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To dream of buying insurance represents feelings about wishing to avoid embarrassing yourself. Relationships or situations with a backup plan or collateral. Alternative choices that are always available to you. A fear of losing. A heightened need for security. A "just in case" mindset. A wish to avoid anything careless.

Negatively, dreams about insurance could reflect a selfish wish to use others to make your life easier. Asking for or demanding that others provide total security that may be excessive. Abusing others caring or supportive nature. Alternatively, a negative dream about insurance may be a sign that you are giving up too much power or freedom to guarantee your security.

To dream of burning a house down or killing people to collect the insurance policy may reflect feelings about needing to cause disaster or crisis to avoid having to do anything you don't like. Intentionally "screwing up" to force a situation to change in your benefit. Dishonestly controlling a situation to lead towards your
original goals without having to wait for someone else's ideas or plans to finish. Dishonestly forcing alternative outcomes. Dishonestly forcing people to resort to agreed upon back up plans.

Example: A woman dreamed of needing her friends insurance to cover her medical bills even though her insurance could cover it. In waking life she wanted her friend to pay her extra money to clean her condo due to her leg pain even though her leg pain wasn't a serious problem.


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Internal Organs

*Please See Organs


To dream of the Internet represents interests or experiences you want to be a part of or feel connected to. Situations or issues you feel connected to. Experiences or resources you wish to gain access to. The ability to connect with people, resources, or situations that give you a desired type of experience. It can also be a reflection of what you wish to achieve, discover, or experience with others. News, events, and people you that you choose to repeatedly connect with in life that forms the life experience you are currently having.

Negatively, dreaming about the Internet may reflect feelings about negative or dishonest connections to others people. Feelings about people you don't like or who don't like you connecting to other people in ways that are detrimental to your happiness. A situation or person you want to be connected with, but aren't 100% certain or confident about the reality of it. Creating negativity in your life that you choose to "stay connected to. Encouraging negative experiences by repeatedly accessing things things that are bad influences, cause fear, or encourage a negative mindset. Reading bad news or repeatedly hanging out with people that are not good for you to be around.

To dream of the Internet unplugged may reflect feelings about being cut off from friends, family, or coincidences. Feeling that other people are having experiences connected to each other and you are not. Feeling that God is not helping you co-create experiences in your life with a hidden network of life. Intentionally isolating yourself or cutting yourself off from other people or experiences. The ability to connect to other people or experiences is not working for some reason.

The Internet may also symbolize the hidden network of life that seems to bring us closer to what we want through friends, family, or coincidences. The invisible force that always seems to give you what you need or introduces you to people who can help you. Perhaps, you thought of something and then a person showed up to make it happen.

To dream of downloading something or talking to someone on the Internet may reflect waking life experiences where you have met someone new, discovered something, or gained access to something that helps you.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a man she loved post a video on the internet of himself kissing another girl. In waking life she was feeling jealousy and insecurity about a long-distance relationship with doubts that the relationship would work. The Internet in this case may have reflected her feelings about how closely she was connected to this man or that

Example 2: A woman dreamed of people filming her with their phone cameras and uploading it to the internet. In waking life she felt that people at her church were judgmental and talking about her behind her back with other people.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being unable to get on the internet. In waking life she was having a lot of difficulty getting a job while experiencing of number of life challenges.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing chaotic news on the her phone. In waking life she was constantly afraid of the end of the world and endtimes. In this case the Internet may have her repeated attempts to connect to news, events, and conversations with people that created a negative mindset of fear related to excessive thoughts about the end of time.

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Internet Chat

To dream of an Internet Chat represents feelings about impersonal engagement or self-discussion with an issue you want to feel connected with. Self-discussion or engagement with an issue you want to connect with, but aren't 100% perfectly confident about the reality of it. Life experiences you are interested in, but aren't engaging enough on a deeper personal level. Loving the idea of a person or experience you want to connect with without any personal or intimate knowledge of them.

Negatively, dreaming of an Internet Chat may reflect feelings that it's more attractive to think about or talk about something you want to be involved with without ever taking the serious action to experience it. Impersonal engagement or self-discussion that wastes time or never results in genuine experiences.

Alternatively, dreaming of an Internet Chat may reflect impersonal engagement with the idea of dating someone you want to have a relationship with when you don't really know much about them or what's actually going on in their life at the current moment. Lacking 100% certain confidence about how connecting to an interesting person or experience is possible.

Example: A woman dreamed of talking to a guy she liked in an Internet Chatroom. In waking life the guy lived far away and she had no idea how or when she would ever have a real relationship with him. The Internet Chatroom in this case may have reflected the impersonal engagement the dreamer had with the idea of dating the guy because in reality she had no idea where the guy was, what he was doing in his life, and if he actually shared her feelings.

