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To dream of an antelope represents feelings about behavior that doesn't think it's important do anything different from what it's already doing unless it's serious. Not believing in anyone else's problems while enjoying a situation the way it is. Behavior that accept itself as not being interesting, but shocks or gets angry if you surprise it. Not needing to believe in yourself more than you already are. Passive acceptance of life the way it is. Avoidance for protection.

Satisfaction with job the way it is, not believing anything exceptional matters in the current moment, or accepting a situation as usual without needing to change.

Negatively, an antelope may represents behavior that scares you that it can simply handle a problem without doing anything to fix it. Feeling that nothing is ever going to be fantastically progressive without using fear or anger as a weapon. Annoyance that someone doesn't think anything else needs to be done. Passive emptiness. Behavior that isn't afraid to never do someone else a favor if they don't want to. Feeling that day to day routine is awful. Rushing caused by fear or anger.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing an antelope at a circus. In waking life he was trying to get a job. The antelope in this case may have reflected his feelings about himself or another job applicant he spoke to not needing to increase job experience on their resume unless an employer noted it.

*Please See Gazelles

*Please See Wildebeests


To dream of an antenna represents emotional or psychological receptivity. How open you or someone else is to accepting new ideas or thoughts. Feelings yourself or others being able to easily relay information to others. You or someone else that is waiting for orders to follow. Communication that is effortlessly understood or "just obvious." Partnership communication that is easy.

Negatively, an antenna may reflect feelings about all your actions or thoughts being easily monitored. Feeling that parents, authority figures, or enemies can easily communicate to each other. Feelings about yourself being easily controlled, observed, or outsmarted. Feelings about enemies easily making you feel stupid. Feelings about all your secret plans being easily communicated or understood by competitors. Jealousy of being too obvious to others. Frustration that it is too easy to understood how to outsmart you.

Example: A young boy dreamed of seeing white surveillance vans with antennas on the top of them. In waking life he was concerned about people who were keeping close tabs on him easily telling on him. The antenna in this case may have reflected his feelings about how easy it would be for the people keeping close tabs on him to relay information about him that would get him in trouble.


To dream of an anthill represents a problem that you don't believe is too serious or important. You may be trying to avoid hard work or feeling lazy.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing anthills in his backyard. In real life he was worried about taking care of the house while his parents were away. The anthills symbolizes his annoyance with increased responsibility with having to take care of himself and the house. Problems that were small, but manageable.

*Please See Ants


To dream of antibiotics represents a solution to a problem that requires persistence or dedication. Something you know helps you if it's done regularly. You may have negativity that you are trying to protect yourself against. You might trying to prevent a problem from getting out of control.

*Please See Medicine


To dream of an antidote represents a solution to a problem. The ability to set something right or correct something that went wrong.

*Please See Cure

*Please See Medicine


To dream of antifreeze represents decisions which are proactive or focused on preparedness. Making sure everything is in order before you proceed with a more important decision.

Example: A woman dreamed of pouring oil into an engine where the antifreeze was supposed to go. In real life she had an important decision to make that she felt she was too comfortable putting off. The oil in the antifreeze tank reflected her wish to smooth things over with procrastination and excuses (oil) instead of making necessary preparations for her bigger decision (antifreeze).

Antique Cars

To dream of antique or old fashioned cars represents current decisions in an area of your life being influenced by the past or by nostalgia.

If an old fashioned car is black or red this symbolizes your thoughts and decisions being too influenced by the past, or return to unhealthy habits or views. You need to focus more on what's happening now and to the future.

Example: A man dreamed of a black antique car in his parking lot. In real life he was thinking about being with an ex-girlfriend whom he had a very unhealthy relationship with.


To dream of an antique represents a memory or idea from the past that you cherish. Something from the past that you don't want to let go of. You may be sensitive about how beautiful or good something used to be. Negatively, an antique may reflect a fear of change.

An antique may also reflect time honored values, traditions, wisdom or something you've inherited. Something you perceive to be genuine, proven, or worth keeping.

To dream of not liking or appreciating an antique suggests that you are moving away from outdated beliefs or old modes of thinking. You may be discarding or rejecting something from your past.


To dream of using an antiseptic represent a careful or precautionary attitude towards negative situations. Being certain or verifying that you aren't doing anything wrong. Double-checking or being proactive.

Alternatively, it could reflect a heightened desire to stay away from negative thoughts and think more positively. You may be monitoring your thoughts.


To dream of antlers represents your sensitivity about being told what to do. A sign that you or someone else is putting on a display to others that shows them you are unwilling to accept interference.

To dream of glass antlers may be a sign that you are sensitive about being told what to do while also feeling that someone else could easily embarrass you or break your will. Feeling that you'll look stupid about trying to keep someone out of your business if you aren't perfect.


To dream of ants represents small annoyances or petty issues thoughts. Ants may be a sign that you are too concerned with an issue that isn't that big of a deal. Being irritated by endless overtime or compulsive behavior.

Alternatively, ants may reflect your awareness of how annoying your behavior is to someone else who thinks your compulsive.

Negatively, dreaming about ants may be a sign that you need to try harder to not be such a snob.

To dream of army ants may reflect feelings about how excessive or dangerous an annoyance can be if you don't avoid it. Feelings about petty or annoying people will become dangerous to you if you they are allowed to gather together against you. Grouping of petty or annoying issues that you feel is threatening. Concerns about annoyances in your life that will never stop attacking you. Feeling annoyed by multiple petty concerns that are staring to attack you in a personal manner. Feeling threatened by total embarrassment of something small that will not give up until you change. A wish to avoid involvement with a person or situation because you are sure it will result in non-stop annoyance until you choose to go away. A very assertive annoyance.

Example: A man dreamed of ants all over around him on the ground. In real life he was annoyed by news about an old friend he didn't like and found it difficult to stop thinking about it.

Example 2: The Roman emperor Nero dreamed of being dragged into the darkness and being covered with winged ants. In waking life he was overcome with guilt for the petty murders of his mother, wives, and other family members.


To dream of an anus represents the potential for unwanted situations or the creation of problems.

To dream of anal rape symbolizes powerlessness to stop an undesirable situation from occurring.

*Please See Anal Sex


To dream of worrying represents anxiety or uncertainty that you are noticing yourself experiencing in waking life. Not feeling good having to witness yourself being concerned. Noticing yourself being shaken by something. Fear of failure or being impotent in your abilities. You may also have concerns about embarrassing yourself or noticing someone else doing better than you.

A sign that you or someone else may be aware of your problem, but not doing anything about it. It may also reflect too much dwelling on the uncertainty of the future.

Alternatively, anxiety may reflect uneasiness or growing impatience you have with someone in waking life.

Example: A man dreamed of worrying about seeing a person leave a room. In waking life he was uncomfortable about noticing himself risking the possibility of losing power over an enemy. He knew losing his influence was a possibility and didn't like feeling that he could made impotent against his enemy if he made single a mistake.

