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To dream of a thimble represents something in your life that you want to always stay the same. Things you are doing that you never want to change or stop doing. Habits, desires, goals that you don't want to change.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing thimbles on a shelf. In real life he was preparing to leave prison and was planning to continue working on a book that he started while in prison. The thimbles represent his wish to never change his work on the book.


To dream of a person or thing that is too thin represents a lack of strength and integrity. You or some aspect of your personality is ineffective or unable to stand up for yourself.

In a positive context dreaming of being thin may symbolize better choices you are making, more success you are experiencing, or more confidence you are feeling. Feeling powerful or deserving in some area of your waking life.

Third Eye

To dream of the third eye represents intuitive actualization. Your beliefs, fears, desires, or something you are thinking about is becoming reality. The third eye can be both good or bad as it can reflect the realization of both positive or negative thinking patterns.

Seeing the third eye of another person may represent choices or thinking patterns that are coming to life based on your most honest feelings or memories of that person.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing President George W. Bush with a third eye. His most honest view of George W. Bush was that he was the worst decision maker ever. In waking life the man was noticing his boss intuitively making horrible decisions all the time to the point of bankrupting the company. It was as though his boss couldn't make a good decision even if he wanted to.

*Please See Eyes


To dream of being thirsty represents an unmet need. There is an emotional void in your life. It may also be a sign that you feel neglected or can't catch to get a break. You may be seeking for some inspiration, motivation or just an extra push. Being thirsty may also be a sign that you desire rejuvenation in some way.

Negatively, thirst in a dream may reflect desperation, impatience, and overeagerness. Desperation for attention. Desperation for instant results or change. Neediness. Needing money to pay bills.

Positively, thirst in a dream may reflect am eagerness to learn or have new experiences. Receptiveness to new ideas, change, or healing.


To dream of a seeing a thong on someone else represents something in your life that is revealing itself to you. Opportunities, new situations, or insights are presenting themselves.

To dream of wearing a thong represents your own interest in revealing yourself, opening up, or taking part in something.

Alternatively, it may also reflect sexual interest.

*Please See G-String

*Please See Speedo


To dream of thorns represents pain or suffering for something you care about. Sacrificing for love or "positivity." Hurting yourself for a good cause or something more important than yourself.

Thorns may also reflect defenses that are being put up to defend righteousness, love, or something beautiful.

A symbol for martyring yourself. Painful burdens. A painful sacrifice of happiness. Repeated distress. Feeling that something is dangerous to get involved with or access. Suffering endured to maintain a dangerous opinion or position in life.

*Please See Roses


To dream of a thread of string represents feelings about a single connecting issue. Feelings about one sensitive thing in your life being able to help you. Optimism about a single opportunity available to you. Feelings about having a small amount of hope or luck that barely carries you through problems.

Negatively, a thread of string may reflect anxiety or frustrations about a one single remaining problem. A single flaw that embarrasses you. Anxiety about not being perfect enough. Desperation with a last weak opportunity. Feelings about something being pathetic.

To dream of a silver thread may reflect feelings about being unusually lucky to keep getting small chances or help that spares you. Repeating luck that allows you to hold on. Negatively, it may reflect feelings about how unlucky you feel that one flaw or small petty issue could be so devastating to your life.

To dream of a loose thread on your clothing represents annoyance or frustrations with yourself not being able to be as perfect as you like to be. Flaws with the potential to become worse. Heightened sensitivity about perfect appearances.

To dream of cutting a loose thread off clothing represents a mindset that doesn't want to waste time focusing on flaws or losing. Being unconcerned with flaws.

Example: A young girl dreamed of being strangled by a thread. In waking life she felt desperate to have friends and believed that due to difficult life circumstances she was close to losing all her friends if she wasn't careful.


To dream of feeling threatened represents feelings of danger with being involved in a situation. Fear or anxiety with situations you feel are dangerous. Fear or anxiety that a problem will get out of control. Expecting the worst in a situation. Fearing a backlash. Anxiety about provoking a problem or person. Fear of not being able to maintain control over a dangerous problem or troubling person. Concerns about confronting a problem that is unsympathetic to your feels or goals. Confrontational situations. Fears of escalated conflict. Fear of consequences, the fear of negative outcomes, or the fear of potential for an unwanted outcome to occur. Fearing loss or humiliation. Fearing situations that are unpredictable. Fearing making a mistake. Fearing a backlash or retaliation. Feeling the potential that your worst fears could become a reality.

To dream of being threatened by a snake may reflect a fear of making a mistake that could cause you complete failure, loss, or embarrassment.

To dream of feeling threatened by police may reflect a fear of consequences for not maintaining disciplined behavior. Fearing getting into trouble or that an authority figure will take action against you.

Feelings of being threatened in a dream may also reflect issues with trauma or unconfronted fear. A history of abuse you have not confronted. Anxiety or fear about something unpredictable.

Example: A man dreamed of being threatened with having to move. In waking life he was very ill and was afraid of having to change hospitals.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of feeling threatened in a very dangerous fight. In waking life she felt threatened by her fiance's mother when in an argument with her. The threatening feelings may have reflected her feelings of fear of making a mistake saying something stupid around her mother-in--law.

Example 3: A man dreamed of having threatening arguments with his neighbor. In waking life has concerned about a disagreement with his neighbor escalating.

Example 4: A man dreamed of a threatening wolf. In waking life he was falsely accused on something and feared consequences.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of feeling threatened by aliens. In waking life she was scared of of meeting half-siblings that she had never met. She feared a negative reaction from the family if she tried to visit their home. The threatening alien may have reflected her feelings about how scary and unusual meeting her half-siblings for the very first time would feel.


*Please See 3

Threesome / Three Way Sex

To dream of having a threesome represents multiple aspects of your life that you are coming together for a really enjoyable experience.

Example: A young man dreamed of having three-way sex with a fellow student and his girlfriend. In waking life he was enjoying showing off his musical talents to his girlfriend that he got while practicing with his fellow female student.

Thrift Store

To dream of a thrift store represents decisions that are taking advantage of people or situations that are unwanted. Using a discarded or unloved area of your life to benefit yourself. Exploiting something that nobody else wants to help yourself.

Example: A man dreamed of stealing from a thrift store. In waking life he asked his very elderly and lonely grandfather for money when his family told him not to.


To dream of your throat in your dream represents expression or the ability to communicate your thoughts and ideas openly.

Being choked would symbolize a person or situation that is preventing you from expressing yourself freely and openly. You can't speak freely or define yourself in the presence of others.

Example: A woman dreamed of being choked on a bed. In real life she had a husband that didn't allow her to make any choices.

*Please See Choking


To dream of a throne represents you or some aspect of your personality that is comfortable, or at ease with power, or the ability to control decisions.

To dream of Satan in a throne represents very powerful negative thoughts such as strong fears, desires, or guilt that are totally controlling your life.


To dream of a thugs represents feelings about people or situations in your life that feel intentionally confrontational. Feelings about people or situations being intentionally difficult or mean. Feeling intimidated into needing to change your ways when you are being honest. People or situations that feel arrogantly opposed to you without good reason. An ignorant bossy person. An ignorant threatening person or situation. Confrontation with an ignorant problem.