*Please See Internet

Internet Radio

To dream of an Internet radio show represents experiences or interaction with others where there is absolute control. You or someone else wants to direct the flow of ideas or totally control a situation with other people.


To dream of an interrogation represents a relentless need for answers. You may be "grilling" yourself about why you did something or unable to forgive yourself.
It may also reflect a person or situation that is trying squeeze every last bit energy or information out of you.

To dream of being an interrogator may reflect a strong need for an answer or your distrust of person or situation.


To dream of a traffic intersection may reflect different different choices or possibilities available to you in your life. Decision-making outcomes. Feeling that there is the possibility of changing decisions you have already made. A potential turning point in your life. Feelings about a choice needing to be made.

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Intravenous Therapy IV

To dream of an IV or intravenous therapy represents feelings about a situation requiring a slow recovery. Feelings about a dangerous slow recovery. A dangerous need to have patience to fix a problem or recover. Feelings of hopelessness to do anything except wait to recover from a problem. Unbearable waiting to recover that feels serious. Not liking to listen to why recovering is more serious than your own goals or ideas. No laughter at why nothing else you want is going to happen until a serious recovery occurs first. Fear or dependency on something that isn't evil.

Negatively, intravenous therapy may reflect feelings about being in danger if you can't be patient or recover slowly. Feeling that disconnecting from something helping you slowly resolve a problem could have consequences. Dependency on something slow to recover from a dangerous situation.


To dream of an introduction represents feelings about new opportunities, experiences, or relationships entering your life. The initiation of new phases, encounters, or a sense of beginning. Your thoughts about the initial stage of something significant, perhaps a new endeavor, friendship, or lifestyle change.

Positively, dreaming about an introduction might symbolize a welcoming sense of new possibilities, a new start, or a fresh perspective. It may suggest that you are open to new experiences and excited about what the future holds. It could also imply that you are prepared and willing to take on new responsibilities or roles.

Negatively, dreaming about an introduction could represent feelings of awkwardness, fear, or uncertainty about something new entering your life. You might feel unprepared for a new situation, or anxious about making a good first impression. It could also mean that you are hesitant to take the first step in a new direction, or feel burdened by having to establish new rules or set new boundaries.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her ex-lover's reflection in a window, but he disappeared before she could introduce him to her family. In waking life, she was experiencing relationship drama with an ex-lover because she never bothered to introduce him to her family to get their approval to marry him. In this case, the introduction may have reflected her unfulfilled desire or missed opportunity to formally incorporate her ex-lover into her family life. It could symbolize the emotional weight of not having taken that important step, possibly representing a sense of regret or hesitation. The disappearance of her ex-lover before the introduction could signify her feelings about how her past choices may have closed the door on that relationship.


To dream of an intruder represents an aspect of yourself that is not supposed to be present. A violation of personal boundaries that is creating tension. A thought, emotion, behavior, situation that is interfering with a stable or positive state mindset. It may also symbolize something you are thinking that threatens progress or the attainment of a goals. You may feel that you suddenly have to scramble to keep your privacy or security.

Unwanted changes at work or in relationships often bring dreams of intruders. Unwelcome stress in your life.

Example: A man dreamed of a man breaking into this house. In waking life he was practicing abstinence for his religious studies and couldn't resist it anymore. The intruder reflected his awareness that he was not supposed to be sexually active at that time and robbing himself of feeling spiritually strong remaining abstinent.

Example 2: A man dreamed of an intruder entering his house. In waking life he was beginning to feel that an extramarital affair he had was beginning to encroach on his relationship with his wife. He felt that getting caught was becoming a very real dangerous possibility after never believing that it would be. He felt suddenly threatened by the possibility of being caught.

*Please See Burglar

Inuit People

To dream of seeing an Inuit represents an aspect of your personality with a mindset that is adept or comfortable under terrible, unbearable, or adverse conditions. You may be adapting well to a problem or are becoming accustomed to being surrounded by people with significant challenges. Surviving unbearableness without a problem. Adaptability, resilience, and survival skills.

Negatively, an Inuit person may represent you or someone else that scares people with how comfortable with their ability to cope under terrible or unbearable conditions. Becoming accustomed to and living with unbearable conditions instead of choosing to change.

Example: A man dreamed of being dressed in an Inuit suit with 2 men about to push him over an edge into the sea. In waking life, the man was putting up with a lot of stress with work, home, and relationships. In this case, the Inuit symbolism may have reflected the man's ability to adapt and survive through his difficult life circumstances. The Inuit suit may represent his resilience and ability to cope with the stress and challenges he faces. However, the two men pushing him over the edge into the sea may indicate his fear of being overwhelmed or pushed beyond his limits despite his ability to cope. The dream may be a reflection of his subconscious concerns about the pressure and stress he is facing and his ability to maintain his resilience and adaptability.