*Please See Fear


To dream of being in a apartment unit represents a perspective on a situations where you feel you don't have full independence or free will to act as you wish. A situation isn't as interesting as you'd like it to be. Having to respect secondary issues or obligations. Stability in a situation where you don't have full control. Minor emotional or financial turmoil. Minor obstacles to overcome while feeling generally secure.

Negatively, being in an apartment unit may reflect feelings of having no choice about putting up with problems or annoyances that you don't want to. Consider the saying "beggars can't be choosers." Feeling annoyed that you can't get time alone or do something privately.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in an apartment unit and feeling sad. In waking life her male friend whom she wanted to date was devastated by a breakup and this prevented her from making a move on the male friend until he got over breakup. The apartment reflected her perspective on the opportunity to date her male friend as being open, but with the ongoing obstacle of his heartbreak preventing her from getting any closer to him. She felt confident that the breakup was permanent, but felt that the emotional pain was a problem she felt forced to live with in the interim.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of living in an apartment with her ex-boyfriend. In waking life she was in the process of getting her life back together after getting a new job and was annoyed that she couldn't move in with her boyfriend yet to fully restart their relationship.

Apartment Building

To dream of an entire apartment building represents a perspective on a situation where you are experiencing a lack of free will or independence. There are obligations, responsibilities, or commitments that you are forced to be mindful of. Other people or other issues must be considered simultaneously with your own concerns. Consideration for others wishes may be a priority. You are not free to do as you please. Forced to live with problems or issues that you have no control over. Thinking of other people's problems while also dealing with your own.

Positively, an entire apartment building may reflect a perspective on a situation where you feel lucky or grateful to have a less than perfect experience. A willingness to put up with problems or share with other people if it means you get to experience winning. Not thinking of yourself having total independence or free will because obligations, problems, or other people require you to be mindful of them.

Example: A man dreamed of being in a strange apartment building. In real life he had a business plan he wanted to release, but couldn't because it required a lot of preparations. The apartment building reflected his perspective on the situation being obligated or tied down to the preparations. He had to be mindful of his problems or obligations while pursuing his goals.

*Please See Apartment


To dream of an ape represents an aspect of yourself that is childish, primitive, overreacting, or irresponsible. You or someone else that has gone overboard. A sign that you need to calm down or be more objective. Feelings about yourself or someone else making an egotistical mistake. Behavior that looks stupid thinking it isn't stupid.

To dream of calling someone an ape may represent a person or situation that you feel is childish, primitive, overreacting, or irresponsible.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing 2 human looking apes become very angry and fire a canon in his direction. In waking life the man told 2 people news that made them very angry and they reacted with anger and childish insults. He felt they looked stupid getting back at him.

*Please See Monkey

*Please See Gorillas

*Please See Baboon


To dream of an apocalypse represents feelings about a crisis situation in your life or major conflict. Living with the consequences of a destructive conflict. Uncertainty about what the future holds as you confront a life-changing event with little support. Feelings about a major change that has happened that requires you to survive it. Feelings needing to survive a divorce, major company change, or the end of an important relationship. Feelings about surviving the worst thing that has ever happened to you.

Negatively, dreaming about an apocalypse may reflect anxiety or fear about your ability to survive a major change. Anxiety about what the future holds after a destructive conflict ended. Alternatively, it may reflect your willingness to live with a serious negative change in your life instead of choosing to move on, apologize, or seek help.

To dream of a zombie apocalypse represents feelings about being surrounded or endangered by a group mentality after a destructive conflict ended. Feeling that you are endangered by people who refuse to think for themselves as they try to save themselves.

Example: A woman dreamed of experiencing an apocalypse. In waking life her mother has stolen money from the family and abandoned her.

*Please See End Of The World


To dream of Apollo represents an aspect of your personality that always has a positive solution. Growth, enlightenment, and insight. You or someone else that never fails to provide an inspirational or productive resolution to a problem. It may also reflect a protective attitude towards beauty, art, learning, and decency. A preference for a higher quality of life.


To dream of apologizing to someone represents regret. You may have done said or done something that you wish you hadn't. Apologizing may also represent premature or unprepared attempts to solve a problem. You've realized that an obstacle is more difficult than you first believed. Feelings of embarrassment or failure.

To dream that someone is apologizing to you represents restitution or vindication. Something wrong is being set right. A problem that has been bothering you may have finally been corrected.

Alternatively, apologizing may represent realization of the truth and forgiveness. Letting go of past grudges.


To dream of an apostate or apostasy represents feelings about an renunciation of loyalty. Feeling that you are turning your back on friends, family, or something that is considered important in your life. A loss of faith in people or lifestyles.

Positively, dreaming about an apostate may reflect feelings about yourself choosing to walk away from an empty life or empty relationship. Wanting more love or purpose for yourself. Choosing to walk away from people who want you to live a meaningless life. Losing faith or disowning people you can't trust. Respecting yourself.

Negatively, apostasy in a dream may reflect anxiety you have about having turned your back on someone. Fearing consequences for having walked away from someone. Respecting yourself too much.

Example: A young man dreamed of someone calling him an apostate. In waking life he had turned his back on his father during a family fight because his father had lied to him. He was having anxiety about his father writing him out of the will because of his unwillingness to be loyal to him even when his father is dishonest.


To dream of an apostle represents feelings about wanting to properly notice your fundamental beliefs somewhere else. Feeling that you beliefs are safe for someone else as well.

Example: A woman dreamed of someone telling her to tell an Apostle about vegetables and berries growing in a ditch. In waking life she wanted to leave her church because she didn't like or understand a lot of things that happened in her church. In this case the Apostle symbolism may have reflected her wish to talk to someone at another church about changing churches in order to properly practice them.


*Please See Clothing


To dream of having an appetite in a dream represents an eagerness to experience something or start something. Feeling interested in something or being ready to get involved. Wanting to learn or participate. Feeling ambitious or productive.

To dream of having no appetite may reflect feelings about a certain type of situation or experience not interesting you at all. Not feeling eager at all to start something. Lacking ambition or interest.

*Please See Hunger

*Please See Thirsty


To dream of applause represents praise, enthusiasm, or appreciation. It may also point to an overwhelming sense of approval or a "pat on the head" from others.

Applause may also reflect an overwhelming feeling of relief that something good has finally happened. Being appreciative of good luck that affects a number of areas of your life.

Negatively, applause in a dream may reflect a self-centered or naive belief that other people are impressed with an accomplishment you've made. Being impressed with yourself for having done something difficult, or giving yourself a "pat on the back." It could also reflect jealousy of someone else getting more recognition or appreciation than you did. A narcissistic view of your accomplishments being impressive and important.

Example: A woman dreamed of people clapping for her. In waking life she had broken up with her boyfriend and took a risky chance to call him again to try to get back together. She ended up getting back together with him. She felt that all her friends were surprised by her breakup and glad to see get back together. The applause in the dream may have reflected her tendency to care too much about the approval of others in having her relationship and not enough on the problems with the relationship itself.

