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dreambible.com • View topic - Family, Flowers, Thunder storms

Family, Flowers, Thunder storms

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Family, Flowers, Thunder storms

Postby dreamer58240 on October 16th, 2021, 5:46 am

Dream: My dream happed to me just last night. I was in a huge and rich fancy house with my family. The walls were tall and white, the ceiling was over 10 ft tall. We were all getting ready to go down to Flordia for some reason with this other new family I did not recongize as well. We were getting ready for a party celebration of some sort. I remember I was egarded to help out with the balloons and I was told to wait. I remember I sat down at a table, watching a video about park benches getting up and walking and dancing, scaring the video taker. Once the video was done my brother comes up to me and asks me what I saw. I tried to explain it the best I could, with pauses in my speech and cannot accumulate words into my sentences, (This happens to me when I verbally talk anyways), my brother was so rude, and interrupts me and starts angerly telling me about something else, (I can’t remember), but he didn’t listen to what I said and thought it was about something else. Then, (with me sitting at the table), the family and the other family gathered to moarn a passing of someone I have never met or known in life, but all of them were standing and bowed their head in prayer. As they were doing this I drank something I can’t remember and they all lifted up their heads and said amen, and to not feel out of place or to let them know I was participating with them, I said amen to. We all gathered in the living room families to each side of the room, and my family had their shoulders and back turned towards me and the celebration thing happened.
The dream changes houses from this tall rich looking house to my dad’s one story home. There was an elder lady with short blonde hair that was buzz cutting one of her grandkids hair for the trip to Flordia. I offered if she can buzz of the side of my head as well, (during one point of my life I have had that hair style of one side of my head buzz cut and the other hair untouched). I asked her this, even though she wasn’t part of the family, I remember thinking I need to do something about this part of my hair that is growing out and it looks unkept and I need to not embarres the people I would be traveling with, nor disappoint them. She says should would think about it. Then the dream jumps to her watering her house plants and I offered to help water her flowers and house plants as well. She says we are running out of time but let me water them. She told me to stay within the bee bed of the flowers and I said ok. After watering the indoor plants and flowers, the woman looked out my window worried that her front yard flowers would not be watered. I still offered to help, and I went outside with this plug in electric box that pours water out from a hose. I struggled to make it reach far enough to the other end of the flower bed, and the flowers adjacent to them across the drive way. The woman angerly had trouble putting in an extention power cord to the house and connect it with the power box I was using. Once it was plugged in, she angerly blamed me for it and went back inside. I noticed a few animals were with me while I was watering the flowers, I saw a swan and my dog. I cannot remember the other animals. The wind started to pick up and I heard loud thunder and lightening as a storm began to draw in closer. I panicked and ran inside from the thunder that came extremely close. The woman just smirked at me and said, “So, you didn’t finished right?” and then laughed at me. Then I woke up.

Significant Life Events: Asking the heavens above that I want my life back on track.

Background: I am 31, white, female, and I work as a medical laboratory technician aid

Mental Illness Or Depression: depression

Location: United States

Feelings About People: I have been the odd ball to my family ever since I was born. I was kick out of the family 3 times in my life.

Relationship Status: single, but have a interest in a guy named dan.

When And How Often: Just last night.
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