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Postby dreamer58429 on June 19th, 2022, 8:02 am

Dream: I was going to the bar every day after work and drinking beer. Every single day. Someone told me I have a problem because I'm a minor. At school, we were in what looked similar to my middle school Spanish classroom. My former Health teacher was standing there. On the Smartboard, written in red, there were several words written down. One was suicide. Another said she/her, knowing we'd be talking about pronouns. There may have even been something refering to talking about trans people. Classmates were talking about trans people and complaining; I was the only one sitting in silence. We were learning or talking when all of a sudden the room went quiet. A black-haired middle aged lady that I had never seen before was doing some weird handshake or hand gestures to the recently graduated seniors. They were all in their caps and gowns. Eventually, they left and so did we. There was no sound when the lady's mouth moved earlier. I asked a classmate, 'Is there still sound?' They said something, and I said 'I thought the sound had been sucked out of the world.' Then, we went to the bathrooms. The maroon men's bathroom sign said testosterone, while the maroon women's bathroom sign said women. I wanted to go in the men's, but refrained because of fear, likely fear of judgement. I thought I saw a dead person who had fell victim to suicide in the women's bathroom, but I wasn't entirely sure. I remember cream colored floor tile and red stall doors. There may have even been showers in the bathroom. I think I was suicidal in the dream, but I'm not sure. I was going to work, which was kind of like a lab, and then I went to the bar later or I was drinking on the job. I had a serious alcohol problem and I didn't even realize it. The bar looked like the Auto Swag building in Car's Life 2.
At work, it was dark with neon green lighting and a microscope. I must've been a scientist. In regards to alcohol, I've only ever drank bottles of beer. In real life, I have never comsumed alcohol. I believe people were concerned and probably wanted to stage an intervention. At the end of the dream, I was going to therapy, except we were at a doctor's office. My therapist and I walked past reception, and then I woke up.

Significant Life Events: Relationship issues with parents, fearful in society yesterday (as I saw people selling guns and tasers, worried about getting sexually assaulted). On my mind has mostly been work, wanting time off, wanting to see my friends, communtiy events, being trans and how my family (and extended family) likely won't support or respect that, feeling my friends don't want me, one friend is moving, playing the trumpet, video games.

Background: Teenager, white, transgender demiboy, employed at 2 part time jobs: movie theater and pool.

Mental Illness Or Depression: Mental illness: likely, depression = no
Formerly self harmed, never suicidal

Location: United States

Feelings About People: My Health teacher lived in my head for months and seeing/hearing/sometimes thinking about her makes me anxious. I haven't seen my therapist a ton but there's a lot I can't say because I'm a minor.

Relationship Status: Single

When And How Often: Last night (6/18/22). The night before, I had a dream where I got drunk because of whisky.
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