Apple Computers

To dream of an Apple Computer or Mac Computer represents awareness of thinking in a way that feels successful with no problems. Feeling good thinking in a way that is more original, intelligent, or problem free than most people. Confidence that you have a better way to think. A thinking style that is more sophisticated than average. A thinking style that is aware of itself deserving to successful or problem free. Confidence about there being nothing difficult about thinking different.

Negatively, dreaming of an Apple Computer or Mac Computer may represent feelings of annoying other people that you are not thinking like normal people. Feeling that you are wasting your time thinking creative or sophisticated. Snobbery about never needing to think of anything little, average, or unsophisticated. Snobbery about being more original, intelligent, successful, or problem free than most people.

What you do or see on a computer symbolizes issues you are focused on or interests you have. You are noticing the manner in which you are thinking and may be motivated to explore issues or improve yourself.

*Please See Computers

*Please See Ipod

*Please See Ipad

Apple Juice

To dream of apple juice represents behavior effortlessly respecting yourself noticing that nothing you do is ever wrong. Being an honest person that doesn't need to try hard to be good person or good influence. Feeling good being accepted as a good person without effort. Behavior that is not wasting any time teaching itself to never do anything wrong. Not needing to do anything except get angry to assert yourself as better person than someone else (such as a police officer or parent would do).

Negatively, dreaming about apple juice may represents an excessive "thirst" or jealous craving to be as perfect of an example good person as you can be because you don't have a life. Effortlessly teaching yourself that nothing you do is ever wrong with intentions for dishonest leadership or tricking someone that you are better example person.

Example: A female dreamed of being fed a lot of apple juice and then realized it had alcohol in it which may make her drunk if she kept drinking it. In waking life she was a divorced police officer and highly focused on giving her life away to God full time. In this case the apple juice may reflect the woman's wish to never waste time dedicating her life to God whenever she could because it felt good believing in herself being a perfect example like it was easy. She was also a police officer so the apple juice may have reflected using her job quickly and repeatedly feel that nothing she did was ever wrong while arresting criminals.

Apple Tree

To dream of an apple tree represents a very powerful healthy influence in your life. A constant reminder of a need to be better than you are or to improve yourself. A person or situation that always tells you that you there is room for improvement. A healthy influence that is unwavering to never goes away.

Negatively, an apple tree may represent a person or situation that is constantly nagging you or embarrassing you into having to improve. Always feeling that you aren't good enough or that there is always something else you need to improve. Feeling that there is too much of a healthy influence. A naive or nonobjective view about a permanent healthy influence only being easy or wonderful.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her car parked under an apple tree with a baby in it whose eyes were like the devil's when she looked at baby. In waking life she was pregnant and may have been starting to feel the hard reality of having a baby beginning to have an impact on her after first believing that having a baby could only be wonderful and good for her life. The apple tree in this case may have reflected her feelings about having a baby being a permanent healthy influence that could only force her to change all of her life in new better ways.

*Please See Apples


To dream of red apple represents enjoying respecting a healthy influence. A choice that feels good that noticing that nothing is wrong with it. Feeling good being a perfect example person to others in some way that is positive. Feeling good never being in trouble because you listened. Feeling good staying away from anything negative at all by listening to a healthy influence. Feeling good correcting something. Feeling good not needing to ask to make a positive or healthy change.

An apple may be a sign that you that you wish to improve yourself or listen to a healthy influence. A wish to encourage positive change. Something isn't right and you want to correct it. Apples in dreams are common to people who are very devouted to God trying to be the best person that that possible can be for God . Feeling good not needing anything except to work full time for the Lord and give spiritual advice.

Negatively, a red apple may reflect feeling good about choices that make you feel better than other people because you are perfect example. Risking embarrassing yourself by arrogantly thinking you are better than other people by being a perfect example. Excessive or dishonest concern with being to be a perfect example. Excessive concern with a healthy influence that's empty. Excessive need to be a perfect example for others that keeps you unhappy or because you don't think of anything special in your life. Feeling good giving good advice being a perfect person thinking you are too positive in appearances to ever be a negative person. Excessively feeling good not needing anything except to work full time for the Lord and give spiritual advice while others areas of your life are empty.

To dream of green apples or granny smith apples represents good judgment, smart choices, or enjoying smart decisions that work in your favor. Enjoying non-arrogant choices. Enjoying being good at something that others wouldn't want to work as hard to achieve as you would. Feeling good avoiding something dangerous.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing Eve take the forbidden apple from the tree of life, eat it, and then saw the world become violent. In waking life he had given his arrogant father advice about not abusing his executor power with other family members after his mother died. He witnessed his father choosing to ignore this advice and it resulted in very long legal battles, lots of money being wasted, and members of the family growing to hate each other. The apple in this case may have reflected his feelings about his father preferring to show off as a perfect example of a rich family person than listen to sound advice.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing people passing down apples from a tree to others. In waking life she was preparing for "The Atonement" of God. The apples in this case may have reflected her need to feel good being a perfect example to others with advice spiritually while waiting for the atonement to happen.


To dream of an application represents feelings of having to reveal things about yourself in order to be accepted. Trying or hoping to get approval for something. Feeling that you need to be perfect for someone else you want to accepted by. Feeling that every single thing about you must be perfect in order to be accepted by someone. Feeling that if you do everything right that someone might accept you for something.

Negatively, dreaming about an application represents feelings of an excessive need to be approved by someone else. Hoping to be good enough for someone. Nervous about being a loser that won't be accepted.

To dream of lying on an application represents feelings of hiding things about yourself in order to be accepted by others. An dishonest attempt to get someone else's approval.


To dream of having an appointment represents event or important opportunity that you don't want to miss out on. Designating time or telling yourself to be ready for something. Your expectation for a certain type of experience. Showing restraint until the time is right.

Alternatively, an appointment may reflect a deadline or last chance for something. A situation where you feel that there is a limited window of time.

To dream that you are going to an appointment suggests that you are finally getting to do something that you've been waiting for. It may also reflect patience or restraint that is paying off.

To dream of missing an appointment represents a lost opportunity or distractions. Losing your sense of priority. Not paying enough attention to details or signals.

To dream of a dentist appointment may represent designating time or expecting to do something that is in your best interest. An important opportunity to fix something that won't feel good fixing.

To dream of a doctor's appointment represents your expectation to fix a problem. An opportunity to solve a problem or heal yourself that you don't want to miss. You may be designating personal time for yourself or your problems.


To dream of an apricot represents feelings of enjoying a situation that isn't perfect. Enjoying feeling that something isn't easy. Feeling good working for something important to you. Enjoying earning what you have. Liking difficulty.

Negatively, an apricot represents occasional enjoyable indulgence becoming boring. Losing interest in something once it becomes permanent. A enjoyable challenge that has become annoying. Trading true happiness to be live as a secure winner. Feeling that you are settling for happiness that isn't as perfect as you like it to be.

