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Iraqi People

To dream of Iraqi people represents self-respect before all else. Preoccupied with never being impotent under any circumstance.

Positively, it reflects stubbornness or audacity in the face people who try to overpower or embarrass you. Never showing weakness to a competitor no matter what. Using a "heavy hand" to someone that got out of line.

Negatively, an Iraqi person represents a need to be forced or overpowered to be made to listen. Respecting yourself too much. Pigheaded denial of the truth or a "do as I say not as I do" mentality. You or someone else that doesn't do what they are told unless they absolutely have to. It may also reflect you or someone else that terrifies other people that you will never let go. Ridiculous behavior to keep your dignity. Going overboard to asserting yourself or getting back at someone.

Irish People

To dream of Irish people represents aspects of your personality that feel good being accepted as they are. Feeling good having accepted certainty. Not liking anything that's boring, depressing, or losing.

Positively, it reflects optimism or cheerfulness no matter what problems arise. Enjoying feeling luckier. Feeling good that nothing is ignoring you. Feeling good that someone is not being a snob to you when others are. Enjoying staying upbeat or looking at the bright side. Supportiveness of accepting others. Feeling good being accepted with professional or adult integrity without question. An option that is friendlier than everything else. Acceptance that enjoy cancelling ignorance. Feeling good never being told your stupid. The personality feeling good that it's a better person than other people or scaring itself that it isn't.

Negatively, an Irish person may reflect jealousy of noticing jealousy. Jealousy of not being accepted. Enjoying feeling better than someone else no matter what. Enjoying showing off being luckier. Emptiness that enjoys its integrity perfect never accepting you again. Problems or people that feel good embarrassing you. Fear of not letting someone enjoy themselves. Corruption that notices you need to feel good being accepted to get what it wants from you. Ignorance that believes it deserves to feel good being accepted exceptional when it hasn't earned it. Angering easily because you or someone else is not enjoying themselves. Ignorance that feels good never being told its stupid. A situation that hopelessly needs to feel good or be accepted to the point of feeling insane. Mob mentality that aggressively needs to enjoy itself. Behavior that is jealous of not having to show off feeling good more than other people to their face. Anger that every single thing you or someone else does isn't having to feel good being accepted.

An angry Irish person may symbolize you or someone else that doesn't feel good
having to give up pleasure, power, or acceptance that you have grown accustom to.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing an angry Irish person. In waking life he had met someone in another country at a hotel and then felt that they were angry at him at the end of the vacation after treating him wonderful.

Italian People

To dream of an Italian person represents an aspect of your personality that respects itself noticing nothing is losing. Attitude that doesn't waste time with anything that isn't proven succeeding. An attitude that expects nothing little around it or it doesn't want to talk to you.Feelings about deserving power to feel good as though it's standard. A mindset that expects no emptiness around it. An attitude that feels good successful. A mindset that is jealous if it isn't feeling good confident all the time. Not respecting anything that doesn't feel good exceptional. Behavior that doesn't feel it deserves to notice anything feeling negative. Feeling that respecting feeling good is mandatory. Enjoying having an accepted professional attitude. Assertiveness about nothing feeling stupid, boring, or ugly. A mindset that isn't listening to anything that isn't beautiful. An assertive attitude that notices itself enjoying itself the way it wants. Social interaction that believes everyone should feel good being your family.

Negatively, an Italian may reflect oversensitivity about needing to notice everything feels good beautiful, respected, or enjoyed first. Over-confidence. Bravado. Emptiness or insensitivity towards things that are stupid, boring, or ugly. An attitude that is a total jerk if it doesn't like something. Behavior that assertively enjoys itself too much. Arrogant assertive attitude about enjoying appearances. An attitude that scares you that it needs to respect itself feeling good first. An attitude that needs to feel good powerful or it doesn't want to know you. Professionalism that doesn't believe in anything except perfect winning. Jealousy that emptily embarrasses others because it doesn't feel good about something. Behavior that thinks feeling good or liking things its way is mandatory. Anger or scaring other people that something isn't enjoyed enough. A mindset that expects success to be easy when it isn't or deludes itself that success is easy.

