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To dream of a lifeguard represents behavior that responsibly prevents others from going overboard or becoming overwhelmed by an uncertain situation. Keeping others from hurting themselves. An emotional backup plan or safety net to stop you from "drowning in your problem." Correcting a situation if it doesn't stay safe. A choice or option that allows you to escape emotional hardship. Objectivity that never allows you to completely succumb to a problem or feel that something permanent. Confronting an uncertain or negative situation responsibly. Making sure someone else doesn't do too far or get embarrassed by facing their problems. Awareness of potential dangers. Precautions being taken.

Negatively, dreaming of a lifeguard may also reflect you or someone else that is responsibly allowing others to break the rules without going overboard. Making sure dangerous behavior.

To dream of expecting a lifeguard to save you may reflect your expectations that someone will responsible intervene on your behalf if you get overwhelmed by a problem.

Example: A woman dreamed of an attractive lifeguard that she ended up rejecting. In waking life she had just broken up with her boyfriend, considered getting back with him because she felt so bad about it, but then realized it was for the best to avoid her ex for good. The lifeguard represented her emotional back up plan or way out of her heart ache by knowing she could talk to her ex again if she wanted to.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a lifeguard. In waking life she was pregnant and taking Lamaze classes. The lifeguard may have reflected her feelings about the Lamaze classes giving her the confidence to handle herself when the day she would give birth finally came.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of talking to a lifeguard. In waking life she felt that she had to be careful as she entered a new relationship.

*Please See Swimming

Lion Tamer

To dream of a lion tamer represents behavior that is focused on keeping controlling and aggressive tendencies in check. You may be a experiencing a situation where you are totally preoccupied by keeping a powerful or controlling person well-behaved. It may also reflect your attempt to learn self-control over anger or to be less of a dominating presence with others.

LL Cool J

To dream of LL Cool J represents an aspect of your personality that's more incredible than other people (or gets more attention) for showing off being more arrogant than someone else about being professional about never having to say there is a problem with being tougher than someone else and never embarrasses anyone else unless they embarrassed you first. Feelings about yourself or someone else that's getting attention for showing off being cooler, smooth about handling yourself, and tougher than someone else without starting a problem.


To dream of a locksmith represents an aspect of yourself that is adept at defying rules or boundaries. The ability to get around obstacles or agreements if needed. A locksmith may also reflect you or someone else that can easily talk or convince others into surrendering their emotional barriers. Social skills or resourcefulness to access a goal that others can't.


*Please See Lumberjacks


To dream of a lover represents feelings about an aspect of your personality that is passionately committed to your well-being, desires, or goals. Enjoying believing in yourself without a problem. Feelings of being supported, cherished, and understood. Feeling completely supported while you enjoy or pursue personal passions. Feeling good that nothing is wrong with you while you like to do what you enjoy the most.

Negatively, dreaming about a lover could represent feelings about overdoing being passionately committed to your well-being, desires, or goals. Feelings of dependency, insecurity, or being unable to believe in yourself completely without an aspect of your personality that makes feel complete. Fears of loss, betrayal, or abandonment. Issues with believing in yourself so much with something you are passionate about that you ruin yourself. Desires or temptations that are distracting you from your goals or values. Conflicts between your personal desires and your responsibilities or moral standards.

To dream of a former lover represents feelings about an aspect of your personality that used to be passionately committed to your well-being, desires, or goals but is no longer active or present. An aspect of your personality that is passionate, but may not last forever. Additionally, consider the strongest or most apparent feelings that come to mind when thinking about your ex-lover.

Whereas sex may represent believing in yourself enjoying a personal passion, having a lover in a dream may reflect an ongoing relationship or habit involving your passions.

*Please See Sex

*Please See Ex-Partner


To dream of a lumberjack represents an aspect of yourself that cancels permanent situations all the time. Positively, it represents effortlessness in dealing with big problems or things other people feel are impossible. Surprising strength and fortitude.

Negatively, a lumberjack represents an opponent or problem that fails all your defenses or sense of security effortlessly Alternatively, it may be a sign that you are being arrogant with your superior strength.


To dream of the television character MacGyver may represent feelings of extreme tension about potential losses followed by incredible amazement at how original or creative a solution was. Alternatively, Macgyver may reflect qualities of the personality that are thrifty, witty, or clever in situations that feel emotionally dangerous.

Example: A woman dreamed of being very attracted MacGyver. In waking life, she was experiencing tension about not having proper computer equipment to finish her doctoral dissertation her boyfriend totally shocked her by cleverly getting her a computer.


