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To dream of winning the lottery represents a lot of power or resources you feel you've gained through chance. You may feel you really lucked out. Something good may have happened to you and you can't believe how wonderful it is.

To dream of buying a lottery ticket may represent your hope for good luck with a big opportunity. Taking a chance with something good that you hope happens.

Example: A young man dreamed of winning the lottery. In waking life he landed a really good job that he wasn't expecting at all.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing himself being told he won the lottery and not believing it. In waking life his father had took all his money and refused to give it back. When he heard his father was dying he felt like the luckiest person alive.

Lotus Flower

To dream of a lotus flower represents beauty or sensitivity that one will risk everything they have to stop others from having. Something special that is worth risking everything to keep for yourself.

Alternatively, a lotus flower may reflect a beautiful person or possession that makes everyone else live in desire for.

Lotus Sex Position

To dream of the lotus sex position represents an enjoyable experience where you like needing or depending on something.

Example: A young women dreamed of having sex in the lotus position, being rudely interrupted, and then talking to the guy on the phone asking him if he wants to do it again and the phone went silent. In waking life she was losing her dorm at school. The lotus style sex may have reflected her feelings about enjoying having a dorm and needing it for school.


To dream of a lounge represents feelings of comfort waiting for something else to happen. A comfortable time noticing that nothing else is happening yet. Not having anything else to do except wait for something to happen. Comfortably waiting for something else to happen to a relationship. Comfortable feelings of not owing anyone any money yet. Comfortable feelings of waiting out a legal problem for a final result. Comfortably waiting for retirement.

Negatively, dreaming about a lounge area may reflect feelings about people in your life that like being comfortable while you stay jealous. Wasting your time comfortably waiting for something else to happen to a relationship.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing someone sitting in a lounge area on a big green leather couch by himself. In waking life he was experiencing someone dishonest having comfortable time waiting for him to sign a legal document that the dreamer had no intention to sign.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of sitting in an lounge area waiting for her husband to come while a another woman was there and when the husband entered the room the other woman shifted all her attention on her husband from her. In waking life she was constantly fearing losing her husband to his ex. The lounge area in this case may have reflected her comfort with waiting for something else to happen in the relationship that ended up in jealousy.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of a hallway inside a apartment building that a person could lounge around in and felt that she could never afford to live there herself. In waking life she was an older person close to retirement age and worried about her financial future. In this case the hallway could be lounged around in, but not afforded may reflect her feelings about her transition into retirement being something she doesn't feel comfortable being able to afford confidently. She may have felt that she can't "take it easy" preparing to retire.

Example 4: A man dreamed of seeing his wife sitting in the lounge room of their home with another man. In waking life the man was not sure if his wife was having an affair with another man and was waiting to see what would happen next to prove it.


*Please See Lice


To dream of being in love or feeling love represents a situation in your life that feels good all the time. You may be experiencing new found success or financial security.

To dream of being in love with someone you aren't involved with in real life symbolizes your strong attachment and acceptance of a quality in yourself that you see in that person. It may also reflect strong attachment or comfort with a situation that is occurring.

To dream of being in love with someone you are involved with in real life can reflect both your feelings for that person, or your strong attachment and acceptance of a personality trait you have become comfortable with. It may also reflect how good you feel about something that is happening to you.

To dream of being in love with a family member can reflects both your feelings for that person or how much you like something that is happening to you.

To dream of being in love with someone you are infatuated with or "have a crush" on may symbolize a powerful desire for that person. You may not believe you can ever have that person, or possibly fear never having them. This applies to celebrity "crushes" as well.

To be in love with celebrities which you have no attraction to in real life symbolizes your strong attachment or acceptance to some quality in yourself that you see in that celebrity. It may also reflect how much you like something that is happening to you.

To be in love with people you recognize, but have no physical attraction for symbolizes your strong attachment or acceptance to some quality in yourself that you see in that person.

To be in love with a stranger represents a strong attachment or acceptance of new qualities in yourself, or new situations. Something in your life may be encouraging new feelings, or feelings you haven't had in a very long time.