Example: A woman dreamed of an Italian building and Italian clothing. In waking life she was hoping God would help her to be successful to help find a new place to live because she was experiencing a home foreclosure. The Italian symbolism in this case may have reflected her mindset that expected God to prioritize success in her life for financial reasons as soon as she needed it desperately.

Japanese People

To dream of Japanese people represents aspects of your personality that are extremely sensitive about noticing anything wrong or dishonest. Behavior or social situations that is professionally immune and expect it in return. Sensitivity about appearances of total honesty, perfect orderliness, perfect respect, or perfect professionalism. Not liking anything out of order, immoral, dangerous, or dirty at all. Feeling that you need to perfectly notice nothing wrong in order to deserve respect. Social interaction where people are very sensitive about never being treated stupid. A sense of fearlessness about why everything you or someone else does is clean. Serious or militant sensitivity about honesty. Sensitivity that one mistake or dishonest action will make someone very angry.

Negatively, dreaming about Japanese people represents a heightened sense of anxiety about problems getting worse or nervousness about not doing something perfect. Feeling that a person or situation may be very insensitive to you if you aren't perfectly honest or don't perfectly notice that nothing is wrong. Behavior that is focused on respecting people first while not wanting anyone getting you back. Feelings about people being angry with you for not being perfectly honest, clean, or professional.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in a Japanese style church. In waking life she was frustrated over the current condition of her church not being faithful enough.

Example 2: A man dreamed of a Japanese man killing his friend. In waking life he had lost his confidence and was feeling down. The Japanese man in this case may have reflected he feelings about having his confidence withdrawn because he wasn't perfect enough to deserve someone else's respect.

Example 3: A woman dreamed being in a room with people wearing Japanese style robes. In waking life she had been catching up with old friends of whom she had no good or bad personal feelings about, but was careful to respect their feelings.

Example 4: A man had of a lot of Japanese symbolism in his dream such as a Japanese apartment, Japanese horror movie, and a Japanese Ghost demon. In waking life he was being separated from the military for being underweight and worried about his separation papers costing him a lot of money on uniforms due to mistakes in the forms. The Japanese symbolism in this case may have reflected his feelings about how serious military life was and the serious honesty requirements it made of him.

*Please See Japan

Jewish People

To dream of Jewish people represents you or someone else that is behaving a manner that is perfectly honest. Sensitive feelings about doing anything wrong or dishonest at all. Wanting perfectly "positive" experiences only. You or someone else that rejects anything that isn't perfectly proper, clean, or healthy. Perfect compliance with policies.

Positively, Jewish people represent a positive attitude towards never doing anything wrong at at all. Perfectly rejecting anything that's unsavory, unpleasant, or unfair. Not wanting to embarrass others at all. Perfectly concerned with the integrity of friends or family. Enforcing honesty on others to their benefit. Strict rules needing to be followed for protection.

Negatively, a Jewish person may symbolize you or someone else that is insensitive about making sure something is perfectly proper. A meticulous need to adhere to rules, regulations, or policies. An "asshole" that won't help you until you've complied perfectly. It may also reflect arrogance that refuses to acknowledge it's own negative behavior under any circumstance. Hypocritical behavior that demands honesty from you without being honest. Annoyance with someone who is too honest. Fearing not complying with policies. Parents or authority figures who are too controlling with responsible behavior. A dishonest use of honesty as means to deny someone power or freedom. Greed. Taking advantage of dishonest opportunities with perfect professionalism.

