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To dream of wiping something dirty so it's clean represents feelings of moving on from something negative, embarrassing, or unprofessional.

To dream of wiping away wetness represents moving on from something uncertain or that isn't perfectly professional after dealing with it.

To dream of wiping an object, creature, or bug out of the way may represent moving on from something you don't want to notice being in your way. Not having any consideration for something that annoys you. Not liking something distracting you with something more important. Something isn't as important to you as it's wants to be. Moving on from a problem or quickly not deal with a problem. Quickly saying something is wrong with a problem like it's not a problem.

To dream of wiping away tears represents feelings of moving on from disappointment, loss, or pain. Feeling good that you don't need to care about something disappointing or painful.

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*Please See Toilet Paper

Wire Transfer

To dream of a wire transfer represents power or resources that must be waited for. You or someone else may have made a promise that has been delayed or requires other things to happen first.


To dream of seeing wires represents feelings about power working properly. Awareness of needing something in order to have a powerful or functioning experience. Feelings about the proper flow of power to experience proper functioning in your life.

To dream of fixing wires may represent feelings about restoring power or function to some area of your life that isn't working.

To dream of a broken wires represents feelings about power not working properly. Feelings about the flow of power having stopped due to a problem you need to fix. Feeling shut off from power due to a problem.

Wisdom Teeth

To dream of a wisdom teeth represents an experience you can be confident about. A situation or experience that gives you confidence that you've "been there" or "done that." Growing up or a milestone you've moved past.

It may also reflect "coming of age" evidence such as sexual development or sexual experience. Something that makes you feel mature or grown up.

To dream of your wisdom teeth falling out represents maturity or a loss of youthful ambition. Feeling like it's time to settle down. Feeling that showing off or talking about adult achievements is no longer interesting. It may also point to a loss of importance you are giving to proving yourself.

To dream of your wisdom teeth being pulled out represents feelings that it's important to hide your success or stop bragging about an adult achievement. Feeling that success has gotten out of hand. Not believing that sex, money, or other adult abilities are as interesting as they used to be. Feeling that family life is more important to you now.

Example: A young girl dreamed of feeling like an outsider because her wisdom teeth hadn't come in yet. In waking life she had just started high school and was surrounded by people she felt were more socially experienced than her.


To dream of a wise person represents an aspect of yourself with learned experience. You or someone else that knows better. It may also reflect knowing that you've been through more hardship than others. It may also reflect a feeling of expertise or knowing all the answers in a particular subject.

To dream that you are wise represents superior knowledge or experience over others. You may have a higher ability to succeed or avoid failure. An area of your life where you know better.


To dream of a wish bone represents a waking life situation where you are testing your luck or testing fate. Competing with others to see who is luckier. A comfortable attitude about taking a chance. No fear or jealousy with the potential to lose with a chance you are taking.

Negatively, a wishbone may reflect a relaxed attitude about taking chances or testing your luck with something dangerous. Taking chances with other people's property. It may also reflect a dishonest perception being projected to others about looking like you don't really fear losing with a chance you are taking.

Example: A man dreamed of wishbone being snapped and getting the smaller side. In waking life he made a friendly bet with the friend that he could have sex with a girl before the friend did. He lost the bet.


To dream of a witch represents behavior that feels wicked, deceptive, or mean about enjoying and intentionally making efforts to keep you unhappy. Feeling that someone is an expert at keeping you unhappy, failing, or turning people against you. Feeling cursed by bad luck or the victim of manipulation. Feelings about someone else's manipulative interference as being evil. A person in your life that you feel is obsessed with making sure you never like yourself. Feelings about a woman in your life being an "evil bitch." Feelings about a dangerous, selfish, or heartless woman who wants to control you. Frustrations with your Mother or Mother-In-Law. A cranky woman in your life. Children may dream of witches to reflect fear of their mother being angry or punishing them in a manner that makes them feel "cursed."

To dream about being a witch may represent feelings of wielding power and influence in a negative or manipulative way that's mean about enjoying intentionally making efforts to keep others unhappy. Trying to turn others against each other. Working hard to make someone you don't like fail. Awareness of yourself being arrogant, deceptive, or manipulative to sabotage someone. Jealousy interfering with someone else's happiness. Awareness of yourself being a terrible "bitch." A desire for control over others, a willingness to use deception or dark tactics to achieve your goals, or a sense of enjoying the manipulative strategies to "curse" or punish someone with their life not working in some manner.

