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To dream of sailing leeward represents feelings about having an emotionally easier time navigating an uncertain situation. Conditions or luck is on your side as you attempt to get through a challenging situation.

*Please See Wind


To dream of the left represents logic, reason, intelligence, truth, following the rules, order, self-control. Left can also represent positivity.

To dream of standing on the left facing the right represents an observation of a situation where you are aware of yourself having a logical, reasonable, or intelligently correct view of a situation. Awareness or surprise that you are correct about a situation. Feeling that someone else has a less intelligent idea than you do. Confronting someone who more creative or unpredictable thna you are.

The left or right sides in a dream are often one of the most revealing symbols in a dream giving you insight into how truthful or logical some aspect of your thinking is.

Left Behind

*Please See Abandonment


To dream of feeling left out represents feelings of being deprived, misunderstood, or threatened. You may also have feelings of abandonment or not being included.

Expecting fathers very commonly dream of being left out. This most likely reflects their feelings about their partner being more focused on the baby than them. A sign that you may need to try to be more patient with your wife's condition or be more open about your feelings to your wife.

Legend Of Zelda

To dream of the video game The Legend Of Zelda represents a challenging experience of having a personal mission you accept to do whatever it takes to correct a situation that feels dark or troubling and restore it to balance. Being honorable about restoring life back to balance from darkness. Your willingness to face complex problems and navigate through the puzzles of life, showing dedication, resilience, and a commitment to achieving a significant goal. A commitment to solving complex problems and navigating through challenging situations with determination and resourcefulness with a relentless pursuit of truth, justice, or restoration. A reflection of the lengths you will go to help a friend or restore something honest without giving up. A challenging experience of honoring or respecting seeing how far you can take something by giving personal attention to every puzzle or problem there is until to get a lighter style of thinking back. Honoring every last thing to solve every puzzle in order to restore balance to a situation. A challenging experience that involves discovery, exploration, and puzzle-solving. A personal challenge of complex puzzles and obstacles working towards an important goal. Feeling that something in your life will never be honest again if you don't do every single little thing to restore it. Having to believe in yourself no matter what in order to never live with darkness, trouble, or evil ever again.

Negatively, dreaming about Zelda may be a sign that you are overdoing making it your personal mission to restore a dark situation to a lighter one. Talking too much about honoring your personal mission to challenge a darker way of thinking instead of just cutting it out.

Zelda dreams commonly have monsters, ghosts, or or horrible creatures.

Example: A woman dreamed of walking around inside a Legend of Zelda virtual reality game. In waking life, she felt she had a tendency to go to extreme lengths to help a friend. She felt that Zelda represented her willingness to help her friend while secretly protesting, but still willing to go through whatever she had to in order to help. In this case, The Legend Of Zelda symbolism may have reflected how she was overdoing making it her personal mission to restore a dark troubling situation in her friend's life to a lighter and more balanced one by making it too personal.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of Princess Zelda being captured by a creature of Ganon and Link failed to save her. Eventually, Link turned on the dreamer saying she should be killed. In waking life, she was battling with depression. In this case, the Zelda symbolism may have reflected her feelings about battling depression being a life-long personal competitive mission to battle dark thoughts while trying to restore her mind to balance.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of a Legend of Zelda shotglass. In waking life, she had recently put an end to being a shopaholic. In this case, the Zelda shotglass may have reflected her over-sensitivity about having to make it a personal mission to stop her addictive shopping habit from ruining her life.

Example 4: A man dreamed of seeing a yellow "radioactive triforce" symbol that was a combination of the Zelda game symbol and the radioactive warning symbol. In waking life, he was experiencing powerful hallucinations that made him believe that he had to walk back and forth in his bedroom for 4 days without sleep, food, water, or going to the bathroom while imagining himself sending positive energy with his mind to someone else in order to be freed of evil that wouldn't let go. The hallucinations eventually did let go of him with a sense of defeating it as though the "triforce" of his life had been restored.


To dream of leggings represents competitiveness with flexibility, adaptability, personal freedom, and never being uncomfortable with who you are as a person in your actions or decisions. A readiness to face challenges head-on with ease, comfort, and confidence with who you are as a person that doesn't think anything is wrong with it. A situation that requires you to be versatile and resilient, adapting to various circumstances while maintaining your personal boundaries or style. Behavior that is original about adapting and never being uncomfortable with who you are as a person. A blend of personal comfort, preparedness, and exploration. Showing off staying on top of a situation while not changing who you are. Loving being resilient in a form-fitting role without having to talk about it. Adaptability that stays true to itself. Personal time that doesn't have to explain what it's doing while challenging itself.

Positively, dreaming about leggings may represent ease, comfort, and confidence in your own skin. It may reflect a situation where you feel that you can move freely, achieve your goals with flexibility, or express yourself without restriction. It could also indicate an informal yet positive approach to certain situations, suggesting that you are comfortable with who you are, embracing your natural qualities, and possibly even showing off your talents or strengths.

Negatively, dreaming about leggings may represent overdoing one's confidence or taking one's flexibility and adaptability too far to the point of looking stupid.

Leggings dreams appear common to people with relationship breakups, possibly indicating their journey toward rediscovering personal identity, freedom, and the balance between adaptability and maintaining personal boundaries in new or existing relationships.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of getting thorns stuck in her leggings and then pulling them out on 2 separate occasions. In waking life, she was having issues with relationships. In this case, the leggings may have reflected her feelings of trying to maintain confidence and adaptability in her social interactions while dealing with the painful or uncomfortable issues arising in her relationships.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of her sister giving her a pair of leggings while her ex-boyfriend was in the next room. In waking life, she was recently dumped by her ex-boyfriend after he had promised to marry her. In this case, the leggings may have reflected her feelings of needing to rediscover her independence, adaptability, and a sense of comfort with herself as an individual, separate from her relationship.

*Please See Tights


To dream of Lego represents feelings about serious leisure time that leads to something that looks serious, but isn't. Things in your life that feel good taking time to build and aren't serious.

Negatively, dreaming about lego may represent your feelings about enjoying dishonestly creating something believable. Feelings about building serious friendships that don't need to last in the end. Enjoying starting a sexual relationship expecting the best and then not want to spending the rest of your life with someone. Having a fantastic time never believing you are wasting time building something in your life, when you are.

Lego bricks are often appear in dreams where a good friendship has been formed over time. It may also reflect success or leisure time that you have worked a long time to have.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing Lego everywhere around him. In waking life he was thinking about his good friend that he met right before having to leave the country forever. In this case the legos everywhere around him may reflected his awareness of enjoying friendships being built in a serious way and then feeling jealousy that they were being left because he had to move away.

Example 2: A 16 year-old girl dreamed of a having a blue lego brick stuck in her eye that needed to be pulled out. In waking life she was bothered by the fear of being pregnant after sex with a guy she had been good friends with for years. The single lego brick in her eye that she wanted to remove may have reflected her honest feelings about being annoyed that enjoying a casual sexual relationship with the male friend would create the risk of pregnancy that could become the start enjoying building a serious parenting relationship that isn't serious. She may have enjoyed talking about or thinking about starting a family with the guy after sex, but didn't seriously want to because she wanted to enjoy doing something else with her life.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being afraid while driving down a lego road towards a high-school reunion to meet an old love. In waking life she met up with her old love and began to feel that it was not going to work out. The lego road she drove down while feeling afraid may have reflected her feelings about enjoying herself being serious about preparing to meet her old love that looked serious due to the reunion, but wasn't. Building up her confidence by losing weight or something else to be as perfect a person as she could for the old love without taking it too serious.


To dream of legs represents independence, momentum, movement, and progress. Think of the term "giving something legs."

