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To dream of tripping over something represents problems or issues that weren't expected. Poor foresight or not listening enough that caused an embarrassment.

Negatively, tripping over something in a dream may be a sign that you aren't being careful or prepared enough. Casually ignoring advice or a warning.

*Please See Field Trip

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*Please See Drugs


To dream of a troll represents behavior that is obnoxious. Never letting others enjoy their success or like themselves. You or someone else that is purposely terrible to other people or makes sure they never feel good. A troll may reflect strong jealousy or need to feel good putting others down.


To dream of a trombone represents making others feel that someone else needs you. Noticing someone else has a problem. You or someone else that is making it known that duty or guiding others is important.

Alternatively, a trombone may reflect not feeling good noticing other people's problems or feeling you have to stop what you're doing for someone else.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her husband playing the trombone. In real life she was happy to see how supportive her husband was of their son as they bonded while they bonded. The trombone represents the feelings


To dream of a trophy represents recognition for being the best at something. A reminder of your superiority or status. It may also reflect feeling that something you achieved makes you better than others. Recognition for your hard work.


To dream of trouble may mirror waking life feelings about problems, a need for caution, or insecurity. Feelings about losing stability or security. Feeling that nothing stable is long lasting. Feelings of emotional danger to your plans or expectations. Feeling that some area of your life has the potential to be problematic. Feeling about people or situations you want to avoid. Possible indication of avoidant behavior. Concerns about being dragged into other people's problems.

Example: A woman dreamed of having a sense of trouble. In waking life she was feeling that problems might be arising with her eldest child.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a lowlife person who always got into trouble. In waking life she was trying her best to avoid a person.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing another woman experiencing all kinds of trouble. In waking life the dreamer was aware of a woman in her life being on the verge of being homeless and didn't want to help the woman out of concerns of being dragged into her problems.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of a guard helping her to avoid getting into trouble. In waking life she was concerned with needing to do the right thing at work.


To dream of eating at a trough may represent a lack of self-respect or primitive needs. Lowering yourself.

Alternatively, it may also reflect your feelings about being able to exploit others with something you feel is below you or pathetic. Simple-mindedness that is easy to control by giving someone a lot of one thing. Noticing that other people are accepting of being losers.


*Please See Pants


To dream of a trout represents an evasive problem that you feel is rubbing itself in your face. Elusive behavior. Feeling embarrassed that you can't stop someone or something from getting away with what it's doing. A stubborn arrogant problem.

A trout may be a sign that you are stumped by a problem that keeps reminding you about it.

To dream of catching a trout represents getting a handle on a problem that kept embarrassing you that it could never be stopped or figured out.


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See the themes section for cars and vehicles for a more in depth look at vehicle symbolism.


To dream of a trumpet represents you or someone else that is making others feel that something is important to be noticed. A call to attention.

Feeling good noticing things doing what their supposed to be doing. Feeling good noticing you're being noticed.


To dream of a trunk represents old memories, ideals, hopes, or habits that you are remembering. You may be getting lost in nostalgia or revisiting how things used to be.

Alternatively, a trunk may reflect issues and feelings that you have not dealt with.

*Please see Car Trunk

*Please see Trees

Trunk Box

To dream of a trunk box represents pleasant feelings about some area of your life being useful later on.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a beautiful woman sitting on a trunk box with the lid open stand up to walk towards a white sunny void. In waking life the man was very talented and was being prepared by an expert to experience being famous for his work. The trunk may have reflected his pleasant feelings about the useful advice he was getting to prepare him for being famous, advice that he felt good about be useful for a later time.


To dream of trusting represents feelings about believing in a person or situation not embarrassing you. Confidence in avoiding failure if you make a certain choice. Confidence that certain choices will help you solve problems. Faith in others or faith in an outcome.

