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*Please See Leeward

Dr. Dre

To dream of Dr. Dre represents an aspect of personality that is more incredible than other people (or gets the most attention) for behavior that's feeling good being more arrogant or confident than someone else about being smooth and composed doing its job being the trusted authority of hooked up toughness, being as backed up as it said it is, and hasn't had to make history get back at someone yet. Behavior that is fearless of being in trouble, more confident than other people about never deserving to be little, smoother about maintaining composure than someone else about why a situation might get worse, while feeling good being an authority about what getting back at people while hooked up that doesn't need to repeat itself. Feeling good while maintaining composure and toughness in the face of challenges. Experiencing situations where serious/dangerous decisions are being made and people might be getting back at other people. Feeling good being supportive of what someone else assertive said that's smooth about fixing a dangerous situation with backup. Feeling good being supportive of talking back to people about a dangerous situation needing to be fixed with backup if it gets any more dangerous than it is.

Negatively, dreaming of Dr. Dre could suggest an excessive sense of arrogance or overconfidence about showing off composed and smooth about being the toughest and getting back at people which may lead to conflicts or confrontations with others.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing Dr. Dre temporarily accept himself locked in a concrete room with a solid metal door as leverage during a criminal investigation in order to prove that the criminal was a liar. The situation was sensitive about other important people having to feel good about it resolving a specific way despite how dangerous it was. In waking life, he was confident and comfortable about enduring a similar real-life situation. In this case, the Dr. Dre may have reflected his feelings about maintaining composure and a smooth attitude about confronting a temporarily dangerous criminal situation, where he had to stand firm and prove his point.


*Please See Vampire


To dream of being drafted represents opinions or beliefs that you feel are being forced on you. Situations where you feel pressured into behaving a certain way or doing what someone else wants. Standing up for a cause you don't really care about or don't feel comfortable with. It may also represent having to stand up for friends or family when they are wrong.

Negatively, being drafted may be a sign that you need more self-discipline in your life.


To dream of being dragged by a person may reflect feelings about being forced to go along with a situation against your will. Feeling pressured into compliance that you don't want to comply with. Strong feelings of resistance or reluctance. Experiencing feelings of unwillingness from people or situations. Feeling forced to go along with others choices or demands reluctantly. A lack of control over one's life. Feeling forced to deal with problems or situations against one's will. A lack of volunteering in a situation. Insisting a person or situation does something against their will. Forcing others even if it means that they will "kick and scream" against you.

Positively, dreaming of being dragged may represents feelings of being helped or guided through a difficult situation that you don't like, but which is in your best interest. Parents, teachers, or authorities figures that are making you do something you don't want to do.

To dream of dragging someone else may reflect your own overbearing insistence over another person or situation. Being highly motivated to force someone to do something that they don't want to do. Making people do things against their will. Ignoring someone else's feelings. Thinking that you are acting in someone else's best interest to force them into a situation. Making something happen whether it likes it or not.

To dream of being dragged by a vehicle represents feelings of being forced to go along with someone else's decision-making. Feeling embarrassed that you are totally out of control of a situation that someone else is completely in control of. Feeling embarrassed or humiliated by someone controlling the direction of your life.

To dream of being dragged by a horse represents feelings of powerlessness or reluctance to go along with someone else's drive and ambition despite resistance. Feeling embarrassed by someone else's ambition or motivation to proceed with goals that you don't want to pursue. Feeling pressured or coerced into pursuing goals or outcomes that you do not agree with or do not feel comfortable with. Feeling embarrassed that you are not being listened to at all with your protests against someone that is much more motivated than you are.

Dreams of being dragged are very common to people involved in the military or their spouses who have to reluctantly witness them going off to service.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a woman crying as she was dragged away by a man. In waking life, she was a social worker who felt powerless as she learned that one of the women she had tried to help had been violently murdered. In this case, the dragging may have reflected her feelings about the victim's murder forcefully removed from the social worker's power to provide assistance and support.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing his child dragged away from him. In waking life, he was enlisted in the military and felt reluctantly forced to leave his family due to military service. In this case, seeing his child dragged away from him may have reflected his sense of powerlessness and the feeling of being forcefully pulled apart from his family due to his military obligations.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing someone being dragged along a floor. In waking life, he experienced the death of his grandfather as the first person in his family to die. In this case, the dragging may have reflected his feelings about witnessing his grandfather's resistance to death and feeling the force of life pushing against his grandfather's desire to hold on.


To dream of a dragonfly represents asserting one's self or telling someone to "f*ck off." Making it obvious or rudely stating that you don't care about anything someone else is thinking.

To be attacked by a dragonfly symbolizes an interaction with someone else where you were insensitive to their feelings. You may have said or did something that was cold or insensitive to another person. Alternatively, an attack by a dragonfly may represent a person or situation that was cold, rude or insensitive to you. Someone may have asserted themselves in a way that doesn't feeling good for you.

Example: A woman dreamed of holding a dragonfly in her hand that died. In waking life she was planning to dump her boyfriend, but then changed her mind.


To dream of a dragon represents a paralyzing fear or feelings of being subjected to tyranny. A person or situation that may terrify you. A dragon may also reflect feelings about behavior that is dangerously terrible to others. A terrifying person or problem that may be difficult to evade. A common symbol for tyranny.

Alternatively, a dragon may reflect feelings about someone else's enormous or scary temper.

To see a black dragon in your dream represents one of your most powerful fears. Something that terrifies you or is too difficult for you to stand up to. You may feel paralyzed by fear or nervousness.

To see a light green dragon in a dream represents a powerful fear or terrifying experience that heals you or improves your life. Facing your worst nightmare to improve yourself. A terrifying challenge that must be faced in order to move on with your life.

To dream of a blue dragon represents a very positive person or situation that terrifies into doing what it wants.

To dreaming of being a dragon points to your own attempts to terrify or scare people. You may be using fear as a weapon or control mechanism.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a small dragon on his paint brush. In waking life he was an artist and was terrified of his paintings not being perfect because he felt people would not like them or totally lose respect for him if they were ugly.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing dragons circling in the sky. In waking life was terrified of not passing a serious spiritual test. He felt his soul was in peril if it didn't pass the test.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of being chased by a black dragon. In waking life she was desperately trying to avoid her mother who was very angry and intimidating. She felt that her mother would never take no for an answer.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of being in a room with a dragon. In waking life she was forced to spend time with her boss and feared losing her job if she did anything to upset her boss who had a very bad temper.

Example 5: A man dreamed of seeing a blue dragon at the end of a water tunnel. In waking life his pregnant girlfriend had a miscarriage. In this case the blue dragon may have reflected feelings about how terrible and relieving the miscarriage was because it encouraged discussing breaking up or never having children.


To dream of a drain represents your ability to let go or release something for good. How well you can let go of people, beliefs, emotions, or situations. Consider the condition and appearance of the drain for additional symbolism. Problems that you feel can be slowly tapered down, released, or relieved.

Negatively, drains may reflect feelings of losing grip on a situation. Feeling forced to let go of a situation, control, or a relationship when you don't want to. An area of your life that you feel is "going down the drain."

To dream of a drain that is blocked represents a difficulty letting go for good. You may not like letting go of something or don't like believing you have to. Beliefs or relationships that are too hard to let go of. Alternatively, it may represent some wasted effort or embarrassing loss.

To dream of draining a sink represents feelings about letting go of something for good. A backup problem is slowly being resolving or going away. It may also reflect the end of a cleansing stage of your life. Easy progress. Confidence in watching a problem or difficult moment improve on it's own. Feeling that it's easy to move on from a situation.

