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I - I2


To dream of iodine behavior or situations that totally cancels out negativity while not feeling good doing it. A possible sign that you need to pace yourself or not rush any decisions. Try not to go overboard dealing with your problem.

Alternatively, iodine may reflect a powerful solution to a problem that you can be absolutely confident about.


To dream of an Ipad represents a carefree thinking style about an issue in your life. A more comfortable outlook on an existing situation. Noticing that it's easier to think about issues if you don't focus on anything serious. A thinking style that feels convenient or free of jealousy.

Negatively, an Ipad may be a sign that you are spending too much time enjoying yourself thinking about all the easy aspects of a change you are considering with no focus on the negative difficult aspects. Deluding yourself by overlooking anything that makes you jealous.

Example: A woman dreamed of using an Ipad. In waking life she was very focused on leaving her cheating husband. At first she enjoyed how easy it was to have the courage to seriously plan to move, but then had the tendency to revert back to a fearful serious mindset when she had to focus on the reality of her of husband trying to control her, stop her, to prevent her from taking any property when she tried to leave.


To dream of an Iphone represents an increased sense of confidence about issues that have importance or value to you emotionally. It may also represent an important area of your life that has noticeably improved in some manner. Connections or important relationships that you feel are better than what everyone else has.

Example: A young dreamed of losing his Iphone. In waking his relationship with his brother began to drift after months of growing closer.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing someone using a iPhone to target and shoot her cheating husband. In waking life she believed that because she was a faithful Christian that God would treat her more special than usualy by punishing her husband. The iPhone in this case may have reflected her feelings about her connection to God being better than other people because she was more devout than they were.

*Please See Cell Phones


To dream of an Ipod represents an ablity to feel exactly the way you want whenever you want at all times. The ability to do as you please as your mood permits. Instant access to customized enjoyment. Not having to do anything you don't like. The power to stop or change anything unpleasant at any time. iPods may show up in dreams if rich people or people with more than one sexual partner.

To dream of having your songs erased from your Ipod represents unpleasant situations which make you less comfortable or that force you to confront negative emotions. A person or situation prevents you from feeling the way you want. Feeling uncomfortable about loses choice or options to enjoy yourself with.

Example: A man dreamed of having his iPod erased. In waking life he had his porn collection off his computer erased.


To dream about Iran represents a mindset that is sensitive about noticing itself losing at all. You may feel surrounded by people that are pressuring you to be perfect or maintain a perfect reputation. Appearances and winning may be all that matters around certain people.

Being constantly scared or nervous about ever doing anything wrong. Constant anxiety about the possibility of embarrassing yourself. Iran may also be a sign that you are so concerned with not making a mistake or offending someone that it's all you can think about.

Iranian People

To dream of Iranian people represents an aspect of yourself that are sensitive about never losing at all. Feeling concerned about being perfect or good enough. Anxiety or sensitivity about how positive you're seen by others. It may also reflect sensitivity about how attractive you are. Thinking that other people liking you or agreeing with you is all that matters. Anxiety about embarrassing yourself. Iranian people may also reflect caring too much about what other people think.

Negatively, Iranian people may reflect an overbearing nurturer or supporter.

Positively, an Iranian person may reflect deep caring or mothering of others. You or someone else that is very sensitive about noticing someone else ever losing at all.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing an Iranian. In waking life he was recovering from a traumatizing health condition that aged him. The Iranian reflected his constant insecurity about his looks having faded from the illness.

Iraqi People

To dream of Iraqi people represents self-respect before all else. Preoccupied with never being impotent under any circumstance.

Positively, it reflects stubbornness or audacity in the face people who try to overpower or embarrass you. Never showing weakness to a competitor no matter what. Using a "heavy hand" to someone that got out of line.

Negatively, an Iraqi person represents a need to be forced or overpowered to be made to listen. Respecting yourself too much. Pigheaded denial of the truth or a "do as I say not as I do" mentality. You or someone else that doesn't do what they are told unless they absolutely have to. It may also reflect you or someone else that terrifies other people that you will never let go. Ridiculous behavior to keep your dignity. Going overboard to asserting yourself or getting back at someone.


To dream of being in Ireland represents a mindset that prefers to permanently feel good before all else. Feeling that having a good time should never stop. Always looking on a bright side. Jealousy of having to stop feeling good.

Positively, dreaming being in Ireland may reflect feelings about being immersed in a situation that insures that you're enjoying yourself or feeling good about yourself. Confidently enjoying yourself or being surrounded by people who want feel good with you. Strong support or consideration for others feelings during a hard moment. Feeling supported to like yourself.