To dream of legs that don't work represents your feelings of being stifled, held back, or going nowhere.

To dream of losing legs represents a loss of independence, momentum, or progress.

To dream of a broken leg represents feelings about being a loser until some area of your life is fixed. Feeling a loss of independence until a problem is resolved.

To dream of having a three or more legs may reflect an unusual high amount of independent projects, plans, or choices. Awareness of yourself doing more on your own than other people. Negatively, it may be a sign that you are taking on too much and becoming counterproductive. It may also reflect a need to show off doing more than others.

To dream of one leg being shorter than the other may reflect feeling about your independence not being what you want it to be.

To dream of crossed legs while sitting down on a chair represents feelings of being confident and comfortable with a decision you've made. Awareness of yourself feeling like an adult with a decision you've made.

To dream of crossed legs while sitting down represents stubbornness, defensiveness, or being close minded. Being comfortable refusing something. Positively, it may reflect a comfortable attitude towards not needing anything or not asking for anything.

Example: A young woman dreamed of having a broken leg and waiting for it to heal. In waking life she had a problem standing up for herself which required other people to stand up for her to fix the problem. She didn't like herself needing to have other people solve her problems and wait for the problem to settle down.


To dream of a lemming represents decisions based solely on what other people are doing. It may also reflect blind trust or poor assumptions. A lemming may be a sign that you should think for yourself. It may also indicate that you should spend more time considering a risk you are taking.

Lemon Tree

To dream of a lemon tree represents an area of your life that is well-established or deeply rooted while repeatedly providing experiences that challenge you with being noticeably "sour", unpleasant, difficult, or unfair that ultimately benefits you in some way.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a lemon tree and holding a nice-looking lemon. In waking life, she was happy to get a promotion at work which let her deal with serious problems at the company. In this case, the lemon tree may have reflected her feelings about being established or deeply rooted in her new job that allowed her to learn from the challenges and difficulties that came with the promotion.

*Please See Lemons


To dream of lemonade represents feelings about making the best out of a difficult or sour situation. Lemonade in a dream could symbolize resilience, optimism, and the ability to turn obstacles into opportunities. Adapting to a difficult or unfair situation with a positive attitude that results in an outcome that makes you feel relaxed, calm, or content. Feeling emotionally uplifted that a situation that could have turned out bad didn't. A feeling of moving on from something difficult or unfair and enjoying the new phase of life because of it. Old-fashioned honesty about making a compromise to resolve a problem. Difficult situations where you"roll with the punches", adapt, or in essence "turn lemons into lemonade."

Positively, dreaming about lemonade might symbolize creative problem-solving, an upbeat attitude, or finding a silver lining in a difficult scenario. It can also represent a conscious choice to remain hopeful or to make something enjoyable out of what was initially a less-than-ideal situation. It may reflect the emotional or psychological refreshment that comes from facing challenges head-on.

Negatively, dreaming about lemonade could indicate a situation where you feel forced to put a positive spin on something unfavorable. Superficial attempts to stay upbeat, or pretending that a bad situation is okay when it's actually not. There may be a fear of acknowledging that things are not going well, thereby forcing yourself to adapt and make do, rather than addressing the core issue.

To dream of pink lemonade may reflect feelings about making the best of a bad situation where you are sensitive about other people thinking of your feelings.

Example: A man dreamed of people showing up with lemonade around a lake. In waking life, he wanted to change courses in school and was happy he did afterward. In this case, the lemonade may have reflected his feelings about making the best of a bad situation by choosing the best possible courses available even though he couldn't pick all the courses he wanted for a perfect class schedule because school had already started with most students having picked their courses early.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of suicidal imagery that was followed by lemonade and chicken wraps being offered. In waking life, she was experiencing a higher than normal amount of suicidal depression. The lemonade and chicken wraps offered at the end of her dream may have reflected her emotional state of recovering from suicidal thoughts by choosing to make the best of a bad situation with confidence in a compromise to her problems instead of allowing herself to be too emotional.

Example 3: A man dreamed of really wanting lemonade, but being unable to find any. In waking life, he was experiencing conflict at work. In this case, the lemonade that can't be found may have reflected a desire to make the best of a bad situation at work by being willing to make an acceptable compromise to feel good getting over the problem. He may have hoped to find a solution to the work problem that felt wonderful, fair, and easy to everyone involved.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of being offered the choice of 2 drinks. One was regular pink lemonade and the other was pink lemonade mixed with peach. She chose regular pink lemonade without the peach. In waking life, she had to stay home from work with the flu. In this case, the regular pink lemonade may have reflected her feelings about making the best of a bad situation while being sick at home and hoping people at work deserved to be sensitive about her feelings of not needing to overwork. The choice between regular pink lemonade and the one mixed with peach could symbolize different approaches to self-care during her illness. The overlooked option of the peach version may reflect the option of more pampering at home as though it was lucky to enjoy taking the whole day off without a problem which she thought might anger coworkers.


To dream of lemons represents feelings about an experience that challenges you with being noticeably "sour", unpleasant, difficult, or unfair that ultimately benefits you. Thoughts and emotions that are "sour" about an issue. Awareness of yourself not minding or not caring about a situation being difficult, unpleasant, or unfair.

Negatively, dreaming about a lemon may reflect feelings about getting a bad deal or the short side of an agreement. Feeling ripped off in a purchase or agreement. Thoughts or feelings of disappointment, being unlucky, or feeling screwed over. Benefitting from learning from an experience that is "sour", unpleasant, difficult, or unfair.

To dream of liking a lemon may reflect feelings about enjoying a challenge or difficult problem. Enjoying an unpleasant situation because fixing it may profit you in some way. Enjoying enduring an unpleasant initiation.

Example: A young man dreamed of someone telling him he had to sleep with lemons before he could enter a door. In waking life, he was a gang member who had to get beat up to be initiated into his gang. In this case, being told he needed to sleep with the lemons may have reflected his anticipation of the painful and difficult initiation process he had to endure to gain acceptance and prove his toughness within the gang.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a lemon tree and holding a nice-looking lemon. In waking life, she was happy to get a promotion at work which let her deal with serious problems at the company. In this case, the lemon tree may have reflected her feelings about being established or deeply rooted in her new job that allowed her to learn from the challenges and difficulties that came with the promotion.


To dream of lending to others represents your support for others or to a cause. Helping others with ideas. Lending may also reflect doing someone a favor or your trust in others returning a favor. Trusting others to be responsible.

Negatively, lending to others may reflect enabling dependency. It may also reflect too much or help or trust being given to people who may not deserve it. Feeling that others are not appreciating your help or using you. Doing people favors because it will allow you to exploit them or get something for yourself later.

*Please See Borrow

Leonardo Dicaprio

To dream of Leonardo Dicaprio represents an aspect of your personality that's more incredible than other people (or gets more attention) for safely not embarrassing yourself thinking of who you are too much while having to be better than whatever is happening that sees yourself having to pay attention to an experience that's as interesting as it gets.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a person who was a cross between her former school crush and Leonardo DiCaprio. They went on dates and got married. Eventually, the former crush/DiCaprio husband left the house and when she found him he was dead. In waking life, she recently had a crush on a guy for about a month and then got over him when he moved away. In this case, the former crush/Leonardo Dicaprio spouse that dies may have reflected her feelings about talking about her crush a lot to other people while safely never embarrassing herself thinking of revealing her feelings about liking him more than other guys while confronting the drama of him moving away.


To dream of a leopard represents patience and stealth. Feelings about yourself or other people who quietly observe every single thing happening in a situation before totally humiliating someone when they least expect it. Feeling very determined to achieve a goal. Potential for a dangerous last minute embarrassment.

