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To dream of a blanket represents feelings of comfort, security, warmth, and emotional protection. It can represent an attempt to protect oneself from feelings of vulnerability or insecurity, and a need to feel safe and cared for. Not letting something bother you because you can feel good a different way. Habits that allow you to feel better about yourself or more comfortable with a difficult situation. Feeling cosy. Warmth of feeling yourself being cared about. It may also reflect sympathy you or someone else is getting.

Negatively, a blanket may reflect a reluctance to confront or deal with difficult emotions or situations, and a preference for remaining in a state of emotional comfort and safety. Your wish to cover some situation or circumstance in your waking life to feel better about yourself. Feeling sorry for yourself. Personal hurt that needs to be addressed with sympathy. You may be seeking some form of shelter from the outside world or a relationship. Feeling the need for comfort after a breakup.

To dream of a wet blanket represents a situation or person that takes away feelings of comfort, security, and emotional protection with negative emotions. This could be a person who consistently dampens one's mood or enthusiasm, leaving them feeling uncertain, embarrassed, or insecure. The wet blanket could represent negativity or pessimism that prevents one from feeling cozy and warm, or habits that do not allow them to feel better about themselves or comfortable with a difficult situation. A wet blanket may also reflect a lack of sympathy or emotional support that makes feeling comfortable useless.

To dream of a dirty blanket represents a need to cleanse or purify oneself, one's environment, or a particular situation to regain a sense of comfort and emotional safety. A situation or relationship that feels contaminated or polluted, and therefore cannot provide the desired comfort and security.

Example: A young man dreamed of wrapping a blanket around a lizard. In waking life he feared losing his friend and was telling himself that everything would be OK and that it wasn't that serious. In this case the blanket may have reflected the dreamer's attempt to comfort or protect himself from the fear of losing his friend, as he may have been struggling with feelings of insecurity and vulnerability in their relationship.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a dog being covered up with a blanket. In waking life he was forced to comply with a restraining order to not speak to someone. The blanket in this case may have reflected his feelings about the person who sent him the restraining order feeling comfortable or protected by the restraining order, possibly a sign that the dreamer didn't respect the restraining order.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of wrapping herself in a blanket. In waking life she had lost her marriage and was feeling sorry for herself. In this case the blanket may have reflected her desire for comfort and security that she gave to herself during a time of emotional vulnerability and turmoil. The act of wrapping herself in a blanket symbolizes her need for warmth, protection, and emotional support that she feels she has lost due to the end of her marriage.


To dream of a quilt represents feelings of quality personal caring. Comfort, warmth, and security providing a sense of protection. Feelings about strong relationships or feelings of strong support from others. Extra special treatment or support. Feelings about parents caring about you a lot or spending a lot of quality time trying to help you. Feelings of comfort of friends and family together making you feel supported with quality.

Negatively, a quilt may reflect your awareness of yourself abusing the trust of a large support system of friends and family. Feeling annoyed that friends and family won't stop offering support that you feel you don't need. Dishonest quality care for someone who isn't your romantic partner. Feeling that someone is spending too much quality time caring about your problems. Awareness of yourself caring too much about others problems. Too much quality personal caring for someone with multiple forms of support at once. Overdoing not wanting to say anything bad about quality personal support.

Alternatively, dreaming about quilts may reflect piecing together different elements of one's life create a sense of coherence and stability. Lots of people working together to make a situation comfortable. Nothing snobby. Caring support of a group people. Everything working together to make something comfortable. Lots of friends or family helping you. Feeling safe because you are always sticking close to friends or family. Feeling good being married with lots of family all the time. Preferring family and friends over being romantically intimate. Pleasant comforting support of family life.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a quilt she was trying to hide. In waking life she was very guilty about having gotten too close to a male friend at work without her husband knowing about it. In this case the quilt may have reflected her guilty feelings about inappropriate relationship because she felt she overdid quality caring for the man with multiple supportive favors.

Example 2: A man dreamed of getting underneath a quilt on a bed. In waking life he was in love with a dear friend whom didn't have the same feelings. In this case the quilt symbolism may have reflected his feelings about privately preferring to feel loved with quality care from his friend even though they didn't feel the same way about him.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of trying to hide a quilt. In waking life she was having problems with family whom she thought were selfish. In this case the quilt may have reflected her feelings about family closeness, protection, and her ability to provide quality personal care to others that she didn't want to family members she couldn't trust.



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