Example: A woman dreamed of her nose being itchy, picking her nose, and then seeing a giant apricot seed landing in her hand. In waking life she had been living with 2 men in an unusual three-way sexual relationship and had decided to break up with one man to marry the other. She still continued to live in the same house with both men even though she was engaged to one. The giant apricot seed may have her reflect feelings about enjoying the prospect of living a more respectable life preparing to get married while also not liking the idea of having to give up one of her sexual partners permanently finding monogamy to be a difficult thing to accept long-term.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a bowl of abandoned apricots left near a computer screen. In waking life she had passing interest in understanding something difficult.


To dream of the month of April represents the overall feeling about a situation in your life where you are beginning to feel that something is finally safe or okay after enduring difficulty. It may also reflect the overall mood that something special will soon be happening in your life after a terrible hardship. Feeling stable, but waiting for everything beautiful to begin. Accepting that the overall mood of a situation as inevitably going to get better.


To dream of an apron represents commitment, or a willingness to do whatever it takes to think, feel, or act in a certain way. You or some aspect of your personality is very focused and willing to endure sacrifices to stay focused and on task. You may not care how messy or difficult it gets.

An apron suggests a strong interest in what you are thinking and maintaining it. Secrecy, over-protection, or sacrificing less important or interesting things to keep thinking in a certain way.


*Please See Teal


To dream of an aquarium represents awareness of a controlled situation that you are safely isolated from. Feeling good not needing to do anything about an uncertain situation you are paying attention to. Safely having no involvement with something you are observing happening in your life. Fascination with people, situations, things about yourself that you have no interest in seriously involving yourself with. Noticing or being aware of how issues are effecting your life with little interest in exploring them personally. Noticing something happening, but safely thinking it doesn't matter enough to be involved with personally. Indifference, lack of fear, or lack of enthusiasm for something you are aware of happening. Feeling in control of a situation that you're not totally in control of.

Positively, dreaming about an aquarium may reflect your fascination or interest in observing problems you are perfectly safe from. Intelligently keeping yourself separated from something dangerous you are observing. Feelings about the full weight of a controlled situation you are aware of not embarrassing you.

Negatively, an aquarium may reflect a lack of emotional involvement with problems you are noticing yourself or someone else experiencing. It may also represent being aware of how issues are effecting you, but being unwilling to confront them. Watching something dangerous or negative happening without caring about it personally. Feeling that you don't have to do anything about something negative that you are watching happen.

Red or black fish inside an aquarium may point to problems or excesses you are isolated from while not knowing how to address them. Feeling that something isn't dangerous enough to kill you, but it's not going away. Bad habits or negative thinking patterns you are noticing yourself having. A sense of isolation from situations or behavior that is immoral, excessive, scary, or deceptive. Watching something bad, dangerous, or immoral happening and doing nothing to stop because it's more interesting to observe.

Example: A young woman dreamed of seeing an aquarium filled with white fish that were having babies. In waking life she was noticing herself desiring a boy she liked while carefully doing everything to be closer to him without talking to him at all. The aquarium scene in this case may have reflected her awareness of herself creating too many safe situations to be close to her crush while keeping herself carefully isolated from ever taking action to talk to him.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of seeing a python get placed into an aquarium that was attacking or eating others animals. In waking life she felt indifferent to her friends beginning to not like her as she tried to do well in school while having a part time job. The aquarium with the python snake attacking other animals may have reflected her awareness and indifferent attitude towards her friendships beginning to suffer with her career ambitions being her first priority. She felt friends didn't matter as much as her future and felt uncomfortable watching her career ambitions "strangle" her friendships. She safely watched poor influences die off due to her new habits and didn't care about it. She may also felt that strangling off her friendships was a contained situation without the friends hating her or turning on her.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing a developing baby in an aquarium that was close in term development to a previous baby she had aborted. In waking life she was very sensitive about experiencing or observing herself surpass her previous failed pregnancy term record. The aquarium in this case may have reflected her thoughts about observing her new pregnancy while feeling it was a safe and contained uncertain situation.

Example 4: A man dreamed of looking into an aquarium and seeing a big fish eat a smaller fish. In waking life he was observing his wife move from her initial stage of pregnancy to a much more sensitive serious stage. He felt she couldn't do anything except watch her. A common feeling for men with pregnant wives as they may not like not being unable to take charge of the pregnancy like they would with other problems. They feel that all they can do is watch their wives deal with the pregnancy on their own. The aquarium in this case may have reflected the man's feelings about the pregnancy being safely observed while being uncertain.

Example 5: A man dreamed of seeing an aquarium scene change from a weird brown cleaner fish to a scene with fish scared into order. In waking life he was experiencing a situation that was difficult to fix eventually sorting itself out. The aquarium in this case may have reflected his awareness about his situation being safely controlled while not feeling himself in total control.

*Please See Fish

Aquarium Ornament

To dream of an aquarium ornament represents something uncertain about yourself that you feel is important to be noticed all the time. A possibility that you want others seeing in you. It may also reflect a negative aspect of yourself that you like others being aware of in you.

Negatively, you may feel that people need to believe something about you at all times or that you can't move forward in a situation if something isn't being noticed in you by others.

Example: A man dreamed of looking into an aquarium and seeing an ornament turn scary looking. In waking life he was beginning to fear that a promise his father made to him about giving him a big some of money wasn't going to happen. He had told a lot of people about the gift of money happening and felt his eccentric father might embarrass him in front of the people he discussed the money with.

Arab People

To dream of Arab people represents aspects of your personality that are very sensitive about being respected the way they are. Fear of irrational or overprotective reactions from people. Concerns about severe punishment. Feelings about someone or something that will never change no matter what you do. Feelings about people who can't be reasoned with. Feelings about having to respect someone under irrational conditions. You or someone else that feels good knowing their position in a situation is guaranteed to be permanent.

To dream of beautiful Arab woman may reflect your desire or enjoyment of a permanent situation. It may also reflect your jealousy of not having a situation be as permanent as you want it to be.

*Please See Muslim People

*Please See Saudi Arabian People

*Please See Egyptian People


To dream of an video arcade represents a temporary escape or blocking out reality with distractions. You may be wasting time, delaying something, or procrastinating. You may be trying to numb and block out your problems. You might also be waiting for something more interesting or important to happen.

*Please See Video Arcade Game


To dream of an arch represents choices or a direction in life that demands respect. You may be noticing that you're more important than others. You may be feeling a heightened sense of status, power, or respect from others. It may also reflect a feelings of being special.

Alternatively, it may reflect a person or situation that demands your respect or co-operation. You may have to show respect where it's due or treat something like it's more important than you are.


To dream of an archaeologist represents you or someone else that is trying to bring something from the past back. Finding value in old relationships, habits, or situations. Negatively, it may be a sign that you are viewing old problems like they are good thing.

Example: A man dreamed of an archaeologist talking to him. In waking life he was beginning to have feelings for an old girlfriend that he had had a horrible falling out with. The archaeologist represent his attempt to find value in the failed relationship.


To dream of archaeology represents studying your past, or trying to gain insight into current situations based on past experiences.