Positively, a leopard may reflect overcoming obstacles through persistence. Carefully waiting for the perfect moment to strike your enemy. Noticing what your enemy is doing all the time so they can't escape you.

Negatively, a leopard may reflect your fear about enemies who are secretly observing all your weakness before they attack you with them. Feeling that people are so jealous of you that they will never stop looking for a perfect reason to hurt or humiliate you. Feeling that someone is always "ready to strike." Feeling that your enemy is watching you all the time so you can't escape them. A determined opponent. Feeling weary of danger or that someone will never show you pity. A prolonged need to avoid something observing you. Fearing serious government agencies such as the IRS.

Alternatively, a leopard may reflect your own attempts to steal something from someone in stealth. Waiting for the perfect opportunity to steal something.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a leopard. In waking life he was paranoid about a welfare office interviewer who he felt didn't believe a single thing he said about his finances. He felt the welfare office worker was waiting for a single incorrect piece of information in his application interview to totally humiliate him that he was a liar as though she was stealthily enjoying waiting for it.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a leopard sitting in the back seat of her car. In waking life she was someone who didn't like losing her temper, but felt that at the current moment she had to be very firm and determined to achieve a goal by showing that she could lose her temper at the last minute if she had to if someone didn't do something as perfect as she needed it done.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of a leopard that scared her. In waking life she was thinking about stealing a man away from his wife and was waiting for the right opportunity to start the affair.

Leopard Skin Clothing

To dream of leopard skin clothing represents a bold personality. Not caring what anyone else thinks. You may be doing something, or taking chances that most people wouldn't.


To dream of leotards represents behavior that is concerned with doing every single little thing perfect. Negatively, you may be very concerned with making any mistakes at all.

*Please See Tights


To dream of a leprechaun represents an aspect of yourself that is obsessed with protecting and drawing attention to something valuable it owns. Feeling that it's dangerous to steal something valuable. Danger for stealing something valuable from someone smaller, passive, or sensitive then you are. The danger of forcing sex on females.

Feelings about someone else that is very eager to keep you away from total freedom to do as you please. You may be experiencing jealousy or frustration that forces you to be perfect in order to attain your goals easily. Someone in your life that knows how valuable something is and does everything to deprive you of having it easily.

Leprechauns in dreams may be a sign that through perseverance and dedication you might reap the rewards of your hard work. It may also reflect a dishonest preoccupation with not earning something you perceive to be valuable.

Negatively, leprechaun dreams may be a sign that you are too focused on quick and easy paths to success. It may also reflect your dishonest attempts to steal luck that you don't deserve. Excessive preoccupation with enjoying ownership over something that is exclusively for appearances. Something of value in your life that annoys you that it doesn't do anything with the value.

Example: A young man dreamed of sitting beside a leprechaun on his bed. In waking life his girlfriend was being impossible about ever letting him have sex with her. The leprechaun in this case may have reflected his feelings about his girlfriend leveraging the withholding of sex from him and his preoccupation with trying to convince her to stop making him wait.


To dream of leprosy represents feelings of noticing contamination or loss that can never improve. Leprosy may reflect feelings about a permanently destroyed reputation or a fear becoming a pariah. Hopeless exclusion or abandonment.

Alternatively, leprosy may reflect a fear of becoming associated with someone else's bad reputation.

To dream of having leprosy may reflect feelings of being a pariah. Feeling permanently neglected because of something you said or did. It may also reflect feelings about never getting to be noticed in a positive light ever again. Feeling that nobody wants to know you because of something you said or did.


*Please See Gay People

*Please See Homosexuality (Gay Sex).


To dream of skin lesions represents feelings of sensitivity about perceived shortcomings or failures. Sensitivity about being inept. Feelings about an obvious problem that makes it difficult to feel good.


To dream of seeing letters represents feelings about a situation that reveals or communicates what it's doing while requiring to figure it out yourself. Alphabet letters may be a sign of a need to communicate more effectively or a desire to expand one's knowledge and understanding of a situation. The need for clarity or paying attention to details in a particular situation. Additionally, the letters could represent opportunities presented or potential difficulties to come.

To dream of capital letters may reflect the situations where it's important to think for yourself about everything happening to you in way that is too big, important, or serious. Feeling forced to think that everything happening to you is too important. Intelligence about not having to listen.

To dream of non-capital letters represents feelings of intelligence about having to listen a little bit.

Consider the language of the letters for additional meaning.

See our themes section for the alphabet for information on individual letter symbolism.

Jumbled or incomplete letters may suggest confusion or a lack of clarity, while orderly and complete letters may suggest a sense of organization and structure.

To dream of opening a mail letter represents feelings of revelation of important information, communication, or a message that has been received. It may symbolize a desire for clarity or a need to pay attention to the details in a particular situation. Depending on the context of the dream, it could also represent an opportunity that is presented or a warning of potential difficulties to come. Fearing finding information out.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing black Hebrew letters dancing in a ballerina dress. In waking life she was forcing herself to carefully do whatever her doctors wanted her to do in order to avoid making them believe she needed more medication.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing only capital letters. In waking life he was experiencing organ failure in the hospital and was preparing to die. The capital letters may have reflected his feelings about his imminent death making everything he thought about or discussed with others being too important.

Example 3: A man dreamed of opening a mail letter that read "You have NOT been selected" and feeling utter disappointment for his son. In waking life he was having fears that his son will not get enrolled in a hockey league. He may have feared having a rejection being revealed to him.


To dream of lettuce represents choices that you feel aren't serious or won't bother anyone else. Issues that you don't feel are important enough to matter or cause conflict. Situations or choices that you assume will be agreeable to all. Not feeling that you need permission or need to ask someone what they think. An issue that you feel is "non-issue" due to it's perceived simplicity.

Negatively, lettuce may be a sign that you are too confident that an issue won't be sensitive to someone else. Blind assumptions about something difficult or dangerous being too easy.

Example: A woman dreamed of washing lettuce and seeing dead bugs in the water in the sink. In waking life she got an abortion was was realizing that it wasn't as emotionally easy to go through with as she originally thought.


To dream of a level as a building tool represents a desire for balance and stability in one's life or a particular situation. A serious need to see a situation perfectly balanced in order for it to work. It may symbolize the need to make sure that everything is aligned and in the right place in order to achieve a certain goal or outcome. Alternatively, it may represent a need to assess or evaluate a situation in order to make sure that it is level or fair for everyone involved. This dream may also indicate a need for precision and accuracy in one's actions or decisions.

To dream of being at eye level with someone may represent feelings of understanding with a person or situation whom you usually might not have an understanding with. A feeling of equality, respect, or competition. It can symbolize a desire for a more balanced relationship or interaction with the person. A feeling of having a deep understanding of the issues. It may also indicate a need to assert oneself and stand up for one's beliefs and opinions. Alternatively, it may suggest a need for more humility and to see things from the other person's perspective.

Example: A woman dreamed of being at eye level with a dove flying outside her window before missiles struck the home destroying it. In waking life she was experiencing her family life breaking down. In this case, seeing at eye level with the dove may have reflected her feelings of having an understanding or "seeing eye to eye" about family problems before the family breakdown began.

*Please See Floors

*Please See Video Games


To dream of seeing someone levitating represents feelings about situations that are so incredible you they defy all normal expectations as though it doesn't matter. Exceptional experience of stability that defies expectations. Extremely difficult or impossible things happening as though it didn't matter. Awareness of yourself doing something incredible or impossible by remaining exactly the way you are. No complications while no dangerous changes happen in your life.

Financial stability that defies expectations of serious problems. Feelings about being supported that defies normal expectations.

