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Beach House

To dream of a beach house may reflect a perspective on a situation that is focused on an ongoing confrontation with negativity or uncertainty.

Positively, a beach house may reflect a long-term attitude about confronting problems. A constant wish to face your problems or serious challenges. Feeling good having the power or opportunity to confront problems as much as you want to.

Negatively, a beach house may reflect feelings of being trapped facing an ongoing problem or difficult emotional situation. An obsessed attitude about confronting problems that you might not need to. Too much concern with confronting challenges to the point of being obnoxious.

Boarding House

*Please See Rooming House

Court House

*Please See Court Room

Driveway (House)

To dream of a driveway represents you contentment with a choice. Wanting to keep things the same. Being secure or at ease with what you are thinking. Consider the condition or location of the driveway for additional symbolism.

Glass House

To dream of a glass house may represent a perspective or opinion that is extremely fragile to criticism. It may also reflect a heightened sense of anxiety about being attacked, singled out, or embarrassed.

Haunted House

To dream of a haunted house represents a perspective on life that is stuck with unresolved issues. There are bad memories or negative aspects of your life that are still effecting you to this day based past events. You may feel overwhelmed by feelings about your past. Feeling that you can never get over guilt or bad memories. Feeling that you are being constantly reminded of bad things that happened in your past. Living in a situation where you constantly fear your past coming back to "haunt you" or embarrass you.

Eerie feeling life, lingering feelings of being ineffective or ignored. Feelings about your life being completely negative while you put up with it.

Negatively, a haunted house may reflect your awareness of yourself living with trauma that you aren't dealing with.

A haunted house is a sign that you need to begin process negativity from your past. You may need to confront fears, learn to forgive, or try to develop confidence so that you can let go of the past. It may also be a sign that you need to try new things, move away, or try to start a new life to get your mind focused on the future. Change may be something you need to work very hard on to help yourself move in life.

Example: A woman dreamed of living in a haunted house. In waking life she regularly felt lingering fear that her choice to have a family when she was younger was going to rob her of having a more successful future.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of living in a haunted house. In waking life she felt fear that her choice to move away from her old home was mistake. The haunted house may have reflected her persistent uncertainties about living with an unresolved mistake.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of living in a haunted apartment. In waking life he felt she couldn't stop herself from neglecting her school studies to party with friends. She felt she could never return to her old studying habits anymore and felt a lingering anxiety about becoming a loser for the rest of her life because of poor academic performance from not studying hard enough. The haunted house may have reflected her willingness to put up with her feelings of lingering failure to return to her old studying habits. She was metaphorically "living with her dead former student self."


To dream of a houseboat represents a normal perspective on a situation that is never jealous of permanently living with uncertainty. A perspective on a situation that is not bound by conventional constraints and finds it completely normal. Navigating through the challenges and uncertainties of life with a sense of adaptability and acceptance unique to your circumstances. Feelings about yourself having learned to create stability, understanding, and a sense of normal in what others may see as an unstable or unconventional situation. Adaptability, flexibility, and making constant adjustments based on the situations and environments you find yourself in. Independence, a sense of freedom, and the ability to navigate your own course through life's complexities.

Negatively, a houseboat in a dream may represent feelings of instability or insecurity in your waking life and accepting it as completely normal. Instability, uncertainty, or lack of permanence in your normal life. Fear of settling down, commitment issues, or feeling unanchored and adrift in life, not quite fitting in the conventional frameworks of society. Living a life with a disability as though nothing is wrong with you when other people see it as unusual or unconventional.

Example: A young woman dreamed of being alone on a boat that reminded her of a houseboat. In waking life, she was blind and married to someone with a disability. The two of them mostly spend their lives alone living together as they felt people didn't understand their disabilities. In this case, the houseboat may have reflected her feelings about her perspective on life believing that living with her disability was normal while other people never do.


To dream of a housekeeper may reflect a person or situation in your life that makes you are never noticing anything that you don't like. Alternatively, it may reflect how unpleasant it feels to look after a lazy or unappreciative person.

*Please See Maids


To dream of a house represents your mindset or perspective on a situation. Your take on the experience of current conditions. Beliefs or feelings that you are comfortable with. Your view of an experience that is familiar to you. Your opinion or beliefs about a situation that has become normal to you.

Negatively, a house may reflect a belief system or habit that you take for granted.

The type of house is symbolic for how you are thinking about a particular issue. The condition of the house reflecting your mental state as you experience something. Rich houses symbolize your perspective on issues where you are powerful and resourceful.
Poor houses represent your perspective on issues where you are powerless or emotionally weakened.

