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Mars Chocolate Bar

To dream of a Mars chocolate bar represents treating yourself to thinking about yourself being allowed to do something because usually you don't see yourself enough. Treating yourself is the answer because thinking about yourself usually isn't enough. Feeling bold and original for thinking about yourself completely because you usually don't think of yourself completely. Treating yourself to why something else different is strongest because it's what you like to feel. Treating yourself to time off being original that doesn't have to think about why other people think about it. Short-term treating yourself to not having to think anything else counts. Treating yourself outside your usual comfort zone like it isn't a problem.

Example: A man dreamed of giving a Mars chocolate bar to a famous religious evangelist. In waking life he was very persistent with being focused spiritually on what God wanted for his life by repeatedly telling God in his prayers that God's will always came first no matter what happened in his life. In this case giving away the Mars chocolate bar to the famous Evangelist may have reflected his feelings about treating himself to a day off praying or being so serious about God because he usually doesn't allow himself to. The Mars bar might also be a sign he is taking a break from being so serious about what other people think of his religious conviction. A sign that he needed to learn to accept letting go a little bit.

Chocolate Bars

To dream of a chocolate bar represents casual self-reward. A casual mindset about treating yourself. Not minding taking time off work, a light enjoyable escape, enjoying yourself for a short moment. Treating yourself to something that doesn't satisfy you for life, but it does right this minute.

Negatively, dreaming about a chocolate bar may be a sign that you are not listening to why taking a break or treating yourself migth be a problem. A small simple pleasure that may get you off track or embarrassing yourself saying it isn't a problem. Commonly a symbol to reflect masturbation in waking life.

Consider the feeling or personality that each brand of chocolate bar gives off for additional meaning.

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To dream of chocolate represents self-reward and treating yourself. This can anything you do to enjoy yourself from taking a vacation to romantic thoughts in private.

Example: A man dreamed of ordering slices of chocolate cake. In waking life he was planning a vacation for himself.

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Chocolate Cake

To dream of chocolate cake represents a self reward and treating yourself during a special event in your life. Something that might appear when you take a vacation or do something nice for yourself.

Example: A man dreamed of being served chocolate cake. In waking life he was planning a vacation for himself.

Chocolate Milk

To dream of chocolate milk represents a high degree of enjoyment of life. Enjoying being strong. Loving to fix a problem that you couldn't fix before or liking getting back at someone who used to be better than you.

Alternatively, chocolate milk may reflect how wonderful it feels to notice yourself being a winner or that people care about you.

Gold Bars

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Hot Chocolate

To dream of hot chocolate represents feelings of treating yourself to comfort, emotional warmth, and reassurance that your life is normal. Homeliness or coziness that feels "safe as can be" that doesn't speak about anything being a problem. Feeling that nothing is tragic because everything will work out. Being the boss or being angry isn't important because you can be comfortable the way you are. Comfort that nothing in your life has a problem. A comforting presence or someone offering reassurance and emotional warmth amidst your anxieties. It may also reflect encouragement or sympathy during a tough time. Reassurance no matter what happens. Thinking about an alternative option to a problem that feels more comfortable, emotionally warmer, or reassuring than the problem.

Negatively, dreaming about hot chocolate may represent feelings of excess or lack of discipline associated with comfort-seeking behaviors. Overdoing feelings of comfort, emotional warmth, and reassurance that your life is normal to the point of being lazy. Expectations that "everything will work out" without taking proactive measures to ensure stability. Using the idea of comfort and reassurance as a way to avoid confronting a very real fear you have.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of her gym teacher sitting with a blanket and hot chocolate. The teacher said she was going to help. The dreamer felt relieved because she was still alive and wouldn't be losing any friends. In waking life, the dreamer was scared of losing her best friend and that she'd do something to make her best friend not like her anymore. In this case, the hot chocolate may have reflected her feelings of comfort, emotional warmth, and reassurance that her friendship wasn't over because she had a plan she thought would work.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of seeing forests destroyed and then speaking to her grandmother, who gave her a cup of hot chocolate. In waking life, she was frustrated by the government approving cutting down forests in order to allow the construction of buildings for the city. In this case, the hot chocolate may have reflected her feelings of comfort, emotional warmth, and reassurance she felt about her own life being normal when considering that there was nothing she could do about her frustrations and concerns about the environmental issues except think of eventually moving.

Kit Kat Chocolate Bar

To dream of a kit kat chocolate bar represents feelings about casually treating yourself to "breaking" or pause from something thinking you can handle it. Enjoying a casual treat where you believe your behavior breaking from something is just temporary with nothing you can't handle. Self-reward to break away from something completely while believing that you can handle it. Treating yourself to stopping something difficult that you are not a little or afraid about restarting. Taking a break from behavior your perceive to be hard work.

Negatively, dreaming about a kit kat bar may reflect awareness of yourself enjoying "breaking" from responsibile behavior and not thinking it's a serious problem when it is. Enjoying taking a break that will reverse important gains you've already made. Enjoying an addiction in the middle of detox and not caring about the consequences of it because you think you can handle it. Breaking away from something serious thinking that it's easy to go back to it when it might not be good for you.

Example: A man dreamed of eating a kit kat chocolate bar. In waking he was in the middle of drug detox and couldn't resist taking more drugs. The kit kat chocolate bar in this case may have reflected his awareness of himself enjoying treating himself taking drugs and "breaking" gains already made through being sober.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of eating a piece of a Kit Kat chocolate bar. In waking life she was experiencing relationship problems believing that she may break up with her boyfriend. In this case the Kit Kat chocolate bar may reflect the dreamer's feelings about treating herself to time off from her boyfriend never believing that the arguing was too much to handle.

