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To dream of God represents an aspect of your personality that's unquestionably or unsympathetically positive. Resisting or failing anything negative no matter the consequences. Dangerous positivity. God might also represent aspects of yourself that are perfect such your integrity, honesty, or compassion for others. The good in you that can never fail and embarrasses other people who may acting negative. Something is being set straight and there may no sympathy whatsoever.

God may represent you or someone else that has the power to do whatever they want. A situation in your life where you can't be repressed or answer to no one. You or someone else that has the final say and can exact consequences if needed.

To be god in a dream may represent your feelings of total power or knowing you can do whatever you want. You may have special talents or superiority over others. Total freedom or feeling more powerful than others.

Example: A woman dreamed of being encouraged by God to jump off a cliff. In waking life she was planning to break free from an abusive relationship and move. God reflected her scary choice to embarrass her boyfriend by leaving him for a newer happier life that was uncertain.

*Please See Heaven


To dream of a goddess represents an aspect of yourself that satisfies your needs, makes your wishes come true, or gives you everything you want. Something beautiful or amazing that you have deep appreciation for.

To dream that you are a goddess may represent your feelings of totally pleasing someone else, or doing everything you can you help them. It may also reflect a powerful sense of appreciation or respect you feel from others.


To dream of Godzilla represents a person or situation that terrifies you that it's destroying everything. Feelings of being totally out of control or losing everything you've worked for.


To dream of gold represents feelings of something in your life being valuable. Feelings of wealth or enjoying having something you value all to yourself. Someone or something precious to you. Valuable opportunities or possibilities that are available to you all the time. Feeling secure in your level of power or freedom to do as you please. A guaranteed experience or reward. A sense of security with something you value.

Gold could also represent good luck, wealth, healing, illumination, happiness, and achievement.

Alternatively, gold in a dream may represents feelings about an absolutely certain sense of power. Consider the saying "Good as gold." Total confidence that you or someone else is a winner.

Negatively, dreaming about gold may reflect feelings corruption, excess, or someone being "spoiled" with too much. It may also reflect your negative feelings such as frustration or jealousy with someone else's happiness. Enemies that have secure power.

To dream of finding gold represents feelings about discovering something valuable about yourself or in your life.

To dream of burying or hiding gold represents feelings of wanting to hide something valuable about yourself. Not wanting other people to get access or control of something feel is valuable. Not wanting to share something of value.

Example: A young boy dreamed of seeing a golden bicycle with golden light coming from behind it. In waking life he was 5 years-old and finally got his first bicycle.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing golden wedding bells ringing. In waking life her brother announced that he was getting married. The golden color of the wedding bells may have reflected her feelings about her brothers relationship becoming meaningful in a permanent way.

To dream of gold bars represents redeemable resources or a promise for the future that can be redeemed later on. Something that has value that you can be use at a later time. Knowing that if times get tough you could always count on something to help you.

Gold bars could be secrets you have, promises made to you, information and expertise you hold, or anything in your life that has value, power, or gives you leverage if needed.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing someone hand him a plate of gold bars. In waking life he was in prison and the woman he loved promised to be waiting for him when he got out.

*Please See Coins

*Please See Pot Of Gold

Gold Bars

*Please See Gold

Gold Coins

*Please See Gold

Gold Nuggets

*Please See Nugget

Gold Ring

*Please See Ring


To dream of goldfish represents pleasant feelings about some area of your life that is intentionally on hold. Enjoying noticing your potential without action. Inaction with a goal that you admire. Issues that you can't presently do anything about or that you are unwilling to change. Something you think about a lot, but have no interest in pursuing further or confronting.

Negatively, a goldfish may reflect enjoying talking about the future for goals you don't have serious intentions of keeping. Enjoying a moment happy stasis that is socially empty. Sexually, goldfish in a dream may reflect talking about consummating a sexual relationship, when you don't honesty feel comfortable going through with it. Enjoying talking about losing your virginity with a partner when you don't really want to. Ideas you enjoy thinking about, but never pursue.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a goldfish in a fishbowl. In real life he was spending a lot of time thinking about purchasing a special treatment for a health problem he had, but wasn't bothering to do anything to pursue the treatment.

Example 2: A young girl dreamed of being chased by a goldfish that wanted to eat her. In waking life she was avoiding losing her virginity to her boyfriend with whom she had made promises to. The goldfish in this case may have reflected her preference to enjoy talking and thinking about losing her virginity while she honesty preferred to avoid it at all costs. Her enjoyment of noticing losing her virginity was on hold.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing goldfish and being happy, then seeing the goldfish dead. In waking life she was a person who got easily depressed. She was enjoying being aware of herself not being depressed while alone and then suddenly got depressed again. The goldfish in this case may have reflected her short lived moment of being free of depression while alone.


To dream of golf represents leisurely attitude towards work or problems. Negatively golf may reflect idling or wasting time. Not trying very hard to confront issues.

*Please See Golf Cart

Golf Ball

To dream of a golf ball represents a goal or problem that you are comfortable taking your time trying to solve. A leisurely mindset towards resolving an issue.

Golf Cart

To dream of a golf cart represent a leisurely approach to decision making.

Negatively, it suggests that not enough is being done to solve problems, or correct negative thinking patterns.

*Please See Golf


To dream of saying goodbye may represent an old relationship, situation, or phase of your life that you are letting go of. It may also reflect bad habits you are moving on from. Letting go of worries in your life. Approaching a new stage of your life.

Negatively, to dream of saying goodbye to someone may reflect feelings of loss or abandonment. It may also represent a feelings of carelessness with something special. Having had an opportunity within reach or then losing it.


To dream of the cartoon character Goofy may represent a naive attitude towards how unintelligent you appear to others for something ridiculous you've said or done. Repeatedly embarrassing yourself and never learning from it or never thinking anything is wrong with it. Obliviousness to anything that has made a fool of you.


To dream of represents distracting yourself with something you are thinking. Obsession or total interest in something in you are thinking. It may also point to distractions, delays, or embarrassment as you are so focused on what you want that you are kept away from more important things. Negatively, Google represents too much time spent on an interest.

Google could also represent your desire to find answers or solutions to problems.

*Please See Websites


To dream of a goose represents feelings about yourself or someone who never thinks they are wrong no matter what. Persistently noticing one's self as being too important. You or someone else that feels that they always have to come first because they are too important. An assumption of automatic importance or needing to be a priority. Total disregard for anything that isn't respecting you first. Ignoring anything that doesn't think you're not the most important. Believing that all decisions are unimportant if they don't benefit you first.

