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Aboriginal People

To dream of an Aboriginal people represents aspects of your personality that resist change, are stubborn, or sacrifice nothing.

Positively, the Aboriginal person symbolizes moral strength, maintaining principles, and resisting corruption of values and beliefs.

Negatively, the Aboriginal person symbolizes an unwillingness to give up bad habits, make progress, or think about something in a more sophisticated or mature way. It also suggests that you are being overindulgent or overly emotional.

To dream of a deer turning into a Native American person may reflect feelings about yourself having been naive about life in some way and then getting powerful insights that make you very stubborn about ever experiencing weakness or losing ever again.

Aboriginal or Native people may dream about seeing people of their race if they are experiencing race related issues. People who are only half Native may dream about Native people if they don't feel accepted by other Native people.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing Native American people. In waking life he was struggling with a spiritual challenge and wouldn't give up no matter how hard it got.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a train being stopped and boarded by Native Americans. In waking life she was at the end of her pregnancy. She feared losing the child and not being able to have any more children. The Native Americans in this case may have reflected her feelings about life or nature stubbornly never letting her have more children.

Example 3: A man dreamed of talking to Native Americans. In waking life he was realizing that he was being too stubborn about his views with others when he was having serious conversations with them.


To dream of any person that you know or recognize represents a quality in yourself or an aspect of personality based on your most honest feelings, or memories of that person. People in dreams are personal symbols that are unique to all people as not everyone is going to have the same opinion about a person.

People in dreams often represent feelings about issues, problems, or people in your life that noticeably respect themselves in some manner. Interaction with issues that can react or have a "mind of their own." Respecting feelings being important in some manner. Potential volitility with interacting with someone or something in waking life. Concerns with people or issues in your life "talking back to you."

An aspect of yourself that respects itself in a specific way based on the feelings about their appearance. Ask yourself how does the appearance of the person you are dreaming about feel to you specifically (face, body, race, attractiveness, personality, gender, sexual orientation, breeding) and how do you respect it respecting itself? Do you fear a reaction from it or respect its appearance?

In order to know for sure what a person means to you, you need to spend time thinking about what memories or feelings stand out the most about them.

Friends in dreams may also represent your current projection of that person based on a current situation in your life.

To dream of people that you never seen before represents thoughts, feelings, or situations that you've never experienced before. They may also reflect hidden or repressed aspects of yourself. Ask yourself what their facial features or clothing makes you feel.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing an old childhood friend who always made him care too much about getting approval. In waking life he was having issues where he felt he was caring too much about what other people thought.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a girl named Ruth who toke over her job when she went on maternity leave at her first job. In waking life he was pregnant a second time and was having anxiety about having to go on maternity leave.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing a very beautiful female doctor whose face and gestures towards him made him fear making her getting her angry. In waking life the man was concerned with not pissing off someone who was paying his health bills.

*Please See Celebrities

*Please See Strangers

American People

To dream of American people represents aspects of yourself that make free choices or are independent. Aspects of yourself that never need to care about being told their being stopped from doing whatever they want. Doing whatever you want or never allowing problems to effect you. Being oblivious to limitations. Feeling protective of why you stay free or independent. Fearlessness about being awesome. Never looking back at a situation that chooses your emptiness for you.

Negatively, American people may reflect behavior that takes careless risks to keep doing whatever it wants. Alternatively, it may reflect your feelings about people in your life that are abusing their privileges or advantages. Deception that uses freedom or independence to exploit situations. Sensitivity about being free to do whatever you want that may be dangerous or financially unintelligent. The freedom to take chances that ignores the freedom to fail. Feeling that a dangerous situation or dangerous people are not controlled enough.

Example: A young man dreamed of being an American when in real life he wasn't. In waking life he decided to buy expensive clothing on his credit card even though he was broke. Being American in the dream may have reflected his feelings about never allowing having no money to stop him from enjoying his life.

Amish People

To dream of Amish people represents aspects of your personality that purposely resists change or wants to stall progress. You may not want to mentally or emotionally evolve in some way.

Arab People

To dream of Arab people represents aspects of your personality that are very sensitive about being respected the way they are. Fear of irrational or overprotective reactions from people. Concerns about severe punishment. Feelings about someone or something that will never change no matter what you do. Feelings about people who can't be reasoned with. Feelings about having to respect someone under irrational conditions. You or someone else that feels good knowing their position in a situation is guaranteed to be permanent.

To dream of beautiful Arab woman may reflect your desire or enjoyment of a permanent situation. It may also reflect your jealousy of not having a situation be as permanent as you want it to be.