To dream of an invasion represents feelings of being threatened by a takeover. Fearing a permanent loss of control or leadership. Feeling ousted or "punked off." Alternative views or ideas that may diminish you. Feeling that your turf is under threat. Feeling overwhelmed by people you don't want to be around. Feeling a lack of privacy.

Example: A young man dreamed of his home being invaded. In waking life he was that people who were brought into his home to social by his sister were violating his personal space.


To dream of something inverting may represent totally opposite beliefs or feelings being expressed. A complete change of heart or opinion.


*Please See Detective


To dream of being invisible represents feelings of not being noticed, recognized, or acknowledged. Being purposely overlooked. Problems you prefer to "not look at." Residual bitterness over people that are out of your life.

Alternatively, being invisible may represent feelings of impunity to get away with something without being noticed. It may also reflect your feelings of being an unseen observer or not wanting to be involved with something. Trying to withdraw from a situation or the realities of life.

To dream of an evil invisible presence may represent your struggle with a problem you want to avoid noticing or thinking about at all. it may also reflect how terrible it feels to confront a problem that you can't identify.

Example: A woman dreamed of fighting off evil invisible presence. In waking life she was struggling to cut off her drinking cold turkey. The invisibility reflected how she didn't want to think about alcohol at all or even notice herself having ever drank.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of her ex-boyfriend being invisible. In waking life she was having residual bitterness over the breakup with her ex. She was annoyed at having to speak about him when he was no longer in her life or notice any lasting remembrance of him in her life.


To dream of receiving an invitation represents feelings about gestures made by others towards you for involvement or inclusion. A signal of initiation of some sort. A formal or obvious gesture showing interest in you. Obligations to others you feel are important to respect. An excessive need for social formalities. An opportunity that has been presented to you.

Negatively, receiving an invitation may reflect feelings about unwanted experiences or unwanted social advances. Perceived sexual advances or requests. Gestures of inclusion or involvement that don't interest you. Allowing yourself to feel obligated towards others. Consider the saying "You are asking for trouble." Exclusivity that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Feeling that someone wants you to be a part of something that you don't want to be a part of. An "inviting" opportunity to do something dangerous or dishonest. Wasting time with consideration of others feelings when you don't honestly like them.

To dream of sending someone a invitation may reflect your own obvious or formal gestures to indicate a wish to share an experience with someone. Behavior intending to signal involvement or inclusion with you some manner.

Negatively, sending someone an invitation may reflect inappropriate gestures of involvement. Awareness of yourself "asking for trouble." Your own "sexual invitation" to to others. Awareness of yourself aggravating enemies or problems.

To dream of attending an event with no invitation may reflect awareness of people not liking you. Choosing to ignore others wishes to prevent embarrassment for yourself. Refusing to allow other people to tell you that you are not important. Forced inclusion or involvement. Feeling that people don't really like you while not caring about what anyone else thinks of you.

To dream of a demon or devil giving you an invitation may reflect feelings about tempting negative behavior beckoning you towards it. An opportunity to easily get away with dishonest or criminal activity that is being presented to you. A moral crossroads situation that you feel the need to think about. Meddling with addiction.

To dream of an invitation to attend a dinner may reflect feelings about potential opportunities to finish something or witness the ending of something. A choice to experience an ending of some sort that has been presented to you.


To dream of iodine behavior or situations that totally cancels out negativity while not feeling good doing it. A possible sign that you need to pace yourself or not rush any decisions. Try not to go overboard dealing with your problem.

Alternatively, iodine may reflect a powerful solution to a problem that you can be absolutely confident about.


To dream of an Ipad represents a carefree thinking style about an issue in your life. A more comfortable outlook on an existing situation. Noticing that it's easier to think about issues if you don't focus on anything serious. A thinking style that feels convenient or free of jealousy.

Negatively, an Ipad may be a sign that you are spending too much time enjoying yourself thinking about all the easy aspects of a change you are considering with no focus on the negative difficult aspects. Deluding yourself by overlooking anything that makes you jealous.

Example: A woman dreamed of using an Ipad. In waking life she was very focused on leaving her cheating husband. At first she enjoyed how easy it was to have the courage to seriously plan to move, but then had the tendency to revert back to a fearful serious mindset when she had to focus on the reality of her of husband trying to control her, stop her, to prevent her from taking any property when she tried to leave.


To dream of an Iphone represents an increased sense of confidence about issues that have importance or value to you emotionally. It may also represent an important area of your life that has noticeably improved in some manner. Connections or important relationships that you feel are better than what everyone else has.