To dream of practicing archery on a target represents feelings about testing yourself to see how perfect you can get something. Feelings about being an expert or professional about "hitting targets" specific goals. Setting and planning goals. Never giving up practicing on a difficult goal you have. Improving your skills. Believing in yourself knowing that a difficult goal is possible.

To dream of an archery competition represents feelings about proving yourself with targeting specific goals. Competing to perfectly target something. Jealousy of needing perfect performance. Jealousy of not hitting perfect goals before others.

*Please See Bow And Arrow


To dream of an architect represents meticulous planning or preparation. You or someone else that has thought of every single little thing to make something happen. A perfectly cultivated outcome or situation. An architect in a dream may reflect a wish to make sure that ideas or plans are carried out exactly as intended.

Alternatively, an architect in a dream may reflect superior expertise.

Negatively, an architect may represent abuse of superior expertise or experience.


To dream of architecture represents perspectives on situations that required great care, responsibility, and planning. Some area of your life that you want to noticed by others as perfect or having done a perfect job. An area of your life where there was meticulous planning or every detail was cared about. Being admired for your incredible efforts or above average accomplishments.

Pregnant women often dream of architectural buildings. This most likely reflects their view about themselves having been very careful and responsible with the pregnancy and preparation for the birth. Meticulous planning for the baby. The buildings in pregnant women's dreams often grow as the pregnancy gets further to term.

*Please See Building


To dream of the Arctic represents enormous challenges or hardships that you are enduring in waking life. You may be confronting a problem that's totally unforgiving or requires absolute perfection. A situation that feels terrible. You may feel isolated and lonely.

*Please See Antarctica


To dream of an arena represents issues that are out in the open or being made the center of attention. Struggles or problems are on display to others. Perhaps, you are experiencing someone else facing a problem publicly.

Alternatively, an arena in a dream may be a sign that an issue or problem needs to be brought into the open.

Negatively, an area may represent a fear of failing in front of everyone you know.


To dream of Argentina represents a mindset that is always respecting itself never deserve to notice it's feelings ignored. Respecting itself noticing nothing is little. Sensitivity about respecting noticing feelings mattering first. Feeling that people you know are always sensitive about having their feelings cared about at all times. It may also reflect your own sensitivity about noticing your feelings are not being addressed at all times. Feelings about nothing desperate all the time.

Positively, Argentina may reflect situations where you or someone else doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Always being polite, encouraging, or trying to spare people's feelings. Situations where it's felt that respecting children feelings while they live with you or are around you. Feeling that everything is fantastic because you can afford whatever you want all the time.

Negatively, Argentina may reflect your feeling of other people not having to respect your feelings first because they are busy respecting other peoples feelings. It may also reflect mediocrity that must be endured at your expense for the greater good of others feelings. It may also reflect you or someone else that is patronizing someone else to spare their feelings. Feeling surrounded by people who feel persistently out of reach because they are respecting someone else's feelings too much. Nothing is working for you in a situation, but someone will enjoy talking to you nicely or being friendly to you anyway. Terrifies or annoys you that everyone thinks something is gorgeous when it it isn't.

Example: A man dreamed of being in Argentina. In waking life he was having a pleasant conversation with an editor of a magazine that he believed might publish his website. Soon after he was rejected he realized the editor was just being nice to him to spare his feelings.


To dream of having an argument represents an inner conflict or an unresolved issue. Debating an issue or unsettled matter in your head. You may be doing something you don't believe in. Feeling that a situation isn't perfect enough. You may have a problem expressing your true feelings.

Alternatively, arguing may reflect a waking disagreement you are experiencing with someone else. Alternative opinions to your own may have been offered. Not liking someone else's ideas.

Consider who you are arguing with or what the subject of the argument is for additional meaning. How does it mirror your waking life?


*Please See Mathematics


To dream of the US State of Arizona represents a mindset that is insensitive to stupid ideas, vanity, or dangerous suggestions. Feeling that it's important to "keep it real" before all else. You or someone else that isn't scared to "tell it like it is." Relationship moments or social situations where total honesty is required that may result in being yelled at or berated. Insensitive to anyone thinking they are getting something too easily.

Positively, Arizona may reflect a mindset that feels it's a good idea not to take risks exacerbating problems if it can be avoided. Not liking to waste time making a situation worse. Unwillingness to delude oneself about the reality of a situation. Carefully noticing yourself never being a loser.

Negatively, Arizona may reflect a mindset that is rude, arrogant, or extremely insensitive about thinking it's never wrong. Insensitively objective or "telling it like it is" that is hurtful. Arrogantly thinking you are right all the time or feeling that you need to allow someone else to berate you for being wrong.

Example: A young woman dreamed of her ex-boyfriend inviting her to go to Arizona and needing a passport to get there. In waking life she was having difficulty speaking to her ex after a fight and wanted to see if she could salvage the friendship at all. Arizona reflected her feelings about a reconciliation with her ex requiring total honesty on her part while her ex berated her for her behavior.


To dream of an ark represents your attempt to get through a very stressful or uncertain time with the intention of starting over. A wish to survive the worst moment of your life with only what you need. Protection or preservation of something important.

Starting your life over with only what you need. Surviving with what you need for a new beginning. Protection of fundamental needs to begin anew.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing Noah's ark submerged in water. In waking life he had to endure his father's funeral and the legal issues that came after with no assistance from his family. He had to drain all his own financial resources for a year while also trying to protect his new developing business.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing Noah's Ark in her driveway with her deceased husband smiling at her. In waking life she missed her deceased husband and was thinking about how difficult it would be to survive the rest of her life financially without him.


To dream of an armadillo represents your feelings about unbearable resistance. Forsaking all happiness or comfort for the sake up surviving or persisting. Putting up with conditions that most people consider terrible as though they were normal. Disbelief or shock at how much adversity or negativity someone else is willing to put up with. You or someone else that feels comfortable never thinking of anything nice for themselves.

Alternatively, an armadillo may reflect your extreme sensitivity to change or risk.

A sign that you or someone else may have a big problem letting go or relaxing. Being too accustomed to never enjoying anything.


To dream of Armageddon may reflect a struggle between good and bad intentions in your waking life that feels on an emotional level to be of epic proportions. Feeling that all the good you have worked for is at risk of being lost to negative intentions or bad people forever. Feeling that you are emotionally at war with terrible people. An epic struggle of moral strength.

Alternatively, Armageddon may reflect the unforgiving nature of a struggle or conflict in waking life. A difficult or stressful situation that requires your full attention and energy to confront it. Facing a powerful addiction that feels impossible to overcome. Feelings about needing to struggle through a very stressful event or emotional upheaval. A life changing event like a divorce, company takeover, or economic crisis. A serious conflict between right and wrong in your life.

Armageddon may appear in a dream when you have to confront a person or situation that's doing everything to stop you.