To dream of a madman represents feelings about behavior that is too dangerously irrational or overemotional to listen to. Behavior that you are concerned believes too much that nothing is wrong with it. Behavior that you feel looks stupid that nothing is wrong at all. Behavior that does nothing except notice something crazy. Behavior that doesn't listen to other people about why it doesn't make sense. Overaggressive ignorance that doesn't listen and scares that you might lose everything to it. Behavior perceived to be a "total whackjob" about scaring you that you need to believe in it. Behavior you feel is too stupid about not listening and possibly dangerous emotionally or to stability if you don't safely avoid it. Feeling that you can't believe anything someone irrational says. A person in your life "crazy" with jealousy.

Behavior that feels insane to listen to it because it's too emotional. Feeling that someone's behavior has "gone bonkers" and isn't listening to changing it. Feeling challenged or conflicted with irrational thinking of others. Feelings about someone is making mistakes they don't carefully think about that you don't want to be associated with. Someone so stupid with jealousy that you can't believe they don't notice their jealous. Feeling that someone is "out of their mind" with something you can't do anything about. Behavior that recklessly not caring what happens at all because it cares that something happens ever. Reckless behavior that never cares what happens at all because it never needs to. Feelings about being unable to stop behavior that you feel is crazy. Issues with yourself having too look crazy to other people. Feelings of surprise about behavior being so abnormal that it never stops doing that. Concerns about being forced to go along with something you can't stop. Feeling uncomfortable that someone likes something too much.

To dream of fighting with a mad man may represent feeling of being challenged or conflicted with irrational thinking.

Example: A woman dreamed of a madman. In waking life she was having trouble believing her boyfriend's story about a past relationship. The madman symbolism is this case may have reflected her feelings about her boyfriend being irrational, over aggressive, or overemotional with her about jealously with needing his story believed. She may have felt that her boyfriend loved her while not stopping lying to her.


To dream of Madonna represents an aspect of your personality that draws attention by being bold and original, without the need to explain yourself to others. You exude confidence and don't feel the need to justify your actions. This can symbolize feelings of never having to prove yourself and being unapologetic about being different and unconventional. Feelings about exotic dancing that don't care about what anyone thinks.

Negatively, Madonna may reflect feelings about behavior that feels excessive about attention-seeking, boldness, and being controversial. Behavior that that is bolder about being controversial than you are used to that's doesn't care about the complaints.

Madonna being famous may also reflect the dreamer's confidence about deserving getting attention or talking about themselves in way that mirrors Madonna's qualities.

Example: A man dreamed of Madonna singing. In waking life he was thinking about his life being different than they he stopped working with a exotic dancer. In this case Madonna may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about the exotic entertainer's confidence and unapologetic attitude never caring about what others thought of her and her sexual attire when performing on stage.


To dream of a magician represents an aspect of yourself that leaves other in amazement or disbelief. Someone that makes you feel that "I can't believe that just happened." A person in your life that amazes you by defying the rules or what you thought was possible. Tricks, insider knowledge, or past experience that is impressive. Something you or someone else does that projects amazement or awe. Exceptional or uncommon ability at persuading or influencing.

Alternatively, a magician may reflect an amazing display of talent or skill.

Negatively, a magician may reflect exploitation of tricks, lies, or previous experience to impress others. Using a skill to create a deceptive impression to others. Being a "poser" who exploits others naivety to feel powerful. Trying to fool someone into believing something that you know isn't true.

Example: A woman dreamed of a old magician performing an amazing trick in her bed to make her climax during sex. In waking life she had postponed childbearing into her mid-thirties while her more experienced husband had already had children from another marriage. The magician in the dream may have reflected her feelings about how incredible her husband is at getting her pregnant when she didn't believe she ever could get pregnant.


To dream of a maid in a dream represents an aspect of yourself that completely caters to others. Putting someone else's needs completely before your own.

Negatively, a maid may reflect feelings of being under appreciated or that someone else has things too easy. You may feel used or that you're always subordinate to someone else.

Alternatively, a maid may reflect a person or situation that caters to you or spoils you.


To dream of a mailman represents you or someone else that is trying to give other people information that they think is important to know. Feeling the need to responsibly relaying information to a number of people.

Negatively, a mailman may reflect an excessive need to give people personally tailored information that they didn't ask for. An excessive belief that you need you give people answers that specific to their problems. Giving people personal help that they didn't ask for.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a mailman. In waking life he believed he was talking to God and needed to give a number of people personal messages about how to improve their lives.


*Please See Men


*Please See Men



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