To dream of a male witch or warlock may represent feelings of someone being more assertive than other people about the misuse of expert skills or knowledge for selfish, manipulative, or nefarious purposes with the intention to you make feel unsafe or keep you unhappy. A sense of someone in your life exerting control, power, or influence in ways that feel uncanny, untrustworthy, or morally compromised. An inner fear or suspicion regarding individuals or situations that seem to hold an unknown or unpredictable sway over your life, decisions, or feelings, especially in ways that unsettle you. A male who assertively manipulates or controls you with nothing to hide with nobody doing anything about it. Feeling you are being followed, manipulated, and sabotaged by a male figure that wants to be respected. Feeling that emptiness, injuries, or violent altercations will not stop being imposed on you. Someone in your life that is an expert at being an "asshole."

A female witch may reflect a passive unseen manipulation and a warlock witch may reflect assertive unhidden manipulation.

Example: A man dreamed of fighting a witch and pushing her off a cliff. In waking life, he had to argue with a dentist who kept refusing to remove a painful tooth that had been bothering him for years. In this case, the witch may have reflected his feelings about the dentist behaving in a manner that felt intentionally harmful, deceptive, or neglectful, almost as if she enjoyed keeping him in pain.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of her mother-in-law dressed like a witch. In waking life, she felt that her mother-in-law was always taking her husband's side and she felt ganged up on. In this case, the mother-in-law dressed like a witch may have reflected her feelings about perceiving her mother-in-law's behavior as wicked or manipulative, using influence over her husband to undermine the dreamer's wishes or decision

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing witches cooking chocolate fondue. In waking life, she discovered that her mother had been secretly lying to her about the purpose of a vacation she was taking. She felt that her mother was being secretive and selfish. In this case, the witches may have reflected the dreamer's perception of her mother's behavior as deceptive and manipulative.

Example 4: A young boy dreamed of seeing a witch. In waking life, he didn't like the way how unfair his mother felt for prohibiting him from enjoying something. In this case, the witch may have reflected his feelings about his mother being overly controlling or punitive in a way that seemed to him unnecessarily cruel or unfair.


To dream of witchcraft represents negative or deceptive manipulation. You or someone else that is trying to destroy another's reputation. You may also be experiencing someone who wants to make everyone hate you or work against you. Rumors and lies. You may feel that someone is purposely out to get you or always trying to ruin you. Alternatively, you may feel that your sense of intuition is cursed and that bad luck can't be stopped.

To dream of practicing witchcraft may reflect your own attempt to punish someone by telling lies about them or by turning people against them. Making someone else feel like they can never be positive ever again.


To dream of a witness represents an aspect of yourself that has proof or is verifiable. Feelings about yourself or someone else being fully aware of something that happened. Negatively, dreaming about a witness may reflect feelings about being unable to deny your dishonesty or guilt. Difficulty escaping guilt. Difficulty ignoring or forgetting something negative that happened. Issues with traumatic events.

Alternatively, dreaming of a witness may represents feeling emotionally detached from an experience or situation. It could also reflect feelings about life passing you or being too passive.

To dream of a witness that won't speak about something they observed may reflect feelings about yourself or someone else not wanting to get involved in a problem. Fear of consequences for being honest. Frustration that people will not help you prove or verify something.

To dream of needing a witness to something you are involved in represents feelings of needing to be certain your actions are provable or verifiable. Issues with needing others approval or respect to believe in yourself. Fear about being careless or irresponsible. Fear or issues of not being believed. Issues with your integrity.

To dream of being a witness to murder may represent feelings of being aware of something negative that happened and doing nothing about it. Fear of being powerless or helpless to stop something terrible from happening. Guilt for allowing something bad to happen. Awareness of yourself allowing a major failure of some sort to occur.

To dream of a false or lying witness may reflect feelings about betrayal. Frustrations with needing to prove or verify yourself. Alternatively, it may reflect a fear of the truth.

To dream of a testifying witness may represent feelings of accountability for your actions.


To dream of a wizard represents impressive expertise and mastery of skills. Being able to easily exercise power. Being fully adept with a certain skill or having the ability to easily provide for yourself whenever needed. Intelligence that impressively always has the right answer. Skill that makes the appearance of mastery exceptionally easy. The skilled mastery to easily will your intentions into being.

Negatively, dreaming about a wizard may reflect abuse of expertise. It may also reflect feelings about being outmatched by an expert who is too impressively skilled to defeat. Struggling while success is impressively easy for enemies.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing the words "Ruler for a wizard given to you." In waking life he had just finished a foreign language course. The word wizard reflected his skill at being able to easily decipher any strange words that he saw. He could use his skills to learn on his own.

Wolf Whistle

To dream of hearing a wolf whistle represents feelings of something impressive about you being out in the open or obvious to everyone you know. Feeling that someone is very impressed with you in front of other people. Shock or surprise that you are more impressive than you thought. Feelings about a public display of approval that you are more impressive than other people. A situation in waking life that make you feel good that you are not a loser.