To dream of draining a person or device of power may reflect feelings about trying to exhaust something of energy. Feelings about yourself becoming exhausted in some manner. Observing yourself or someone else becoming exhausted and not doing anything to stop it.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing bubblegum stuck in a drain that he was trying to remove. In waking life he was having difficulty getting over a girl he liked. He couldn't let go of his desire for her because he enjoyed thinking about her too much.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of seeing water on the floor drain into a hole in the wall and go into the basement. In waking life he had was webmaster who was confronting a jealous competitor who was trying to spam his website with negative promotions so the Google search engine would deindex him. He configured a disavow file to list all the negative web domains the competing webmaster used against him so Google would help him to ignore the spamming with ease.

Drake The Rapper

To dream of Drake the rapper represents an aspect of personality that is more incredible than other people (or gets the most attention) for behavior that feels good showing off cool, successful, and "professional as it gets" about being hooked up that doesn't have to stop, while being safe. Behavior that's better than other people about being cool, happening, but not wanting anything violent or angry. An ideal balance of being cool and appealing, yet responsible and grounded.

Negatively, dreaming about Drake may represent behavior that overdoes showing off liking seeing itself being heavier about being cool, professional, and safe about everything working out without a problem like it's obvious when other people might think you enjoy thinking about it too much. Occasionally embarrassing yourself being a wuzzle with being safe, non-violent, never being angry, or old enough.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing Drake the rapper wanting to date her. In waking life, she lived in England and was anxious about all her family moving back to her country and having contact with old friends and relatives. In this case, Drake may have reflected her wish to show off as cool and professional as possible to all her family that moving home was interesting, problemless, and safe while connecting to their old friends and family. Drake's persona in the dream might represent an ideal balance of being cool and appealing, yet responsible and grounded, mirroring her aspirations to reintegrate into her social circle in Europe effectively and impressively.


To dream of a drawbridge represents a change or transition that requires conditions to be perfect first. Feeling that you need to wait for permission to "pass" a situation. You or someone else can't progress or do something different until a required condition occurs first.

Alternatively, a drawbridge may reflect the emotional requirements letting go or opening up to someone. You may have drawn a line or have made boundaries for yourself. A condition in a relationship that must be "just right" to allow progress.

Negatively, a drawbridge may reflect feelings of impatience about making a transition or change in your life. Unbearable wait to change your life. Feeling that someone is taking too long or wasting your time. Feeling that someone is cutting you off.

To dream of a drawbridge going up represents feelings about a person or situation thinking something else is more important than your need to easily transition or pass a situation. Some is refusing explain their demands. Feeling that you have to wait for something more important than your need to finish.

To dream of a drawbridge going down may reflect feelings about a person or situation easing it's restrictions on progress. Feeling comfortable allowing progress to continue.

To dream of driving over a drawbridge that is lifting up may reflect a fear of being cut off from an important opportunity in your life. Impatience or risk taking to bypass a transitory phase in your life. An unwillingness to wait for permission. Taking a dangerous risk to move on with your life.


To dream of a drawer represents hidden resources or options. Things you can do that you don't normally consider. Ideas or possibilities you have put on hold of special occasions. It may also reflect options or ideas that you aren't ready to use yet.

Alternatively, a drawer symbolizes your reserves. There is something that you have stored away, but are now ready to use or express.

Example: A man dreamed of opening a drawer filled with objects he felt uninterested in. In waking life the man was dealing with a rich friend who failed to keep a promise regarding a large sum of money. He had seriously considered getting violent or killing the friend as an option to get his money. Opening the drawer in the dream and not liking the objects reflected his consideration of using violence as an option and not liking it.

Example 2: A man dreamed of putting one of his nicer watches into a drawer. In waking life he had decided that it wasn't time to move homes yet.


To dream of a drawing represents a subjective interpretation on a situation, problem, or idea. A personal expression or opinion of something. Construction of ideas. Mapping out your direction or plans.

*Please See Art Gallery

*Please See Artists

*Please See Artwork

*Please See Chalkboard


To dream of dreadlocks represents a thinking style that permanently accepts itself as carefree, nonchalant, and free-spirited. A thinking style that is serious about being laid back without needing to explain itself being the way it is. Laid back without problems that's more serious than usual. Not being laughed at while being laid back. Feeling more attractive than someone else about being laidback. A thinking style that is laid back about never having a problem with anything it's doing no matter how dangerous or tough about being laid back it looks. A thinking style that is comfortable being different from regular life and doesn't worry about changing if it doesn't want to. Conformity isn't important. A thinking style so laid back it doesn't think anyone else's opinions are important.

A thinking style that is adorable about never believing anything is a serious problem. Non-jealous, non-possessive attitude about ex-partners that is comfortable being close friends. A simple and carefree lifestyle that values creativity, music, and the beauty of the natural world. A thinking style with a laid-back and relaxed demeanor, and a tendency to avoid getting angry or upset, even when things aren't going well. A bohemian lifestyle mindset. Thinking style that values individuality and nonconformity, and that seeks to break free from the constraints of mainstream society.

Negatively, dreadlocks in a dream may represent a thinking style that is perceived as lazy or reckless, and which can make others uncomfortable with being laid back. A laid back thinking style that others may find dirty or excessive. Awareness of its own dangerous or sexually liberal tendencies. Surviving laid back without an explanation to other people. It may also suggest a lack of ambition or concern for success, or a belief that being carefree and unwise is preferable. In addition, this type of thinking may hide underlying issues and avoid confronting problems, while projecting an image of nothing ever being wrong with it. A laid back attitude that may feel it never has to be supportive of someone else if it doesn't want to. Awareness of yourself or someone else thinking dangerously about being laid back or carefree when other people mind it. Uncomfortable feelings about being sexually liberal as though it's common. Thinking style that is dangerously never angry. Isn't fearing not being successful. Isn't believing that being wisest person is best thing for you at the current time. A thinking style that doesn't accept conforming to normal standards to the point of causing discomfort or feeling it's dirty to other people.

Dreadlocks may also be a sign that you or someone else isn't as conservatively serious about something as much as someone else is to the point of be looked at as reckless or dangerous.

Example: A young man dreamed of touching his dreadlocks. In waking life, he had recently ended a relationship with his girlfriend on good terms, and they remained friends. The dreadlocks in the dream may represent his laidback, carefree, and relaxed attitude towards the breakup, as well as his ability to let go and move on without any problems or drama.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of someone pulling on her dreadlocks. In waking life she was trying her hardest to relax or act laid back at work while people were gossiping about her. She was having problems being accepted laid back without problems. She have also felt that people at work were trying to control her carefree and nonchalant attitude.


To dream of a dreamcatcher represents an emotional wall or barrier against the negativity in your life that you are putting up. You may have a habit or belief that carries you through a difficult situation.


To dream that you are dreaming represents a realization that something in your life wasn't as serious as you thought it was.

Positively, this reflects worries that are overblown. You may have been afraid or concerned about something and a life situation proved that you were overreacting.

Negatively, a dream within a dream can point to disappointments, letdowns, or something you thought was wonderful not turning out the way you thought it would.