Negatively, trust in a dream may naive beliefs in something being special or exclusive. A reflection of waking life situations where you are putting too much faith in a person or situation that doesn't deserve it. Repeat embarrassments of lost faith that you don't change your mind about. Stupidly not demanding proof that a person or situation actually cares about you. Wasting your time hoping. Too much focus on believing that you need to do everything on your own because people have disappointed you too much. Alienation from other people.

To dream of not trusting someone represents a lack of confidence in a person or situation. Suspecting that something will embarrassing you. lacking confidence in being able to avoid failure with choice. Believing that certain choices will causes problems or make them worse. Negatively, it may be a sign that you are too paranoid about something. Excessive concerns for a situation to feel perfect in order to accept it. Conspiracy theories that are unproven.

Alternatively, trust issues in a dream may mirror waking life situations you are becoming disillusioned with.

Example: A man dreamed of trusting a man to be alone in his house to paint it. In waking life he had written an article for a magazine and was putting a lot of faith in the editor to fix any spelling or grammar without changing his article too much. The trust in this case may have reflected the dreamer faith in the editor not embarrassing him by changing his article too much.

Example 2: A man dreamed of his himself thinking about how Presidents couldn't be fully trusted by voters to do the things they say they will do when they get elected. In waking life the dreamer was heavily involved in a charity that he began to believe was not living up to it's promises.

Example 3: A man dreamed that he was in the military and that he couldn't trust any one. In waking life he felt completely isolated from his coworkers at work and felt that he had to do all the serious work himself.


To dream of the truth represents acceptance of honesty or noticing that something isn't fake. Feelings about facts. Feelings of rightly deserving. Feeling that you can't be led astray. Honest integrity you are sensitive about losing. Fairness. Being listened to. No arrogance.

Negatively, dreaming about the truth represents unpleasant feelings about confronting honesty or being fake. Feeling annoyed by someone or something being too honest. Acceptance of objectivity that is empty or scary.

To dream of telling the truth represents feelings of accepting yourself as honest first. Noticing or choosing honesty. Feeling good behaving like a grown up when nobody else wants to. Being a perfect example. Noticing why something must work when their is doubt that it won't. Feelings about something being the right thing to do. Wanting honesty to survive.

To dream of telling the truth after lying represents unpleasant feeling or embarrassment about restoring honesty. Accepting something dishonest or unpleasant things about with yourself. Self-criticism. Feelings about whether or not to act on your guilt.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her mother in-law lying about dying with everyone else in the room with her believing it was the truth. In waking life she was annoyed by her mother in-law being a bit of a fake drama queen.

*Please See Lying


*Please See Tidal Waves


To dreaming of seeing a tuba represents feelings of standing out more than others. Positively, it may reflect feelings of importance. Perhaps, there is an important message that you or someone else is drawing attention to. Negatively, it may reflect feeling embarrassed by unwanted attention.


To dream of a tube represents your perception of the progress of a situation only occurring in one direction. Feeling that there is only one way to go about something.

Negatively, a tube may reflect feelings of being constrained or stuck with a certain method of problem solving or coping. You feel you have to do something until the end.


To dream of Tuesday represents feelings about a moment in time being focused of maintaining work ethic. Feeling stupid if you stop working or take a break. Feeling stupid losing out on progress. Feeling that there is no tolerance for laziness. Feeling that people are too busy to pay attention to you. Accepting yourself working hard all the time with no time for anything else. Scaring yourself that you would stop working.


To dream of a tugboat represents situations where there is a need for assistance to navigate an uncertain situation. Feelings of needing to be "carried" to helped to get through a negative or uncertain situation.

Alternatively, a tugboat may reflect feelings about yourself or someone else being an expert at getting other people through difficulties that they can't manage on their own. Talking to or coaching someone through an emotional crisis that has overwhelmed them. Helping someone who couldn't finish confronting a problem on their own. Guidance and direction.