Negatively, hearing a wolf whistle may reflect a naive belief that you deserve to be impressed with yourself. Feeling that it's just obvious that you are better than other people. Feeling that someone is not respecting you while they are impressed by you. Inappropriate compliments. Feeling uncomfortable that someone you aren't attracted to is attracted to you. Feeling good not being a loser while believing that someone else is. Feeling good showing off that you are perfect winner.

To dream of whistling a wolf whistle represents feelings about showing someone you are impressed by them by through inappropriate means or arrogant gestures. Expressing how impressed you are by someone by showing off. A very public manner to show someone you are think they are a winner.

Example: A woman dreamed of hearing a wolf whistle. In waking life she wanted God to take revenge on her husband for cheating on her. She even threatened her husband with God's revenge. Eventually something bad happened to her husband and she believed that because of her very persistent good behavior and praying that God had showed her a sign that he was impressed with her. The wolf whistle in this case may have reflected her naive eagerness to believe that anything bad happening to her cheating husband was a signal of how impressed God was with her. She felt God was publicly showing off proving how better he felt she was compared to her husband when the bad luck struck her husband.


To dream of a wolf represents an aspect of your personality that is "on their own." It may reflect an area of your life where you feel alone or like you have to do something all by yourself.

Negatively, a wolf represents issues that threaten you, make you feel vulnerable, or make you feel dangerously alone. Fearing that a problem will not go away.

A white wolf in a dream usually symbolizes an area of your life where you are a loner or on your own. A situation that nobody else understands or that you have to do all by yourself.

A black wolf in a dream usually symbolizes a threat or sense of vulnerability. You may feel like nobody can help you or unable to get answers you need. Negatively, it may reflect a fear of being taken from or your own wish to take whatever you want from others whenever you want.

To dream of a pack of wolves represents feelings of being isolated, cornered, and vulnerable to being taken from. Having to protect yourself from numerous angles. Alternatively, a pack of wolves may reflect group behavior that is of a organized mob mentality. Positively, a pack of wolves may reflect feelings of brotherhood or sticking up for friends.

People with serious physical injuries or medical issues that won't go away often dream of wolves attacking them.

Example: A once man dreamed that wolves were eating his leg. In real life a medication he required was paralyzing his leg and doctors had no idea how to stop it.

Example 2: A gay man dreamed of a white wolf walking up to him and hugging him. In waking life he was coming to terms with accepting his homosexuality and the feelings of being isolated that it gave him. He was becoming comfortable with being gay "on his own."

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing a black wolf with blue eyes. In waking life she was worried about her daughter's well-being, but felt that her daughter was taking advantage of her.

Example 4: A young man dreamed of being a wolf while walking around the forest. In waking life he had no job while waiting for his new job to start. In this case the wolf may have reflected his feelings about being all on his own without a job never asking for money from anyone.


Women in dreams represent feminine personality traits that are passive, sympathetic, receptive, sensitive, nurturing, intuitive, creative, or giving.

Negatively, women may represent aspects of yourself that get screwed over, used, or lose. Passive behavior or jealousy. Desire for things you don't believe you can have. Feelings about something you like being too good for you. Feeling weaker than others.

Alternatively, woman in dreams may also reflect your perceptions of women in waking life. How respectable or desperate they are.

To see unknown women in a dream represents feminine aspects of yourself not experienced before. Positively, it may reflect feeling supported, being in control of something, or a desirable experience you've never had before. Negatively, it may reflect subornation in a new situation.

To dream of an old women may reflect experience involved with supporting others or being screwed over. It may also reflect intelligent or intuitive feelings that override poorer judgement. Intuitive decisions based on experience.

If you are very attracted to a woman in your dream this may represent a desire to have something occur or to have a pleasurable type of experience. It may also reflect your feelings about how nice something is to feel in your life. Sexual urges.

To dream of having sex with a woman in a dream may reflect feelings about enjoyable waking life situations. Consider the feelings or qualities that stand out most about the woman and see how they may apply to your current life.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing evil women who were sexually attractive in an irresistible way. In waking life he was forced to be abstinent during a spiritual test and found fighting his sexual urges for long periods of time very difficult.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a fat woman. In waking life he was feeling like a loser because he had lost a fight and felt weak afterwards.


To dream of a wombat represents an aspect of your personality that doesn't like to show off. You may be surprised that someone interesting isn't concerned with getting more attention. A resistance to doing anything more than is necessary.

Alternatively, a wombat may reflect you or someone else that is shy. Feelings about someone being a little more boring than you'd like them to be.


To dream of something made of wood represent your belief that a situation is "good enough" or that satisfies current needs. Feelings about some area of your life being sturdy, but not perfectly permanent. A renewable, replaceable, pliable, "carvable" aspect of your life for current needs. Choices that are good enough to keep. Satisfaction with the way something currently is. Noticing you can easily replace something if needed or if it gets too old. Refusing to listen to anyone tell you to accept something as permanent. Ideas that strong enough to help you survive a situation or problem. Acceptability for current needs.