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Asian People

*Please See Chinese People

*Please See Japanese People

Australian People

To dream about Australian people represents an aspects of your personality that feels that nothing is fantastic, but needs to be a little bit. Purposely notices it isn't better than anyone else. Behavior that makes you think it could be a snob, but then isn't. Behavior that could be serious or angry, but then isn't. Purposely notices that nothing needs to feel too serious. Purposely feels that it's always your friend. Never fearing believing that you can try something. Never fears discussing something being a little bit dishonest or dangerous.

Positively, Australian people represents trying your best to help someone else when it's hard to do. Feeling that someone is respectfully ignoring your negativity to assist you. Politely ignoring others problems or rudeness. Feels good that it knows you before noticing your problems. Behavior that feels like it has to be friendlier to you all the time. A positive attitude about why something might be lethal.

Negatively, a Australian person may reflect feelings of being facetious about never being told you're little. Having to have a positive attitude when you don't want to. Doesn't fear being a little bit dangerous or dishonest.

*Please See Australia

Austrian People

To dream of an Austrian person represents and aspect of your personality likes to notice the quality of nothing losing. Accepting itself as never worrying while never believing anyone else should either. Behavior that doesn't like wackiness or weakness holding it back. A personality that is obvious first about never wanting to notice anything fake or weak around it. Behavior that likes noticing everything is working like it supposed to. Behavior that is passionate about cancelling a problem if it sees the problem. A mindset that doesn't fear lots of work. Not liking to feel like time is being wasted looking at other people's problems.

Negatively, dreaming about an Austrian person represents behavior that is insensitive about noticing negativity or weakness around it. A personality that is insensitive to others being lazy or weak if they aren't happy. Caring about nothing someone else is feeling if they don't want to catch up to you. Emptiness of never worrying. Emptiness of being a professional that only never loses. A personality that happily doesn't mind noticing that other people are losers. Behavior that terrifies you that it wouldn't do anything for you if it feels you are choosing to be weak. Behavior that scares or frustrates you with never stopping enjoying noticing only powerfullest winning.

Biracial People

To dream of a biracial person represents an aspect of yourself that is a mixture of two mindsets.

Negatively, biracial symbolism may reflect an area of your life that you feel has been spoiled or ruined. Feelings about not being as perfectly deserving to respect yourself as genuine as you'd like to.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a biracial person. In waking life he felt that he had wasting time enjoying himself with a serious problem which left him feeling he didn't deserve to respect himself as perfectly as he could have had he taken the problem more serious.

*Please See Mulatto People

Black People

To dream of a Black person represents an aspect of your personality that feels good surviving or feeling good not having to prove itself again. Feeling good accepting yourself the way you are. Not having to think of emptiness of other people's problems because you don't need to. Preferring to feel good surviving emptiness before all else. Placing a priority on keeping happiness or avoiding jealousy before all else. Powerful strength to hang on. Powerful motivation to remain as you are or stand your ground. A powerful need to remain hopeful. A militant attitude about surviving disaster. Feeling good believing in yourself and doing whatever it takes to stay that way. Surviving never being told what to do because you shouldn't need to. Surviving liking your life the way it is. Fighting to keep safe liking your life. Feeling good surviving not losing. Feeling good surviving the way you are and never being told you need to lose.

Positively, Black people represent keeping hope alive in dangerous or terrible situations. Feeling good not empty about what everyone else thinks is empty. Risking everything to stay safe as though nothing else mattered. Trying hard to achieve to what is considered impossible. Rising above when everything is on the line. Keeping something wonderful away from an "asshole" at all costs. Fearless about making a mistake because you can just laugh at it being too stupid to take seriously. Laughing at a bad situation because you have nothing left to lose. Feeling good already being passed someone.

Dangerously staying feeling good because it's all you have left. Feeling terrified you'll look weak if you give up something or tell the truth. Not caring about one thing impotent while not needing to be rich. Having to be who you are because nothing will give you anything else. "Just surviving" a situation like it's all you get to do.