Negatively, a tugboat may reflect feelings of resentment at having to save someone more powerful or arrogant than you due to their negligence. Feeling that you have to keep rescuing people who embarrass themselves. Feeling annoyed at having to keep being the boring responsible person for less intelligent people. Repeatedly having to save someone who doesn't deserve it. Parents getting their spoiled children through difficulties. Assistants getting negligent bosses through difficulties.


To dream of tuition represents regular obligations or responsibilities required to protect your future. Personal costs involved in order to continue developing a long term relationship you are learning from. Personal costs involved in improving yourself or getting important experience.

Negatively, tuition may reflect your feelings about regular responsibilities required of you during worrisome or serious situations.

Tuition in a dream may sometimes reflect feelings about needing to regularly use contraception in a new or developing sexual relationship.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in court because she didn't pay her tuition. In waking life she felt judged for thinking she was pregnant and not using contraceptives regularly. The tuition may have reflected her feelings about the need to be responsible about using condoms while worrying about sexual activity being risky in her relationship.


To dream of tulips represents feelings about how nice or beautiful it is to notice something being responsible. Enjoying the safety of family. Sensitivity about noticing how wonderful, caring, or responsible somebody behaved.

Alternatively, a tulip may reflect sensitivity about how carefully concerned someone was about your feelings. Feeling that it's wonderful that someone shows you how much they care about you with their actions. Feelings that family or friendship comes before showing off.


To dream of tumbleweed represents an awareness of how empty or lonely you feel. Attention being drawn to how pathetically empty a situation feels. Feeling that every single other thing is more interesting than what you are doing. Disinterest.

Negatively, tumbleweeds in a dream may reflect feelings about situation never caring about anything else ever again. Realizing just how empty a relationship has become. The emptiness of knowing that nobody in your life cares about what you care about at all. Alternatively, it may be a sign that you are choosing or pursue something that others purposely avoid or "wouldn't be caught dead" being involved with. Experiencing a situation with little support or that others have a total disinterest in.


*Please See Stomach

*Please See Belly Button


To dream of a tumor represents issues or conflict that only get worse. Problems or hatred that keeps building up. It may be a sign that you need to deal with a problem, accept something, or learn to forgive.

Example: A man dreamed of a seeing a tumor. In waking life he couldn't stop himself from finding new ways to hate someone he had recently met. He kept looking around on the internet for more details about the person and kept noticing more reasons why he couldn't stand him.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a tumor. In waking life she felt that something was wrong with her marriage and that it was only getting worse.


To dream of tuna fish as canned food represents feelings of confidence that you can easily deal with a problem all by yourself without embarrassment as long as you don't think of yourself as being too special. Preferring to deal with problems all by yourself without attention. Confidently not needing to be more attractive than other people. Easy new ideas that you can't show off with. New ideas that aren't ridiculous, but feeling that nobody will be impressed with them. Feeling happier to do something new with your family privately instead of showing off in public. Feeling good about new ideas that don't need to be impressive to help you succeed.

Negatively, tuna in a dream may reflect jealousy of new ideas that don't allow you to show off. Feeling that you have to settle for an easy unattractive idea or option. A dislike for unattractive easy ideas. A dislike for having to spend time with family instead of getting a lot of attention because it's safer or easier. New easy ideas that are not special.


To dream of tuna from a can represents feelings of respecting yourself mattering without requiring being professional. Acceptable lower quality options or behavior that doesn't care about being professional. Acceptable lower quality standards that notices you aren't losing. Stamina and agility. Respecting yourself "just not being fake" or not needing a lot of attention.

To dream of tuna fish represents feelings about insight or wanting a new idea that doesn't need to be awesome, brilliant, or the most important. Insights or ideas that help you by simply not being fake. An attitude that says "nothing fabulous, but I deserve to be here, too." Ideas or insights that help you by not needing a lot of attention.


To dream of a tunnel represents issues where your mindset is totally focused on one goal or issue. Total preoccupation with ending something or getting something over with. You really want to finish something badly. A long drawn out wait. Feeling unable to clearly see a goal you are working towards.

