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Corn Field

To dream of a corn field represents feelings about the unending abundance or plentifulness of a situation. A development phase that seems to have no end and allows you to "throw away" your problems afterwards. Feeling comfortable that making a mistake never matters ever again because there is always something else you can use.

Negatively, dreaming about a cornfield may reflect feelings about being lost or overwhelmed by abundance.

To get lost in a corn field represents being lost in the enormity or plentifulness of a situation. You may have lost your purpose, bearings, or original intentions. You might be overwhelmed by possibilities, opportunities, or options. You may feel that there is too much of a good thing.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in a corn field that was on fire. In waking life her marriage was ending. The corn field may have reflected her feelings about the abundance of love, support, and financial investment planning in the relationship that she felt would never end.

Example 2: A man dreamed seeing his father standing beside a cornfield. In waking life had been expecting a new discovery to lead to profitable business and give him the ability to "throw away" his problems. He didn't know what decisions to make next for this business.

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To dream of an open field represents feelings about a situation with openness, no obstacles, or no limitations to hold you back with opportunities. Feeling that nothing stands in your way with a sense of freedom. Limitlessness to a situation. A situation is an "open field" with options that feels "wilder" than you are used to. A situation or experience where you feel there is no end in site to it's freedom, limitless, or openess. A period of personal growth, self-improvement, advancement because of no limitations or obstacles. You have the potential to advance and make progress without any limitations or obstacles. A time of opportunity and exploration, where you are free to try new things and explore different possibilities. An expansive and positive experience, where you have the freedom and potential to achieve your goals and live your life to the fullest.

Positively, an open field may represent happiness that restrictions let go of you such as parents, school, authority, financial limitations, or restrictions are taken off you. Freedom from social pressure or the freedom to be yourself with natural inclinations. The freedom to be yourself and pursue your natural inclinations. You may feel a sense of happiness, contentment, and peace in a situation that helps you make up your own mind. It may also reflect a period of personal growth.

Negatively, dreaming about an open field may represent feelings of vulnerability or exposure. You may feel that you are too open to criticism, judgement, or potential failure. It could reflect your fears or anxieties about the unknown, especially if you're in a new situation where you're unsure of the rules or expectations. It could symbolize feeling overwhelmed by the vast number of choices or possibilities in front of you, or a sense of uncertainty about what direction to take in life. It could also represent a fear of being left alone or abandoned, with no clear path or structure to guide you. Overconfidence in the openness or stability of a situation believing that freedom or limitless will never end.

To dream of freshly plowed soil in a crop field represents openness of opportunity or productivity. Readiness to "begin again" in some productive or developmental process. Readiness to work productively a situation that indicates no obstacles to your work. Readiness to "plant seeds" of creativity.

To dream of a crop field represents feelings of prosperity, plentifulness, abundance, and fruition of a situation. Productiveness, progressiveness, profitability, or readiness to "harvest" some area of your life. An area of your life where your efforts and hard work are yielding positive results. Feeling ready to "harvest" the rewards of your work, effort, and dedication. A reminder that with patience, care, and sustained effort, your aspirations and dreams can become reality. Alternatively, a crop field may be a reminder of the need for continual effort and attention to keep the areas of your life in which you are reaping success healthy and thriving. Consider the symbolism of the particular crop growing for additional meaning.

To see dead or barren field may represent feelings of disappointment, stagnation, or loss with no clear way forward.. Experiencing setbacks or failures. Pessimism or feeling that you have poor prospects for the future. A sense of hopelessness or despair regarding a particular area of your life, such as work. A feeling that you've your wasted time, efforts, or resources pursuing a certain goal. Goals didn't turn out as expected. A need to reevaluate your plans or expectations for the future, and make adjustments accordingly. Feelings of hopelessness, depletion, or exhaustion. A problem that seems insurmountable or unchangeable.