Negatively, Ireland may reflect feelings about situations where nobody is helping you or concerned with your feelings because it will interrupt their ability to keep feeling good. Feeling that other people are so arrogant that they will never stop pleasure for even a moment for you while being aware that they are. Feeling that nobody wants to return a favor because it costs them happiness. Feeling that other people don't like you because you getting in the way of their good time. Feeling surrounded by bastards who like themselves too much.

Irish People

To dream of Irish people represents aspects of your personality that feel good being accepted as they are. Feeling good having accepted certainty. Not liking anything that's boring, depressing, or losing.

Positively, it reflects optimism or cheerfulness no matter what problems arise. Enjoying feeling luckier. Feeling good that nothing is ignoring you. Feeling good that someone is not being a snob to you when others are. Enjoying staying upbeat or looking at the bright side. Supportiveness of accepting others. Feeling good being accepted with professional or adult integrity without question. An option that is friendlier than everything else. Acceptance that enjoy cancelling ignorance. Feeling good never being told your stupid. The personality feeling good that it's a better person than other people or scaring itself that it isn't.

Negatively, an Irish person may reflect jealousy of noticing jealousy. Jealousy of not being accepted. Enjoying feeling better than someone else no matter what. Enjoying showing off being luckier. Emptiness that enjoys its integrity perfect never accepting you again. Problems or people that feel good embarrassing you. Fear of not letting someone enjoy themselves. Corruption that notices you need to feel good being accepted to get what it wants from you. Ignorance that believes it deserves to feel good being accepted exceptional when it hasn't earned it. Angering easily because you or someone else is not enjoying themselves. Ignorance that feels good never being told its stupid. A situation that hopelessly needs to feel good or be accepted to the point of feeling insane. Mob mentality that aggressively needs to enjoy itself. Behavior that is jealous of not having to show off feeling good more than other people to their face. Anger that every single thing you or someone else does isn't having to feel good being accepted.

An angry Irish person may symbolize you or someone else that doesn't feel good
having to give up pleasure, power, or acceptance that you have grown accustom to.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing an angry Irish person. In waking life he had met someone in another country at a hotel and then felt that they were angry at him at the end of the vacation after treating him wonderful.

Iron (Metal)

To dream of iron metal represents strength, endurance, and willpower. Steadfastness, resilience, hardness. Standing firm or standing strong. Easily withstanding pain, pressure, or hardship. An unwavering stance. Negative emotions, harsh words, or bad situations rolling off you as though they didn't matter.

Alternatively, iron may reflect feelings of being stronger than someone else.


To dream of ISIS represents feelings about feelings of being threatened by growing uncontrollable ignorance that is highly motivated to restore a situation to perfect morality. Feelings about someone else's moral vanity being dangerous. A growing threat to progress. A dangerous arrogant attempt to restore life to a past way of living that is both outdated and scary. An accumulation of power that is considered dangerous.

Feeling like your family is working against you to permanently embarrass you and control you. An excessive attempt to restore family life or maintain family respect. Vanity that scares other people that it will only accept being told it's right by any means. You or someone else that feels good permanently closing others off from being different in any way that doesn't conform. Fear that someone ignorant will take away everything you have and make you feel stupid for the rest of your life.

Alternatively, if you have a favorable view of ISIS then dreaming of ISIS may reflect feelings of hope or power to permanently enforce your ideas and values on others. Awareness of people not liking you while you control them. Risking everything you can to prevent family or friends from leaving you even if it's dangerous or scares them.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing members of ISIS. In waking life he felt that his family was slowly trying to manipulate his dying father to turn against him so that he would lose the family property that was supposed to be inherited to him. He felt that his family was totally selfish and arrogant about trying to keep the family property in family name even though they didn't even like each other. He felt his family was vain about keeping the property in the family name for no other reason except to feel that they were richer and stronger than him.

Example 2: A young girl dreamed of being involved with ISIS and then finding a Jewish person whom she cut the head off of. In waking life she was suicidal and allowed her frustrations to effect her future plans. ISIS in this case may have reflected her feelings about the uncontrollable ignorance of needing to be perfect making her suicidal which then drove her to frustrations to attack her plans symbolized by the Jewish person sitting on a chair.

Islamic Fundamentalist

To dream of an Islamic fundamentalist represents feelings about a hard-line attitude towards adhering to a strict code of honesty and behaving that must be accepted. A hardline attitude about believing it's dangerous to not accept certain moral or personal conduct.