To dream of an evil Jewish person may reflect people or situations that you feel are going overboard being concerned with something being proper or honest. A jerk or scary situation in your life that demands too much honesty from you. Fear of telling the truth. It may also reflect feelings that something is unfair or "too good" for you. Fear or anger with something that is too perfect. It may also represent your own tendency to be insensitive or mean in order to make sure a situation is "kosher" or has nothing wrong with it.

To dream of being held captive by Jewish people may reflect feelings about feeling trapped in a situation that demands too much honesty. Feeling trapped or held back by unfair policies. Negatively, it may reflect feelings about authority figures in your life holding you back because you are not honest enough to be independent.

Example: A woman dreamed of an evil Jewish couple. In real life she felt her parents didn't want to be involved in her life when she was having difficulties. The evil Jewish couple reflected her view of her parents withholding interest or willingness to know her until her life was in perfectly in order.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing Jewish people discussing the rituals of a funeral. In waking life the man was aware of himself creating impossible financial requirements for his son in order to avoid having to give me $200,000 that was promised because he was jealous of his son moving away to paradise with the money.

Mexican People

To dream of Mexican people represents aspects of your personality that respects itself believing in itself first. You or someone else that feels that nothing is special if you don't feel good about yourself first. You or someone else that doesn't listen to other people's' ideas if it risks happiness at all. You or someone else that is noticing that nobody is laughing at it. Respecting yourself having a good time.

Positively, a Mexican may reflect a staunch attitude about keeping life the way it is because you like it that way. Asserting yourself with people who want you to change things that you've grown accustom to. A perfectly stubborn negotiation where you show someone you have nothing to lose and don't need them. Not caring about lots of money because you are happier with friends, family, or less difficulty in your life.

Negatively, a Mexican may reflect frustrated feelings about someone else that won't help you because they think a situation is pleasant enough the way it is. Having a good time that is dangerous. Feelings that someone isn't interested in your offers because you can't offer them something better than what they already have. Something you can't trust to be loyal if you don't have more attractive offers than someone else. Feeling that you are not physically attractive enough for someone you desire to have relationship with. Feeling that you don't matter. Feeling that a person or situation is not really interested in knowing you or hearing your ideas because they are lucrative or fun enough. Unhelpful attitude if don't offer an advantage that creates happiness, increased success, or the opportunity to show off. Feeling scared that someone or something will never change their ways.

Feeling that someone is crazy for not changing. Confronting ingrained attitudes or habits. Arrogantly showing off telling people how much you don't care. Feeling that someone doesn't respect you because you aren't exciting enough. Feelings of dangerous incompetent emptiness because someone prefers to feel good first.
Not caring about anything else at all because believing in oneself is a priority.

Dangerous Mexicans in a dream can reflect feelings about God being empty towards your life by refusing to help you or speak to you when you are desperate while being perfectly loyal.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a beautiful Mexican woman. In waking life he kept getting disappointed that a woman he thought liked him would never talk to him. The Mexican woman in this case may have reflected his awareness of this woman always making him feel that he wasn't respected because he wasn't exciting enough to speak to no matter how many times he tried.

Example 2: A man dreamed of sitting on a couch with a dangerous Mexican youth. In waking life he was considering killing himself because his life wasn't very exciting.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing Mexicans. In waking life he had failed to keep himself off cigarettes with a new method of quitting he was trying. The Mexicans reflected his preference to not care about quitting smoking with the new method because smoking felt better and was more socially accepted than quitting.

Middle Eastern People

To dream of Middle Eastern people represents aspects of your personality that are assertive about having to be listened to. Respect prioritized before rational thinking. Old fashioned or difficult family members. A fear of being told what to do.

Negatively, Middle Eastern people in a dream may reflect feelings about stubborn or arrogant people in your life who refuse to listen to new or more sophisticated ideas. Problems talking to people because you feel that they don't listen to a single thing you are saying. Feeling that people are willing to be rude or lose if it means that they will never have to listen to you. A fear of being told what to do. A fear of not looking like an adult. A fear of not appearing perfectly experienced or respected.