Negatively, thugs in a dream may reflect your own arrogant attempt to be confrontational, mean, or difficult towards someone honest. Using intimidation to push someone honest or weaker than you around. Intimidating someone honest into changing their ways because you don't like it. Feeling good being difficult or mean to someone.

Example: A woman dreamed of thugs blocking her as she tried to get inside a taxi, but she was able to get away from them and drive away in the taxi. In waking life she felt life was intentionally giving her complications before a plane trip. She feared that the complications would make her miss her flight and that her attempts to avoid the flight complication kept bringing up new complications.

Thumb Wrestling

To dream of thumb wrestling represents an attempt to assert power in a non-threatening manner. Alternatively, you may struggling to maintain total control over a situation or trying to prove to someone else that your way is better.


To dream of a thumb represents your ability to get a grip on things or keep a situation staying the way you want it. Your ability to keep stability and control in a situation or relationship. A thumb reflects a wish to keep something the same. Management ability or your ability to keep a situation stable.

To dream that you have no thumb represents feelings that you lack the ability to keep something exactly the way you want it. You may be experiencing changes that are beyond your ability to control.

To dream of having an abnormally large thumb represents a heightened sense of control or success. You may feel better capable of controlling a situation than others.

To dream of giving a thumbs up represents approval and that you are "okay" to proceed. Giving a thumbs down reflects disapproval.

Example: A woman dreamed that she was going to have her thumb amputated. In real life she was proposed to and because of a past failed marriage she felt her relationship was going to change in ways she didn't like. Having to amputate the thumb in the dream reflects her feeling that she may forever lose her "grip" on the current state of her relationship because of the changes proposal would have on the relationship making it more serious.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of her being all thumbs as she held a rotting vegetable in her garden. In waking life she was feeling that she was in inadequate mother who was only capable of managing her child and not helping her child.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of worms coming out of her thumbs. In waking life he was experiencing a lot of anxiety about being able to provide for her children and feared losing them and her husband. The worms coming out of her thumb may have reflected her uncomfortable feelings about being unable to effectively keep her family life stable of and under control.


To dream of metal thumbtacks represents feelings of importance that a situation stay the way it is.

To dream of stepping on thumbtacks may reflect embarrassment or surprise that you are intruding on an issue that others think is important to stay the way they it is.

*Please See Office Pins


To dream of thunder represents your feelings about an eruption of anger, danger, or violence. Sensing a powerful burst of aggression. You may be experiencing someone in your waking life discovering something that angers them. Angry parents or bosses yelling.

Alternatively, thunder may reflect your own temper as you stand up for yourself or discover something that angers you. Losing your temper because someone has crossed a line.


To dream of Thursday represents feelings about a moment in time being focused mostly of getting work or problems over-with. Frustration that you can' do anything except hope that problem will be dealt with properly. Hoping for the best during a hopeless situation. Preoccupation with just getting a difficult or stressful situation over-with without being concerned with quality. A professional attitude about being patient.


To dream of a tiara represents a mindset or attitude that feels more perfect, beautiful, or special than other people. You or someone that feels they have impressive passive power.

Negatively, may reflect an attitude that is spoiled, vain, or arrogantly thinking it's too impressive to "get it's hands dirty."

*Please See Princess

Tick Tock

To dream of hearing a tick tock sound represents feelings about a situation where every moment counts.

Negatively, dreaming about hearing a tick tock sound may reflect feelings about problem, crisis, or conflict being close at hand. Feeling that something bad could happen at any moment. Fearing that someone could get angry or violent at any moment.

Example: A young boy dreamed of hearing a tick tock sound knowing it was related to a bomb that was about to go off. In waking life he was experiencing his father being very abusive towards his mother and felt that his father could lose his temper at any moment.


To see a ticket in your dream represents a means of admission to a new experience or goal. An opportunity to experience something or the start of a new endeavor. A ticket may also reflect the price you need to pay to attain your goals. Choices you have to make or resources you need to have in order to do something.

Consider the type of ticket. A bus ticket may represent choices that lead you towards unpleasant experiences or transitions. A train ticket may represent choices or resources that help you begin moving towards a long term goal. A movie ticket may represent choices or resources that enable you to experience something you think is important or interesting.


To dream of being tickled represents an aspect of yourself that is encouraging you to stop caring, worrying, or being serious. Being persuaded that an issue isn't a big deal or to lighten up. A sign that you might be too serious about something. Tickling may also reflect a person or situation that is trying to cheer you up or make you more confident.

To dream that you are tickling someone else represents your attempt to make someone else lighten up or be more confident. Showing someone that a problem isn't a big deal.


To dream of ticks represents an annoyance in your life that forces you to be extra careful. An exhausting need to stay perfect or appear perfect to others. Never getting to enjoy yourself because you are too concerned with being cautious of a mistake. Always feeling on the edge. Annoyances that you are experiencing after first believing you were completely finished something. Frustrations that nothing you is good enough.

Negatively, ticks in a dream may reflect frustrations with never being as perfect as you want to be. Recurring annoyance with afterthoughts that you weren't perfectly compliant with a procedure as you wanted to be. Excessive religious devotion that makes you feels bad that you weren't perfect.

Ticks coming out of a mouth may be symbolic of constant nagging or criticism that prevents you from relaxing.

Example: A girl dreamed of ticks that she couldn't get off her no matter how hard she tried. In real life she was having a difficult time being accepted by her boyfriend's mother who made her feel as though nothing she did was ever right.

Example 2: A man dreamed of ticks coming into his house and the more he killed them the faster they came in. In waking life he was having serious marital problems. The ticks reflected his inability to please his wife and his constant feeling of being on guard from angering her again.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of having ticks on her shirt collar. In waking life she was a professional who helped people recover from alcohol and drug addiction while also having to feel annoyed by her son who was getting involved with alcohol. She felt embarrassed as a professional who had a son risking becoming an alcoholic. She felt annoyed that even with all her experience she still had to be extra cautious about her own son risking being an alcoholic.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of holding an alligator with ticks on it. In waking life she was threatening her husband with fearing God's rath because he had cheated on her. She felt annoyed with herself for not praying with perfect religious procedure to ensure God's power would work. The ticks in the dream may have been a sign that she was aware of herself frustrating herself with not perfectly following religious policies while threatening her husband with God's rath.

Tidal Waves

To dream of a tidal wave represents problematic life situations or uncertainty that threatens to overwhelm you emotionally. You may be experiencing a high degree of stress or emotional drama. You may also feel swamped by unfamiliar situations, obstacles, or unwanted changes. You may be struggling with a rough situation such as a divorce, illness, financial loss, or unexpected change. Huge forces of change or unstoppable events. Feeling unable to cope or that you are going to be "swept away" by a big change.

Negatively, a tidal wave may reflect a tendency to jump to conclusions about a potential change being too big to handle. Jumping to conclusions about situations that feel serious because you are not informed enough.

A tidal wave may reflect the threat of emotional devastation due to unexpected or unwanted events. A sign that you need to stick it out. You have little to gain by denying the problem.

To dream of surfing a tidal wave represents your attempts to do everything possible to stay on top of a problem or use a very negative situation to your advantage.

Example: A woman had recurring nightmares about being inundated by tidal waves. In waking life she was fearing that her marriage was in danger after becoming aware of her husband cheating on her. The tidal waves may have reflected her fear of being overwhelmed by uncertainty or problems if she discussed the cheating with her husband.