To dream of wearing a dress represents feelings of behavior that is compliant, accepting, and giving. An accommodating personality. Behavior that receptive, understanding, and supportive. Behavior that respect itself with responsible passivity or listening. Feelings about respectful listening that doesn't let anything embarrassing happen. Listening that feels being assertive isn't important for itself. Behavior that respect itself listening with compliance, willingness, or obedience. Feeling that a person completely listens to you that is respectful of you. Feelings about a situation or person that doesn't see itself as more important than you because it's intelligent to do so. A positive attitude about accepting a loss. Alternatively, a dress reflect a giving nature or a strong outward expression of selflessness. Behavior that is as professionally accommodating towards other people as reasonable possible.

Negatively, wearing a dress is a sign that you lack of assertive power or control. You are agreeable to others needs or not able to do what you want. Subordination or serving the needs of others. A sign that you are getting over serious problems and learning to accept a difficult change. Often a dream symbol for people recovering from serious injuries or major surgery that leaves scars. Being overly accommodating to others at your own personal expense. You can't dictate the terms of a situation or it appears that someone else is in control. It may also reflect respectfully mourning a loss. Being excessively accomodating to other people. Feelings about yourself or someone else being a wimp about compliance or doing what they are told.

To dream of seeing someone else wearing a dress represents some aspect of your personality that is compliant, accepting, and giving. Feelings about yourself or someone else being accommodating. It may also reflect obedience, or a lack of control. Feelings about yourself or someone else being too subservient.

To dream of a sexually desirable woman wearing a dress represents a desirable aspect of your life being accommodating, accepting, compliant or serving your needs. Situations that you want to happen effortlessly manifest in your life. Feeling that someone is doing everything for you to ensure a desirable outcome. Negatively, a sexually desirable woman wearing a dress may reflect temptation or an issue you feel is too accommodating to your negative habits or unhealthy desires. Feelings of dependency, not being able to function without certain people or situations, or the fear of losing something extremely beneficial or helpful in your life.

To dream of a yellow dress represents accommodation that is noticeable or sees itself doing things for you. People seem usually interested in you or eager to help you. Compliance or subordination that is noticeable or obvious.

To dream of a red dress represents accommodation, compliance, or subordination that is passionate or dangerous. A situation in your life requiring intense compliance or accommodation, whether out of passion or necessity. Serious situations or important issues that require your absolute compliance or submission. Accommodation or compliance that is fueled by love, passion, or an intense fear or anxiety. Feeling forced to comply with demands or requirements that you perceive as harmful or threatening. Accommodating and accepting of doctors' orders, even if feels perilous. Feeling that someone else loves you or accommodates you first no matter what. Accomodation, obedience, or listening that would notice violence if asked.

To dream of a black dress represents strict accommodation, compliance, or subordination in a professional context. Maintaining professional compliance. Accomodation or subordination that feel excessive. You might feel that you have to be a 'yes person', agreeing to all requests or demands regardless of your personal feelings or well-being.

To dream of light blue dress represents behavior that is accommodating, compliant or helpful in a thoughtful or positive way. Behavior that is receptive, understanding, and supportive in a way that is beneficial, uplifting, wants you to stop being afraid. Giving more than you're receiving, which could lead to feelings of being taken advantage of or feeling unappreciated. Maintaining a positive, caring, and accommodating attitude.

To dream of a dark blue dress represents accommodation or compliance in a serious, rule adhering, or business friendly way. Compliance with the truth even if it feels too serious or feels mean. Accomodation in a business professional manner that is serious about getting things done and not making mistakes. You feel obligated to behave in a particular way, either due to professional responsibilities, societal expectations, or personal principles. A mindset that is strict, by-the-book, and oriented towards maintaining high standards or meeting certain expectations. Negatively, a dark blue dress may reflect feelings of being under pressure to comply with exacting standards or rules, possibly leading to feelings of stress or anxiety. You might feel constrained or limited in your actions, or unable to express yourself freely due to these expectations or obligations. Feelings about being perceived as too serious, stringent, or unyielding, suggesting that you might be struggling with issues related to authority. Conducting yourself in a manner that is deemed appropriate or required in a particular situation

To dream of light green dress represents behavior that is accommodating, compliant, or helpful with a focus on renewal, healing, growth, and improvement. Being supportive and helpful in a manner that promotes personal development, improvement, new beginnings, and transformation.

To dream of a dark green dress represents accommodation and compliance but with a focus on growth, ambition, greed, arrogance, and jealousy. Accommodation that's jealous it doesn't help you enough or lets you serve yourself when nobody else would want to.

To dream of a white dress represents feelings of accommodation in a way that is genuine, pure, honest, or innocent. Perfect honest dedication, commitment, fidelity, and the desire for a lifelong partnership. A situation where you feel the need to act in a completely pure, unblemished, or innocent way. You may be seeking to maintain a clean reputation or image. It can also symbolize the need for total honesty, transparency, and integrity in your actions. Negatively, a white dress may reflect feelings of being overly accommodating or compliant. Fear of tarnishing your reputation or image if you do not maintain perfect compliance or accommodation. A subservient role that perfectly accepts it.

To dream of a dirty white dress represents feelings of disappointment, disillusionment, or failure. It may reflect your feelings of being unable to maintain your innocence, purity, or good intentions due to external pressures or challenges. It could also signify feelings of guilt, regret, or a perceived failure to meet personal or societal expectations.

Example: A woman dreamed of finding the perfect dress to wear. In waking life, she was an interior designer who was trying to figure out how to best serve her clients. In this case, finding the best dress to wear may have reflected her efforts to find the best professional approach that would be accommodating and appealing to her clients.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of getting a new dress made for her. In waking life, she was recovering from a serious injury due to chemical burns. She was learning to accept the changes to her body and her inability to return to her old job. In this case, the new dress may have reflected her feelings of having to comply and accept the new circumstances and limitations in her job following the accident.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing a woman wearing a red dress. In waking life, she felt forced to put up with a dangerous psychological condition that caused powerful hallucinations. Doctors were unable to figure out her problem. In this case, the red dress may have reflected her feelings about having to be accomodating and accepting od doctor's orders even when it felt dangerous because she felt it was more intelligent to respect herself listening to her doctors. She may also felt that her life was on the line and following doctors orders was more important than anything else.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing her Grandmother in a beautiful light purple dress. In waking life, she was learning to accept her grandmother's death and felt that she was now happy in heaven. In this case, the beautiful purple dress may have reflected her personality becoming respectfully accommodating and accepting of her grandmother's death.

Example 5: A teenage boy dreamed of seeing a desirable girl in a yellow dress. In waking life, a girl began pursuing him at school and eventually became his girlfriend. In this case, the girl in the yellow dress may have reflected the boy's feelings about the girl having an accommodating personality that was compliant, accepting and giving in terms of her pursuit of him as her boyfriend.

Example 6: A woman dreamed of avoiding wearing a dress. In waking life, she was having issues with feeling stupid for being a good student who was perfectly attentive since it wasn't allowing her to enjoy her life. In this case, avoiding wearing a dress may may have reflected her not wanting to be seen as entirely passive, accepting, or overly agreeable in her academic environment.

Dressing Room

To dream of a dressing room represents your attempt to fit in to a new role or situation. Trying new things or trying to find yourself. Seeing how new ideas or opinions suit you in your relationships. You may be developing a new self-image. If the clothes do not fit, it may reflect your feeling that something doesn't suit you or feel comfortable expressing yourself with. It may also represent your insecurities about something you are experimenting with.

Not wanting to be embarrassed while trying something new in life. Considering making changes to your behavior in private or practicing a new personality in private. Experimenting with new ideas when other people aren't around.