Example: A young dreamed of losing his Iphone. In waking his relationship with his brother began to drift after months of growing closer.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing someone using a iPhone to target and shoot her cheating husband. In waking life she believed that because she was a faithful Christian that God would treat her more special than usualy by punishing her husband. The iPhone in this case may have reflected her feelings about her connection to God being better than other people because she was more devout than they were.

*Please See Cell Phones


To dream of an Ipod represents an ablity to feel exactly the way you want whenever you want at all times. The ability to do as you please as your mood permits. Instant access to customized enjoyment. Not having to do anything you don't like. The power to stop or change anything unpleasant at any time. iPods may show up in dreams if rich people or people with more than one sexual partner.

To dream of having your songs erased from your Ipod represents unpleasant situations which make you less comfortable or that force you to confront negative emotions. A person or situation prevents you from feeling the way you want. Feeling uncomfortable about loses choice or options to enjoy yourself with.

Example: A man dreamed of having his iPod erased. In waking life he had his porn collection off his computer erased.


To dream about Iran represents a mindset that is sensitive about noticing itself losing at all. You may feel surrounded by people that are pressuring you to be perfect or maintain a perfect reputation. Appearances and winning may be all that matters around certain people.

Being constantly scared or nervous about ever doing anything wrong. Constant anxiety about the possibility of embarrassing yourself. Iran may also be a sign that you are so concerned with not making a mistake or offending someone that it's all you can think about.

Iranian People

To dream of Iranian people represents an aspect of the personality with a mindset that respects itself acceptable that never stops thinking that's important. Respecting itself acceptable for whatever it's doing. Respecting itself accepting itself as never embarrassed. Needing to deserve to never say you or anything you are doing are a problem to other people. Respecting yourself acceptable without anyone complaining. Never embarrassing yourself or ruining yourself doing anything that isn't acceptable to other people. It reflects a desire to be seen as acceptable and not embarrassed by one's actions or decisions. It may also indicate a need for validation from others to feel acceptable. Feeling that you are not stupider than someone else because you are supposed to. Traits of being respectable, acceptable, traditional, with quality. Liking thinking you're acceptable to whoever you are talking to.

Negatively, Iranian people may reflect overdoing respecting oneself being acceptable. Feeling concerned about being perfect or good enough. Anxiety or sensitivity about how positive you're seen by others. It may also reflect sensitivity about how attractive you are. Thinking that other people liking you or agreeing with you is all that matters. Anxiety about embarrassing yourself. Iranian people may also reflect caring too much about what other people think. Overdoing vanity that's scared people don't accept you all the time. Taking it personal for ever having to say anything about yourself isn't acceptable. Overly concerned with how you are perceived by others, and may need to find a balance between self-acceptance and validation from others. An excessive need for validation from others, leading to anxiety or sensitivity about how one is perceived by others. It may also suggest a preoccupation with physical appearance or caring too much about what other people think.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing an Iranian. In waking life he was recovering from a traumatizing health condition that aged him. The Iranian reflected his oversensitivity about his youthful appearance being the only reason anyone would ever accept him. It may have felt that he couldn't respect himself acceptable if he looked aged. The man may have been overly concerned with how he is perceived by others, and may need to find a balance between self-acceptance and validation from others.

Iraqi People

To dream of Iraqi people represents aspects of your personality with an mindset that's respecting itself all the time never seeing anything it does as a problem to someone else. Respecting yourself without a problem that never embarrasses anyone else. Respecting yourself all the time is important without having to say it. Respecting yourself all the time perfectly with nobody getting back at you for it. Nothing difficult about respecting yourself all the time the way you think you should.

Positively, it reflects permanently believing in your life never cancelling anything important enough to let you be a person. A permanent belief in oneself and a desire to avoid embarrassment or cancellation of anything that makes one who they are. Not wanting to hear about anyone else doing anything fake about respecting themselves because it's important to have trust, reliability, and permanence. Not embarrassing yourself for the rest of your life with something that doesn't work. Never wanting to see yourself say you don't respect yourself.

Negatively, a mindset that overdoes respecting itself all the time never seeing anything it does as a problem to someone else. Overdoing thinking it's important to respect yourself all the time without having to say it to the point that it's dishonest or immoral.

To dream of an Iraqi person rejecting your offer or request may reflect people in your life that don't think they can believe in themselves all the time the same way that you do because what you're asking doesn't let them think their lives matter. Not wanting to be a foreigner or outsider that doesn't believe in themselves around other people while other people are.