The rooms of the house are indicative of how an issue is being approached or dealt with.

For more on houses see the themes section.

To dream of a house being on fire represents feelings of powerlessness to stop some area of your life from being lost for good. It may also reflect angry destructive intentions or intentional harm that can't be stopped. Feeling stupid that you can't do anything about stopping damage to some area of your life. A situation may feel permanently out of your control in a negative way.

To dream of buying a house represents your commitment to integrating something into your life. Choosing to make something be normal for you. Alternatively, it may mean that you have worked really hard to earn something. Negatively, buying a new house may mean that you'd made a mistake that you're stuck with.

To dream of going home in a dream represents a return to familiarity or comfort. Things are becoming normal again. You may have been experiencing difficulties or doing something new.

To dream of cleaning your house represents self-improvement. You may be fine-tuning an idea you have or trying to perfect something. Unnecessary beliefs or habits are being removed or changed.

To dream of a new house represents a new perspective or mindset on a situation. A new way of thinking about something. A new situation may have become normal for you. A better way of living or seeing life. News ideas or lifestyle choices.

To dream of an old house represents a perspective or mindset that is experienced, tried, and trusted.

To dream of being locked out of your house represents rejection and insecurity. You may feel unable to feel as secure or confident as you wish. Feeling displaced beyond your control.

To dream of people moving into your home and claim that it belongs to them represents feelings of being displaced or the "owner" of your own life in some area.

To dream of returning to an old home represents a return to an old or familiar way of thinking. A perspective on life you've had before. This may occur when you return to old habits, jobs, relationships, or even go back to school. Alternatively, consider how the reputation the old home has and how it may symbolize your current mindset.

To dream of someone else's house represents your mindset through the perspective of whatever qualities stand out the most about that person. For example, if you dream of a grandparents house it may represent your mindset through the perspective of a wiser or more experienced aspect of your personality. Meaning you may be dealing with a situation that you have prior experience with. Alternatively, other people's houses can also be a symbol for issues you have with those people.

To dream of colored houses symbolizes your mind through the perspective of whatever the color represents. For example a blue house symbolizes a positive mindset, and a red house symbolizes a negative mindset. See the themes section for more on colors.

To have your house broken into or robbed symbolizes a problem, negative mindset, or bad habit that is robbing you of happiness, confidence, or integrity.

Abandoned houses symbolize mental or emotional neglect. They may also your view of problems that you gotten used to. A sign that you haven't bothered to deal with problems or that you need to focus on self-improvement.

Mansions, or homes of wealthy people symbolize your state of mind when feeling powerful, in control, or achieving goals.

House numbers, and locations also add to the symbolism that describes how you are thinking, or feeling.

To dream of a former residence symbolizes your state of mind based on your memories of that house. Consider the number of the house as well using dream numerology.

To dream of your parent's house symbolizes your state of mind being one that is dealing with their conscience (father) to decide on an issue or confront a negative situation, or using their intuition (mother) to figure out how to solve a problem or stay away from it before it begins.

To dream of seeing a house being destroyed represents some area of your life that you have become accustomed to coming to an end. A perspective on a situation being normal or stable being ruined. Example life situations that may cause this kind of dream may be the loss of a job, loss of health, permanent injuries in an accident, or major changes in family life.

To dream of a broken or damaged house may reflect feelings about your life deteriorating or your identity threatened. Something valuable in your life feels crushed or lost. A sense that a situation is becoming troubling. It may also reflect feelings about your body being damaged.

To dream of a part of your house being missing or removed represents feelings about having reduced function in some area of your life.

To dream of an old house represents feelings old ways of living that are not important anymore. An old house that is still nice looking may reflect old-fashioned values or old-fashioned ways of living. A "classic" or timeless perspective on a situation.

Alternatively, old houses that you use to live in may reflect a perspective on life or a specific situation you are experiencing based on the dominant feelings you had while living in that home.

To dream of the front of a house with very long steps going up towards the front door represents feelings about a situation requiring a lot of effort to begin it. A lot of effort to begin something that isn't popular.

Example: A wealthy woman regularly dreamed of being in the old impoverished home of her youth. Whenever this dream occurred she was experiencing intense frustration in waking life. The poor home reflected her perspective on a situations where she felt powerless and lack resources to deal with problems.