Negatively, a dressing room may reflect problems being open about changes you want to make. Feeling that people around you are not understanding about new ideas. Feeling stupid faking your personality.

Alternatively, a dressing room may reflect how you are changing roles or personas. Your personal style of expression may be changing.


To dream of yourself slowly drifting on water represents an uncertain or a negative situation that you feel powerless to control. Clinging to life or hope. Feeling alone with your problems. An enormous amount of sadness. Feeling betrayed or abandoned. Feeling unable to control the direction you are taking in life.

Negatively, drifting on water may be a sign that you are too passive about a problem. Feeling hopeless. Alternatively, it may reflect stupidly believing that a problem will solve itself. Allowing problem to carry you as needed. Feeling that life will take care of problems on it's own. Living life one day at a time.

To dream of seeing a person or object drifting away from you on water represents feelings of hopelessly losing something for good.

Example: A woman dreamed of being hopelessly adrift on water. In waking life her husband had committed suicide and she felt like she was all alone and that her life was pointless.

*Please See Floating


To dream of driftwood represents feelings of being adrift or carried along by the currents of life, often in a state of uncertainty or unfamiliarity with a sense of unimportance.

Positively, driftwood may represent a sense of resilience and survival while enduring a situation that was empty about never caring about a single thing important about you at all. Your ability to adapt to changes and move forward despite losses. Overcoming suicidal thoughts by choosing to live even if daily life feels empty about being unimportant or having no purpose at all. Feeling about the emptiness or unimportance of anything at all to carry yourself through another day or difficult situation. Feeling disconnected from one's usual direction or purpose, but still having something to hold onto in order to keep going.

Negatively, dreaming about driftwood could reflect feelings of being lost, disconnected, or without a clear direction in your life. Feelings of aimlessness, loss, or being left behind. Feelings of being washed up or cast aside, a remnant of what once was, suggesting a period of stagnation or loss of direction. A feeling of being at the mercy of external forces beyond your control.

Example: A woman dreamed of being deep in dangerous water while panic came over her desperate for familiarity. She tried to climb onto floating driftwood only to be swept away by the current as demonic creatures surrounded her. She continued to float away on the driftwood. In waking life, she was experiencing suicidal depression. In this case, trying to climb onto driftwood may have reflected her feelings about trying to give herself any reason at all to live another day even if life felt worthless while experiencing overwhelming uncertainty about the fear of death while suicidal.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a large pile of driftwood on the beach while feeling a sense of it getting lots of attention. In waking life, he survived corrupt police leaving him abandoned in a criminal situation that kept him ignored and unimportant for years until it finally ended and got media attention. In this case, the driftwood may have reflected being discarded, unimportant, or forgotten by the authorities and society during his ordeal.


To dream of drinking represents total consumption of an experience. A situation where you "taking it all in." A lot of something is happening all at once.

Negatively, drinking fluids may reflect excess or choosing to do something to quickly. Doing something all at once to your detriment. Consider what fluid you are drinking for additional meaning.

To dream of drinking water may represent renewal, regeneration, or restoration. Choosing to recuperate or do something for your own benefit. Healing.

Example: A woman dreamed of being offered a tasty drink from a man she just met. In waking life the man wanted to have sex and "go all the way" after only a few dates.

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*Please See Thirsty

Drinking Fountain

To dream of a drinking fountain represents feelings about easy access to replenishment, support, or resources whenever you want. An aspect of your life where you feel you can easily refresh or re-energize yourself. The availability and accessibility of emotional support, knowledge, or sustenance. Your perception of the accessibility of resources that can replenish your energy, vitality, or emotional well-being. How you perceive the availability of help or resources in your life, and your feelings about being able to access them without significant barriers. Feelings about utilizing a resource whenever you want to emotionally sustain yourself, revitalize yourself, or address your own needs effortlessly. Feelings about praying as an emotional source of strength and comfort to keep you going in life.

Positively, dreaming about a drinking fountain may represent an abundance of support and resources at your disposal. Feelings of security knowing that you can always find help or get what you need. A sense of relief, ease, and comfort in your life. Your ability to find quick solutions to your problems or access support when needed. A network of support, easy access to knowledge or information, or a dependable source of emotional sustenance. This dream may also suggest that you are taking care of your basic needs in a simple and efficient manner.

Negatively, dreaming about a drinking fountain could represent taking resources or support for granted. A lack of appreciation for the easy access you have to certain benefits or help. A dependency on external sources for support or sustenance, indicating a need to become more self-reliant or independent. Feelings of dissatisfaction with the quality or level of support you are receiving. Feeling of scarcity or an inability to access the necessary resources for nourishment, leading to a sense of frustration or deprivation. Replenishment that is temporary or the best you can do for the moment.

To dream of a malfunctioning or broken drinking fountain may represent a sense of frustration or disappointment regarding your access to support or resources. Problems or obstacles in accessing the support or resources you need to endure a challenging situation. Feeling that something in your life is not working as smoothly as you would like, and it may be time to seek alternatives or address the issue. Feelings about praying not working as a source of strength and comfort to keep you going in life when it usually does, indicating a need to seek alternative sources of support or to address underlying issues that are hindering your ability to replenish yourself. Feelings about your usual means of coping or re-energizing are not available to you.

Example: A woman dreamed of walking down a path and drinking from a drinking fountain. In waking life, she had a lot of issues on her mind with work, school, exercise, family, and taking the time to pray. In this case, the drinking fountain may have reflected her feelings about praying as a source of emotional replenishment and support in her life.

*Please See Water Fountain

Drinking Glass

To dream of an empty drinking glass represents confident expectations about something you are planning on doing. Expectations to do something easily. You know you can do something if you want to. Waiting for or needing one thing to happen before to you can do something easily.

To dream of drinking from a glass represents an easy or quick experience. A situation where you "taking it all in." Negatively, it may reflect a problem situation that you are getting involved with something too quickly. Something is happening faster than you want it to.

Consider what fluid you are drinking for additional meaning. For example, drinking milk from a glass may reflect a quick or easy experience that you feel is good for you or in your best interests.

Example: A woman dreamed of looking into an empty glass and then getting scared. In waking life she was considering killing herself, but then scared herself away from it.


To dream of drinks represents feelings about a situation being perfectly easy or exactly the way you want it.

To dream of a spilling drinks represents problems or embarrassments that have arisen with issues you felt should be easy.

To dream of spilling a drink on clothes may represent a disappointment you have to carefully take care of or keep taking about until it's fixed.

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Drive-by Shooting

To dream of a drive-by shooting represents feelings about insensitive powerful decisions that cause failure or end something, and move on. Lethal choices that move on. Fear that someone would be so empty or cold that they would want to ruin you before moving on. Embarrassing someone completely before moving on with your life.

Example: A woman dreamed of believing that a drive-by shooting might happen. In waking life she had an std and felt that dating anyone may result in embarrassment by the people she attempted to date resulting is insensitive comments, telling other people, and abandonment leaving her single and feeling like a loser.

*Please See Shooting

Driver's License

To dream of a driver's license represent a sense of freedom or independence to pursue certain kinds of decisions. A sense of self-identity, personal power, and deserving control over the direction of your life. Respecting yourself being independently in control of your life. Feelings of deserving or having earned the right to be identified as someone who can control their own life. Your ability to make decisions, take responsibility for your choices, and navigate the path ahead.

Dreaming of a driver's license may also suggest that you are seeking independence, freedom, or autonomy in your life. You may be looking for a way to assert yourself and take charge of your own destiny.

