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To dream of Skittles candy represents a situation that feels good being so fantastic that you don't even have to think about problems at all. Feeling fantastic that nothing you are doing is little. Feeling good talking to whoever you want about easily getting rid of a problem. Feeling good avoiding having to be stupid like it's easy. Feeling good never needing to be a perfect adult to skip something. Fantastic to try something new without any problems or rules holding you back. Feeling that it's fantastic that nobody can stop you from enjoying trying something new. Feeling good that nobody tells you that anything you are doing is wrong because you can skip over it. Feeling good that nothing hates you. Feeling good never caring about being late. Feeling good that nobody is suing you for anything when you are little bit on the edge. Enjoying "skitting" the rules because it isn't dangerous.

Negatively, dreaming about Skittles may reflect situations where you are bored, annoyed, or stagnated against your will that forces you to consider enjoying doing something else despite it or "walk away laughing."

Example: A man dreamed of a colorful Skittle bridge. In waking life he enjoyed himself talking to his lawyer about why getting off criminal charges was easy.


To dream of Smarties candies represents feeling good being clever on your own. Enjoying feeling clever with nobody stopping you because you never do anything excessive. Enjoying feeling nothing being stupid with nobody stopping you. Feeling good being clever at something you like. Feeling good being cleverer than someone else. Enjoying being adorable about getting away with something. Feeling good being innocent while nobody can stop you. Enjoying something randomly in moderation. "Colorful chaos" that allows you to enjoy something. Respecting yourself having a good time without anyone thinking you are stupid. Feeling good being a grown up that doesn't have to talk about it you don't want to.

Negatively, dreaming about Smarties candies may be a sign that you are secretly jealous of not enjoying yourself enough because someone doesn't share with you believing that if you do something in small amounts you can get away with enjoying yourself in a way that normally difficult with nobody to stop you. Enjoying getting away with something because you are experiencing it randomly and in moderation. A childish mentality about enjoying something because you are more concerned with random moderation that does something "at all" that doesn't believe being serious or professional matters. Wasting time enjoying thinking you are clever without anyone to stop you. A tendency to want to get away with enjoying something difficult to enjoy using moderation without thinking of the consequences or a permanent solution. Not considering the possibility that you are going to get caught.

Children may dream of smarties to reflect cleverly enjoying themselves without any adults to stop them. A child's jealousy of not enjoying acting like a grown up without needing to talk about it.

Example: A small child dreamed of jumping onto a cloud in the sky with a castle and seeing smarties candies all over the floor. In waking life the person was approximately 3 years old. In this case the Smarties candies combined with the castle symbolism may have reflected their youthful thinking about seizing an opportunity cleverly enjoy themselves without anyone else around or without any adults to stop them.



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