Dreaming about Iraq is common for those who watch too much TV news about Iraq, those in the military, or those who have family in the military. It can also represent anxiety about military deployments.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of Iraqi troops invading America and taking over the whole city. In waking life, she began a mental breakdown soon after. In this case, the Iraqi troops taking over the city may reflect her feelings about all her socializing shutting off, as she felt that doctors' advice was crucial to reestablishing mental health so that she could continue to respect herself without issue.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of being in Japan and then suddenly being in Iraq. While in Iraq she tries to get Iraqi people to come with her, but then don't trust it and move passed her. In waking life she was planning to move away to Japan for a year to teach Japanese which required her to move to Japan all alone. In this case, the Iraqi symbolism may have reflected the response she felt from people who rejected her request to move with her to Japan because moving to another country is a big deal and people close to her would prefer to respect themselves all the time speaking english comfortably in their home country and not live as an non-Japanese speaking foreigner.

Example 3: A teenage girl dreamed of reading a newspaper article about a soldier finding a brain random lying around in Iraq and a press conference gala dinner was held. In waking life, a person she knew recently came home from the hospital after having brain surgery. In this case, Iraq may have reflected the dreamer's view of the person who got brain surgery fighting their brain diagnosis with surgery because having use of your brain all the time is important to respect yourself.

Example 4: A teenage girl dreamed of her Dad's office calling to inform her that her Dad had to stay for the Iraq war. In waking life, her Dad was quarantined in China during the SARS pandemic. In this case, the Iraq war may reflect her feelings about the Chinese government fighting the SARS pandemic to restore the country's sense of self-respect and eliminate the SARS problem, as this was important for the economy and normal daily life.


To dream of being in Ireland represents a mindset that prefers to permanently feel good before all else. Feeling that having a good time should never stop. Always looking on a bright side. Jealousy of having to stop feeling good.

Positively, dreaming being in Ireland may reflect feelings about being immersed in a situation that insures that you're enjoying yourself or feeling good about yourself. Confidently enjoying yourself or being surrounded by people who want feel good with you. Strong support or consideration for others feelings during a hard moment. Feeling supported to like yourself.

Negatively, Ireland may reflect feelings about situations where nobody is helping you or concerned with your feelings because it will interrupt their ability to keep feeling good. Feeling that other people are so arrogant that they will never stop pleasure for even a moment for you while being aware that they are. Feeling that nobody wants to return a favor because it costs them happiness. Feeling that other people don't like you because you getting in the way of their good time. Feeling surrounded by bastards who like themselves too much.

Irish People

To dream of Irish people represents aspects of your personality with a mindset that respects itself with acceptance being important. A mindset that has to be accepted by others the way they are to feel normal. Feels good being accepted the way you are. Thoughts about other people feeling good being accepted the way they are. Feeling good being accepted with certainty. Friendly acceptance matters. Feeling good that acceptance is what is most important. Respecting oneself or others doing nothing weird or laughed at. Feelings about needing acceptance of a situation without question.

Positively, it reflects optimism or cheerfulness no matter what problems arise. Feeling good that nothing is ignoring you. Feeling good that someone is not being a snob to you when others are. Enjoying staying upbeat or looking at the bright side. Supportiveness of accepting others. Feeling good being accepted with professional or adult integrity without question. An option that is friendlier than everything else. Acceptance that enjoy cancelling ignorance. Feeling good never being told your stupid. The personality feeling good that it's a better person than other people or scaring itself that it isn't. Snobbiness isn't acceptable. A situation that feels nice that you are accepted somehow.

Negatively, an Irish person may reflect a mindset that is overdoing respecting itself with acceptance being important. Jealousy of not being accepted, snobbiness, or behavior that is unfriendly. Losing a temper or getting angry for not being accepted by someone else. Ignorance that thinks you have to like something about it when you don't. Corruption that notices you need to feel good being accepted to get what it wants from you. Emptiness that enjoys its integrity perfectly never accepting you again. A mob mentality that aggressively needs it's demands accepted to enjoy itself. Fighting due to jealousy of not being liked enough for being the way you are. High pressure to do everything hard work yourself so everyone else feels you're acceptable. Issues with people in waking life that need your acceptance.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing an angry Irish person. In waking life he had met someone in another country at a hotel and then felt that they were angry at him at the end of the vacation after treating him wonderful. The dreamer was tired at the end of the vacation and didn't have the same energy as the other person. In this case the Irish person may have reflected the dreamer's belief that the person he met on vacation had a mindset that thought friendliness and acceptance was always important when the dreamer oppositely felt tired and ready to go home. He was aware of the person he met on vacation feeling rejected or treated snobbily when he didn't intend that towards him.

Example 2: A person from of an Irish man saying that religion came before country and that they would shoot people who weren't devout. In waking life the dreamer was very anti-religious. In this case, the Irish man may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about someone who believed in religion being extreme about thinking it was important that the belief in God was accepted without question.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing a sign fixed to a gas pump that said "Irish fuel" while sitting in his car. In waking life he felt really exhausted with low energy. In this case, the Irish fuel may have reflected reamer needs to find a source of motivation or inspiration that comes from a place of acceptance and support, rather than one that is driven by pressure or obligation.

