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Beer Mug

To dream of a beer mug represents breaks or vacationing that's free from complications. Hard work, preparations, or planning that ensures a relaxing experience. Feeling confidently carefree. You may want to avoid problems or mistakes that could ruin a good time or spoil a break.


To dream of a mugging represents feelings shock at being robbed of power, happiness, or independence. Disbelief that you've lost something when all seemed normal. Alternatively, a mugging may reflect feelings of being pressured out of your happiness or sense of power. Being taken advantage of when you felt trusting.

To dream that you are mugging someone else may represent your aggressive insistence on making someone lose something or give up their beliefs. Pressuring others on the spot to change something they didn't expect to.

Example: A doctor dreamed of a mugger robbing one of his patient's and cutting out the patient's right kidney. In waking life he soon discovered that his own right kidney was badly infected. The mugging may have reflected the doctor's shock that he could get sick himself.

*Please See Robbery

Red Stripe Beer

To dream of Red Stripe Jamaican beer represents a relaxed attitude about not needing to worry about anything because everything is working out excellent the way it is. Feeling good relaxed that everything is working out because you deserve to. Feeling good not having a problem because you don't cause one. A relaxed attitude that a situation will work out no matter what you're doing. Feeling that it isn't outrageous to relax that you can like why a situation is working out.

Negatively, dreaming a Red Stripe beer may reflect wasting time with a relaxing that a situation is excellent the way it is. Not "rocking the boat" in situation because it's more comfortable feeling a situation remain excellent the way it is when change you don't like is a possibility. Feeling good relaxed with no problems keep a situation the way it is because never getting angry or frustrated is all you care about.

Example: A high school girl dreamed of ordering a Red Stripe Beer for $500 and then watching a man order one for $500 before the dream scene changes to standing in front of churning black water. In waking life she concerned about losing her relationship with her boyfriend when leaving for college. The Red Stripe beer in this case may have reflected her and her boyfriends's temporary relaxed feelings about everything in their relationship expected to work out if they simply don't have to talk about breaking up.

*Please See Beer


To dream of beer represents relaxed attitude that feels good not needing to care about about issue. Psychological relaxation on an issue such as taking a break from a serious issue or telling someone a secret you've been keeping. Choosing to reduce the seriousness of a situation. Being laid back about an issue. You or someone else may be very comfortable with the way things are. Choosing to not work very hard. Laziness or taking time off. Insensitively believing you deserve to relax. An attitude that says "thank goodness I don't have to care about someone else's feelings making me stressed out anymore" while you relax on an issue. Feeling that you deserve to relax because you are already confident about winning. Gestures made to calm to relax issues that improve socializing. A prelude to positive or negative social change. A relaxing influence.

Negatively, dreaming about beer represents a relaxed attitude that feels good not needing to care about anyone else's feelings. Insensitively taking time off an issue. Not wasting any time relaxing that is insensitive to others. Leisurely taking time off that is dangerous or reckless. Leisurely attitude about a non-serious sexual relationship. Being overconfident about deserving to relax. Opening up about secrets or guilty issues.

To get drunk off beer represents excessive pleasure, or enjoyment. You may be "overdoing it" in some area of your life. You are so interested in something that it clouds your judgment or ability to focus on other issues.

To dream of attacking someone with an empty beer bottle represents not feeling good believing that time was wasted on thinking nothing was serious.

To dream of a light or lite beer may reflect feelings about respecting yourself not being too serious about taking time off or relaxing on an issue.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing the daughter of a man at her workplace she was interested in dating drinking a beer and smoking. In waking life she was disappointed by the guy she wanted to date when she found out he was only interested in dating her because a girl he was more interested in dating at her workplace was dating someone else. The beer in this case may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about the man she was interested in dating having an insensitive attitude about leisure romantic time spent with her while he waited for the woman he actually wanted to date to become single.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of holding a beer that she didn't drink. In waking life she was preparing to tell a friend a secret that might hurt the friend's feelings. The beer in this case may have reflected her feelings about needing to be insensitive about herself emotionally relaxing about the secret needing to be told to her friend.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of not wanting a light beer in a can and preferring it in a glass. In waking life she didn't like drifting apart from several relationships she had. In this case the light beer can that she didn't want while preferring a glass may have reflected her attitude about relaxing about accepting the loss of a relationship. She may not have wanted to feel empty about respectfully distancing herself from someone (can) and preferring to let the relationship go more respectfully (glass).

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*Please See Corona

Corona Beer

To dream of Corona brand beer represents a relaxed attitude that feels good not needing to care about about issue in a manner that is never dangerous about enjoying yourself only as much as you need to. Feeling good that you deserve to relaxing noticing everything is working. An attitude that is always sober enough to keep enjoying yourself. Not wanting to notice anything excessive while relaxing. Not wasting your time relaxing having to go too far. Relaxing on an issue while never feeling cold or lonely. Reasonably never caring about anything serious. An attitude that feels nothing is special about why I am always relaxed about what you are doing in the current moment. A perfectly professional attitude about relaxation or being laid back that is willing to go back to work if you need to. Choosing to reduce the seriousness of a situation with professional sobriety. Enjoying every last moment relaxed without having to believe in anything excessive. Feeling professionally relaxed while everything is working out nicely. A relaxed attitude about nothing serious mattering because you can afford it. Feelings about being a specialist where nothing is ever a serious matter. A relaxed attitude that feel successful and doesn't need to fear anything. Feeling good relaxing about an issue where it feels better to never want to be obsessed with it. Relaxing on a issue in the current moment, but willing to go back to it if you need to. Taking time off while being aware of everything that is going on. Deserving to "not have a care in the world" about an issue. Nothing is wrong while you feel you deserve to keep it that way.

