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dreambible.com • View topic - Dream of walking with a landlord and an ex boyfriend

Dream of walking with a landlord and an ex boyfriend

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Dream of walking with a landlord and an ex boyfriend

Postby dreamer58213 on September 16th, 2021, 11:19 am

Dream: I was in a college school, I dream about an old woman talking to me then i got scared and ignore, she is till following me then i saw two man eating hamburger and ask for a direction where to buy and the told me. Woman is still following me.then while walkinh i saw a dead goat with two gunshot in his back and covered in blood i bypass them and he was carried two men. I found myself jumping from trees to another after like a ninja and all i can see is full of light and the trees.
It was very peaceful and im not thinking at all.just jumping and looking and following the ligjt like a sun

I was inside my room talking to my sisters husband and he was liked possessed then i immidiately go to the landlord anwoman to heal him.after walking with her we were about to come home but ended walking in a long path.it was nigjt already and she became my ex boyfriend, we were walking in a busy stress and looking below, there was another streets, it has lots that gives me a calming vibes and happiness. He gives me this comfort and secure.we ride in a jeep full of strangers and there is woman talking to her not to trust me.i talk to him and he was in bed and he didnt want me anymore and then i woke up. It was a nostalgic feeling about him being happy, i wish i could sleep more.

Significant Life Events: I constantly thinking about my ex and worried if my next employer will insit on giving me senior responsibilities or look at me and expect too much from me and will end up being disappointed like what happened in my first year 8 years ago.i came from a prestigious school and endedp up being power tripped.no one is helping me and i was panockinh to solve analyitical tasks.my on my 2nd job, i was able to it even the senior role because of my colleauge.in my 3 rd company.there are many 10 years older people more experience than me and they ate very good even though ibhave experience ik management.they are more skilled in analysis and technical and able to adapt to new tools.i thought i am very good but ended looking like a newly graduate employee.but i manage to prove before i resign but looking at my colleauges they are able to improve technically 10x better than me.

Background: 29 unemployed 2 months ago, been in relationship for 9 years but broke up last 2020, playing games at night and having a good sleep ever since i resign.i have 3 techibical interviews and it adds stress to my life, im guilty that i did not get back to my ex because he cheated on me 3 times and cheated on him twice.we both love each other but i dont want to disrespect each other as kids anymore. He wants sex but i dont want it since im in long term relationship with him.even if i have a husband i dont want it. Being with a person is fine and enjoy quality time is enough as i grow old. As for my responsibilities,
Im buying stocks to feel secure in my 40’s to 70’s. But im seeking employment and they require me to act as a senior and take care of the kids in the office even though im only looking for an individual contribitor witj a high salary but im fine with taking care of the people but im concerned wiyh my healyh when dealing with people. If its hard to sleep after work, how am i supposed to take care of the people in the office specially young ones if i will end up being exhausted with my work plus the people around me.

Mental Illness Or Depression: When i was broken hearted, it was trauma.i was drinking alchoocol for the whole 2020 but im okay now.im sleepinh while listening to 8 hours gods words in youtube.
I had a conversation with my ex last april 2020 and i was able to release the pain after talking to him. He promised ne to buy a condo and if indont have money he wil give money or business. I dont have money to pay a condo.now that im unemployed, i only have money in stucks to secure myself afyer 20 years because women getting older in the office have a lower value im going to be unemployed for the remaining 10 years.

Location: Philippines

Feelings About People: The first one scared and peaceful
Second one was happy and comforting

Relationship Status: Single

When And How Often: Twice for my ex
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