Negatively, dreaming about a driver's license may represent overconfidence or a tendency to overstep your boundaries. It could indicate that you are taking on too much responsibility or trying to control situations that are beyond your capability, ultimately leading to potential setbacks or difficulties. A lack of confidence in your ability to steer your life in the right direction or make important decisions. It may also indicate a fear of taking responsibility for your actions or a tendency to rely too heavily on others to guide you.

To dream about losing your driver's license may symbolize a loss of power or control over your life, or a feeling of being held back by external circumstances or other people's expectations.

Example: A woman dreamed of wanting to hand in her temporary driver's license for a real driver's license. In waking life, she was trying to separate from her husband and live a more independent life on her own making decisions for herself. In this case, handing in the driver's license may have reflected her desire to have complete control over her life and be independent by finalizing her divorce. The temporary driver's license may have symbolized her new feelings of independence by being separated from her husband while wanting to exchange it for complete independence from her husband by getting a full divorce.

*Please See License

Driveway (House)

To dream of a driveway represents you contentment with a choice. Wanting to keep things the same. Being secure or at ease with what you are thinking. Consider the condition or location of the driveway for additional symbolism.


To dream of driving a vehicle represents full control of decision-making or the direction a situation you are experiencing is taking. Controlling or navigating the direction in life you are headed. Increased feelings of controlling outcomes or your destiny. Whoever is driving reflects the quality or aspect of yourself that is influencing your current path.

If you are driving and can't see the road ahead it's a sign that you do not know where you are headed in life or don't know what to expect in the near future.

To dream of driving and missing your turn may be a sign that you are not paying adequate attention to a situation. Awareness of yourself not having cared enough about what is going on. Oversights or frustrations about having to start over or "turn around."

To dream of driving too fast may reflect risky decisions or pushing yourself to dangerous limits. Alternatively, dreaming of being in a car that someone else is is driving too fast may reflect your anxiety about how quickly a situation is occurring without any ability to slow it down. It's a common experience for people to dream of driving too fast or driving without brakes before an illness or injury occurs.

To dream that you are driving at night, suggests that you are feel a lack of confidence or enthusiasm for the direction in life you are headed. You feel that something is not as good as it used to or has taken a turn for the worst. You may be unsure of where you are headed in life. You may be experiencing obstacles toward your goals. You may not feel good making certain decisions or you are afraid to continue on. You may be feeling apprehensive about the future.

If your view is blocked or obstructed while you are driving it reflects distractions or setbacks. If you are driving down a curvy road it represents difficulties in achieving your goals due to a lack of stability or certainty. You may even feel that your direction in life never stays the same.

To dream that you car has poor controls or missing parts represents a compromised sense of control of a current situation.

To dream of your car spinning out of control represents your feelings about your life not going as planned. A crisis, setback, or difficulty may be occurring.

To dream of driving big or bulky vehicles may reflect sensitive decision making about very important or awkward situations. It may also reflect problems with your ability to physically move around. Pregnant women, people with weight gain, or leg casts often have these types of dreams.

Example: A woman dreamed of 5 year-old girl she knew driving her car. This young girl was someone she felt was spoiled. In waking life she felt her own behavior had been very childish when dealing with a situation.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of an Italian man driving her car. In waking life she was having very strong sexual drives. The Italian man most likely reflect her assertive need to encourage feeling good with her husband.

Example 3: A young girl dreamed of having a crazy woman driving a car she was in. In waking life she had been taken to another country by her mother despite her objections and felt totally out of control of her life.

Example 4: A man dreamed of having difficulty driving his car and then slowly regaining control. In waking life he was recovering from an illness.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of driving her ex-boyfriend's car. In waking life she was having sex with him all the time to try to keep him interested in her while she got prepared to get pregnant without his knowledge.

Example 6: A man dreamed of driving a car and driving in a direction opposite to what other people were telling him. In waking life he was looking for a job in another state and considering moving his family with him because he thought it was best.

*Please See Brakes

*Please See Steering Wheel

*Please See Cars

Driving Test

To dream of a driving test represents proving yourself to be talented or responsible enough to make decisions on your own. Goals or aspirations are being put to the test.

If you fail a driving test it's a sign that you don't have the necessary skills or resources to move toward your goals. You may lack confidence. If you a driving test it may reflect how capable you are how confidence you are in yourself. You are feel capable of making certain decisions or controlling the direction of your life.


To dream of a drone represents the emptiness of unthinking behavior that observes situations and follows orders without question. Feelings about the potential for such behavior to get back at you. Emptiness of behavior that "drones on." Not "having a life" that works all day without question. Emptiness associated with controlling of others. A sense of paranoia about who may be watching your actions and thoughts. A sense of vulnerability and lack of control.

Positively, a drone may reflect your feelings about yourself or others who take orders from other people and always experience their lives working out. Personal or professional lives that take orders from other people and never mention problems.

To dream of a drone that you aren't controlling may represent anxiety about your privacy being easily invaded. Feelings of being watched or controlled and a lack of respect for personal space or privacy. Emptiness that is watching all the time. Empty feelings that someone could be closely watching everything you do without needing to tell you about potential consequences. Feelings of being monitored, controlled, or observed, either by external forces. Emptiness that is watching all the time. Feeling controlled by someone else as though it was too easy or automated. Unpleasant feelings or frustrations about being unable to stop someone from monitoring every single thing about you. Feeling that you can't argue with someone who is keeping tabs on you. Feeling someone is a bit of a jerk about monitoring everything you are doing.

To dream of a drone that you are controlling may reflect feelings of having the power to observe a situation or other people without constraint, and a desire to observe a situation or others. Drones with weapons may reflect your power to embarrass or get back at someone at any moment with impunity. Negatively, a drone may reflect a lack of respect for others privacy, personal space, or personal boundaries. Thinking that your need to know things is more important that someone else's feelings. Feeling that it's important to keep tabs on people without thinking of anyone's feelings.

To dream of a consumer drone represents feelings of control over a situation letting you test to get a new or better vantage point. Experimenting with directives to observe the outcomes. It might symbolize an exploration of a situation from a new perspective, granting a wider, more comprehensive view.

To dream of a military drone represents feelings about behavior that is empty about emotionless, unthinking behavior that follows orders without question in a manner that is too serious about being protective of a particular mindset or way of living. Emptiness that's observing or monitoring others all the time and not fearing getting back at them. Unthinking automatic professional surveillance or revenge. Feeling that it's easy to "take someone out" with an order that doesn't waste time thinking about it.

Drones equipped with weapons could also represent anxiety about being unexpectedly embarrassed, humiliated, or defeated by someone that emptily observes all that you do unthinkingly and without emotion.

Alternatively, to dream of something "droning on" or a drone like noise may represents feelings about the emptiness of behavior or a situation that doesn't stop. The emptiness of something in waking life that is ongoing.

Example: A woman dreamed of telling someone to be careful about a joke because a military drone might be watching. In waking life, she was openly gay attending church while having a crush on 2 people attending church. In this case, the military drone may have reflected her concerns about an all-seeing authority or social pressure within the church that is constantly monitoring for any deviations from accepted norms, causing her to constantly self-censor and regulate her behavior and expressions regarding being openly gay.


To dream of dropping something accidentally may reflect feelings of carelessness or a lost opportunity. Feelings of regret that you have let a chance slip through your fingers.

To dream of dropping something on purpose may reflect a relationship, project, idea, or situation that you have chosen to let go of. Feeling that something isn't important.