Example 4: A young woman dreamed of a man who reminded her of her Irish uncle. In waking life she was best friends with a man who live in another country. This man was married to an abusive woman and couldn't escape the marriage due to fear of her and his culture. In this case, the Irish feeling of the man may have reflected her feelings about talking to someone who didn't like their life and was desperate to feel accepted by someone at all.

Example 5: A young man dreamed of being inside an Irish pub. In waking life, he was experiencing trust issues with people who were involved in stealing and drug abuse. In this case, the Irish pub may have reflected his initial feelings of acceptance and enjoyment of socializing with these friends before realizing their negative behaviors.

Iron (Metal)

To dream of iron metal represents strength, endurance, and willpower. Steadfastness, resilience, hardness. Standing firm or standing strong. Easily withstanding pain, pressure, or hardship. An unwavering stance. Negative emotions, harsh words, or bad situations rolling off you as though they didn't matter.

Alternatively, iron may reflect feelings of being stronger than someone else.

Isaac Newton

To dream of Sir Isaac Newton represents an aspect of yourself that is more original than other people with intelligence or experience about a fundamental understanding of why "what goes up must come down" must be understood. Nothing snobby about being intelligent about why nothing is best forever. You appreciate the cyclical nature of life and recognize that nothing incredible or best lasts forever. Expertise about fame or beauty never lasting forever. Intelligence that has embarrassed itself as a perfect example of why nothing incredible lasts forever. A person wiser than you about why nothing can stay on top because it was never meant to.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing Isaac Newton's statue bust. In waking life she was watching every episode of America's Next Top Model back to back to tv. In this case the statue bust of Sir Isaac Newton may have reflected her deeper appreciation for intellect or reason regarding physical beauty of fashion modeling never lasting. Alternatively, the tv show may have inspired her to compare her beauty to other people and wisely counterbalance superficiality by acknowledging that physical attractiveness doesn't last forever.


To dream of ISIS represents feelings about feelings of being threatened by growing uncontrollable ignorance that is highly motivated to restore a situation to perfect morality. Feelings about someone else's moral vanity being dangerous. A growing threat to progress. A dangerous arrogant attempt to restore life to a past way of living that is both outdated and scary. An accumulation of power that is considered dangerous.

Feeling like your family is working against you to permanently embarrass you and control you. An excessive attempt to restore family life or maintain family respect. Vanity that scares other people that it will only accept being told it's right by any means. You or someone else that feels good permanently closing others off from being different in any way that doesn't conform. Fear that someone ignorant will take away everything you have and make you feel stupid for the rest of your life.

Alternatively, if you have a favorable view of ISIS then dreaming of ISIS may reflect feelings of hope or power to permanently enforce your ideas and values on others. Awareness of people not liking you while you control them. Risking everything you can to prevent family or friends from leaving you even if it's dangerous or scares them.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing members of ISIS. In waking life he felt that his family was slowly trying to manipulate his dying father to turn against him so that he would lose the family property that was supposed to be inherited to him. He felt that his family was totally selfish and arrogant about trying to keep the family property in family name even though they didn't even like each other. He felt his family was vain about keeping the property in the family name for no other reason except to feel that they were richer and stronger than him.

Example 2: A young girl dreamed of being involved with ISIS and then finding a Jewish person whom she cut the head off of. In waking life she was suicidal and allowed her frustrations to effect her future plans. ISIS in this case may have reflected her feelings about the uncontrollable ignorance of needing to be perfect making her suicidal which then drove her to frustrations to attack her plans symbolized by the Jewish person sitting on a chair.

Islamic Fundamentalist

To dream of an Islamic fundamentalist represents a hard-line attitude towards feeling safe being permanently bound to strict code of morality or behaving. A strong sense of discipline and dedication to one's beliefs or values being important. People or situations that terrify you for not being super conservative, moral, or devoted to the extreme. Additionally, it may reflect a desire for structure and order in one's life.

Negatively, an Islamic Fundamentalist may reflect your own extreme attitude about strict adherence to a personal policy. Extreme or rigid approach to morality or behavior that could be harmful to oneself or others. Feeling controlled or oppressed by someone or something that demands strict adherence to a certain set of beliefs or rules. Sacrificing all happiness to honest work and God in order to be perfect. It may suggest a fear of deviating from strict rules or beliefs, leading to a sense of self-imposed limitation and restraint. A closed-mindedness or intolerance towards other perspectives or ways of living. A fear of punishment or consequences for feeling good or being open-minded once at all. Scary jealousy that anyone else is enjoying freedom. Feeling that someone will attack you if you aren't as strict about morality or believing in God.