Example: A man dreamed of Middle Eastern people coming to permanently live inside his house. In waking life he was about to get married and felt that his fiancee's family was impossible to rationalize with. he felt that he was about to be stuck an extended family who didn't listen to him.

Example 2: A man dreamed of experiencing a bloody knife fight in the middle east. In waking life he had very modern ideas and felt that a school he was attending was very resistant to anything new. He got in a fight with someone at the school to assert his right to be listened to, but it only made the irrational resistance he felt more entrenched.

Mulatto People

To dream of a mulatto or half breed person represents situations where you have to feel good for something. Respecting oneself permanent with never wanting to experiencing anything ugly, boring, or unfair. A preference for wanting to feel good that may be exhausting or annoying. A heightened sense of enthusiasm or optimism while facing a challenge. Behavior in yourself or others that feels that being optimistic is mandatory or important to feel as standard.

Positively, mulatto people may reflect situations where you or other people feel that it's important to feel good being secure. Feeling that it's important to love what you are doing. Always having something optimistic to say. Protective of people's feelings. Not liking being too serious.

Negatively, dreaming of a mulatto person represents you or someone that doesn't listen to anything your told if it doesn't feel good. Feeling forced to be happy about something that's been ruined or spoiled. It may also reflect a powerful opportunity that has been lost or devastated. Feelings about yourself or someone else whining too much or being too sensitive about having to feel good. Feeling annoyed by someone who doesn't want to stop feeling good all the time in ways you aren't as interested in. Unstoppable supportiveness even when what you want is impossible to obtain. Not liking being too serious that may embarrass you.

Example: A woman dreamed of being attracted to a mulatto man. In waking life she still had feelings for her ex who was in prison. The attractive mulatto man may have reflected her unstoppable support to feel good about her ex even though he was a dangerous criminal who deserved to be in prison.

*Please See Biracial People

Muslim People

To dream of Muslim people represents aspects of your personality feel safe being permanently bound to morality or behaving. Behavior that needs to feel it's dangerous to notice a single immoral thing once while being accepted for it.. A mindset where nothing shocks you because everyone has to behave. Choosing to live under permanent honest rules set by a grown man. Behavior that is very protective of never doing anything that isn't approved. Behavior that respects itself with appearances that it could never thought about doing something wrong once. Feelings about being so honest you can't even believe you are going to embarrass someone.

Negatively, dreaming about Muslims represents aspects of your personality that is oversensitive about thinking it's right about being perfectly honest. Giving up too much power for positivity. Scaring yourself that you are not being moral, nice, or concerning yourself with rules. Losing your happiness or giving up your dreams because you too concerned with doing the right thing. Too preoccupied with morality or good behavior. Cheating yourself out of happiness due to moral dogma or rigid discipline. The fear of dishonesty that keeps you in poverty. Anger or fear of others anger that something is not honesly rigid enough. Excessive honest absolutism. Expectation for the right honest answer and not liking someone if you don't get it. Accepting yourself as never being stupid being honest when you might be giving too much power or happiness away. Honest beliefs or behavior that makes you uncomfortable that it never wants to be happy. Honesty that never looks at itself being wrong no matter what it does. Nothing unusal allowed that may hold back happiness or the fullness of a new experience. Work and God only.

Alternatively, a Muslim person may reflect how you are too concerned with what God thinks of you. Questioning yourself spiritually. Concerns with not being a perfect Muslim.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing Muslim people dressed in white. In waking life he was tried his best to make something perfectly honest, but it didn't feel good limiting himself. He felt he was giving up to much happiness being so honest.

Example 2: A man dreamed of regretting rejecting Christ because he was a Muslim. In waking life he was having long-term debates about his faith.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of the end of the world and that only women dressed like Muslims could go to heaven. In waking life she was worried about world events being the "end of the world" while questioning her standing with God. The Muslim symbolism in this case may have refected her feelings that being a perfect muslim or visiting a mosque with all the global chaos going on was the only one sure way God would accept you in heaven.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of listening to Muslim news on the radio inside her car. In waking life she was having money problems while maintaining her belief that God wanted her to open a Children's home in her country of Ecuador.