Example 2: A very young girl dreamed of a tidal wave. In waking life she was shocked to find out that her father had filed for divorce from her mother. The tidal wave may have reflected her feelings about the overwhelming changes that were effecting her family.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of a Tidal wave sweeping through Africa. In waking life her Uncle who was a convicted criminal had died. He had lots of criminal friends at the funeral. The tidal wave sweeping through Africa may have reflected her feelings about her criminal uncle's death having an overpowering emotional effect on his dysfunctional friends.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of a tidal wave. In waking life she was very happy with her boyfriend until an unexpected argument came up putting the relationship in jeopardy.

Example 5: A man dreamed of experiencing a tidal wave coming towards him. In waking life he was experiencing his arthritis getting seriously out of control.

Example 6: A man dreamed that he saw a tidal wave. In waking life he was experiencing supervisors at work in a serious work related argument that he felt may result in dramatic changes or massive employee firings.


To dream of a rising tide represents feelings about a dangerous, risky, or uncertain situation becoming noticeably more serious. A growing problem. The potential for a serious emotional situation to get worse. Feelings about yourself trying to determine how to handle a growing problem. Feeling that a problem is starting to matter.

To dream of high tide represents feelings about a higher level of risk, uncertainty, or danger than you are comfortable with. A problem has grown. A high energy problem. Feeling that someone might get angry soon. A highly emotional situation getting worse. Feeling that someone might be too angry to speak to. A problem that is too dangerous to deal with. High risk of embarrassment to confront a serious problem in the current moment. Evidence of a situation becoming more serious is starting to be revealed in your life.

To dream of low tide represents feelings about low level of risk, uncertainty, or danger. An uncertain situation that you may feel is not exceedingly dangerous yet. A problem that is not as serious as it could be. A low energy problem. Feeling that a problem may be safe enough to deal with. Low risk og embarrassment to confront a serious problem in the current moment.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing the hig tide coming into shore. In waking life he was beginning to get worried about his church as it was recently discovered that because of a lower year of donations that his church was now having money problems. The tide in this case my have reflected his feelings of emotional danger as the church'es finances got worse.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of experiencing a rising ride around an ocean while she was carrying vacuum cleaner. In waking life her tension was growing worse as her nieces wedding day got closer which she was very involved in. The rising tide in this case may have reflected her feelings about worsen tension about potential problems developing with the wedding planning as her niece's wedding day got closer.


To dream of a tie represents a sense of obligation and responsibility towards something in your life. How tight or loose the tie is indicates how obligated or responsible you feel.

To dream of a bow tie represents feelings of obligation or responsibility to behave. Feeling obligated to be a wonderful, helpful, or considerate person. Obligation to be loyal or faithful. Negatively, it may be a sign that you are being too nice or too considerate to people that aren't respecting you.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing his father in art class wearing a red tie. In waking life his father had died and he felt obligated as his son to explore a number of art books his had in order to understand his father more.

Example 2: A man dreamed of bow tie that was broken. He took the bow tie to numerous stores, but no person could fix the bow tie. Finally, a woman in a shop told the man that he should just give up and accept the tie as broken. In waking life the man felt that his alcoholic wife didn't appreciate him no matter how well he treated her. He eventually had to accept that the marriage was over and left her. The bow tie in this case may have reflected the dreamers feelings about himself deserving to enjoy himself inside his marriage being a wonderful faithful husband and be aware that he would never be respected that way by his wife ever again.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing a tie sitting on a couch beside an evil person. In waking life he was experiencing threats of violence if he decided to get serious about filing police reports against someone. He felt obligated to file the police reports, but also felt it was dangerous.


To see a tiger in your dream, represents an aspect of your personality that has unquestioned power. Issues or people that have total power over you. Tigers often symbolize a problem or powerful fear that you'll do absolutely everything to avoid confronting. A tiger may also reflect a powerful misconception you have. A lie or misunderstanding that heavily influences you.

Alternatively, a tiger may reflect your own unquestioned authority. Feeling other people fear confronting you.

Negatively, a tiger may reflect an unquestioned fear. Running away from problems based on assumptions. Rumors that scare you. Assuming that your enemies have more power than you without question. A lack of critical thinking about something serious you've heard. Feeling that problem is too dangerous to even consider thinking about confronting and choosing to run away from it as a first option. A naive fear you have. Alternatively, it may reflect your own abuse of rumors, other people's inexperience, or others misconceptions about you.

To dream of a friendly tiger may represent a belief or situation that erases all your fears or problems. It may also reflect power you hold over others.

To see a blue tiger in a dream represents a positive belief that overpowers other priorities. A genuine belief that something is so positive that it's more important than anything else. Negatively, a blue tiger may reflect misunderstanding something that you have good intentions about and are placing too much priority on.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a tiger that turned out to be fake. In real life he was facing the prospect of going bankrupt before realizing it wasn't as serious as he thought it was. The tiger reflected the fear of financial ruin that took precedence over everything else in his life.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of seeing a white tiger biting his hand. In waking life he did whatever his girlfriend told him because he feared her breaking up with him for something he said.

Example 3: A teenage boy dreamed of a tiger chasing him in his car. In waking life he had just gotten his license and was terrified of having a car accident or getting a speeding ticket because he parents might take the car away.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing someone trying to scare away tigers by yelling at them and feeling herself being very afraid. In waking life she had serious financial difficulties and feared being truthful to her debtors would make her life a lot worse. The tigers in this case may have reflected her powerful and scary assumptions about her debtors ability to seize her property or cut off credit instantly.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of her boyfriend feeding crackers to tigers. In waking life her boyfriend had been offered a a very exclusive job that would dramatically alter their lives if he choose to take it. The tigers in the dream may have reflected her fear of her boyfriend's job being too important to him to avoid taking which might alter their relationship in ways she didn't want.


To dream of walking a tightrope represents feelings of needing strict discipline or adherence. A precarious situation where action must carefully be considered. Not wanting to make a single mistake. Feeling that you are "walking a fine line" with potential danger or with what is considered acceptable.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing someone walking a tightrope. In waking life he was undergoing a strict spiritual regime for cleansing and didn't want to give in to any temptation or negative thinking at all. He feared feeling like a total failure if he didn't adhere to his spiritual cleansing regime perfectly.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a tightrope walker that she didn't want to be around. In waking life she was pregnant and felt that her husband wanted to keep carefully having sex to not harm the baby.


To dream of tights represents your level of comfort with revealing or opening yourself up to others. A symbol for not caring about what other people think. The color of the tights will reflect intentions.

*Please See Leotards


To dream of seeing tiles represents feelings about a situation requiring you to be perfect all the time.

Positively, tiles may reflect a wish for a situation to be perfect. A perfect life. A lifestyle of perfect sophistication or winning.

Negatively, tiles in a dream may reflect anxiety about needing to behave perfectly for extended periods of time. A serious problem that is unending and repetitive.

Black and white tiles in a dream may reflect situations where you feel that you can never be certain about the final outcome for a prolonged period of time. Imbalance or uncertainty that seems to never end and requires you to behave perfectly.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in a room with a tiled floor. In waking life he had gotten pregnant and didn't want the child. She was preoccupied with finding a solution through adoption because she didn't want to get an abortion. The tiled floors may have reflected her feelings about being unable to stop thinking about a solution for the baby until it was found. Her entire life at the moment revolving around needing to find a perfect solution.