Positively, dreaming of a tunnel may reflect a high degree of perseverance, hope, or faith when there is no way to see your goals in sight.

Negatively, a tunnel may represent a long drawn out ordeal or negative situation you are struggling to get through. Feeling that it's unbearable to patiently wait for a situation to end. Blocking out all other issues as you obsess with one. Forcing yourself to wait a very long period of time to achieve a goal. Choosing to avoid something for a very long time when you may not really need to. Alternatively, it may reflect insecurity or a heightened degree of sensitivity with making a decision that you repeatedly reconsider over and over in your mind.

To dream of light at the end of a tunnel may represent relief that a long wait in finally coming to an end. Hope for a safe, peaceful, or happy ending.

To dream of falling through a tunnel represents a mindset that is totally preoccupied with feeling a loss of control. Fearing that a loss of control. An endless feeling of losing control.

Example: A woman dreamed of walking through a tunnel made of trees that bent over her. In waking life she was in late term pregnancy and was eager to get the pregnancy over with as soon as possible because doctors had warned her that complications may arise requiring a c-section.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being in an unending tunnel that was turning. In waking life he was totally preoccupied with deciding whether or not to visit a friend in another country once an important development arose. He was stuck in a state of indecision.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of walking down a very long dark green square tunnel. In waking life she felt the need to carry an unwanted child to term to avoid getting an abortion. The dark green tunnel may have reflected her feelings about avoiding thinking of herself as someone who murders children by getting abortions by choosing to wait the 9 months to give birth.

Example 4: A young man dreamed of walking through a water tunnel on a concrete sidewalk and meeting a blue dragon near the end. In waking life he was arguing with this pregnant girlfriend who ended up having a miscarriage. In this case walking through a water tunnel may gave reflected his constant preoccupation with arguing about the uncertainty of life with his pregnant girlfriend had to no easy solution to end it.


To dream of tupperware represents something in your life that you feel is useful to keep around or might have a purpose later on. Feeling that it's just a good idea to have something just in case.

Negatively, tupperware may represent difficulty letting go of someone or something that you don't really need. Preventing change or progress because someone or something "might be useful" later on.

Example: A man dreamed of tupperware. In waking life he was preventing his adult son from moving away from home to start his own life because he might be useful to his own personal needs. He was so used to having his life take care of him that he feared his son would never help him again if he moved away.

*Please See Containers


To dream of a turban represents behavior that is concerned with hiding it's true intentions. You or someone else that is hiding what they are really thinking from others. Saying one thing while secretly planning something else.


To dream of turbulence represents feelings about a situation being dangerous, but tolerable. Responsibly controlling yourself or being patient during a stressful or disturbing situation. An unexpected or temporary difficulty while in the middle of a project or plan you're embarking on.

Turkey (Country)

To dream of being in Turkey reflects a mindset that makes everything personal. Positively, it reflects feelings of giving or receiving special treatment all the time. Negatively, it may reflect a lot of resentment you feel from people who aren't being given personal treatment.

Turkey Dinner

To dream of eating turkey represents situations that vindicate you or recapture lost pride. Not feeling like a loser anymore. Reestablishing dignity or feelings of being a respectable normal person. A ridiculous situation has ended. Re-establishing relationships after spending too much time apart.


To dream of a turkey represents feelings about yourself or someone else that is aware of something ridiculous happening to them. Self-awareness of looking ridiculous or having to put up with a ridiculous situation.

Negatively, dreaming of a turkey may reflect feeling about yourself or someone else looking foolish. You or someone else may have embarrassed themselves, feel humiliated, or realizes they were irresponsible. An embarrassing impotent aspect of your life.

To dream of being chased by a turkey represents your attempts to avoid looking foolish or embarrassing yourself. It may also reflect your attempts to avoid people you think are foolish.

