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Paddle Boats

To dream of a paddle boat represents confrontation with an uncertain or negative situation that you perceive as being wonderful. You don't feel a sense of danger or urgency. You may even see potential benefits to taking your time dealing with a problem.

Pregnant women often dream of being in a paddle boat. This may reflect their enjoyment of confronting the challenges of pregnancy.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in a paddleboat and racing the boat far out into a lake ahead of her husband and then finding herself with with aching legs and a headache. In waking life she was pregnant and finding that all the extra housework she was giving herself was giving her non-stop headaches. The paddleboat may have reflected her relaxed feelings towards handling her pregnancy.


To dream of a boat represents your ability to cope with negative emotions or deal with negative situations. How you are navigating negativity in your life. Your method of confronting problems or getting through difficult problems safely. Safely avoiding troubling situation.

Negatively, boats in dreams reflect feelings of risk associated with a higher degree of uncertainty or instability in your life. Feeling the potential to be overwhelmed by a problem. Feeling heavily involved with a problem that you can't easily walk away from.

Consider the condition of the waters and how it may mirror your waking life. Is it calm or violent? Clear or murky? Are you experiencing "smooth sailing" in a waking life situation?

Alternatively, a boat may reflect your readiness to confront problems or deal with negative aspects of yourself.

A sinking boat may reflect problems in waking life that have overwhelmed you or negative emotions that are too much to handle.

To dream of having missed a boat that was supposed to pick you up represents feelings about having lost an opportunity to safely get through an uncertain or negative situation. Feelings of having missed out on a favor or a chance to be supported with your problems. Missing a chance or missing an important opportunity. Feelings of frustration that you have to face a challenging situation the hard way.

Example: A woman dreamed of getting on a boat to avoid a shark. In waking life she was had changed her regular habits to avoid a man whom she felt was too sexually aggressive hoping that he would eventually just give up and go away.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of his boat tipping over. In waking life he was trying hard to save his relationship with his girlfriend after they had a big fight, but then the girlfriend broke up with him.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing his father in a boat with his leg over the side and saw an alligator come bite his father's leg. In waking life he was experiencing his father attempting to survive an illegal situation. The boat in this case may have reflected his feelings about his father using illegal behavior to endure or "sail through" an illegal situation.

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To dream of a shipwreck represents being or feeling curtailed. Problems arising or unforeseen distractions that take you off course while trying to confront a problem. Feeling stuck in a situation you don't want to be in. Feeling like a failure that can't do anything about it. Feeling stranded in life with no hope to begin confronting problems.

Alternatively, being shipwrecked in a dream may reflect feelings of having lost a sense of power or importance you felt with a serious problem you liked confronting. People with serious jobs they like who suddenly get taken off those jobs may experience a dream of being shipwrecked.


To dream of the Titanic represents feelings of an invincible attitude, confidence, or achievement that is suddenly confronted with a catastrophic failure or crisis. Enthusiastic experience spiraling out of control and leading to a dramatic disappointment. It may also represent feelings about the potential for a massive disaster or crisis in your waking life that was thought to be impossible or unlikely. A fear of an unexpected, devastating failure. It may symbolize a situation or relationship in your life that was believed to be robust and stable, but is now facing a significant challenge or transformation. A situation that feels like a "sinking ship." Feelings of being let down after having high hopes and expectations. A enthusiastic experience may have gotten out of control or resulted in a dramatic disappointment. Feeling certain that something will bring everyone or everything down with it. A slow realization that something bad is happening. Your hopes are sinking.

Alternatively, the titanic may represent your fear of failure or tragedy during an important moment. Fearing failure in a new relationship, marriage, or career. Feeling that your high hopes will be doomed. Feeling a threat to the happiness you feel entitled to. A sign that you need to be more vocal about your concerns.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of the Titanic sinking. In waking life, she got kicked out of her home and was betrayed by a lot of her friends for a dishonest plan she'd told everyone about. In this case, the Titanic may have reflected her feelings about her dishonest plan being 'unsinkable' due to the strong relationships and support system she thought she had. As her dishonest plan came to light and she lost her friends and home, the sinking of the Titanic in her dream may have symbolized the catastrophic collapse of the plan she believed was stable and invincible.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being on the titanic as it was sinking. In waking life, he was experiencing high hopes to recover from a health problem before experiencing a dramatic worsening.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being on the Titanic. In waking life she was experiencing a heightened degree of anxiety about her new relationship failing. In this case, the Titanic may have reflected her optimistic outlook on the relationship, while the ship's subsequent sinking might represent her growing anxieties and fears about the relationship not working out, thus leading to a 'catastrophic' emotional disappointment.



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