To dream of experiencing yourself levitating may reflect awareness of yourself in a waking life making difficult or impossible things look easy. Surprising yourself or others with power or abilities you don't usually have. Defying what is considered normal. Feeling carried through a problem that exceptionally defies expectations.

To dream of levitation with the legs crossed represents feelings about situations defying all normal expectations that are is stasis. Feeling comfortable or stable in a highly unusual situation. Highly unusual behavior that appears to you or others as unconcerned with changing.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a sitting person levitating with their legs crossed moving through a forest path. In waking life he was experiencing a highly unusual situation where he was leaving behind an old business to start building a new one and felt that life was supporting him with a lot of luck to transition in a way he thought would normally be impossible to expect would work.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of hearing about a girl levitating in a bedroom, but when she got to the bedroom she only saw a radio and TV mysteriously turned on. In waking life she was very concerned with returning to God, but felt her drug addiction was holding her back. The levitation that is never witnessed in this case may reflected her disappointed awareness of her drug addiction not being exceptionally easy to overcome by simply saying she was sober, it required choosing to deal with it by changing her life.

Example 3: A man dreamed of levitating towards the ceiling. In waking life he was having problems with paying bills. The levitating in this case may have reflected his feelings about his ability to pay his bills while having problems exceptionally defying all his expectations.

*Please See Floating


To dream of a Lexus vehicle represents a style of decision-making or control over a situation that is notices it's successful and doesn't think it should be told it isn't. Refusing to waste time doing anything that isn't successful. Not listening to anyone tell you to stop winning or being successful in the current moment knowing you will have to address an issue at a later time. Feelings of being too busy being a winner in the current moment to listen to other people. An attitude towards others that sayings "nothing lethal, but I don't have time for you right now."

Negatively, dreaming of a Lexus represents the emptiness of being a winner that doesn't need say it's a winner. Noticing you are ignoring people while being busy winning. Putting issues off until later because you are too busy winning or being successful. An attitude that is a jerk about noticing it doesn't waste time with losing.

Example: A man dreamed of driving a Lexus. In waking life he was currently ignoring his girlfriend regarding an issue with their relationship knowing he would have to address it eventually, but also felt that he couldn't fixed to his girlfriend's demands.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of the car company Lexus offering a promotion. In waking life she was unemployed and felt that the the job market was merciless. The Lexus brand in this case may have reflected her feelings about needing to assertively not waste any time trying to successfully get a job.


To dream of a liar represents a person or situation that gave you a false impression or made you feel good before embarrassing you. A projection of something being insincere. Feeling about diminished trust, a bad reputation, ethics that have been avoided, or having been deceived. Feelings about expectations having been ruined.

To dream of someone calling you a liar when you aren't represents feelings of being viewed by others as insincere. Feeling that others view you with impatience or anger at not living up to expectations. It may also reflect guilt or regret for not having lived up to expectations or a promise you made. Feeling bad about not having enough time or opportunity to prove yourself.

To dream that you are aware of yourself lying may represent feelings about needing to pretend, pose, or project to others a false sense of reality. Awareness of yourself being desperate to avoid embarrassment. A need to avoid looking stupid to others. Telling people why you are a winner when you aren't so you can avoid looking like a loser. Awareness of yourself fooling others or cleverly getting away with something dishonest. Alternatively, wish to avoid being laughed at by others. Awareness of yourself lying in a dream may mirror waking life dishonesty.

To dream of being caught lying represents feelings of embarrassment of being caught posing or faking something in your life. Dishonesty about faked expectations of you have been revealed in some manner. Feeling that you have disappointed someone.

Example: A woman dreamed seeing of a person being a liar. In waking life she felt let down by life as a number of different area of her personal and family life became filled with disease, failure, and hopelessness. She expected so much more from life and felt that all her expectations for happiness in life were ruined.


To dream of a librarian represents an aspect of yourself that is knowledgeable, organized, and responsible for preserving information. Intelligence, efficiency, and trustworthiness in maintain information that is valuable. Feeling of power and control over your own learning and growth. Internal guidance or inner voice that helps keep track of information or knowledge

To dream of an evil librarian represents feelings about how mean, unfair, or insane you feel it is to be as knowledgeable, organized, and responsible for preserving information as demanded. Feelings of being punished or criticized for knowing too much, being too organized, or having too much control over important information. It may symbolize a fear of being oppressed or controlled by knowledge or rules, or a fear of losing control over your own information or knowledge. Feeling that you don't need information that's being offered.

Example: A man dreamed of a librarian that died and then met a new evil librarian. In waking life he was learning everything he could about being a parent and when the child was born he felt the need to learn how to be a serious parent faster than ever. In this case the death of the first librarian in the dream may symbolize a loss of knowledge or structure in the dreamer's life that felt patient or acceptable slowly learning while the pregnancy developed. The arrival of the evil librarian may represent a fear of not being able to learn quickly enough to become a responsible parent. The metaphor of a librarian in this dream can symbolize the dreamer's feelings about their own abilities to learn, organize, and preserve information related to parenting.

Example 2: A woman dream of a eating a library book and being fined $3000 by the librarian. In waking like the dreamer felt she needed guidance to make healthy food choices. In this case the librarian may reflect the dreamers internal guidance or inner voice that helps keep track of information or knowledge about healthy food. The dreamer's experience of eating the book and being charged a fine by the librarian represents the dreamer's guilt or shame over making unhealthy food choices that they know will have consequences.


To dream of a library represents a search for answers, knowledge, or ideas. You may be questioning some area of your life, be curious about something, or looking for new ideas.

A person or area of your life with a wealth of knowledge. A store of knowledge you always feel that you can depend on. Feelings about needing to learn a lot about something you are doing in waking life. Feelings about yourself being very studious or a "total geek."

Negatively, a library may reflect feelings about having to learn too much at once or unpleasant feelings about consistent learning.

Dreams of libraries are common to people trying to learn a lot about parenting.

A messy or disorganized library may point to frustration, or total preoccupation with finding the answers you want. You may be having difficulty getting answers or finding solutions.

Example: A woman dreamed of going to a library. In waking life she was going to school to prepare to enter medical school.

Example 2: A man dreamed of a librarian that died and then met a new evil librarian. In waking life he was learning everything he could about being a parent and when the child was born he felt the need to learn how to be a serious parent faster than ever.

Example 3: A single mother dreamed of going to a library to find her missing daughter and then found her daughter outside on a crucifix. In waking life the single mother had her daughter in therapy to learn about her daughter's behavior and then discovered that her daughter had gotten into trouble for acting out at school.

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To dream of lice represents thoughts and feelings of being unclean physically or emotionally. You may feel guilt, regret, used, dirty, or like you're not good enough. Feelings about about a pathetically dirty situation or problem with a sense that it might be contagious to be close to or cause you unnecessary frustration.

To dream of having lice may reflect feelings of total embarrassment with a frustration, irritation, or that you are not good enough in some way that will require annoying temporary changes.

Alternatively, lice may reflect people or situations that you wish to distance yourself from.


To see or carry a license in a dream represents the freedom or privilege to do something whenever you want. You may permission to pursue or proceed with a new endeavor in your life. It may also reflect more freedom or more access than other people in some way. You've been given the "go ahead."

Negatively, a license may reflect a total lack of restriction or conscience to do as you please. Feeling that you have a "license" to abuse something.

To dream of driving without a license may reflect abuse of resources or privileges that you haven't earned. Using the status of parents, better connected people, or rich friends without permission for your own needs.

Example: Paris Hilton, in her youth, often had recurring dreams of driving her parents car without a license and fearing getting caught. The dreams may have reflected her awareness of herself talking about herself or making decisions on her own that she knew her parents would reject if they ever found out about it. Possibly also a reflection of her awareness of herself being a spoiled rich kid who was showing off with her parents wealth without their knowledge.

