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Miss Mitch And Miss Tony

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Miss Mitch And Miss Tony

Postby missnoelle1999 on March 31st, 2013, 8:44 pm

I had a dream last night about this old woman named Mitch i think. In my dreams she's was an abusive nanny to me and my brothers. She tried to kill me as a child and also got caught and arrested and was part of my memory. Then i was in my house and she came back in the house and she was looking around the house, remembering the stuff when i was a kid. I saw her and i screamed " Mitch is back!!!!!!" I think she laughed and my family were scared to death. She locked all of the doors in our house. I ran out the front door and went to my next door neighbors (who i'm very close to and Miss tony is my friend) (she the mother of her sons that i hangs out with) I ran to her house and I told her sons that Mitch is here. I was in tears because she was the nanny that tried to kill me. I told Miss Tony that "Mitch is here, She is trying to kill my family and she is in the house!!!!!! Miss Tony calmed me down and we both ran into the house where Mitch is. She was here with a knife trying to attack me and i Punched her and tackled her.................. Miss tony got the knife out Mitch's hand,pushed Miss Mitch on the ground and called the cops. The cops came and arrested Mitch as i recall in my memories as the nanny that tried to killed me and abused me. Miss Tony and i was relieved that Miss Mitch is gone and arrested. I'm not sure what this dream means.... plus i never had a nanny named Miss Mitch or any nanny Miss mitch is not real. But Miss Tony the mother who saved me is real and she is my nextdoor neighbor. What was The nanny in my dream is representing? My parents are not kind to me.......... they do act like Miss mitch. But what does my story means? (BTW Miss Tony is real and is a woman. A kind mother to me and her sons. She's my role model. I'm 14 and a girl. What does this dream means? This is somewhat a relationship with me and Miss Tony.. I guess She's my friend/mother figure.
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Re: Miss Mitch And Miss Tony

Postby dreamer2966 on June 2nd, 2013, 8:42 pm

It could mean that there is someone in your waking life trying to do harm to you or it could represent the negativity of ones perspective in there relationship towards you.
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Re: Miss Mitch And Miss Tony

Postby dreamer4300 on January 16th, 2014, 2:28 am

The fear of your parents and how they treat you overwhelmed you or you are facing a situation where you are being challenged. You punching the nanny means you will overcome your adversaries. Your neighbour is what your dream shows. She will be your guardian angel throughout your trails. She will support you and listen to you. She can be trusted.
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