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Cheshire Cat From Disney

To dream of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland represents feelings of uncertainty, mystery, and mischievousness about considering something intriguing when never believing in yourself enough to move on is the real problem. Unpredictable circumstances, situations that are hard to decipher, or people who are difficult to understand. A situation where you don't have to think of something at all if you don't want to as much as you are intrigued by the possibily of going through with it. A situation where you might be wasting your time respecting other people's feelings too much while being intrigued by a possibility that you can safely and legally move on from if you want to. When you're don't know what to do it's probably just best to believe in yourself moving on from a situaton just for safety. A family situation where everyone is irrational or impossible to understand so it's best to do whatever you want.

Negatively, the Cheshire Cat may represent feelings of confusion, frustration, or being led astray by someone or something. It could also signify that you are feeling deceived or manipulated by someone in your life who is not being honest or straightforward with you. Feeling that someone or something hasn't ruined you yet, while you safely consider it. Not knowing why you would want to think of something as safe when it never really wants you to think it is completely. Wasting time questioning why something might be safe when it wastes your time never proving that it is. Wasting your time believing that you have to think of something due to it's intrigue that might end up as a disaster.

Example: A man dreamed of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. In waking life, his father died while family members started to be jealous over property before a funeral could take place. He considered having a funeral, but eventually abandoned it because he felt jealous family would ruin it. He ignored people who were curious when the funeral would be and never had one. He wasted his time respecting the need for a funeral as important when it wasn't. In this case, the Cheshire Cat may have reflected his feelings of uncertainty, mystery, and mischievousness in navigating the family dynamics after his father's death. He was intrigued by the possibility of having a funeral but felt it might be a waste of time due to the jealousy among family members who might ruin the funeral. Like the scene of Alice In Wonderland, he has a moment of intrigue about the funeral before realizing he wasted his time not believing in himself from the beginning and abandoned the funeral plans.

Goofy From Disney

To dream of Goofy from Disney represents feelings about behavior that's the center of attention that's laughed at for being eccentric, quirky, or unconventional while being safe and likable for family life. Humorous, clumsy, or awkward, yet endearing and lovable.

Negatively, dreaming about Goofy may represent behavior that attracts attention and is mocked for its eccentricity, quirkiness, or unconventionality, while being safe and appreciated for family life. Feelings of embarrassment or regret at having been the center of attention for ridiculous or unconventional reasons. A situation where you initially felt comfortable being the center of attention but later regretted it because others continually remind you of it, making you feel foolish or stupid. A situation where you feel like you or someone else is not being taken seriously for "goofy" behavior that happened once. Feeling insecure or self-conscious that you did something stupid or foolish in a safe loveable way that other people won't forget easily. Feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, or concerns about appearing foolish or incompetent to others.

Example: A person dreamed of wearing a Goofy suit and performing at a children's party. They make all sorts of funny faces and noises and the kids are loving it. The dreamer feels really happy and proud of myself for making the kids laugh. In waking life, they were comfortable being the center of attention and they enjoyed making other people happy. In this case, Goofy may have reflected their initial feelings of not minding being funny for other people in a way that was eccentric, quirky, or unconventional, but then regretting it later on because people wouldn't let him forget it which made him feel stupid or "goofy" for his appearances.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being raped by the Disney character Goofy inside a children's daycare. In waking life, her computer had been attacked by porn ads on her computer screen when she visited a website. In this case, Goofy from Disney may have reflected her feelings about being socially violated by having to tell the story to other people about how stupid she felt having to family safe protect her computer from the pornography ads popups. She may also not have liked other people she told reminding her about the story because of the pornography.


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To dream of Disneyland represents feelings about a situation where you feel supported having a fantastic happy time noticing a memorable ideal experience of happiness, a idealized "magical moment", or escapism separate from your everyday life. An ideal personal fantasy that supports you enjoying it or talking about it to other people. Happy supportive experiences where nothing happening ever feels like a mistake. Feeling supported with the happiest fantastic experience. Situations or relationships that expect or project ideal happiness. Sexual relationships that purposely ignore fighting or personal problems to have a fantastic time together. A positive or enjoyable experience that you feel would make your life "the happiest time on earth." Feelings of your life revolving around having a non-stop "blast" with recreation or enjoyment. A happy experience where nobody can believe in anything scary happening.