*Please See Islamic Fundamentalist

Pakistani People

To dream of Pakistani people represents aspects of your personality that are very concerned with not being embarrassed at all. Very concerned with following through on problems or promises so embarrassment doesn't occur. An aspect of your personality that is very sensitive about not being embarrassed or made a fool of to protect pride. You or someone else that wishes to be noticed by others as intelligent or equal as a priority. Sensitivity about wanting dignity or respect before all else.

Negatively, a Pakistani person may reflect a lack of a sense of humor about problems or potential embarrassments that scare other people. An aspect your personality that enjoys thinking other people look stupid while you don't. Indignant attitude towards anything small embarrassing you. Scaring other people that believing anything is wrong with you is not allowed. Deceptive tactics used to prevent embarrassment. It may also reflect a terrible attitude towards anyone who isn't treating you as an equal. Feelings about embarrassment that diminishes respect being perfectly unacceptable as a priority.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a Pakistani man. In waking life he was concocting a giant lie about having had sex with a girl so he wouldn't be embarrassed being noticed as a virgin.

Portuguese People

To dream of a Portuguese person represents an aspect of your personality that is confident about deserving to respect itself. Behavior that feels that nothing is special if it isn't deserving to be confident. Feeling believing in itself the way it is. Behavior that is confident about why it doesn't have to believe in something if it doesn't want to. Awareness of yourself avoiding being associated with anything weak or not working. Preferring to project yourself as problemless. Feeling good knowing you aren't desperate.

Negatively, a Portuguese person in a dream represents you or someone else that is sensitive about being noticed insecure. Overconfidence about noticing nothing is losing. Insecurity about being witnessed losing. Doesn't mind you as long as it's noticing it's confident. Behavior that doesn't feel good giving anything back to you if it means it will have to stop being confident. Behavior that arrogantly choose remaining confident before helping someone.

Feelings about other people arrogantly putting themselves first. Feeling that something or someone makes you feel like you don't deserve something while others do. A concern that you never look like a loser before returning a favor. Excessively drawing attention to your self-worth or that you are more deserving. Feeling too happy with your current life situation to do anyone else a favor.

Alternatively, in a negative context a Portuguese person in a dream may negatively reflect a fear of being noticed as a desperate or not good enough.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a Portuguese man. In waking life he was very confident about deserving to keep his life the way it was while ignoring a warning from someone with much more experience than him.

Puerto Rican People

To dream of Puerto Rican people represents respects itself being realistic or feels good realistic. Feeling good that something is working, but don't care about it being perfect. No concern for being "superman" for why everything in a situation is excellent. Feeling good being fair. A realistic attitude that is not going to do anything exceptional for you for free. Beautifully realistic support that isn't going to surprise you with an exceptional miracle. Feeling good that you deserve something, bu tit's not going to get any better. An aspect of yourself that is just honest about why it deserves to have it's feelings respected no matter what. Behavior that notices everything is beautiful the way it is and doesn't believe it needs to stop. Behavior that is required to be fantastic for everyone else's feelings. Passionate attitude about why everyone's feelings need to be listened to. Noticing not being the most important person, but still deserving to be respected listened to. Behavior that expects to be realistically accepted the way it is no matter what. Behavior that respects itself never listening to anything jealous. A mindset that terrifies itself that it would even want to talk about something jealous. Realistically not feeling you are better than anyone else. Behavior that isn't laughing about everyone needing to like it. Not minding everyone else doing something the hard way, while you don't. Feeling happy about a situation working being simple. Feeling good not embarrassing anyone else with your problems while they don't embarrass you with their problems.

