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Spanish People

To dream Spanish people (from Spain) represents aspects of your personality that are passionate about noticing their passionate. A preference for putting a pleasant or positive spin on whatever is happening. Loving what you do for a living. Loving life. Optimism that is caring. Not wasting the rest of your life wanting to care about other people's problems. Optimism that doesn't control you and lets you be. You may have a strong sense of what you consider to be beautiful and may not care about others' opinions on the matter. Being in love with what you do for a living. Additionally, the dream may indicate that you feel a deeper sense of love than others and may be more intelligent about what love truly means.

Negatively, dreaming about Spanish people may represent empty promises or flattery that are made enthusiastically. You or other people that make others feels good, but never really mean it. Feeling good lying to people's faces about why everything is wonderful when it isn't. Anger that talks about it loudly or openly. Behavior that scares you that the rest of your life is on the line and you are incredible at doing everything you have to do. Feeling that a situation has to be fantastic or nobody will like you. A passionate attitude that has to notice it's passionate because nobody else ever likes anything, laughes, or feels good with other people.

Example: A man dreamed of a Spanish man walking on his left side as he moved forward towards a deep empty pit of smashed concrete, but then flying in a helicopter with the Spanish man over the pit at the last second. In waking life, the man was in a dire financial situation and had to become completely dedicated to writing a book about something he loved in order to avoid bankruptcy. Within a few years, he was able to turn his life around. The Spanish man in the dream may have reflected his passionate and determined attitude towards his work, and his need to be assertive and take risks to achieve success. The dream may have also represented his sense of relief and triumph upon overcoming his difficulties and achieving his goals.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being a Spanish man. In waking life, he was feeling anxious and stressed at work, but was also looking forward to an upcoming holiday. In this case, the Spanish man in the dream may have symbolized the dreamer's desire to tap into his passionate and confident side to enjoy the holiday despite the work stress and to remind himself that he deserves a break. It could also represent the dreamer's wish to feel more vibrant and lively.

*Please See Spain

Syrian People

To dream of Syrian people represents aspects of the personality that are passionate about being safe respecting itself without a problem. Passionate about respecting yourself safe with finality. The importance of safety and self-respect, and it is often associated with a strong sense of personal integrity and pride. Passionate about being perfectly safe about never embarrassing itself around other people. Never believing you should say something about yourself that isn't safe about respecting yourself around other people. Choosing to be safe while respecting yourself around other people no matter what happens. A mindset that is mindful about being as safe as can be with keeping their self-respect. Safely respecting yourself while other people are with you. Passionate about being safe about respecting yourself with other people as well. Believing in yourself as being first safely with someone. Respecting yourself with everyone listening while mattering together. A strong awareness of personal integrity. Pride in that everything you do isn't talked about stupid. A strong desire for safety and self-respect that values maintaining a positive image and a strong sense of personal integrity. A sense of pride about being successful that can't be spoken about as not being safe.

Syrian people may represent aspects of the personality that value safety and self-respect above all else. It symbolizes a strong sense of pride and a desire to maintain a positive image in front of others.

Negatively, dreaming about a Syrian may represent a mindset that is overdoing being passionate about being safe respecting yourself. Behavior that is too serious about never giving back anything ever again because respecting oneself safe is required first. Not minding what happens to other people if it means you are not safely respecting yourself without any problems first. Behavior that respects itself safer than someone else and you are in total disbelief that it would choose that. Being passed someone who helped you and safely never bringing it up when it's important because you won't respect yourself again if you did. A refusal to lose dignity or lower yourself if it means you aren't safely respecting yourself without a problem. A Syrian person may be a sign that you are very concerned about all your actions being viewed as respectable to other people. Very concerned with never being viewed as weak, stupid, or irresponsible because other people are watching. Going to enormous lengths to hide your faults to maintain a respectable image. Underhanded or selfish behavior to avoid looking bad. Too concerned with your pride and how people view you. Feeling that being respected safe without a problem is more important than caring about reversing yourself. Concealing your personal life and struggles in public despite feeling sad, weak or vulnerable. Safely talking to someone who is owed a debt like they are not a fake, but never repaying the debt yet. An excessive concern with maintaining the pride or personal integrity of a respectable image while concealing one's weaknesses or faults, often at the expense of others.

