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Postby dreamer58238 on October 14th, 2021, 12:21 am

Dream: Dreams
(Multiple dreams in one, but can writing this the night of 23 to 24)
At a frestivl, with a. Team I believe, but Naomi is it, while we are doing actives NAOMI started to talking to an other team, then joins, lady who was in charge offered (werid but it happens in the Dream) her roster chicken or some type of meat that she made. The other teams mates (ours) told me that Naomi had betrayed us by doing this. I later came up,to her and began telling her that she need to come back, we need her, and that even though it’s her desison, that she went to to quickly and these two girls started telling me that it wasn’t by business and I started to tell them off and that they better back off, and also the other teammates (ours) started also telling them off.

Guy takes friends and takes them to a room, I come in an tell him that i wnat to make a deal to free them and that they will not be harmed, a familiar told me with better if I keep the whole truth a secret, on why I wnat to protect them. They go to a second room next to the room I am in. We can go out of the rooms and I take on person, they don’t really leave but aren’t harmed. I go through things in taht room. We go and climb a tree and talk. (I am writing this on 10-23-21 so I forgot details)

I would always go out to this vehicle, at the beginning, one of my friends would be in the vechice, we went to this location to something, The one day I brought another one of my friends, We were captured and I was held in a individual cell, Two guys came up to me and told me that I cant hide forever, they everything about me and my friends, who they are, where they live and stuff about them, i agreed for it only to be me for now on and they let me and them out, when we got back to a house, Their memories were wiped, every time after I got in that vehicle, it was only me, and I would go back to location, I am guessing because I agree to do something there for them, and every day I would return to the house at night and no one knew where I went or why

Me and Taylor walking in what it looks to be a school, there was a girl who drank from the water fountain and I remember someone say, “they warned you.”.There was also another girl who there and she then made a phone call,she started to get closer to me and Taylor. I was confused and first but then we both started running. At first I thought she was going after Taylor but she went after me, while I was running, I was saying things like “My powers haven’t even manifested yet.” And “I dont even know if I have powers yet.” And “They haven’t even shown up yet. ‘Why are you going after me?”, she (the girl chasing us, blond hair, kind of big, wide shoulders, tall.” She captured me and put me on a light post, then I saw Taylor running up a big flight of stairs and yelled “run like your life depended on it, Becuase it does.” Naomi and Traniece and one other person was there by the lamp post and I asked if they could help me but they didnt, they were like drones. I then said. “I have to do everything my self.”, the girl captured Taylor and but after I knew she did, I never saw Taylor again in the dream. She saw my retrans were loose and she said “How this happen.”, I said, “I did it.” And a then punched her, but she caught it. But I had a taser and tased her stomach. And then the ran, and it seems like everyone I saw before (not incuding Taylor) was running after me but like one in a group.

Kinda of in a kitchen but there were like two door ways that were blacked out, a group of three people came in, I was a spot were I hid when they came in. Then two of the three went through the other door and the last person saw me peek to see if it was clear and they told me to come out, I said “ I couldn’t leave, it was to dangerous if I did”. Then they left through the door. I then appeared in a octagon area, but it was like I actually wasn’t there, the three people from before, one of them said, “ I can feel that she there but I can’t tell, I can, I don’t think she in the right time (or) I don’t think this is the right time.” Person #2 said, “I can’t see anything, something is wrong, I can feel it.” Person #3 was quiet. Then the Dream ended

My friends were doing a game and one by one disappears. Then I get kidnapped and turned into a ghost and I see my other friends that were also turned into a ghost. Somehow the person who wasn’t could see me and some how turn be back to normal when he touched me, but I was still able to my ghost friends and we were able to change them back to normal. Then we got to the end of the game and I could only choose two, I did and we were able to get pit but then all of my friends were able to get out because the game master let them and we watched a movie and then it went to an buckee’s but in Albuquerque. It was lit car fires and this woman scream because her husband was dead and her car was on fire, a guy lit his bank’s company truck on fire because people were robbing it. I go to assist the woman who lost her husband. Sadly everything she had was lost. And we were hoping for some rain or snow (in Albuquerque you can tell when it will snow because the snow clouds are lower and because of the mountains it is really easy to tell.

At a school but also like a prison, the person I was in, they were separated from the other people, there was a door to the outside and it was set up like a pin for prisoner to be separated. There was a door to a room, that goes to the detention room, in the same hall, there was class room that looked liked cells instead of classroom, but the rooms where small, and there was two per people in the cell except mine. The room where on the sides like how classroom would be in a hallway but at the end there was a door, no the side, and it was guarded. No one was allowed near it. I would guess there was maybe 5 room in the hall and the hall connected to one big room where there was a glass wall and a door to the outside area. There was a microwave that was broken and the guard made us try to fix it. Though I wasn’t supposed to be the other kids, I was able be this time. When we were walking back to our rooms, one the boys but his hand on my back and the guard knocked him down for touching me and I woke up. There were a bunch of hall sways connected to this big room.

Significant Life Events: These dreams have been going on for about 6 years, first dream was about my friends who I hadn’t even meet. I had moved a week before I started school and I wnat to say the 5th day I moved into my apartment, I got this dream, it was about all my friends from my 7th grade, 8ths grade (I moved to a different city after 8th grade and started freshman in a new school in a new city but same state) but through all though out high school. And everyone I have meet from then was in taht dream and in one case, the day I meet two girls I had a dream about trying to escape and watching them die in the dream. Freshman, sophomore, and junior year, i only had about 5 dreams in total close to the subject. January of 2021, I started recording my dreams and so far I have about 7 dreams recorded (I probably had more this year but didn’t write it down.

Background: Kat, 17

Mental Illness Or Depression: ADHD, depression (caused by situation)

Location: U.S

Feelings About People: I am nit sure, I really didn’t see their faces, but I know who it sis, but it’s hard to remember those details

Relationship Status: Dating for almost two years

When And How Often: Yes, and about every like 2-4 weeks
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