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dreambible.com • View topic - Trapped in the back of a trailer

Trapped in the back of a trailer

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Trapped in the back of a trailer

Postby dreamer58121 on June 14th, 2021, 3:53 am

Dream: I remember being in a trailer that was being pulled by a tractor. I guy I kind of know was driving and I had seen him in town two days prior. I was afraid to ask him to stop driving and to let me out so I just hid in the trailer. The dream felt like it was set about 20 years ago and I felt like a child or had the same perception as I did when I was a child but I was the age I am now in the dream. The tractor drove down a road and I knew the area but it had also somehow been altered and seemed like a mash up of places from my town. The tractor reversed into a large shed and the driver got out leaving me alone in the trailer. I remember running out of the shed but then I had to go back to get a red puffer jacket (I don’t own a red puffer jacket). My brother was outside and told him that I got my jacket. I half woke up then and remember that I had all these images flooding into my mind of my home town when I was a kid however, the images were all distorted but I knew it was my home town and I knew it was from when I was a child. The distortion of these images was more an accumulation of different places and feelings from when I was a kid all rolled into one making up a new but familiar place. I have a lot of dreams with these.

Significant Life Events: That I’m finding it hard to make progress in life and to achieve the things that I set out to achieve. Feeling a bit stuck.

Background: Age:31 Gender: Man Ethnicity: White Employment: Health Care worker

Mental Illness Or Depression: Yes

Location: Ireland

Feelings About People: The man driving the tractor, I have almost no relationship with him. I have a strong relationship with my brother and we are very close. Honest feelings about the dream; I felt really sick in my stomach and really empty almost like I need to return to the past to fix something before I can move forward in my life. I feel really lonely thinking of the dream and lost.

Relationship Status: Single

When And How Often: It occurred last night, June 13th 2021. This dream was a new dream but the distorted past world it took place in was recurring. I rarely remember my dreams day to day so it seems like over the past ten or more years this world has popped up the most. I am always like a child and it is always distorted but very familiar and I don’t want to leave it.
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