Negatively, an Islamic Fundamentalist may reflect your own extreme attitude about strict adherence to a personal policy. An angry or dangerous attitude about adhering to honesty or behaving. Sacrificing all happiness to honest work and God in order to be perfect. People or situations that terrify you for not being super conservative or moral to the extreme. It may also reflect the fear of punishment or consequences for feeling good or being open-minded one time at all. Scary jealousy that anyone else is enjoying freedom outside certain moral or behavior codes of conduct. Scary jealousy of someone who doesn't care about how angry or violent they look in order to make themselves listen to them about morality or behaving. Feelings about yourself or someone else being too perfect about honesty or behaving.

Alternatively, dreaming about an Islamic Fundamentalist may reflect feeling of religious terror. Fear of anger or consequences for not being perfectly moral or loyal according to someone else's terms.

*Please See Koran

*Please See ISIS

*Please See Muslim People

*Please See Terrorist


To see or dream that you are on an island, signifies a state of mind where you're having thoughts and feelings about being isolated, lonely, on your own, or stranded in life. You are all by yourself with problem or a situation. Islands may also reflect feelings about your personal life after a relationship break up.

Negatively, an island may reflect feelings that life is safer if you stay isolated because any change at all feels dangerous to you. Choosing isolation or purposely avoiding others help. Avoiding change at all costs because you fear change. Ego problems. Fear of exploring or venturing into new situations.

Alternatively, an island may point to situations where you feel independent, self-directed, and autonomous. You are symbolically an island on to yourself.

To dream of an island being engulfed by the sea represents feelings of being overwhelmed by a negative situation or uncertainty while you face a problem on your own.

Example: A man dreamed of standing on an island and seeing people being sucked into an empty void. In waking life he was being tortured by the military in El Salvador on accusations of stealing weapons. The island reflected his feeling of being on his own as he faced torture.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of living happily on a paradise island with her family. In waking life she was experiencing a number of problems with her family due to having lost her job. Living on the paradise island may have reflected her excessive belief in herself being right about not deserving a lower paying job that was offered and not needing to listen to anyone one else in the family about what was best for the family. She may have been enjoying her authoritative role as an accomplished mother more than her family's happiness. She might have been feeling that nothing was wrong at all with her decisions as long as she was comfortable with her own life first even if it might being the only person in the family who thought so.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being dead on a tropical island watching her family have fun. In waking life she had just broken up with her boyfriend and was trying to enjoy herself without him.


To dream of Israel represents feelings about a state of mind that is strong about being an just honest grown up. Feeling surrounded by people or situations that act "just honest" Feeling surrounded by people that are tough about noticing being dishonest or childish isn't allowed. Having to notice why everything is honest or nobody will respect you. Everything is fantastic as long as you aren't using someone. A mindset that is tough about no opportunities being wasted. Having to like yourself doing something that isn't embarrassing anyone else. A mindset that has to show it's stronger about being grown up than others at all times. Feelings about people or repeat situations that never "lift a finger" until you they feel good noticing you doing exactly what they want.

Positively, Israel may reflect feeling good surrounded by people who want you to notice winning the hard or honest way. A friendly atmosphere that doesn't accept screwing up or losing anything. Feeling surrounded by wonderful people or situations who don't want to do too much for you.

Negatively, feeling that you are surrounded by people or situations with a very serious attitude about family safety that doesn't like your cheating or having it easy. Feeling surrounded by people or situations that are hard on you about being nothing except "just honest." Surrounded by people or situations that have a "just honest nothing special" attitude about not liking any of your ideas if it will cost them anything. Not being willing to laugh or relax until you have safely earned your own way. Too many policies and not enough support. Feeling surrounded by people who will stubbornly never compromise their own needs while assuming that you should give up all power without question. Feeling that you surrounded by stubborn people who are impossible to negotiate with. Staunch morality that is too honest. Feeling surrounded by opportunists that will never help you because they are enjoying their own opportunities more.

Alternatively, Israel may reflect feelings about a hopeless never ending conflict. Heightened level of sensitivity about needing to persevere in the face of unending conflict. Feeling that is very important to never show weakness or submit to losing no matter what.