Example: A man dreamed of an evil Syrian man, which may reflect his frustration and resentment towards a friend who owed him money. In waking life, the dreamer had risked everything to lend money to this friend, who was defaulting on his mortgage. However, the friend, who had now achieved success and financial stability, avoided repaying the debt. The dreamer felt that the friend was deliberately refusing to pay him back because he didn't want to lose his successful and accomplished image. Repaying the debt would mean admitting to financial instability and reducing self-respect. In this case the evil Syrian man may have reflected the dreamer's feeling about friend always respecting himself as safe, successful, and accomplished prioritized his own self-respect and image, refusing to acknowledge the debt repayment and passing on the responsibility.

Turkish People

To dream of Turkish people represents aspects of your personality with a mindset that is respectable about every last thing that hates why it wasn't. Respectable is what you're supposed to be that hates why it didn't think about it all the time. Respectableness that expects everyone else to conform as well. Absolutely not believing you should ever talk about yourself as not being respectable to someone else. Feelings about maintaining respectability, adherence to certain standards, and the challenges or pressure they face in doing so. This mindset values maintaining decorum at all times and expects others to conform to the same principles. Taking care of every last detail to be certain of respectability. The importance of maintaining a respectable image. The importance of negotiation, adaptability, and finding a balance in a situation where it's difficult to have an agreement. Conforming to culture and expectations. Conscientiousness. Constant self-improvement and high expectations for oneself and others. A strong sense of propriety, politeness, and formality.

Negatively, a Turkish person may represent a mindset that is overly concerned with being respectable all the time, causing others to feel pressured to comply. Feeling as if you are never good enough or that your efforts will never measure up to the high standards set by others. Feelings about putting up with an authority that demands absolute respectableness that has standards that are harder or higher than you are accustomed to. Avoiding discussing any personal problems to maintain respectable image. Feelings about adhering to strict guidelines. Staying on top of standards or expectations so you don't make someone angry. Highly conscientious and perfectionist environment. People may feel as if they are never good enough or that their efforts will never measure up to the high standards set by others.

Example: A woman had a dream about Turkish people starting an argument with Dutch people. In waking life, her restaurant employer was demanding more responsibility from her at work. In this case, the Turkish people's argument with the Dutch people may have reflected her conflicting feelings about her employer's expectations for maintaining a certain level of respectability and attention to detail in every aspect of her restaurant job, which she felt was unrealistic or unnecessary.

Ukrainian People

To dream of Ukrainian people represents aspects of the personality that are thoughtful about not accepting weakness that doesn't need explaining. Thoughtfulness of noticing what's most important like it isn't weak. Thoughtful about never being weak because you are doing something about it. Thoughtful about other people's feelings while noticing the worst part. Thoughtful about never noticing anything weaker than it should be. Isn't cold, but notices what the worst part is just to be safe. Not evil, but you have to notice what strong or fastest is the right way. Importance of weakness needing to be cut off so it's not thought about. Thoughtful about noticing other people don't say they're weak. Thoughtful about listening to nothing happening being weak. Sensitive about nobody else is noticing anything more dangerous than they should be. Not liking anyone saying they saw you accepting anything is weak. Toughness that doesn't want to let anyone else say they saw the weakness either.

Positively, a Ukrainian person in a dream may reflect being unwilling to look stupid, desperate, or having chosen to lose because you'll just not give up. Always thinking that there is something else that can be done to win when problems arise. Seeing yourself as successful as you have to be for other people. Feeling good that you are not scared that you can fix something yourself because you're reliant on yourself to keep being strong. Feeling good that everything is working is the reason why everyone supports you. Feeling that relationships are what you have to see not being weak no matter what you do. Handling a situation so nobody else has to see weakness or giving up.

Negatively, dreaming about Ukrainian people may reflect overdoing being thoughtful about never accepting weakness to the point that nobody feels good being told to doing something about it. Feelings about not being respected if you want to keep saying something weak repeatedly. Feeling that you aren't being attacked, but weakness is brought up to make sure you are safe. Feeling that nobody likes you if bring up weakness first and do nothing about it. Nobody ever likes to hear you say anything weak yourself, so you never bring it up. An attitude of problems aren't really problems, but you have to do more. Nobody wants to talk to you about why you're noticing weakness permanently and accepting it. Feeling that nobody wants to talk to you about being hopeless because they don't think it's important to do nothing about it.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing someone that looked like a dead Ukrainian president in a coffin. In waking life a young girl who went to school with his son had gotten into a very bad car accident due to icy roads. In this case the dead Ukrainian president may have reflected letting go of his heightened need to discuss road safety because his his wife and children's got over their oversensitivity about dying from icy roads. He was thoughtful about taking control over the situation so nobody thought of dying in a car accident.