Negatively, a goose may reflect complete disregard for someone else's feelings or wishes because you have to be more important. Always having to appear being right even if it hurts or costs others. Lying to others to maintain appearances of being more important. It may also reflect you or someone else that is embarrassing themselves forcing their "importantness" on others when it's undeserved. Self-regard that is overbearing or dangerous. Keeping people forced to listening to you no matter how ridiculous it becomes.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing his son trying to catch a goose. In waking life he didn't want his son moving out because he felt he'd lose control of him. He was lying to his son about all the chores that needed be done first to fix the property up in order to sell it and allow his son to move when in truth he had no intentions of ever selling or moving. The goose reflected the perpetual state of cleaning and chores the father was using to always appear too important to have to sell the homes and let the son go.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a goose chasing a cat. In waking life she was using sex to control her husband. The goose reflected how she was making herself always too important because sex was a possibility if he was doing what he was told.


To dream of a gopher represents anxiety of being caught doing something. You or someone else that notices they're guilty and doesn't care about it. Attempting to avoid consequences once you're caught red handed.


To dream of a gorilla represents an aspect of your personality that is outrageously big or "over the top." Very powerful irrational thoughts or ideas that are well beyond anyone's ability to believe them logically. A sign that you need to be a lot more objective or realistic. Aggressively demanding that people take you seriously when they are resisting you.

Negatively, a gorilla may reflect a ridiculous need to be bigger or more powerful than someone else. Asserting yourself in ways that are noticeably overboard. A ridiculous need to be dominant to the point of embarrassing yourself. A need for control that may look stupid to others. Humiliating yourself demanding compliance or to be listened to. Childish attempts to overtly control others.

Example: A man once dreamed of gorilla in a business suit. In real life he was a conspiracy theorist who was writing a book about his theories. The gorilla in the business suit reflects how organized he is about the outrageous claims he was making.

Example 2: A man once dreamed of seeing a gorilla looking up at the sky with awe and wonder. In real life he had been looking up at the sky at night believing aliens were coming.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of a Gorilla speaking to her. In waking life she was aware of herself looking foolish to all her friends because of a very big public fight with her boyfriend that involved the police that made her feel that she embarrassed herself taking the fight too far.


To dream of hearing gossip in a dream may reflect waking life concerns that someone is negatively talking about you behind your back. Caring too much about what other people think. Trust issues. Anxiety about yourself succumbing to embarrassment you have witnessed in others. Feelings about people enjoying or benefiting from talking about you in a negative way. Feeling that people are overlooking your good qualities or accepting lies about you without questioning them.

Negatively, gossip a dream may reflect situations with strong jealousy. Fearing the loss of your reputation. Destructive lies. Intentionally starting rumors about people. Anxiety about people losing trust for you.

Gossiping in dreams may also appear if you are concerned or having anxiety about people becoming aware of your sexual activity. Fearing appearing sexually promiscuous or "slutty" to other people.

Example: A woman dreamed of a murder at her workplace and that lots of people were gossiping about it. In waking life she broke up with her boyfriend with whom she worked at the same company with. She was concerned that he was saying back things behind her back that may effect her job or reputation at work.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of people gossiping and staring at her. In waking life she had sex with a man she had just met and was concerned that people would talk about her behind her back for being a desperate slut.


To dream of hearing gossip in a dream represents anxiety or frustrations with rumors negatively effecting your reputation. Concerns or anxiety about being misrepresented. Concerns about people talking about you behind your back. Feelings about people laughing at you behind your back. Frustrations with other people being involved or interested in your private life. Invasion on your privacy. Feelings about unreliable or false information being spread about you. Frustrations with people assuming things about you without speaking to you personally. Concerns about people not trying hard enough to understand who you are really are as a person. Concerns about people assuming negative things about you or talking about being guilty without talking to you first.

Positively, gossip in a dream may reflect feelings about being socially included. Awareness of what all your friends or family are doing.

To dream of yourself gossiping represents your enjoyment of acknowledging why other people aren't perfect. Enjoying discussing other people embarrassment or personal lives behind their backs. Feeling good thinking someone else is stupid behind their backs. Spreading lies or rumors about someone. Irresponsibly discussing unreliable or unverified information.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a neighbor he didn't trust that was gossiping to other people. In waking life he was trying the get back together with his ex-girlfriend and had anxiety that his ex-girlfriend would find out information about him that wasn't true and reject him. The gossiping may have reflected his feelings about rumors or false information preventing a relationship reconciliation.

Gothic People

To dream of gothic people represents negative thinking patterns or habits that you find enjoyable, and care about. It's reflects a supportive attitude towards negative choices and beliefs that you are fully aware of.

Gothic people may appear in a dream if you are enjoying thinking about violence, embarrassing people, breaking the law, or total sexual domination.

Gothic people may also represent your projection of someone else that is enjoying negative habits and who believes it's wonderful.


To dream of gout represents feelings of embarrassment that a problem is hindering or slowing your progress. Feeling uncomfortable about having to look at yourself being forced to stop doing something. Putting up with state of forced passivity or time off. The realization that a problem isn't going to be easy to solve. Feeling the need to carefully reduce the severity of a strained relationship.

Negatively, gout may reflect embarrassment that you have to stop being a powerful jerk because you went overboard. Feeling that you have embarrassed yourself being too much of a jerk to someone. Feeling that you can't easily cover-up, brush off, or ignore a problem. Having to show people you care about them with real actions to prove it when you don't like that at all. Not liking having to slowly and genuinely repair a broken relationship.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a terrible dictator of a country who had gout. In waking life his father had gone way overboard with controlling and deceptive behavior forcing the dreamer to disown his father for a period of time. After a while the father began to feel embarrassed in front of the family by the neglect and began to realize he needed to be more careful with how he treated his son. However, the son believed the change in the father's behavior wasn't genuine and was just to reduce the embarrassment the father was feeling.


To dream of the government represents established authority in your life that you respect for logical reasons. A person or situation in your life that you feels is always taking control or power whenever it wants to. Someone you feel imposes itself whenever you slip out of it's control. Feeling that someone else's power is impossible to overcome. Feeling that others power is always based on policies that make it impossible for you to assert yourself. Parents, teachers, or authority figures that are noticeably in charge.

