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Postby dreamer58261 on November 28th, 2021, 2:00 pm

Dream: I was walking through my primary school environment and there were all these people that I didnt know, proud of people walking around everywhere. All of a sudden the atmosphere changed and I felt the crowds of people and their energies staring at me. I didnt know who these people were, they felt like strangers to me. They were all looking at me in a bad way, and whispering amongst themselves... I felt as if I was being talked about, i felt humiliated and scared and shameful for some odd reason, and alone with panic.
These people started looking at me with disgust, and started bullying me, following me wherever i walked and yelling insults at me. Amongst the crowds of people, someone threw a can of alcohol at me, and it bruised my face.

The ending to the dream, was this...
While being stalked and chased by the crowds of strangers/people. I came to a place of total exhaustion in my whole being, I dropped to my knees, the crowds stopped in the moment. I then felt within me that my heart broke into pieces and my mind

Significant Life Events: My life and where it's going.
My relationship with my son who's 6 years old and hes been raised by my father and his wife, sue to my mental health.

My love life and relationship to a person I'm dating, currently wondering if it's going to work for us, or wheather we have to end the relationship due to the inevitable facts of our lives ect...
Wondering if were going to work or have a future together, or if it's best we separate. I've been thinking and wondering what's best for us both and what to do..

Emotionally and psychologically drained.
Ilove this person but I feel facts are somewhat true due to the inevitable and life itself...

Not too sure just wondering ...

Background: 28 years of age.
Female gender.
NZ Maori.

Mental Illness Or Depression: Yes. I have PTSD.

Location: Bay of plenty
3015 Rotorua.

Feelings About People: I didnt know any of the people in my dream.

I felt afraid,lost,sad,brokenhearted, like I had fully lost my mind at the end(mental breakdown)

I felt bullied and alone.
In the end of the dream I felt like every thing about me died.

Relationship Status: I'm dating (relationship)

When And How Often: Yesterday (29/November 2021)
No it isnt reoccurring.
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