Negatively, something made of wood may represent feeling that something will not last forever. It may also reflect your view of something that is of "makeshift" quality. Feelings about relationships or friendships being strong, but not permanent. Confidently using people for the short-term. Feelings about your level of faith being good enough for moment, as though you could never be perfect.

To dream of cracking wood represents feelings of a situation that was "good enough" showing signs of needing correcting or renewing. A problem or potential problem with a an area of your life that is noticeably not permanently perfect.

Example: A 14 year-old boy dreamed of hitting someone over the head with a piece of wood. In waking life he didn't think he friends were good enough to remain his friends long-term. The piece of wood he was hitting someone over the head with may have reflecting his waking life feelings about getting back at his friends if they were acting in ways that felt good enough to remain his friends.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of a wood Victorian balcony. In waking life he was concerned with having good grades for graduation. The wood Victorian balcony may have represented his feelings about confidently accepting the "good enough", but not permanent status of his good grades at school.

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Wood Pile

*Please See Firewood

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Wooden Shoes

*Please See Clogs


To dream of a woodpecker represents diligence, applying yourself, or trying your hardest. Giving something your best shot.


*Please See Forests


To dream of wool represents you or someone else that feels good noticing that they are a good person. Feeling good noticing nothing immoral. Feelings of warmth and family safety that never wants to believe that anything can be dangerous. Feeling good that someone is taking care of you. Liking everyone else to notice that you care about never doing anything except being safe. Feeling good noticing kindness and innocence. Feelings of an option being "family safer" than every other option. Wonderful family safe appearances that never believes that anything can be wrong. Feelings about loving your mother or grandmother. Family safety that doesn't care about needing money. Too much family safety.

To dream of a skein of wool represents feelings about being wonderful and loving to someone for as long as you possible can. Your patience to be kind, loving, or caring to people.

To dream of black wool may represent feelings about an excessive need for warmth and safety that is perfectly never dangerous. Feelings about you or someone else noticing being a good person that seems excessive or scares you. It may also reflect feelings of fear of having to care about someone else's feeling or go along with a situation that perfect safe and warm for family. Fear of angering a wonderful safe woman. Female fear of being single. Alternatively, black wool may reflect feelings about an exceptional or professional need to project feelings of warm or safety that never believes in danger.

To dream of wool clothing represents the personality projecting feelings of noticing being a good person. The personality that is projecting feelings of warmth and safety that never cares about danger or greed.


To dream of seeing a word in a dream may represents feelings about how specific or obvious a situations feels. A situation where you feel that someone else cares about only one thing. Situations where one issue stands out as most important. Goals or behavior that feel all-important. Feeling that it's impossible to avoid paying attention to something. An issue in your life that is too powerful or serious to ignore.

Negatively, a word in a dream may reflect feelings about obsessions or fears of how serious an issue is. Feeling that someone or something is being ignorantly rigid or uncooperative. Fearing overcoming things that are impossible to overcome. Allowing others to label you or designate you as permanently guilty. Fearing forever. Obsessions with goals that are impossible. Feeling forced to perfectly listen or adhere to someone else's wishes against your own wishes.

Consider the sounds of the word, how complicated or simple it's use normally is, or how common the word is for possible additional meaning.

*Please See Writing

*Please See Names


To dream of the workplace represents feelings about how important it is to be serious or deeply involved in a situation. Feeling deeply involved in family or friend's lives i order to help them because you feel that it's "your job" to do so.

Negatively, it may reflect feelings that nothing is special about yourself while you are helping other people. It could also reflect a dangerous or too serious attitude about recreation. Bad habits such as drinking, drugs, or sex as though it's a full time venture.

Alternatively, dreaming about your workplace may reflect anxiety issues or frustrations with with your current job.

Example: An older woman dreamed of being apprehensive in her former workplace at a law firm. In waking life she was trying to help her grandchild as one of the last important things to do in her life and having trouble letting go.

Example 2: A man dreamed of having a bad day at work. In waking life he was having anxiety at his bank job about the branch he worked at cutting jobs.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being at her workplace. In waking life she was having to spend a lot of time talking to a colleague about their problems. The workplace symbolism may have reflected her feelings about the long effort required to talk to her friend being a necessary responsibility.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of being at her former workplace. In waking life she had chosen to take a job working at home and missed her friends at work.

Example 5: A man dreamed of working in a library. In waking he was autistic and spent a lot of time in the library during the day on a regular basis.


To dream of a workshop represents a sense of creativity, innovation, and resourcefulness to make a situation work. Feelings about being able to do whatever you want if you put your mind to it. You may feel that you have the skills and tools to do something new, whether it be a project, a business, or a new aspect of your life. A need to hone your skills or learn new ones in order to achieve a particular goal or task. Working on building your own future. A desire to learn new skills and improve yourself in order to be more competitive in the job market.