*Please See Checkered Floors


To dream of pile timber represents an established problem that has been completely handled. Negatively, timber may symbolize a stable or permanent situation in your life that has been completely dismantled.

*Please See Lumber

*Please See Trees


Refer to the themes section for time for a more in depth look at time symbolism.

Time Traveling

To dream of time travel represents your wish to escape from your present reality. Preoccupation with past events or speculation about the future.

Time travel to the past may reflect how you are doing things you never got to do. Talking to people about the past or researching the past. Noticing or talking to people about what life was like when you weren't around. Looking at old photos, discussing family history, or nostalgia.

Time travel to the future may reflect discussions about what is expected to happen. Being around people who are ahead of you or more advanced than you are. Thinking about what you expect to happen. Idealizing potential outcomes.


To dream of a timeshare vacation home represents feelings about your ability to occasionally have time off for yourself. Negatively, it may reflect feelings of losing your ability to temporarily take off for yourself due to overwhelming problems or caring too much about others peoples problems.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a timeshare slide off the side of a mountain. In waking life she felt overwhelmed by all of her family's problems to the point of never being able to take time off for herself.

Tin Foil

To dream of tin foil represents a wish preserve ideas or future possibilities that you don't want to think about right now. Thinking about how important something is that you don't want to think about right now. Feeling good thinking something will fix your problem later on.

Negatively, tin foil may be a sign that you are preferring to keep a problem alive while also not wanting to look at it objectively. Feeling good thinking something negative or impossible will pan out later. Keeping your true feelings hidden. Maintaining unhealthy beliefs or habits because you think something good will fix the situation later on.

Example: A man dreamed of tin foil. In waking life he was told by a really bad psychic that he was going to marry a woman he knew in the future. At the time he believed the advice and felt good waiting for her.


To dream of Christmas tinsel represents feeling wood waiting for something to happen that you feel you really deserve. Enjoying talking about something happening that you believe you deserve to experience happening. Feeling good thinking everyone in your life likes thinking you deserve something.

Negatively, tinsel may reflect a tendency to enjoy talking about unrealistic or unproven things happening that you believe you deserve. Talking about God performing a miracle for you soon because you think you deserve it.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing tinsel wrapped around a car. In waking life she discovered that her husband was cheating and due to her deep religious beliefs she felt good believing that God was going to punish her husband soon. She enjoyed waiting for god to punish him instead of leaving him. The tinsel in this case may have reflected her feelings about preferring to enjoy waiting for God to punish her husband instead of just leaving him.

Tinted Windows

To dream of tinted windows represents you or someone else that is trying to disguise their intentions. It may also reflect a wish to hide your real plans for the future. Not wanting other people noticing what you are really thinking.

Alternatively, tinted windows may reflect a wish for privacy.

Tipped Over

To dream of something being tipped over represents an area of your life that has been spoiled, ruined, or canceled. Something isn't doing what you feel it's supposed to be doing. It may also point to unexpected disappointments. Tipping something over may also reflect a person or thing that you've lost respect for.


To dream of being tired represents some area of your life that has gone on for too long. It may also reflect emotional exhaustion in a relationship that is beginning to take it's toll on you.

Alternatively, being tired in a dream may reflect your boredom or complete loss of interest in something. You've had enough or don't care about something you used to care about a lot.


*Please See Car Tires

Tissue Papers

To dream of tissue paper represents feelings of insensitivity towards something that isn't important. It may also reflect feelings about people, things, or ideas that you feel you can use and disregard. Not caring about something at all that helps you. Disposable assistance.

Positively, tissue paper in a dream may reflect a healthy need to move on. Not being too sensitive about using or expending a resource to help yourself make progress.

Negatively, tissue paper may reflect a fake display of insensitivity towards things you actually care about. Feeling that you have to be viewed by others as insensitive or uncaring towards certain ideas or situations. Faking the appearance of being against people or that you think something is pathetic. Alternatively, it may reflect total disregard for someone after you've used them to help yourself. An excessive tendency to think of someone or something as disposable when it comes to your own needs.

Example: A woman dreamed of having to use tissue paper to write down a math equation because studying math was punishable by death. In waking life she was living in Nazi Germany with all it's oppressive restrictions. The tissue paper may have reflected her feelings about needing to appear in public as being unconcerned or visibly insensitive about her true ideas in the public realm due to all the prohibitions imposed by the Nazi party.

*Please See Toilet Paper


To dream of the titanic represents feelings of being let down after having high hopes and expectations. A enthusiastic experience may have gotten out of control or resulted in a dramatic disappointment.

Negatively, the Titanic may reflect gross negligence or a gross oversight. Partying, relaxing, or having a great time during a dangerous moment filled with risks. A fear that a situation will turn out for the worse.

Alternatively, the titanic may represent your fear of failure or tragedy during an important moment. Fearing failure in a new relationship, marriage, or career. Feeling that your high hopes will be doomed. Feeling a threat to the happiness you feel entitled to. A sign that you need to be more vocal about your concerns.

Feeling certain that something will bring everyone or everything down with it. A slow realization that something bad is happening. Your hopes are sinking.

Example: A man dreamed of being on the titanic as it was sinking. In waking life he was experiencing high hopes to recover from a health problem before experiencing a dramatic worsening.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being on the Titanic. In waking life she was experiencing a heightened degree of anxiety about her new relationship failing.


To dream of titanium represents being stronger and faster than someone else. Quick and powerful responses to an enemy. Quick embarrassing wit. Always having another more powerful way to hit your enemy or opponent. Emotional indifference while exacting retribution that can't be shrugged off.


To dream of a toad represents issues that you don't want to deal with or think about at all. An area of your life that you don't want to touch. People or situations that are so terrible that you want absolutely nothing to do with them. Feelings about something being the worst thing you'd ever have to do. Not wanting to talk to someone ever again. Jealousy of thinking you will lose something for good and resisting it with all your will power.

To dream of touching a toad in a dream may reflect a wish to confront something difficult no matter how ugly or hard it feels. Talking to someone you don't want to talk to. Doing something you you really don't want to do.

To dream of a black toad may reflect a fear of ever having to do something at all. Total aversion to even considering something.

To dream of toads that turn into beautiful people may reflect situations where you are experiencing a total reversal of your feelings for someone. Opinions about people changing from a total loser to a total winner.

To dream of tossing a toad back and forth may reflect issues with wanting to choose to do something difficult or uncomfortable. Difficulty deciding who should make a hard decision first or risk something first. Conflict with deciding who should bring up a difficult topic with a difficult person.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing black toad. In waking life we was afraid of having to break up with his girlfriend because he had to do more important things with his life. He resisted having to break up with her, but eventually decided it was best.


To dream of toast represent quickly prepared simple solutions that don't embarrass you. Feeling good with an easy simple answer to a problem. Feeling good with an easy explanation that isn't questioned.

Negatively, toast in a dream may reflect quick excuses that don't embarrass you. Quickly prepared simple lies that don't embarrass you. Preferring to lie about something as being simple to avoid difficult explanations.