*Please See End Of The World


To dream of an armchair represents feelings of being completely comfortable not having to think of other people's views if you don't want to. Complete security with status, being the way you are, or the position you hold. Not having to do anything different if you don't want to and not thinking anything is wrong with it. Comfortable not feeling stupid on your own. Comfortable respecting yourself on your own. Having your own opinions or choices and staying with them. No jealousy of thinking for yourself and knowing nobody is going to do anything about it. Feeling comfortable that you've already decided what you want to do. Feeling comfortable that you have alternatives to the way you think. Feeling comfortable that other people have to believe you are important by yourself.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing rich people sitting in a room on white single seat armchairs spread out within a waiting room lobby and having to sit on one of the chairs himself never being allowed to speak to anyone else sitting on the chairs. In waking life the man confronted rich people totally secure with their demands who didn't have to agree with him.


To dream of armor represents emotional or psychological defense mechanisms. You or someone else that is resistant to change or different views. A reflection of the personality choosing to protect itself at all times from pain or anxiety. Believing in yourself at all costs.

Positively, wearing armor symbolizes being mentally or emotionally immune to certain negative thoughts, emotions, or situations. You have the emotional resources required to deal with problems and stay in a positive mindset.

Negatively, armor in a dream may reflect a strong ego. Total arrogance that thinks it's better than other people and will fight to keep feeling good thinking that. Resistance to change at all costs. Believing in yourself to the point of hurting or insulting others. Bad habits that are very difficult to give up or your ego.

If you find yourself trying to kill someone wearing armor it symbolizes your attempt to control or get rid of a difficult aspect of your personality. There may be an emotional need or strong motivation to continue thinking in certain ways that may be an obstacle to progress. The ego may be too strong.

If a creepy or evil person in a dream wore armor it may symbolize a fear or a negative thinking pattern that is protected by your inability to overcome other emotions or the ego.

Example: A man dreamed of chasing someone in armor who he wanted to kill. In waking life he was in therapy and having difficulty coming to terms with his ego by thinking that he was smarter than other people. The person who wanted to kill that was wearing armor reflected how difficult it was for him to overcome his own ego.

Example 2: A man dreamed of wearing gold armor. In waking life he believed that he was in the middle of a spiritual war with demons that required him to be a perfect moral Christian for God. The gold armor in this case may have reflected his confident feelings about being spiritually defensive.

*Please See Knights

Armored Car

To dream of an armored car represents decisions or a direction in life that is preoccupied with never failing under any circumstance. Perfectly carrying out a risky plan or project. An "air tight" or totally secure undertaking.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a bankrupt armored car business. In waking life he ran a risky illegal business that had failed due to new laws he couldn't avoid.

Example 2: A man dreamed of chasing an armored car. In waking life he was trying hard to find financial success while living all on his own and found it too difficult to do so. Opportunities felt guarded because he didn't know anyone and nobody trusted him.

Armored Horse

To dream of an armored horse represents ambition and drive while being very defensive. Fighting or resisting every little thing in your way towards your goal. Alternatively, it may reflect powerful sexual drive or sexual conquest.

Negatively, it may point to fierceness, aggression, or rigidity as you work towards a goal. You may too confrontational.


To dream of armpits represents thoughts and feeling associated with social acceptance and approval. Armpits may also reflect feelings about cultural attitudes or corporate culture. Feelings about what is or isn't acceptance by people you spend a lot of time around.

Negatively, armpits in a dream may reflect behavior by you or someone else that is inappropriate. Disgusting true intentions being discovered.

Hairy armpits may reflect a more laid back attitude or appearing to others as though you don't care about what they think of your choices or behavior.

Shaven armpits may reflect a more careful or sensitive attitude towards social acceptable behavior. Not wanting to appear too laid back or comfortable with something others may not feel is socially acceptable.

Example: A woman dreamed of herself having long straggly armpit hair that she forgot to shave. In waking life someone jealous at her workplace was continually messing up her desk and making her look to her employers like she was comfortable being lazy and disorganized while other people weren't.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing someone getting an axe chopped in their armpit. In waking life he heard news about a criminal who attempted to rob his father's house being shot to death.


To dream of an arm represents function, reach, or what's possible. Arms reflect status, talents, grasp, or resources that are available to you or some aspect of yourself.

To dream of missing an arm represents a loss of function, reach, or an extension of yourself. Some area of your life is not able to function properly or is limited.

To dream of arms being crossed represents some aspect of yourself that is stubborn, opposed, or doesn't need to cooperate.

To see muscular arms represents you or some aspect of your personality is resourceful or effective. Having the power to attain objectives, or "reach" for what you wants. Negatively, muscular arms can point to powerful or resourceful negative aspects of your personality. Beliefs or a situations that may be difficult to confront.

People who self-harm to their arms may see imagery in dreams of damage being done to their arms by "safe" or "trusted" friends along with dark colored imagery such as red, black, and dark blue. This symbolism reflect the person's attempt to harm themselves as safely as they can to get the emotional benefits they seek from the cutting while also being mindful to not kill themselves.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her boyfriend cut off his arm in front of her. In waking life her boyfriend did special things for her that made her feeling uncomfortable and that he was behaving too nice to her. After telling him this once he stopped giving her special treatment. The arm being cut off may have reflected her feelings about "cutting off" her boyfriends willingness to try hard to do special things for her when she allowed her insecurity to criticize him.


To dream of an army represents a rigid stance or belief system. Persistent beliefs or values in the face of adversity. It may reflect your need to muster up all your strength to endure a hardship. Buckling down to deal with a problem. Following strict rules or an important schedule. Punctuality. Alternatively, it may reflect a strong sense of loyalty to a team.

Negatively, an army may symbolize a stubborn attitude or a big grudge.

Example: A girl dreamed of the Russian army coming towards her. In real life her friend was very stubbornly disagreeing with her.

Example 2: A father dreamed of living on an army base. In real life he was setting very strict rules for his son to live in his home.

Army Beret

To dream of an army beret represents an attitude or mindset that cares about except doing what you feel you have to do. Unwillingness to stray from your responsibilities no matter what. A preoccupation with a duty.

Army Clothing

To dream of army clothing or army fatigues represents the personality being very serious about defending itself. The personality is highly aggressive about a rigid stance on an issue. Feelings about life situations where you are focused on surviving or conflict. The personality is heavily focused on standing up for itself.

Army clothing may sometimes be confused with camouflage clothing.

*Please See Camouflage Clothing

Army Tanks

To dream of an army tank represents decision-making that is defensively expressing power. You or someone else that is stubbornly forcing certain choices or actions. Feelings about yourself or someone else that is very serious about enforcing their views. Having no fear about totally disrespecting someone to make them do what you want. "Rolling over" your competition to permanently destroy them. No fear of "crushing" people to enforce your decisions. Feelings about decision-making needing to be totally insensitive in order to win an argument or struggle. No concern for what anyone else thinks or feels if they are in your way. Heavy-handed enforcement that refuses to listen.

Negatively, dreaming about a army tank may reflect an excessive bossy attitude. Dishonestly overpowering people by whatever means are necessary. Crushing opposition you don't want to listen to. Humiliating people with less power than you because you don't want to reduce your own power. Excessive enforcement.

