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dreambible.com • View topic - Shot at by pirate, falling into sea, kids drown

Shot at by pirate, falling into sea, kids drown

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Shot at by pirate, falling into sea, kids drown

Postby dreamer58222 on September 30th, 2021, 9:23 pm

Dream: Me, my daughter shannon (18), my daughter poppy (10), and son Charlie (10) were in the dream.

We arrived in a car pulled up and parked in a carpark in front of a small wall.

We were waking down a stret, poppy with Shannon, Charlie with me.

We saw a pirate standing on the corner he was watching us. We came toa t junction and didn't know what way. The pirate pointed right. We said thank you and walked on.

I turned round and there were 2 pirates walking after us. One pulled out agun and pointed it at me. I shouted run.
Poppy and Shannon were in front. They disappeared from sight. ( assumed down a hill)
I put Charlie on my back and ran to the hill.
The pirate shot his gun at us once. At that moment we were vertical falling/sliding down a slippy wet slop into the crashing sea, went under water, only i came back up. Couldn't see my children anywhere.

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