Consider the significance of what is being dropped.


To dream of a drought represents feelings about "dried up" opportunities or creativity. Jealousy of nothing positive or beneficial happening. Emotional emptiness. Relationships or family life where nobody is caring about having a good time. It may also reflect a financial or economic slowdown. Situations where prosperity, success, or happiness is more difficult than you are used to. Feelings about some area of your life being withdrawn or depressed.


To dream of drowning represents feelings of being totally overwhelmed by uncertainty or situations that feel excessive. Fearing being overcome by failure that you can't escape. You may fears, insecurities, guilt, or other negative emotions that are overpowering and dominant. Something is too much for you to handle on your own.

Alternatively, you may be too deeply involved in something that is now beyond your control.

To dream of surviving drowning represents difficult emotional situations you have overcome, or are learning to deal with. You may have survived a problem that you didn't believe you could.

Example: A woman dreamed of drowning in the ocean. In waking life she was getting divorced and feared losing everything she had worked for up to that time.

Example 2: A 4 year-old boy dreamed of being in water and drowning with nobody coming to help him when he called for help. In waking life he was being sexually abused by his teenage brother. The dream may have reflected the young boy's feelings about the situation being overwhelmed and trapped with the abusive behavior while knowing he was innocent.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing her son drowning while her husband did nothing about it. In waking life she felt that her husband was allowing the uncertainty of problem to overwhelm his relationship with the son.

*Please See Life Jackets

Drug Dealer

To dream of a drug dealer represents an enabler in your life that must be perfectly respected. A serious or dangerous solution to keeping yourself feeling good.

Negatively, dreaming of a drug dealer may reflect a conscious awareness of benefiting from enabling others weaknesses or psychological addictions. It may also reflect you or someone else keeps others hooked or exploits others emotional needs.

To dream that you are a drug dealer represents an all business mentality towards someone you are enabling to feel good. A lack of concern for anything except yourself while enabling someone.


To dream of illegal drugs represents temptation to indulge in feelings, actions, or activities that you know are wrong, harmful, or potentially destructive. A disregard for boundaries, societal standards, or personal rules. Unhealthy emotional needs that you feel have to be fulfilled. Excessive amounts of pleasure or enjoyment in behaving a certain way. You may be emotionally addicted to certain feelings or bad habits. Masturbation, pornography, power over others, gambling, making money, and preoccupation with being physically attractive are all possible issues symbolized by drugs. Enjoying abusing power. Enjoying hypocritical advantages. Feeling good before all else. A dangerous need to feel good. A thrill or pleasure that is not allowed or considered unacceptable to other people.

Positively, dreaming about illegal drugs may represent the desire for intense experiences, a longing for escape, or the urge to challenge boundaries and societal conventions. It may reflect your willingness to take risks, experiment with the unfamiliar, or explore the taboo. It could also be indicative of a need for change, a desire to break free from monotony, or an aspiration to live life on your own terms. The rare need to enjoy being excessive, reckless, or dangerous that is good for you to balance yourself against being too nice, safe, or boring.

Negatively, dreaming about illegal drugs could represent feelings of guilt, fear, or anxiety related to illicit activities. It might symbolize a fear of being caught, a struggle with addiction, or concerns about the damaging effects of risky behavior. Perhaps you are feeling trapped by a harmful habit or are wrestling with feelings of guilt or shame over past actions. You may also be grappling with feelings of self-destruction, loss of control, or the fear of consequences. Pornography addiction or trouble getting over an ex-partner you think about too much.

To dream of being high on drugs represents feelings of excessive indulgence, potential self-destruction, and loss of control. You may be aware that you're going overboard and experiencing short-term euphoria, even though the consequences could be harmful. It could also reflect an addiction to certain behaviors, pleasure, or power, leading you to make unwise choices.

Alternatively, being high on drugs in a dream may represent your attempt to escape from reality or your willingness to embrace bad habits, thinking there will never be consequences for it. It can symbolize times when you might embarrass yourself due to your excessive anger or impulsive behavior.

To dream of overdosing on drugs represents self-harm resulting from excessive enjoyment, pleasure, or abuse of power that has caused self-harm. A sign that there is a problem with a lack of self-control, willpower, or practicing moderation. Excessive anger that causes serious problems in your life. Destroying yourself or embarrassing yourself by going overboard in some way. Exceeding or abusing limits. Enjoyment or a need to feel good that is destructive to your happiness. Self-destructive behavior. Wasting your life. Overdoing some area of your life. Low willpower. A sign that you need to make significant positive changes.

To dream of other people being high on drugs can reflect your feelings about those people choosing to behave excessively or irresponsibly. You might perceive them as making dangerous choices or neglecting common sense or responsible advice. It could also indicate your fear about yourself or someone else being perceived as a loser who is ruining their lives.

To dream of being drugged represents feelings of manipulation, loss of control, or being forced to face an undesirable situation. You may be experiencing situations where you feel compromised, coerced, or that your willpower is being overridden. This could also symbolize your fear of succumbing to bad influences or being taken advantage of. Feelings of vulnerability, fear, or disorientation. You may feel like you're losing your sense of self, or that you're being forced into situations or behaviors that are against your principles. This dream could signify a fear of losing control, a lack of confidence in your ability to resist negative influences or a sense of helplessness.

Consider the type of drug for additional meaning.

Prescription drugs may point to certain types of thoughts, feelings, or habits you need to maintain in order to emotionally heal or recover from a negative situation. Taking time off or controlling yourself to force change. Intentionally avoiding dangerous habits.

Example: A man dreamed of being accused of using drugs. In waking life, he was being accused of unlawful containment by a man he caught breaking into his home to rob him. In this case, the accusation of drug use may have reflected his feelings about being unfairly accused of enjoying excessive behavior by the criminal he had caught robbing his home. The criminal may have accused the homeowner of "being high on being a hero" which the police may not agree with.

*Please See Marijuana

*Please See Crack

*Please See Cocaine

*Please See Heroin

*Please See Ecstasy

*Please See Addiction

*Please See Prescription


To dream of a drugstore represents situations that require discretion, privacy, or confidentiality. Your thoughts on the ease or difficulty of obtaining the resources you need to help yourself.

Positively, dreaming of a drugstore may represent your responsible handling of a delicate matter. It may highlight your maturity in respecting confidentiality, or it could indicate a proactive approach to seeking solutions for problems that are private or sensitive in nature. An ability to easily access the resources or solutions that you need for personal problems without anyone else finding out about it.

Negatively, dreaming of a drugstore might imply that you are grappling with issues that you feel forced to keep private or confidential. You may feel a risk of embarrassment with accessing resources while trying to address a problem. You may feel very sensitive about noticing or dealing with a personal problem.

Alternatively, you may be experiencing concerns over your health.

Example: A man dreamed of standing in front of a drugstore. In waking life, his mother had killed herself. In this case, the drugstore may have reflected his wish for discretion with the issue because the subject of suicide felt shameful.

*Please See Pharmacy


To dream of drums represents feelings about the repetitive nature of a situation. Behavior or situations that feel non-stop. Something is happening all the time. It may also reflect pressure you feel from someone else to do something all the time.

Alternatively, drums may represent feelings of self-determination or progressing in a situation on your own terms. You or someone else that is only willing to do things their own way. A strong will or sticking by your decisions.

Positively, drums may reflect how good it feels to notice something you like happening all the time. Progress, momentum, or keeping pace. It may also mean you are trying to prove to others that you can keep up.