To dream of a learning workshop represents learning and growth, where you can acquire new knowledge and skills to improve yourself and your abilities. Skills, talents, and interests that you are actively developing and refining. Collaboration and teamwork, where you work alongside others towards a common goal or project.

Example: A man dreamed of being in a tool workshop with his grandfather having a long conversation before he realized his grandfather was a ghost. In waking life he was unemployed, looking for a job, and worried about money. In this case the workshop may have reflected his desire to work on building his own future and taking control of his life, despite feeling uncertain and vulnerable about his financial situation.


*Please See Planets

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*Please See End Of The World


To dream of a worm represents feelings of annoyance about dishonest behavior that gets away with it and wants you to feel good about it. Insidiousness or dishonesty that wants you to accept it. Lowlife behavior that "wiggles away" when discovered. Lowlife behavior that annoys you that it technically gets away with dishonesty while enjoying itself. A worm may reflect a person who is untrustworthy or slick. You may have a very low opinion of yourself or of someone in your life. A con artist that takes advantage of good people. Overtly using people and wanting them to feel good about it. Feelings about a spouse, partner, or friend who've you've helped resorting to pathetically lowlife behavior that would take advantage your good nature. Enjoying revenge or taking things away away from people with "bottom of the barrel" lowlife tactics. Feeling about someone else enjoying insidious dishonesty that takes advantage of a technicality.

Alternatively, dreaming about a worm may represents weakness, degradation, filth and general negativity. Feelings about something that is spoiled or ruined.

Example: A woman dreamed of shellfish with a worm in it. In waking life she discovered that shehad caught hepatitis from eating contaminated shellfish.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of incandescent "wiggly worms" crawling on her eyelids. In waking life she developed retinitis (inflammed retina) a few days later.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing a worm in her nose, pulling it out, and then having a small piece left over that she couldnd't get out. In waking life she felt her abusive husband was using her. The worm in this case may have reflected her feelings about her husband behavior overtly using her and while wanting her to feel good about it.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of being offered a drink that ended up having worms in it. In waking life her husband left her. She considered divorce, but feared it would allow her husband to get away with taking things from her. The worms may have reflected her feelings about her husband's potential to be a scumbag that would take advantage of laws or technicalities to get away with revenge in a divorce.

*Please See Earthworms


*Please See Anxiety


To dream of worship represents feelings about unquestioned respect for an icon, hero, beautiful person, or supreme person. Unquestioned respect for religion or an idol. Feeling scared or stupid if you don't respect the power of a person, idol, or God. A belief that someone is always better than you no matter what. A wish to feel worthy in the presence of someone or something bigger than you are.

Negatively, worship in a dream may reflect giving personal power away to someone or something because you fear its supremacy. Feeling that you are not worthy. Excessive honor or respect being given without question. Feeling that someone looks stupid honoring, respecting, or serving another. A naive belief that someone is always better than you no matter what. Excessive respect for religion or witchcraft.


To dream of a wound represents harm that you feel has been done through conflict or crisis. Emotional wounds. Lasting effects or consequences you're feeling from a bad situation or relationship. It may also reflect emotional harm through anger or fighting. Guilt, grief, regret, or anger. You may need to take time to heal.

Consider the location, size and type of wound for additional meaning.

Dreams of wounding are quite common prior to the onset of illnesses or troubling physical conditions. Research has shown that dreams of wounds are often a strong predictor of an impending illness. For example, people who dream of chest wounds often have heart attacks. If the relationships in your life are relatively stable and peaceful when a dream of being wounded occurs it may be a good idea to consider getting a medical checkup for internal problems in the area of the dream wound.

Example: A man dreamed of an old wound being opened up. In waking life he got into a huge fight with his girlfriend over an old problem and broke up with her.

Example 2: A man dreamed of fighting a war and getting wounded in his stomach. In waking life he was't feeling good and when he went to the doctor he discovered he had appendicitis.

Example 3: A man dreamed of being wounded in the forehead. In waking life he got into a huge fight at work that left him feeling that he could never trust someone again.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of being attacked and wounded by a shark. In waking life she felt abandoned by her boyfriend during a crises and was left with lingering resentment and distrust.


To dream of wrapping a gift represents the need to make others feel special. Feelings about carefully preparing to surprise someone with a gift, kind gesture, or good news that they haven't heard yet. You may be planning a surprise party or thinking about how to present an idea at work. Your desire to surprise others, to offer something special, or to create joy or excitement.

To dream of unwrapping something represents feelings about revealing a surprise or finding out what someone else has prepared for you. Feelings about a situation in your life being revealed. Anticipation, curiosity, surprise, or anxiety about what is being revealed.