Example: A young woman dreamed of eating toast with honey on it. In waking life she was experiencing her online relationship beginning to fail as her partner showed less interest. The toast with honey may have reflected her feelings about how easy it was to use her long distance internet relationship to explain her relationship status to people when they noticed she was single. The toast symbolizes an easily prepared explanation that is unquestioned and doesn't embarrass her.


*Please See Sled


*Please See Children


To dream of toenails represents a determination of self-worth based on areas of your life that aren't easily noticed by others. Things you are proud about privately. A reflection of how valuable you know yourself to be without showing it off.

Toenails may symbolize self-perception about how skilled, talented, intelligent, powerful, or rich you feel yourself to be. Confidence that you don't feel the need to talk about.

To dream of painting your toenails represents feeling good noticing your strengths or things you are secure about. A strong feeling of confidence that you are too good to lower yourself in ways others do. Feeling that you can't lose. Negatively, painting your toenails may represent conceit, vanity, or feeling as though you are better than other people.

To dream of having long toenails may represent neglect of your strengths. Letting yourself go. A sign that you are not as motivated or focused as you could be. It may also reflect a big distraction in your life.

To dream of cutting your toenails represents maintenance or protection of a secure aspect of your life. Making sure an area of your life that you are totally confident about stays secure. Making sure your reputation, skills, or resources are not diminished. Ensuring that others never see your flaws.

*Please See Nail Clippers


To dream of toes represents thoughts that give you a feeling of assurance. Beliefs that keep you confident, secure, stable, and balanced. Something in life that allows you confidently believe that you are not a loser. Things that keep you motivated, prevent you from giving up, or losing control. Your feelings about how secure you are about your "standing in life" or confidently hold a position.

To dream of losing toes represents a loss of confidence or feelings of insecurity. Something that was reassuring you has been lost.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing an ugly misshapen growth on her toes that she was considering removing. In waking life she had gotten into a big argument with her husband about chores and that she confidently refused to stand down from. She was now regretting her stubborn attitude and considering apologizing.


To dream of toffee represents feelings about how long a pleasurable experience is going to take. Feeling good prolonging an enjoyable moment or feeling that something good is going take a real long time to finish.

Negatively, toffee may reflect your impatience with a pleasurable or enjoyable situation. Something wonderful may be happening, but it's taking too long for you to like it. It may also reflect feelings of being forced to relax or enjoy yourself when serious matters are on your mind.

To dream of toffee being stuck in your mouth and difficult to get out may reflect your feelings about prolonged pleasure or enjoyment interfering with a more serious or business like situation. Feeling unable to get away from vacation time for something urgent or a rare opportunity.

Toilet Brush

To dream of a toilet brush represents feelings about not wanting to embarrass yourself noticing any remnants or reminders of problems you want to be rid of. It may also reflect a wish be perfectly clean about something negative or dangerous in your life. Not wanting your problems to embarrass you.

Toilet Paper

To dream of toilet paper represents feeling or thoughts about being perfectly clean, presentable, or trying careful about making sure you don't get embarrassed having overlooked a problem. Not wanting to look stupid thinking you didn't try to be perfect in some way. Reassuring yourself that you don't appear dirty or like a slob to other people.

Negatively, toilet paper may reflect sensitivity about having to be perfectly clean. Trying very hard to ensure that you don't look like a slob. Hurting or embarrassing yourself trying too hard to be perfect about something that is already good enough. Being too tidy or cautious about appearing clean to others.

Example: A man dreamed of using toilet paper. In waking life he made himself feel better by catching up on work that he hadn't finished. The toilet paper in this case may have reflected his wish to reassuring himself that he wasn't going to appear like a lazy slob at work by being perfectly responsible in completing his backlogged workload.

Toilet Seat Cover

*Please See Toilets


To dream of a toilet represents a possibility or opportunity to get rid of a negative situation. Trying to get rid of psychological waste from your past or move on from a problem. A wish to properly eliminate troubles or concerns. Negative beliefs or experiences that you wish to let go of. You may have personal issues, bad habits, or a life situation that are ready to be given up. Relieving yourself of something in your life that you feel you don't need anymore. Telling the truth after having told a lie.

To dream of being unable to find a toilet represents or that they are all used up represents frustrations that inhibit your ability to care for yourself in a personal way. Too many distractions or obstacles getting in the way to eliminate a problem you have.

To dream of the only toilet available being out in the open and plain view of others represents a lack of privacy or personal time. People in living situations with diminished privacy commonly have this dream.

Cleaning a toilet represents a resurgence in energy or motivation to get rid of beliefs, habits, or an experience you are having. Giving a problem you got another shot. Preparing yourself for a clean break with something negative or undesirable.

Flushing a toilet represents undesirable situations or negative thinking patterns that you are letting go of. Getting rid of something that you don't like or value anymore. "Flushing" bitterness away. Moving on. Growing up.

To dream of a clogged toilet represents problems or setbacks that are holding back progress. You can't finish a problem of or move on. Emotional entanglements.

To dream of being unable to find an toilet available may represent feelings of personal needs being unable to be met due to other people's needs always coming first. Feeling short-changed or lacking the equal time for personal issues that others have. You may need more privacy, self-care, or self-expression.

To dream of a toilet seat cover represents your readiness to address problems.

The toilet set up reflects readiness or openness to confrontation. It may also reflect your courage to finally accept a difficult separation. A toilet seat down reflects an unwillingness to confront problems or feeling that now is not the right time. Dirtying a toilet seat may reflect sloppiness addressing problems.

Example: A woman dreamed of fixing a backed up toilet. In waking life she had finally restored civility and friendship with her ex-husband after years of bitterness. The toilet reflected their ability to get rid of the emotional entanglement.

Example 2: A man dreamed of wanting a toilet, but realizing it was upstairs so he didn't bother with it. In waking life he was meeting up with an old friend from college and was nervous about lying about his achievements after college. He was considering telling the truth, but decided it was too embarrassing to do so. The toilets in this case may have reflected the man's wish to get rid of the dishonest stories that he was planning on telling his old friend.

Example 3: A man dreamed of an overflowing toilet. In waking life he felt overwhelmed by problems as he had to fix other people's problems as well as his own.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing her friend having problems using the toilet and needing to be checked in on. In waking life this person was experiencing her friend being very insecure about needing to lose weight.

Example 5: A man dreamed of having to use a toilet that had windows all around it with people looking in. In waking life he was experiencing a very awkward and embarrassing personal problem being exposed to people he knew.

Example 6: A woman dreamed of seeing a cat sitting in the toilet bowl under the water that looked up at her. In waking life she was aware of herself have a toxic friendship that she didn't have the courage to permanently end.

*Please See Bathrooms

*Please See Public Bathroom


To dream of Tokyo represents social interaction with others that is sensitive about problems being already having been faced perfectly. You may be very self-conscious about offending people, embarrassing yourself, or recreating a problem. You don't want any problems or misunderstandings of any kind while dealing with people.

Negatively, Tokyo may reflect feelings that other people are a bit too sensitive about thinking you should be problem free or clean.

Toll Booth

To dream of a toll booth represents an obligation or personal cost that is acting an obstacle to your goals. Something you have to respect before moving forward with what you want.

Driving past a toll booth may reflect defiance of rules, respecting someone, ignoring rules, or breaking a promise.

