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To dream of a girl often represents aspects of the self that are passive, receptive, sympathetic, co-operative, nurturing, or that are compliant. Aspects of yourself that are giving.

Negatively, a little girl may reflect an aspect of yourself that is easy to control or push aside. A sign that you are not being assertive enough or feel that someone else is making your decisions for you. Your tendency to easily submit or be compliant. Getting told what to do.

Fear of sensitive issues being easily humiliated or overpowered. Fear of someone stronger than you overpowering you. Something in your life is not powerful enough to defend itself. Fear of not being able to protect yourself or something important to you. Feeling that power is easy to steal from you. Feelings about yourself being a wimp.

Alternatively, girls may reflect feminine qualities of your personality.

*Please See Woman


To dream of a gladiator represents showing off or being watched with superior power failing or embarrassing others. Conquering, defeating, or humiliating others that is intentionally being made a spectacle. A "no mercy" type argument where your or someone else wishes to feel good seeing the competition humiliated. A wish for glory in an conflict that is remembered forever. A wish to make history defeating someone while others watch.

Negatively, a gladiator may reflect you or someone else that can't stop showing off proving how superior their strength is. Terrifying others by starting fights you know you can't lose for the sole purpose of showing off. Too much concern for keeping your pride and achieving total humiliating defeat of opposition in an argument. Wanting to enjoy humiliating failure for your enemy or competition.

Alternatively, a gladiator may reflect a big risk being taken to show others you are fearless and powerful. Taking big risks to prove you're the strongest while others watch.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in a life threatening game with gladiators. In waking life she was in an argument with her fiance's mother in which no mercy was shown. They both tried to humiliate the other in front of the family with harsh criticism and mean honesty.


To dream of God represents an aspect of your personality that's unquestionably or unsympathetically positive. Resisting or failing anything negative no matter the consequences. Dangerous positivity. God might also qualities that are absolutely perfect such integrity, honesty, power, or compassion for others. The good in you that can never fail and embarrasses other people who may acting negative. Something is being set straight and there may no sympathy whatsoever. Feeling on your own with problems with God supporting you. Feeling that God is responsible for changes or progress in your life.

God may also represent you or someone else that has the power to do whatever they want. A situation in your life where you can't be repressed or answer to no one. You or someone else that has the final say and can exact consequences if needed. Power that can never lose.

Alternatively, dreaming about God represents your feelings about controlling your life, your faith, or what God thinks of you. Issues that revolve around good and bad. Questions of faith.

Negatively, God could reflect a crisis or disaster situation that calls for positive change that might scare you. Overcoming difficulties. Having to do something all on your own and hoping that God is there for you. Relying too much in faith then in your own human abilities or relationships to solve problems.

To be God in a dream may represent your feelings of total power or knowing you can do whatever you want. You may have special talents or superiority over others. Total freedom or feeling more powerful than others.

To dream of saying "Oh My God" represents feelings that leave you shocked, scared, or repulsed by something you are witnessing in waking life. Total disbelief that something in waking life is happening or shocked that someone would ever want to do something unusual. Experiencing something you are offended by.

Example: A woman dreamed of being encouraged by God to jump off a cliff. In waking life she was planning to break free from an abusive relationship and move. God reflected her scary choice to embarrass her boyfriend by leaving him for a newer happier life that was uncertain.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of an evil anti-christ person calling himself God. In waking life her boyfriend got a good job and this was going to force both of them to move away and change her life a lot. In this case the evil person calling themself God when they weren't may have reflected her feelings about the boyfriend's good new job forcing a powerful life changing decision to move.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of wearing a ring dedicated to God. In waking life she was a nurse who was falsely accused of abuse by a patient. The ring dedicated to God may have reflected her commitment to God allowing her to endure falsehoods at work until proven innocent. The dream may have been a sign that she was more concerned with faith in God proving her to be an honest person then in being confident about her genuine honesty.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of saying "Oh My God." In waking life she had witnessed someone at work being fired. In this case saying "Oh My God" may have reflected her shock of seeing someone being fired.

Example 5: A man dreamed of saying "God Help Me." In waking life he found out that his wife was pregnant. In this case saying "God Help Me" may have reflected her feelings about being impossibly unprepared for the birth of a child depending on faith to carry him emotionally.

Example 6: A woman dreamed of being on the "Highway Of The Lord." In waking life she was dealing with a lot of problems and eventually starting to experience a lot of fast paced progress. The highway named after The Lord may have reflected her feelings about God being responsible for all the progress in her life.