To dream of wrapping up something for safety represents protection, care, or the necessity for concealment. A sense of completion or finality, as when we wrap up a project or task.

Negatively, dreaming about wrapping up something may represent manipulation or deceit. You may be trying to present a situation as better or less serious than it actually is, or you may be trying to hide something from others. This type of dream may also suggest feelings of fear or anxiety about how something will be received or perceived by others.

To dream plastic wrapping represents feelings about preserving or protecting a situation exactly as it is, or maintaining the status quo. Keeping something pristine, unspoiled, or preventing change. Feelings about nothing fake happening is the only thing anyone is allowed to witness.

Negatively, plastic wrapping in a dream may represents feelings about nothing fake being allowed causing suffocation, being smothered, or feeling like you're stuck in a situation you can't get out of. It could also indicate feelings of being controlled, manipulated, or not allowed to evolve or grow because witnessing nothing fake is more important.

To dream bandages being wrapped around a wound represents feelings about healing, protection, or recovery from a troubling or difficult situation. It may indicate the need for self-care and nurturing in the wake of a setback or traumatic experience.

Negatively, seeing bandages being wrapped in a dream might symbolize feelings of vulnerability, pain, or hurt that you are trying to cover up or avoid dealing with. It might also suggest fear of worsening an already delicate situation.

To dream of a snake wrapping itself around something represents feelings of corruption, deceit, or negative influences taking control or asserting dominance in your waking life. This may suggest that a harmful or negative situation is beginning to engulf or control an aspect of your life. The dream may be a warning about a situation or relationship that is becoming increasingly harmful or toxic.

To dream of being wrapped up like an Egyptian mummy represents feelings about yourself being preserved or "put on hold" in a current state. Feelings about a situation in your waking life where you feel trapped, constrained, or that your options are limited.

Example: A woman dreamed of being wrapped up for mummification. In waking life, she was looking for a new contract at work and felt that she was not going to get a new contract anytime soon. In this case, the mummification wrapping may have reflected her feelings about her career being 'put on hold' or 'preserved' in its current state. She may have felt that she was being bound by her circumstances, unable to progress or move forward until further notice. It could also represent her feeling of being restricted or confined in her professional development.

To dream of wrapping yourself up in a blanket represents feelings of self-protection, comfort, or insulation from the outside world. A desire for warmth, safety, or reassurance. A wish to shield yourself from stressful or unpleasant situations, or a need for privacy and solitude. It could also symbolize self-care, self-soothing, or a need for emotional nurturing.

Example: A woman dreamed of being wrapped up for mummification. In waking life, she was looking for a new contract at work and felt that she was not going to get a new contract anytime soon. In this case, the mummification wrapping may have reflected her feelings about her career being 'put on hold' or 'preserved' in its current state. She may have felt that she was being bound by her circumstances, unable to progress or move forward until further notice. It could also represent her feeling of being restricted or confined in her professional development.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of going shopping and seeing her mother-in-law wrapping a gift. she asked her mother-in-law what she was doing, but received only a vague answer. In waking life, she was looking forward to a granddaughter's wedding. In this case, the wrapping of the gift may have reflected her feelings of curiosity, anticipation, and perhaps even a bit of apprehension about a potential surprise of someone else's gift to her granddaughter being better than hers.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing a snake wrapping itself around a wood board. In waking life, she was having money concerns related to whether 2 mean could be trusted or not. In this case, the snake wrapping itself around the wood board may have reflected her feelings of fear that the two men were gradually taking control or influence over her financial situation. The snake wrapping around the board may symbolize her perception of these men as corrupt or untrustworthy, gradually encroaching on her financial stability and independence.


To dream of a wreath represents feelings about situations where you feel it is important to honor or respect the moment. Respecting the continuity of a situation or person's memory. Wanting to completely respect or honor someone as best as you can. An attitude about continuous celebrating or enjoying an ongoing festive situation.

Negatively, a wreath may be a sign that you are too concerned with keeping a rare sensitive situation going or continuing discussing a dead loved one when other people are becoming tired of it. Feeling nervous that anything is wrong at all with something you think is important to respect. Perfect respect or honor that is overboard.

To dream of a wreath of flowers worn on the head may reflect feelings about someone having been perfect and that they were always perfect. Total honor and respect. Negatively, it may be a sign that you are too afraid to forgive yourself or let go of someone.

To dream of an artificial wreath may reflect feelings about faking honor, celebrating, or a festive attitude. A "just for show" attitude about respecting or enjoying a festive moment.