Negatively, Disneyland may reflect a powerful desire to be happy that you can't seem to achieve. Dreaming about Disneyland may reflect enjoying ideal happy experiences that will never last. Feeling annoyed supporting others with perfect happiness. Annoyance or frustration needing to project stereotypical ideal happiness to others. Faking a perfect ideal relationship. Intentionally ignoring fighting or personal problems with other people to have a fantastic time. Supporting other people having a fantastic time like it's a job. A most wonderful supported moment of your life that can only happen once. A crafted ideal happy illusion that hides the true nature of a relationship.

Alternatively, dreaming about Disneyland may reflect feelings about an fantastically awesome or incredible situation that happens once in a lifetime. (lottery win shopping, meeting famous people). The most fantastically awesome situation you could ever think would happen to you.

Disneyland is a common symbol for people concerned with the happiness of an ideal romantic relationship. Feelings about a fully supported relationship that easily overlooks problems for a good sex life.

Example : A young woman dreamed of going to Disneyland with her ex-boyfriend and then experiencing jealousy of the ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend being there. In waking life she was talking to her ex-boyfriend about getting back together with him, but didn't like the jealousy of having to babysit the daughter her ex-boyfriend had with another woman when they broke up. In this case Disneyland may have reflected her desire for an ideal perfect romantic moment with her ex-boyfriend that was ruined by his child with another woman.

Example 2: A man dreamed of leaving Disneyland while his wife didn't. In waking life he was feeling that his wife didn't appreciate him or support him playing his trumpet. In this case leaving Disneyland while his wife didn't may have symbolized his feelings about how wonderful a fully supported happy married relationship felt, but that his wife expected to feel perfectly supported while he didn't get that feeling in return with his enjoyment of playing the trumpet.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of going to Disneyland. In waking life she had gotten back together with her ex-boyfriend and was having doubts about it lasting. Disneyland in this case may have reflected her feelings about a perfect relationship moment with romance, no fighting, and everything they do with each other feeling supportive that she felt wouldn't last for long.


To dream of the brand Disney represents feelings respecting family life happiness all the time. Noticing happiness where everything works out after a problem. Feeling good that nothing is ever a permanent disaster because it's not supposed to. Feelings about family life complications that end up working out happily. Respectably feeling good family safe. Feelings about experiences with no violence and a happy ending. Feelings about being a wonderful honest person confronting negativity. Perfect happiness that ensures everyone has to behave like a grown up to make sure nobody is ever terrified. Feeling that it's wonderful that nothing wrong happens. Perfect ideals of honesty, friendship, or family life where happiness is never over with.

Negatively, dreaming about Disney represents too much family oriented safety and happiness for your personal comfort. Annoyance or frustration with perfect family life happiness that never allows you to be arrogant about being a grown up. Perfect happiness that ensures everyone has to behave like a grown up to make sure nobody is ever terrified. Annoyance or frustration with perfect happiness that ensures everyone has to behave like a safe family oriented grown up. Caring about nothing except being safe with no violence. Unrealistic ideals of happiness with friendship or family life. Feelings about too much honest family life for your tastes in the current moment.

Example: A girl dreamed of seeing a Disney character London Tipton walking down stairs towards her and hiding from her. In waking life she was very concerned about a new boy she was dating affecting her relationship with her parents.

Example 2: A teenage girl dreamed of confronting evil possessing her and then seeing Disney characters walking up to her to shake her hand. In waking life she thought about needed to repent for sins and join a religious mission. The Disney characters shaking the dreamer's hand may have reflected her personal feelings about agreeing to join the religious mission which she felt would spiritually ensure she had no reason to be nervous about her spiritual status.

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End Of The World

To dream of the end of the world represents fundamental change to your ways of being and thinking. The foundation of your current life has been altered. It symbolizes your thoughts or feelings about a dramatic change or situation in life where you don't know what to do. You may be experiencing anxiety for the future, and there may be a lot of changes that confuse or frustrate you.