Negatively, Black people represent an excessive need to prove yourself. Feeling good liking your life that isn't nice or fair to someone else. Dishonestly proving yourself or refusing to give up in an argument when you know you are wrong. Preferring to survive a problem enjoying yourself as a priority before having to take a serious situation perfectly serious. Proving yourself that makes other people jealous. Hasty or dangerous choices because you are too concerned with getting ahead or liking something. Pleasure seeking that is dangerous or risky. You or someone else that is taking a big risk to put their own feelings before others. Feeling it's more attractive to stay the way you are before someone else's feelings. Desperation to avoid being laughed at. Feeling the cost of never giving up once. Never thinking of the proper way to get something except the goal. Not a grown up about feeling good all the time that's a problem. Behavior that is not listening to why needing to be serious is more important. Not feeling that nobody is there for you that makes you do crazy things. Overconfidence that feels good. Too much concern for not being a loser or needing show off to a lot of people that you aren't. Feeling you need to feel good being excellent or nobody will like you. Feeling that you're not a jerk, but that people don't want to like you anyway.

Not respecting someone else because they don't even believe in feeling good at all. Feeling good not being lethal but wanting as much happiness as you can. Feeling good you "already said it and don't want to say it again."

Black people in dreams can also reflect feelings about the threat of total loss. Destroying yourself with your own jealousy or over-eagerness. Enjoying keeping other people jealous of what you have or what you've accomplished. Feeling good proving yourself to someone's face with success that lets you brag or show off powerfully. Proving yourself excessively to maintain feeling good.

Negatively, black people in a dream may also represent jealous spitefulness or revenge. Aggressive avoidance of danger, threats, or jealousy. Aggressively avoiding allowing someone to get ahead of you. Aggressively stubbornness that is rude or angry. Vindictive humor or laughter after losing. Proving yourself in ways that are mean and only show off. Behavior that won't give up thinking it's the best when it shouldn't have to be.

Alternatively, Black people can also represent arrogantly avoiding facing your problems or cheating others to keep yourself away from losing at all costs. Desperation you or someone else has to avoid jealousy. Selfishness that does all it can to avoid losing the #1 spot. An arrogant "all or nothing" mentality. Proving oneself in a manner achieves the goal by disrespecting the rules or challenge. Feeling good achieving a goal easy that might not be completely honest.

Black people can also represent positive aspects of the personality if they are personal friends or celebrities that you associate positive qualities with.

Black people may also on rare occasions reflect the cultural pride that a black person feels about themselves if race is a serious issue to them.

To dream of a bald black person may reflect feeling good surviving at all costs with no concern for how you look to others. No sense of humor about not having to do anything for someone because other people's problems are your problem. Surviving feeling good with no concern for other people's feelings. Surviving feeling good without any need for easiness. Feeling that nothing ever again matters just to survive. Negatively, dreaming of a bald black person may reflect powerful insecurities about losing as you do everything you can to hold on. Feeling that nothing in life cares about you at all and that hope is all you have left.

To dream of a black woman represents passively surviving feeling good. Passively not having to care about other people's problems because yo don't need to. Passively feeling already proven. Passively liking your life the way it is. Passively avoiding losing because you don't think it's important. Passively not needing to prove yourself again. Passively feeling someone should have to do something for you because you talked about it agreed on it already. Passively hanging on to power. Passively avoiding jealousy at all costs. Surviving the rest of your life passive the way it is because it's all you need to do. Everyday staying feeling good or proven without having to care about it.

Negatively, dreaming a black woman may reflect having to hang on passively when nobody helps you out. Waiting for something agreed to happen like it's important when there are no obligations to give it to you. Really liking nice things to happen and they don't. Feeling that you have to spend all your time earning all you have the right way because nobody will make it easy for you. Not liking emptiness, but feeling nobody will save you once. Not getting to prove yourself because someone won't help you or do what they said.

To dream of having sex with a black person may represent a waking life experience where you are enjoying proving yourself or being unstoppable. Enjoying believing in yourself mattering more than other people while never having to care about other people's problems. Enjoying why other people have to like you not having any problems. Having the best time feeling proven already so nobody ever embarrasses you. Exceptional moment of enjoying yourself never having to lose by staying the way you are. Enjoying feeling heaviness about never worrying about something for the rest of your life. Enjoying not being a wimp about what other people think is the best way to do something. Enjoying something being easy when other people don't want to think it's easy. Feeling good thinking it's awesome to feel yourself always staying on top of everything better than everyone else. Enjoying keeping your life the way it is. Feeling good confronting every single problem like it's easy. Thinking everything is fantastic no matter what you are doing because nobody can stop you.

Negatively, dreaming of having sex with a black person may reflect thinking it's awesome to like yourself not being a loser all the time that doesn't think of other people at all. Thinking it's awesome to be dishonest that gets ahead other people.

