a family was going to kill his sex life. The Grandmother most likely reflected the man's feelings about his wife's pregnancy was permanently overriding his ability to control his sex life.

Example 2: A young girl dreamed of seeing her Grandmother in a shower with her. In waking life she was 17 and taking drugs for the very first time with her friends. The Grandmother in this case may have reflected her feelings about how her social life with her drug taking friends seemed to override her ability to make decisions on drug use for herself because she would lose all her friends if she didn't take drugs by appearing as a sober outsider.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of sleeping in a bed with her Grandmother and listening to her Grandmother tell her how immoral she was for living in sin with her boyfriend when her aunt told her it was okay. In waking life she felt guilty looking for a new job, but felt she had to. The Grandmother in this case may have reflected her feelings that she was intuitively lucky to have been given her current job when it was a necessity, while her aunt reflected her alternative intuition making her feel it was important to look for something better.

*Please See Grandparents


To dream of grandparents often represents aspects of your personality that are wise, experienced, or have learned from past mistakes. An area of your life where you have "been there and done that" or know better.

Negatively, dreaming about grandparents represents feelings about not liking your life completely decided for you. Feeling like God has decided your life in a negative way that you can't escape. Feeling that all your life decisions or hopes are overridden by power you can't escape.

Alternatively, grandparents may symbolize a decision or a higher level of experience that overrides your own decisions.

Example: A young girl dreamed of seeing both her grandparents in a home with Satanism. In waking life she felt that was dealing with sexual abusive family members.

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To dream of granite represents something in your life that is impervious to any type of influence. Something about yourself that you notice never goes away. A mindset or situation that you feel is impossible to change.

Example: A woman once dreamed of having a sliver of granite removed from her heart. In real life she was learning to get over bitter painful memories from a past relationship after meeting someone new. The granite sliver reflected the pain from her breakup that made her feel a new relationship would never be as good.


To dream of eating granola represents a wish to ignore anything that don't like. Doing only what you like. Putting your own interests first no matter what.

Negatively, granola may be a sign that you are annoying others with you wishes or ideas. Wasting your time never considering anyone else.

To dream of granola bars may represent putting your own interests before others because you don't have time.

Grape Juice

To dream of grape juice represents an experience of quickly noticing plentifulness that doesn't have to be jealous because you have everything you need. Feeling of abundance and satisfaction that doesn't have to wait for it. Feelings of how easy and effortless it is to enjoy the luxuries in life without feeling any sense of jealousy or guilt. Wellbeing and contentment after having worked hard. Abundance and gratitude for newfound success.

Negatively, dreaming of grape juice represents a lack of appreciation for the abundance in one's life.

To dream of spilling grape juice represents feelings of easy abundance or plentifulness being wasted or lost, possibly due to someone else's actions.

Example: A young man dreamed of Marc Emery, a marijuana activist, blowing marijuana smoke in his face with a little bit of spit, while an old woman drank his grape juice. In waking life he was very sensitive about hearing about Marc Emery's arrest and conviction as a marijuana smoker. In this case, the grape juice being drunk by the old woman may have reflected his feelings of missing out on the abundance of his weed because he was too busy arguing about Marc Emery, and not enjoying it himself.


To dream of a grapefruit represents a conscious effort to prioritize responsibility and focus on what is best for you. Prioritizing responsibility, even when other distractions are more appealing. A more conservative attitude than others around you, demonstrating that you prioritize future benefits over immediate gratification. Paying attention to what you are doing because it's good for you. Being more responsible than others about paying attention to why you are not reckless or impatient because it's best for a final outcome. Feeling that it's beneficial to be more mature than you usually are.

Negatively, dreaming about a grapefruit may represent a sense of resentment about having to pay extra attention to what you are doing, perhaps because others around you aren't being as attentive or conservative. A tendency to discontinue activities because you believe they're not in your best interest, even if these decisions might not yield the expected results. Not depending on a partner because you have to do what's best for yourself for the future.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of making a baby doll with a grapefruit head and ignoring going to the movies with friends. In waking life, she had a school project that required partnering up with someone else to create a hypothetical baby by combining various genes to see what the baby would look like. In this case, the grapefruit may have reflected her intention to prioritize her academic responsibilities, even when other distractions, such as going out with friends, appeared more appealing.


To dream of grapes represents plentifulness, opulence, success, or hard work that pays off. Enjoying feelings about how easy it is to have something. Feeling good having too much that is good for you. The plentifulness of success. Enjoying having too much of something. Feeling so successful you don't know what to do with yourself after a short while of enjoying it. Feelings of "there is always more where that came from." Inexhaustible loving support.

Negatively, dreaming about grapes may reflect enjoyable experiences that leave you feeling confident that you've had too much and come back to it at a later time. Feeling full or satisfied on something enjoyable that annoys you with overdoing it. Enjoying plentifulness that can be comfortably wasted or walked away from. Enjoying sex until you are annoyed by it. Enjoying yourself indulging thinking it's good for you and then realizing you've gone overboard.

To dream of black grapes represents feelings of plentifulness that is good for you that doesn't scare you that it never has to stop. Plentifulness that doesn't scare you that it's way too much for you now, but you can always have more of it anytime you want later on.

To dream of green grapes represents feeling of plentifulness that is good for you that is friendly, but you don't have to care about it all the time. Plentifulness that might be too friendly.

To dream of red grapes represents feelings of plentifulness that is good for you that never asks you questions about what it is you are doing. Plentifulness that might be too conceited about why it's dangerously not worried.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing 2 clusters of grapes on her belly. In waking life finally got pregnant after trying really hard to conceive. The grapes in this case may have reflected her feelings about enjoying plentiful sex to get pregnant that felt excessive after a while.

Example 2: A man dreamed of eating green grapes and getting great pleasure from it. In waking life he had a lot of time off work and nothing important to do. He enjoyed the time off, but felt lazy. The grapes in this case may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about the plentifulness of his success.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing frozen grapes. In waking life she felt her relationship with struggling and that if she was inexhaustibly supportive or loving to her partner that felt good for them that it might improve the relationship.

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