*Please See Heaven


To dream of a Governor represents aspects of your personality that embody authority, leadership, and power, and that acknowledge the importance of these traits. It represents a recognition of the value of having a voice and taking a leadership role, even if it is not necessarily the top position. This dream may also suggest that you have an inner drive to be heard and respected, and that you are not willing to be dismissed or overlooked. You may feel a sense of importance and responsibility in your waking life. It may also suggest that you have a strong desire to be in a position of power and influence, and you may be seeking opportunities to exercise your leadership skills. It may also symbolize your own ability to govern your life and make decisions, or it may reflect your perception of someone in a position of authority. A desire for control or a need to assert yourself in a particular situation. Never worried about anything telling you that you're not important.

Negatively, dreaming about a governor may represent jealousy that you are not holding a position of power, authority, or leadership that acknowledges these traits yourself yet. Overdoing abusing holding power, authority, or leadership in order to make people acknowledge it.

Alternatively, dreaming about a Governor may represent your relationship with government or authority figures in your waking life.

Example: A man dreamed of playing UNO with the Governor of Texas and Barney Stinson from the TV show "How I Met Your Mother." In his waking life, he was struggling to choose between two career options, one with a church his family owned, and the other with the government. In this case, the Governor of Texas may have reflected the man's desire for authority and power in his career, which he felt he could achieve through the government job rather than the smaller, family-oriented church job. The dream may have symbolized his inner conflict between loyalty to his family and the desire for professional success and growth.


To dream of grandchild may reflect feelings of being happy for someone else that you don't want or need to get too personal with. Wanting the best for someone after finishing your responsibilities.

Negatively, dreaming of a grandchild may reflect feelings of being annoyed at needing to get involved with something that you have already been involved with for too long. Feeling that other people are lazy or selfish to keep demanding things from you after you've already helped them.

To dream of a grandchild represents feelings about having to make decisions for someone that overrules their own. Feelings that someone is so naive that you need to make choices in their best interest despite their own choices. Saving someone from their own stupidity. Making a difficult choice for someone else that is in their best interest.

Dreams of grandchildren are also common to people who are worrying about their grandchildren too much or frustrated by issues dealing with their grandchildren. Sensitivity about not seeing them as much as you would like to. Feeling cut off from them. Feeling annoyed having to do everything for someone you helped.

Example: A woman dreamed of feeling that her grandchildren were in danger. In waking life she was worrying about the safety of her grandchildren too much.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a lion eating her grandchild. In waking life she was scared that her son's ex-girlfriend was going to break up her family and never allow her to see her grandchild again.


To dream of your grandfather may represent your conscience in situations that you have previous experience in. Your ability to make a decision or choose between right and wrong when you already have previous experience.

Alternatively, a grandfather may symbolize wiser choices or experience that overrides your own decisions. Grandfathers may also represents decisions made for you by someone smarter or more experienced than you. A decision to stop what you are currently doing because you feel it's in your best interest. Being objective about your own bad work or poor decisions.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her Grandfather showing her some beautifully crafted bookcases that were empty. In waking life she was beginning to think about making the decision to stop putting off her ambition to write. The Grandfather reflected the overriding decision to change her life towards writing from her current life.

Example 2: A man dreamed of walking with his grandfather and having a conversation. In waking life he was trying to decide what educational path he should take for his future. He was considering what was really best for him and what strengths would be best to develop.

Example 3: A man dreamed of his Grandfather screaming at him to wake up. This caused him to actually wake up from the dream. In waking life he had a serious medical condition that could kill him if he fell asleep for too long. The dream may have actually been a metaphor for experiencing God making the decision to wake him up from sleep to save his life. In this case the Grandfather would metaphorically represent God making the decision to wake him up, overriding his stupid decision to allow himself to fall asleep.

*Please See Grandparents


To dream of your grandmother may represent your intuition or gut instincts in situations that you are already experienced in. Your ability to make a positive decision for the future when you already have previous experience. A situation where experience or already being informed helps you make choices that keep you out of trouble. Feelings that life is unfair because your intuition or luck overpowers your own wishes. Feeling that God or life makes you live in a way you didn't choose.

Alternatively, a grandmother may symbolize intuitive or wiser choices that overrides your decisions. Feeling that life or luck does something for you whether you like it or not. It may also reflect someone more experienced than you having better foresight than you. Possibly a symbol for your marriage, jobs, or family life dictating how your life will be lived. Some area of your life where you are passively decided for. Feelings about family always having to come before your wants. Intuitive choices that is out of necessity or feeling that life only gives you what you need without giving you what you want.