Feeling that people are so jealously protective of keeping you in a jealous, powerless, or childish state. Feeling that people who have promised power to you always delegate your power away to a second or third person instead of rightfully
allowing you to have power. Frustration that people will power over you will never listen to you or respect you. Feeling that people with power over you are so arrogant they will abuse it to your face. Feeling that people with power over you will always make decisions that never let you have it because they are jealous of the possibility of looking stupid or having roles reversed.

Governments in dreams may also be a sign that you are putting up with too much control in your life and need to stand up for yourself in a manner that is more assertive and daring than ever before. This is especially true if you are experiencing people asserting power over you that have lost any logical purpose to maintain that power other than to enjoy themselves or avoiding diminished status.

To dream of being the government represents you wish to keep total control no matter what or to impose yourself on others whenever you want. A mindset that has been exposed to power for so long that it's embarrassed to be noticed by others as not having it. A fear of being impotent after experiencing total power. Feelings of being in charge.

Alternatively, dreams about the government are common to people who fear governmental collapse or governments becoming more corrupt. Fear of the Illuminati or New World Order subverting governments.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing people protesting against the Greek government. In waking life he was becoming frustrated by his father allowing his aunt to boss him around instead of handing over authority to him during a family crisis. He felt that his father was intentionally keeping him in a childish supportive role during the family crisis because he was too arrogant to tell other adults in the family to respect him.

*Please See Illuminati


*Please See Dress

GPS Unit

To dream of GPS represents feelings about a clear sense of direction, purpose, or status based on someone else's intuition, knowledge, or previous experience. Blindly following an expert's advice. Feeling advantaged to follow an expert's advice to easily achieve your goals or understand your current status. Feeling that someone in your life is "paving the way" for you. A clear sense of direction, purpose, or status.

Negatively, a GPS unit may reflect too much reliance on someone else's unproven knowledge or experience. Embarrassment that you followed or trusted someone else's advice as though they were an expert when they aren't.

To dream of using GPS to track someone may reflect abuse or exploitation of secret advantages to dishonestly keep yourself informed about the status of a person or situation. Having people spy on other people for you to keep tabs on them.


To dream of saying grace at a dinner table represents your self-consciousness about not doing anything wrong before finishing a situation. Being careful that everything you're doing is positive or in order before something ends.

Negatively, saying grace may reflect your attempt to hide guilt or hide evidence before you go through with something wrong.


To dream of a grade or being graded represents feelings about being evaluated or judged on performance. Feelings about the quality of your performance or statements made to others being evaluated.

Example: A man dreamed of his wife grading papers while sitting on his bed. In waking life he was intentionally avoiding intimate relations with his wife and was experiencing anxiety about all his excuses or stories being good enough. He felt that his wife was carefully evaluating how good all his individual excuses were as he slowly ran out of excuses.

*Please See Report Card


To dream of graduation represents achievement. You are transitioning to a higher level. You be experiencing the completion of a difficult phase, or the end of a time of anxiety or uncertainty. You may have proved yourself in some way.

Example: A man dreamed of being at a graduation ceremony. In waking life he had just completed a very difficult spiritual test.

Graduation Cap

To dream of a graduation cap represents your attitude and mood with a sense of achievement. You are aware of your transition to a higher level as you move on to a new phase in your life.

*Please See Graduation Clothing

Graduation Clothing

To dream of a graduation clothing represents you or some aspect of your personality that has completed a difficult phase, or reached a higher level.

*Please See Graduation Cap


To dream of graffiti may represent feelings about other people's arrogant choices embarrassing you or disrespecting you. Feeling that someone else is being purposely obnoxious and not letting you enjoy yourself. It may also reflect a sense of powerlessness to stop someone from souring your social atmosphere.

Alternatively, graffiti may reflect your longing for peace and clarity.

If you are the one is creating graffiti it may be a sign that you really want to get under someone else's skin. Embarrassing other people that you never have to care about other people's feeling ever.


To dream of grandchild may reflect feelings of being happy for someone else that you don't want or need to get too personal with. Wanting the best for someone after finishing your responsibilities.

Negatively, dreaming of a grandchild may reflect feelings of being annoyed at needing to get involved with something that you have already been involved with for too long. Feeling that other people are lazy or selfish to keep demanding things from you after you've already helped them.

To dream of a grandchild represents feelings about having to make decisions for someone that overrules their own. Feelings that someone is so naive that you need to make choices in their best interest despite their own choices. Saving someone from their own stupidity. Making a difficult choice for someone else that is in their best interest.

Dreams of grandchildren are also common to people who are worrying about their grandchildren too much or frustrated by issues dealing with their grandchildren. Sensitivity about not seeing them as much as you would like to. Feeling cut off from them. Feeling annoyed having to do everything for someone you helped.

Example: A woman dreamed of feeling that her grandchildren were in danger. In waking life she was worrying about the safety of her grandchildren too much.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a lion eating her grandchild. In waking life she was scared that her son's ex-girlfriend was going to break up her family and never allow her to see her grandchild again.


To dream of your grandfather may represent your conscience in situations that you have previous experience in. Your ability to make a decision or choose between right and wrong when you already have previous experience.

Alternatively, a grandfather may symbolize wiser choices or experience that overrides your own decisions. Grandfathers may also represents decisions made for you by someone smarter or more experienced than you. A decision to stop what you are currently doing because you feel it's in your best interest. Being objective about your own bad work or poor decisions.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her Grandfather showing her some beautifully crafted bookcases that were empty. In waking life she was beginning to think about making the decision to stop putting off her ambition to write. The Grandfather reflected the overriding decision to change her life towards writing from her current life.

Example 2: A man dreamed of walking with his grandfather and having a conversation. In waking life he was trying to decide what educational path he should take for his future. He was considering what was really best for him and what strengths would be best to develop.

Example 3: A man dreamed of his Grandfather screaming at him to wake up. This caused him to actually wake up from the dream. In waking life he had a serious medical condition that could kill him if he fell asleep for too long. The dream may have actually been a metaphor for experiencing God making the decision to wake him up from sleep to save his life. In this case the Grandfather would metaphorically represent God making the decision to wake him up, overriding his stupid decision to allow himself to fall asleep.

*Please See Grandparents

Grandfather Clock

To dream of a grandfather clock represents feelings of momentousness or feeling the importance of living in the moment while you can. Using your time wisely. Areas of your life where you are aware of how important it is to not waste time or be frivolous with opportunities to live well. Noticing how important it is to do something all the time in your life.