*Please See Toll Road

Toll Road

To dream of a toll road represents the personal cost you have to pay in order to proceed with certain decisions. A direction in life that requires an obligation. A toll road may also reflect a bribe, favor, loss, or promise that has to be settled in order to do go ahead with your plans. Feeling that there is no such thing as a free ride.


To dream of a tomahawk axe represents feelings about a solution to conflict that is quick, insensitive, and without apologies. You or someone else that wants to quickly deal with a problem is in abrupt manner without needing to explain why. Respecting one's self no matter how bad a situation gets. Your readiness to take quick insensitive action to respect yourself. Feelings about yourself being an experienced jerk to solve a problem a quickly.

Negatively, a tomahawk may reflect feelings about very quick, rude, and unapologetic actions in conflict. Being very mean about solving a problem quickly and not apologizing for it. Unexpected harshness. Startling separative actions. Awareness of yourself or someone else who never apologizes for rudely respecting themselves. Feeling good not apologizing for rude actions. Not feeling good having to apologize for actions that were too insensitive.

Tomato Sauce

*Please See Spaghetti Sauce

Tomato Soup

To dream of tomato soup represents a wish to keep a situation comfortable the way it is. Not wanting to lose warmth, love , or respect from those around you by trying to keep them happy by not changing something. Enjoying keeping special treatment or an easy situation exactly the way it is.

Example: A man dreamed of a big bowl of tomato soup being spilled on the floor. In waking life he was totally embarrassed by his son in front of the rest of his family after attempting to purposely delay giving his son money that was promised him because he didn't like the idea of his son moving away to another country once he got the money. The spilled tomato soup reflected the complete loss of the father's ability to feel good maintaining his lie to prevent any changes happening.


To dream of a tomato represents comfort with having something just the way it is. Being happy with the mundane or normalcy of a situation. Preferring a lack of excitement or specialness. Alternatively, a tomato may reflect domestic happiness. or contentment with day-to-day living. Feeling good experiencing life being normal and stable.

To dream of throwing tomatoes at someone represents resentment, disappointment, or anger that something is boring. Feeling that someone has failed to deliver on incredible or exceptional expectations. Ridicule for not being as amazing as promised.

To dream of sliced tomatoes represents a wish to experience a situation that is slightly toned down or that isn't too exciting. Enjoying or preferring to feel that being perfect isn't important. Alternatively, a tomato slice may reflect feelings that life is more comfortable if you don't pressure yourself to be perfect.

To dream of tomato plants represents feelings about a lot of resistance to change you are intentionally cultivating. You may be very eager to resist someone who wants to change you while trying to maintain yourself the way it is. Growing "normalcy" in your life because someone or something wants change in your life that you don't want. Planning for a future that is very normal in a number of ways when someone want to draw you back into an abnormal life.

Example: A man dreamed of having a rotting tomato in his hand. In waking life he felt he couldn't control his daughter's health problems as she became more ill. The rotting tomato may have reflected his feelings about losing confidence in being able to restore his daughter's health to normal.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of asking someone if they had tomatoes in their fridge. In waking she she was very sensitive about not having to change her diet while visiting family in another state. The tomatoes may have reflected her feelings about wishing to keep her diet normal during a family visit out of state when it was difficult to do so.

Example 3: A man dreamed of growing tomato plants. In waking life he was confronting a lot of jealous competitors trying to destroy his business and control his life. He had to try very hard to carefully stabilize his life and protect his future plans from unwanted influences so his business could remain as it was.


To dream of a tomb represents a permanent reminder of something in your life that has changed or failed. Always noticing how powerful you used to be. Nostalgia for how great things used to be, remembering your youth, or noticing a great achievement from the past.

Negatively, a tomb may reflect feeling that you lost something perfect that you never get to feel good about again. It may also represent feeling forced to think about a big failure.

To dream of being trapped in a tomb may represent feelings of being unable to outlive or forget the past. Feeling stuck having to discuss or be reminded of how great you or someone else used to be. Feeling that nobody wants to know the current you or how your life is in the present. Feeling that you are loser that can't talk about something different ever again.

Example: A woman dreamed of walking into a beautiful tomb. In waking life she was looking at pictures that showed how beautiful she used to be before she had children. The tomb reflected the remembrance of how perfect she used to be.

*Please See Mausoleum

*Please See Mummy


To dream of a tomboy represents an aspect of yourself that isn't concerned with being noticed perfect. Preferring to do what you like to do before concerning yourself with appearances. Not thinking appearances matter at all. Not feeling pressure to be popular or perfect.

Negatively, a tomboy may reflect conflict with how you appear to others. Not liking yourself being unpopular while also not wanting to change anything about yourself. Noticing that your losing and not wanting to have to care about it. Feeling pressure to be popular or perfect.


*Please See Headstone


To dream of a tongue represents how you speak or express yourself.

To dream of a tongue being ripped out represents you or someone else that is being prevented from speaking or expressing themselves about something. Possibly a reflection of perceived threats or consequences for speaking freely or telling the truth.

To see the color blue on a tongue represents telling the truth, or expressing yourself in a positive way. It may be a sign that you are "coming clean" or trying to be honest.

To see a snakes tongue represents a deceptive manner of speaking or expressing one's self.

To dream that someone is sticking their tongue out at you represents a person or situation that you feel is taunting or insulting you.


To dream of having to get your tonsils taken out represents an unpleasant or unsavory method of correcting a problem. Having to care about nothing you like in order to fix or restore something. A compromise you have to make that doesn't feel good.

Example: A girl dreamed that she was told she had to get her tonsils taken out. In real life her ex-boyfriend would only be friends with her if she had sex with him. She didn't like this. The tonsils needing to be taken out reflects the unpleasant compromise of having to give sex to her ex in order to fix the problem of not having him in her life.

Tool Shed

To dream of a tool shed represents feelings about how confident you are about being able to fix problems or maintain appearances when you absolutely need to. You can do fix something if you have to. People or resources you are confident you can rely on to fix problems or help you maintain good appearances as last resort. A solution to a problem you feel is always available if you need it.

Negatively, a tool shed may reflect feelings about avoiding addressing problem until you absolutely have to. Awareness that you have the resources needed to fix problems or maintain appearances, but you don't want to for some reason. Feeling that accessing resources should be a last resort.


To dream of tools represents your abilities, resources, or skills to get something done. Using what is available to you to achieve a goal. Tools may be a sign that you have a problem or relationship that needs work or attention.

Positively, dreaming about tools represents your mindset being focused on constructive progress. Using resources efficiently to fix problems.

Negatively, tools may reflect issues with using other people to achieve goals or get ahead. Feelings about a person being a "tool" or naive subordinate.

To dream of finding tools or picking up tools may represent your decision to make a change. An opportunity to fix a problem may have presented itself to you in waking life.

*Please See Hammer

*Please See Nails

*Please See Power Drill

*Please See Measuring Tape

*Please See Saw

*Please See Wrench


To dream of a toothache represents heightened feelings of sensitivity about something being wrong with you. Your confidence may feel tested. Feeling stupid for having acted too confident. Suspecting that you may be losing vitality in an area of your life that gives you confidence.

To dream of having to go to a dentist to get your toothache looked at may reflect feelings about having to take serious action or speak to someone more experienced to restore your confidence. Doing something scary or unpleasant to restore your confidence.