Example: A man dreamed of falling in love. In waking life his struggling business finally began to make money.


*Please See Cough Drops


To dream of the drug LSD represents feelings about the most interesting original experience you could have all by yourself. An experience so insane you can't notice anything except that it's original or that you might be losing your mind. A strange or abstract original experiences that feel like nobody else ever could have the same as you. Feelings about actually taking drugs in waking life that may have unusual side-effects.

Example: A woman dreamed of taking LSD. In waking life she was experiencing a highly unusual health physical and mental health issues that required her to take unusual types of drugs with unusual types of side effects. The LSD in this case may have reflected her feelings about the highly unusual nature of her psychological experience with health problems and drugs.


To dream of using lubrication represents a wish to make something feel easy all the time. What you feel you need to give to or do for others to make a situation smoother. A desire to experience non-stop winning or no challenges at all. Trying to improve co-operation with people.

Negatively, lubrication in a dream may be a sign that you need to take a break. Too much of a concern with some area of your life running smoothly all the time.

To dream of needing or no having enough lubrication represents difficulties smoothing out a situation or relationship. Anxiety about having to stop something that you feel is important to occur smoothly. Feeling that you lack a way to persuade others or make them co-operate. A situation is not as easy as you'd like it to be.

To dream of lubrication for sexual activity represents a wish to make an enjoyable or pleasurable waking life experience occur without any difficulties at all. Wanting to enjoy yourself with total ease. Something you are doing to make enjoying yourself a lot easier or problem free.

Example: A man dreamed of having a machine that needed lubrication. In waking life he was a patient whose cerebro-spinal fluid was blocked. The dream may have been a sign that the dreamer believed that the all he needed with a quick fix to get back to work. Possibly a reflection of his anxiety about taking time off work at all.

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming or dreams where you are perfectly aware of yourself dreaming are usually the result of increased levels of acetylcholine in the brain. A number of food items, vitamins, or other substances (e.g nicotine)are known to have that effect. Anything with a significant effect on the brain like drugs or stress may also trigger a lucid dream.

The clarity of a lucid dream itself does not often have symbolic significance. Please refer to our dream enhancing section for more information on improving your ability to lucid dream.

Alternatively, a lucid dream may symbolically reflect a waking life situation that is unusually incredible or that surprises you with how real it is. Disbelief that you are actually experiencing something in your life.


To dream of Lucifer represents an aspect of your personality that believes it's excellent while intentionally ignoring all honesty. Feelings about an expert if your life at "noticing not" that manipulates power for itself by attempting to feel good ignoring its own dishonesty. Evil that enjoys feeling good about itself having excellent appearances. Evil or dishonesty in your life that loves to share power, make people feel good, and let people believe in themselves while noticing that something good is being robbed. As aspect of yourself that is powerful, notices what it's doing is wrong, doesn't care about who it robs, while it likes noticing it can't be stopped. Enjoying yourself selling out God or goodness like it's not a serious decision. Arrogance that enjoys believing it's a genius that deserves to feel good bending the rules to suit itself. Feelings about a bad influence wanting you to permanently enjoy yourself not thinking rules matter. Feelings about someone who doesn't care about being guilty because it's not their problem. Feelings about the best offer you ever got in your life that might have permanent negative consequences. Evil in your life that likes to feel good successful while dishonestly noticing that other people aren't honest.

Negatively, Lucifer may reflect temptation turns you into a sellout or corrupts you wanting you to feel good about it. Temptation for success that wants to you "give your soul away" to be successful like it's a good thing. Temptation for power that doesn't think God is listening. Fear of yourself enjoying accepting corruption. Fear of being seduced into breaking rules or bending rules to suit yourself. Fear of breaking your religious faith. A bad influence that terrifies you that it doesn't think anything is wrong with what it's doing. A bad influence that flaunts risking being banished from being a good person forever like it's no big deal. Fear of that if you accept something you like that you will risk being permanently banished once you do. Attractive offers for power, money, status, or pleasure that may have permanent consequences if you accept them. Fears about your relationship with God. Corruption that likes noticing that you aren't desperate, but doesn't care about you every again after it gives you what you want.