A grandfather clock may also reflect the importance of enjoying strong family, learning new things, or carefully using opportunities while they last.

Feeling that something is always important to have or notice in your life all the time. A feeling that you don't ever want to get rid of.

Negatively, a grandfather clock may reflect a fear of wasting your life or living a poor quality life.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a Grandfather clock. In waking life she felt that it was important to start living as an artist because one day she might wake up to realize she wasted her life putting off her artistic ambitions.

Example 2: A man dreamed of putting his hand underneath a heavy grandfather clock. In waking life he felt he was under a lot of "weight" or pressure to finish an important piece of writing.


To dream of your grandmother may represent your intuition or gut instincts in situations that you are already experienced in. Your ability to make a positive decision for the future when you already have previous experience. A situation where experience or already being informed helps you make choices that keep you out of trouble. Feelings that life is unfair because your intuition or luck overpowers your own wishes. Feeling that God or life makes you live in a way you didn't choose.

Alternatively, a grandmother may symbolize intuitive or wiser choices that overrides your decisions. Feeling that life or luck does something for you whether you like it or not. It may also reflect someone more experienced than you having better foresight than you. Possibly a symbol for your marriage, jobs, or family life dictating how your life will be lived. Some area of your life where you are passively decided for. Feelings about family always having to come before your wants. Intuitive choices that is out of necessity or feeling that life only gives you what you need without giving you what you want.

Negatively, a grandmother may also reflect powerful peer pressure that feels impossible to override because you could lose all your friends or an important opportunity. Feeling that you have no choice about where your life is headed as other people seem to be making the big decisions. Guilt or embarrassment for a situation you can't control at all.

Example: A man dreamed of talking to his grandmother about his new child that was almost born. His grandmother looked like she was close to death. In waking life the man was thinking about how his need to have a family was going to kill his sex life. The Grandmother most likely reflected the man's feelings about his wife's pregnancy was permanently overriding his ability to control his sex life.

Example 2: A young girl dreamed of seeing her Grandmother in a shower with her. In waking life she was 17 and taking drugs for the very first time with her friends. The Grandmother in this case may have reflected her feelings about how her social life with her drug taking friends seemed to override her ability to make decisions on drug use for herself because she would lose all her friends if she didn't take drugs by appearing as a sober outsider.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of sleeping in a bed with her Grandmother and listening to her Grandmother tell her how immoral she was for living in sin with her boyfriend when her aunt told her it was okay. In waking life she felt guilty looking for a new job, but felt she had to. The Grandmother in this case may have reflected her feelings that she was intuitively

lucky to have been given her current job when it was a necessity, while her aunt reflected her alternative intuition making her feel it was important to look for something better.

*Please See Grandparents


To dream of grandparents often represents aspects of your personality that are wise, experienced, or have learned from past mistakes. An area of your life where you have "been there and done that" or know better.

Alternatively, grandparents may symbolize a decision or a higher level of experience that overrides your own decisions.

*Please See Grandmother

*Please See Grandfather


To dream of granite represents something in your life that is impervious to any type of influence. Something about yourself that you notice never goes away. A mindset or situation that you feel is impossible to change.

Example: A woman once dreamed of having a sliver of granite removed from her heart. In real life she was learning to get over bitter painful memories from a past relationship after meeting someone new. The granite sliver reflected the pain from her breakup that made her feel a new relationship would never be as good.


To dream of eating granola represents a wish to ignore anything that don't like. Doing only what you like. Putting your own interests first no matter what.

Negatively, granola may be a sign that you are annoying others with you wishes or ideas. Wasting your time never considering anyone else.

To dream of granola bars may represent putting your own interests before others because you don't have time.


To dream of a grapefruit represents personal indulgences or activities. Doing something all by yourself. Negatively, it may reflect your tendency to be too introverted.


To dream of grapes represents plentifulness, opulence, success, or hard work that pays off. Enjoying feelings about how easy to have something is.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing 2 clusters of grapes on her belly. In waking life finally got pregnant after trying really hard to conceive.

Example 2: A man dreamed of eating green grapes and getting great pleasure from it. In waking life he had a lot of time off work and nothing important to do. He enjoyed the time off, but felt lazy.

Grappling Hook

To dream of a grappling hook represents security of choices or goals. You want to ensure or be confident about something before you proceed with it. You may want to guarantee an outcome before pursuing it.

To dream of a grappling hook that doesn't work represents insecurity, a lack of time, or not having the resources required to guarantee something.


To dream of grass represents your feelings about how good or how bad a situation is. Noticing or being aware of how positive or negative some area of your life is. The length or condition of the grass reflects the degree of positivity or negativity that you feel about the situation.

Short or trimmed grass reflects feelings about how good something you are noticing is. Feeling that a situation is pleasant, beautiful, or being given a lot of attention.

Long or neglected grass reflects feelings about how bad or negative something you are noticing is. Feeling that a situation is unpleasant, neglected, or getting out of control. You may feel that taking action in some way is important or sorely needed.


To dream of a grasshopper represents your feelings about a person or situation that always seems to outsmart you.


To dream that you are at a grave represents discarded aspect of yourself or your life that you are letting go of. The end of an issue or life situation. You might be experiencing changes to your personality or beliefs. You may also be experiencing a new start in life.

Negatively, a grave points to the end of positive aspects of your life. Things that you liked or that have benefited you are being given up. Positively, a grave points to personal growth as you discard negative thinking patterns or negative life situations.

To dream of seeing your own grave may reflect self-awareness of a powerful change or failure that has happened to you. Noticing your life forever changed, embarrassed, or failed.

To dream of digging a grave represents preparation to let go some aspect of your life for good. Digging your own grave may reflect your belief that you are preparing for a permanent change. Feeling forced into failure or embarrassment. Choosing to lose or give up.

Example: A young man dreamed of standing by a grave and reading a headstone. In waking life he was adopted and spending a lot of time thinking about his real parents and how he couldn't talk to them ever again. The grave reflected his feelings about his real parents being gone for good.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing her own grave. In waking life she had been raped and her boyfriend left her. The grave reflected her feeling about her previous happy life and innocence being gone forever.

Example 3: An older woman dreamed of seeing graves in disarray followed by a scene of graves that were in perfect order. The woman had just recovered from cancer and had gained a new perspective about having to get old and live the rest of her life as she changed her lifestyle habits to stay healthy. The changing grave scenes may have reflected her feelings about letting go of her youth, but realizing that if she took care of herself it wouldn't be so bad.