*Please See Cavity


To dream of a toothbrush represents habits that allow you to maintain or renew confidence at all times. Something you do or tell yourself in waking life to maintain a strong sense of self. Keeping your strengths in good working order. Resources that allow you to easy maintain confidence in yourself.

Negatively, a toothbrush may reflect defensiveness about criticism being directed towards you. You are putting up a shield or barrier to protect yourself from potential hurt. It may be a sign that you are obsessed with noticing your strengths or preoccupied with your appearance. Bad habits or dishonest behavior to maintain good appearances. Depending on money to fix all your problems. Serving someone you using in order to maintain good appearances. Being nice to lovers or partners so they don't leave you.

Electric toothbrushes in a dream may reflect feelings about how easy it is to maintain good appearances or look like a winner. Using sex or money with ease to look like a winner. Negatively, an electric toothbrush may reflect feelings about not needing to be nice to people in order to keep a winning appearance. Feelings of convenience to easily maintain a winning or successful appearance.

Manual toothbrushes may reflect more effort required to maintain good appearances or look like a winner than you like. Negatively, it may reflect feelings about more effort than you like required of you with needing to be nice to people in order to remain confident about yourself.

Switching from an electric to a manual regular toothbrush may reflect feelings about your ability to maintain good appearances or look like a winner becoming more difficult. Sex or money may not be an easy resource to solve problems as it used to be. Feeling that you have to be nicer to people than was previously required of you.

Example: A woman dreamed of having to switch from a electric toothbrush to a manual toothbrush. In waking life she felt that her boyfriend didn't love her as much as he used to. She felt that having sex with him was an easy way to keep him easily in love with her and slowly she felt she had to try harder to please him in the relationship to stop him from leaving her.

*Please See Toothpaste


*Please See Teeth


To dream of toothpaste represents a resource or ability that keeps you confident about yourself. Something you are using to responsibly maintain your strengths. Preparation or upkeep that allows you to be ready for anything.

Negatively, toothpaste may reflect feelings of dependency of something in order to stay confident about yourself. You may have concerns about your appearance or anxiety about getting older. Concerns about losing what makes you feel special, young, or strong. Wasting resources in order to look good. Alternatively, toothpaste may reflect a lack of consideration for others while you waste resources to keep looking good. An excessive belief that the world revolves around you looking good.

Toothpaste in a dream may reflect your use or overuse of money to take care of yourself or keep up appearances. It may also point to a significant waste of time trying to maintain some area of your life.

Example: A young man dreamed of looking in the mirror, spitting out toothpaste, and then suddenly finding himself trapped in a pitch black dark bathroom seeing a demonic face in the mirror. In waking life he had disobeyed his parents showing off to his friends doing something he was told he was too young to do and then faced his parents punishing him. The tooth paste being spit out may have reflected his attempts to quickly finish up showing off to his friends looking good.

*Please See Toothbrush


To dream of a toothpick represents feelings about some area of your life that is good for you, but doesn't matter much. A lack of importance given to "positivity" or your well-being. Confidence or security you have for a simpler or regular way of living.

Example: A woman dreamed of her teeth falling out and that these teeth were supported by toothpicks. In waking life she was insecure about leaving her simple stable life in a menial job for graduate school. The toothpicks reflected the lack of importance she felt for herself that kept her in her menial job.

Top Hat

To dream of a top hat represents a mood or attitude that is very "gentlemanly", polite, or trying to impress others with respectful behavior. Projecting a "classy" personality. Trying hard to make sure nobody else feels like a loser.

Alternatively, a top hat in a dream may reflect being in the mood to be noticed for your flair or abilities. Wanting others seeing how good or successful you are at something. Showing others how wonderful you are or how wonderful your life is.


To dream of being topless represents feelings about the true character of a person or situation revealed. Negatively, seeing a shirtless person may reflect feelings awareness of someone not respecting you for the very first time.

Alternatively, dreaming about being topless may reflect feelings of power, strength, and capability that has been revealed or exposed. Skills, intellect, or "clout" may be obvious to others. Surprise at how powerful your own abilities are. The hidden strength of a person or situation being revealed. Freely displaying your own power to others. A new awareness of something being too easy.

Negatively, it may reflect feelings about an obvious insensitive display of power. A situation in your life that has revealed how much of a jerk someone is. Enemies revealing how strong they are. A problem that is revealing how dangerous it is. You or someone else has had their character revealed as dishonest. Hidden weakness revealed.

To dream of someone else being topless represents an aspect of your personality that is revealing their true character or hidden power. It may also reflect your projection of someone else that you think is powerful. Fearlessness of revealing power. Feeling surprised by the hidden power of a person or situation.

To dream of being topless and not liking it may reflect feelings of unwanted attention focused on your strengths and capabilities. Embarrassing details about you may have been revealed. Feelings about private aspects of yourself or life being revealed. Feelings about your true strength or true character being revealed to others.

To dream of a topless man represents assertive power being revealed or exposed. Fearlessness of being an assertive jerk. Revealing power that requires action, anger, or expertise. A nice person may have revealed how mean they truly are. Bad friends revealing unpleasant traits.

To dream of a topless woman represents represents passive power being revealed or exposed. Easy power revealed. Embarrassing others with passive power that is easy to use and can't be stopped. Revealing power that doesn't require action, anger, or expertise. Accepting yourself as powerful with ease. Awareness of something dishonest being too easy. Negatively feelings about someone who is trying to force you to like something.

To dream of a beautiful woman topless may reflect pleasant feelings about gaining or witnessing easy power. Easy power revealed. Feeling good being unstoppable without effort. Negatively, it may reflect dangerous desire that you can't resist.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a woman take her shirt off and shock evil people. In waking life he hired a security team to deal with criminals that were giving him a hard time. The criminals became very scared. He was shocked by how easy to was to control the criminal with the hired security force. The topless woman in this case may have reflected his feelings about revealing his passive ability to employ a security force to deal with the criminals.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing 2 topless woman. In waking life he was not sexually satisfied with his wife and became aware of how easy it would be to cheat on his wife. The topless women may have reflected his feelings about becoming aware of the women revealing their sexual interest in him and how easy that would solve his sexual needs.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing her boyfriend topless wearing a towel around his waist. In waking life they were having a lot of fights about finances and she was thinking of ending the relationship for the very first time. The topless boyfriend in the dream may have reflected her feelings about her boyfriend revealing himself to be a big jerk for the very first time.


To dream of a torch represents need for guidance or understanding under dangerous conditions. Using whatever resources are available to keep yourself strong, alert, or aware. Spiritual confidence. Doing to whatever you need to keep yourself progressing. Persistent hope. Persistent search for answers during a dangerous moment or for a dangerous topic.

Negatively, a torch may reflect desperation to keep hope alive. Guidance for inappropriate or dangerous topics.

Alternatively, a lit torch may reflect a strong will to never give up believing in yourself under dangerous or hopeless moments. Self-confidence. Keeping love alive when it's difficult.

To dream of a torch blowing out may reflect feelings about your last attempts to keep a situation going succumbing to failure. A situation may feel too hopeless. Guidance or hope in a difficult situation has been lost.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing people holding torches in a cave. In waking life he was teaching a class on altered states of consciousness where students were persistently asking controversial questions about taking hallucinogenic substances for which he thought it was dangerous to discuss. The torches may have reflected his feelings about the students persistent wish for knowledge about a dangerous topic.