Negatively, dreaming about Corona brand beer represents relaxing on an issue that respects itself not having to do anything excessive in the current moment ignoring something serious happening later. Relaxing professionally that doesn't fix a serious or actual problem. Intelligently relaxing on an issue to keep yourself comfortable with functioning in the current moment that may have serious consequences later you are avoiding. Relaxing all the time just a little bit that avoids dealing with a problem. Feeling you deserve to have have a care in the world while dealing with very big problems, possibly to the point of it being detrimental.

*Please See Beer


To dream of a mug represents a situation you are experiencing where you refusing to embarrass yourself or get screwed over. Not allowing yourself to get "burned." It may also reflect your attempt to "put your foot down" or "draw a fine line" for someone who you think is going too far. Holding your ground.

Alternatively, a mug may reflect your refusal to embarrass yourself being too patient or trying something new.

Example: A man dreamed of a dark blue mug. In waking life he was giving a serious ultimatum to someone who had refused to pay him money that was owed.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing her husband sitting at a table with a mug. In waking life she was seriously considering leaving her husband after he cheated on her.


To dream that you are taking a mugshot represents a sense of permanent embarrassment or being remembered negatively. It may also reflect feelings of never being able to be trusted ever again. Alternatively, it may reflect feelings of never being able to get away with something ever again. Facing up to responsibilities or mistakes.

To dream of looking at recent mugshots represents memories or reminders about why you or someone else can't be trusted. Probable suspicions.

To look at old mugshots may reflect memories of something stupid you did or past immaturity. Remembering a time when you or someone else didn't think about what they were doing. A past embarrassment.


To dream of drinking alcohol may represent the potential to go too far with your ideas or interests. Positively, it may reflect how you are enjoying yourself with something you really like.

*Please See Rubbing Alcohol

*Please See Beer

*Please See Wine


To dream of Budweiser beer represents feelings about the qualities of an experience that doesn't have to talk about itself being accomplished or best when while never having to stop relaxing until it's absolutely finished relaxing. A sense of satisfaction and ease with an experience that doesn't need validation or approval from others. It embodies the feeling of being the best without having to brag or prove oneself. An experience that doesn't have to prove itself as the best because it already is while staying relaxed. Feeling comfortable being a winner that doesn't have to talk about it while you relax. Being comfortable relaxing better than someone without ever needing to talk it. Deserving to be a jerk if someone doesn't let you relax because you already took care of the problem they are complaining about. Absolutely on top of your own life while you quietly don't think other people are.

Negatively, dreaming about Budweiser may represent relaxing that feels it's better than someone because you already did more than them while not talking about it. A jerk attitude that doesn't speak about why your time off is better than someone else's. Feeling relaxed being the best that doesn't need to explain it while feeling that other people are a loser if they don't accomplish something themself.

Example: A woman dreamed of finding an Budweiser beer can in her fiance's hand and being upset because he wasn't a drinker in real life. In waking life she was having a fight with her fiance about the finances when she was unemployed and he was employed. In this case the Budweiser beer in her fiance's hand may have reflected her perception of her fiance's attitude of being comfortable and relaxed in his position of financial stability, without having to prove himself or worry about financial difficulties. Overall, the dream may reflect the dreamer's frustration with her fiance's perceived lack of empathy or understanding towards her financial struggles due him having a job when she didn't. She may have felt the snobbery from him about deserving to relax because he's accomplished paying bills because he has a job while she hadn't paid any bills because she didn't have a job.

*Please See Beer


To dream of Heineken beer represents a relaxed attitude about an issue where the worst or hardest part of something difficult is over while you feel good taking some time off with mindfulness of not being lazy. Feeling that you don't have to relax for the rest of your life, but you do need to relax in the current moment. Feelings about being not being a lazy person, but don't need to work right now. Feeling good being professional at your job and deserving to take some time off to not worry about it in the current moment. Finding balance between work and relaxation. Taking time off while not being lazy about anticipating more work to come. Professionally deserving time off because work isn't pressing concern right now. Deserving to relax because you are not needed in the office or to work right now. Interim relaxing. A relaxed attitude that is confident about affording time off. Handling work, but not having to go back to it yet.

Negatively, dreaming about Heineken beer represents a tendency to procrastinate, become complacent or overindulge in relaxation at the expense of productivity. A lack of urgency or accountability when facing pending tasks or responsibilities. Overconfidence in one's ability to afford time off, or taking a break when it's not yet deserved or appropriate. It can also reflect an overemphasis on leisure and enjoyment, risking potential future work opportunities or neglecting present obligations.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a Heineken t-shirt. In waking life, he was recently hired for a new job that he hadn't started yet. In this case, the Heineken beer t-shirt may have reflected his feelings of relief and relaxation after the stress of job hunting was over, coupled with his anticipation for starting his new job. He felt he deserved a period of relaxation and respite before the new professional challenges began.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a big Heineken bottle in the center. In waking life, he finished a small job he had to do and decided to take some time off while being aware that he had to go back to his regular work whenever he was ready. In this case, the Heineken may have reflected his choice to take a well-earned break after completing a demanding task. The large Heineken bottle in the center of his dream symbolized his conscious decision to prioritize relaxation and leisure for the time being, while still acknowledging his professional responsibilities awaiting in the near future. The dream indicated his understanding of the importance of balance between work and relaxation.



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