License Plate

To dream of a license plate represents how we are identified or viewed by others. It reflects how our reputation, personality, or status is perceived by someone else.

A license plate is a symbol for how our decisions allow others to form opinions about us. Making out someone else's plate is then a metaphor for labeling someone based on the decisions they've made.

Negatively, a license plate may reflect too much preoccupation with how someone else's decisions are perceived as better than yours. Feelings about your decisions being too easily designated as pathetic or loser decisions without question. Feeling that you are too easily reprimanded by others get away with dishonesty with ease. Feeling that you are not being identified by God as an honest powerful person while dishonest people get away with negative behavior with ease.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her husband's truck with the license plate "NINJA" on it parked at the end of her driveway. In waking life she was in the process of getting a divorce from him and she feared that her husband would always defeat her attempts to separate with dignity and respect because he could always claim that she was crazy since she had been forced to take medication to stop hallucinations. She had anxiety about him having good luck always having a perfect way to perfectly embarrass her easily and without warning. The license plate with "NINJA" in this case may have reflected her feelings about viewing all her husband's actions in a way that is perfectly conflicting with her wishes.


To dream of licking something represents sensing of something new. Cautious or careful "tasting" of a situation. Risking testing something. Socially prodding or testing someone before getting more serious.

Alternatively, it may reflect how content or satisfied you are with a person or situation. Believing something isn't a big deal.

To dream of licked may reflect a person or situation that you feel is cautiously testing you or feeling you out. It may also reflect someone who is satisfied with you behavior.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a cat licking a security camera. In waking life his neighbor joking approached him about an anonymous complaint he had made while having no idea that he actually made the complaint.

Licorice Candy

To dream of red twizzler style licorice candy represents feelings about enjoying passionately or dangerously never having to stop behaving "twisted." Pleasure you get from toying or experimenting non-stop with something. Feeling good enjoying something repetitive, difficult, or intentionally "twisted."

To dream of black twizzler licorice candy represents enjoyment from excessively acting your age or enjoying never having to stop telling other people that they are stupid. Feeling good being intentionally "twisted" in a responsible manner. Feeling good never having to stop hating yourself in a way that other people can't do anything about. Being awful or excessive to other people you are toying with non-stop. Pleasure derived from playing or experimenting non-stop with something difficult. Enjoying scaring people with non-stop "twisted" behavior.

To dream of red licorice without twisting represents feelings about enjoying something dangerous that takes a long time. Enjoying something you are passionate about or feels that "everything is on the line" that takes a long time.

To dream of black licorice without twisting represents feelings about enjoying something excessive that takes a long time. Enjoying excessive responsibility that takes a long time.

Example: A girl dreamed of having a jar of red twizzler style licorice sitting on a shelf. In waking life she had just lost her virginity and was feeling good expecting to experiment non-stop with other kinds of sex by seducing her boyfriend.


To dream of a lid represents a situation where you are showing restraint or "putting it all back. Some area of your life that is being limited on purpose. You are done using something or restoring a situation to normal.


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Lie Detector

To dream of a lie detector represents pressure to prove your good intentions or integrity. Fear that something you're hiding or embarrassed about will be discovered. Feeling the potential for others to lose faith in you.

Alternatively, a lie detector may represent feelings about a situation where deception or immorality is impossible. Feeling that it's mandatory to be clean about all you do.

Life Jacket

To dream of a life jacket represents security and reinforcement while confronting uncertainty or negative situations. A backup plan or insurance that you can't fail or be overwhelmed by a negative situation. Knowing that no matter what happens to you you'll make it through a serious problem. Preparing for the worst or feeling that a situation is headed towards a crisis.

Negatively, dreams of a life jacket may reflect putting too much trust is something protecting you or helping you through a difficult situation. Not being critical enough of advice. It may also reflect feelings of being stupid for having trusted something.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a dog wearing a life jacket that was so amazing that she dropped all her belongings in a bog. In waking life she trusted the advice of a doctor that gave her a bad diagnosis which ended up making her medical problem worse. She refused to work with the doctor ever again, but then ended up having to go to the hospital to fix her problem and felt completely controlled by the new doctors.

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Life Review

To dream of a life review represents remembrance of everything that has happened to you before you decided to move on. You may have made a big decision or experienced a big change and are looking back over your old life. You may also be looking for mistakes you made before a change happened.

Alternatively, you may be nostalgic about everything that has happened to you before starting a new chapter of your life.

Example: A man dreamed he died of a gunshot to the head and then experiencing a life review. In waking life he finally decided to move away for a new job and was remembering everything that happened to him that lead him to this decision

Life Saver

To dream of using a life saver represents an opportunity or last chance to spare yourself from being overwhelmed by difficult situations or uncertainty. You or someone else may have been saved from a jam or embarrassing loss.

Positively, a life saver may reflect feelings of being lucky to have another chance or an opportunity to walk away from a problem. Taking advantage of an opportunity before it slips away. Feeling that someone was looking out for you.

To dream of an unused life saver may reflect a backup plan or safety measure. Hoping that you won't have to do something unless you absolutely have to.


To dream of a lifeboat represents a backup plan or secondary route to deal with uncertainty or negative situations. A way around an excessive amount of adversity. It may also be a sign that you are prepared to use simpler methods to deal with problems or difficulties if your original plan doesn't work. A safe way to walk away from your troubles. Having a backup plan or safe way to escape trouble in case someone doesn't help you in a crisis.

Example: A woman dreamed of getting on a lifeboat and having some difficulties doing so as someone almost tried to push her out of the boat. In waking life she went on maternity leave and feared getting replaced at her job when she left work. In this case the lifeboat mot likely reflected her sense of job security she got from taking maternity leave.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of having a lifeboat. In waking life she was very concerned about having an easy way to end a relationship if she didn't like dating the man anymore.


To dream of a lifeguard represents behavior that responsibly prevents others from going overboard or becoming overwhelmed by an uncertain situation. Keeping others from hurting themselves. An emotional backup plan or safety net to stop you from "drowning in your problem." Correcting a situation if it doesn't stay safe. A choice or option that allows you to escape emotional hardship. Objectivity that never allows you to completely succumb to a problem or feel that something permanent. Confronting an uncertain or negative situation responsibly. Making sure someone else doesn't do too far or get embarrassed by facing their problems. Awareness of potential dangers. Precautions being taken.

Negatively, dreaming of a lifeguard may also reflect you or someone else that is responsibly allowing others to break the rules without going overboard. Making sure dangerous behavior.

To dream of expecting a lifeguard to save you may reflect your expectations that someone will responsible intervene on your behalf if you get overwhelmed by a problem.

Example: A woman dreamed of an attractive lifeguard that she ended up rejecting. In waking life she had just broken up with her boyfriend, considered getting back with him because she felt so bad about it, but then realized it was for the best to avoid her ex for good. The lifeguard represented her emotional back up plan or way out of her heart ache by knowing she could talk to her ex again if she wanted to.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a lifeguard. In waking life she was pregnant and taking Lamaze classes. The lifeguard may have reflected her feelings about the Lamaze classes giving her the confidence to handle herself when the day she would give birth finally came.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of talking to a lifeguard. In waking life she felt that she had to be careful as she entered a new relationship.

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To dream of being lifted up represents a rising of confidence or understanding. An increase in your belief in yourself. You may also feel supported in your attempts to overcome a problem or win at something. An uplifting and wonderful feeling. Feeling encouraged.


To dream of light represents clarity, illumination, understanding issues, guidance, or insight. It may also reflect inspiration. Perhaps, "light is being shed" on a difficult or confusing situation. Alternatively, light may reflect truth or answers. Something in your life that is being "noticed" for what it really is.