Example: A woman dreamed of raising enormous turkeys. In waking life she was told by her doctors that she couldn't have a normal child birth because her pelvis was too small. She required a c-section. The enormous turkey being raised may have reflected her feelings about her herself expecting a unconventional child birth that made her feel like a ridiculous loser when discussing it with friends and family.

*Please See Turkey Dinner

Turkish People

To dream of Turkish people represents aspects of your personality that respects itself thinking it's exceptional already. An aspect of your personality that respects itself with nothing allowed to treat it like an idiot. Respecting itself not needing to listen to anyone without a good reason. Respects itself being a perfect example that doesn't deserve or need to listen to anyone else. Behavior that respects itself noticing that nothing it does sucks and doesn't want to be told it sucks. Feeling Intelligence about never needing to be afraid ever again. Behavior that feels it has to be be exceptional as though it doesn't even matter with nothing "sucking" allowed. Behavior that likes controlling something, but not everything. Behavior that respects itself noticing nothing is wrong with the way things are already. An attitude that isn't learning any lessons if it isn't important. Behavior that terrifies itself that someone else would even think it's doing something wrong if suggested. Behavior that doesn't care about how good or bad something is as long as it's not fake. Behavior that thinks you should change because it's already exceptionally not fake. Behavior that isn't afraid to enjoy itself as much as possible. Doesn't fear bending the rules to make sure everything works out. Behavior that is a little bit arrogant about being told it's not already excellent the way it is. Listening to others perfectly while respecting itself not having to do anything about it. Behavior that respects itself having the right answer already whether you like it or not (or wrong or not). Respects itself noticing the answer and that's it. Doesn't like anything it does being ugly or stupid to anyone else. Behavior that respect itself never letting people down.

Behavior that respects itself feeling nothing is dangerous about respecting itself the way it is all the time. Respects itself being the best that it can possibly be so it won't change itself. Behavior that respect itself not having to listen because it doesn't need to. Respect themselves not respecting anything they don't like. Feeling good not being embarrassed because you don't do anything wrong. Behavior that is passionate about not doing anything dishonest to itself or cheating itself. Likes noticing everyone is listening to it. Doesn't fear not not caring about something if it doesn't have to. Behavior that is not better than anyone else, but isn't being told what to do. Behavior that respects itself exceptional about being personal, original or "different this time." Not a "whackjob" about not needing to do anything else for anyone if you don't want to.

Negatively, a Turkish person may represent behavior that will permanently never listen to you if it doesn't like what you are saying. Behavior that feels good changing something you don't like if it doesn't like what you are saying. Someone that is too close for your comfort or too comfortable "stepping on your toes." Passionately not being concerned with anybody else's feelings while not looking stupid. Behavior that dangerously respects itself all the time when other people don't like it. Dishonestly respects itself not being a loser before listening to you. Behavior that might get angry if you ask it to change when it's acting a little bit irrational. Dishonesty that will respect itself getting away with whatever it can without breaking the law. Not cheating oneself that is dishonest, creepy, or ignorant to others. Behavior that is a little bit crazy about never being jealous. Expecting too much special treatment or exceptionally original treatment. Behavior that is dangerous about thinking nobody else knows what they are talking about. Behavior that notices that nothing it does is believably "shitty." Behavior that arrogant about telling itself that it doesn't need to listen to you.

Example: A woman dreamed of Turkish people starting an argument with Dutch people. In waking life her employer was demanding more responsibility from her at work. The Turkish people starting an argument with Dutch people in this case may have reflected her feelings about her boss respecting himself as an exceptional business owner not fearing yelling or firing her if he isn't perfectly respected with the dreamer following orders at work in some original way while she thought she was responsible enough at work already.


To dream of turning or making a turn represents a decision to change the direction you are going in a waking life situation. Choosing to go another route or do something different.

To dream of turning left in a dream represents the choice to take a more logical or positive direction in a waking life situation. Choosing to be honest, helpful, or rational.