Example: A woman dreamed of leaving a field of dead carcasses. In waking life, she was experiencing herself needing to walk away from a seemingly endless number of failing opportunities to move on with her life towards a new one. In this case, the field may have reflected her feelings about the vast array of failed opportunities in her life - a situation that once felt limitless and full of potential but had now become a landscape of disappointment and failure.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of an open field next to a forest. In waking life, she was having concerns about being laid off from work and finding a new job. In this case, the open field may have reflected the wide range of potential job opportunities that are available to her, and the forest may symbolize the unknown and uncharted territories of her career path once she ran out of potential employers to call.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of standing in an open field that was cold, but he couldn't feel the cold. In waking life, he was enrolling the Marine Corps. In this case, the open field may symbolize the wide range of possibilities and opportunities that are available to him for enlisting as a Marine, while the coldness of the environment he couldn't feel may represent the harsh and demanding nature of military life he knew he wasn't confronting in person yet.

*Please See Corn Field

*Please See Wheat


To dream of corn represents abundance or plentifulness. So much of something that you don't care about it anymore or don't believe that it will ever end. No concerns with running out of something. Feelings about financial opportunities.

Negatively, corn may reflect wastefulness or wasting resources you don't appreciate. Naively believing that something good will last forever or never get used up. Wasting money that was easily earned or given to you. A lack of concern about wasting money. Excessive freedom that doesn't respect others. Promises of abundance that you can't keep. Lying about abundant opportunities or large sums of money.

To dream of cooking corn represents preparation for a plentiful or abundant situation. Getting ready to experience a situation in your life where you have so much of something that jealousy is impossible. Making a concerted effort to make sure there is too much of something.

Corns dreams are common to people dealing with money issues, thinking about how to get more money, or who experienced receiving a large sum of money.

Example: A man dreamed of an ear of corn that smelled like coconut inside, but then found out that the corn was not edible. In waking life he believed he can run into an opportunity that would allow him to pay for his retirement, but then was disappointed that the opportunity wasn't possible. The corn in this case may have reflected his feelings about the potential financial opportunity being plentiful or financially abundant.

*Please See Corn Field

Corn Pops Cereal

To dream of Corn Pops cereal represents beginning a situation where you are enjoying embracing the unexpected because it showed up. Confidence about liking doing something for the first time that wasn't your first choice, but someone else chose it so you accept it and enjoy it anyway. A welcoming unexpected element in life with open arms and finding that you might even prefer these unexpected elements over what you initially wanted. Surprise that you are enjoying starting something that you don't usually do. Corn Pops in a dream could represent situations in life where you are forced to adapt or accept something that wasn't your original plan. These are situations where, even if things don't go exactly as you'd imagined, you're willing to make the best of what you have. Corn Pops may symbolize the ability to see the positive side of unexpected situations, and to find happiness in them.

Negatively, dreaming about Corn Pops may represent a need for reconciliation or finding common ground in a situation where there was conflict or misunderstanding. It could indicate a desire for resolution and harmony in your relationships or personal life, highlighting the need to stay open-minded and adaptable in dealing with unexpected events or people in your life.

Example: A woman dreamed of grocery shopping with a guy she liked and considering buying a box of Frosted Flakes which had Corn Pops mixed in. In her waking life, she was a single mother contemplating the idea of dating a man who would not only love her but also her children. In this case, the Frosted Flakes may have reflected her desire to start enjoying a new relationship that felt confident and straightforward. The Corn Pops mixed in with the Frosted Flakes may have reflected her feelings about adjusting her children to the new man with his unexpected visits with something to enjoy doing together so that they would grow to accept each other.

Field Trip

To dream of a field trip represents seeing something for yourself. It reflects concerns or interests you have where you are verifying something, requesting information, going out of your way to notice something, or trying something out just to see what happens.

Track And Field

To dream of track and field events represents feelings about waking life situations where attempting to be the best, strongest, or fastest is a priority. Training to be the best, strongest, or fastest. Feelings about needing to be absolutely perfect as possible. You have a competitive nature. Obstacles in life that require perfect performance to succeed. A desire to be a perfect winner in some area of your life. A competitive situation in your life where performance ratings are being observed. A challenging situation that puts skills to the test for "bragging rights."

Negatively, track and fiend events may reflect an overly competitive attitude. Desperation to be better than someone else. Desperation to be the best at something that ever was. Desperation to perform perfectly because you feel that your future or reputation is on the line. Desperation to prove yourself as the best. Risking everything to defeat someone else in an challenge so that they can never earn the right to talk down to you. Concerns or anxiety about being embarrassed in front of people that you aren't the best.



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