Consider the color of the light for additional meaning.

To dream of turning on a light represents a choice or situation in your life that you want to notice or draw attention to. Choosing what you pay attention to or get involved in. It may also reflect what you choose to feel good about.

To dream of turning on a dull light may represent your wish to avoid looking too deeply into a problem or to try understand your own behavior. Feeling uninspired or dull.

To dream that you cannot turn on a light represents a lack of insight or inspiration.

To dream of having no light represents a lack of hope, understanding, clarity, guidance, or information. You can't figure out what is going on with a problem. Alternatively, it may reflect feelings of having no hope or that there is nothing good happening. Fear, or a negative situation preoccupies your thinking.

Bright light dreams are common for those who are near death because it reflects the dreamers total preoccupation with noticing life being close to it's end. The bright light reflects the dreamers inability to notice anything else except their impending death.

Example: A man dreamed of turning off a light. In waking life he had decided to change his mind about visiting his mother and felt guilty about it. Turning off the lights reflected his decision to not have a good time visiting his mother.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of bright lights in a hospital. In waking life she was having a difficult menstrual cycle and had to keep upbeat about it because she felt she couldn't do anything about it. The bright lights reflected her choice to be a positive as she could about getting through her problem.

Example 3: A man dreamed of having a light on while he was inside a cavern. In waking life he was doing a lot of self-reflection while alone and thinking over his problems.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing a column of light disappearing. In waking life a man she realized that a man she thought she loved didn't really love her.

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Light Bulb

To dream of a light bulb represents an idea. It may also reflect your awareness of whether or not an idea is working. Trying light bulbs in a lamp may reflect new ideas you are experimenting with. Giving different methods a shot and watching the results. Approaching a situation from a new direction.

To dream of a burned out light bulb represents feeling ineffective or your awareness that an idea doesn't work. Feel like you are out of ideas or have nothing to offer.

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Light Fixture

To dream of a light fixture represents a situation that you can choose to notice anytime you want. An option that is always available to you. Action that you can take if you want to.

Light Switch

To dream of a light switch represents feelings about being able to instantly feel safe, confident, or successful. Feelings about being able to easily witness an area of your life working. The ability to be creative at will. The ability to actualize your ideas at will. The ability to instantly create a positive change on demand. Your feelings about a situation being easy to control or navigate. Your feelings about the expectation of safety or easiness. Professional advice or behavior that makes a situation instantly easier.

Negatively, dreaming about a light switch may reflect an naive or arrogant attitude about how easy a situation is. Feeling that it's easy to instantly take control of situation. Feeling that it's easy to do something dishonest to witness yourself getting an advantage. Dangerous or risky ideas easily carried out. Expectations that you can be absolved or forgiven easily when you don't deserve to be. Watching other people be manipulated with ease to your own benefit. Arrogant beliefs that you deserve to easily use a resource when it only benefits you and not when it benefits others. Too much confidence in your intelligence or creativity.

To dream of a light switch not working represents feelings about being unable to feel that safety is under your control. New ideas or changes are not helping to illuminate truth as you expected. Feeling that you creativity is not working. A sense of risk or danger that you feel is impossible to avoid in the interim. An area of your life is not as easy or safe as you expected. Professional advice or behavior that is not making your life instantly easier. Unpleasant feelings about being unable to witness an area of your life working.

To dream of a light switch not working in a hallway may reflect feelings about being unable to safely make a change or transition in your life. A transition that you feel is not going to be easy. Feelings about the ambiguous nature of a transition that is close at hand. Feeling uninspired or unlucky as you make a change in your life. Feeling that professional advice or behavior is not helping you during a transition.

To dream of a light switch being turned on and off repeatedly represents feelings of safety or security not being stable. Feeling that you can't be confident in your ability to easily understand a situation. Intentionally keeping a situation ambiguous or insecure. Feeling that you are not being allowed to feel confident in a situation. Testing the security or stability of a situation. Intentionally annoying others or feeling that someone intentionally annoying you. Insecurity about a decision being witnessed. Insecurity with a relationship being acknowledged. Insecurity about the maintaining stability in your life.

Example: A man dreamed of a light switch not working. In waking life he felt that all his new ideas couldn't bring inspiration to his life. He felt that he lacked vision. The light switch not working in this case may have reflected his inability to sees his ideas bringing quick inspiration into his life.


To dream of a lighter represents feeling in control of whether you can start something on your own if you want. An interesting situation or problem you can easily start whenever you want. Feelings of never being desperate to start a situation or problem if you want to. Feelings of never being desperate to never have to like something or someone if you want to.

Negatively, dreaming of a lighter may represent the ability for a bad habit or something lethal to start a problem that could get out of control. Thinking too much about why you can do something bad easily. Feeling good for the rest of your life that you can easily do something bad to someone if you want. Control of something potentially reckless that you usually don't do anything reckless with.

To dream of a Zippo lighter represents being professional about being on your own not having to care about others if your don't want to. Being professional or classy about being a jerk starting something on your own. A professional decision to start something where nobody else even begins to thinks of it as good as you do. Being a jerk in some manner where nobody else even wants to think of it as good as you do. Feeling more adult or more professional than everyone else about starting something. Jealous not nothing about making sure something is always working. Feelings about not noticing anything little because you don't have to.

Example: A man dreamed of playing with a Zippo lighter. In waking life he was feeling good telling an enemy that he could get revenge on him whenever he wanted.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a beautiful woman sitting in a chair toying with a Zippo lighter to the point it burned the tip of her hair. In waking life he was witnessing a this woman discussing making a professional choice that might anger people she knew.


To dream of a lighthouse represents guidance during a difficult or dangerous situation. It may also reflect you knowing what to do during a stressful moment or crisis. Awareness or knowledge of how to avoid danger or trouble.


To dream of lightning represents unexpected or sudden changes in your life. Sudden realizations or emotional changes. Lightning may also reflect situations that have been activated or initiated. Alternatively, lightning may also reflect your feelings about how quick and effective something is. Problems being solved quickly without any questions. Emotional shock or sudden unexpected events. Inspiration or sudden great ideas.

Negatively, lightning may reflect a shocking turn of events. Feelings about how dangerous or irreversible sudden changes are.

Consider the color of the lightning for additional meaning.

Blue lightning symbolizes sudden changes are that very positive. Possibly reflecting feelings about something being the best thing that every happened to you. Disbelief at how positive a sudden a big change or new beginning is. Feeling shocked that something terrible has ended. Alternatively, it may reflect the intention to resolve a negative situation as quick as possible.

To dream of dark green lightning represents a sudden change in your life that is caused by selfishness or someone else's arrogance. Fast acting problem solving motivated completely by selfishness. Negatively, green lightning may reflect situations where someone powerful has been embarrassed and is taken shockingly quick action to correct it.

To see red lightning represents sudden changes in your life caused by negative intentions or negative situations. Feeling surprised by something dangerous or evil. Quick action taken by you or someone else when angry. Quick retribution by you or someone else that is a "total asshole." A shockingly fast negative turn of events.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her husband's penis with a lightning symbol on the head of the penis. In waking life she had left him, was pregnant, and was beginning to feel that staying with him for the sake of the kids was a good idea because he could take care of the bills faster than she could on her own. The lightning symbolized her feelings about how quickly and effectively her husband could take care of the finances.


To dream of liking something or someone represents your feelings, preferences, and affinities in waking life. Your attraction to a particular person, idea, situation, or object. Feelings of approval, acceptance, and enjoyment in aspects of your waking life. A sense of agreement with what you perceive as positive or harmonious, reflecting your preferences or affirmations. Personal satisfaction, connection with others, or self-acknowledgment of your desires and choices.