Example: A man dreamed of see his recently murdered friend wearing a wreath of flowers. In waking life he felt it was important to keep honoring his dead friend's life.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing her deceased friend with a wreath in her hair. In waking life her friend had been murdered years earlier and she was finally coming to terms with the death. The wreath in the hair may have reflected her feelings of needing to respect and honor her friends memory as she experienced delayed mourning and had conversations with her priest about her friend.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing an artificial wreath. In waking life she was faking getting pregnant with her husband while taking emergency contraceptives after sex. The artificial wreath is this case may have reflected her faked festive feelings about enjoying having unprotected sex with her husband on an ongoing basis while taking to people about trying to have a family.


*Please See Accident

Wrecking Ball

To dream of a wrecking ball represents feelings of intentional destruction or breakage in some area of your life. Severely damaging actions to others that was planned. Intending to take someone down hard. Feelings about a dangerous or devastating change. Intentionally "knocking down" someone too arrogant to put up with anymore. Planning to intentionally hurt someone with your worst shot. Destroying your enemies "like a wrecking ball" with a swift coordinated action. Situations where you care about doing as much damage as you can.

Alternatively, dreaming about a wrecking ball may reflect feelings of shock or surprise about how destructive an action taken was. A fear of a big problem coming back in full force. Not enjoying yourself having to hurt someone or completely ruin someone with a single powerful embarrassing act.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a wrecking ball coming towards him. In waking life he was experiencing an unexpected and powerful worsening on his health problems. His mood and confidence were "hit like a wrecking ball."


To dream of a wrench represents your ability to make adjustments, fix problems, or find solutions in your waking life. Your capability to handle challenges, especially those related to tasks, relationships, or situations that require some form of modification or change. Resourcefulness and adaptability when facing obstacles or issues. Your ability or desire to take control, make necessary changes, or maintain the functioning of something in your life that is instrumental. The necessity of adjustments, control, or exertion of effort to influence a situation. The importance of intervention, repairing, or fine-tuning aspects of your personal or professional life. Fixing a situation by adjusting demands or requirements. Your wish to appropriately apply or relieve pressure on a situation or relationship.

Positively, dreaming about a wrench may indicate that you have the skills and knowledge needed to address the problems or challenges currently in your path. You are confident in your ability to handle various situations and make necessary adjustments to achieve your goals. Your willingness to take action and actively work on resolving issues. You feel capable of making adjustments or improvements where they are needed, ensuring the smooth operation of your endeavors or relationships. It could also represent problem-solving, taking the initiative to fix issues, or the ability to 'tighten up' certain areas of your life for better efficiency or security.

Negatively, a dream featuring a wrench might suggest that you are feeling pressured to fix something in your life that you consider broken or problematic. A sense of frustration or difficulty in making adjustments or the necessary changes. A situation where you are struggling to adjust or adapt, possibly due to a lack of the right tools or resources. Forced interventions, meddling, or the feeling that you have to struggle or apply excessive effort to make things work. There could be a sense of desperation, using any tool or means necessary to adjust to a difficult situation, or the fear of not having the right resources or skills needed to manage or repair a problem.

Tightening with a wrench may reflect stricter rules or increased pressure. Loosening with a wrench represents a reduction in restrictions or demands.

Example: A middle-aged woman dreamed of needing a wrench to repair a bicycle. In waking life, she was experiencing family issues. In this case, the wrench may have reflected her perceived need to find practical solutions or make necessary adjustments within her family dynamics.

*Please See Tools


To dream of wrinkled skin represents feelings about being aware of yourself or others having a higher degree of experience. Feelings about yourself or someone else being noticeably wiser. Awareness of yourself or others lacking interest in beautiful or fun experiences. Pleasant feelings being more intelligent than other people. Objectivity free from desire. Wisdom derived from former experiences of tough love, failure, or, hardship. Feelings about yourself or others being too old, experienced, or serious to be involved in childish behavior.

Negatively, wrinkled skin can reflect feelings of bitterness at others having more fun or attractive than you are. Annoyance with how experienced you've become with someone else's disrespectful behavior towards you. Awareness of yourself becoming more aware of someone else's selfishness being obvious and boring to put up with anymore. Feelings about the immorality of a very experienced person or parents that rob their children of happiness. Selfishness derived from former experiences of tough love, failure, or, hardship. Feelings about yourself becoming too old, boring, or less attractive. "Losing your luster" in some manner.

To see your own skin become slowly more wrinkled may reflect your feelings about yourself become more experienced, serious, wiser, or less childish. Watching yourself become bored with others stupidity. Awareness of yourself becoming less interesting to other people.

To dream of a wrinkled forehead represents feelings about superior judgement based on experience. Awareness of yourself or others who are very good listeners.