Example 4: A woman dreamed that she was sitting on a her dead husband's grave when two hands reached out and grabbed her. In waking life she had developed heart problems shortly after her husband's death. She may be felt that her husband's death removed her reason to live and was fearing her body sensing this and shutting down and getting ready to die.

Grave Robbing

To dream of grave robbing represents feelings about taking something from a failed situation or relationship so that other people don't get it. Faking respect for someone after a situation or relationship has ended. Lying to people that you will let something go when in reality you are trying to very hard to get it back. Dishonestly taking something that you feel nobody else cares about ever again. Secretly disrespecting a truce.

Example: A man dreamed of experiencing himself grave robbing with rats around him. In waking life he was experiencing a divorce and felt that he had to steal things from their home because his wife couldn't be trusted to be fair in the divorce. The grave robbing may have reflected his awareness of himself pretending to respect his wife keeping certain pieces of property with the relationship now over while going behind her back to take them.


To dream of gravel represents practicality. It may point to difficult or unpleasant situations where luxury or first choices aren't an option. Some area of your life that is lacking comfort or doesn't allow you to feel good.

To dream of walking down a gravel road represents a practical direction in life. A period of time or phase where luxuries and comfort aren't possible. You may not be able to do everything you'd like.


*Please See Headstone


To dream that you are at a graveyard represents discarded aspects of yourself. Certain issues or life situations that have been abandoned or lost.

You may be experiencing changes in your personality or life. You may also be reexamining your past.

*Please See Grave


To dream of gravity may represent disappointment that something good happening won't stay to your liking. The reality or difficulty of a situation becoming clear to you.

To dream of feeling no gravity may represent feelings of impossible luck or success. Disbelief or shock that nothing can stop you. Nothing is holding you back or getting in your way when you feel there should be.


To dream of gravy represents pleasant feelings with something that is very easy. An area of your life that fulfills your needs perfectly or lets you enjoy having your way. Gravy may also reflect total confidence in enjoying yourself or indulging yourself.

Example: A woman dreamed of wanting gravy on her mashed potatoes and being unable to have it. In waking life she was a real estate agent and the housing market was tanking. The gravy she desired reflected the easiness of selling homes that went away as the housing market tanked.

*Please See Mashed Potatoes


To dream about grease represents feelings about insuring a situation or relationship is working smoothly. Feeling that you have lost an advantage.

Negatively, grease may reflect bribing people or underhanded behavior to maintain a smooth situation. Sleazy behavior. Feeling that you have lost an advantage and need to resort to dishonest behavior to get it back.

To dream of a grease stain may reflect unpleasant feelings about being unable to stop being reminded of a problem or mistake. Negativity that is difficult to hide or forget. Obvious problems that embarrass you. Anxiety or concerns about appearing messy or like a slob. Embarrassing feelings about yourself being someone who doesn't listen to good advice.

To dream of greasy food may reflect feelings about an experience being irresponsible, but enjoyable. Feeling good goofing off or not having to listen to authority behind it's back. Enjoying flaunting to rules, misbehaving, or doing something unconventional.

Great Danes

To dream of a Great Dane represents a sense of unquestioned power. Issues that may make people respect you without question, or give you want you want assuming you deserve it.

Example: A woman once dreamed of a Great Dane. In real life she had a partner in the armed forces who was on leave. The Great Dane reflected the unquestioned respect and understanding she would get from people when she mentioned it to them.


To dream of Greece represents a mindset that is totally focused on supporting other people. You may be working very hard to support someone else or take care of other people's problems all the time.

Example: A young man dreamed of Greek people preparing to protest a Government building. In real life he had given all his money to financially support an unappreciative family member and he was close to exploding with anger at them.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being in Greece with her husband whom got too drunk to be around. In waking life she was pregnant and noticed that everyone in her life was being very supportive of her except her husband.


To dream of being greedy represents you or someone else that is demanding too much from others. A total lack of consideration for anyone else's feelings or prosperity. Going overboard with selfishness. Not caring about the pain or damage your are causing while getting what you want.

Alternatively, greed in a dream may reflect an insensitive person in your life that is aware of your pain while progressing with their own goals. Feeling that someone is too selfish or enjoying themselves not having to think of you. An arrogant person in your life that refuses to let go or slow down.

*Please See Money

Greek People

To dream of Greek people represents aspects of your personality that are supportive. It reflect you or other people that are totally focused on other people's well-being. You or someone else that does everything they can take care of someone else.

Example: A young man dreamed of Greek people preparing to protest a Government building. In real life he had given all his money to financially support an unappreciative family member and he was close to exploding with anger at them.


The color light green in a dream represents healing. When you see it in a dream it reflects the removal of obstacles, or positive change.

Progress or moving forward with a problem. It may also represent psychological or emotional issues that you are overcoming. Light green may also be a sign that you are experiencing physical healing.

Alternatively, lighter shades of green may also reflect jealousy, greed, or selfishness.

People commonly dream of light green when starting a new career or relationship. There is a sense of starting fresh or feeling renewal.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a bright flash of light green light. In waking life he was experiencing an unexpected improvement in his health.

To dream of dark green represents some form of selfishness. When you see it in a dream it reflects thoughts you are having that are only totally preoccupied with your own pleasure or personal gain. An area of your life or a thinking pattern where there is no concern for other people's feeling's or wellbeing.

Dark green points to jealousy, greed, materialism, cheating, and not wanting to share with other people. Dark green can also point to powerful fears of losing, or thoughts of suicide.

Dark green can also reflect growth that you feel is happening in the wrong direction, slow progress, feeling prevented from finding a healthy outlet.

Example: A woman dreamed of wearing a disgusting green dress. In waking life she couldn't stand waiting for a guy she was having an affair with to leave his wife.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of seeing someone wearing dark green clothing. In waking life he was so afraid of a serious financial loss that he was constantly thinking of suicide as the only way to escape it. The dark green clothing may have reflected his powerful selfish need to avoid embarrassment all costs, even if it meant killing himself and hurting his family.

Green Beans

To dream of green beans represents unpleasant experiences or choices that you know are in your best interest. Choosing to be responsible when don't have to be. Something unpleasant happening in your life that you know is good for you. It may also reflect an unexciting long-term decision that is good for you.

Positively, green beans may reflect situations where you are happy with yourself for doing the right thing when it's difficult.