To dream of a tornado in your represents an emotionally volatile or sensitive situation. An "emotional storm." A sudden argument, conflict or unsettling experience. Something that has the potential to get a lot worse, cause emotional outbursts, temper tantrums, or make you very upset. You may be experiencing a challenging situation or relationship that is pushing your buttons. Angry relationship breakups.

Tornadoes reflect anger, losing your temper, high degrees of stress, frustration, anxiety, worry, or strong emotional outbursts. Tornadoes in dreams may also indicate a fear of terrible sudden losses. Unforeseen changes. Havoc.

To dream of escaping a tornado may represent a sense of hyper-responsibility as you try to avoid conflict or keep the peace.

Example: A man dreamed of a tornado ripping apart a forest on his father's property. In waking life he had a huge fight with his arrogant controlling father that ended up potentially costing him his inheritance and future life.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a tornado. In waking she was experiencing a lot of tension after having to angrily yell at someone to leave.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing a violent tornado. In waking life she was pregnant and just had a big argument with her boyfriend which caused them to break up.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of a tornado. In waking life they were confronting the shock of their father dying.

Example 5: A man dreamed of powerful tornado. In waking life he was experiencing a lot conflict and chaos at work.


To dream of Toronto represents social interaction with others that is jealous of not consistently proving it's bigger than someone else. Social interaction that revolves around everyone enjoying proving that they aren't little or don't need to accept anything little. Social interaction where people are concerned with settling a better example than other people. Feeling that people are always jealous of you not doing as much as you could be. Feeling good not being a loser in a certain way while being aware of someone else being a loser in that way.

Positively, Toronto may reflect a concern about showing others you are helpful, generous, or responsible enough. Always a concern about proving doing enough for other people to witness. Proving to others that you are savvy, sophisticated, or grown up.

Negatively, Toronto may reflect feelings about social interaction with others where everyone is jealous that they aren't being noticed doing more of something than other people. Petty conflicts over being more savvy, sophisticated, or grown up than other people. Always having to do more than you currently are to get where you want to be. It may also reflect feelings that other people always choose to never acknowledge that you're the best at something when you clearly are. Feeling the unbearable jealousy of never "having it all." Social interaction with people who feel that they are just lovely the way they are and shouldn't be told they aren't.

Alternatively, Toronto may negatively reflect a fear of never being good enough for someone else. Never feeling total power the way you want to. Corruption or cheating that needs to set an example to embarrass someone else with being upstaged. Social interaction with others focused on pointing out who is stupider, weaker, more dishonest. Conflict between people over who is more impressive with what they are doing. Social interaction where you are scared that being more attractive or special is laughed at. Social interaction where people don't like telling someone else they are more attractive when they feel the other people don't deserve it.

Example: A young girl dreamed of visiting Toronto. In waking life she had bought something that her older sister forced her to share. Toronto reflected social interaction with her big sister who made her feel that she'd never be big enough to be fully respected by her sister with her own things because she could never consistently prove herself as a deserving big person by overpowering her older sister.


To dream of firing a torpedo represents your direct or blunt reaction to an obstacle while you are confronting negativity or uncertainty. Unapologetically failing or embarrassing someone else that is in your way as you struggle with a difficulty.


*Please See Turtles

*Please See Sea Turtle


To dream of being tortured represents feelings of being helpless or victimized. Feelings of having endure emotional pain, difficulties, or a terrible experience. A relationship or situation is intentionally causing you anguish. Feeling unable to break free from a problem that feels unending. Feelings about having to watch or experience something unpleasant for a long period of time. Problems with keeping a secret.

Negatively, torture in a dream may reflect you or someone else that is displaying sadomasochistic behavior. Enjoying others pain or suffering. Watching others suffer or fears related to violence on TV. Feeling of unbearable pressure.

To dream of children being tortured represents feelings of victimization of some area of your life that has potential. The unbearableness of never allowed to explore new ideas or possibilities. Feeling punished or forced to suffer because you want to do something new.

Example: A man dreamed of being tortured by Germans. In waking life he was concerned about getting yelled at for revealing a secret he felt was too hard to keep.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a man who wanted to torture her. In waking life she felt that her boss liked to use every opportunity to humiliate and pressure her.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of seeing someone being tortured. In waking life he had a fungal infection that was causing physical problems that destroyed his life and made him put up with those feelings every day.

Totem Poles

To dream of a totem pole represents a standing reminder of rank or subordination. Noticing who comes first and why.

Alternatively, a totem pole may reflect your feelings about remembering what you stood for in life. Remembering all your achievements or stages of your life that led you to become what you are now. The metaphorical story of one's life and the result of it.

Negatively, a totem pole may reflected feelings about your life never having mattered.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing human beings positioned as a totem pole with an unattractive skinny girl at the top. In waking life he felt that his entire life was meaningless and would ultimately lead towards killing himself and never having children to remember him.


To dream of a toucan represents a need to be heard. The noticability of expression. You or someone else is being very vocal about something they want noticed. There may be beliefs or concerns that you or someone else feels are important for others to pay attention to.

Example: A young woman dreamed of being turned into a toucan. In waking life her boss instructed her to get out into the city and speak to people to build business contacts.


To dreaming of someone touching you represents feelings about people or opportunities becoming personal in your life. Closeness being initiated with you. Feeling that someone or something is interested in you. Feeling that someone wants to bond with you. Feeling that someone is asking you for something or wants your attention. Situations in waking life where someone has shown you that they care about you.

Negatively, being touched by someone may reflect feelings about "temptation calling" you. Sensitivity about a personal connection with someone you don't want to be personal with. Unhealthy feelings about desiring someone caring about you that maybe inappropriate.

To dream of yourself touching someone else represents your wish to make some area of your life more personal. Wanting to get closer to someone. Wanting to experiment with something in your life. Becoming acquainted with new ideas, behaviors, or lifestyle choices. Negatively, it may reflect temptation with addiction or conflict.

To dream of touching an object of some kind represents feelings about becoming acquainted with ideas or possibilities. Considering a type of experience you want to have. Feeling a connection to something or someone in your life. Attempting to evaluate a situation. Feeling "in-tune" with something. Negatively, it may reflect temptation to do something wrong or your considering of doing something dangerous.

To dream of avoiding touching something may represent feelings of preferring distance from people or situations. Not wanting a sexual relationship with someone. Not wanting intimacy or to get too close to a person socially. Not wanting to be overly involved in a situation. A wish to avoid being too personal.

To dream of touching a sexually attractive person may reflect feelings about being close to or "on the verge" of a enjoyable or exciting experience. It can also reflect your desire for something you want to happen feeling possible. Negatively, it may reflect experimentation or "sneaking" something enjoyable that you know you aren't supposed to be involved with. Temptation or risking experimentation with addiction. Feeling tempted by pornography or sexual offers.

Example: A young man dreamed of holding and gently touching a baby. In waking life he was considering trying harder to become more friendly with a woman he was interested in.

Example 2: A man dreamed of a woman he knew avoiding physical contact with him. In waking life he feel uncomfortable noticing this woman purposely doing things that showed she wanted to avoid a sexual relationship with him.

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