Positively, dreaming of liking something or someone may reflect your genuine affection, admiration, or approval of a person or a situation in your life. Feelings and a sense of contentment related to what you appreciate or enjoy. Your openness to new experiences, people, or opinions that resonate with your personality or life journey.

Negatively, dreaming of liking something or someone might suggest an attachment or dependency that needs to be examined. Feeling overly infatuated or influenced by someone or something, potentially to your detriment. A superficial attempt at conformity, perhaps masking your true feelings or opinions in order to be accepted or liked by others. A scenario in your waking life where you are compromising your authenticity to fit in or avoid conflict. This dream may encourage you to assess whether your feelings are based on genuine affection or if they are driven by external pressures or unrealistic expectations.

To dream that you don't like something or someone reflects your feelings of aversion, disapproval, or dissatisfaction in your waking life. It signifies your resistance or opposition to a particular person, situation, idea, or aspect of your life. This dream may be a reflection of your true feelings or a subconscious acknowledgment of something that you find unappealing or disagreeable. A healthy reminder to trust your instincts and boundaries. Your ability to discern what doesn't resonate with your values or preferences, helping you make choices that align better with your true self. Your assertiveness in refusing to accept or tolerate something that goes against your principles. Harboring negative emotions or biases that need to be examined. It may reflect an unwillingness to accept change, adapt, or be open-minded, leading to missed opportunities or strained relationships. Additionally, it could indicate unresolved conflicts or unresolved issues that you need to address to find inner peace and contentment.

To dream that people like you may represent your desire for approval, acceptance, or validation in your waking life. Positive feedback and affirmation from others. Feelings about an aspect of your personality letting you believe in yourself without a problem for the first time. A sense of belonging and recognition which can boost your confidence and self-assurance. Healthy self-esteem, a positive self-image, and a strong support network. Feelings about your actions and personality being appreciated by others.

Negatively, dreaming that people like you may reveal insecurities or a fear of rejection. Relying too heavily on external validation and approval, leading to a lack of authenticity or people-pleasing behavior. A need to work on your self-confidence and self-acceptance, regardless of others' opinions.

Example: A teenage boy dreamed of being in a creepy house and liking it. In waking life, he was aware of himself losing old friends while feeling it was normal. In this case, liking a creepy house may have reflected his acceptance of a changing social situation in his life. The creepy house symbolized the idea that he was comfortable with the changes, even though they might seem unsettling or unusual to others. The dream indicated his ability to adapt and find a sense of contentment in a new social environment, despite the unconventional nature of it.

Example 2: A teenage girl dreamed of liking a guy putting his arm around her. In waking life, the guy in the dream wasn't someone he ever thought about anymore. However, she did have a crush on a guy that already had a girlfriend. She recently felt a craving to be in love. In this case, liking the guy's arm around her may have reflected her feelings about enjoying the thought of being in love again with someone who she may have unconsciously felt would never need to talk to her for the rest of her life because he already had a girlfriend (guy in dream was someone she never thought of and didn't miss).

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To dream of a lilac flowers represents feelings about how beautiful it is to notice never fearing a sense of accomplishment in something that isn't dependent on anything else. A sense of accomplishment in something that nobody else wants to do that always cares about your feelings. Feeling good noticing yourself successful from being self taught. Feeling good about your children having grown up to be independent never needing you for anything.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing someone take lilac flowers out of a bouquet meant for her. In waking life she was having issues with her company failing and a need for perfectionism. The lilac flowers being taken by someone else may have reflected her feelings about a habit, problem, or other person not allowing her to enjoy herself feeling accomplished without dependence on others.


To dream of the lily flower represents sensitivity about noticing that a situation or relationship is more special or more beautiful than others.

Negatively, dreaming of lilies may represent situations where you or someone else is putting a positive spin on a bad behavior. Trying to feel good that something bad or wrong is a beautiful thing. A positive attitude about adultery.

Example: A woman dreamed of being given a lily flower by a man. In waking life she was cheating on her husband with a man that didn't want a serious relationship and wanted to keep the sexual relationship the same. The lily flower represented how the man she was having an affair with wanted her to feel good about noticing that the adulterous sexual relationship was a special one because the sex was so good.

Lily Pad

To dream of a lily pad represents contradiction of beliefs. A person or situation always surprises you by doing the opposite of what you expect them to.

*Please See Water Lily


To dream of a lime represents thoughts and feelings about having to wait for something, setbacks, and delays. It may also symbolize your feelings about not getting what you wanted.


To dream of limestone represents feelings about strong or enduring behavior that's unquestionable about anything being wrong with it. Behavior that is strong about believing in itself whether you like it or not without having to explain itself.

Interesting: The Pyramids of Egypt were originally encased in polished limestone. The limestone may have been used as a symbol for the Pharaoh to showcase permanence, purity, and unyielding strength. The choice of polished limestone for the Pyramids suggests the desire for eternal shine, reflecting the divine light and magnificence of the Pharaoh's reign. In this context, dreaming of limestone could be indicative of a pursuit of a timeless legacy, an unblemished reputation, and the aspiration to stand firm against the test of time, just as the ancient Pyramids have.

Example: A person dreamed of being inside a limestone dome and felt a sudden rush of panic. In waking life, they were struggling with discarding their traditional Christian religion for pantheism/solipsism. In this case, the limestone dome may have reflected their feelings about their religious views being strong and enduring about being unquestionable about anything being wrong with them so long as they were isolated by people with similar views.


To dream of a limousine represents decision-making or a direction in life that where everything is being done for you. You may be noticing other people doing all the work for you in some situation. A limo may reflect power, wealth, prestige as you are catered to.

Example: A woman dreamed of driving around in a limousine with Ronald Reagan. In waking life she was heavily pregnant and everyone she knew was trying their hardest to make her feel good while trying to make her life easier doing all her chores for her.


To dream of limping while walking represents a problem that's holding you back or distracting you. Feeling emotionally or physically exhausted. You may feel unable to express yourself or succeed in full force. It may also reflect emotional wounding that is effecting your confidence.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a limping rabbit. In waking life she was emotionally and physically exhausted from making a huge move from one US State to another with her family.


To see a line in your dream symbolizes duality, limits, boundaries and rules. It may also reflect movement, progress, or a lack thereof. Alternatively, it could reflect a direction in life you are headed (good/bad, health/sickness, rich/poor). A straight path towards a goal.

To dream that you are crossing a line represents overstepping a boundary or moving beyond the limits of some area of your life.

To see a line of people or objects may represent an area of your life that is being prioritized. It could also point to an area of your life that needs your full attention.

To dream of standing in line may represent something you are waiting for in waking life. It may also reflect impatience. You may not feel that your needs are a priority. Other people may seem to always come before you. Standing in line could also represent your feelings about where you stand in relation to others. You may feel you deserve more.

To dream of someone cutting in from of you in the line you are standing in represents feelings about other people getting unfair preferential treatment. Fear of losing your role or placement at work. Concerns with others having to do less then you to achieve the same goals.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing someone cut in the line she was standing in. In waking life she was concerns about losing her position and tenure at work if she took maternity leave.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being in a room with red line on the floor and a Gypsy across from him. In waking life he was living with an attractive roommate who flashed her breasts at him. He was secretly wondering what the "boundaries" were in the living arrangement because he wanted to have sex with her. The line may have reflected his concerns about when his behavior towards her would be considered "crossing the line."