*Please See Ukraine

White People

To dream of white people represents aspects of your personality that are comfortable following socially acceptable behaviors and norms, without feeling the need to stand out or behave in dangerous ways. Accepts itself safe doing nothing strange as expected like it matters a lot. Behavior that saves itself from seeing itself doing anything strange or dangerous. Behavior that respects itself noticing what matters most while staying safe and sane. Stable and accepted behavior that can't be disrupted without causing anger or hurt. Stability and acceptance, as well as a casual attitude towards situations and relationships that are perceived as stable. You respect the established rules and boundaries and don't see the need to disrupt them or stand out for attention. Socially acceptable permanent safety. Socially acceptable respect for what matters most. Normalcy that doesn't have to question it. Social acceptability is the reason why you think nothing is wrong. Qualities of safe, stable, and traditional.

Negatively, white people reflect feelings about comfort with overdoing socially acceptable safe behavior and norms in order to avoid standing out. Conforming to socially acceptable norms that work against your individual needs or circumstances. Behavior that doesn't have to listen to you or respect anything else about you if it doesn't want to because it thinks you're too dangerous, weird or, too socially unacceptable. Civility that's mean to anything unusual. Socially acceptable safe behavior that is better for a group, but not good for an individual with special circumstances. Behavior that is just honest, not laughing about why you are not socially acceptable as safe. Frustration or insecurity about being ignored or undervalued, particularly if you feel that others are not willing to listen to you or take your concerns seriously. Difficulty making changes in a situation that has already been accepted. Jealousy of someone who seems to have an advantage over you because they are socially acceptable. Social acceptability or behavior norms of other people that work against you or aren't protective of you. Anxieties about being socially acceptable to meet new friends or fit in with people. Not liking other people's standards of socially acceptable behavior.

To dream about being in a neighborhood with mostly white people who didn't like black people could reflect the dreamer's feelings of exclusion, isolation, or discrimination for behavior that they feel is too concerned with respecting itself proving itself or never giving up. Socially acceptable safe behavior that isn't allowing other behavior.

Alternatively, dreaming about being in a neighborhood with mostly white people who didn't like black people could reflect the dreamer's feelings of exclusion, isolation, or discrimination in their waking life. The dream may be expressing the dreamer's feelings of being marginalized or not fitting in with a particular group of people due to their race or ethnicity.

To dream of a mean white person represents feelings about conforming to socially acceptable behavior that feels unfair or ignorant. It can also represent frustration or insecurity about being ignored or undervalued, particularly if others don't take your concerns seriously or don't listen to you. Jealousy or resentment towards those who have an advantage due to social acceptability or conformity. Social acceptability with a sense of conceit or ignorance that disregards the importance of listening to others and respecting different perspectives.

To dream of killing a white person represents changing or ending socially acceptable behavior. Frustration or anger towards the dominant culture or establishment. It could represent a desire to rebel against the norms or standards that are being imposed on you or feeling oppressed by them.

Alternatively, dreaming of killing a white person may represent a desire to rid yourself of certain traits or characteristics that are associated with whiteness or the dominant culture. This may reflect feelings of guilt, shame, or inadequacy related to your own identity, background, or experiences.

To dream of being surrounded by white people when you are not a white person in waking life represents feelings about involvement in social acceptable behavior that tries to stay safe that way. An example might be safe status quo behavior while going to church, talking to doctors, or speaking to professionals that feels safe being socially acceptable. Negatively, it may be a sign that you are too sensitive or to worried about maintaining socially acceptable safe behavior for appearances.

Example: A young black woman dreamed of a white woman standing near a black man that she liked. In waking life she was shocked to find out that a guy she liked already had a girlfriend. The white woman in her dream represented the dreamer's feelings of jealousy and disappointment that the man she liked was already in a stable and socially accepted relationship that she couldn't disrupt without causing anger or hurt.

Example 2: A black man dreamed of being in church surrounded by white people he was at ease with while walking out of his church. In waking life the man was an ex-pastor who recently left the church after getting divorced. In this case the white people he was at ease with may have reflected his feelings about the people at his church caring about socially acceptable behavior that's deemed safe. He left the church because he felt his divorce was socially unacceptable behavior deemed unsafe for leadership in church.