Example 2: An older woman dreamed of being locked out of a house. In real life she desired to be young again and felt that youth was gone forever.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of her house being badly burned and then slowly being restored. In waking life she had sustained a serious injury to her arm and was awaiting surgery in the hospital.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of being in a house that was too small. In waking life she felt that a relationship with a married man was too difficult to achieve because she was too young and not rich enough to be with him. The small house may have reflected her perspective on her situation being a lot more restricted and difficult than she wanted it to be.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of being in a old house of her deceased grandparents. In waking life she was newly single after a relationship.

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*Please See Abandoned House


To dream of doing housework represents a perspective or situation that is being restored to returned to normal. A situation in your life that you take for granted or that you've put off is being put back to normal. You may have taken a break or been distracted and are now focused on making something go back to what it's supposed to do.

Rooming House

To dream of a rooming house represents a perspective on a situation that requires you to put up with other people's ideas or needs all the time. You may feel like can't ever let go or enjoy yourself.

Alternatively, a rooming house may reflect a current living situation with people you don't really like.

Example: A woman dreamed of leaving a rooming house. In waking life family members that she didn't like finally moved out.

The White House

To dream of The White House represents a perspective on a situation that has total authority, power, and control over decision-making of a free state of mind. A state of mind that feels free from constraints and able to lead, dictate terms, and think freely with free will. A desire for personal freedom, autonomy, or the pursuit of your own goals without limitations. The freedom to implement ideas and the authority to influence broader strategies. The ability to exercise control over your life or make decisions with clarity and confidence. Confidence in not having to think about a single thing that you don't want to. Feelings about being in control of yourself while being in control of what you think as well.

Negatively, dreaming about The White House may represent feelings of not being a total authority over your own thoughts or decisions. Scenarios where you doubt your free will over personal, professional, or social circumstances, reflecting an internalized struggle with self-esteem or assertiveness. Frustration or insecurity stemming from the realization that you are not the ultimate authority on your mental narrative or that external factors, doubts, or other influences are imposing upon your decision-making power. Anxiety about losing the 'commanding lead' over your own life direction or principles.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing The White House off in the distance. In waking life, he was close to getting a big promotion at work. In this case, The White House may have reflected the man's anticipation of the increased authority, autonomy, and decision-making power he would obtain in his job.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing the front of The White House blocked off by a big black iron fence with a red stripe across it. In waking life, he was experiencing the most powerful hallucinations of his life which prevented him from leaving the house or living his life normally in any way at all. In this case, The White House may have reflected the man's recognition of a significant barrier to his personal freedom, control, and autonomy due to his debilitating hallucinations. The White House, a symbol of control and authority, being blocked off by a big black iron fence with a red stripe, might represent the perceived insurmountable obstacles in his mental state, hindering his ability to exercise control over his life or make decisions with clarity and confidence.

Example 3: A man dreamed of standing outside The White House and then experiencing UFO spaceships landing to pick up all his family, except his father. In waking life, he was experiencing strange visions along with witnessing repeating number patterns everywhere he went. In this case, The White House may have reflected his feelings about himself initially having total control over his mind as a rational free thinker, while the UFOs symbolize a challenge to this perspective due to all his strange visions.

Abandoned House

To dream of an abandoned house represents belief systems, ways of living, or relationships that have been discarded. It may also reflect abandoned ideas or a future you planned for yourself and gave up on. Decisions or lifestyle choices you are aware of yourself having purposely given up.

You might also be curious about the past or why other people stopped doing something interesting.

Example: A woman dreamed of abandoned homes. In waking life, she had been dealing with trust issues with her boyfriend who had discovered her embarrassing sexual history. She had discarded her promiscuous past completely, but her boyfriend didn't believe her.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being inside an eerie abandoned house. In waking life, she felt that all her hopes for her family were being discarded due to financial constraints and health problems.

*Please See Derelict

Crack House

*Please See Crack Cocaine


To dream of an addition represents feelings of improvement, enhancement, or expansion of your perception of normal life. Doing more than you usually do in your normal life. A desire for something new, additional, or extra. Thoughts about the importance of growth, progress, or increasing your opportunities and resources.

Positively, dreaming about an addition may represent your ambition to improve yourself or your current circumstances. The pursuit of knowledge, skills, or experiences that will enrich your life. An addition might also suggest a sense of abundance, prosperity, or increased well-being.

Negatively, an addition in a dream could represent feelings of being overwhelmed, excessive demands, or a sense of being burdened by too much in regard to your normal perspective of a situation. A fear or frustration of change, particularly if you prefer to maintain the status quo. Alternatively, it could indicate that you are taking on too much at once and need to focus on the essentials rather than expanding too rapidly.

*Please See Houses



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