If you dream of sexually attractive black people this can symbolize your strong preference to look good surviving a problem or feel good being totally free of jealousy. Enjoying proving yourself or observing someone else prove themselves in an interesting way. Feeling good about not being a wimp that will survive a problem no matter what happens. An area of your life that is exceptionally desirable to you for its ability to keep you comfortable when comfort is difficult. Feeling that not thinking of other people problems for the rest of your life is an option.

To dream of being robbed by a black person may represent feelings about how proving yourself or choosing to feel good staying the way you are in a difficult situation may have negative consequences that "cost you." A choice you or someone else has made to avoid jealousy or embarrassment that is causing a big problem. Choosing to feel good or ignore something you think is stupid when you shouldn't that costs you. It may also reflect feelings of loss due to someone being braver than you.. Losses experienced because of someone else's excessive need to prove themselves.

To see a very muscular black person may symbolize a powerful wish to feel good remaining as you are. A strong ability to feel good surviving despite challenges. A strong ability to prove oneself or show off to someone's face. You may have trouble resisting a temptation. Difficulty overcoming someone else's strong jealousy of you. Feeling that you or someone else is strong enough to be respected not listening to other people giving them a problem because people can be made to listen. Feeling that you are unstoppable because you said so. Might is right that proves it over and over.

For a black person to dream of a black person it may simply reflect an aspect of their personality where appearance and clothing are more important symbols. Dreaming of people of your own race is not always significant unless other races are present. Facial features, clothing, or the feelings you get from the dream people are more important.

Historically, black people in dreams have been bad omens and often appeared before bad luck or tragedy would strike. This is because they reflect the dreamers careless sense of being proven already that prevents them from seeing the danger or risks ahead. An example would be of black people appearing in dreams of historical figures going to war before losing the war. The black people in this case may reflect the leaders feeling good overconfident surviving a battle they aren't prepared to deal with being different.

Example: A woman dreamed that a black man shot her in the chest. In real life the woman's daughter died in a car accident and she was grieving over her death when the funeral bill came. The black man who shot her may have represented her wish to prove herself to all her friends and family as a very loving respectful mother at all costs by paying for the funeral on credit when she couldn't afford it. Being shot reflected the shock she felt with getting the bill for the funeral.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing black men that she was very attracted to. In real life she was having difficulty getting the dream job and boyfriend that she wanted. The black men in this case may have represented her desire to prove herself powerfully to friends and family with a successful life and boyfriend.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of seeing an insecure looking black man leaning against a wall. In waking life he was financially broke while doing everything he could to keep financially stable without wanting to embarrass himself asking for help. In this case the black man may have reflected the man surviving feeling good not telling anyone he was broke. He was putting up with hard work and hiding details so he enjoy respecting himself not being criticized.

Example 4: A young girl dreamed of a black girl signalling her to not tell an elderly man about how she drank tequila. In waking life the young girl had told her mother about smoking marijuana. In this case the black girl may have symbolized the dreamer passively respecting surviving never being in trouble by her mother by choosing to never tell on herself when that would be a stupid because she'd get into trouble when she doesn't need to and not like her life.

Example 5: A man dreamed of an ugly black woman sitting close to him that wanted to have sex. In waking life he was experiencing a woman (not black) he wasn't interested in that was trying to date him and not giving up on it. He felt that woman was exhausting all her time hoping to date him and was not giving up on it easily while he preferred to be kind about ignoring her.

*Please See Africa

Brazilian People

To dream of a Brazilian person represents aspect of your personality that doesn't like showing off being arrogant. Isn't stupid about being careful about noticing it isn't better than you. Behavior that is protective of others feelings because it doesn't want you thinking it wasn't. You or someone else that intelligent notices they doesn't think too highly of themselves. Intentionally not being arrogant. Not wanting or able to show off. Feeling helped by a person or situation that doesn't have much, but helps you enough to avoid embarrassment. Feels being careful is important so you don't lose anything.

Negatively, dreaming of a Brazilian person may reflect feelings of being humbled or embarrassed. It could also reflect you or someone else that has been hurt or kept down by someone else's arrogance. Fear of showing off or that it's too dangerous to show off. Feeling little because life or someone bigger than you humbles you beyond your control. Feeling that a person or problem doesn't have to give anything back to you because it's less arrogant than you are.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a very beautiful Brazilian girl. In waking life he had just met a beautiful girl who was interested in knowing him, but soon realized she had a child and was a single mother. The beautiful Brazilian girl reflected his feelings how effected and humbled this beautiful girl's love life was because of her child.