Example 3: A mixed race man dreamed of being in a waterpark with lots of white people. He saw only white people. In waking life the man had recently moved and had no friends where he lived. In this case the white people may reflect his feelings about needing to be socially acceptable in a specific way that was new to him in order to make new friends in his new location.

Example 4: A man dreamed of seeing white people. In waking life he was nervous about meeting people at a new church group. In this case the the white people may have symbolized his desire to fit in and conform to the socially acceptable behavior and norms of his fellow Christians."

Example 5: A young woman dreamed of seeing a book that addressed the stupid things white people do to hurt themselves, but put it back. In waking life she was about to see old friends from high school. In this case a book on helping white people she put back may have reflected her interest in ideas to protect herself with being socially acceptable safe with old friends after not having seen them for a very long time.

Example 6: An older woman dreamed of walking around a shopping mall with her son's family and becoming aware that they were the only white people around. In waking life her old family farm was sold and all the old family grown trees were cut down. In this case, the symbolism of her and her son's family being the only white people in the mall may reflect her feelings about being the only ones who value the farm as a safe, stable, and socially acceptable place, while others don't see its importance. The dream may also represent her sense of isolation and alienation in a changing world where old traditions and values are being lost and replaced with something new and unfamiliar.

*Please See White Trash

50 Cent Rapper

To dream of 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson, Fity) represents an aspect of personality that is more incredible than other people (or gets the most attention) for behavior that is notorious for feeling good being more arrogant than someone else about being toughest about deserving to put yourself first while not thinking anyone else even believes in themself. Feeling good that success doesn't happen without a lot of effort while never wasting time believing in yourself the way little people do. Being in a highly competitive field, facing many challenges but remaining undeterred. Never adjusting yourself to other people who say negative things about you when you deserve to keep doing what you do. Tougher or "badder" than someone else about having to say you deserve to matter first. Behavior that is self-assured about never letting go of deserving to matter first. As tough as it gets about never deserving to talk to anyone who doesn't think you're first about believing in yourself for real. Showing off lethal about never having to say anyone else matters. Showing off being empty about mattering first no matter what. Unapologetically focused on self-preservation and success. Being better than someone at something once it's time to say it's important.

Negatively, dreaming about 50 Cent may represent behavior that is overdoing feeling good about being toughest at mattering first while saying that other people don't matter at all. Feeling good that success doesn't happen without a lot of effort and while laughing that people are little or phony about believing in themself. A serious situation where you might need to get back at people while feeling you deserve to matter first no matter what and don't believe people can do better than you. A caution against excessive arrogance or dismissiveness towards others.

Rap Stars in general may symbolize arrogance, toughness, or showing off about proving yourself that will never lose or give up. A rap star may also reflect behavior that likes to show off talking back to people with an attitude that other people can't do anything about.

Example: A man had recurring dreams of 50 Cent talking to him about what was happening in a dangerous situation. In waking life, he had to get back at people in a legal entanglement by deserving to matter first after they lied about trying to secretly steal things from him while using blackmail to get away with it. In this case, 50 Cent may have reflected his mindset of being unapologetically focused on self-preservation and success, reinforcing his determination to come out on top in his legal struggles.

Abe Lincoln

To dream of Abe Lincoln represents feelings about honesty, integrity, and doing what's right in the face of adversity. It could symbolize a respect for truth and justice, as well as a strong moral compass. Your thoughts about the importance of ethical conduct, leadership, and making difficult decisions that are in the best interest of the greater good.

Positively, dreaming about Abe Lincoln may represent wisdom, courage, and the ability to navigate through challenging situations with honesty and moral fortitude. A conscious choice to stand up for what you believe in, even if it's unpopular or challenging. A sense of fairness and the desire to treat everyone equally.

Negatively, dreaming about Abe Lincoln could represent feelings of being overwhelmed by the responsibility of making tough decisions. It might symbolize the burden of knowing the right thing to do but facing significant opposition. Perhaps you feel that your principles are being tested, or you might be struggling with a situation where the right choice is clear but difficult to execute.