To dream of turning right in a dream represents the choice to take a more irrational or negative direction in a waking life situation. Choosing to be dishonest, arrogant, or irrational.

To dream of taking a wrong turn represents your feelings about a bad choice or being sidetracked. Feeling that you weren't thinking clearly with all your decisions.

To dream of a missed turn represents feelings about a lost opportunity to change. It may also reflect distractions getting you off coarse.


To dream of turnips represents feelings that something positive in your life that you wouldn't chose on your own first.

Negatively, a turnip may be a sign that you are carelessly avoiding something that is in your best interest because it doesn't feel as good as you want it to. Something positive that isn't awesome enough for you.


To dream of turquoise represents positive healing. You may be noticing problems or negativity in some area of your life going away. You may be experiencing improvements, luck, success, or good fortune.

Negative feelings towards turquoise in a dream may be sign that you are shutting off your emotions or not letting people in. You may fear change.

*Please See Teal


To dream of a turtle represents emotional lock-down or a desire for safety that overrides all else. You don't want to do anything except deal with a specific problem until the threat is gone. A wish for perfect safety. Not caring about anyone else at all if you are threatened.

A turtle may reflect dangerous situations or very sensitive issues that want to do everything you can to avoid. A turtle may also be a sign that you are afraid to reach out or that you're "building a wall" around your life in some way.

Turtles have a tendency to show up in the dreams of very sick people or those facing death. This is because their health problem is so dangerous that they feel the need to isolate themselves from anything that could compromise their sensitive state. The turtle's tendency to hide in their shell then reflects concern for their problems at the expense of all else.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a turtle. In waking life he making threats to kill himself if he didn't get his way from someone.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being in the ocean surrounded by a bunch of turtles. In waking life she was heavily pregnant and sensitive about taking a single risk at all until the baby was born.

To dream of a sea turtle represents an aspect of yourself that doesn't want interference at all. Not wanting anyone getting in your way, telling you that you're wrong, or stopping you from completely having your way.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing an injured sea turtle. In waking life he was a spiritual lecturer that made a claim about the future that embarrassed him. The injured sea turtle represented the man's wish to always be respected while leading others that was compromised because people kept reminding him of his miscalculation about the future.

To dream of a snapping turtle represents behavior that is aggressive about doing nothing at all for other people. People in your life that are both mean and selfishly withholding from you. "Snapping" at other who don't choose to leave you alone. You or someone else that is behaves like they don't like other people at all. Fear or terror being caught lying to parents or authority figures.

Alternatively, a snapping turtle may reflect your own tendency to get aggressive or "snap" at people who test your boundaries. Scaring other people that you don't like them or aggressively pushing people away. Scaring other people that you would choose to never ever think about them mattering.

Negatively, a snapping turtle may reflect desperate angry jealousy. Telling someone to "fuck off forever" or threatening them if you don't get your way.

A person who is cranky about changing, sharing, or co-operating.


To dream of a tutor represents feelings needing more practice or needing to dedicate your time to improving yourself. Feeling pressured into having to improve yourself. Feelings about improvements you have made in life with extra practice.

Negatively, a tutor may reflect embarrassment or fear you are not as good at something as you thought you were. Frustrations or fear of losing free time. A frustration or fear of being behind at something and disappointing someone else. Anxiety or frustration at not meeting certain standards that are expected of you.

Alternatively, tutors in dreams may reflect your feelings about disliking failing at school or needing to study more.

Example: A young man dreamed of an old tutor from school giving him money. In waking life he was experiencing a lot of extra practice with one of his skills paying off in life.


To dream of a tutu represents the personality being preoccupied with keeping composure or staying perfectly balanced. It may also your concern that other people notice that everything you are doing is perfect or flawless.