British People

To dream of British or English people represents aspects of your personality that are certain about power or confident that they can't lose. Areas of your life where there is no doubt that you are right or that something will work. Some area of your life where you are "knowing it" and totally secure in your beliefs. Feelings of experience about accomplishment, wealth, power, or intelligence that give you a sense of confidence. Feelings about the importance of standards.

Negatively, British people may reflect feelings of certainty you have for people you are jealous of. Feeling that other people are much more accomplished, resourced, wealthy, or intelligently more experienced than you are. Snobbery. Competition or a problem you can't even begin to compete with because it's always confident that nothing it does is a problem. Too rich to compete with. A person or situation that feels more educated or better bred than you. Standards that feel too high.

Example: A man once dreamed of talking to a British person. In waking life he was debating whether to risk starting a new business or purchase an already successful established one. The British person reflected his feelings of confidence that buying an established business would have no risk.

Canadian People

To dream of a Canadian person represents an aspect of your personality that likes things the way they are without anything excessive. Behavior that doesn't want to be too serious. Intelligence or skills that are "laid back." Awareness of yourself or someone else being more honest, helpful, nicer, polite, or generous with a laid back attitude. Behavior that intelligently avoids anything excessive. Behavior that accepts others never needing to be perfect. Behavior that accepts you avoiding something excessive. An aspect of your personality that is nicer than someone else. Behavior that feels it needs to do more than other people so other people can avoid something excessive.

Negatively, Canadian people may reflect a sense of superiority that is lazy. It may also reflect being too nice or a "nice guys finish last" mentality. Behavior that dislikes excellence, superiority, or something exceptional because it feels it's excessive. Arrogance or recklessness that expects to get off easy because punishment is "felt" to be excessive. Wasting time caring about people's feelings too much. Lower standards talked about being better without ever doing anything to prove it. Jealousy in some area of your life where feelings always comes before winning big. Believing problems aren't important to address unless they become excessive. . Ignorance that doesn't believe it deserves to confront it's own excessiveness. Issues with looking a lethal, dangerous, illegal, or serious situation as though it's not the problem when it is.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a Canadian Judge. In waking life he was being very laid back about making important choices and felt that the most serious choices weren't important to address yet.

Chinese People

To dream of Chinese people represents aspects of your personality that forego feeling good to achieve goals. Being uninterested or unbiased. A conservative view of a situation. Discipline. No risk taking. Feels good noticing no mistakes.

Positively, Chinese people represent intelligent patience or critical thinking. Not allowing emotions to sway your decisions whatsoever. Waiting for something negative to pass on its own for a long period of time if needed. A willingness to take the long hard road to win.

Negatively, Chinese people represent total boredom, total disregard for feelings, or emptiness. Some area of your life where working is all you do. Someone or something uninteresting. Having no fun at all. It may also reflect arrogantly demanding something be perfect. Not caring what happens at all. A lack of enthusiasm for something. Feeling that someone you consider no fun won't listen to you. You or someone else that never appreciates anything.

A Chinese person in a dream may point to people around you or situations you are experiencing that aren't very fun. Chinese people may also be a sign that you are working hard, saving, biding time, or don't really care how something turns out. Fun and leisure are not a priority. Feeling good is not important.

Personality traits or areas of your life that are objective, hard working, or disciplined. A part of you that may resist temptation or never give up what you've saved. It could also reflect giving good advice that may not feel good to others.

Personality traits or areas of your life that are too conservative, bore you, or never interest you enjoying yourself. A part of you that may completely sacrifice happiness for work, solitude, moral beliefs, or high standards.

To dream of sexually attractive Chinese people can symbolize your enjoyment of having no strong attachment to something. Enjoying being unbiased, conservative, or not being needy.

To dream of evil or criminal Chinese people symbolizes your view of a person or situation that is terrifies you with now uncaring or unbiased it is. It may also reflect your own unbiased negative intentions that are going overboard.

People threatening others with their suicide may dream of an evil Chinese person to reflect their total lack of concern for enjoying life that is scaring the people around them.

Christian People

To dream of Christians represents aspects of your personality that are obsessed with never doing anything wrong. Self-awareness of always doing nothing wrong or being noticed doing nothing wrong.

Negatively, Christians in dreams may represent jealousy that you ever made a mistake or bad moral choice. Being afraid to do anything wrong, or to take a risk. People or situations that you feel go too far being wonderful or moral. Feeling that family is too much of a priority. It may also also reflect an arrogant attitude about thinking your positive choices are the only ones anyone should have. It may also be a sign that you are "kicking yourself" over mistake you made or having problems forgiving yourself.



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