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To dream of a warehouse represents resources, ideas, or goals that are on hold. A warehouse may also reflect your memories.

Alternatively, a warehouse may represent your feeling of having everything you need at your disposal. Your personal storehouse of possibility or potential. Your arsenal or tools to succeed.

To dream of putting something in a warehouse may reflect ideas, plans, or resources you are putting on hold for a later time. It may also reflect your adding of something to your personal or professional tool set.

To dream of an empty warehouse represents depletion of resources, ideas, or tools. You need to replenish your energy or resources. You have nothing left to offer or depend on.

To dream of an abandoned warehouse represents a loss of motivation to be resourceful or educated. You don't care about saving, reading up, or being ready for problems anymore. You've lost interest in something.

To dream of taking something out of a warehouse represents resources or ideas that are being used. You may have decided to restart something. Finally getting to use something you've been saving.

Example: A woman dreamed of putting something in a warehouse. In waking life he was putting off her career until her child was old enough.


*Please See Witch


To dream of warts represents feelings of imperfection, insecurity, or self-consciousness related to a problem in your waking life that feels ugly or unsightly about never going away unless you deal with it the right way. A part of your life that you deem undesirable, or perhaps something that you wish you could eliminate or change. Feelings about something being wrong, out of place, or an issue that stands out negatively. Insecurity about being an uglier or less attractive choice to other people until you deal with a problem that doesn't go away if you don't deal with it the right way.

Negatively, warts in a dream may represent a persistent problem, a source of embarrassment, or a reminder of past mistakes and regrets. A fear of being judged, feelings of inadequacy, or the fear that others will notice your flaws. Perhaps you are overly critical of yourself, or you feel that a particular issue or flaw is tarnishing your image or self-worth. A difficult problem or embarrassing issue that keeps coming back if you don't deal with it the correct way.

Example: A woman dreamed of her whole body being covered in warts while putting on a dress and a boyfriend told her that it was okay. In waking life, she was an immigrant who moved to the USA and was waiting for her visa paperwork to get permission to be employed as a teacher. She could only volunteer or give private lessons until she got the full via clearance. In this case, the warts may have reflected her feelings of being noticeably imperfect, less qualified in her professional life, or an "uglier" candidate for employment than other people due to her unfinished visa status. Her visa status may have made her insecure about potential employers or clients fearing her visa status because hiring her would be a crime.


To dream of a battle represents a conflict or problem in your life that takes all your strength or resources to overcome. Giving a problem all you got.

Fighter Jet

To dream of a fighter jet represents a plan or project for defensive action that is "getting off the ground." An effort or campaign to stop someone that is interfering with your freedom or independence. Feeling a threat to your free thinking. Conflict with plans or ideas. Defending yourself from competing agendas.

Negatively, dreaming of fighter jets may reflect a clash of egos. Conflict over who gets to have more freedom or control over a situation. Attempting to suppress people with alternative agendas.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a fighter jet preparing to bomb someone. In waking life his Internet affiliate advertising account was hacked and he was trying to prove his identity to the advertiser to get his hacked account restored. The fighter jet reflected his efforts to stop the hackers theft by speaking to the company and trying to present evidence of his identity to get this money and business funds back.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing fighter jets fighting and colliding in the air. In waking life she was experiencing a number of people at work fighting for control over the future of an important work project which that failed to secure. The fighter jets colliding reflected her feelings about her co-workers conflict of egos causing them to fail at work.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing a dark grey black fighter jet in the right side of the sky crash and explode followed by an enormous amount of fighter jets and bombs streaking into the sky from the right to the left in response. In waking life he was uncomfortable observing the end of a legal situation with enormous consequences.


To dream of a silverware set represents a sophisticated, intelligent, or mature approach to an experience you are having. Having an adult conversation with someone. A special or rare occasion in a relationship.

Alternatively, silverware may reflect experiences which require a higher than normal show of integrity or respect. Difficult or serious conversations about topics that are rarely discussed.

Positively, silverware may reflect an attempt to instill respect, integrity, or harmony in relationships or family life.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing silverware. In waking life she was trying to have a serious adult conversation with her husband about her suspicions that he was cheating on her.

*Please See Knife

*Please See Forks

*Please See Spoons


To dream about the weather represents your emotional state of mind. It may also represent the conditions of your waking life and how positive or negative a situation feels. An emotional barometer of your feelings about a waking life experience

To dream of good weather represents favorable conditions or circumstances in waking life.

Stormy or windy weather implies conflict, aggression, or severe upsets. Rain and hail represents depression, sadness, or disappointments. Rainbows represent harmonization of some area of your life. Sunshine reflects optimism or mental clarity. Arguments with family or friends.