*Please See Ballet


To dream of a tuxedo represents the personality that is exceptionally prepared for something. Wanting to look your best for a special occasion. Readiness for a special event or to use your experience. A tuxedo may also reflect using your cultivated experience and skill. You may have been training for something special for a long time. Celebrating a final achievement with your expertise on display. Wanting to to appear the most impressive that you can in a situation.

A tuxedo may be a sign that you want to use your well homed skills or experience. Wanting to prove yourself, make a name for yourself, or establish your reputation. Your personality may be exceptionally ready to impress others.

Negatively, a tuxedo may reflect feelings of being over-prepared or overqualified. Feeling that your exceptional experience or skills can't be used at all. Being ready to impress others with no way to do that. Impatiently waiting to show off how impressive you are.

Example: A man dreamed of being dressed in a tuxedo. In waking life he was finished his work training and felt he was needlessly waiting for a certification form to be allowed to work. The tuxedo reflected his personality being "more than ready" to get to work.


*Please See Television

TV Guide

To dream of a tv guide represents an interest in possibilities. You may be weighing options, thinking over plans, or trying to find out what course of action you should take next. You may be unsure about what you want to do and are looking for ideas.

TV Static

To dream of TV static represents annoyance with being unable to experience something you want. Your chosen experience or ability to decide how your life should be feels cut off. Life is on hold for some kind of correction to occur.

To dream of seeing rainbow colored tv static may reflect feelings of enjoying a distraction or delay. Enjoying your life have to stop doing something. Enjoying a crisis or hospital stay.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing rainbow colored tv static. In waking life he was enjoying hallucinating in the hospital during a really bad appendix rupture that required him to have no food or water for a few days. He experienced his room and window scenery coming to life hallucinations.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing red colored tv static. In waking life he irritated by a technicality with a cancelled business function that required his to sit around waiting for a solution.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing a beautiful girl bent over on a bed with TV static in her vagina. In waking life he was witnessing this girl breaking up with her boyfriend. He felt that it was obvious that they sex life was over. The TV static in this case may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about the girl experiencing an inactive sex life experience with her boyfriend.


To dream of tweezers represents a need to deal with an problem very carefully. Feeling that a problem is so arrogant that is has only one solution that you must go out of your way for. A requirement for precision or accuracy that is very specific.


*Please See 12


*Please See 20


To dream of twigs represents small or minor problems. It may also reflect feelings that you can break a person or situation "like a twig" at anytime you want.

Alternatively, a twig may represent something about yourself that is very sensitive or easy to break. Feeling that someone else could embarrass you or ruin you as though it was nothing.


To dream of twine represents feelings about efforts to control a situation not being perfect, but strong enough to hold a situation together. Managing or holding a situation together with minimal requirements. Feelings about having just enough of what you need to control a situation. Temporary make-shift efforts to control or contain a situation. Control efforts that aren't gorgeous, but they function. Noticing you are not stupid about needing to control or manage a situation better at a later time. Control efforts that don't need to look perfectly successful, but they work. Feelings not needing to be exceptional to keep a situation staying the way it is if you want it to.

Negatively, dreaming about twine may reflect feelings of temporarily holding down a problem because you don't want to deal with it in the current moment. Holding down a problem with efforts that are strong enough to let you simply leave your problem unaddressed. Vain or overly simplistic efforts to hold a situation together that may work for long. Feeling that other people don't like your method of holding a situation together. Unprofessional attempts to keep a situation working. Control efforts that aren't everlasting.


To dream of twins represents conflict, ambivalence, dualities or opposites. It may also reflect conflict between ideas or decisions. Feelings about similarities to others that are obvious and don't require discussing. Problems with remaining monogamous or loyal to one person.

Positively, twins in a dream may reflect heightened feelings of cooperation or harmony. Working or getting along with someone very well. A person in your life that you do everything the same with. Perfect equality that is obvious and requires no discussion.

