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dreambible.com • View topic - pretty black women came in richly detailed small room room w

pretty black women came in richly detailed small room room w

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pretty black women came in richly detailed small room room w

Postby dreamer58235 on October 11th, 2021, 10:14 am

Dream: Small very richly detailed room ,Classy look of money! Someone of taste ,Yet I am on a toilet peeing sitting down ,I am a man !An attractive young black women/girl had the impression of both, came in looking around then toward me !She did not make me feel uncomfortable. pleasant likeable ,she came close we ended up in a very deep passionate French kiss .It was welcomed and liked , did not seem to be on toilet anymore ! colors were mostly of the room that rich old oak wood look! She was had beautiful smooth medium black skin warm , likable personality ! got the impression she was on a walk about exploring, !If it will help I am a white male , color race has never been an issue with me! Over all feelings Pleasant, warm , satisfying ,sensual , desirable enjoyable ,comfortable at ease . tks

Significant Life Events: wife needs car , had seizures recently ,frustrated with a habit of mine ,checkup at V.A., working with kids church . most on my mind frustrated with last little while more intimate relation with my Christ ,my habit, needing replace car

Background: 65 male white retired married to a great women good health over all Christian

Mental Illness Or Depression: bit of depression

Location: lancaster sc usa

Feelings About People: over all feelings , pleasant , warm , satisfying sensual , enjoyable , comfortable , pleasant ,no stress ,like someone I got them but a new person

Relationship Status: married 32 years

When And How Often: last night
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