*Please See Queue


To dream of linen represents feelings of quality that you don't want embarrassed. Awareness of yourself not wanting to be dishonest or embarrassed all the time. Not wanting to "soil" your personality or integrity. Feels good having someone taking care of you all the time. Not wanting anyone laughing at you while being a good person all the time. Feelings about wanting a quality relationship with God or religion. Feelings about being a specialist at something quality and not wanting to be embarrassed with it. Feeling good acting your age and not wanting to stop.

Negatively, dreaming about linen may represent feelings about annoyance or fear of ever being dishonest or embarrassed. Fear of God or the power of God. Not laughing at the idea of anyone ruining some area of your life. Quality ideas that annoy you with need to replace them.

To dream of white linen clothing may reflect the personality being focused on quality that isn't embarrassed such as strong marriage, strong spiritual faith, or living as a good example to others.

Example: A woman dreamed of wearing white linen clothing. In waking life she was very concerned with wanting to get closer to God.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of finding white linen in a flower garden. In waking life she was very concerned about getting closer to God again with her Christian faith.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing linen on a shelf. In waking life her boyfriend broke up with her and said he lost his faith after meeting new friends and new girlfriend.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing her father laying on a linen bedsheet on a bed. In waking life she was planning to leave her partner. The linen bedsheet may have reflected her feelings about her accepted decision to leave her partner being a quality decision she didn't want to change.


To dream of lingerie represents enticement. Your or some aspect of your personality is arousing hope or desire. Lingerie may point to sexual enticement as well as desirable life situations that are arousing interest.

To dream of wearing lingerie represents your personality being focused on enticing a person or situation towards a goal you have. It may also reflect sexual desire you feel for someone or your attempts initiate intimacy with them.

Lingerie can also represent the readiness of one aspect of your life to merge with another aspect of your life in creating a life experience. One area of your life or aspect of your personality enticing or luring another to form another kind of experience.

Lingerie Store

To dream of a lingerie store represents your attempt to become a more enticing, interesting, or desirable person to others. You want to be more attractive or difficult to resist. You may be trying to figure out a way to make yourself stand out or win someone over.

A lingerie store may also reflect your wish to have your ideas, beliefs, or choices become more desirable to others. You may want to make "your side" or "your plans" difficult to resist.

Alternatively, a lingerie store may reflect your wish to decide how to best sexually attract someone.

*Please See Lingerie


To dream of lint represents an irritating flaw or obstacle that distracts you. An annoying imperfection that you feel is wasting your time waste time.

Example: A young man dreamed of removing lint from his clothing. In real life he was in the process of finally figuring out the solution to a very frustrating problem.

Lion Tamer

To dream of a lion tamer represents behavior that is focused on keeping controlling and aggressive tendencies in check. You may be a experiencing a situation where you are totally preoccupied by keeping a powerful or controlling person well-behaved. It may also reflect your attempt to learn self-control over anger or to be less of a dominating presence with others.


*Please See Lions


To dream of lions represents feelings of total control or domination of others. Either your own need to control others, or your projection of other people who you feel want to control you.

Positively, a lion may represent leadership, courage, or using your temper for good purposes. Yelling at misbehaving children or dishonest people. Angry threats towards criminal-minded people. Terrifying enemies or bullies with your anger. Standing up to someone. Forcing other people to respect you with fear. Strong leadership.

Negatively, a lion may reflect a fear of people who you are allowing to control you. Control that is too serious. Angry intimidating people in your life. A fear of bullies. Fearing upsetting someone powerful. A persistent feeling of trying very hard not to upset someone. Fearing employers, doctors, dentists, police, or other people with professional authority that you don't want to embarrass yourself with. A fear of legal consequences. Fearing not complying with high standards that are expected of you. Alternatively, it may reflect your abuse or exploitation of power to control others. Losing your temper with people you care about. A really bad temper. An overreaction or embarrassing power trip. Feeling controlled by bills or creditors that will threaten you if you don't pay your bills.

To dream of a female lioness may represent controlling females or feelings of being dominated by women. A fear of angering a powerful women. Feelings about caring too much what passive people think and being controlled by it.

Example: A woman dreamed of having a pet lion. In waking life, she was cheating on her husband with a very aggressive man whom she felt she had to look after.

Example 2: A man dreamed of female lions running around a store he regularly shopped at. In waking life, when he shopped at the store he was very insecure about what the store owners thought about him. He felt socially controlled.

Example 3: A man dreamed of trying to avoid lions. In waking life, he was successfully treating a serious health problem with a natural vitamin supplement and he feared that when he spoke to his medical doctors that they would force him to stop taking it.

Example 4: A young man dreamed of fearing lions. In waking life, he was very insecure about attending a really strict school with high standards.

Example 5: A man dreamed of a lion he was trying to avoid. In waking life, he regretted yelling at his son and was having problems apologizing for it.

Example 6: A man dreamed of seeing a lion. In waking life, he was concerned about his boss making threats about the DEA showing up at his workplace to investigate drugs. In this case, the lion symbolism may have reflected his feelings about his boss being too controlling using threats about the dangerous controlling power of the DEA if he was caught with drugs.

Example 7: A woman dreamed of seeing lions. In waking life, she was concerned about being controlled by her creditors requiring payments for debts.

Example 8: A woman dreamed of a lioness. In waking life, she was having problems with a female boss that was too controlling.

Example 9: A young man dream of a lion being left at his house. In waking life, he felt that his family was yelling at him too much and was too serious about controlling him to force him to behave.


To dream of liposuction represents powerful or drastic measures to reduce the issues in life that embarrass you or prevent you from being perfect. Quickly cutting out "dead weight" or irresponsible behavior. You may be preoccupied with the impression you make on others.

Negatively, liposuction may reflect quick fixes and a lack of fundamental discipline. Finding the easy way out of a problem that will only give you a short term advantage. Unsustainable changes to impress others.


To dream of lips represents invitation, or temptation. Something that is beginning to interest you in thinking a certain way or doing something you like.

Lips with red lipstick represent sexual temptation. Usually negative in perspective such as sexual desire for someone you don't really care about. Lips with red lipstick may also reflect an aspect of your personality that is tempting you.

*Please See Kissing

*Please See Mouth


To dream of lipstick represents an aspect of your personality that feels superior or more deserving than others. Wanting to outdo or outperform others you feel are less important. Being "positiver" than someone else. It may be a sign that you or someone believes that they are smarter, stronger, richer, or better than someone else at something. It may also reflect a higher sense of maturity over others.

Negatively, lipstick may represent you or someone else that is inducing jealousy in others. It may also reflect conceit or arrogance. Believing it's impossible for you to ever lose or have to lower your standards.

To dream of putting on lipstick represents feelings that something about you gives you an edge over others. You may have more experience, resources, information, or physical superiority.

Example: A girl dreamed of noticing herself wearing lipstick in photographs she was looking at with her ex-boyfriend. In real life she was helping him get through a tragic death and wanted to appear to him as a more mature or "better person" who was capable of friendship despite their past. The dream reflected her wish to be remembered or viewed as a more supportive friend than his other friends.


To dream of liquid represents some area of your life never having to stay the same, easy adaptability to change, or the "fluid nature" or a situation. Liquid could also reflect sociability or the "fluid" nature of social interaction.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing orange liquid get spit onto someone. In waking life he was very anti-social and didn't like being forced into uncomfortable social situations. The orange liquid in this case being spit on someone may have reflected his feelings about the powerful "fluid nature" of a social encounter or talking to someone.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing dark yellow smelly oozing liquid. In waking life he just been dumped by his girlfriend after she told him she had been cheating on him with someone else. The dark yellow smelly oozing liquid in this case may have reflected his feelings about the "fluid nature" of another man socially interacting with this girlfriend making it impossibly difficult and disgusting to think reconciling because she admitted cheating on him.

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