Interesting Fact: President Abe Lincoln is the 16th president of the United States Of America. The events of his presidency are completely consistent with the number 16 (confronting negativity or arrogance) with the civil war, releasing slaves, and hopelessly being shot while not aware of his assassin.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of walking into Abe Lincoln's library. In waking life, she was having problems with growing distant from one of her best friends and didn't know what the answer was to fix it. In this case, the Abe Lincoln Library may have reflected her search for an honest and wise approach to resolve the issue and restore their friendship, despite feeling hopeless about the situation.

*Please See President

*Please See 16


To dream of an accountant represents objectivity toward a situation that you feel needs to make sense. A serious examination of a situation to determine if it's winning or losing. You or someone you know is carefully looking at the facts or making sure something make sense. Anxiety or serious concern about about a situation making sense from a standpoint of winning versus losing. Making sure all factors have been considered your attempt to maintain a sound situation.

Alternatively, an accountant in a dream may reflect your awareness of yourself trying to responsibly manage finances.

Negatively, dreaming about an accountant may reflect your awareness of financial problems that you are hiding from other people. Cleverly manipulating financial information to disguise or put off confronting your problems in the current moment.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing his father being an accountant. In waking life he had made decisions to handle certain financial situations in his family life that were starting to become impossible for him to handle on his own as his business started to shrink. He was having a problem trying to figure out how to continue to handle those financial obligations and couldn't figure out a way to tell his family about it so he could offload expenses.


To dream of an acquaintance represents an aspect of yourself that you're still trying to get to know. Possibly a reflection of limited experience with certain people or situations.

Alternatively, an acquaintance may symbolize an aspect of yourself based on your most honest feelings or thoughts of that person. Ask yourself what stands out the most about that person.


To dream of an acrobat represents an aspect of yourself that is maintaining balance under chaotic conditions. You may have a lot of pressure or demands being put on you. An acrobat may be a sign that you need to ask for some help or may benefit from a slower pace. It may also be a sign that your creativity is being stretched too thin.

Alternatively, dreaming of acrobatics may be a metaphor for sexual intercourse.


To dream of an actor represents an aspect of yourself that is pretending. Negatively an actor may reflect deceptive interactions with others. Posing, posturing, or not being yourself. Putting on a fake persona.

If the actor is a known celebrity then they symbolizes a quality or aspect of your personality based on your most honest feelings or thoughts about them.

Example: A man dreamed of being an actor. In waking life he was trying his hardest to lie to customer about his qualifications by pretending he was more experienced than he was.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a girl who became a famous actress on a tv show. In waking life he was imagining what it would be like to be rich and date someone beautiful he knew after he received a large inheritance. He was imagining how he would live and behave with his money and beautiful wife.

*Please See Celebrities

*Please See Acting

*Please See Famous

*Please See Paparazzi

Adam Sandler

To dream of Adam Sandler represents an aspect of the personality that is more incredible than other people (or gets the most attention) for behavior that's laughable to other people for being a regular person who's never believable about deserving to be taken seriously about losing it's temper for not liking something. Behavior that is family-safe about being unimportant while embarrassing itself by being angry. Behavior that is laughable for never deserving to think it's important while it embarrasses itself by being angry. Behavior that is laughable for being an adult that is immature about getting angry about not liking things without thinking that anything is wrong with that. A desire to find humor and lightness in a challenging situation.

Negatively, dreaming of Adam Sandler may represent feelings of not being taken seriously or being dismissed for not conforming to societal expectations of seriousness or credibility. Concerns about being perceived as a joke for lacking in emotional control for not liking something.

Example: A woman dreamed of being kidnapped by Adam Sandler and members of the mob and taken to a prison. Shortly after she became Adam Sandler and was having sex with a woman in shallow water. In waking life, she was diagnosed with depression and prescribed antidepressants. In this case, Adam Sandler may have reflected on her feelings about herself being laughable to other people for never being believable about deserving to be taken seriously about being depressed enough to do anything dangerous to herself because doctors prescribed standard drugs to control the depression.


To dream of an adolescent represents an aspect of yourself that is underdeveloped or irrational. It may also reflect a naive eagerness.

Alternatively, an adolescent may reflect a heightened sense of responsibility or watchfulness you feel.


To dream of an adventurer represents an aspect of yourself that seeks out new challenges or exciting experiences. Trying new things, taking chances, or attempting to expand your horizons.


To dream of an adversary represents people or situations that are antagonistic to your wishes or goals.

To dream of confronting an adversary may represent a conflict or a fear that you are facing in waking life.



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