To dream of a greenhouse represents a serious attitude about developing some area of your life. An expert attempt to improve, mature, or slowly create something special to you. Isolating some area of your life so it develops without interference from others.

Negatively, a greenhouse may reflect your attempt to develop some area of your life in isolation or without others interfering when that may not be a good idea. Feeling that it may be in the best interest of your plans to responsibly isolate them from others. Considering raising children on your own.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a greenhouse with plants in it. In waking life she was pregnant and had broken up with her boyfriend. She was considering what it would take to raise the child on her own and be the best mother possible to the child. The greenhouse may have reflected her serious attitude about raising her child on her own. Her consideration of isolating her life away from the boyfriend and raising the child all on her own as best as she could. Feeling that it may be a responsible idea to raise the child without the ex-boyfriend's involvement at all.

Greeting Cards

To dream of a greeting card represents a waking life gesture to show other people that you like them or respect them. You or someone else that is going out of their way to prove to others that they care or aren't mad at them. It may also reflect a strong need to viewed by others as positive.

Negatively, a greeting card could be a sign that you or someone else cares too much about what others think. It may also reflect a shallow display of concern for someone else's feelings without really meaning it.

To dream of trying to pick out a greeting card for someone else represents your attempt to decide how best to show someone else that you care about their feelings. Deciding on a gesture to show your sympathy or concern for their feelings.

Example: A girl dreamed of receiving a greeting card from a guy at her work. In real life she abruptly cut off a relationship with this guy after a first date and then felt the need to confront him to make sure that he didn't hate her for it.


To dream of a Gremlin may represent a person or situation that is wonderful to experience, but extremely dangerous if exposed to a single negative or uncertain moment. Something perfect that becomes permanently terrible if you do a single thing wrong around it.


To dream of a grenade represents suppressed emotions or issues in your life that are about to explode. You may feel cheated, limited, or prevented from doing something or expressing yourself in some way.

To dream of grenades that don't go off symbolizes a situation where unexpected events or factors are making that situation less important than you expected.

To be killed or injured by a grenade symbolizes you or some aspect of your personality that has become overwhelmed by suppressed emotions or situations. You can't contain or restrain yourself any longer. It may also reflect someone else that finally let loose on you.


To dream of dark grey represents sadness, depression, ill health, fear, or confusion. A general feeling of unhappiness. Feeling like a loser. A state of mind that doesn't feel good. You may feel emotionally distant, isolated, or detached. It may also reflect loneliness or "feeling grey." Being unhappy and not caring about trying to find a positive solution.

Alternatively, dark grey may reflect a lack of fun, boredom, or a complete lack of interest in something. A lack of motivation.

To dream of light grey represents situations in your life that are less than terrible. You may be surprised that a bad situation hasn't gotten worse. Boredom.

Positively, a light grey may reflect acceptance of an alternative or that a problem wasn't as bad as you thought it would be. Lighter shades of grey may also represent the intuition. Light grey can be mistaken for silver, especially in the case of light grey clothing which then reflects intuitive choices or how lucky you feel.

Example: A young girl dreamed of seeing her father wearing a grey polka-dot shirt. In waking life he didn't feel good about her parent's upcoming divorce.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a grey dinosaur. In waking life he had a casual attitude about preparing to commit suicide if his life didn't improve while also being terrified of going though with it. The grey color of the dinosaur may have reflected his unhappiness with his life.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of trying to get through an obstacle coarse to reconnect with a dark grey bird. In waking life she was constantly finding herself distracted by her family and unable to continue working on a book she always wanted to finish. The book required a lot of work and she found it very hard to get motivated to work on the book.

*Please see Silver


To dream of a greyhound dog represents emotional protection that is obsessed with goals or final outcomes. Doing everything you can to get what you want.

Example: A young girl dreamed of having a greyhound run up to her. In waking life she was talking to people about her family problems who were doing every single thing they could to help her or offer good advice.

Greyhound Coach Bus

To dream of a greyhound coach bus represents a long patient journey. Goals that are ensured, but requires a long wait to complete. A boring wait or a lot of work is ahead of you.

Example: A man dreamed of getting on a greyhound bus. In real life he secured a publishing contract, but he knew it would take years to complete the book.


*Please See Mourning


To dream of a griffon represents unstoppable power. Freedom of choice while dominating. You or someone else that embarrasses others that they can't be stopped or repressed. Total self-determination or independent power.

Grim Reaper

To dream of the Grim Reaper represents closure or finishing. An aspect of your personality or a situation that forces transition. It may also reflect a situation in your life that is a omen of inevitable change. Feeling that "time is up" and you now have to accept a change or failure. The Grim Reaper may appear in a dream to reflect the end of a situation, habit, or relationship. Change or failure that must be accepted because time has run out. No more chances to change or alter a situation.

Negatively, a Grim Reaper in a dream may be a sign that you have a negative outlook on accepting situations that you believe are inevitable when they may not be. Telling yourself that you have to make a permanent decision instead of asking for help.

Example: A girl dreamed of kissing the Grim Reaper. In real life she had finally decided on what she wanted to do after school finished. The intimacy with the Grim Reaper reflected her concern with exploring a career possibility that took away her fear of being a loser with bad job.


To dream of the Grinch represents you or someone else whose greed or insensitive spirit doesn't like other people enjoying anything special. Selfishness or jealousy that purposely ruins others special moments if your wishes don't come first. Intentionally wanting or enjoying people losing their good spirit because you're not happy.


To dream of buying groceries represents feelings about choices or decisions you are making being easy. A comfortable attitude about choices you are making. Choices that you feel with temporarily sustain you.

Negatively, dreaming about buying groceries may reflect a need for temporary dishonesty to sustain you emotionally. Feeling that you need a temporary fix. A sign that you feel that being dishonest is necessary for the moment. Putting off being honest for the moment because you don't feel ready for it. Feeling that dishonest behavior doesn't have serious consequences. Being too comfortable with dishonest choices. No consideration for how dramatic or serious your casual choices feel to others. Feeling good barely surviving a problem. No focus on long-term solutions.

To dream of carrying groceries represents the casual nature of a decision you've made. An experience in your life that you are confidently preparing to have and feel is normal. Plans or preparations to do something that doesn't feel like a big deal to you.

Example: A girl dreamed of buying groceries. In waking life she felt the need to temporarily keep lying to her parents about flunking out of university. The groceries may have reflected her feelings of needing to lie to her parents for a "little bit longer."