Lucifer or Luciferianism may symbolize dishonesty that is intelligent about how power can be manipulated from good and given to bad. Intelligence about keeping good people powerless so bad people can enjoy power easily projecting positive appearances.

Example: A woman dreamed of Lucifer knocking on her door. In waking life she was unemployed, pregnant, and single. She also feared her relationship with God. In this case Lucifer may have reflected her feelings about accepting dishonest help or money from someone to help her afford her life.

Example 2: A man dreamed of Lucifer dressed as a real estate agent knocking on his door. In waking life he as confronting a greedy person who wanting him to sell out his business instead of developing it himself.

*Please See Demons

*Please See Satan


To dream of luggage represents your feelings about desires, worries, or responsibilities that you are carrying around with you. Keeping yourself prepared or keeping ready no matter how much your life changes. Feelings about what you need to "keep it together" during times of transition.

Negatively, luggage may represent the burden of your responsibilities and emotional problems that follow you around. Emotional "baggage" you have problems letting go of. Behavior that may be too high maintenance. Problems you to constantly deal with or talk about. Children you need to look after.

Alternatively, dream of luggage may represents a wish to experience something different. You may wish to leave the past behind you or show other people how different you are.

Luggage may also reflect your wish to go on vacation or travel.

To dream of lost luggage represents feelings about having lost your ability to "keep it together" during or after a transitional moment. Feeling unprepared or not ready for something you expected to be ready for. Feeling that you've lost your ability to be prepared or ready for a different state of mind you were expecting to experience.

Example: A man dreamed of leaving his luggage on a train when he got off at a stop to buy something, and then seeing the train take off. In waking life he was a business man that took part in a number of long term projects and at this point in his life he feared that taking on a new project in the middle of a current one would force him to miss out on an opportunity that he had been preparing for a long for. The lost luggage in this case may have reflected his projected fears about losing his preparedness for future opportunities if he took time off for current opportunities.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of carrying several pieces of luggage and handing it off to her husband. In waking life she was pregnant and felt she had to temporarily hand off some of the financial responsibilities to her husband. The luggage in this case may have reflected her ability to "keep it together" and be prepared while expecting her new baby.

Example 3: A man dreamed of having lost his luggage. In waking life he was preparing big business sales plans for his products and then was disappointed with serious problems selling his products. The luggage in this case may have reflected his feelings about being prepared for success or prepared with good sales techniques for his products once his new products were shipped to him ready to be sold. The luggage being lost may have reflected his lost ability to be confident with his preparations for increased sales.

*Please See Vacation

*Please See Traveling


To dream of seeing lumber represents a situation you feel you can do something about. Noticing that change or a fresh start is possible. Starting over, re-organizing, or rebuilding. Flexibility or an opportunity to change. Feelings about being able to rebuild yourself or rebuild your life with a resource.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing lumber on the floor to a mansion and being told to finish construction the mansion. In waking life the dreamer was unemployed for 7 months. In this case the symbolism of being pressured to finish the interior of a mansion using lumber may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about being pressured to fix their life up by getting a new job. The lumber was possibly a reflection of the dreamer's feelings about being able to use a resource develop themself to be more professionally valuable.

*Please See Timber

*Please See Plywood

*Please See Wood


To dream of a lumberjack represents an aspect of yourself that cancels permanent situations all the time. Positively, it represents effortlessness in dealing with big problems or things other people feel are impossible. Surprising strength and fortitude.

Negatively, a lumberjack represents an opponent or problem that fails all your defenses or sense of security effortlessly Alternatively, it may be a sign that you are being arrogant with your superior strength.


To dream of a strange lump on the body represents feelings about something abnormal in your life that you are putting up with. Consider the body part the lump appears on for additional meaning.

Alternatively, a lump may reflect uncomfortable feelings about being stuck with something abnormal in your life. Putting up with something strange or out of the ordinary.


To dream of eating lunch symbolizes what you are thinking or feeling as you enter the middle stage of a project or life lesson. How you sustain yourself emotionally in the middle of dealing with a problem.