Negatively, a grandmother may also reflect powerful peer pressure that feels impossible to override because you could lose all your friends or an important opportunity. Feeling that you have no choice about where your life is headed as other people seem to be making the big decisions. Guilt or embarrassment for a situation you can't control at all.

Example: A man dreamed of talking to his grandmother about his new child that was almost born. His grandmother looked like she was close to death. In waking life the man was thinking about how his need to have a family was going to kill his sex life. The Grandmother most likely reflected the man's feelings about his wife's pregnancy was permanently overriding his ability to control his sex life.

Example 2: A young girl dreamed of seeing her Grandmother in a shower with her. In waking life she was 17 and taking drugs for the very first time with her friends. The Grandmother in this case may have reflected her feelings about how her social life with her drug taking friends seemed to override her ability to make decisions on drug use for herself because she would lose all her friends if she didn't take drugs by appearing as a sober outsider.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of sleeping in a bed with her Grandmother and listening to her Grandmother tell her how immoral she was for living in sin with her boyfriend when her aunt told her it was okay. In waking life she felt guilty looking for a new job, but felt she had to. The Grandmother in this case may have reflected her feelings that she was intuitively lucky to have been given her current job when it was a necessity, while her aunt reflected her alternative intuition making her feel it was important to look for something better.

*Please See Grandparents


To dream of grandparents often represents aspects of your personality that are wise, experienced, or have learned from past mistakes. An area of your life where you have "been there and done that" or know better.

Negatively, dreaming about grandparents represents feelings about not liking your life completely decided for you. Feeling like God has decided your life in a negative way that you can't escape. Feeling that all your life decisions or hopes are overridden by power you can't escape.

Alternatively, grandparents may symbolize a decision or a higher level of experience that overrides your own decisions.

Example: A young girl dreamed of seeing both her grandparents in a home with Satanism. In waking life she felt that was dealing with sexual abusive family members.

*Please See Grandmother

*Please See Grandfather


To dream of a groom represents an assertive attitude about something in your life having to be permanent. Insensitive about anything wrong happening at before a big moment. You may be carefully considering or making preparations before a big decision. Receptive attitude for security or closure. Readiness for a new beginning.

To dream of being a groom represents your heightened sensitivity or anxiety about a big decision or permanent choice. Not wanting anything to go wrong at all before an important moment. Alternatively, being a groom may reflect your anxiety about real life wedding plans you are making.

To dream of a groom being shot at a wedding represents total failure or embarrassment while you waited hoped something was going to be permanent.

*Please See Wedding

*Please See Bride


To dream of a guard represents you or someone else that is cautious or wary of something. A cautious attitude towards change or interference. An inability to "get through" to someone or an unwillingness to open up to others. An emotional guard or barrier.

Negatively, a guard may also reflect feelings about something in your life "keeping you out" or keeping you away from something. Feeling that something is too exclusive or special for you. Feeling that you need to meet certain conditions before being allowed to do something. It may also reflect a sense of danger you feel stepping over a line in a relationship or situation.

Alternatively, a guard may reflect you or someone else that is "on guard" or very alert about a situation.

*Please See Security Guards

*Please See Prison Guards

*Please See Guard Dogs


To dream of having a guest represents feelings about temporarily needing to respect other feelings. Accommodating others needs. Making a situation as comfortable as possible for others. Treating inexperienced people with respect. Giving others special treatment. Feeling good taking care of someone.

Negatively, a dreaming of having a guest may reflect feelings of not being respected for your generosity or high level of understanding. A willingness to help people with their problems who are taking advantage of your good will. Frustrations with children who don't leave home or support themselves financially. Temporarily situations where you are helping others that are testing your patience. Trying hard to make others feel welcome or supported even though it's annoying you. Problems speaking up about people who are pushing your limits or "wearing out their welcome." Accommodating others too much. Issues with speaking up to someone who you have supported beyond reasonable expectations.

To dream of being a guest represents heightened feelings of needing to appreciate or respect someone else. Making extra efforts not to embarrass yourself. Feeling that you need to listen to what people. Feeling that you are not an important person or leader in a situation. Feeling that you are not on "home turf" in a situation. Feelings about getting special treatment.

Negatively, dreaming of being a guest represents a lack of concern or respect for others people's generosity. Awareness of yourself using someone. Selfish attitude about someone else's accommodating attitude. Expecting special treatment.


To dream of a gunman represents feelings about yourself or someone else with the power to make a very serious change.