Behavior that notices it doesn't have to listen to anyone tell it that it isn't liking itself all the time. Feeling good taking time noticing kindness or happiness while noticing nothing is a mistake. Feeling good for family life like it's your first job. Behavior that isn't listening to why it's not considered a perfect example of caring about others feelings. Behavior that isn't nice if it doesn't want to, but is always listening. No fear of needing to be "just honest" to your face all the time. Behavior that is always volatile about why it's tough and sensitive. Behavior that doesn't like being too serious, but will if it has to. Behavior that respects itself not needing to talk about being richer than anyone else. Feeling respected liking your life the way it is. Feeling good that nothing is tragic about a mistake.

Negatively, dreaming of a Puerto Rican person represents an aspect of your personality that respects itself realistic without believing anything else matters. Covering up problems with a realistic attitude. Behavior that isn't adjusting to anyone else's problems if they aren't listening. Anger at be forced to be too serious. Feeling good not being told what to do unless their is a good reason. Getting angry or jealous if you aren't respecting it feeling good believing in itself as a priority when you feel that believing in oneself as a priority is a waste of time. Feelings about behavior that you feel wastes time wanting you to feel good about it. A mindset that may be lethal with anger if aren't listening to it or you tell it that it's not beautiful the way it is. Behavior that notices it can afford everything it needs. Not caring about the highest standards of excellence as long as everything is working, or an attitude that says "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Behavior that doesn't mind a situation being dirty or dangerous when other people don't feel good about it. Jealousy of not having a good time.

Behavior that requires a situation to be "colorful" or it's not interested. Concerns about that safe behavior could be lethal, but isn't right now. Behavior that feels good thinking someone else should fix a problem while not able or wanting to fix the problem itself. Behavior that may be jealous if everything around it isn't feeling good fantastic with them.
Feelings about telling someone the hard truth while noticing you don't want to terrify them. Behavior that makes mistakes and scares you with it's feelings hurt that you need to care about it anyway. Excessive enjoyment that doesn't believe it needs to stop. An attitude of "nothing special" towards you if you don't believe it deserves to be respected no matter what. Anger, shock, or ignorance that isn't listening to why it's not considered a perfect example of caring about others feelings.

Russian People

To dream of Russians symbolizes a mindset that never wants to notice losing no matter what. Showing strength before all else.

Positively, Russians represent doing whatever it takes to win no matter how emotionally difficult it may be. Never showing weakness. Embarrassing people who want to embarrass you. Sparing no expense to avoid letting someone negative tell you that they are better than you. Never ever giving up. Never giving enemies advantages.

Negatively, Russia people reflect and all controlling or conquering attitude. Using leverage to keep people down. Lying or cheating if it means winning. Arrogantly showing others than you never have to do anything for them. You or someone else that demands full control and power. Never wanting someone else to ever have more than you no matter what. Sabotaging or repressing others. Never admitting you're wrong.

Alternatively, a Russian person may reflect self-control that is overboard. Not allowing yourself to feel good because you will show weakness. Screwing yourself in the long term to get a short-term gain because you won't compromise.

Example: A man dreamed of being in a room with Russian spies. In real life he was looking for ways sabotage his son's efforts to leave home. He was studying his son's plans and looking for excuses to make him want to stay home. The Russians reflected his full awareness of himself trying to stay on control of his son's life at all costs.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of a Russian holding him hostage with a gun. In waking life he was belligerent about having to kill himself even when people tried to convince him that things would turn out OK. The Russian reflected his self-control that was overboard and total unwillingness to believe he was wrong.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of talking on her sleep in the Russian language in order to keep herself safe because she feared the government would come to take her. In waking life she was living in Nazi Germany and felt that she had to train herself to speak in a nationalist patriotic tone at all times at all costs in order to protect herself from being reported to the government. The Russian language may have reflected her feelings about herself having to speak to people in a way that felt perfectly loyal to Germany even if it didn't make her happy.