To dream of a wrinkled hand represents feelings about yourself or someone else being noticeably more experienced than others in their capabilities. Bitterness about never having been able to do things in your past. Awareness of yourself or others that are experienced enough to avoid making mistakes. Negatively, a wrinkled hand may reflect jealousy of older age or lost former glory having robbed you of enjoyment which pushes you to prevent others from doing things they like. An experienced mindset that is intentional about exploiting capabilities that are dishonest to others. Feeling that someone is too old to be be behaving in the manner that they are. Frustrations with overbearing parents.

To dream of wrinkled clothing represents feelings about your personality being perceived by others as lazy, unprofessional, or slobbish. Feeling that you look stupid not being prepared enough. Feeling stupid for not having behaved as perfectly as you could have. Feeling that people may judge your personality as lazy, careless, or irresponsible.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a beautiful girl giving him oral sex and then watching the girl's face slowly become old and wrinkled. In waking life he became very rich and started dating the most beautiful girl he knew from his teenage years. Slowly the beautiful girl became more selfish about using him for his money until he grew bored and annoyed with her. The wrinkles in the dream may have reflected the man's feelings about growing more experienced and bored with witnessing his girlfriend become selfish about using him for his money.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing her boyfriend much older than in real life with wrinkles on his face. In waking life she was starting to feel wiser about what kind of friends she didn't need in her life anymore. The wrinkles may have reflected her feelings about herself being more experienced than she used to be when it came to knowing what a good friend was and what a bad friend was.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing her mother's wrinkled hand snatching a rat from a window ledge. In waking life she felt that her mother was acting too selfish and materialistic for her age. Her mother was quite wealthy and didn't want to give her money and property that was promised. The mother instead choose to act like a ridiculously jealous old person who would prefer to use her wealth to control the dreamer. The dreamer tried to orchestrate a believable lie to force the mother to pay the dreamer the promised money and instead the mother choose to be petty and address the fabricated story to avoid paying the money. The wrinkled hand in the dream may have reflected the dreamer's feelings and frustrations with the mother being too old to behave in the manner that she was.


To dream of writing may reflect feelings about what you or someone else is honestly thinking being noticed in waking life through actions. Noticing total honesty about someone's true thoughts by their actions. A final expression of what one is thinking through their actions. Realizing the truth.

Negatively, dreaming of seeing writing may reflect unpleasant feelings about seeing people you know express their true selfish thinking through their actions. Realizing that people aren't really your friends or have no respect for you. Jealousy that people are not who you originally thought they were. Sensitivity about people not doing what they said they were going to do. Feeling that broken promises or the end of a relationship is imminent.

To dream of writing on a bedroom wall may represent private feelings about true intentions that have been revealed by actions taken by yourself or others. Secretly feeling embarrassed or afraid to confront someone else's dishonest actions. Secret feelings about people proving they are not really your friend because their actions do not match their words.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing writing on notes stuck to a wall. In waking life he was slowly beginning to realize that a new friend he had didn't really respect him at all when the friend began to say and do things that were completely obvious in revealing his bad intentions.


To dream of doing something the wrong way represents feelings of being unable to properly address a problem. A lack of confidence about something you are doing in waking life. Waking life situations where you feel stupid or incompetent. Issues with asking for help. Heightened sensitivity about noticing that you are not winning or that something is not as easy as you thought it would be. Underestimating the need for practice. Feelings about a mistake or oversight.

Alternatively, doing something wrong in a dream may reflect feelings about being unable to please or impress people. Experiencing unusual waking life situations where people don't like you.

To dream of being wrong in an argument represents feelings of embarrassment or surprise that your weren't listening enough. Embarrassment that you need more practice in some area of your life. A stubborn or closed minded attitude that may be getting in the way of problem solving.

To dream of admitting that you are wrong represents feelings about being open to others ideas. Making an effort to listen to other people.

To dream of constantly doing things wrong represents feelings of frustration with having to be perfect all the time. You may feel that a subject is too sensitive to bring up with people or that other person's needs are too sensitive. Feeling that it's impossible to please people or too difficult to keep up appearances anymore.

Example: A women had recurring dreams of always doing one small thing wrong such as forgetting to push a button, put on her seat beat, or not cross over a line. In waking life she was suffering inside a sexless marriage with a husband who had "Madonna-whore" complex. She couldn't stand avoiding talking about sex with her husband anymore.

Example 2: A man had a recurring dream of always wearing the wrong costume in the wrong act at the Opera theater where he worked. In waking life he had these dreams at moments where he was least confident about his roles in the Opera.

Example 3: A man dreamed that he purposely told a forbidden joke wrong so it didn't make sense anymore just to be safe. In waking life he was living in Nazi Germany while they had tight restrictions on freedom and the population feared being reported to the government. The dream may have reflected his heightened sensitivity about exposing his true beliefs being taken out of context.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of ending up in the wrong house. In waking life she was frustrated with 2 people she considered her friends and had made allegations against them after they acted unusal.

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