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Fedora Hat

To dream of a fedora hat represents your mood and attitude that feels good not being embarrassed being more interesting or original than other people. A mood that is originally never jealous. A mood that feels good noticing it can get around anything it wants.

Negatively, a fedora hat represents a mood or attitude that is underhanded, accepting of negativity, or enjoying bad habits. You are aware that you are doing something wrong and don't care about it. Enjoying feeling good being a professional criminal. Immature or iressponsible behavior that feels good showing off believing it's a professional criminal. Enjoying talking to other people as though you are too interesting or original to be caught. Delusions about being the most original professional criminal that ever lived. A mood that is so irresponsible it plays with something illegal when it doesn't need to. An attitude about being a dangerous professional. An attitude that dangerously thinks it can "take you out" if it wants to. A criminal attitude that shows off never being caught.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her husband wearing a straw fedora hat. In waking life she was having some trust issues with her husband and noticed an issue with that trust came up around the time of the dream.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of approaching her daughter about an issue, but then a man in a fedora hat starting talking to her. In waking life she was literally trying to approach her daughter about financial issues, but kept confronting her daughter avoiding needing to be partly responsible for finances.



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