Arranged Marriage

To dream of an arranged marriage represents a permanent choice that you don't get to decide on. It may also reflect feeling forced into something. Reluctance to move forward in a situation or new phase. Negatively, an arranged marriage may reflect your feelings that you have no voice with a serious decision.

Arrest Warrant

*Please Warrant


To dream of being arrested represents feelings of being forced to change. A stop is being put to certain habits or behavior. Having to stop bad habits or bad behavior whether you like it or not. Being caught in the act, getting found out, or facing rules that you don't like. Order is being restored or you are coming to your senses. Enforcement of rules or having to do what is expected of you. Issues with restraint.

Alternatively, being arrested may reflect you sense of injustice or feeling that something isn't fair. A problem situation may be calming down.

Dreaming of being arrested by police may also reflect feelings about difficult changes you feel forced to make. People experiencing difficulties detoxing from drugs often dream of being arrested by police.

*Please See Jail

*Please See Police

*Please See Court-Martial


To dream of an arrow represents energy directed toward a goal or action taken to accomplish something. What you are doing to get what you want. An attempt to reach for a target you have set for yourself. A specific goal you are set about achieving.

To dream of shooting an arrow represent taking action towards a goal or outcome. Targeting or singling something out. Reaching for your goals.

To dream of being shot with an arrow represents your feeling of being targeted or singled out.

To dream of a broken arrow represents disappointments or impotence to reach for your goals.

To dream of a pointing arrow represents issues or problems that are being pointed out to you. It may also reflect insight into the direction you should take in your life.

Example: A man dreamed of being shot with arrows by people in his choir. In waking life he was choir teacher who was having some unpleasant arguments during choir. The arrows in this case may have reflected his feelings about being attacked very specifically or singled out by the choir mates with complaints about his choir teaching.

*Please See Bow And Arrow


To dream of arson represents destructiveness. It may also reflect intense anger, a desire for revenge, or intentionally wanting to destroy someone else's goals or happiness. Arson may also symbolize rage or anger that is bottled up. Never wanting someone else to feel good or have power ever again.

Arson in a dream may be a sign that you are harboring bitterness, jealousy, or hatred.

*Please See Fire

Art Gallery

To dream of an art gallery represents you or someone else that wants their past accomplishments admired. Wanting to feel good or be noticed for what you have done. Admiring other people's accomplishments. Feelings about accomplishments being permanently recognized or acknowledged.

Negatively, dreaming about an art gallery may reflect an excessive focus on the past accomplishments or an exaggerated belief that someone else's past achievement are impossible to overcome. Illusions about how easy, incredible, or powerful someone achievements in the past were. Paying too much attention to the "shadow being cast" on you by someone else's achievements. Alternatively, an art gallery in a dream may negatively reflect narcissism or being in love in one's own achievements. Thinking you are so incredible people should admire what you've done forever.


To dream of arthritis represents struggling with an area of your life that is always more difficult than it should be. Feelings about a permanent problem with moving around in life or holding on to things in your life. Problems or pain associated to your capabilities (e.g. emotional pain with holding on to difficult marriage). Issues with pain or holding on to things that are important to you that you feel may never go away. Persistent issues with pain or difficulty keeping your life the way it is. Persistent difficulty with your "grip" on some area of your life. Feeling on stress and struggle. Feeling helpless to effectively deal with a problem. Difficulty moving forward with plans. Feelings of barely being able to do something.

Example: A woman dreamed of thinking she had arthritis. In waking life she had spent a very long time away from her husband and was dealing with a loss of her home. The arthritis in the dream may have reflected her feelings of permanently having a problem living her life easily and holding on things important to her. She felt persistent pain associated with keeping her husband and her home that she thought would never go away.

Artificial Limbs

To dream of artificial limbs represents feelings about never allowing anything to limit your beliefs or sense of independence. You may have been cut off from power, freedom, or a capability and are using your resources to overcome it. Doing whatever you can to not allow a problem or limitation stop you. Choosing to never give up.

Negatively, an artificial limb may reflect use whatever resources are available to never have to face consequences. Feelings about negative situations or people in your life that will never give up. It may also reflect your negative attitude about giving up control.

Example: A man dreamed of his dog having an artificial limb that he took off and examined the cut limb. In waking life he was using pain killers, smoking, and alcohol to support himself emotionally and was finally beginning to think about the real underlying issues causing his problems. The artificial limb reflected his use of addictive substances to avoid facing his real pain.


To dream of an artist represents an aspect of yourself that is creative, unique, or does things different. A reflection of you or someone that is has original ideas. An artist may also reflect eccentricity. Noticing yourself being able to do whatever you want.

An artist may be a sign that you crave recognition or attention. You may have ideas, opinions, or achievements that you want others to notice. An artist may also reflect symbolic or unspoken actions you want others to identify you with. Expressing your true beliefs or thoughts with dramatic actions or words.

Negatively, an artist in a dream may point to creative exhaustion.

Alternatively, an artist may reflect your interest in drawing, painting, or other art form.

Example: A young girl dreamed of an older woman teaching her to paint. In real life she was renewing her interest in painting. The older woman painter reflected her previous experience in art that was motivating her to restart painting and improve her skills.

Example 2: A man dreamed of a slow artist that he felt he had to be patient with. In real life he felt he ha to give a business partner more time to come up with some new ideas.


To dream of artwork represents things about ourselves that we like to notice. This could be accomplishments, material possessions, or capabilities you feel good about or want others to be aware of.

To dream of Native American artwork represents things about yourself that you notice and never want to compromise in any way. Things about you that give you pride or are important enough to never change.

*Please See Pictures


To dream of asbestos represents a past mistake in your life that you are very concerned about getting rid of. Feeling stupid that you felt something was a good idea. A sense that dealing with a problem is critical or paramount. Feeling that the removal of a troublesome mistake is a top priority and that nothing else should happen until it is. Feeling that if you don't deal with a past problem things will only get worse.

Alternatively, asbestos may reflect the realization that you or someone else didn't think clearly about what they were doing in the past that has created a current problem. Feeling a need to correct gross negligence.

To dream of worrying about asbestos may be a sign that you are worrying that your past negligence will harm your current chances of success. Fearing not being able to get rid of a stupid mistake.

To dream of asbestos removal represents correcting gross negligence or a choice you regret. Taking the time set a problem straight. It may also reflect proactive measures you are taking with something you believe is critical. Carefully dealing with a big mistake or bad idea.


To dream of ashes represents your awareness that some area of your life is gone. Noticing the remains or remnants of a something that has been lost. Disappointments, regrets, failures, changes and loss.

Feeling that the good times are over or that nothing of value is left in your life. Alternatively, ashes may be a sign that you need to learn to let go of the past. Feeling that some aspect of your life is dead, pointless, or dull. Feeling that the "good times" are over with.

Positively, ashes in a dream may reflect dwelling on the past or something in your life that is finished.

Negatively, ashes in a dream may reflect feelings about failed relationships or ruined business enterprises. Total destruction of some area of your life.