The dream may indicate the end of one kind of lifestyle and the beginning of another. There may be a need for help or extra time to make adjustments. A sign that you need to show more courage as you move into the next chapter of your life.

To dream that it feels like the end of the world is near, but not happening yet may reflect feelings about problems in your life, such as fearing a job loss causing enormous change in your life. Feeling the potential for a life changing event.

End of the world dreams are common to people who have experience the death of parent or loved one.

Example: A young man dreamed that it was the end of the world. In waking life he felt forced to move away with his family to a different state and leave behind all his friends and the comfortable life he had gotten used to. The end of the world symbolism most likely reflected his overwhelming feelings of anxiety about the enormous amount of change he was experiencing. Feeling forced to shift from one life to another very quickly.

Example 2: A teenage girl dreamed of dangerous scene with mountains and lava while hearing a voice say "this is not the end of the world." In waking life she felt scared and forced to move to a trailer park with people she felt she would difficulty becoming friends with. The voice telling her that "this is not the end of the world" may have reflected her attempts to remain confident and rational about moving away from her current home and life.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being talked to about the end of the time. In waking life she was worried about going to jail and that her mother might be close to death.

Example 4: A man dreamed that the end of the world may be near. In waking life he was having difficulty with his job feeling the potential for losing it.

Example 5: A young woman dreamed that it was the end of the world. In waking life her boyfriend got a good job so they were moving away. She also needed to get a job and start college after she moved. In this case the end of the world symbolism may have reflected the dreamer's feelings of uncertainty and fear about the major changes happening in her life.

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Parallel World

To dream of a parallel world represents relationships or situations where one specific thing is different all the time. Positively, it may be a sign that you have found a fiend that doesn't notice a problem you have. Negatively, it may be a sign that you feel that you only have to put up with a problem all the time with specific people.


To dream of the Illuminati represents a negative unseen all controlling force in your life. Someone you feel wants you to fail while controlling everything you do. Feelings about an unseen force having total power over you. Manipulative pervasive power. Feeling that you can't stop someone or something from totally controlling your life. Feelings about everything you do being watch and controlled without any ability to stop it. An "unseen hand" of control. Feelings about dishonest social connections that secretly attempt to manipulate and control for dishonest reasons. Feeling that you can't escape a dishonest, criminal, or arrogant controlling force that intentionally hides itself.

Alternatively, dreaming about the Illuminati may reflect feelings about being socially connected in ways other people aren't. Feeling advantages to having your social connections.

Negatively, the Illuminati may reflect paranoia about being manipulated by people behind the scenes. Feelings about yourself being connected to dishonest people or criminals that keep their behavior secret. Lying that you are connected to power people when you aren't. Talking about yourself too much to others about being powerfully socially connected.

Example: A man dreamed of being aware of the Illuminati attempting to control his life. In waking life he was experiencing a lot of coincidental bad luck in his life that felt like God was behind it.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of seeing a triangle turn into the symbol of the Illuminati. In this case the conversion of a triangle into an Illuminati symbol may have reflected his feelings about showing off with his abilities being creative with possibility for success which may have felt good being perceived by others as looking very connected to powerfully connected people.


To dream of Pinocchio represents your feelings about being unable to hide the truth or disguise your real intentions once it's uncovered. Noticing that it's impossible to lie or keep a secret. Embarrassment at having to see yourself lie. A sense of family life that doesn't see a problem with lying until it's embarrassed itself with being unable to hide it. Alternatively, Pinocchio may represents innocence that embarrasses itself lying.

Example: A young woman dreamed that she was Pinocchio and that her nose kept growing while talking to her father who wasn't listening to her. In waking life, she was aware of herself being dishonest, but decided changing her behavior wasn't important.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing Pinocchio. In waking life, he discovered that someone he just met had done some snooping on the Internet about him and discovered something he was thinking he could hide. In this case, Pinocchio may have reflected his feelings of embarrassment and inability to hide or deny the truth once it had been uncovered.



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