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dreambible.com • View topic - Large, shirtless man driving me down straight, smooth road

Large, shirtless man driving me down straight, smooth road

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Large, shirtless man driving me down straight, smooth road

Postby brianp4004 on May 27th, 2018, 7:56 pm

It began when my wife and I were installing windows in an office building. I was on the 2nd floor while she was on the ground, and an old friend of hers showed up in what looked sort of like a golf cart. It had a white roof and white trim around the top and the rest of the body of the cart. The primary color was green. She came to talk to my wife. She was wearing a very vibrant scarlet colored torso with bright yellow sleeves shirt. She had long dark hair,and was wearing sunglasses. She talked with my wife for a few moments, while I continued to work. Then she left. I got on the roof, and started installing windows into nothing. They were only, mounted on the peak of the roof, and my wife's friend came back. My wife was still on the ground floor. So I hollered to her to let her know that her friend was back. I felt very afraid though, that I may have gotten her name mistaken for a name that was slightly different. My wife came out, and I heard her call the woman by the name that I had not called her, of the 2 names. She started backing away from the building and telling us that she was there to see me, and I should know who she is by now. So I said "Okay. I'll be right down.", and I leaned back and drank the blueish-greenish water from a plastic transparent water pouch. Then I got down off the roof. I started walking toward her sitting in her cart. She was talking to me. I don't remember any of what she was saying while I walked around behind the cart. It was dark behind the cart. But then I passed her sitting in the driver's seat, and she started telling me about how she had started watching my Uncle. I started laughing. I laughed for what seemed a relatively long time, as I walked away from her and toward a short, thin, black pillar. The pillar wasn't straight out of the ground but crooked. Then a very large child with no face or legs that I could make out, came to me, and talked into getting in the cart. So I turned around, and walked toward the cart. The child crossed my path and went to get in the driver's side, while my wife's friend got out and got in the passenger side. I sat in the middle. He started driving and asking me questions. Once he started driving though, he was a large shirtless man. The only question I remember Him asking me, he opened that he knew someone in this town that was trying to go to a tanning salon but couldn't because of some woman with 12 dogs. Did I happen to know anyone in that town with 12 dogs? I told him that actually I did. Her name was Crystal and she was my ex-wife. (She doesn't have any dogs, but some cats.) I didn't say anything about them being show dogs, and he said they won $1,000 that day. I actually felt halfway perturbed for her and her husband. I said "That's it!? $1,000. That's all!?" And he went on to remark that he knew, that was just another meal for dogs of their stature. So, about that time, we curved around onto a straight stretch of road. The road was long, straight, and smooth. I actually answered him about my ex-wife with the dogs, on that straight stretch of road. Then my wife's friend drew our attention to a building sitting among a bunch of buildings that all looked identical, on a road running parallel to the road we were on. This building was on fire. You could barely see the flames in the center, but most of what you could see was black and gray smoke billowing out of the front of the building. The man that was driving had his head turned so I couldn't see his face. I turned to look where we were going and saw a huge gray wall with a big faint wavey line on it coming up. I turned back to the man driving and tried to get his attention, but he just kept watching that fire. I slapped him in his right arm 3 times, and he kept watching the fire. I kept looking back and forth from the wall to the driver to wall. He finally turned to look at the wall and slowed down, so we didn't hit it. The road looked like it dead-ended there, but he slowed down to a walking speed at a safe distance from the wall, but never actually stopped or hit the wall, before I woke up.
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