*Please See Koran

*Please See ISIS

*Please See Muslim People

*Please See Terrorist


To see or dream that you are on an island, signifies a state of mind where you're having thoughts and feelings about being isolated, lonely, on your own, or stranded in life. You are all by yourself with problem or a situation. Islands may also reflect feelings about your personal life after a relationship break up.

Negatively, an island may reflect feelings that life is safer if you stay isolated because any change at all feels dangerous to you. Choosing isolation or purposely avoiding others help. Avoiding change at all costs because you fear change. Ego problems. Fear of exploring or venturing into new situations.

Alternatively, an island may point to situations where you feel independent, self-directed, and autonomous. You are symbolically an island on to yourself.

To dream of an island being engulfed by the sea represents feelings of being overwhelmed by a negative situation or uncertainty while you face a problem on your own.

Example: A man dreamed of standing on an island and seeing people being sucked into an empty void. In waking life he was being tortured by the military in El Salvador on accusations of stealing weapons. The island reflected his feeling of being on his own as he faced torture.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of living happily on a paradise island with her family. In waking life she was experiencing a number of problems with her family due to having lost her job. Living on the paradise island may have reflected her excessive belief in herself being right about not deserving a lower paying job that was offered and not needing to listen to anyone one else in the family about what was best for the family. She may have been enjoying her authoritative role as an accomplished mother more than her family's happiness. She might have been feeling that nothing was wrong at all with her decisions as long as she was comfortable with her own life first even if it might being the only person in the family who thought so.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being dead on a tropical island watching her family have fun. In waking life she had just broken up with her boyfriend and was trying to enjoy herself without him.


To dream of Israel represents feelings about a state of mind that is strong about being an just honest grown up. Feeling surrounded by people or situations that act "just honest" Feeling surrounded by people that are tough about noticing being dishonest or childish isn't allowed. Having to notice why everything is honest or nobody will respect you. Everything is fantastic as long as you aren't using someone. A mindset that is tough about no opportunities being wasted. Having to like yourself doing something that isn't embarrassing anyone else. A mindset that has to show it's stronger about being grown up than others at all times. Feelings about people or repeat situations that never "lift a finger" until you they feel good noticing you doing exactly what they want.

Positively, Israel may reflect feeling good surrounded by people who want you to notice winning the hard or honest way. A friendly atmosphere that doesn't accept screwing up or losing anything. Feeling surrounded by wonderful people or situations who don't want to do too much for you.

Negatively, feeling that you are surrounded by people or situations with a very serious attitude about family safety that doesn't like your cheating or having it easy. Feeling surrounded by people or situations that are hard on you about being nothing except "just honest." Surrounded by people or situations that have a "just honest nothing special" attitude about not liking any of your ideas if it will cost them anything. Not being willing to laugh or relax until you have safely earned your own way. Too many policies and not enough support. Feeling surrounded by people who will stubbornly never compromise their own needs while assuming that you should give up all power without question. Feeling that you surrounded by stubborn people who are impossible to negotiate with. Staunch morality that is too honest. Feeling surrounded by opportunists that will never help you because they are enjoying their own opportunities more.

Alternatively, Israel may reflect feelings about a hopeless never ending conflict. Heightened level of sensitivity about needing to persevere in the face of unending conflict. Feeling that is very important to never show weakness or submit to losing no matter what.

Example: A young man dreamed of taking a trip to Israel and then coming come and wanting to kill himself. In waking life he was trying to convince himself that his life would be better in the future and so he should try harder to avoid his suicidal thoughts. He couldn't maintain this mindset. Israel in this case my have reflected his feelings about his mindset being focused on resisting his recurring tendencies to have suicidal thoughts. Feeling that he must stay strong no matter what for his family's sake or that surviving suicide was important because God might never forgive him.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being in Israel. In waking life she was confronting a number of important areas of her life that were making moving on with her life difficult. Israel in this case may have reflected her life feeling "just honest" with no favors from her controlling mother while needing earn her independence all on her own.

Italian People

To dream of Italian people represents aspects of your personality with a mindset that are deserving to never be impotent while liking life the way it is. The combination of self-respect, confidence, and capability. This includes feelings of self-respect, confidence, and capability. Deserving to never say anything about yourself as little or impotent. Deserving to like it's life like you aren't a little kid. Deserving to perfectly respect yourself liking life the way it is. An attitude that feels confident being accepted as professional. Liking why professionalism works in a situation. Deserving to see why you are not a loser while liking that your life works. A mindset that respects grand and beautiful. Family life to see yourself perfectly liking what someone else is doing. Family life is important to notice it beautiful.

Negatively, an Italian may reflect overdoing deserving to never be impotent while liking life the way it is. Bravado. Overconfidence that doesn't listen to other people. Behavior that isn't listening to why it doesn't get to say it doesn't like what's happening. Anger or arrogance about never deserving to see impotence. Not liking why being professional didn't work in a situation. Feeling that you have to say something nice to someone or they won't like you. Dishonesty or criminality that likes never being impotent or treated little.

