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God's holy nation

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God's holy nation

Postby dreamer58254 on November 11th, 2021, 3:10 pm

Dream: In my dream i was in Isreal and was an advocate of Israel with another person who was an Israely Jew.We were both protectors of Israel ,at the time we felt safe but believed threat was in the future.The dream was so profound that i told my mom the next day. In a short time from the dream Israel was attacked with 2000 rockets.
I have a deep love for God's chosen Jews to the point where i am going to donate one of my kidney's to a holy Isrealy Jew in the future to cooperate with God's plan

Significant Life Events: The time of the dream as the last 7 years is I pray 3-4 hours a day in intercesary prayers for others. In that is 30 minutes praying for the protection and prosperity for holy Israel.I Know God said many times the Jews and Israel are his chosen forever.Several monthes before this dream i was listening to a very devout holy Jew on the radio when driving.I decided to pull in to this church parking lot that has a statue of the angel micheal that protected the holy Jews and Israel I pray for Israel hours a week to be protected .The very second I did pull up to the statute the holy Jew on the radio said the name Michael,i never pulled up to that statue before

Background: Iam 57 year old male and US citezen. I am a caretaker

Mental Illness Or Depression: completely rational

Location: United States

Feelings About People: A temendous reverance for God's chosen Jews and holy nation of Israel based on God's own words in the bible that he says many times are his chosen forever

Relationship Status: celibate as a penace

When And How Often: 8 monthes ago
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