Negatively, drums may reflect a feeling that something bad keeps recurring. Negative momentum or progress you don't want to experience. Feeling annoyed by recurring experiences or behavior. Consider the phrase the "drums of war."

Example: A man dreamed of seeing someone playing drums in front of him that annoyed him. In waking life his business partner refused to stop plans for the business that he didn't agree with. The drums reflected the dreamer's feelings about their partners unrelenting drive to keep repeating behavior that he didn't agree with.


To dream of being drunk represents going overboard with your ideas, interests, or a situation. Being so focused with something you like that you may have embarrassed yourself with it. Spontaneous and wild behavior. Being drunk in a dream may also reflect issues with trying to escape reality with excessive behavior in some manner. Anger or abusive behavior that is excessive. Power trips over others that causes serious relationship or professional problems.

Negatively, being drunk may point to carelessness or a loss of self-control. A sign that you need to be a little more moderate with your ideas or interests. Feeling like a loser who got out of control. Anxiety about looking like you are incompetent or bumbling at something. Wild lifestyles. Speaking too much and saying these you may regret. Embarrassing yourself acting too wild or spontaneous. Allowing emotions to overpower your rational thinking.

People who survive deprivation of some kind often dream of being drunk while in recovery.

Example: A man dreamed of being totally drunk. In waking life he felt he totally embarrassed himself liking an older women too much.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a drunken crow. In waking life she was embarrassed that she may have talked too much at a party and annoyed people.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing people drunk. In waking life he had actually seen all these people the day before at a funeral and his opinion of them was that they were all people with crazy lifestyles doing lots of drugs.

Example 4: A man dreamed of getting drunk and talking to people. In waking life he went overboard making promises he couldn't keep.

Drunk Driving

To dream of drunk driving represents decision making or a direction in life where you are obsessed with certain ideas, beliefs, or situations. A sign that you may be going a bit overboard with what you are doing. It may be a good idea to slow down a bit or be a little more moderate. Negatively, you may starting to lose self-control or putting others at risk with your obsessions.

Dry Cleaners

To dream of the dry cleaners represents the ability to reverse or fix problems without having to "lower yourself" or face hardship at all. Having someone else fix your problem for you completely so you can keep focusing only on winning or higher standards of achievement. Overcoming a transition or challenge with no difficulty whatsoever. Feeling that you don't have to waste your time with "little problems."

A dry cleaner may reflect a rich friend, habit, or connection that easily spares you of things you believe are below you.

Negatively, a dry cleaner may reflect the ability to avoid facing arrogance or consequences because someone or something easily shields you from it. Never believing that a good thing will ever come to an end or that you only deserve to feel good having power.

To dream of working at a dry cleaner may be a sign that you are too helpful to someone that doesn't deserve it. Feeling that you always have to help someone arrogant avoid embarrassment or lowering themselves. A reflection of your supportiveness of someone else's status.


To dream of a clothes dryer represents not having to wait for negativity to go away. A speedy recovery from emotional problems or negative experiences. Telling yourself that something isn't a problem or isn't as bad as it seems. Cheering yourself up or not allowing a big change to get to you.


To dream of the city Dubai represents feelings about social interaction with others that is exceptionally enjoyable or incredible as long as someone's sensitivities are not brought up. Incredibly good social interaction as long as you talk about yourself too much or assert yourself too much. Having a really time with others, but feeling that going overboard in anyway is dangerous. Enjoyable social interaction with some kind of chaperon or self-monitoring required. Enjoyable social interaction where someone may get very angry if you exceed their limits. "Having a blast" with someone you are scared to piss off. Enjoying yourself a lot as long as strict rules are adhered to.

Positively, Dubai in a dream may reflect your enjoyment of social interaction with people that is so fantastic that people fear being immoral.

Negatively, Dubai may be a sign that you have a terrible friend whom you can't fully enjoy yourself. Feeling too intimidated to be your real self during social occasions with popular people or friendly strict conservatives. Having an exceptionally good time with people, but it's never 100% what you want. Enjoying yourself with others, but there is always a lingering emptiness or anxiety. Feeling that your good time will be over if you make one mistake. Alternatively, from a negative perspective dreaming of Dubai may reflect issues with comfortably enjoying yourself with perfectly honest or moral people.

Example social situations that may be reflected by the city of Dubai in a dream may be enjoying a date with someone who's parents are watching or enjoying hanging around someone powerful who you find intimidating.


To dream of a duck represents you or someone else in waking life that is aware of everything happening around them. Positively, ducks may reflect preparedness and savviness. Being shrewdly informed or having inside information. Feeling that is easy to adapt or get away with something.

Negatively, a duck may represent gossip or talking about other people behind their backs. An annoying "twerp" in your life that won't go away or that you feel always gets away with something negative. It may also be a sign that you don't like being as informed as you are.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing ducks in her backyard under a tree. In waking she was deeply concerned about being ready for the end of the world. The ducks in the backyard reflected her feelings about herself being more informed than others about global events and the potential for apocalyptic events while also feeling that she couldn't do much about it.

Example 2: A young girl dreamed of a sad duck with bad luck. In waking life she her had gotten remarried and was having a second baby which made her feel like she didn't matter anymore. The sad duck may have reflected her feelings about having trouble adapting to the new family situation after initially feeling that it would be easy.

Duct Tape

To dream of duct tape represents certainty that something in your life "stays put" for the interim. Your strong hold or grasp of some temporary situation. A strong need for certainty that a situation won't change in the interim. You may be desiring to notice or feel permanence in a situation or relationship until you have a better solution.

Negatively, duct tape may reflect temporary solutions to serious problems for which you have no resources to fix with serious solutions. Holding together a crisis with no permanent solution. Temporarily hiding impotence with all available resources to avoid embarrassment. Temporarily measures being taken to avoid being discovered doing something wrong or illegal. Irresponsibly controlling a serious problem situation with temporarily solutions.


To dream of a duel may reflect waking life situations where compromise seems impossible. Issues with seeing things in "black or white" only. Rigid conflict between people's egos. A possible sign that more effort is needed to make a compromise or share power.


To dream of being called a "dummy" may represent feelings of being foolish. Feeling stupid that you let someone use you. Feeling silly that you didn't understand something that should have been simple.

*Please See Mannequins

*Please See Crash Test Dummy

Dump Truck

To dream of a dump truck represents decision-making that is focused on a emotional or situational payload. Decision-making or a direction in life that is preparing a lot of something for someone else. Possibly a reflection of a major change or big consequences to come. Feeling that a big change or transfer of some kind is very important to carry out.

Negatively, dreaming of a dump truck may reflect a wish to "dump" a huge problem on someone else. It may also reflect your feelings about yourself or others getting ready to waste everything you have at once. A lot of anger, guilt, or responsibilities that you feel is important to "drop off" on someone else. A large "transfer" or change that you are exhausting yourself with.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her fiancee getting into a dump truck against her wishes. In waking life she felt that her fiancee would keep wasting all their money on drugs, alcohol, and getting into trouble with the law. The dump truck in the dream may have reflected the woman's feelings about her fiancee tendency to be very wasteful with big actions. "Carrying away" all their money to waste in one big drug or alcoholic binge.

Example 2: A young girl dreamed of dump truck about to drop off gravel. In waking life she was very ill and was expecting someone from school to drop off all her homework and school work for the next 2 weeks. The dump truck in this case may have reflected her feelings about having a huge load of homework dropped off at once because it was very important to have to keep up with school work.