Example: A young man dreamed of taking a trip to Israel and then coming come and wanting to kill himself. In waking life he was trying to convince himself that his life would be better in the future and so he should try harder to avoid his suicidal thoughts. He couldn't maintain this mindset. Israel in this case my have reflected his feelings about his mindset being focused on resisting his recurring tendencies to have suicidal thoughts. Feeling that he must stay strong no matter what for his family's sake or that surviving suicide was important because God might never forgive him.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being in Israel. In waking life she was confronting a number of important areas of her life that were making moving on with her life difficult. Israel in this case may have reflected her life feeling "just honest" with no favors from her controlling mother while needing earn her independence all on her own.

Italian People

To dream of an Italian person represents an aspect of your personality that respects itself noticing nothing is losing. Attitude that doesn't waste time with anything that isn't proven succeeding. An attitude that expects nothing little around it or it doesn't want to talk to you.Feelings about deserving power to feel good as though it's standard. A mindset that expects no emptiness around it. An attitude that feels good successful. A mindset that is jealous if it isn't feeling good confident all the time. Not respecting anything that doesn't feel good exceptional. Behavior that doesn't feel it deserves to notice anything feeling negative. Feeling that respecting feeling good is mandatory. Enjoying having an accepted professional attitude. Assertiveness about nothing feeling stupid, boring, or ugly. A mindset that isn't listening to anything that isn't beautiful. An assertive attitude that notices itself enjoying itself the way it wants. Social interaction that believes everyone should feel good being your family.

Negatively, an Italian may reflect oversensitivity about needing to notice everything feels good beautiful, respected, or enjoyed first. Over-confidence. Bravado. Emptiness or insensitivity towards things that are stupid, boring, or ugly. An attitude that is a total jerk if it doesn't like something. Behavior that assertively enjoys itself too much. Arrogant assertive attitude about enjoying appearances. An attitude that scares you that it needs to respect itself feeling good first. An attitude that needs to feel good powerful or it doesn't want to know you. Professionalism that doesn't believe in anything except perfect winning. Jealousy that emptily embarrasses others because it doesn't feel good about something. Behavior that thinks feeling good or liking things its way is mandatory. Anger or scaring other people that something isn't enjoyed enough. A mindset that expects success to be easy when it isn't or deludes itself that success is easy.

Example: A woman dreamed of an Italian building and Italian clothing. In waking life she was hoping God would help her to be successful to help find a new place to live because she was experiencing a home foreclosure. The Italian symbolism in this case may have reflected her mindset that expected God to prioritize success in her life for financial reasons as soon as she needed it desperately.


To dream of being in Italy represents a mindset that is immersed in situations where enjoyment and pleasure are expected no matter what. Asserting yourself or feeling others assert themselves with demanding a situation be enjoyable. Sensitivity about expecting the best.

Negatively, Italy may reflect selfish pleasure or putting your own need to feel good before other people's feelings. Scaring others or being aggressive about forcing enjoyment.


To dream of something itching represents problems or irritations that will not go away. A recurring annoyance. Alternatively, an itch may reflect urges or cravings that you can't get off your mind.


To dream of ivory represents feelings about some area of your life being impossible to be considered dangerous or negative. A wish to feel that your reputation is perfect or that people see you in a perfect light. A wish to be viewed as perfect or incorruptible. Jealousy anyone telling you that you did a single thing wrong in your life. Setting an example of perfect integrity for others. Unquestionable respectability. Issues with moral superiority.

Negatively, ivory may reflect issues with wanting to avoid discussing anything negative about yourself with others at all. It may also reflect an arrogant attitude about thinking you are better than other people. Hypocrisy that expects to be told it's perfect or too honest to be questioned about integrity. Feeling nervous that someone else thinks that anything is wrong with you at all. A wish to avoid discussing negative past relationships that may reflect on your present relationship. Issues with tainted purity. Insecurity about not being perfect. Hiding your negativity so it is never noticed by others.

Example: A woman dreamed of trying to wear an ivory earring. In waking life she was very concerned about looking good to her new boyfriend after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend. She didn't want any rumors from her past relationship to make her look bad in her new relationship.


To dream of ivy represents feelings about something in your life slowly spreading or overtaking you. Every aspect of your life being covered by someone else's actions or achievements. An unwelcome involvement in your life that keeps increasing.

Positively, ivy may reflect your feelings of security of a growing close-knit relationship.

Negatively, ivy may reflect about a situation or problem completely outgrowing you. Enemies success slowly overtaking you. A slow progression of power of selfish people that are counter to your goals. Feeling that someone is slowly trying to completely stamp out all importance in your life or never let you be acknowledged.

*Please See Vines

*Please See Poison Ivy

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