Twix Chocolate Bar

To dream of a Twix chocolate bar represents treating yourself to feeling "just safe" never having to do anything else to see yourself get away with something. Enjoying being safe not talking about something or being present as the reason why you will see yourself get away with getting your way. Not being stupid about why you don't have to save yourself from anyone else's problems. Enjoying not even having to think something is your problem because someone else will think of taking on the problem for you. Treating yourself to getting away with something because you never have to say you're actually doing. Enjoying not telling anyone why you're liking things as the reason you don't "suck." Feeling good finding out that you don't have to say anything is the reason why you don't have to do anything.

Negatively, dreaming about a Twix chocolate bar may reflect overdoing or dishonestly enjoying being "just safe" never speaking about or doing something in order to get away with avoiding it. Enjoying time off ignoring chores or responsibilities hoping to get away with making someone else will do them for you. Trying to be manipulative to get away with not doing something by "just safe" ignoring it. Liking your time off because someone else embarrassed themself with the problem. Stalling in order to avoid embarrassment, responsibilities, conflict.

Example: A white teenage girl dreamed of being racially insulted as a "Twix" by a black teenage girl. In waking life she had recently had an argument with a black girl at school who tried to physically fight her, but the dreamer refused to fight. The Twix bar reference in this case may have reflected her feelings about being racially perceived by the black girl as enjoying being typically white "just safe" stalling for not even having to do anything to save herself from a physical fight except behave safer to make the fight go away or get the black girl in trouble for being louder or more aggressive.

Example 2: A teenager dreamed of seeing a Twix wrapper on the ground. In waking life the teenager was being nagged to mow the front lawn. In this case the Twix wrapper may have reflected the dreamer's awareness of themself already having treated themself to not having to think of mowing the lawn as their problem because their mother probably cut it for them if they ignore it long enough.

Example 3: A man dreamed of his entire bookshelf and office desk covered in boxes of Twix chocolate bars. In waking life he he had a large collection of computer porn he questioned the morality of. In this case the Twix chocolate bars may have reflected his feelings about treating himself to getting away with watching computer porn while he never had to tell anyone what he was actually doing.


To dream of a cake represents thoughts or feelings during a special occasion. Something amazing or wonderful is happening that rarely occurs. It may reflect feelings of being made to feel very welcome or special by someone else.

Negatively, cake may reflect enjoying short-term indulgences at the cost of your long-term goals. Choosing to spend money instead of saving it, losing your virginity instead of waiting, or taking a vacation during a crisis.

To dream of refusing to eat cake may reflect your strong will power or strong focus on long term goals over short-term pleasure. Alternatively, it may reflect difficulty getting away from your work. Problems relaxing.

Consider the flavor of the cake to give you an idea of what is happening during this special time. Chocolate cake may reflect self-reward on some kind.

Example: A man dreamed of being served chocolate cake. In waking life he was planning a vacation for himself.

Example 2: A man dreamed of eating a cake. In waking life he was being made to feel very welcome at a friend's home.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing someone eating cakes all day. In waking life they had a very obese friend whom they felt could not stop eating fattening foods.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of having difficulty resisting eating cake. In waking life she was having an affair with a married man and having difficulty resisting her sexual attraction for him.

Example 5: A woman had recurring dreams of cooking cakes. In waking life she had regular feelings of caring too much about other people and treating them too special without getting the same treatment.

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To dream of fudge represents a situation in your life that feels exceptionally indulgent, pleasurable, or that satisfies an intense craving. Enjoying the best part of something completely. Enjoying something completely that you don't get to enjoy very often. Any circumstance in waking life that provides a heightened sense of enjoyment or is deeply fulfilling. It could also symbolize your desire for luxurious or hedonistic experiences, whether in relation to food, relationships, or other aspects of your life. Devotion to pleasure, enjoyment, or a craving. Rewards or treats that you think you deserve but have been denying yourself. Enjoying oneself in the moment, without worry for the future.

Negatively, dreaming about fudge might indicate an overindulgence or a lack of self-control. Enjoying yourself too much at the expense of your health or long-term goals. A sign that you need to consider moderation or balance in some aspect of your life. Issues with self-control and weight loss goals. A desire for instant gratification and avoiding responsibility.

Dreams of fudge appear common to people who are planning to get married or attending a wedding.

Example: A woman dreamed of chocolate fudge that she kept taking out of her backpack to smell and then putting it back in the backpack. She wanted to taste it badly, but never did. In waking life she had lost 20 pounds and was in a struggle to lose weight with regular visits to the gym. In this case, the fudge may have reflected her intense craving for indulgent foods, which she was trying to resist for the sake of her weight loss goals.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a table with chocolates, fudge, and candy on it at her friend's wedding. In waking life, she was planning to attend a friend's wedding and was concerned about her weight to fit in her dress. In this case, the fudge may have reflected her anxiety about the indulgent food and potential for overeating at the upcoming event.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of eating a fudge ice cream and wanting a strawberry flavor instead, but couldn't get one. In waking life, her boyfriend had just asked her to marry her. In this case, the fudge ice cream cone that isn't as good as the strawberry flavor may have reflected her feelings about enjoying indulging in sex before the wedding, when she really wanted to enjoy everything about being engaged including making wedding plans together with her fiance who didn't want to make plans yet.



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