To dream of a garbage dumpster represents ideas, habits, or situations that you want to be rid of for good. Something you no longer care about and don't want to ever again.

*Please See Construction Bin

Dune Buggy

To dream of a dune buggy represents decision-making revolving around doing things for yourself when nobody else cares about you. Feeling that you have to get through a difficulty by whatever means. Conservatively getting through difficult situations because you've been "left for dead" or abandoned. A make-shift mentality or problem-solving attitude during desperate times.

Positively, a dune buggy represents feelings of confidence or power to overcome a desperate situation when nobody wants to support you or see you win. Doing only what is necessary to survive a problem on your own.

Alternatively, a dune buggy may reflect your shock or fear at the lengths someone will go in order to never be told what to do.


To dream of dune represents feelings about the possibility of being trapped in a situation where nobody cares about you. Feeling trapped in a situation where you are wasting your time.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing stampeding animals being trapped in a sand dune. In waking life he was experiencing problems at work that might end up getting him fired. He was concerned that quitting his job and looking for another job might leave him worse off than before with no job at all. He was worried that he'd look unloyal to his current employer and unable to come back if he couldn't find secure prospects for other employment. He felt he'd get trapped in unemployment with nobody wanting to hire him.


*Please See Feces


To dream of a dungeon represents feelings of being trapped in a frustrating situation or struggle. A problem or difficult person that bothers or torments you to no end. Feeling that a difficult situation is playing with you. Feeling that you can't escape noticing your problem no matter what you do. Difficulty getting away from one of the worst experiences you've ever had.


*Please See Sunrise


To dream of dust represents aspects if yourself or your life that have been neglected or ignored. Some area of your life that has not been noticed in a while.

To dream of yourself dusting something represents revisiting of old ideas or starting with a new slate. Clearing out past mistakes. Feeling that you have to pay more attention to something you have ignored for a while.

To dream of yourself covered in dust represents feelings of needing to catch up reinvent yourself, or make a fresh start. Having to reassert yourself or reinvigorate your life after a period of being overlooked.

Example: A woman dreamed of picking up a dusty gold object and dusting it off. In waking life he was taking care of her very sick and dying ex-husband. She was reconsidering the idea of abandoning her care of him to go back to living her own life.

Dutch People

To dream of a Dutch person represents an aspect of your personality with a mindset that's respecting itself always listening to itself as obvious about being sensible or realistic. A thinking style that is pragmatic and reliable. You may have a mindset that emphasizes the values practicality, realism, and being efficient in achieving your goals. Respects itself listening to everything obvious about responsible about staying that way. Straightforwardness without beating around the bush. Progressiveness that isn't listening to what anyone else thinks. Not liking anything that doesn't feel obvious about being sensible or realistic. Listening that notices it's listening. Acting your age without a problem. Safely approaching new experiences. Sensible offers or deals to make difficult situations work by bending rules.

Negatively, a Dutch person may reflect a mindset that overdoes respecting itself always listening to itself as obvious about believing it's sensible or realistic already. Stubbornness, rigidity, inflexibility, and being blunt to get to the point. Pragmatic dishonesty. Not liking acting like a grown up when other people don't have to. Fear of someone who respects themself more obvious than you that you feel you can never catch up to them. Behavior that may be so set in its ways or beliefs that it refuse to consider alternative perspectives or ideas.

Example: A young man dreamed of being told he was Dutch by a friend. In waking life he felt a crisis was at hand and believed reading as much about the problem as he could would help him be prepared for it. In this case, being called Dutch may have reflected his mindset of being pragmatic and reliable in his approach to dealing with the crisis. He believed that by being sensible and realistic, he could prepare himself for the worst-case scenario and be able to handle it effectively. The reference to being Dutch may have symbolized his emphasis on practicality and efficiency in his thinking, as well as his respect for himself and his ability to stay responsible in the face of a difficult situation.


To dream of a duvet represents how wonderful it feels to not have to do anything. Feeling good about not having to change or take action. Consider the color or pattern of the duvet for additional symbolism.


To dream of a DVD represents an experience that you can have whenever you want. A situation or encounter that you can triggered at will. It may also reflect an ability to relive or repeat a certain kind of experience whenever you feel like it.

A DVD may reflect leisurely experiences you can enjoy whenever you want, the ability to manipulate people or situations to your will, or the ability to take time off whenever you please to pursue interests.

To dream of someone stealing your DVDs represents a person or situation that has compromised your ability to do what you want. You may feel less free, less welcome, or unable to enjoy yourself. People may also not respond to you the same or have as much time to spend with you as before.

Example: A girl once dreamed of watching a smurf dvd with her boyfriend. In waking life she was enjoying talking to him daily about all the wonderful things they were going to do with each other like sharing a house, having kids, or going places together.


To dream of a mythological dwarf represents you or someone else that appears weak, but easily proves its strength when tested. Weakness or powerlessness in appearance that is misleading. Shock that something small can be incredibly powerful.

Dwarves often appear to people who take magic mushrooms because they reflect the initial perception of the mushrooms being impotent to be dangerous or overpowering and the surprises you feel with the opposite effect as the powerful hallucinations set in.

Dwayne Johnson

To dream of Dwayne Johnson or "The Rock" represents an aspect of yourself that is more incredible than someone else about getting attention for being larger than life, embodying optimism, and doesn't take itself too seriously. Behavior that is incredibly tougher than other people about making history being totally awesome and enjoying its reputation like it's not serious.

Negatively, dreaming about Dwyane Johnson may represent overdoing showing off being more incredible than someone else about being larger than life, embodying optimism, and not taking yourself too serious.

Example: A woman dreamed of Dwayne Johnson while sitting in a military clinic awaiting news about her husband's military health status after hearing about her husband's fellow soldiers dying in Iraq. Dwayne Johnson chuckles at how frustrated she must be with her mom. She enjoys his company. In this case, Dwayne Johnson may have reflected an aspect of herself that talked to other people about her husband's tough military life with a sense of optimism, and not wanting to think of dying like it's too serious so nobody else in her family did either.


To dream of dying represents change that you feel in inevitable. Negatively, dying may reflect feelings of failure or undesirable changes being inevitable.

*Please See Death

Dying / Dyed Hair

To dream of dying your hair or hair that is already dyed represents a change in the way you think. The colors become symbols for how you are thinking.

For example if you dyed your hair blood red it would symbolize your thoughts becoming very negative. If you dyed your hair blonde it would represent a change that makes you want to notice yourself doing something different.

See the themes section for colors for a more in depth look at color.


To dream of dynamite represents an approaching waking life situation with the potential to intensify, or cause noticeable change.

Dynamite is a sign for caution.

*Please See Bomb


To dream of a dystopian world represents feelings of despair, hopelessness, and oppression. Feelings of being trapped or oppressed by the current system or way of life. A desire for change or a need to escape from a negative situation. Feelings of never getting to feel free or think how you want again. Anxiety about the future or concerns that society government, or personal relationships are moving in a negative direction. Feelings about evil people in your life that think controlling you is their job.

Alternatively, a dystopian world may symbolize the need to confront and overcome challenges or to resist oppressive forces in one's life.

Example: A man dreamed he was on the Hunger Games train moving towards a dystopian world. In waking life he was experiencing an illegal secretive takeover of his life with hacking by corrupt police that tried to control his work, finances, and personal life. In this case, the dream may represent the man's feelings of being powerless and helpless against the corrupt forces that were trying to control his life, just as the characters in The Hunger Games were powerless against the dystopian government.

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