To dream of fraternal twins may reflect feelings about similarities to others that are not obvious and require discussing. Negatively, fraternal twins may reflect a need to lie about perfect equality in a relationship so nobody gets their feelings hurt. A need to openly discuss how someone else is "just as good as you" when you don't really believe it.

Feeling that partnership or happy relationship looks fake. Feeling annoyed at having to discuss similarities that are not obvious.

Alternatively, dreaming of fraternal twins may reflect problems with making a choice between two similar, yet different feeling options (e.g. money or love, smart or funny, caring or protective).

Example: A woman dreamed of giving birth to twins. In waking life she started dating, but still had strong feelings for her ex.


To dream of twisting something represents feelings about forcing the altering views or feelings. Forcing a change through insensitive methods. Feeling that someone else's ignorance has altered something in your life in an undesirable way. Accidents that force unwanted changed. Feelings about situation or behavior that you perceived to be warped. Rules being bent. Revenge or intimidation tactics that alters a situation. Something in waking life that is forced to be different.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a toy giraffe with it's head twisted. In waking life he had made public gestures that he thought someone was stupid and then later witnessed that person making their own angry threatening gestures to counter him. The twisting in this case may have reflected the dreamer feelings about the person he called stupid attempting to intimidate him with threats to change his attitude.


*Please See Tornado


To see the website in your dream represents an experience in life where other people are interested in what you are thinking or following you. A symbol for leadership, experiencing yourself to being persuasive, or with a sense of intuition that brings you to people who give you what you want or need in life. A heightened feelings about your ideas being viewed by as more important. Feeling that it's easy to have people listen to you.

Negatively, twitter in a dream may reflect abuse of people who respect you or look up to you. Abusing popularity. Manipulating people who want to be like you.

If you are following someone on twitter in your dream, then it may mean that you following others, caring about what they think, or that you need to learn to think for yourself more. Closely following other advice or ideas. Listening to someone more popular than you. Alternatively, it may reflect obsession, stalking, or nosiness.

Example: A man dreamed of hearing someone talking about using twitter. In waking life he felt that his father was oddly always agreeable or thinking about the same choices he was.

*Please See Websites


*Please See 2


To dream of a typewriter represents a careful or meticulous sharing of facts or ideas with others. Being extra careful conveying information to others because you don't want to risk anything. Being very careful about how you articulate yourself. Being very thorough with an explanation or information you give someone so there isn't a single mistake.

Positively, a typewriter may reflect a very careful attempt to express your emotions to someone or tell someone you like them. A concern that your words are chosen carefully. Not wanting to appear stupid, unsophisticated, or accidentally say something wrong.

Negatively, a typewriter may reflect your wish to carefully and meticulously embarrass someone with every single little detail you can recall. Being very careful about your choice of words. Very carefully constructed lies or excuses. Being very careful about how you plan to tell someone bad news, reject them, or break up with them.

Example: A woman dreamed of her mother having a toy typewriter. In waking life she was aware of herself "toying" with the idea of telling on someone she didn't like with carefully chosen words.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of hastily writing on a typewriter because a monster was getting close to her room. In waking life she was terrified as she carefully thought up with an excuse to tell someone that was capable of making her life very difficult if they discovered something she did.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing an old typewriter beside a window. In waking life she was carefully considering the words she would use to break up with her boyfriend so she could date someone else.


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To dream of typing represents your feelings about perfectly articulating yourself. Perfectly conveying ideas or information to someone. Self-awareness of what you are communicating having to be 100% accurate. Wanting to appear polished, professional, intelligent, or trustworthy.

Negatively, typing may represent anxiety about making a mistake or too much of a concern on appearing perfect to others. Anxiety about what others think. Too much of concern about being perfect that you overlook others factors.

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Tyrannosaurus Rex

To see a tyrannosaurus rex in your dreams symbolizes a powerful fear of never doing something ever again.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a tyrannosaurus rex. In waking life he had lost all his money and feared he'd never be successful again.

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