Example: A woman dreamed of an Italian building and Italian clothing. In waking life she was hoping to find a new place to live because she was experiencing a home foreclosure. In this case, the Italian symbolism may have reflected her feelings of confidence about not being impotent to like her life living somewhere else if she got a new job that secures her. The Italian building may reflect feelings about a new job she wanted that required a more confident professional self-image that felt good to her future employers and clients in order to get the job. The Italian clothing may have reflected the new self-image or professional attitude she needed to adopt to portray herself as qualified for the new job she wanted.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of being told to go to a place to get a job. He asked if it was an Italian place and the person said no. In waking life he was getting his life back on track after being homeless. He wanted a job that didn't require paying too much taxes so he could like his like helping his family, like his life, and fall in love. In this case, questioning whether a job is an Italian place may have reflected his search for a job that allows him to live a fulfilling and enjoyable life without feeling impotent to like life due to excessive taxes.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of her brother's wedding being held in Italy. In waking life her brother was about to get married in Los Angeles. In this case the Italian symbolism may have reflected the dreamer's desire for the wedding to be a grand and beautiful event with everyone in attendance respecting it as such by dressing up.

Example 4: A young woman dreamed of fighting with her boyfriend in an Italian restaurant. In waking life, doubts about the relationship were beginning. In this case the Italian restaurant may have reflected feeling of nothing little about being in love as both people respected each other believing the relationship is beautiful before the doubts began.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of an Italian restaurant going out of business. In waking life she belonged to a riding club that was about to go out of business. In this case, the Italian restaurant may have reflected her feelings about being able to afford to enjoy riding horses. She may have respected herself around other people who had money, confidence, and enjoyed being capable about riding horses.

*Please See Romans


To dream of being in Italy represents a mindset that is immersed in situations where enjoyment and pleasure are expected no matter what. Asserting yourself or feeling others assert themselves with demanding a situation be enjoyable. Sensitivity about expecting the best.

Negatively, Italy may reflect selfish pleasure or putting your own need to feel good before other people's feelings. Scaring others or being aggressive about forcing enjoyment.


To dream of something itching represents problems or irritations that will not go away. A recurring annoyance. Alternatively, an itch may reflect urges or cravings that you can't get off your mind.


To dream of ivory represents a recognition or embrace of unquestioned purity, innocence, or noble qualities. The quality perceived or felt about an unblemished character, higher personal standards, and moral integrity. The quality of always being right of never having to be questioned about it. The desire to appear virtuous, pure, or untarnished in the eyes of others, perhaps striving to uphold an image of absolute goodness or innocence. A wish to feel that your reputation is perfect or that people see you in a perfect light. A wish to be viewed as perfect or incorruptible. Setting an example of perfect integrity for others. Unquestionable respectability.

Negatively, ivory may represent overdoing projecting yourself with unquestioned purity, innocence, or noble qualities to the point of hyporcrisy or believing you are above others. Dishonesty or hypocrisy with having an unblemished character, higher personal standards, and moral integrity. Issues with moral superiority or tainted purity. Feeling nervous that someone else thinks that anything is wrong with you at all. Feelings about never being insulted or criticized because you believe you are a perfect person. Unquestioned credibility that is fake.

To dream of ivory earrings represents feelings about being admired, recognized, or getting compliments for unblemished character and moral integrity. It can also symbolize the desire to appear virtuous, pure, or untarnished in the eyes of others, perhaps striving to uphold an image of absolute goodness or innocence.

Example: A woman dreamed of trying to wear an ivory earring. In waking life, she was very concerned about looking good to her new boyfriend after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend. She didn't want any rumors from her past relationship to make her look bad in her new relationship. In this case, the ivory earrings may have reflected her desire to present herself in the best possible light to her new partner, upholding an incorruptible reputation.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being given an ivory statue. In waking life, another woman was trying to temp her boyfriend into cheating, but it didn't work. In this case, the ivory statue may have reflected her feelings about her relationship being incorruptible and unblemished in character.


To dream of ivy represents feelings about something in your life slowly spreading or overtaking you. Every aspect of your life being covered by someone else's actions or achievements. An unwelcome involvement in your life that keeps increasing.

Positively, ivy may reflect your feelings of security of a growing close-knit relationship.

Negatively, ivy may reflect about a situation or problem completely outgrowing you. Enemies success slowly overtaking you. A slow progression of power of selfish people that are counter to your goals. Feeling that someone is slowly trying to completely stamp out all importance in your life or never let you be acknowledged.

*Please See Vines

*Please See Poison Ivy

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