Example 2: A young man dreamed of trying to buy groceries. In waking life he was trying to cover up embarrassing hairloss from an illness with a hat until he found a solution to the health crisis. The groceries may have reflected his feelings about the casual choice to wear a hat temporarily sustaining him emotionally by allowing him to avoid total humiliation of people he knew discovering his problem.

*Please See Grocery Store

Grocery Cart

*Please See Shopping Cart

Grocery Store

To dream of a grocery store represents decisions being made that help to sustain you for the short term. Keeping a good situation going by addressing your short term needs. Confidence about knowing what you can delay confronting a problems or delay an unpleasant situation from occurring. Feeling that it's easy to deal with your problems "just for now."

Negatively, a grocery store may be a sign that you are considering dishonest behavior as method to temporarily keep a problem under control. Lies or deception in order to delay being honest. Feeling good not having to face your problems for a short while longer. A sign that long term solutions to problems are not being considered or that you continually keep putting your problems off for later. Short-term solutions that costs you long-term happiness.

Alternatively, dreaming of a grocery store may reflect anxiety issues related to health issues with food sensitivities. Anxiety about not being able to buy the special food or health products you need.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in a grocery store parking lot. In waking life she was delaying family gatherings to reunite with her step-sister because she felt her step-sister was dangerous due to her marijuana use. The grocery store in this case may have reflected her feelings about the potential to regularly have family gathering to temporarily help prolong healthy family relationships.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a grocery store closing. In waking life she was having anxiety that she wouldn't be able to buy certain food products during a family visit out of state because she was on a very special diet.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of being in a grocery store with her parents. In waking life she was impatiently trying to pass a training program at work to help her get a better job at her company. She was doing everything she could to persevere hoping to be told she finally passed. The grocery store in this case may have reflected her choice to keep enduring the difficult training by whatever means possible for the short term hoping she would pass the training test. The grocery store symbolism was may have been a sign that she was more focused on passing the training than on being good at her job while believing that short-term perseverance was her only problem when the job might not have been good for her at all.

*Please See Groceries


To dream of a groom represents an assertive attitude about something in your life having to be permanent. Insensitive about anything wrong happening at before a big moment. You may be carefully considering or making preparations before a big decision. Receptive attitude for security or closure. Readiness for a new beginning.

To dream of being a groom represents your heightened sensitivity or anxiety about a big decision or permanent choice. Not wanting anything to go wrong at all before an important moment. Alternatively, being a groom may reflect your anxiety about real life wedding plans you are making.

To dream of a groom being shot at a wedding represents total failure or embarrassment while you waited hoped something was going to be permanent.

*Please See Wedding

*Please See Bride


To dream of looking at the ground represents feelings about some area of your life returning to normal or no longer being exciting. Negatively, you may feel that life isn't at attractive as it used to be. Fearing losing your power or something exciting about yourself.

To dream of lying on the ground ( by choice) may represent feelings about your actions in waking life not being that important. Feeling that you are safe as long as you don't do anything different, risky, or unusual. To dream of lying on the ground due to violence represents feelings of being embarrassed by another person or situation. Feeling forced to be unimportant. Feeling disrespected. It may also reflect unpleasant situations or conflicts that force to be more "down to earth."

To dream of dropping something on the ground may represent feelings of not having been careful enough. Alternatively, it may reflect feelings about something in your life not mattering to you.

To dream of landing on the ground represents feelings about returning to a mindset that is normal, mundane, or regular. An exciting or serious matter may be returning to normal. Negatively, it may reflect feelings of becoming less important or interesting.

To dream of a giant split or crack in the ground represents feelings of normalcy in life "coming apart."

Example: A woman dreamed of lying on the ground and then suddenly the ground collapsed falling on her and compressing her chest. In waking life she worked in a tuberculosis clinic caring for patients and 2 months after this dream she caught the illness herself. Lying on the ground in the dream may have reflected her feelings about how normal or unimportant the risks of her job were.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of giant split in the earth. In waking life an injury to a broken rib that healed split open again.

Example 3: A man dreamed of being thrown on the ground. In waking life the government has taken away his veterans privileges and right to continue practicing law.

*Please See Floor

Ground Beef

*Please See Beef


To dream of being grounded (punished) by your parents may represent a waking life situation where you are temporarily cutting yourself off from specific behavior. Choosing to discontinue something you like for a period of time as to avoid further embarrassments or conflicts. Letting a situation "blow over" while not aggravating it any further. Taking a "timeout."

It may also reflect self-punishment or self-discipline. Abstinence and self-reflection.

Alternatively, being grounded by your parents in a dream may reflect really bad choices that have consequences. Feeling that you didn't listen to someone and are paying for it.


To dream of a groundhog represents you or someone else that avoids doing others a favor at all costs. You may be avoiding speaking to people or always trying to leave when you turn comes up. Always looking for a way out of something.


To dream of a group of people represents feelings about a need to conform your behavior to other people's feelings. Peer pressure to comply or agree with others. Situations you are experiencing where you feel there are expectations of you that can't be ignored. Feeling cautious not to offend anymore. Concerns about how people will react to your work or actions.

Negatively, a group of people may reflect feelings about a collective of problems all occurring at once. Feeling that everyone is against you or that nothing will work in your life. Feeling that a problem situation is too big or dangerous to confront on your own. Feeling that a complicated problem is impossible to overcome. Anxiety about public life or group social situations.

*Please See Crowds


To dream of something growing represents an area of life that is developing, maturing, or slowly improving itself. Clear progress being made. Your awareness of a person, situation, or aspect of yourself that is noticeably becoming more important or powerful. Feeling something about yourself or a situation that can't be ignored anymore.

Negatively, something growing in a dream may reflect problems or bad habits that are getting worse. Something may be getting out of hand or becoming more serious. Feeling that a situation is slowly getting too big to control. Feeling that you can't ignore a problem or enemy any longer.

To dream of plants growing represents a slow development in your life. A plan or project that requires a lot of patience is slowing coming to fruition.


To dream of growling may represent repressed anger or unexpressed dissatisfaction. You may be holding back your negative feelings and need to let them out. Feeling uncomfortable around someone that is irritated by you.

Alternatively, growling may represent a growing discomfort that is being subtlety communicated to you in some manner. Body language or an attitude problem that someone is beginning to display to you. You or someone else that feels that their nerves are being pushed.