To dream seeing or cleaning the ashes of a fireplace or stove represents the realization that an enjoyable or prosperous moment is over. It's time to move on or start over.

To dream of something turning to ashes represents feelings about a area of your life being completely destroyed, wasted, or carelessly neglected. Feelings about something being overused to the point of being useless. Feelings about something that could have been great if you or someone else was more careful. Feelings that all that is left of something is an empty memory.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing homes on her street totally destroyed by fire and turned to ashes. In waking life she had lost all respect for her neighborhood and her ability to stay safe with her family if she continue to live there. The neighborhood had been victimized by a lot of violence, crime, and murders. She felt the excessive violence and crime of the people living in her neighborhood has totally destroyed her confidence in her to continue living there.


To dream of an ashtray represents total disregard for how bad your behavior or habits are. Knowing full well that you're doing something that you're not supposed to be doing. An ashtray may also reflect someone or something you are exploiting in order to get away with something you know is wrong.

*Please See Cigarettes


To dream of Asia represents a mindset that is sensitive about everything working and gets angry when it isn't.

Alternatively, dreaming about Asia may represent situations in your waking life that are abnormal, unusual, or that you perceive to be "backwards". A sign that you may need to adjust to a situation or are experiencing culture shock.

*Please See China

Asian People

*Please See Chinese People

*Please See Japanese People

Asian Rice Hat / Conical Peasant Hat

To dream of an asian rice hat represents a conservative mood or attitude that rejects progress. It reflects a resistance to new ideas or opportunities. You think what you are currently doing is good enough.


To dream of asking in a dream represents consideration of an issue or change. Encouraging possibility. Questioning something about yourself, an issue, or possibility. Needing help. Begging for an answer. Wanting a chance. Requesting. Demand for something. Asking yourself questions about your past. Curiosity.

Negatively, asking for something in a dream may reflect actions that are "asking for trouble" or doing things that are reckless or dangerous that encourage trouble. Trying too to hard obtain something or restore normalcy to a failed situation. Feeling that something in your life is not happening or present enough. Feeling that you are not allowed. Feeling pressure to be forced or changed. A nagging sense that something is not happening enough.

To dream of asking someone for something represents feelings of needing something in your life that you don't currently have. Questioning your own capabilities. Feeling about needing help.

To dream of someone asking you for something represents feelings about behavior that being "asked of you." People or situations that make you feel that you are not doing enough. You or someone else that is needing help. You jealousy or desire to be asked to do something that lingers on your mind. Insecurity that your weaknesses will be "brought up." Feeling that someone or something is making a request of you. Feeling questioned as a person.

To dream of a question being asked represents feeling interrogated. Feelings about some area of your life "begging for an answer." Feeling that behavior or an area of your life is questionable.

To dream of asking someone to come back to you may reflect your feelings of jealousy that a person or some area of your life won't easily return to your life. Wasting your life being jealous trying to restore something that may never return.

To dream of asking someone if they have enough money may reflect internal discussion about your ability to afford, initiate, or carry a situation. Feelings about questioning the ability to continue or prolong in a situation.

To dream of fearing being asked a question or avoiding something asking a question may reflect thoughts of avoiding consideration of something that is unpleasant to you or costs you personally. Awareness of yourself not being stupid about demands from others not being in your best interest.

To dream of someone asking you if you need help represents thoughts about being shown consideration. It may also reflect your own feelings about questioning if you can handle something difficult.

To dream of someone not asking you for something when they should ask you for represents feelings of being intruded upon. Loyalty or respect not being give to you. Feeling someone is taking your liberties away. Feelings about yourself having intruded upon someone else's personal space. Annoying or disrespectful lack of inhibition.

To dream of being asked about something represents some area of your life being questioned. People or situations that make you feel you need "answer to them." Feelings about an area of your life having attention drawn to it.

Example: A woman dreamed of being asked if she needed shelter. In waking life she felt that someone was being considerate of her feelings with a problem.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being asked by ex-boyfriend to stay grounded, to not cheat on him, and who she had been dating since they broke up. In waking life she had just broken up with her boyfriend. In this case the asking may have symbolized her feelings about her ex-boyfriend potential jealously inquiring about what she had been up to.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing someone ask him "It that enough? Is that enough?" while finding it very uncomfortable. In waking life he was very uncomfortable with the idea of considering someone else's overly aggressive actions as a sign that he should concede anything to them preferring to comfortable avoid them at all costs.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of asking her ex-boyfriend to come back to her. In waking life her ex-boyfriend had recently broke up with her. In this case the asking in the dream may have reflected her attempts to do things to encourage her ex-boyfriend to get back with her hoping he'd would notice them. She may have been unconsciously "asking" for him to come back to her with her actions.

Example 5: A man dreamed of girlfriend walking away from him and asking her to come back jealousy watching her never come back. In waking life he was experiencing a powerful loss in his life that would never restore the situation to normal no matter what he did. His attempts to fix a situation didn't work.

Example 6: A woman dreamed of asking people if they want to swim. In waking life she was wondering to herself if 2 men might want to try dating her and making friendly gestures to encourage the possibility.


To dream of an asp baton weapon represents feelings about yourself or others "meaning business" only when it's important or serious enough. Revealing combative or resistant behavior only when it gets dangerous enough.

Negatively, an asp may reflect last minute arrogance or threats. Pushing a liar to the point where truth is mandatory and noticing them becoming belligerent. Assertively making the rules up as you go along or changing the rules once a situation is not feeling good for you.

Example: A young man dreamed of a person he didn't like threatening him with an asp. In waking life the young man experienced his father becoming totally arrogant about ever giving him money at the last moment of a home sale after promising him $200,000. The father began to threaten to take away other things from the young man if he didn't choose to ignore the promise because the father never meant to honor the promise.


To dream of asparagus represents an unpleasant experience that you know is good for you, but has to be done perfect in order to complete it. Knowing that something will help you, but won't feel good at all.

Alternatively, asparagus may reflect an unpleasant experience that is good for you, but that has to done is small steps. Knowing that something difficult is good for you, but avoiding it unless you absolutely have to do it.


To dream of asphalt represents a clear understanding or grasp of a situation. Not having to worry. A clear path towards your goals. Standing on solid ground or feeling that an area of your life has been permanently made easier.

*Please See Roads (Paved).
*Please See Sidewalk

*Please See Concrete


*Please See Buttocks-Bum

*Please See Donkey


To dream of an assassin represents an aspect of yourself that is concerned with ending or failing something so it will never be a concern ever again. Being totally focused on eliminating some area of your life for good. Cutting someone off for good using surprise or embarrassment. A desire to never face a problem ever again. Sabotage.

Consider the qualities of the person being assassinated and ask yourself how these qualities may apply to you or a situation in your life.

Alternatively, an assassin may represent your feelings about another person or situation that cares about nothing except insensitively cutting you out of the picture. Your feelings about people who are intentionally focused on getting rid of you. It may symbolize your feelings about someone who has privately made the decision to end a relationship or situation with you. Feeling sabotaged.

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