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dreambible.com • View topic - "I thinned her out"

"I thinned her out"

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"I thinned her out"

Postby Domarita on August 22nd, 2013, 7:17 am

I have had nightmares involving old house or places full of lost treasures or antiques a few times and again last night. I moved into an apartment of some sort and the previous renter left a bunch of goodies for me to go through. I felt like I was trying to make room for something and I feel like there may have been kids there ... like someone was needing to stay with me. So, I came across a few shabby chic antique items in the apartment and that made me happy. Although it was an apartment it seemed to go on for days and I kept finding new places. I went into the kitchen which for some reason had a mattress laying on the floor. The stove was not a normal stove ... it looked more like an old steel dresser with a ton of little drawers and it was yellow with flowers painted on it. There were burners on top but they didn't light like normal. There was some contraption with a lighter and lighter fluid and as I got closer it lit up and then the flames went out and then it lit up again and I could see the lighter being emptied of fluid and filled back up. So I freaked and grabbed the lighter and it left an opening in the top of the stove. Then a long stream of fire shot out of the opening. At this point the other people in the apartment came into the kitchen and i told them what happened. All of the sudden there was a guy with a temp. camera and he started filming me. I was on the mattress in the middle of the kitchen and he goes "she is telling the truth, there is something here ... look at the hand print" as he is showing the footage to everyone. Not sure how I was behind him and on the bed at the same time.

Then we are on another level of the building on this inner courtyard type place and there are tons of women behind this counter. They all seemed to be Eastern European or Italian woman of various ages. I was looking for someone to give me answers about my apartment. They all seemed to know who I was and for some and seemed to not want to talk to me. Finally this one woman told me that I needed to go and when I persisted her eye turned red and she was possessed by satan. She still looked like herself just a little off and evil. She kept saying something to me in a demonic voice and I could here because at this point all the other woman were talking at once. She kept repeating herself and I got closer and closer and then I could hear her whisper "I thinned her out" in the devils voice and I started screaming "no ... I need to talk to lynn"

Now, I have no idea what this all means and I have no idea who lynn is but I woke up because my husband was shaking me because I was yelling no in my sleep!
Can anyone offer me ideas on this? I don't have dreams that I remember too often but I remember details about this one and it has me a bit freaked out!
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Re: "I thinned her out"

Postby Dreaming on June 17th, 2014, 1:56 pm

I'm pretty new to this dream interpretation thing, but I have an idea as to what this dream is all about. I can only tell you the first part though, the end where the devil woman says "I thinned her out" I have no clue either. But, I feel like this dream is warning you about an unhealthy attachment. You said at the beginning that you felt as if someone needed to stay with you, and being around all those antiques made you happy but then as you went on through the apartment it went awry. Have you recently been going through a big change? Or have plans to? Because if so then there is someone holding you back or keeping you from being happy. If I were you, I would call upon the Archangel Michael, and ask him to "Cut the Cord". Which means that whatever is attaching you to this person will be cut, and you no longer have to deal with that person. And whatever this unhealthy attachment is, can be drama between peers, an item, it needs to be gone from your life.

I hope that helped. Sorry I can't interpret the last part, but that's what I got from it so far.
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Re: "I thinned her out"

Postby dreamer42947 on October 4th, 2015, 9:55 pm

I don't know if you are a believer but if you are still experiencing these types of dreams, it helps to pray before you go to bed and ask God for help or for an angel to protect you. Believe me, I experience some messed dreams just like you.
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