To dream of very cold weather represents conditions in your life that feel terrible or unbearable. It may also reflect isolation or loneliness. Emotional restraint. Unpleasantness. Feeling that a situation is unfair hostile to your feelings. Feeling "left out on the cold" or that you are getting a "cold shoulder" from someone.

To dream of warm weather may represent receptiveness, easiness, normalcy. Feeling that nothing is wrong or that conditions are safe. Feeling comfortable.

To dream of hot weather represents excessiveness, exhaustion, or feeling that a situation is "too much." It may also reflect how dangerous you feel a situation is all the time.

To dream of reading a weather report represents your preparation to make a decision. Feeling our conditions or seeing if time is right to take a chance.

To dream of being able to change the weather represents your ability to turn certain emotions on and off. You can manipulate conditions or how receptive others are. Making other people feel how you want or treat you how you want.

*Please See Rain

*Please See Sunshine

*Please See Snow

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*Please See Storm


To see a werewolf in your dream, represents an aspect of your personality that gives in to problems when forced to confront them. Werewolves reflect darker aspects of ourselves that appear when problems arise. A part of you that is unable to think positive in the face of a negative situation.

Werewolves can reflect lost tempers, severe anxiety, overreactions, or a negative approach to solving problems and dealing with confrontation. It may also represent people you know that revealed a darker or meaner side of themselves to you.

Example: A young man dreamed of a seeing a werewolf in a hospital. In waking life his girlfriend kept scaring him that she was going to break up. The werewolf in the hospital reflected his fear of losing his girlfriend overrunning his decisions while trying to do everything he could to fix the relationship.


To dream of a witch represents behavior that feels wicked, deceptive, or mean about enjoying and intentionally making efforts to keep you unhappy. Feeling that someone is an expert at keeping you unhappy, failing, or turning people against you. Feeling cursed by bad luck or the victim of manipulation. Feelings about someone else's manipulative interference as being evil. A person in your life that you feel is obsessed with making sure you never like yourself. Feelings about a woman in your life being an "evil bitch." Feelings about a dangerous, selfish, or heartless woman who wants to control you. Frustrations with your Mother or Mother-In-Law. A cranky woman in your life. Children may dream of witches to reflect fear of their mother being angry or punishing them in a manner that makes them feel "cursed."

To dream about being a witch may represent feelings of wielding power and influence in a negative or manipulative way that's mean about enjoying intentionally making efforts to keep others unhappy. Trying to turn others against each other. Working hard to make someone you don't like fail. Awareness of yourself being arrogant, deceptive, or manipulative to sabotage someone. Jealousy interfering with someone else's happiness. Awareness of yourself being a terrible "bitch." A desire for control over others, a willingness to use deception or dark tactics to achieve your goals, or a sense of enjoying the manipulative strategies to "curse" or punish someone with their life not working in some manner.

To dream of a male witch or warlock may represent feelings of someone being more assertive than other people about the misuse of expert skills or knowledge for selfish, manipulative, or nefarious purposes with the intention to you make feel unsafe or keep you unhappy. A sense of someone in your life exerting control, power, or influence in ways that feel uncanny, untrustworthy, or morally compromised. An inner fear or suspicion regarding individuals or situations that seem to hold an unknown or unpredictable sway over your life, decisions, or feelings, especially in ways that unsettle you. A male who assertively manipulates or controls you with nothing to hide with nobody doing anything about it. Feeling you are being followed, manipulated, and sabotaged by a male figure that wants to be respected. Feeling that emptiness, injuries, or violent altercations will not stop being imposed on you. Someone in your life that is an expert at being an "asshole."

A female witch may reflect a passive unseen manipulation and a warlock witch may reflect assertive unhidden manipulation.

Example: A man dreamed of fighting a witch and pushing her off a cliff. In waking life, he had to argue with a dentist who kept refusing to remove a painful tooth that had been bothering him for years. In this case, the witch may have reflected his feelings about the dentist behaving in a manner that felt intentionally harmful, deceptive, or neglectful, almost as if she enjoyed keeping him in pain.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of her mother-in-law dressed like a witch. In waking life, she felt that her mother-in-law was always taking her husband's side and she felt ganged up on. In this case, the mother-in-law dressed like a witch may have reflected her feelings about perceiving her mother-in-law's behavior as wicked or manipulative, using influence over her husband to undermine the dreamer's wishes or decision

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing witches cooking chocolate fondue. In waking life, she discovered that her mother had been secretly lying to her about the purpose of a vacation she was taking. She felt that her mother was being secretive and selfish. In this case, the witches may have reflected the dreamer's perception of her mother's behavior as deceptive and manipulative.

Example 4: A young boy dreamed of seeing a witch. In waking life, he didn't like the way how unfair his mother felt for prohibiting him from enjoying something. In this case, the witch may have reflected his feelings about his mother being overly controlling or punitive in a way that seemed to him unnecessarily cruel or unfair.



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