Negatively, a gunman may reflect feelings about the potential for serious or dangerous choices to be made with lasting consequences. Drastic choices that will be made with full awareness. Feeling that it's just your job to make a serious powerful decision that will negatively effect someone else. Fear of someone who you think wants to embarrass you at an important moment or who is looking to cause you irrecoverable failure. Someone who intentionally wants to get revenge on you. Feelings about a very jealous enemy who wants to attack you. An over-protective attitude. Risking making a decision that is too serious. Feeling that someone wishes to cause harm to you on purpose. A dangerous choice that is intentional. Serious choices that are cold and insensitive. Feelings about someone on your life being a dangerous person to make jealous. Feelings about a person or problem with the potential to seize control in a dishonest manner.

Positively, a gunman may reflect your readiness to make a serious decision if you have to. Feeling that it's your responsibility to protect something. Feeling that someone is ready to defend you if necessary. Feelings about cold and insensitive choices that you or someone else is willing to make if needed. Feelings about your never having to be told what to do.


To dream of a guru may represent aspects of your personality that has authority of expertise that's easy to use. Behavior that is better than other people with wisest advice that's easy to use. Intelligence that's looked up to for advising others. Being better than other people at thinking that no problem is serious. Inner wisdom and intuition that can guide towards making healthier choices. Breaking away from these negative influences and a desire for personal growth and self-improvement. Expertise others seek guidance or enlightenment from. A need for mentorship or a desire to learn from someone who is more experienced or knowledgeable than you. Excellence that already knows the answer and fixes problems right away when asked. It may reflect your search for answers or direction in your waking life.

Alternatively, it may represent your desire for spiritual growth or a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the world. You may be on a journey of self-discovery and seeking guidance and support to overcome challenges.

Negatively, dreaming about a guru may represent overdone needing to be looked up to for advice. It may also reflect anxiety that drives you to make overly cautious or careful decisions. Too much reliance on an expert. Feelings about an idiot that gives you too much advice. Overdone thinking you're better than other people at thinking that no problem is serious.

Example: A young man dreamed of having to relieve himself in a home of a "speed seduction guru" where he has a long pee in the home. In waking life he was trying to live a porn free life. In this case the "speed seduction guru" may have reflected his intelligence about the effects of porn and how distancing himself from negative influences of pornography helps his personal growth and well-being to overcome his addiction to it. The act of relieving himself in the guru's home may represent a release of negative or unwanted urges and behaviors by choosing to begin a "porn free diet."

Example 2: A young man dreamed of an old asian sword guru that turned into an young attractive asian woman who didn't use condoms for sex. In waking life he recently graduated and was experiencing anxiety related to leaving his part time job in order to get a real fulltime job. In this case the old asian sword guru may have reflected his intelligence about following other people's advice about preparing himself professionally with a solid resume that is strong about avoiding bad influences. The guru changing into a beautiful woman may have reflected his view of intelligent advice to prepare for a job that finally allows him to get a job. However, the woman's lack of condom use during sex may have reflected his concerns about the potential risks and consequences of taking certain career paths. Overall, the dream suggests that he is careful and cautious about his future decisions.


*Please See Men

*Please See Boy


To dream of a gypsy represents an aspect of your personality with a mindset that is free-spirited, unconventional, and priceless in the current moment that isn't concerned with commitments or anything long-term. Behavior that charms people before moving on. Never being concerned about the long-term so you never worry about what you say being too incredible to people.

Negatively, a Gypsy may represent a mindset that overdoes free-spirited, unconventional, or pricess behavior without comittments. You or someone else that repeatedly using charm, flattery, or feelings of being more interesting than other people to use others. People that are more beautiful, cool, or interesting that can easily manipulate people with it by. Feeling entranced by someone incredible that never has to talk to you again. Using sexual interest to use someone for your own gains when you have no serious interest in them at all. Telling others whatever they want to hear because you won't be around later on.

Awareness of a sexually attractive person getting away with using sexual playfulness to use you.

Example: A man dreamed of gypsies around a fire. In real life he was lying to people about moving to another country to make a good impression because he knew he would never see them again. In this case, the gypsies around the fire may have reflected his dishonest attitude about telling incredible stories about himself before never being heard from again.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a gypsy. In waking life, his female housemate flashed her breasts at him one day. In this case, the gypsy may have reflected his awareness of his female housemate using sexual attraction to repeatedly get favors and use him while he aware of it happening. The female housemate may have been "sexually intelligent" and thought that flashing the dreamer only once would allow her to get inside his head as though seeing her naked was a "magic gypsy spell" to control him.



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