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Life Jacket

To dream of a life jacket represents security and reinforcement while confronting uncertainty or negative situations. A backup plan or insurance that you can't fail or be overwhelmed by a negative situation. Knowing that no matter what happens to you you'll make it through a serious problem. Preparing for the worst or feeling that a situation is headed towards a crisis.

Negatively, dreams of a life jacket may reflect putting too much trust is something protecting you or helping you through a difficult situation. Not being critical enough of advice. It may also reflect feelings of being stupid for having trusted something.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a dog wearing a life jacket that was so amazing that she dropped all her belongings in a bog. In waking life she trusted the advice of a doctor that gave her a bad diagnosis which ended up making her medical problem worse. She refused to work with the doctor ever again, but then ended up having to go to the hospital to fix her problem and felt completely controlled by the new doctors.

*Please See Drowning

Life Review

To dream of a life review represents remembrance of everything that has happened to you before you decided to move on. You may have made a big decision or experienced a big change and are looking back over your old life. You may also be looking for mistakes you made before a change happened.

Alternatively, you may be nostalgic about everything that has happened to you before starting a new chapter of your life.

Example: A man dreamed he died of a gunshot to the head and then experiencing a life review. In waking life he finally decided to move away for a new job and was remembering everything that happened to him that lead him to this decision

Life Saver

To dream of using a life saver represents an opportunity or last chance to spare yourself from being overwhelmed by difficult situations or uncertainty. You or someone else may have been saved from a jam or embarrassing loss.

Positively, a life saver may reflect feelings of being lucky to have another chance or an opportunity to walk away from a problem. Taking advantage of an opportunity before it slips away. Feeling that someone was looking out for you.

To dream of an unused life saver may reflect a backup plan or safety measure. Hoping that you won't have to do something unless you absolutely have to.

Past Life

To dream of a past life represents your memory of an earlier time period of your life or remembering who you were before you made a big change.

Example: A woman dreamed of a past life where she went into the forest to die. In waking life she had moved to a heavily forested property in the jungle of Brazil and her life was completely different now without any children.

Tree of Life

To dream of the tree of life represents a situation that is unrelenting and that requires total moral adherence. Difficult life situations that allow you make choices, but always offering the possibility of temptation or failure.

The Tree of Life perfectly symbolizes life in that like the tree, life is always difficult with the option of good or bad.


To dream of a coat represents your protectiveness and defensive persona. How you are shielding yourself from conflict or adversity.

Consider the color and style of jacket for additional symbolism.

*Please See Leather Jacket

*Please See Raincoat

*Please See Winter Coat

Video Games

To dream of a video game represents feelings about a challenging experience you are having to see how far you can get doing something without failing. Testing how far you can do something without taking it serious. Enjoying a challenging experience to test limits or avoid failure. Feuding or competition. A win or lose situation. You also may be experiencing a situation where you need to do everything right in order to achieve a goal. Competition that feels casual. Two opposing forces trying to prove they are better than each other. A competition where you are enjoying trying to overcome a challenge faster than someone else. Attempting to prove yourself to yourself with increasing difficulty or risk. Surprise or disbelief that nobody will stop you from taking a situation as far as you can.

Alternatively, dreaming about a video game may represent a challenging experience in your waking life to achieve the best improved time or highest count in some area of your life. A challenging experience with others to see who can do the most, highest, or longest with a record. A challenge to outdo someone else's reputation or best performance.

Negatively, a video-game may reflect an attitude that is arrogant about challenging itself to see how far you can go with certain behavior without failing. Not acting your age testing something or seeing how far you can take it. A reckless or dangerous attitude about testing something with how far you can take it. Issues with thinking you are better than someone else. A competition between people who want to get back at each other. A deadly or serious challenge to see how far a situation can be taken without failing ignoring the deadly or serious nature. Petty feuding or teenage competition. A cold or casual view of a competition with big stakes. Childish or petty competition. Not taking a serious conflict serious while having a casual attitude about competing. Passive aggressiveness that chooses petty attacks instead of discussing the problem or negotiating. Childishly wanting to get back at someone more than they are getting back at you. Seeing how far you can dishonesty push a situation or get away with something. Wasting time competing with others over petty achievements or goals.

Alternatively, a video game symbolizes an escape from your problems, instead of confronting them. Intentionally wasting time. Competing in your head without competing for real.