Consider what you are eating or who you are eating with for additional meaning.


To dream of lungs represents the freedom to think, make choices, or express yourself. It may also symbolize an ability to take your time. Any problems with your lungs may reflect feelings of being suffocated emotionally, being unable to express yourself, or having to rush.

To dream of lung cancer represents a situation that is slowly restricting freedom, choice, or your ability to express yourself. You may also feel that a situation is slowly restricting your ability to relax.

Example: A woman dreamed of having lung cancer. In real life the woman's daughter was close to getting married and she strongly believed her daughter was too young.


To dream of feeling lust in a dream represent eagerness or ambition for a desired outcome. Not caring about anything except winning or enjoying yourself.

Negatively, lust may be a sign that you need to learn to exercise some self-control or patience.

*Please See Sex


To dream of luxury or a luxurious setting represents feelings about deserving to feel successful, powerful, or respect yourself feeling like a big person. Feelings about special treatment, being superior, liking a life situation without anything to stop you. Feeling good being sophisticated. Feelings of freedom, amazement, or new possibilities that you have never experienced before. Feelings about moving up in the world. Feelings of deserving the best or to fully respect yourself without restraint. Feeling like an "aller." Feeling spoiled or that you being given top notch care. Enjoying nobody bothering you or that all your usual problems are taken care of. A situation that make life feel more beautiful, exciting, or enjoyable than normal.

Dreams about luxury may also reflect feelings of being more sophisticated than other people, deserving more than others, being rich, or feeling elite. Feelings about something expensive.

Negatively, dreaming about luxury or a luxurious setting may represent feelings of jealousy of not deserving success, power, special treatment, being superior, or deserving to feel like a big person. It may also reflect feelings of excess with power or excess. Alternatively, luxury in a dream may negatively reflect a tendency to be too easily impressed with deserving to feel something successful or powerful.

To dream of being in a luxurious hotel represents feelings about being taken care of or looked after in a way that makes you feel you deserve success, power, or to respect yourself like a big person. Possibly a symbol for rich parents or friends letting you stay in their home. Feelings of having things done for you, clean up after, and sheltered comfortably.

Example: A woman dreamed of an expensive luxury home. In waking life she wanted to leave her husband and found an expensive apartment that she liked which would allow her to live without her husband. The feelings about the luxury in this case may have reflected her feelings about deserving to respect herself living without any of the usual problems experienced while living with her husband.


*Please See Liar


To dream of a lynching represents a cold or heartless approach to problem solving. Feeling good thinking of someone as a totally humiliated loser. It may also reflect satisfaction in "sticking it" to someone who disappointed you. You or someone else that is insensitively ridding yourself of commitments, relationships, or problems. It may also reflect a bitter act of retribution. A total loss of respect for someone. Feeling good not liking someone.

To dream of being chased by a lynch mob represents feelings about people or situations that gain satisfaction totally humiliating you as a total loser. You may have crossed someone who would enjoy having retribution. Feeling that people want to celebrate or instigate your total failure.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing someone being lynched. In real life he had lost all respect for a girl he liked. The lynching reflected the cold 180 degree change in his feelings for her. He became quite bitter and vocal about his new dislike for her.

*Please See Hanging


To dream of a lynx represents feelings about issues that don't scare you or feel threatening until they are close at hand. Feeling that something is weak or impotent from afar, but deadly serious when you approach it. Feeling total emptiness from someone or something after first believing it to be gentle or easy. A dangerous threat with a docile appearance on the surface.

Negatively, a lynx may reflect a major oversight or embarrassment about a serious underestimation you've made. Feeling that a situation you first believed you could easily talk your way out of has become very serious or dangerous.

Example: The artist Peter Birkhouser's last dream painting before he died was of a giant black lynx standing over top of him, too big to do anything about. The dream was most likely a reflection of the artists fear of death or going to hell. The lynx may have reflected his feelings about death being something you don't worry about until it's too close. Alternatively, the lynx may have reflected his feeling about having completely underestimated the seriousness of his health problems.

*Please See Bobcat

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