Saudi Arabian People

To dream of Saudi Arabian people represents aspects of yourself that are sensitive about having to lose ever again. You or someone else that will never allow themselves to be embarrassed ever again.

Positively, Saudi Arabian people may reflect putting up with unbearable control or arrogance because one misstep could be dangerous. It may also reflect permanent acts of revenge on your enemies. Punishing or embarrassing someone with permanent consequences to protect integrity.

Negatively, a Saudi Arabian person may reflect feelings about parents or people who have control over you that require total respect no matter what. Feeling that change or speaking up for yourself is dangerous. Feeling the potential for powerful insensitive consequences for getting out of line. Alternatively, Saudi Arabian people may represent your own overly strict policies or harsh reactions.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing Saudi Arabian men slaughtering animals that were standing in a very long line. In waking life he began to realize that his father had been lying to him for years about carrying out a promise to let him move. When it came time to let him move his father came up with every excuse possible to stop him and prevent any change to their family life at all.

Scottish People

To dream of a Scottish person represents an aspect of your personality that notices why it's not stupid or lazy. Insensitivity to wackiness. Respecting intelligence. Boldness. Having a stronger idea than someone else. Never caring about anything else with a situation again if it means being told your stupid. Not fearing an insensitive idea. Feeling good being strong or smart enough to never need anyone else at all. Proudly doing more than someone else. A mindset that is insensitively aware of itself avoiding being used or disrespected. Behavior that proudly and boldly "never gives a shit" no matter what anyone thinks or feels about it. Insensitivity that makes you or others feel "like a wimp." Behavior that arrogantly never wants to care about someone weaker's feelings at all aware of itself noticing it is.

Positively, Scottish people may reflect you or someone else that is insensitive about drawing attention to a priority. Acts of generosity that completely embarrass other people. Insensitively laughing at a problem. A wiser idea about why your problem doesn't need to matter. Permanently noticing why something stupid is never going to happen again. Behavior that is wonderful to you as long as you are treating it stupid. A long-term outlook that's smarter or more powerful than a short-term outlook. Behavior that is so wonderful it makes sure nobody else needs to be afraid or unsafe again. Behavior that is careful about respecting itself avoiding anything unintelligent.

Negatively, a Scottish person may reflect you or someone else that feels good noticing someone having less than you. Enjoying someone else's weakness, vulnerability, or naivety. Feeling good talking to someone like they are stupider. Arrogance that insensitively notices it's too strong, smart, or rich to stop. Telling someone to their face why they are stupider. Fearlessness about making someone else feel pathetic. Enjoying exploiting someone else's weakness to their face. You or someone else that feels good being mean about your advantages or superiority. A terrifying insensitive attitude to people or situations that insult it. Making insensitive comments to enemies that you will enjoy watching them stupider than you. Jealousy or embarrassment of noticing oversights. Insensitivity that scares people that aren't listening perfectly. Fearless insensitive laughter. Insensitively notices itself being smarter or stronger than something else. Feeling that behavior is dangerous, reckless, will laugh at you, or cheats you permanently if you give it an advantage. Embarrassment that arises in your life from overdoing an advantage or enjoying feeling smarter too much.

Scottish people may appear in a dream during bitter arguments. They are also common during lawsuits or court cases. Rivalry that proudly discusses others weaknesses or flaws out in the open.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a Scottish man talking to him. In waking life he was fantasizing about what it would be like to be rich and notice a girl he liked totally broke so that she'd have to be with him. The Scottish man in this case may have reflected his arrogant wish to exploit the woman's financial situation to enjoy feeling smarter than her.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being afraid of a Scottish man with black eyes. In waking life he feared that his father would laugh in his face if he ever told him about a problem he had. In this case the Scottish man with black eyes may have reflected the dreamers feelings about being laughed at for the rest of his life for being stupid if he ever revealed his problem.



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