To dream of the video game Pac-Man represents a challenging experience to see how far you can take something while trying to achieve every single thing you can while noticing that nobody wants to let you. Surrounded by jealousy that keeps you worrying that you might not get everything you want done.

To dream of the video game Super Mario represents a challenging experience to see how far you can take something by embarrassing other people with being believable trying to get something special back. A challenging situation to see how far you can take it by being more awesome than others by never saying you are. A challenging situation to see how far you can take it by respecting yourself thinking thinking you are important until everyone arrogant gives back specialness. Increasing degrees of difficulity of believing nothing is impossible by never caring about yourself first. Seeing how much
you can get away with by never acting childish or believing you're more attractive than others. A attitude of nothing is fantastic, but you'll keep working on it until specialness is back.

To dream of video game The Legend Of Zelda represents a challenging experience of honor or respect to see how far you can take something by giving personal attention to every puzzle or problem there is until you finally get to confront your real problem to get specialness back. A challenging experience of never believing that anything else is more important right now than doing every single little thing on you own to get something special back.

To dream of the Tetris video game represents a challenging experience to see how far you can make a difficult situation fit. Challenging experience to see how far you can take a situation never having to believe that someone else's problems matter. Possibly a sign that you are putting up with other people's problems too much. Wasting your time or feeling annoyed putting up with someone who isn't listening to why you are fine the way you are. Not respecting yourself continually dealing with someone else's problems like it matters more than you do.

To dream of Grand Theft Auto represents a challenging experience to see how far you can take it by arrogantly never caring that anything you do matters. Criminal-minded vanity that thinks it's better than everyone else and doesn't care what you do to anyone else to win. A challenging experience of responsible recklessness in increasing difficulty where you don't care about anything you do mattering including criminality, discipline, using people, or other people's innocence.

To dream of a Nintendo video game system represents feelings about having challenging experiences that are never too serious to see how far you can take it. Feeling good that nobody can ever stop you from enjoying challenging yourself childishly with how far you can take a situation. Challenging experiences that see how far you can take it based on family life, affordability, or safely being alone not embarrassing anyone else. Never nervous about why you are teaching yourself something different by taking it as far as you can with failing. Feeling good training. Enjoying training challenging yourself and never having to worry about it. Challenging experiences or competition that you can simply stop with consequences because you aren't seriously laughing at anyone else. Being in love with never having to be too serious challenging yourself. Training with challenging experiences that see how far you can take a situation without failing that notice nothing is dangerously permanent.

Negatively, dreaming about Nintendo may be a sign that you believe a challenging experience isn't serious at all while other people are annoyed or angry that you aren't stopping.

To dream of XBOX video game system represents feelings about training or having challenging experiences that feel that you can never deserve to be stopped doing something on your own if you want to.

To dream of a Sony Playstation video game system represents feelings about training or having challenging experiences for professional advancement that doesn't deserve to worry about it.

To dream a Sega video game system represents feelings about about training or having challenging experiences that feels good noticing no cheating is allowed. Isn't perfect, but nobody is going to cheat you. Feeling good with challenging experiences where nobody is teaching you a lesson.

To dream of Sonic The Hedgehog video game represents feelings about a challenge to see how far you can take a situation that has moments of high speed or rushing as a weapon or tool. Feeling good asserting yourself as a weapon to roll through changes. Innocently surprising people with too much too fast as a weapon. Acting your age as a weapon to steamroll changes quickly. A complicated situation or long-term challenge that occasionally notices high pressure or high speed to embarrass other people in your
way. Rushing or forcing other people out of your way by caring about absolutely nothing they are feeling as much as possible to see how far you can take it.

Consider the type of video game or video game system for additional meaning.

Example: A man dreamed of stealing 2 video-games from someone who didn't like him. In waking life he was running a business and confronting a dishonest person who was trying to compete with him illegally. The dishonest person who was trying to compete with the dreamer illegally had a very casual attitude about competing even though there was a lot of money at stake. The dreamer had to strategically take actions to cut off the illegal competitor, but the competitor just kept trying to compete anyway.

Example 2: A man dreamed of playing video games. In waking life he was forced to endure a challenge from a coworker to see how long he could walk back and forth along a path without getting tired. The dreamer kept defeating old times as the challenge lasted for months.

*Please See Computer Games

*Please See Arcade

*Please See Cellphone Games



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