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dreambible.com • View topic - hate being alone = same bad dream every time

hate being alone = same bad dream every time

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hate being alone = same bad dream every time

Postby gah1992 on March 11th, 2014, 4:41 am

So, every time i'm alone at night and go to sleep, i have the same bad dream every time. This happens when my boyfriend goes to work in the mornings and i get to sleep in, or when my mom goes on a business trip and i'm left home to house sit. Usually I work or study during the night time, so i usually sleep in the daytime. Anyways, when occasionally i do get to sleep at night and only when im alone, i have this terrible dream. I've been having it since i was little, i'm now 21 years old. So in this dream, I'm home alone during the daytime, sometimes night time but rarely this dream takes place at night... . I have a dog and 2 cats. All of a sudden in the dream, i get this uneasy, worried, anxiety feeling. Next, there is someone trying to break into the house. they circle the house, try to jiggle the handle, open the windows, and keep trying to enter. in the dream i haven't looked out the window or tried to open the door to see who it is, i usually either try being super quiet and try calling the cops, which never works, the phone is usually not working or my hands are so shaky that i can't every dial 911. the feeling of helplessness and being scared intensify thought the dream and i end up running out the back door and jump the fence. Usually i have my dog with me. By the time i jump over the fence, and start heading across the street to my grandmas house barefoot, whoever was trying to break in is hot on my heels chasing me. in real life, my grandma lives across the street about afew blocks away. In the dream, i try hiding in my grandmas neighborhood or sometimes make it to her house, but once again, there is never anyone there so by that point my heart rate is so high, it wakes me up. I'm tired of having this dream and can't seem to control it. I would like to know what it means and how to overcome this dream. While i'm dreaming, i know it's familar and it's happened before but i can't ever realize im dreaming in the dream and go make myself stop freaking out and go outside and hunt the person down who is trying to break in. In real life i know i would just go outside with knife or open the door and dare them to enter. what does this dream mean and how do i face it?
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Re: hate being alone = same bad dream every time

Postby aron on March 12th, 2014, 4:05 am

I know what's like to have an annoying and or really bad reoccurring nightmare. I'm not sure what it means but since you posted in lucid dreams, I hope I may be able to help you attempt to become lucid? If you ever seen Inception, in a big way its like lucid dreaming. To know the difference, everyone has an object they keep on them at all times that only they know everything about. You could try keeping a writing on you that you know you easily see in the dream (if you look at your hands or arms a lot) write the words Awake or something there, then look at it waking up, mid day, before bed. Get trained in your mind what is on your arm, and keep rewriting it for weeks if you must, or keep an object. Once your in that dream, try your hardest to recognize something out of place, being that you trained and focused on your item (words in this case probly being easiest) you may notice that your drawings gone or changed in some way, like spelling, handwriting, color, angle. This is a means to say to yourself, I'm dreaming. If you can realise your dreaming, I'm not sure how to control it because everyone is different, but know that you cannot die, be harmed, or be in pain in a lucid dream because YOU control it. From there is up to you. I wish you much luck and please keep me updated if this or anything else may help.
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Re: hate being alone = same bad dream every time

Postby dreamer5390 on May 4th, 2014, 8:23 am

That feeling of anxiety and terror in your dream is all to farmilar to me!!! Its so frustrating. I think that perhaps your dream is trying to make u realize that there is a vulnerable part of yourself that u dont show enough of or give enough credit. Maybe u tend to rely on others for their support or guidance or APPROVAL I suppose, when in reality u are more than capable of providing these emotional reassurances yourself. I mean that in a good sense! :-) not like u are needy and reliant on others just to build your ego. Maybe your fear of HAVING to rely on yourself is what causes such anxiety. Other things that that came to my mind and support my thoughts was the fact your dog was there. I have 2 dogs which are like my children so I know what an emotional crutch they can be. So with that being said I think the significance of your dog being there was a way of providing a farmiliar way to provide u with a sorta comfort owithout the use of another human being. I guess like training wheels...YEAH THATS IT....your dog was training wheels! See u didnt have anyone to reassure your decisions or actions and that caused u to panick and become anxious because this is out of the ordinary but your dog being by your side was your subconcious saying u can do it u can do it...See Fido is here to support u, u dont NEED humans!
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Re: hate being alone = same bad dream every time

Postby Mike_from_Can. on May 28th, 2014, 3:57 am

Hello and blessings:

Dogs in a dream can be good and bad but cats in a dream are never good from what I have studied.
What I would do is go around the home and clean it up get rid of all the things that are occult in nature.
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Re: hate being alone = same bad dream every time

Postby Sumer on March 12th, 2015, 1:01 pm

I have 2 dogs which are like my children so I know what an emotional crutch they can be
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