Guard Dogs

To dream of a guard dog represents feelings about other people being protective and alert. A guard dog may reflect a fear or risk of being told on. Someone is being protective of someone else's need to be respected. Feeling the potential for someone to become very angry, dangerous, or irrational if you don't respect them.

To dream of having guard dogs for yourself may represent friends, parents, or lookouts that are protecting you. Negatively, it may a heightened sense of insecurity about being embarrassed or disrespected. Scaring people away who try to get close to you.

To dream of a guard dog on a leash represents feelings about potential embarrassment for doing something you are not supposed to be doing. Feeling that you can safely tread around an issue as long as you don't do too far. Feeling that someone else's personal boundaries are being made clear.

Negatively, a guard dog on a leash may reflect false threats or overprotective swagger. A angry person who can't really be a serious as they make you feel they could. It may also reflect realistic limitations that prevent you from carrying out a serious threat to stay away.


To dream of a guard represents you or someone else that is cautious or wary of something. A cautious attitude towards change or interference. An inability to "get through" to someone or an unwillingness to open up to others. An emotional guard or barrier.

Negatively, a guard may also reflect feelings about something in your life "keeping you out" or keeping you away from something. Feeling that something is too exclusive or special for you. Feeling that you need to meet certain conditions before being allowed to do something. It may also reflect a sense of danger you feel stepping over a line in a relationship or situation.

Alternatively, a guard may reflect you or someone else that is "on guard" or very alert about a situation.

*Please See Security Guards

*Please See Prison Guards

*Please See Guard Dogs


To dream of a guava represents feelings about enjoying yourself thinking of someone else's feelings. Noticing life feels better if you enjoy thinking of someone else's feelings. Feeling good being safer noticing that other people's feelings matter as well. Enjoying yourself letting other people have a good time around you. Feeling that a situation isn't perfect, but feels good anyway. A mixture of feelings about responsibility and enjoyment. Feelings about sexual obligations to partners.

Negatively, a guava may reflect feelings about obligations to others feelings required in order to enjoy yourself. Feeling that you are being ordered around for other enjoyment. Feeling obligated to responsibly allow people who are angry at you to enjoy themselves.

Example: A woman dreamed of examining a guava with spots on it, but then eating it and enjoying it. In waking life she was 10 weeks pregnant and hesitant to have sex with her husband worrying too much about the baby, but she did have sex with him and thought it was nice. The guava is this case may have reflected her feelings about responsibly attending to her husband's sexual needs.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing his friend with a guava shaped head. In waking life he was trying his best to mend a friendship with this friend by doing nice things for him because he felt it was required to fix the friendship.


To dream of having a guest represents feelings about temporarily needing to respect other feelings. Accommodating others needs. Making a situation as comfortable as possible for others. Treating inexperienced people with respect. Giving others special treatment. Feeling good taking care of someone.

Negatively, a dreaming of having a guest may reflect feelings of not being respected for your generosity or high level of understanding. A willingness to help people with their problems who are taking advantage of your good will. Frustrations with children who don't leave home or support themselves financially. Temporarily situations where you are helping others that are testing your patience. Trying hard to make others feel welcome or supported even though it's annoying you. Problems speaking up about people who are pushing your limits or "wearing out their welcome." Accommodating others too much. Issues with speaking up to someone who you have supported beyond reasonable expectations.

To dream of being a guest represents heightened feelings of needing to appreciate or respect someone else. Making extra efforts not to embarrass yourself. Feeling that you need to listen to what people. Feeling that you are not an important person or leader in a situation. Feeling that you are not on "home turf" in a situation. Feelings about getting special treatment.

Negatively, dreaming of being a guest represents a lack of concern or respect for others people's generosity. Awareness of yourself using someone. Selfish attitude about someone else's accommodating attitude. Expecting special treatment.


To dream of a guillotine represents feelings that failure or embarrassment is inescapable. Fear or anxiety about closure that is inevitable. Fears of being singled out and permanently embarrassed for your views. an area of your life that is being intentionally ended, deleted, or cut off.

To dream of using the guillotine on others may represent your wish to taunt your opposition or enemies with their inevitable loss or failure. Talking about someone else's impending loss or embarrassment to their face.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing someone getting their head chopped off with a guillotine. In waking life he had a very busy business schedule and knew that hew as going to have to pick someone to get cancelled from his schedule.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being brought towards a guillotine. In waking life she had just been dumped by her boyfriend.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing a guillotine. In waking life he was concerned about budget cuts at work and having to "chop off" some area of the business's expenses.

Example 4: A young man dreamed of seeing a guillotine. In waking life he was told by a person that a particular topic was off limits to discuss or that he would be "chopped off" or made unimportant to the organization he was in if he did.


To dream of feeling guilt represents feelings of regret for a bad situation you feel responsible for. Issues with right or wrong. Accepting responsibility. Feeling bad for something you have done. Feelings that you didn't do enough to stop a problem or negative situation. Feeling responsible for someone else's pain or suffering. Feeling that you didn't try hard enough to help or prevent something. Feeling that you have acted irresponsible. A reflection of a waking life situation were you are feeling embarrassed by your neglect or oversights. After thoughts about earlier actions being excessive. Feeling ashamed of something you did. Feeling that you wasted your life. Anxiety or shame for dishonesty.

Negatively, guilt in a dream may be a sign that you are being too hard on yourself for something bad that has happened. Feeling guilty when it's not your fault. Feeling sorry for yourself. Feeling sorry for someone else when it's not your problem. An excessive self-conscious attitude about not appearing perfect enough to others. Feeling embarrassed that you aren't always right. Anxiety about people not liking you for not being perfect. Being too hard on yourself for mistakes. Problems with forgiving yourself.

Example: A man dreamed about feeling guilty for hitting a cat with his car. In waking life he felt guilty for reporting a man to the police. After the report was made he felt that he may have been excessive.

Example 2: A man dreamed of feeling very guilty. In waking life he had an unpleasant conversation with his father who told him that he had wasted his life. The dreamer felt bad about this accusation and temporarily succumbed to regret that they had wasted their life.

Example 3: A man dreamed of feeling guilty. In waking life he had wished for bad things to happen to his boss and then shortly after his boss got fired. He regretted his wish for bad things to happen to his boss after the firing.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of feeling guilty. In waking life she regretted not spending enough time with her father.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of feeling guilty. In waking she she felt bad that she wasn't trying hard enough to quit smoking when her boyfriend was trying hard to quit.

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